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Abdul Hafeez Shaikh wins Senate ticket again

Austerity feeding public discontent Europ


Indian man questioned, cleared over call to Hina Khar



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tuesday, 14 February, 2012 rabi-ul-awal 21, 1433

PM indicted for contempt for ‘willfully disobeying’ court orders g Gilani pleads not guilty, says he will defend himself g PM’s counsel will defend charge-sheet and evidence on 28th g


SAD day it was, indeed. Political benefit and legal detriment aside, Yousaf Raza Gilani becomes the first prime minister of Pakistan to have been formally indicted for contempt of court for “willfully flouting, disregarding and disobeying” the court orders. Determined to contest the charge, the prime minister, who drove himself to the apex court building, appeared before the seven-judge bench and decided to plead not guilty after Justice Nasirul Mulk read out the chargesheet. He was accompanied by leaders of his government’s allied parties. On his right sat Pakistan Muslim LeagueQuaid (PML-Q) President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and on his left was Awami National Party (ANP) chief Asfandyar Wali Khan – the message in their support was: we will swim and sink together. Without wasting a single minute, Justice Mulk, who headed the bench, straightaway read out the charge-sheet and completed the proceedings within half an hour. In case of his conviction, the prime minister can be sentenced to six months in jail and disqualification from holding any public office for choosing to plead not guilty. Besides Justice Mulk, the bench comprised Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmany, Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, Justice Ijaz

Ahmed Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Muhammad Ather Saeed. CHARGES: The charge-sheet states: “That you, Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, have willfully flouted, disregarded and disobeyed the direction given by this court in Para 178 in the case of Dr Mobashir Hassan v Federation of Pakistan (PLD 2010 SC 265) (NRO case) to revive the request by the government of Pakistan for mutual legal assistance and status of civil party and the claims lodged to the allegedly laundered moneys lying in foreign countries, including Switzerland, which were unauthorizedly withdrawn by communication by Malik Muhammad Qayyum, former Attorney General for Pakistan to the concerned authorities, which direction you were legally bound to obey and thereby committed contempt of court within the meanings of Article 204(2) of the 1973 Constitution read with Section 3 of the Contempt of Court Ordinance (Ordinance V of 2003), punishable under Section 5 of the Ordinance and within the cognizance of this court. We hereby direct that you be tried by this court on the above said charge.” The charge also carried three questions: “Have you heard and understood the charge? Do you plead guilty to the charge? Do you have any defence to make?” Continued on page 04

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SC makes ISI produce 7 missing prisoners ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

ISLAMABAD: Security personnel escort a prisoner draped in a shawl after an appearance at the Supreme Court on Monday. afp

In compliance with the Supreme Court’s orders, the spy agencies on Monday produced in court the seven missing prisoners who had been detained after their release from Adiala Jail in 2010. A three-member Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and comprising Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvez heard the case. Raja Muhammad Irshad, counsel for the intelligence agencies, produced the detainees, namely Mazhar-ul-Haq, Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Shafiq, Dr Niaz Ahmed, Abdul Majeed, Gulroze and Abdul Basit. The first three, according to Irshad’s statement, were brought from the Parachinnar Internment Centre, whereas the other four were brought from Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar. The court directed Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq and Irshad to procure records to satisfy the court about their detention prior to January 26, 2012 and also as to whether they were proceeded against under any provision of law and if so, what was the result. The court also ordered Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Secretary Ghulam Dastagir to collect the relevant record to inform the court under what circumstances the detainees were allowed to be admitted in the internment centre by the internment authority (KP governor) because such action could not be

taken in a mechanical manner but had to be taken through an order passed by applying the judicial mind, as according to the regulations there were pro forma to be filled in before admitting anyone to an internment centre. During the hearing, the court expressed its dismay with Irshad and asked him why his clients had not produced the prisoners before the bench at the last hearing. “Keep in mind that the court will not run according to your wishes,” the chief justice told Irshad. He said despite the fact that judicial timings had run out, the bench had still sat down to hear the case but the prisoners were not produced. He also directed Irshad to give a written explanation in the matter. The counsel for the agencies stated that on February 10, 2012, when the case was taken up, arrangements were being made to bring the detainees from Parachinnar to Islamabad, but owing to poor visibility because of snowfall, the helicopter was not in a position to operate. He said as soon as the weather allowed, the helicopter brought the detainees to Islamabad along with the four detainees admitted to Lady Reading Hospital, but in the meantime the court proceedings had came to an end. Dastagir, who appeared on behalf of the internment authority, pointed out that the prisoners were in detention with effect from January 26, 2012 and had been kept in FC Fort, Parachinar, which was a notified internment centre. Continued on page 04

Defence budget only 18%: Kayani MONITORING DESK Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said on Monday that the allocation for defence was only 18 percent of the total national budget, not 70 percent as believed by many, Geo News reported. According to a statement issued by InterServices Public Relations (ISPR), Gen Kayani said even out of that paltry 18 percent, only 8 to 9 percent of funds trickled down to the sentinels of the country, which was a matter of serious concern. The army chief made it clear that parliament would set the tone for Pakistan’s ties with the United States and NATO. Flanked by Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, he told reporters at Jacobabad Airbase that the prime minister had told him that parliament was deliberating on the next line of action regarding NATO and whatever it decided would be the final word. On operations in the tribal areas, Gen Kayani said the army was trying its best to use the least possible force. Speaking on the occasion, Marshal Suleman said there was nothing installed in the US F-16s that could stop the air force form using them against American warplanes. He also said the Shahbaz Airbase was in total Pakistani control.

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tuesday, 14 February 2012



‘It’s our money!’

Israel embassy staff targeted in Delhi, Tbilisi

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Govt borrowed Rs 538b between September and December, NA told ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

The government borrowed Rs 538 billion from domestic banks during the period from September 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011, Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh informed the National Assembly on Monday. “The amount of public debt borrowed/obtained by the government from local national banks/institutions during the period from September 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011 was Rs 538.3 billion,” the finance minister told the House in a written reply. He said of the borrowed amount, public debt instruments worth Rs 391 billion were issued as part of exercise of consolidation of outstanding power sector debt as well as pending unpaid subsidy on commodity operations in November 2011. “The payable amount of interest on domestic loan was Rs 67.3 billion,” he further said. Federal Minister for Textile Makhdum Shahabuddin told the National Assembly that Pakistan’s borrowing from foreign countries and institutions had crossed the limit of $63 billion. The House was told by Interior Minister Rehman Malik that as many as 2,125 people were killed in targeted killings in Sindh in the last two years (2010 and 2011). He said 1,271 people were killed and 2,828 injured in incidents of targeted killing during the last four years in Balochistan (2008 to 2011). During the question-hour session, Malik told the House that the spree of targeted killing had not ended in the province, but it had been controlled to some extent. Giving details of those killed in targeted attacks, the interior minister said during the last four years, 191 police personnel, 199 Frontier Constabulary officials, 615 civilian (settlers and others), 15 teachers and 252 people affiliated with religious parties were killed. Malik said, “In Balochistan targeted killings seem to have been adopted as the foremost instrument of terrorism more recently. It marks a change of tactics. The terror incidents seem to have been carried out more for harassment than causing causalities, consequently, there were bomb blasts on unfrequented roads and streets and rockets landing in open areas or wilderness causing little causalities. The new tactic has not only increased substantially the casualties figure, it has added to insecurity among the targeted groups.” He said in the last six months, there was a gradual decrease in targeted and sectarian killings and this was due to the government’s initiatives for improvement of law and order in the province.

ISLAMABAD: Families of the missing prisoners wait for their arrival at the Supreme Court after the court ordered the Inter-Services Intelligence to produce the men in court on Monday. afp

NA denounces US hearing on Balochistan ISLAMABAD



HE members of the Lower House of parliament on Monday unanimously passed a resolution condemning the US congressional hearing on Balochistan, terming the move a direct intervention by the US into the internal affairs of a sovereign nation in blatant violation of international law. All the major political parties were caught napping over the crucial issue until the intervention by National Assembly Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who blasted the treasury benches for ignoring it. Speaking on a point of order, Nisar said the subcommittee of the US Congress had a deliberation on the situation in Balochistan in violation of international law but the government of Pakistan paid no attention towards the breach of the country’s sovereignty. “It seems as if we are ignorant of our responsibilities, despite being given sermons by a world power on our responsibilities. However, the government kept criminally silent over the issue and it is

imperative for this house to pass a condemnatory resolution,” he said. Nisar added that the resolution did not mean that the government should not adopt remedial measures to improve the situation in Balochistan, but that no other country could be allowed to assess the Balochistan unrest. Hailing statements by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and the Frontier Corps inspector general that the security forces had no role in any operation against miscreants or the missing people case, Nisar said these statements were a good sign and reflected that the army leadership was responding to its responsibilities. He said the intelligence agencies had also presented seven missing persons in the apex court. However, Nisar urged the government to learn a lesson from the mistakes of past regimes, including the secession of East Pakistan. He said that the government should also hold a dialogue with the separatists so no other nation could try to benefit from the wedge created because of injustices out to Baloch people by past regimes. Criticising selective treatment of

Pakistan, Nisar said the US administration paid no heed to atrocities of dictatorial regimes of Pakistan against its people. “The US took no notice of the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti, nor did it pay heed to the killings in the Lal Masjid operation. They are ignorant of the breach of sovereignty by drone attacks and the plight of the civilians who die in these attacks as collateral damage. They turn a blind eye towards atrocities of Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir but they decided to raise human rights violations in Balochistan,” he said. Responding to the points raised by Nisar, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chief Whip Khursheed Shah supported his views and said a strong message should be sent to the US by unanimous passage of the resolution by parliament. Nisar moved a motion to suspend rules about the routine business, which was not opposed by the treasury. However, it was none other than Parvez Khan of the Awami National Party (ANP) who unnecessarily intervened and opposed the move, stating that the text of the resolution should be shared with his party.

The resolution said: “This House strongly condemns the blatant interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs evidenced by the US Congressional Foreign Relations Sub-Committee hearing on Balochistan on 8th February, 2012. This House notes with great concern that a time when Pakistan-US relations are already under severe stress, the holding of such a hearing by the US Congress cannot but jeopardise the healing process and further inflame public opinion against the US by adding to the prevailing sense of mistrust and suspicion regarding US intentions towards Pakistan.”The resolution urged the government of Pakistan to convey to the US Administration, Meanwhile, the Foreign Office separately summoned US Chargé D’affaires Richard Hoagland to officially convey the government’s serious concerns about the congressional hearing. Hoagland was told that this was unacceptable as it amounted to interference in the internal affairs of the country. Hoagland assured the Foreign Office that the US administration had not extended any support to the initiative nor did it subscribe to any such views.

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tuesday, 14 February 2012

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Austerity feeding public discontent in Europe

Adele triumphs at Grammys with six wins Injury forces Clarke out of Sri Lanka game


News 03 commeNt Charges framed: The option to appeal, however, remains.

