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Public Speaking: Can one persons words make a difference and possibly save millions of live? IN THE UNITED KINGDOM HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT IN LONDON WILLIAM, CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHANGE,

) ) Plaintiff, ) ) Case No. 74A-1261-K v. ) ) LAWRENCE MONTAGUE, individually and in his official ) Capacity as Finance Expert for the Chancellor of the Exchange ) ) Defendant. ) The Girl in the CafĂŠ Brief On an early afternoon work day on June 2005, Lawrence Montague meets Gina Tomlin, a pretty young girl, in a crowded Italian coffee shop in upper downtown London. Small talk ensues and Lawrence asks Gina to meet for lunch on a later date, two weeks later on the Friday. They are scheduled to meet at the Italian Restaurant next door to the coffee shop for lunch. Lawrence has a very busy, stressful job that does not allow him to take much time off. His job is to as an accountant and William recently asked him to try to see if they would be able to see if money given to poor countries, primarily in Africa, will be enough and if not, to are not to at least make it look like not a total waste. Against Williams, The Chancellor of Exchange, request Lawrence take an afternoon off of work to meet Ms. Tontin for lunch. Lawrence arrives late to meet Ms. Tontin at the restaurant. Gina reveals that she does not currently have employment. William happens to arrive at the same restaurant as

a coincidence and see’s Lawrence and Gina there sitting together. This is the first time in years that Lawrence has acted like this. Missing meeting to meet a girl is out of character for him. Later, the office goes over some Millennium Goals (MG). Goals that the world community wishes to solve, a point of discussion at the G8 Meetings that are held each year by the worlds most powerful countries. Including the US, France, UK, Russia, Italy, Canada, Germany, and Japan. One goal that is in reach is clean drinking water for everyone by the year 2015, just not in Africa. Later that same night, Lawrence phones Gina to meet for some more coffee, Gina agrees. Lawrence informs Gina that he is a Finance Expert for the Chancellor of the Exchange and they are going to travel to Reykjavic, Iceland for the G8 Summit. The meetings are scheduled from July 6-July 9, 2005. He phones her even later that night to invite her to accompany him on the trip to Iceland and she agrees to go with him. Millennium Goals: American want more security but he UK Chancellor of Exchange wants to do whatever he can to help curve extreme poverty in Africa. The meetings in Iceland are met with thousands of protestors. When Lawrence and Ms. Tontin arrive to their hotel room is the first time that Gina learns that about the extreme poverty situation in Africa. She reads some of Lawrence’s manuals to learn some information and Lawrence verbally tells her more. In Africa, a person dies every 3 seconds due to extreme poverty. Over 30,000 people a day. 100 million people around the world are living on less than a dollar a day. Amongst other things including, no clean drinking water for billions of people. At the first session of deliberations at the G8 Summit. The UK presents a plan to

help Africans. All other countries are against the plan because they are to strained as it is right now. The UK’s plan call the help Africa with Debt, Aid , and Trade. The US only wants to help with one of these areas and not all three. The propose that they can help Africa indirectly by making their own economies stronger. On that night Gina and Lawrence sleep with each other. The next morning while everybody is eating breakfast. Gina confronts William, and demands that he do more to help the poor people of Africa. William assures her that he is doing everything in his power but Gina does not believe him. Gina corners William in front of the German Prime minister Herr Gerhardt. GT: Is alright good enough? Is alright good enough for you Mr. Gerhardt WC: Alright is certainly more than anyone expected GT: Lots more mothers die the day they give birth, children die before the age of five, a lot more of very curable diseases. HG: Thousands will benefit from what we do here today. GT: A lot of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Later, William yells at Lawrence and thinks that Gina is a security threat. With out doing a back ground check on her or checking her credentials they are now suspicious of her and William wants her to the meetings. Lawrence notifies Gina that she got him into trouble and quite possibly he no longer has a job. She is to leave to country but it can wait for the next day. Lawrence questions her and asks her about her out bust with William. She simply say that it felt like the right thing to do. She them reveals that she was recently released from prison. Doesn’t specify why she got into prison in the first place. Later that evening, even after the fiasco, Gina accompanies Lawrence to the diner.

With the Prime Minister of the UK there. Gina again speaks when she is not supposed to. If Gina didn’t get Lawrence fired from his job before, then he is surely fired now. Gina interrupting the Prime Minister of the UK at the diner: That is not true, that is not true. 100 million children are starving, so weak they are dying from mosquito bites. One every three seconds. It must be heart breaking for the moms and dads in Africa and then they die. Tomorrow eight men have the power to make a difference, they can make a great decision. She tells the men that are going to speak at the G8 the next day to do everything they can for the Africans. They cannot compromise themselves or the lives of millions of people. She lets them know that they have the power to be great. This speech that Gina gives seems to have worked. The UK representatives no longer want to compromise the lives of poor Africans. They want to be their voice. William makes an inspiring speech in the conferences and many countries are now more willing to aid the poor, because of Gina’s inspiring words. The next G20 summit is going to be held on May 26 - May 27 in the Commune of Deauville of France. Some points of discussion are Trans-Atlantic Cocaine Smuggling, Counter Terrorism, G8 Political and Security Issues, Non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Internet: new challenges, Afghanistan , and the G8’s partner ship with Africa.

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