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High Quality Cheap Traffic Today’s Value Monday will be about how you can get great quality traffic at bargain prices… Have you ever heard of Pinterest? The pinboard social network with millions of users? A lot of people know Pinterest but very very few people are aware of its marketing potential. Here’s some facts as to why Pinterest is a solid marketing platform from various online studies: 1) 71% of users are women, making it great for health, beauty, fashion, baby, kitchen, furniture and art products. (basically all products!) 2) Traffic from Pinterest converts 10% higher than other platforms. 3) Pinterest customers spend TWICE as much as Facebook traffic 4) 88% of people who pin a product end up purchasing it 5) Over 80% of pins are re-pins compared to 1.4% of tweets being re-tweeted (that means that it’s much much easier to go viral) 6) Whereas a Facebook post or Tweet fades away within hours, Pins can stay live and active for months! 7) The average Pinterest user has a household income of over $100,000 a year – they have money to buy your products! I could go on and on…. but it’s clear that Pinterest Ads (and even organic strategies) are a GOLDMINE!! The thing is, very few people are taking advantage of this –> meaning that the costs of advertising on Pinterest are very little. I’m talking costs per click from $0.2 to $1…. bargain prices for getting in front of some of the best customers you could have.

That also gives MASSIVE potential for huge ROI. I read an article a few days ago on how a marketer was able to generate $40,000 in ecommerce sales with just $800 in ad spend! So my recommendation? Start running Pinterest Ads! Search for relevant keywords like “bathroom ideas” if you’re selling bathroom floor mats and understand and study the type of content which is coming up. Then get your designers to create something like that. Sign up to the ads platform, target those keywords and start running the ads! This will work great for increasing sales of your Amazon products and will work wonders for your product rankings too. Right now my main focus is developing my own Shopify store (I’ll be teaching you guys about this in a couple months) and if that’s something you’re doing Pinterest is a must because they have a direct buy button integration together. Plus with all the upsells, you can take already solid ROIs to the next level and you’ll be building a customer list of some of the best customers there are to have. So that’s all for todays Value Monday. Follow me on Snapchat for more awesomeness, from time to time I share tips and recommendations exclusively on there.

By Ridwan Mahnood

High quality cheap traffic  

The pinboard social network with millions of users? A lot of people know Pinterest but very very few people are aware of its marketing poten...

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