Nip the evil in the bud:

Who has given the DPC a mandate to dictate?

Dr Faisal Bari says: Car thefts: When thieves get sophisticated, it is bad karma for citizens.

Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi says: Pretty faces: Broadcast media is a very incestuous place.

Rabia Ahmed says: Battle of the spirit level: The country where women face cultural bias at all levels.

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Gilani receives hero’s welcome in NA Allies express solidarity with PM ISLAMABAD


After having faced contempt charges in the Supreme Court with a resolve to not plead guilty, when Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani appeared in the National Assembly on Monday, the treasury members welcomed him with unusual bench-thumping as if he had returned victorious from the battlefield.




OALITION partners of the federal government on Monday expressed solidarity with Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, who was charged for contempt of court by a seven-member Supreme Court (SC) bench. A meeting of coalition partners was chaired by the PM, after he appeared in court and pleaded not guilty, was held at the PM’s House. The meeting was attended by PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, ANP

President Asfandyar Wali Khan, MQM Parliamentary Leader Farooq Sattar, FATA Parliamentary Leader Munir Orakzai, Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik, Federal Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah, Water and Power Minister Syed Naveed Qamar Shah, Railways Minister Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour and MNA Raja Pervez Ashraf. The present political situation was discussed in the meeting in which it was agreed that the federal government will continue to work together for continuation of the political and democratic process in the country. The coalition partners resolved to continue to work for strengthening democracy.

cabinet takes up 20th Amendment Bill today ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet is all set to take up the crucial 20th Amendment Bill 2012 today at a special meeting to be held with Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in the chair. The major treasury and opposition parties had reached a consensus on the piece of legislation last week, paving the way for a consensus caretaker setup to be entrusted to hold next general elections. After approval from the cabinet, the bill would be presented in parliament for passage. A source told Pakistan Today that the federal cabinet would take up a nine-point agenda while any other matter could also be taken up with the permission of the chair. However, the source said the special meeting was being held only to pass the important legislation in the shape of 20th Amendment Bill. The cabinet agenda would include the status of implementation of cabinet’s decisions, confirmation of decisions of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) held on January 31, presentation on consumer price index, proposed amendments in Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design Act 2011, signing and ratification of statute of the organisation of the Islamic Countries (OIC) women development organisation, amendments in rules of acceding states order 1972 presidential order, move from positive to negative list of items for India. STAFF REPORT

He wore a triumphant smile on his face with apparently no regrets even if it cost him his political career. Even some opposition members including PPP-Sherpao chief Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao, and PML-N members Abid Sher Ali and Mohammed Berjees Tahir went to Gilani to express solidarity with him. Sherpao also spoke on a point of order and expressed solidarity with the premier. Though almost every legisla-

tor of the PPP and the PML-Q went to Gilani and shook hands with him, no member of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) expressed solidarity with Gilani, in line with the party’s decision not to accompany him to the SC hearing which might annoy the superior judiciary. It was only Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour from the Awami National Party (ANP) who met the prime minister on the occasion.

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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

CHARGED! Continued From page 01

After Justice Mulk read out the charges, the three-page chargesheet was handed over to the prime minister through his senior counsel Barrister Aitzaz Ahsen. The charge-sheet was signed by the judges as well as the prime minister. While reading the charges, Justice Mulk asked Gilani: “Have you heard and understood the charge?” Gilani replied: “Yes.” Then the judge asked him: “Dou you plead guilty to the charge?” Gilani replied in the negative. To the third question: “Do you have any defence to make?” Gilani replied in the affirmative. To these three questions of the bench, Gilani also said: “I will reply to the charge-sheet in writing. I will defend myself.” On this, Justice Mulk asked him: “Do you accept the chargesheet?” Gilani said: “No.” When Justice Mulk proceeded further to fix the next date for the hearing, Ahsen engaged him for a while on the grounds of his unavailability on certain dates and it took some time for the judges to finally decide that Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq would act as prosecutor in the contempt of court case and submit all relevant documents including the list of witnesses of the case by February 16. The attorney general was also directed to record evidence from the prosecution and submit it to the bench for exhibition by February 22. The bench also exempted the prime minister from his personal appearance before it for the time being. The bench asked Ahsen to submit relevant documents from the defence, including the list of witnesses and evidence by February 27. The prime minister’s counsel will defend the charge-sheet and evidence on February 28, three days before the March 2 Senate elections in which the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is expected to emerge as the single largest party. The bench will also resume hearing of the case on February 28. It will be a summary trial and could be completed in a day or may drag on for months. Federal Ministers Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Khursheed Shah, Mir Changeze Jamali, Naveed Qamar, Ahmed Mukhtar, Rehman Malik and Maula Bakhash Chandio were also present in the court besides Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Barrister Masood Kausar. After the proceedings, the prime minister left the court building through the exit gate reserved for judges. Strict security arrangements were put in place in and around the Supreme Court during the prime minister’s appearance.

SC takes centre stage as political player ISLAMABAD REuTERS

By indicting Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani for contempt of court on Monday, the Supreme Court may have cemented its role as a political player alongside the military and the civilian government, complicating an already Byzantine political scene. The Supreme Court’s relentless pursuit of Zardari and the PPP may have made it the third player in the complicated political system. “The Supreme Court’s increasing activism poses complicated political choices for the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government as it heads into a critical election cycle that begins with Senate elections on March 2,” wrote Shamila Chaudhary in a recent analysis for the Eurasia Group. But the question is how independent is the court as a check on both the military and the civilian government?

“That’s the million dollar question,” said Najam Sethi, editor of the weekly Friday Times. The court has a full docket of cases aimed at the government. In addition to the unwritten letter to Swiss authorities, there is the matter of an unsigned memo to the Pentagon brass. Sent in the aftermath of the US commando raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani town last year, the memo asked for American help in forestalling an alleged coup by an embarrassed and unpredictable military. The army was furious over the memo, and its top general and the chief of the ISI both urged the Supreme Court to investigate, which it did. “The Supreme Court has become very close to the military,” said Ahmed Rashid, a prominent journalist and political analyst. “For the time being, I see the military and the courts working against

the sitting government.” But the court has also given at least the appearance of being willing to take on the military, he said. It has taken up the case of suspected militants illegally detained by intelligence agencies and seven of those held were briefly presented in court on Monday. But some observers say that is merely a feint to give the appearance of even-handedness. “Let’s see where it goes,” said defence analyst Ayesha Siddiqa. “Because so far, they have completely stayed away from treating the army or the ISI chief or anybody from the ISI the same way as they do the civilians.” Some other analysts agree, saying the court is strengthening the hand of the military, which has staged three coups since 1947 and ruled the country for more than half of its history. “This will not be good news for democracy,” said political analyst Hasan Askari Rizvi.

SC makes ISI produce Continued From page 01

To a court query, Irshad stated that these detainees were brought from the hospital where they were under treatment. He also submitted reports in this regard. After examining the reports, the court noticed that the detainees were not in good health and three of them needed an examination by medical authorities. The chief secretary undertook that the three detainees would be admitted to the hospital and a medical board would be formed to examine them. Proper medical treatment as well as food would be provided to them and mean-

while they would not be shifted to the internment centre as long the matter was pending in court, he added. He also undertook to arrange meetings of the detainees with their families in accordance with rules and regulations, subject to their security and safety. The court noted in its order that in the last hearing of the case, it had directed the chief secretary to state whether an oversight board had been formed in terms of Article 14 of the Actions (in Aid of Civil Power) Regulation of 2011 and he placed on record a notification of August 12, 2011, according to which a board has been con-

stituted. However, he told the court that as far as he knew, the oversight board had not examined the detainees’ cases nor visited them, as they were brought into the internment centre on January 26, 2012. The court noted that the chief secretary may ask the board to examine their cases under Article 14 of the Actions (in Aid of Civil Power) Regulation, 2011. The court directed the secretary to submit his report on the health and general conditions of all the seven detainees after every four days to the SC registrar for the court’s perusal in chambers and adjourned the hearing until March 1.

Visa policy for foreigners changed

Bullet-ridden body of Brp leader found

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan changed its visa policy for foreign nationals on Monday, under which they will have to go to their countries of origin for visa renewal and extension. Talking to journalists, Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik said that people staying in Pakistan after expiry of visa must renew it by March 15. He said that a committee was formed with the interior additional secretary in the chair to deal with the issue. sTaff rEpOrT

QUETTA: The bullet-riddled dead body of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) leader Sangat Sana, missing for two years, was found near Turbat in Kech district, some 1050 km south-west of Quetta on Monday. Levies officials said that security personnel reached the Murgab region 10 km from Turbat and moved the body to Turbat district headquarter hospital for autopsy, where the victim was identified as BRP central leader Sangat Sana. Hospital sources said the

victim bore torture marks and bullet wounds on his body. Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) said Sangat Sana was whisked away from Kolpur area in Bolan in 2009. He was the ex- chairman of Baloch Student Organization (BSO-Azad). Meanwhile, Baloch Republican Army (BRA) and BSO-Azad condemned the killing of Sangat Sana and announced a threeday shutter down across Balochistan and 40-days of mourning. sTaff rEpOrT

“Once again, non-elected institutions are trying to re-formulate the elected institutions. Previously, the military was doing it, now it is the judiciary.” “The attention of the government is fully diverted to survival,” Rizvi said. “So survival becomes the key issue and other issues are on the sidelines.” Of Gilani, Rasul Bakhsh Rais, professor at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, says his politeness and lack of the arrogance typical of other Pakistani politicians has enabled him to reach out to many people, including opponents. But Gilani’s support for Zardari, who heads the PPP, landed him in trouble. “From the start he had a choice whether to be his own prime minister or remain hostage to Zardari’s political dramas and he made the wrong choice,” said Rais. “In the end his blind loyalty to Zardari and his party cost him.”

Hafeez shaikh wins senate ticket again ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has turned down the recommendation of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)’s high-powered parliamentary board regarding nominations from Sindh, and awarded the party ticket to Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh. Earlier, the parliamentary board had advised the president, who is also co-chairman of the PPP, not to give a party ticket to Shaikh and instead adjust a party leader from Sindh as Shaikh would be of no use in case the party failed to form the next government. However, a source told Pakistan Today that the president thought this decision might jeopardise the party’s budgetary preparations. Thus, the president gave the ticket to Shaikh after a close aide of the former finance minister convinced the president that he would remain loyal to the party even if it failed to achieve a majority in future elections. Currently, Shaikh is working as adviser to the prime minister on finance after suspension of his Senate membership by the Supreme Court. However, after being elected to the Senate, Shaikh would again be given the portfolio of finance minister. sTaff rEpOrT

US proposes $2.2b aid to Pakistan in 2013 MONITORING DESK


NVEILING its annual budget of $3.8 trillion that calls for more taxes on the rich, the Obama administration on Monday proposed $2.4 billion in financial aid to Pakistan for the fiscal year 2013, an IBNLive report said on Monday. Of this aid, $2.2 billion is in assistance to strengthen democratic and civil institutions that provide a bulwark against extremism and support joint security and counter-terrorism efforts, including $800 million for the Pakistan Counter-insurgency Capability Fund, the US State Department said soon after

the White House sent the budgetary proposals to Congress. In addition to this, the budget also proposes $197 million support to the US government’s civilian presence, as well as programmes for engagement with civil society, it said. In all, the budgetary proposals of President Barack Obama provide $8.2 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations to support the extraordinary and temporary costs of civilian-led programmes and missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The budgetary proposals are for the fiscal year 2013, beginning October 1, 2012, and this needs to be approved by the House and the Senate before it is implemented.

