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Achieving Business Success In Today’s Competitive World “How To Recession Proof, Gain Control And EXPLODE The Sales And Profits Of Your Business…”

The Objectives Of This Presentation…   To change your life by introducing you to the most powerful ways to create massive improvement in yourself and your business.   To reveal to you the real causes of business failure, the mistakes made by many and how to avoid them.   To preview all the materials necessary to help almost any company significantly increase revenues and profits within 12 – 18 months.   To get you really committed to following a program of constant and continuous improvement.   To teach you to work on your business instead of in it.

Alchemy Business Coaching - Who Are We? •  Part of Alchemy Network Ltd, a fast growing international business and joint venture consultancy operating in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Switzerland, France, Germany and the North America. •  The Profit Partnership partners & consults with small and new-start enterprises using NO cost or low cost business growth methods that are proven and time tested to quickly build sales, turnover and profits. •  In development, over 3,400 marketing campaigns, ads, sales methods and business improvement systems were scrutinised and examined. •  All Alchemy Partners are selected based on their business experience and background. They are ‘been there, done that’ professionals who have ‘walked the talk’.

HEAD OFFICE & UK: Waterside House Bonds Mill Gloucestershire GL10 3RF Ireland: 77 Sir John Roberts Quay Dublin 2 Australasia: Corporate Centre One Bundall Queensland 4217 USA: 2118 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica California 90403 Switzerland: Josefstrasse 176, 8055 Zurich Bankers: - Lloyds TSB - Commonwealth Bank - Citibank Auditors & Accountants: - Randall & Payne Solicitors/Attorneys: - Charles Russell, London - Davies Collison & Cave Melbourne

80% Of Businesses Fail In Their First 5 Years - Over A 10 Year Period 24 Out Of 25 Businesses Fail… WHY? …The main reason is because they don’t have enough customers buying from them regularly! They literally run out of Cash… •  They don’t attract a sufficient number of qualified prospects. •  They fail to convert their prospects into profitable customers. •  They let their current customers slip away to do business with their competitors.

“So, the ONLY way to succeed in business is for owner to have a clear understanding of the market for its products and services”.

The Greatest Business Challenge Facing You Today: The Clutter Factor The average consumer receives over 3,000 commercial messages every day. (In 1990 it was only 2000 messages). You are not only marketing against your competitors but marketing against every other business for the attention of your target! Here’s the crunch‌ Your marketing is part of someone else’s clutter!

And, If That Isn’t Enough… Increasing Costs: Advertising and marketing expenses are increasing every year … Out of proportion to results and revenue. Reputation: People buy from companies and individuals that they KNOW and TRUST. Lack of credibility and customer confidence is the biggest reason why people don’t buy from you – They don’t know you. Competition: There is an army of competitors in EVERY industry.You must stand out. Are you lucky enough to have NO Competitors?

Marketing Costs




The Consequence: The consequences of competition, lack of reputation and the clutter factor means that it now costs 3 times more to get half the result!

So… As A Result: Most businesses either stop marketing altogether, drastically cut back, or still use the same age old, worn out methods in attempting to gain customer attention: •  •  •  • 

Telemarketing Leaflets And Brochures Advertising Mailings

Incorrectly used… Regardless of the format, it is still perceived as ‘junk marketing’ or ‘clutter’…

Achieving Business Mastery… The main function of any business is the acquisition of new customers and fulfilment of current customers needs to make a PROFIT. So, regardless of the type of business, market, products or services; ALL businesses are Sales & Marketing businesses.

“…Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two – and only two – functions; marketing and innovation. Marketing and Innovation produce results, all the rest are costs.” Peter Drucker

Reality No. 1. Having a ‘great’ product or service alone will not achieve success… BUT a ‘quality’ product or service marketed in a superior way WILL GUARANTEE your success. Reality No.2. The KEY to a profitable business is to successfully implement effective and affordable Marketing and Innovation.

The Ultimate Goal For Business Mastery… To Create ‘Top of Mind Awareness’ Anytime anyone in your marketplace needs or wants your product or service …

Your Company… Your Product… Your Service.