One killed in Elite force vehicle accident LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Akhtar Hussain, 37, died when his car collided with a Elite Force vehicle on Bedian road in the Burki police precincts. Five policemen sustained injuries in addition to Akhtar. All were shifted to a nearby hospital where Akhtar passed away while doctors said the policemen were stable. Separately, Saadia Ameer lost her life when her motorcycle was hit by a speeding trawler in the Harbanspura Police Area. Saadia and her brother Muzaffar were going home when a speeding trawler hit them from behind near the shrine of Panj Peer near Lal Pul. Saadia died on the spot while Muzaffar was injured. Locals beat up the driver Imam Din, torched the trawler and handed the driver over to police. SUICIDE: Newlywed Nazia, resident of Vehari, committed suicide by swallowing poisonous pills after a scuffle with her husband, Muhammad Akram, over a minor issue in the Chungi Amar Sidhu area. The two had married three months ago. On the day of incident, the couple had a scuffle which closed herself in a

room and swallowed poisonous pills. She was rushed to a local hospital but doctors declared her as brought dead. SHoT DEAD: Muhammad Faisal, a resident of Gulgasht Colony and father of two, was shot dead in his home by unidentified men in the North Cantonment Police Area. His wife and relatives found him injured at home and rushed him to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. North Cantt Police registered a case against unknown killers on deceased’s father Muhammad Nawaz complaint. Separately, Ilyas, 40, who was injured in a clash between two parties in the Barki police area on Sunday died at a local hospital on Monday. The deceased was a resident of Mundiyalay village. Police said Ilyas and his family exchanged crossfire with the village’s Arain family over a minor issue in which Ilyas sustained bullet injuries. STRAnGLED: Rehana, 20, was strangled by her paternal uncle, Arif Ahmad, over her refusal to marry his son in the Kot Lakhpat police limits. Rehana was the daughter of Amanat Ali and a resident of Chandrai Road.

Gilani to reap the harvest TAHIR NIAZ ISLAMABAD

It seemingly goes the Yousaf Raza Gilani’s way – politically he will gain and legally, in case he is disqualified, he will again derive its long-term advantage in his favour. As was determined after the eightjudge bench rejecting his appeal against the seven-judge bench’s decision of indicting him, the prime minister was finally chargesheeted on Monday and he pleaded not guilty with a resolve to contest the charge, though he may lose the legal battle. In case of Gilani’s conviction, no matter how blatantly he defied the court orders, he will reap the political harvest of confronting the court which had not framed the contempt charges against the PCO judges. Similarly, the contempt of court charge against former army chief General Aslam Beg was also withdrawn. Though he will be at the receiving end legally as he may be disqualified for hold-

ing any public office, not only his stature will surely rise in the party for sacrificing the PMship, the political lines will also be clearly drawn with the Pakistan Muslim Legaue-Nawaz (PML-N) being isolated and all other major parties – the PML-Q and the ANP –standing on the other side of the fence with the PPP. In its relation to the PPP, the PML-N will stand exposed for ostensibly supporting the army when it is facing off the government and then for political advantage taking the side of the court when it takes on the prime minister. With this developing scenario, the tensions will rise on political and judicial front as well. However, the prime minister, in case he is convicted or if, in a remote possibility, he survives, will equally benefit from whatever situation he lands in. Outside the PPP, the government will lose at the legal front if it continued denying implementing Supreme Court order despite having apparently succeeded in securing a partial win out of the crisis by tact-

fully earning the time so that the Senate elections could be held before the drop scene of the judicial-cum-political drama with the Supreme Court fixing February 28 as next date of hearing in the contempt case involving the prime minister. Senate elections are scheduled to be held on March 2. But it is likely that the Election Commission may notify the returned senators before the said date due to their unopposed election for which the government is striving hard to convince other political parties for adjustments on the basis of their rightful but a little compromised share on the basis of quid pro quo. February 24 has been set as the date for withdrawal of candidature for the Senate candidates and the list of candidates would be published on the same day. Former Secretary of Election Commission of Pakistan Kanwar Dilshad told Pakistan Today that in case all the senators were elected unopposed, the they will be notified possibly on February 24 or the next day.

In case consensus is not evolved amongst the political parties for electing the senators unopposed, the government would try to stretch the proceedings of the contempt case beyond March 2 if, in any case, the PM has to face the wrath of the apex court for his willful disregard to the direction given in the NRO case. Under the circumstances and keeping in view the government strategy, it does not seem to be a difficult task. Amidst the political instability in the country emanating from government’s tussle with the army and the judiciary, Senate elections had been a major concern for the ruling PPP as it would be in a more comfortable position in the Upper House where it is not even a single largest party presently. The Senate elections also assume political importance for the PPP because in case it loses the general elections, it will still have a commanding role in the upper house of parliament. The delaying tactics applied by the government’s legal team and time earned by it

in NRO implementation case and now in the contempt case has also frustrated the plans of the major opposition party, the PML-N, which could have played the trump card to block Senate elections by submitting enmass resignations from the assemblies after the political chaos emerged in case the PM is convicted before the Senate elections. Understandably, the option on the legal front for the government are very limited as it has been desperately attempting to extract maximum out of the crisis before it goes for the fresh elections. After having exhausted all legal points available to it in the NRO implementation case, the government wanted to make a political out of the judicial case which, it believed, would benefit the party in the coming general elections. On the other hand, becoming a ‘political martyr’ will make Prime Minister Gilani, even if his convicted and disqualified, a ‘great loyal to the party’ from the south. This will certainly not be a big deal for him and the party.

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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

News 05

Allies cry foul as PML-N goes solo to Senate polls g

Pml-N ignores allied groups while awarding Senate tickets g Disappointed allies say party losing its credibility ISLAMABAD



HE Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has completely ignored allies like the PML-Likeminded, Markazi Jamiat Ahle-Hadith Pakistan, the independent bloc of PML-Q senators and the Unification Bloc in the Punjab Assembly in awarding tickets for forthcoming Senate elections, making it clear that the Sharifs still believed in solo flight. At a time when the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is trying to accommodate its allied parties beyond their strength, the PML-N’s self-conceited policy has also cautioned all those PML-Q MNAs and former parliamentarians who were aspiring to join PML-N ranks. The PML-N on the other day finalised

its candidates for Senate elections on seats of various categories from Punjab. Contrary to the general perception that anyone from outgoing senators belonging to the PML-Likeminded or independent bloc of PML-Q senators would succeed in winning PML-N’s support for upcoming polls, no one from these two forward blocs of the PML-Q, which have been fully supporting the Sharifs and their policies for the last many months, was considered worth awarding a ticket by the PML-N. Talking to Pakistan Today, Senator Salim Saifullah Khan, chairman of the steering committee and former president of the PML-Likeminded, expressed his profound disappointment over the PMLN’s decision of not accommodating any PML-Likeminded leader for the upcoming Senate election. “Yes, we had demanded a ticket for Haroon Akhtar Khan who is a capable

and dynamic parliamentarian. We had also been given hope by the PML-N leadership in this regard, but it was very unfortunate that the PML-Likeminded was neglected at the eleventh hour by the PML-N,” he said. He said the PPP’s attitude of appeasing smaller political groups against the PML-N’s policy of solo-flight would eventually give political mileage to the PPP and damage PML-N’s reputation. The PML-N nominated Zafarullah Dhandla from Bhakkar, Rafiq Rajwana from Multan, Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa and M Hamza for contesting Senate election on general seats, while outgoing senator Ishaq Dar will be re-elected against a seat reserved for technocrats. PML-N MNA and chair of party’s women wing Nuzhat Aamer Sadiq would be contesting against a senate seat reserved for women and incumbent Punjab Finance Minister, Kamran Michael will be

the PML-N candidate for the minority seat. Before the formal announcement by the PML-N about its candidates, there were reports in media that Senator Tariq Azim from the independent bloc of PMLQ senators or Senator Haroon Akhtar from the PML-Likeminded, could get PML-N’s ticket for Senate election. But the official selection of candidates by the PML-N has made it clear that the Sharifs and their comrades had yet not forgotten that the PML-Q men were once associated with Musharraf. The Independent Bloc of senators surfaced in the PML-Q last year when a group comprising of five senators, including Tariq Azim, Javed Ali Shah, Jamal Leghari, Gulshan Saeed and Naeem Chattha, revolted against the Chaudhrys. They had opposed PML-Q’s alliance with the PPP government and applied for allocation of separate seats on opposition

candidates file nomination papers for Senate elections

Daska mother sells newborn for Rs 20,000




Candidates of various political parties submitted their nomination papers for the Senate elections on Monday. PML-N’s Ishaq Dar and Zulfiqar Khosa and PML-Q’s Kamil Ali Agha filed their nomination papers. Dar said that his party would not vote for anybody if the PPP changed PM Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani. He said that Gilani was not convicted yet and should write the letter to Swiss courts immediately, adding that the PML-N wanted general elections as early as possible. Kamil thanked his party for giving him a Senate ticket. He said that the PML-Q always preferred national interest over personal interest and would continue to serve the masses. In Peshawar, ANP’s candidates including its Sindh President Shahi Syed, Baaz Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Ilyas Bilour and Zahida Khan submitted their nomination papers. All candidates were expected to be elected unopposed due to understanding between all political parties.

Judiciary has no army to enforce verdicts: ihc cJ ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court Chief Justice (CJ) Justice Iqbal Hameed-urRehman on Monday said that judiciary has no army of its own to get enforced its verdicts. “It is the character of the judges and mosaic of just judgments which compel the subjects to give respect to the judges and to their mandates,” he expressed these views in the inaugural ceremony of oneweek training on “ Management of Rent Cases” for Rent-Controllers/ Civil Judges from all over Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, at the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA), Islamabad. About delays in disposal of cases he said the delay in disposal of cases is great menace in our society you are young judicial officers possessing requisite potential to eradicate this evil provided that you equip yourselves with requisite skills to address all the adversarial problems. ONLINE

Grenade thrown at Rangers misfires MONITORING DESK Two attackers on Monday hurled a hand grenade at Rangers personnel in Karachi during snap checking, which turned out to be a dud, Geo News reported. The attackers were arrested for further investigation. Initial reports say, the attackers were stopped by the paramilitary troops for frisking, who pulled out a hand grenade and tried to flee after tossing it at security men, which failed to explode.

benches. Dr Tahir Ali Javed, parliamentary leader of the PML-Q Unification Bloc in Punjab Assembly, also expressed disappointment over bloc’s unanimous candidate Mian Ijaz Shafi not being nominated by the PML-N. “We had recommended Mian Ijaz Shafi’s name, an MPA from Rahim Yar Khan, as he has rendered many sacrifices for the PML-N. But I don’t know why was he not awarded a Senate ticket,” he added. Shafi said, “By not honouring its commitment with allied parties and political groups, the PML-N is fast loosing its credibility. No party will trust them in future.” He said the Unification Bloc had lent its unconditional support to the Punjab government in the last three years, but it was disappointing that the PML-N only made false promises in exchange.


THE VALENTINE HATERS: Tanzeem-e-Islami members protest against the celebration of Valentine’s Day outside karachi Press Club. ONLINE

Reconstruction in flood-hit areas to be completed soon: Pm ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Monday assured the National Assembly that reconstruction in the flood-hit areas of the country would be completed soon. Responding to concerns raised by Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao during the Question Hour over delay in the reconstruction process in eth flood-hit areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilani said special attention was being paid to reconstruction and rehabilitation of educational institutions and hospitals in the affected areas, adding that construction of educational institutional in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the government’s top priority. Mentioning the Damage Need Assessment by the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank, the prime min-

ister said the 2010 floods had inflicted a colossal loss to the country. “The United Nations had described floods in Pakistan as more disastrous than tsunami,” the premier said. The prime minister said projects were underway in health, education, communication and irrigation sectors as well as for infrastructure development. “The provincial governments have prepared reconstruction projects and the funds were released to them for their execution. The provinces are implementing the projects which are also being monitored,” he said. Earlier on a supplementary question, Sherpao said the situation in most parts of the province was not satisfactory as far as reconstruction projects were concerned. He quoted the example of Swat as well as Charsada, claiming that no money was being spent and most of the roads and bridges still needed repair and reconstruction.

A woman in Daska tehsil of Sialkot recently sold her newborn son for Rs 20,000. The incident took place in Ranghai village in Bambanwala police precincts. Misbah Bibi told reporters that she got married to Bilal around 15 years ago, but he turned a drug addict and stopped earning anything for the family. She said making ends meet got difficult with the passage of time and she suffered not only poverty, but also frequent beating of her addict husband. “My husband has been a heroin addict for years and we don’t see him for weeks on end,” she said. “I recently started working as a sweeper at several houses in my community, but i still couldn’t make ends meet,” she added. Misbah said her other three children were starving and she could no longer see them suffer. “I spent months trying to keep them clothed and fed, but we are desperate and it is hard to even afford a meal a day for my family,” she said. Misbah said she had even contemplated suicide but she didn’t have the courage to leave her children alone. She said his parents had passed away and her brothers could also not support her as they were poor. Misbah said she sold her son for his bright future, because she could not sustain them by working as a housemaid. President of an NGO said even if poor, parents did not have a right to sell their children. “There is a dire need for evolving a mechanism to save our society from originating culture of child sale in its new form and all other conventional forms,” the NGO president said.

Peshawar PPP in revolt over KP Senate nominees g

ignored Peshawar-based leaders opposing KP nomination formula PESHAWAR SHAMIM SHAHID

Like the Awami National Party (ANP), rifts have emerged amongst the ranks of ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa over nomination of candidates for the scheduled Senate elections. It has emerged a group from Peshawar is not only opposing the nominations but demanding its early revision. The PPP has nominated Farhatullah Babar, Ahmad Hassan Khan, Shamrooz Khan and Rubina Khalid as its candidates for the Senate. Whereas members from Peshawar have demanded nominations for themselves. According to the formula, PPP has the right to nominate candidates against five berths of the Upper House but has left one vacant for independent candidates due to an agreement. Independents have reportedly nominated a

close relative of former federal minister and PML-Q leader Amir Muqam. From Peshawar, apart from other candidates former District Nazim Azam Afridi, ex-MPA Syed Ayub Shah and Begum Tehmas Khan, mother of sitting MPA Shazia Tehmas Khan have applied for Senate berths. But all three were ignored. In response, Syed Ayub Shah, Azam Hoti and their supporters including the party’s provincial general secretary Dost Mohammad Khan are not only threatening revolt but even challenged the loyalty and sincerity of the four nominated candidates to the party. Without the need to favour Farhat Ullah Babar, who is currently serving President Asif Ali Zardari as his special press adviser or spokesman. From Pir Payee town in Nowshehra district, Farhat is not only close relative of late Naseer Ullah Babar but he remained loyal to late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Sha-

heed Benazir Bhutto. Similarly he remained loyal to the party since its inception, particularly in the dictatorial regimes of Zia and Musharaf. Ahmad Hassan belong to Dir region. Though he and his family have long standing affiliations with the PPP but he has served the party in various capacities since 1988. For a brief term, he had served PPP-Sherpao but later returned to the mother party. He is considered a soft spoken and competent parliamentarian. He served Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs. Rubina Khalid is widow of late intellectual Rauf Khalid, who remained author of well famous television play “Aag” on Kashmir, She is sister of Syed Zahir Ali Shah presently serving as Senior Minister in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa. Belong to Abbottabad, Shamrooz Khan is considered diehard PPP worker. He had served as provincial minister for a

brief period in 1994-96 and remained loyal to PPP for a long time. Given this, the attempt to caricature the PPP-nominated Senate candidates past from Peshawar’s disgruntled stalwarts seems unjust. Almost all PPP MPs were elected from Dir, Mardan, Nowshehra, Peshawar, Dera Ismael Khan and other regions and the parties preferring Senators areas were it is elected. Shamrooz Khan’s nomination could help the PPP win back its old position in Hazara region. Similarly, awarding tickets to Farhat Ullah Babar and Rubina Khalid are considered attempts to please party stalwarts. Rubina Khalid belongs to Peshawar and her family has made valuable contribution to the party. Similarly, Farhat Ullah Babar enjoys a respectable status in Nowshehra, Peshawar and Islamabad. All four could give an unprecedented boost up to PPP upon entering the Senate.

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06 News

tuesday, 14 February, 2012

indian man questioned, cleared over call to hina Khar

MONITORING DESK A man in the southern Indian state of Karnataka was questioned by local policemen for purportedly calling Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar on her mobile phone, the BBC said in a report on Monday. However, he was released without charge. A senior police officer rejected reports that the man, identified as Ambaresh, had engaged in lewd or offensive talk. Policemen said they did not even know that the number was Hina Khar’s. The Pakistani Foreign Office had asked India to inquire into the call, which was made two months ago. Ambaresh said he received the shock of his life when police began investigating his background and questioned him about the call made to Hina Khar from his mobile phone. He works at an exam-coaching institute and said it was possible pranksters had used his phone to call the minister. Ambresh told reporters that neither had he heard of Hina Rabbani Khar nor did he know Urdu or English to abuse her. “I don’t know if some student who resides at this centre used my phone,” he said. Officers from the Indian intelligence bureau and the crime branch tracked him down after Islamabad requested an inquiry into the call. “He is clear. There is no case against him,” police officer SB Bisnalli told the BBC. Earlier, a newspaper report said the call had lasted 15 minutes and the caller had abused Hina Khar.

BALOCH uNREST: Men carry an injured person to a hospital following an IED explostion in Dera Murad Jamali. afp

Two policemen killed in Naseerabad checkpost attack QUETTA



WO police personnel were killed and another received bullet injuries in an armed attack on their post in Naseerabad district on Monday. No one has claimed the responsibility for the attack so far. Report said the armed men, believed to be militants of the Bugti tribe, started firing on the checkpost manned by Balochistan constabulary close to main power transmission line in Chattar area, around 50kms away from Dera Murad town. As a result, sub inspector Wahid

Baksh Pandrani and sepoy Badaruddin were killed, while sepoy Karamullah was left injured. Naseerabad District Police Officer Abdul Hai Baloch said some suspects came to the checkpost and police personnel served them tea. He said some time later, the suspects informed the armed militants to come and attack. Baloch said the injured sepoy was evacuated and was moved to Larkana for treatment. A police official said a local Bugti sepoy, Bakhtiar, was found missing from duty and was believed to have a hand in the attack. IED kILLS 2, TARGETED SHo SURvIvES: Two children, both under 14 years of old were killed and twenty

three others, including a police officer and his guard were injured in an explosion in Dera Murad Jamali in Naseerabad district, some 400 km south-east of Quetta on Monday. Banned Baloch Republican Army (BRA) claimed the bombing. The target of the bomb was Station House Officer Ghulam Rasool who passed the bomb site when the bomb was detonated with remote controlled device. Reports said the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was attached to a motor cycle parked near a hotel on main QuettaJacobabad national highway. When the police van carrying SHO Ghulam Rasool and four police constables passed, the bomb exploded. Two children who were

passing died from the explosion while a police officer and an armed guard were amongst the 23 injured. The deceased were identified as Bashir Ahmad, 12 and Liaqat Ali, 14 and said to be first cousins. Speaking to Pakistan Today, District Police Officer Abdul Hai Baloch said Rasool was the target and the IED weighed 3 kg and was detonated through remote control. He confirmed the deaths and casualties. Dr District headquarter hospital medical officer on duty Abid Ali said the condition of twelve injured was serious but efforts were being made to stabilise them. Banned BRA spokesman Sarbaz Baloch called newspaper offices to claim the attack and warned those supporting the cruelties of security forces.

Israel embassy staff targeted in Delhi, Tbilisi NEW DELHI AFP

Israeli diplomats were targeted by bomb attacks in Delhi and Tbilisi on Monday, officials said, with two people injured in the Indian capital when an embassy car exploded in a ball of fire. The car, which blew up in a high security area of central Delhi, a short distance from the Israeli embassy and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s official residence, was badly burnt. Police in the Georgian capital defused an explosive device found in the car of an Israeli embassy employee, the ex-Soviet state’s Interior Ministry said. Ravi Singh, a petrol pump attendant who was standing on the other side of the road from the Delhi blast, said: “There was a huge explosion. There was a woman and a driver in the car which was burning and the women was dragged out.” Israeli embassy spokesman in New Delhi David Goldfarb said that one of the injured occupants of the car was an Israeli diplomat but declined to comment further. An Israeli security official said the diplomat was a woman. Indian police cordoned off the area surrounding the burnt-out station wagon and investigators were at the site. “We are examining the materials at the site and we are yet to get the experts’ report so we still cannot say how the blast occurred,” New Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat told AFP. He said there were no details about the condition of the two injured people but television reports said that one was in a critical condition. A photograph on NDTV television showed flames shooting out of the vehicle when the explosion occurred. “There was an explosion in an Israeli diplomat’s car but we don’t know how it happened,” Goldfarb said. “We are in constant contact with the local authorities.” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told AFP in Jerusalem that Israeli authorities were investigating the blast in New Delhi as well as the incident Tbilisi.