Because what you have to offer is considered so different, so special, so unique… that they can’t get it anywhere else or from anyone else… for any price!

The Seven Musts Of Strategic Marketing… A US $390,000, 5 year study of 500 companies revealed that the ones who were leaders in their industry all did 7 things: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7. 

Direct Marketing Customer Education Advertising Public Relations Personal Contact Reinvention & Expansion Internet

The Human Factor‌ The Biggest Issues That Will Determine Your Long Term Business Success Or Failure: Question: How can you get all your people animated and motivated with the same spirit‌ And getting your USP and your message to the market most effectively? ANSWER 1: Standardise all your core communication tools (telephone, ads scripts, brochures, website, etc). ANSWER 2: Develop simple rules, strategies and skills to be repeated again and again until you and your people rise to Master Level Skills. How Can You Do That?

The Learning Curve To Learn And Master Any Skill‌ Master Skill Level

Skill Fall Off Is Even Slower Skill Fall Off Not As Dramatic Skills Fall Off Quickly

Session Repeated

Session Repeated Most People Lowest Skill Level

Training Occurs

More Permanent Skill Remains

Even More Permanent Skill Remains

Some Permanent Skill Remains

Repetition is the mother of skill. An ideal training program would be designed for repetition‌

12 Key Areas Of Skill To Forever Improve Your Business… Based on studies of the best companies, top marketers and star salespeople in every field:- •  Consistency and discipline is the key. •  Two hours per week can transform your business… IF it’s pro-active rather than reactive and with the right coaching. •  Repeat the 12 key areas of skill at least twice per year.

The 12 Key Areas Of Personal And Business Mastery… 1.  Understanding Your Business. MODULE: Formulating An Unbeatable Strategic Advantage. 2.  Business Planning. MODULE: Creating Your Business Success Plan. 3.  Auto-Piloting. MODULE: Systemising Your Business. 4.  Developing Superstar Staff. MODULE: Getting The Most Out Of Your Staff. 5.  Branding. MODULE: Building A Winning Image And Enduring Brand. 6.  Time Management. MODULE: Time Management For Busy Business People. 7.  Increasing Customers. MODULE: How To Get More Customers. 8.  Increasing Conversion. MODULE: Turning Prospects Into Buyers. 9.  Increasing Sales. MODULE: Making More Money From Each Sale. 10.  Increasing Profits. MODULE: Radically Increase Your Profit Margin. 11.  Increasing Buying Frequency. MODULE: How To Get Your Customers To Buy More Often. 12.  Increasing Loyalty. MODULE: Increasing The Buying Lifetime Of Your Customers.

The 12 Key Areas Of Personal And Business Mastery‌ 32 Additional Pages have been omitted for copyright reasons, to ensure that the highly valuable and powerful techniques presented as part of this Alchemy Business Mastery Programme are only presented to those who are serious about taking their next step. For more information, see the next few slides to take your next positive step towards business and personal success!!

Who Is The Coach? Introducing: Jamie McKean • 

An Accredited Alchemy Partner, qualified to deliver the Alchemy Business Acceleration system to businesses with turnover of over $2M, and the Alchemy Business Mastery Programme to business with turnover below $2M.


Experienced Coach and Mentor to Business Owners and Management Staff, and has been a key member of Management Leadership Teams of organisations ranging from $10M to $50M turnover.


Coaching credentials include Alchemy Business Mastery Practitioner and Results Coaching Coach.


Expertise in Business Improvement and Operational Effectiveness, with the last International Role achieving in excess of $8M (NZD equivalent) annually in direct and indirect sales, managing the delivery of both products and services.


Extensive business training including project and change management, negotiation skills, people management, business coaching, presentation skills and business management.

“To help business owners succeed is my priority, and my experience plus the Alchemy tools allows me to fast track yours and my success.”



“If you have made a decision to make a positive change in your business, or you would like any questions answered, I look forward to hearing from you” - Jamie

The Profit Partnership (NZ) Limited and a Partner of the Alchemy Network

Office: (09) 521 0169 Mobile: 021 834 767 Email:

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