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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

‘No, we don’t want your paratha roll!’ PAGe 08

‘It’s our money!’

Pml-N is lonely, says Awan LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The PML-N is politically stranded, as it has not learnt from history, PPP VicePresident Senator Dr Babar Awan said on Monday. Holding a press conference at Punjab Opposition Leader Raja Riaz’s residence, Awan said that those people who attacked the Supreme Court (SC) were now trying to dictate the PPP. He said that all cases against President Asif Ali Zardari were politically motivated and had nothing to do with reality, adding that PML-N President Nawaz Sharif made cases against the PPP leadership and Zardari. “The cases against President Zardari are politically motivated,” he said adding that the Punjab government had failed to serve the masses and could not govern the province. “Earlier, it was dengue and now spurious drugs of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) are killing innocent people while managers of the province are least bothered for such issues,” the PPP leader said adding that the media was threatened when it tried to highlight these issues.

28 bills await governor’s nod


Pml-N President Nawaz Sharif stresses the need to bring the people’s money back from Swiss accounts LAHORE



AKISTAN Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif has once again strongly condemned the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led coalition government for having a bad attitude towards the judiciary and demanded the government bring the Pakistani money kept in Swiss banks back to the country. Speaking to a press conference at his residence along with Mumtaz Bhutto, he said Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had been sworn in on the constitution and his commitment should be with the country instead of looters and plunderers. He said the nation was standing beside the Supreme Court and it would not let the government or anybody else create hurdles for the judiciary. He said it was the apex court’s job to decide on presidential immunity. However, he said presidential immunity and returning the country its money – looted and kept in

Swiss banks – were two separate issues. He also criticised the government’s allies for extending their ‘unjustified’ support to the government on the issue of writing a letter to Swiss authorities to reopen graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari closed under the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). He said the PPP’s mantra of martyrdom would not work for the corrupt rulers. Without naming Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, he complained that foul language had been used against him and other political leaders of the country. He said people chanting slogans of change had joined hands with the old faces responsible for the current crises in the country. He said his party would resign from parliament “without a second’s delay” if the need arose. He said the government’s track record had not been impressive so far and elections under Zardari would also be suspect. He said the PML-N had no intention of reconciling with the government,

however, cooperation might be extended on issues of national interest such as the 20th Amendment. He also denied registering any cases against the president on the dictation of intelligence agencies. “I never said that I made up cases against Zardari under the instructions of intelligence agencies. These cases were registered during an interim government, which was established when Farooq Leghari was president of Pakistan,” he said. Nawaz said the nation’s wealth would be recovered only when the government wrote the letter to Swiss authorities. He said the PMLN would not allow any dictator to rule the country again.

Her protectors, the rapists


As many as 28 bills sent by the Punjab Assembly (PA) to Punjab Governor Latif Khosa for final approval are still pending. The sources told Pakistan Today on Monday that so far these bills had not been approved by the governor. Earlier, Governor Khosa returned 28 bills approved by the PA with certain objections but the provincial assembly sent them back to the governor after completing legal requirements; still the governor did not approve them. According to the constitution whether the governor signs it or not, a bill automatically becomes law if the assembly resends it for the governor’s approval.


two constables rape Zaib-ul-Nisa near Bibi Pakdaman LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Race Course Women Police registered a case against two constables for allegedly raping a woman in the Qila Gujjar Singh Police. According to police, a devotee namely Zaib-ul-Nisa, resident of Gujrat, who was in the city to pay homage at the shrine of Bibi Pakdaman on Monday, where two police constables – who she claimed could be identified once brought in front of her – kidnapped her and took her to a

PU’s ambulance snitched! ‘Sc, save economy!’ LAHORE STAFF REPORT

An ambulance of the Punjab University was lifted by unidentified thieves from the premises of PU, in the precincts of Muslim Town Police, on Monday. Per details an ambulance with registration number LOT-5176, owned by the PU, was parked in the parking of the Council Hall. On Monday, some robbers involved in a car lifted the ambulance and managed to escape from the scene. Muslim Town Police Investigation In charge Ghulam Hussain Bhatti told Pakistan Today that the administration of the PU have mentioned in the FIR that a watchman of Hall Council after noticing the missing ambulance immediately contacted another watchmen deputed at the entry/exit gates. He said though the message was well-communicated among the watchmen after the ambulance went missing but the watchman deputed at the entry/exit gate did not stop the ambulance, mistaking it to be carrying a patient. He said investigations were underway and the police investigators on Tuesday will record statements of all the watchmen in order to clear their position. Investigators doubted that the ambulance might be lifted by the terrorists for carrying out suicide bombing in the city.



Speakers at a seminar organised by the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) at Mansoora on Monday, appealed to the Supreme Court (SC) to take action against people responsible for destruction of the country’s economy. JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch chaired the seminar while former federal finance minister Dr Salman Shah, former FBR member Sarfraz Khan and Farid Paracha attended the event. The speakers said that the inflation and unemployment were the gifts of capitalism, which was breathing its last and the Muslim world could salvage humanity by establishing a common market and properly utilising its vast resources. Liaqat said that the interest-based economic system was the root cause of economic destruction. He said that according to the 1973 constitution, the country’s economy would be made interest free within 10 years but capitalists were busy in exploitation and got a stay order from the SC but the apex court did not vacate the stay despite appeals of the Federal Shariat Court and the Islamic Ideological Council.

local hotel where they allegedly raped her. In her complaint she claimed that they later escaped from the hotel leaving her alone. Race Course Women Police has registered a case against two unidentified complaints and started investigating the matter. It is important to note that a similar incident was reported about two weeks back when a woman named Riffat Alam, a resident of Samanabad, filed a complaint with capital city police officer claiming that she was abducted and then raped by the

constables of Qila Gujjar Singh Police; named Hussnain Shah, Manzoor and Niazi. The woman had claimed that she and her husband had visited Mcleod Road of dinner when the three aforesaid men picked them up despite having had shown their valid marriage certificate. She further claimed that the said constables were drunk and that after taking them to the police station had shifted them to a nearby hotel, where they not only raped her but also filmed her and subjected her husband to severe torture.

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08 Lahore weAtheR UPDAteS

20 °c high 0c 08 low


weDNeSDAY thURSDAY 20°c i 09°c

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FRiDAY 19°c i 09°c

tuesday, 14 February, 2012

‘No, we don’t want your paratha roll!’ g

hounding waiters, untimely construction and chaotic parking hampering h-Block traffic

PRAYeR timiNGS Fajr Sunrise 05:25 06:46

Zuhr 12:17

Asr 15:24

maghrib 17:48

isha 19:10

citY DiRectoRY emeRGeNcY helP ReScUe eDhi coNtRol motoRwAY Police Police GoVeRNoR’S hoUSe chieF miNiSteR’S hoUSe FiRe BRiGADe BomB DiSPoSAl mcl comPlAiNtS lAhoRe wASte DiSPoSAl

1122 115 130 15 99200081-7 99203226 16 99212111 99211022-29 1139

hoSPitAlS miD citY 37573382-3 SeRViceS 99203402-11 mAYo 99211100-9 GeNeRAl 35810892-8 SheiKh ZAiD 35865731 SiR GANGA RAm 99200572 Uch 35763573-5 itteFAq 35881981-85 cmh 366996168-72 ShoUKAt KhANUm 35945100 JiNNAh 111-809-809 ADil (DeFeNce) 36667275 chilDReN’S 99230901-3 DeFeNce NAtioNAl hoSPitAl 111-17-18-19

BlooD BANK FAtmiD iSlAmic AlliANce

35210834-8 37588649/37535435


111-000-118 1199

RAilwAYS citY StAtioN (eNqUiRY) ReSeRVAtioN RAilwAY Police

117 99201772 1333

AiRPoRt FliGht eNqUiRY PiA ReSeRVAtioN

114 111-786-786



BLOCK market in DHA has become a veritable nuisance for the residents of the area who complain about the turtle-esque traffic, haphazard distribution of parking space and inept security measures at the market. The market has more than 200 different food and utility shops and is the biggest market and the largest food hub of the society. The marketplace, especially on the weekends, borders on a gridlock being overcrowded with visitors. Hassan Malik, a resident of DHA said that the parking space provided by the authorities was useless as its distribution was uneven. “The main problem in the H Block market is the food street, people usually park their car right in front of the shop creating a mess on the main road behind”, he said. He added that the market was crammed with more cars than its standard capacity which was resulting in problems for one and all. Another resident of DHA Mustafa Malik said that the waiters were the biggest thorns in the way of traffic tranquillity, who were unleashed to hunt down customers. He said that the waiters stopped the cars on the main road and started taking orders on the spot while the protracted queue of cars endured traffic stagnation. “This is the only market I’ve seen in the entire city which has so many waiters working at the same time,” he said, adding that the rivalry among waiters, as to who would manage to ensnare more customers added to the dilemma. On the other hand the swarmed

market was a cause of joy for the restaurant owners. One such owner, Sultan said that the market faced traffic issues but that it was healthy for the shop owners and that the waiters were their main weapons in the quest of entrapping customers . “The waiters actually bring business to us, the more the waiters the more business we get,” said Sultan, adding that if they stopped give a free rein to the waiters in the market then other resultants would cash in on the visitors. Ali Akbar another business owner revealed an intriguing fact that the DHA residents mostly preferred home deliveries and that it was the outsiders who visited the market. “I started off my business from home deliveries, and now I have a restaurant”, he said and added that most of the residents of the society preferred to stay at home and get what they want instead of getting stuck in a traffic dogfight. Sohaib Dogar a businessman of the H block market said that the slow traffic did not affect the business much and that in his view the biggest problem of the market was security arrangement. He said that scores of cars had been stolen from the market in daytime as well as during night. “Many vehicles have been stolen from here and this market needs security measures” he stressed. Zain Mehmood Butt, a resident of L block, which is adjacent to the market, said that the market was made to facilitate the residents of the society but had in fact transformed in to a food hub and an urban center causing a multitude of traffic related issues. While talking to Pakistan Today the spokesman of DHA said that

ArAbIC CAllIgrAphy

DHA had formulated rules in the market to avoid traffic problems. He said that the traffic flow was controlled by the authorities and that the management kept a constant eye on the market. He was of the opinion that the market had ample parking space but the trafficking issue was the

letter to tASeer II

fault of the visitors as they conveniently chose not to park their cars in the parking lots. “This is the general mindset of people in the city, they usually don’t want to step out of the car or prefer their vehicles to drop them as close as they could get to their destination”, he said.

reD bull pAper WIngS 2012 p ...

colleGeS / UNiVeRSitieS PUNJAB UNiVeRSitY KiNNAiRD colleGe qUeeN mARY colleGe GoVt. colleGe UNiVeRSitY Umt lUmS Uet lcwU SUPeRioR colleGe

99231257 99203781-4 36362942 111-000-010 35212801-10 35608000 36288666 99203072 111-000-078

DAte AND time: JUNe 1, 2012, 4Pm to 6Pm VeNUe: hASt-o-NeeSt ceNteR cAlliGRAPhY clASSeS are on-going, interested students can enroll throughout the year. the duration of one module is three months. there are four modules of learning calligraphyt: primary, secondary, advanced and higher. the course includes traditional pen and traditional paper making.

DAte: JAN 23 – FeB 23, 2012 VeNUe: the DRAwiNG Room ARt GAlleRY Rashid Rana, Naazish Ataullah, Ayesha Jatoi, mudassar manzoor, Rm Naeem, Sadaf Naeem, irfan hasan, Adeel Us Zafar and others display their art in an effort to capture past.

DAte: FeBRUARY 10 — mARch 10, 2012 VeNUe: UNSPeciFieD, lAhoRe Feeling the need for wiNGS? After an overwhelming response to Red Bull Paper wings held in Pakistan in 2009, the best and most creative Pakistani folders & throwers will have the chance to represent their country at the world Finals at hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria this year also!

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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

Police constitutes 3rd committee in Pic case LAHoRE: Another enquiry committee was constituted by the Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) on Monday to replace the second enquiry committee to probe the contaminated medicine issue of the Pakistan Institute of Cardiology’s spurious medicnes, which had claimed lives of over 150 cardiac patients. Punjab Investigations Additional IG Aslam Tarin will be the chairman of investigation team while Investigations DIG Ali Amir Malik, and Deputy Public Prosecutor Saeed would be the members. The new team would take briefing from former 3-member enquiry committee headed by Elite DIG Zulfiqar Cheema on Tuesday (today) about their investigations and findings. The newly constituted team would further probe the issue of contaminated medicine in the light of inquiry report submitted to the IGP on Saturday by former inquiry committee and furnish its preliminary report before the Supreme Court of Pakistan on February 17. It is worth mentioning here that enquiry committee headed by Zulfiqar Cheema and comprising SSP Zulfiqar Hameed and SSP Farooq Mazhar has recommended registration of an FIR under the offence of murder/attempt to murder and drug act against 10 officials of Efroze Pharmaceutical Company including its owner, two owners of distribution company named Umar Trading Company and five officials of PIC. However, Shadman Police is yet to arrest the accused persons involved in this scam. Few officials including the owner of Efroze Pharmaare on interim bail and its hearing is scheduled to be held on Tuesday (today) but all other accused persons are at large. STAFF REPORT

CM vies to stay ahead of the mosquitoes g

orders formulation of cabinet committee g School books to have dengue guide LAHORE



UNJAB Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has directed all provincial departments to work in tandem to effectively nullify the possible outbreak of dengue this year. He ordered the constitution of a cabinet committee to earmark the steps needed to eliminate dengue which would also provide the necessary assistance for the arrangements to be made in this regard. Similarly he believed that a special committee should also be constituted to monitor the dengue eradication campaign which would review and follow up the steps taken. The Punjab CM was presiding over a high level meeting to mull over the measures taken for the possible outbreak of dengue virus at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, here on Monday. Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, members National and Provincial Assemblies, Chief Secretary, secretaries of various departments and senior doctors were also present. The secretaries divulged the steps taken by their respective departments for coping with the possible outbreak. Addressing the meeting Shahbaz

said that doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and elected representatives played a commendable role during the last year’s dengue crisis and thousands of precious lives had been saved owing to their untiring efforts. He said that all possible steps were also being taken to tackle the possible outbreak of dengue virus in the coming season. He said that not only the personnel associated with the concerned departments were being

lhcBA lifts ban on serving meal to voters on election Day LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on Monday lifted a ban earlier imposed on serving meals to voters by candidates on the day of annual bar elections scheduled to be held on February 25. A resolution in this regard was tabled before the general house meeting of the LHCBA on Monday pleading for the ban to be lifted. Duly complying with the plea, the resolution was passed unanimously by the house chaired by the Bar President Asghar Ali Gill.

mental problems resonate in synchrony with financial crisis LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Meal or no deal g

Lahore 09

The resolution was tabled by Rana Ahmed Saeed, an advocate in the house, stating that voters would not come to cast votes on the election-day if the meal was not served to them according to the new code of conduct for LHCBA polls 2012-13. Secretary LHCBA Arshad Malik presented it before the house for debate and it was passed unanimously. Advocate Saeed, on the contrary, believed that a ban on the meal would cost the candidates contesting the elections because the elections would also not be fair with a potential low turnout. He said that the voters be-

longing to far flung areas of Punjab come to Lahore on elections to participate in the ‘annual dinner’ and they would be disappointed if they remained hungry. He also said that the meals were part of the bar culture which should not be purged owing to the so called code of conducts. Posing a question to the bar, Saeed asked “Where would the thousands of voters, especially those from outer cities, eat their lunch on the Election Day?” The resolution also said that a majority of the voters and the candidates had serious objections to the ban and demanded that the ban be lifted.

educational institutes ban Valentine’s Day LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Female educational institutions around the city put a strict ban on female students celebrating Valentine’s Day inside the campus while Islami Jamiat Taliba (IJT) announced to celebrate 14 February as “Haya Day”. Islamist groups inside the city also distributed pamphlets among the citizen and education institutions and requested the students to celebrate “Haya Day”. According to Islamists, Valentine’s Day was an unethical event and a day of the devil which had started with an unethical act of a priest named Valentine and celebrating this event was a great sin. Although couples around the city will celebrate Valentine’s Day and in this connection they will exchange flowers and will wear red and pink dress but administrations at most female education institutes have strictly forbidden Valentine’s Day celebrations. TRAnSfERS: Punjab IGP Javed Iqbal has issued notification regarding the transfer and posting of three police officers on Monday. According to the notification Roohi Muzammal Tajak has been transferred and posted as SP traffic, Rawalpindi Region. Similarly SP Traffic Ishtiaq Hussain Shah has been transferred and posted as SP investigation, Chakwal and SP Shah Nawaz has been transferred and posted as Jaranwala addl. SP against existing vacancies with immediate effect and until further orders.

training abroad but these instructors also trained others in their quest of dealing with dengue. While rubberstamping a plan for inclusion of volunteers in the campaign against dengue, the Chief Minister said that this programme would be implemented rapidly. He said that the participation of the people for checking the possible outbreak of dengue was of paramount importance and a publicity plan would be evolved for creating through awareness among the masses in this regard and that all departments should immediately launch publicity campaign. He said that a special chapter had been included in the educational syllabus for creating awareness among the people particularly new generation and students’ community about the dengue virus. He said that the material regarding dengue included in the educational syllabus will help augment awareness among the people to keep their houses, streets, colonies and surroundings clean and hygienic. He said that Punjab government had taken the steps to control dengue virus via a national campaign which has bolstered the cause. He said that the public health department should play an active role for the eradication of dengue and other epidemic diseases. He also promised to formulate a plan regarding distribution of dengue saving kits to curb the possible outbreak of dengue.

Mental Health Federation of Pakistan organised a reception for Prof Tanvir Ahmad Rana, the first Pakistani professor to serve as a professor in Warwick University UK. President Mental Health Federation Prof IAK Tareen hosted the function, while King Edward University Prof of Emeritus Prof Khalida Tareen, visiting consultant psychiatrist from Manchester UK Dr Maqsood Ahmad and others were also present on the occasion. Prof Tanvir Ahmad Rana said that mental health problems were escalating in Pakistan due to financial crisis in country. People preferred death to life because they were suffering from serious depression and anxiety. He said that crime rates and suicides were also increasing precipitously after the credit crunch. He said government should immediately introduce financial reforms in the country to give relief to the masses. The senior psychiatrist consultant Dr Maqsood Ahmad said that eradication of corruption is necessary to curtail the financial crisis and that the ruling class should initiate the anti-corruption campaign. The mental issues have become a serious problem in the country because people could not afford treatment. Mental Health Federation President Prof IAK Tareen said that mental and physical disabilities were increasing due to a lack of diagnostic and treatment facilities. He informed that there were more than 15 percent disabled people in our society.

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10 Lahore

tuesday, 14 February, 2012

PU Psychology Dept organises ‘women harassment’ seminar LAHoRE: Punjab University Department of Applied Psychology organised a seminar on “Women Harassment.” The seminar was addressed by an eminent expert Dr Fauzia Saeed, Govt of Punjab Implementation Watch Committee member, and AASHA Chairperson and Founder, a partnership for fighting women harassment. Dr Fauzia Saeed talked about the issue of harassment in our society and emphasised the need for females to be well-informed about combating it. She stressed that instead of accusing the victim, the culprit should be taken to task for such actions. She also stressed that men had an important role in reducing this issue, as they could use peer pressure to civilise their male companions. Department Chairperson Prof Dr Rukhsana Kausar thanked the speaker and presented her departmental souvenir. The talk was attended by faculty members and students from Applied Psychology and Gender Studies departments. STAFF REPORT

Phi organises workshop for teachers LAHoRE: The Institute of Public Health Lahore with the joint collaboration of WHO organised a one day training workshop for teachers. Those who attended the workshop included Punjab WHO Operations Officer Dr Babar Alam, MCH Health Department Head Dr Rubina Sarmad, Punjab CDC Officer Dr AmanUllah Zegham, Lahore DEO Liaqat Ali Malik, IPH IT Head Dr Anjum Razaq, IPH Environmental Officer Dr Ejaz Qureshi and IPH Public Health Practice Head Dr Rabia Arshad. A number of teachers from various public and private schools also attended the training workshop. Speakers said that seasonal fluctuations had provided a window of opportunity for the health managers to prepare and reorganise themselves for countering dengue in coming season. STAFF REPORT

GcU publishes the Scientific Ravi LAHoRE: The Scientific Ravi, a prestigious science research magazine of the Government College University Lahore, was published on Monday. It has 127 innovative research articles by noted scientists, professors, old Ravians and the university students. “The research magazine, which has been regularly published for the last 20 years, carries innovative articles on several interesting topics including ‘Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Interesting Applications of Hair’, ‘Human Version 3.0’, ‘Future of Human Cloning’, ‘Bioethics’, ‘Computer and Clothes’, and ‘Green Plastic - A new hope’.” GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleequr-Rahman said that the main objective of The Scientific Ravi is to explore the creativity and research talent among the university students. STAFF REPORT

WHERE’S THE BALANCE? As politicians gear up for the upcoming elections, Muhammad Ibrahim of Narowal still believes that they can give him relief sTaff pHOTO

PIC scandal to bring more problems for government hearing of petition seeking disqualification of cm and his son adjourned g commission probing Pic scandal summons ex-health secretary g



HE havoc caused by the spurious medicines of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) might be over for the institute’s patients but its ramifications for Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif are unlikely to abate soon. The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday adjourned till February 22 hearing of a petition seeking disqualification of the CM and his son, MNA Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, over the loss of precious lives first by dengue and now by the PIC medicines. The petition was filed by Muhammad Fakhir Razzaq. The petitioner’s counsel Khurram Latif Khosa, son of the Punjab governor, pleaded that the CM had failed to prove himself to be trustworthy, a prerequisite for all the representatives according to Article 62 of the constitution, while his son was supporting owners of the spurious medicines of PIC, Al-Falah

Pharma. He also alleged that the CM held the portfolio of health minister without even having the basic knowledge of the medical field, thus playing with countless precious lives, a loss never to be undone. The counsel requested the court that the respondents be declared murderers of patients and hence permanently disqualified. He also requested that to save lives of people the CM be restrained from holding office. In yet another development, the Defective Drugs Enquiry Commission kicked off its proceedings on Monday by summoning former Punjab health secretary Jahanzeb Khan and former PIC chief executive Dr Muhammad Azhar on February 14 to probe into the PIC deaths. Both the officials are said to have a hand in delivery of the defective medicines. The commission comprises LHC judge Justice Ijazul Ahsan and District and Sessions Judge Irfan Saeed is working as registrar.

The commission will complete its enquiry within 30 days and submit a report to the Punjab government. It will determine elements responsible for the negligence and also suggest measures to stop such incidents in future. LHC SEEkS GovT’S REPoRT on ‘CHAnGE’ In MEDICInE PRoCURInG PoLICY: The LHC on Monday sought a report till February 22 from the Punjab government about steps taken to change “policy of procuring medicines” for hospitals in the wake of deaths in Punjab Institute of Cardiology by spurious medicines The court also directed the investigation team, probing the deaths and the spurious drugs, to submit a detailed report on those responsible for purchasing and selling spurious medicines to PIC. Justice Umar Ata Bandial passed the order on a petition filed by Judicial Activism Panel, a public interest litigation firm, through Muhammad Azhar Siddique.

oUP to organise talk by Sarmila Bose LAHoRE: Oxford University Press (OUP) is organising a talk by Sarmila Bose on her recently published book Dead Reckoning: Memories of the 1971 Bangladesh War. This ground-breaking book chronicles the 1971 war in South Asia by reconstituting the memories of the adversaries of the conflict. Sarmila Bose is a Senior Research Fellow in the Politics of South Asia at the University of Oxford. Tariq Haq Pakistan OUP Regional Sales Director will introduce Sarmila Bose at the talk scheduled for February 14, at the Oxford Bookshop, Mini Market, Lahore, at 5.00pm. STAFF REPORT

Punjab govt transfers officials LAHoRE: The Punjab government has transferred three officers and a notification has been issued in this regard on Monday. As per details, Additional Secretary Home Department (DMG-19 acting charge basis) Muhammad Amir Jan has been transferred and posted as PMU special initiative Home Department Project. PMU special initiative Home Department Project Director (SG-19) Dr M Shoaib Akbar has been transferred and posted as Home Department Additional Secretary. Home Department AS (DMG-19) Tariq Bakshi has been transferred and posted as Higher Education AS. STAFF REPORT

Doctors demand restoration of seniors, block Jail Road LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Several doctors from the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) and Services Hospital protested on the Jail Road under the banner of the Young Doctors Association (YDA) on Monday. Nearly a hundred young doctors assembled from PIC and Services Hospital around 11am demanding restoration of senior doctors at PIC. The doctors, including females blocked both sides of jail road in front of the PIC for two hours. They were holding banners inscribed with their demands of getting the dismissed doctors restored. They also demanded the “Punjab regime” to resign over the PIC drug death issue. This caused a lot of inconvenience to commuters who had to take alternative routes because Jail Road is the main artery connecting this part of the city to the canal and the Main Boulevard.



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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

what’s this fuss about “Difa-e-Pakistan”? This is with reference to “Difa-ePakistan” event being organised in Karachi. Let me say at the outset that the defence of this country is the sacred job being performed by the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Any other organisation that lays claim to the responsibility of defending the country can only do so when either the government or the army is no more capable of doing it. Is this the case? In any sovereign, welfare and democratic state people would rather show willingness and demonstrate their complete confidence in the ability of their armed forces. Not in Pakistan. Failed politicians, organisations with tinted credibility, banned lashkars with extremist ideologies, turncoats and religious fundamentalists all have got together under the umbrella of ‘Difa-ePakistan’ to blackmail not only the

government and the Pakistan military but also the world community. By holding rallies in the major cities this organisation sends a message loud and clear that they are part of the defence equation and the future of any change in defence policy will be subject to their consent. Is the civil and military ruling elite willing to be blackmailed? Surely, the drama of ‘Difa-ePakistan’ that we are being forced to witness is only possible with the consent of the army. Is the army in alliance? Is this the new face of the “strategic depth”? If this is so, have we not learnt from the consequences of such alliances before? Is the abandoned alternative again being allowed to resurface? Which national values and interests that we as a nation hold so dear that cannot be protected and guarded by our national army?

towards becoming friends Why do we need this bunch of hate crime committers and extremist ideology promoters? These selfproclaimed defenders of Pakistan can only raise funds and develop and grow into a substantial force only by riding on the back of the army. Else, a state that believes in reform, freedom and progression would take concrete measures to stop such a parallel force from evolving and mushrooming. Interpreting the threats to the security of the state is the prerogative of the civil and military elite. The constitution empowers them to formulate a defence policy based on adversary’s capabilities and intentions. Those people and organisations that are not part of the ruling civil and military elite can only have opinions that can in no way challenge the way forward the ruling elite determines. That way

forward can be in the form of military alliances or partnership in the global war against terrorism. It is the job of the government of the day to use military as an instrument of policy to secure and safeguard our national interests. Surely, like any other nation, these interests include survival, security, power, prosperity, freedom, peace and an acceptable and functional ideology acceptable by a majority of people. Seen in this context the “Difa-e-Pakistan” can at best throw spanner in the works of national security building. Such outfits should be banned and debarred from holding any public gatherings. But this could only happen if we have a government that takes national security as a serious issue. LT COL (retd) MUHAMMAD ALI EHSAN Karachi

Depends on who Is an army coup a violation of the constitution? Is getting the loans writtenoff a fraud? Is looting the national exchequer a crime? Are kickbacks and commissions on purchases and agreements legitimate? Are having foreign bank accounts an objectionable thing? Is tax evasion a misdeed? Is switching over political loyalty a lotaism? Is ‘reconciliation’ and agreement to go into exile an illegitimate apparatus? Are spouses supposed to become head of political parties after killing of the leader? Is PCO oath unjustifiable? Are undue favours to children of Chief Justice of Pakistan fair? Does Article 6 apply to one who deviates from the constitution? Does Pakistan come first? Is admission of a daughter to any medical college by relaxing the rule is discreditable? Is kidnapping an offence? Is justice given to everyone by the Supreme Court? Can establishment of military courts control law and order? Is the testimony by Mansoor Ijaz reliable? Is disobeying the court of law a contempt of court? Does any member of parliament become disqualified after being convicted by any court of law? Finally, does president enjoy immunity? The answer to these question and such others is: it depends on who is doing that and for whom. KHALED IKBAL Islamabad

the ViPs’ menace We as a nation are deeply steeped in a VIP culture where our elites make sure that they keep reminding us “commoners” our true standing in society. Our generals, politicians and bureaucrats who, in principle, have duties to serve the public more often than naught have this unjustifiable attitude of superiority towards the common man on the street. The protocol that these men have and the attitude of their guards towards common people makes one wonder what exactly makes the self-esteem and in fact lives of these VIP’s much more valuable than mine or yours. I mention this all because I have been noticing the guards of these VIPs getting angry, making frantic motions with their arms and shouting at top of their lungs if you make even a slight delay in making way for these gentlemen’s cars and their respective protocols. I recently was driving on a slightly busy Mall Road (very much within the speed limit) that suddenly I heard the sounds of siren mixed with hysterical noises of horn. It was a signal enough that an extremely “important” gentleman, whose time is obviously much more valuable than ours, had to pass through. It so happened that due to a car on my left lane, I couldn’t immediately make way. But when I did make way one of the guards in the jeep behind the VIP’s car not only shouted unintelligibly at me but also pointed his gun towards me. I was intrigued. I blamed myself for being negligible of the rights of the VIPs and made a note to myself that next time such a mistake on my part should at all costs be avoided. Because even if one of the guard shoots someone someday, the justice, as we see often, would obviously sway towards the VIP and his protectors. MOHAMMAD ARSALAAN BAIG Lahore

Problems near to home

PM must resign The Supreme Court of Pakistan has presented a charge sheet against the Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani yesterday, dealing a severe blow to the credibility and stance of the government about writing a letter to the Swiss authorities. Now the PM has no moral authority to continue his of-

Settle my claim In May 2010, the Regulation Wing of the Finance Division of the government of Pakistan, in compliance with a judgement of the Federal Service Tribunal, issued a notification allowing usual annual increment to those BS 20 civil servants who were denied the increment after reaching the highest stage of Pay Scales 1994 on 30 November 2001 or before. Many civil servants, serving and retired, have benefited from FST judgement. I was drawing maximum of BS 20 in November 1997; therefore, I was entitled to payment of annual increment with effect from 1 December 2001, in the light of Finance Division’s notification dated 26 May 2010. AGPR Islamabad and the Accounts Branch of the National Police Academy have paid me my dues for the period 1 December 2001 to 14 December 2006, but the Accountant General Balochistan is reluctant to pay my dues for the period

I would like to respond to the news item reported in your newspaper dated 12 February 2012 regarding liver transplantation of two patients at Shiekh Zayed Hospital Lahore. It was the first of its kind amongst surgeries carried out in the history of Pakistan, involving liver donation from a living donor. Hopefully, this programme shall continue to benefit the lot of poor and helpless patients in Pakistan, who suffer from Hepatic failure and end stage liver diseases. The selfless, generous help of Indian surgeons, under the leadership of Dr Suraj Gupta, needs to be appreciated and acknowledged. They flew to Lahore despite security threats, which earlier on had discouraged a team of British surgeons who declined to come for the same deed because of insecurity. The collaborative venture between Indian and Pakistani doctors highlights the fact that close cooperation between India and Pakistan is possible. Indo-Pakistan is home to about 1/6th of the world’s population (about 1.5 billion), most of them being poverty stricken, and lacking basic life support facilities. The problem gets complicated by the fact that both are nuclear powers. The only way for our future generations to live and survive is that we mutually accept and respect each other’s existence, resolve disputes and abolish the practise of mistrust. We owe this to our future generations, for this shall bring an era of peace and prosperity, beneficial to both our nations. These doctors have achieved something which politicians and diplomats have failed at; they have shown that for the betterment of mankind it is possible to work together despite pressing differences. It is thus up to the intelligentsia of both countries to work towards genuine and meaningful cooperation in all areas which can benefit the common man, whose sufferings continue unabated since the past many decades. DR H DAR Lahore

I read in news that a former Liverpool footballer Tommy Smith will sell all of his medals which he won during his successful career at Anfield, Liverpool, England. Tony Smith also expected that his collection would fetch him around $ 0.2 million. He said that he was getting old and the money was of more use to him than the medals. This problem is also found in Pakistan. After every month or so a former Pakistani footballer, boxer or hockey player announces that he is unable to meet his expenses and urges the government to help him. I just hope that all these sportspersons around the world are taken care of by their concerned sports authorities. MUBASHIR MAHMOOD Karachi

This is apropos of a news item about a symposium held by Pakistan Repatriation Council (PRC) in Jeddah on the issue of Kashmir and the role of Muslim world to resolve the same. PRC is an organisation that has been highlighting the just cause of repatriation of those Urdu-speaking Pakistanis who have been languishing in UN-run refugee camps in Bangladesh for the last 40 years. These unfortunate people opted to remain Pakistanis in 1971 when Bangladesh came into being. But due to political reasons and fear of demographic impact, these inauspicious people couldn’t come to Pakistan. As we welcome PRC initiative to discuss the Kashmir issue, we call them to also spare some time to take up the issues directly affecting Pakistan as well. There is a deep sense of alienation in Balochistan province and everyone is afraid that perhaps another human catastrophe is in the offing. Extrajudicial killings, illegal kidnappings and detentions of the Baloch nationalists and rebels, and wide spread revenge killing of non-Baloch population (mostly Urdu and Punjabi speaking civilians) remind us of East Pakistan of 1969 – 70. Perhaps, we are always more interested in faraway lands, forgetting or intentionally ignoring what’ being cooked in our own backyard. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Act is in fact a regulatory authority which is protected by the article 270 AA(6) of Constitution of Pakistan. Even the board set up under section 5 of the Drugs Act 1976 is a regulatory authority as such and can be treated as the Drug Regulatory Authority established under the federal law ie, Drug Act 1976. It is misconception prevailing in the society that there is no system of check and balance in connection with manufacturing of quality drugs. Now the question arises where the actual fault lies. From where we will bring “angels” to run the proposed DRA which will resolve all the drug related issues and prove to be a panacea for all

the ills. It is the need of the hour to remove any deficiency in Central Licensing Board and notify officially the Central Licensing Board as the drug regulatory body till some improved version of it or necessary regulatory body is made so that vacuum may be filled which has created confusion and hindering the implementation of Drugs Act 1976. There is not much need to make new laws every now and then; rather there is a dire need to implement Drug Act 1976 and abide by the constitution in letter and spirit. SHEIKH MUHAMMAD NAWAZ Lahore

fice as chief executive of the country. Our Prime Minister should learn lesson from three Indian ministers in the southern Indian state of Karnataka who resigned after they were accused of watching porn during an assembly session. ZAHID RASHID Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir

15 December 2006 to 31 March 2008, the date of my superannuation. I have argued my case telephonically but to no avail. I am residing in Islamabad and they are forcing me to visit Quetta to explain my claim. It would be not only bad economics to travel to Quetta to pursue the claim of Rs 16000 in the office of Accountant General but also unwise to visit Quetta in this unfriendly winter. My friends do not allow me to travel to Quetta in the prevailing law and order situation there. I would request the Auditor General of Pakistan and Controller General Revenues to kindly intervene in the matter and direct AG Balochistan to settle my claim as soon as possible. The IG Police has already forwarded relevant papers to the AG office. I would also request the President of Pakistan to expedite the appointment of the Federal Ombudsman so that misuse of powers by government functionaries doesn’t

cross a limit. ASGHAR MAHMOOD, Add IGP (retd) Islamabad

Supporting the sportsmen

we already have a Drug Regulatory Authority This is with reference to the direction of the Supreme Court to form a drug regulatory authority in the backdrop of PIC drug reaction fiasco in Lahore. I want to invite the attention of executives of health ministry and legal fraternity to certain solution to get out of this mess. Previously, both the provincial government of the Punjab and federal government have been levelling allegations against each other on the deaths of approximately 150 patients due to tainted substandard medicine used by PIC patients. After the enactment of 18th amendment of the constitution, the issue to regulate the manufacturing, licensing, registration and sale of drugs is lying in

the air hanging. Being in the profession of legal practice of drugs for the last more than 30 years, it is my considered opinion that section 5 of Drug Act 1976 deals with regulating the manufacturing of drugs by Central Licensing Board of the federal government which is a high powered committee regulating the pharmaceutical industry. There is also Drug Registration Board under the Drug Act 1976.The purpose of Drug Regulatory Authority is to regulate the manufacturing of drugs for which provision of law is already provided under section 5 of Drugs Act 1976 which means that Central Licensing Board so set up under section 5 of Drugs

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment charges framed Another episode


ot much of a surprise, the development that took place in the Supreme Court yesterday. The honourable judges had already opined that the prime minister was, prima facie, contemptuous of the court. Yesterday was only the next mechanical step in the clockwork; the court said he would be charge-sheeted on the 13th and that is what happened. The incumbents have had a history of treating the courts to a “go-slow.” There is due process to follow and, if the government wants to use all the leverage it has to slow things down, it can very well delay things by months on end before the proverbial dust settles. A possible guilty verdict is going to be followed by an appeal. That appeal is going to be followed by a prosecution by a larger – possibly full – bench. In case of a guilty verdict then, the issue of the premier’s retention of his office comes up. Since he could be treated as a prisoner of conscience – yes, that is what the government can claim, with several foreign observers chiming in – a case could be made for retaining his office from jail. The proceedings on that would have to be routed through, say, the speaker of the national assembly and the election commissioner, both of which could be delayed further. The only problem with this approach is the prime minister’s reluctance to go that way; he has made it clear he won’t hold the office, if convicted. The option to appeal, however, remains. These are interesting times, ones that the great unwashed have to wearily put up with. Exciting as they may be to the media and the chattering classes, they bring no relief to the teeming millions. This is an incompetent government – like the one before it, and the one before that. But the capacity of a government to govern has to be exercised, much like a muscle. Tenures in this neck of the woods are either truncated or, in this case, constantly spent with governments watching over their backs for unelected players, who have never quite warmed up to this whole will-of-the-people thing, to use something, anything as an excuse to pack things up.

Nip the evil in the bud who mandated defence to DPc?


deas, even when perceived to be highly disruptive, pose no threat to democracy unless their holders start threatening to impose them on society by recourse to violence. Democracy in fact immunises society against pernicious tendencies by encouraging discussions at forums like parliament, media and public gatherings. Any group which can persuade enough people and win the elections can put its ideas into practice through enactment of new laws. In case it fails to command sufficient strength in parliament, it can try its luck at the next elections. No democracy would, however, allow preaching of violent methods to seek power. The decisions taken at a pubic gathering orangaised by Difae-Pakistan Council (DPC) in Karachi would worry anyone who wants peace and stability in Pakistan. DPC comprises the reincarnation of two banned groups under new names, an outfit that opposes democracy and elections for being ‘un-Islamic,’ three religious parties and a handful of Musharraf’s cronies kept politically alive by a section of the media. The DPC has announced that parliament will not be allowed to give India the status of most privileged nation nor permit NATO trucks to carry goods through Pakistan. One concedes that there are two opinions in the country over these issues but who is authorised to take a decision on them, the elected parliament or the mob? A DPC leader also called on the audience to “break the legs of any ‘whore’ who went to India to sing and act in films”, which amounts to instigating the mob to take law into its hands. Those opposed to certain policies have every right to criticise them. They have also a right to hold peaceful protests. The DPC however wants to march on Islamabad and encircle the parliament on February 20. This amounts to challenging the constitutional right of the parliament to take decisions on important matters. Who has given the DPC a mandate to dictate to the supreme law making body? A former DG ISI, known for extremist leanings, was also among the speakers at the Karachi rally. This raises another serious issue. Are only the retired individuals and mavericks belonging to the agencies supporting the DPC or there is more to it than meets the eye?

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Lahore – Ph: 042-36298305-10 Fax: 042-36298302 Karachi – Ph: 021-34330811-3 Fax: 021-34330900 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287414-6 Fax: 051-2287417 Web: Email:

tuesday, 14 February, 2012

On car thefts Increasing incidents demand a thorough investigation

By Dr Faisal Bari


friend had his car stolen from his house a few days ago. The manner it was done needs to be thought about: there seems to be a new level of sophistication in the way it was planned and executed. My friend woke up in the morning to find his car gone from the porch of his house. It was between midnight and morning that the car was stolen. The thieves had cut the lock on the gate and they had taken the car out. They took the lock that they cut with them so my friend does not really know how the lock was cut. But the whole process could not have been too noisy as nobody in the household, and there were quite a few people in the house, heard anything. My friend called the police. What he heard from them was enlightening. They said a lot of cars had been similarly stolen in the last few weeks and months, and from the areas of Cantonment and Defence in Lahore. Most of the cars stolen had been Toyota Corolla GLI model. And new. And for most of them the thieves had come to the house, cut the lock on the gate but quietly enough so as not to wake up the household, and taken the car. Interestingly, my friend also found out some other things from the police, his insurance company representative, and some of his acquaintances who have also been robbed over the last few weeks. The thieves do a good job of finding out where the cars are, they know that these households do not have guards and lock their gates at night, and they know around what time do these households go to sleep. They probably have very advanced cutters that are noiseless as they have been known to have cut through all sorts of locks. I say probably because the thieves are clever enough and careful enough to take the cut locks with them so the police can only guess what these thieves do. The police also think that the thieves bring smartly dressed men and women with them and these are the people who drive away the stolen cars. This explains, for the police, why these people are not stopped at police 'nakas'. It seems that the thieves break the small window of a back door, and then push the car out of the driveway before they start the engine. The thieves are using the profiling policy of the police against them. Everyone knows the police do not stop the bigger cars, cars driven by smartly dressed men and women, the crowd that speaks English, at the ‘nakas’ or do not stop them beyond the point of hearing their accent and/or checking out their clothes. Whereas people on motorcycles and smaller cars, in shalwar kameezes and

talking local languages are fair game. So getting smartly dressed people to drive away the stolen vehicles is a successful ploy. The police cannot really start checking more rigorously as the elite in bigger cars are not going to like that a whole lot. My friend called up his insurance company to let them know. The concerned agent said they had been getting quite a few calls for claims over the last few months, especially from the more affluent areas of Lahore. It is a fairly long process to get claims from insurance companies and the police have to give a final report before companies can process claims. The report and then the company processing takes time. So the people who have even their insured cars stolen have to wait weeks before they get compensation and can replace cars. The cost of replacement has to be paid as well in the form of paying for the difference between car prices since the last car was bought, and the cost of registration and other formalities. All this is of course not covered by any insurance. And due to this spate of thefts car insurance will surely go up as well: another cost that victims, and possibly others, have to bear. There are other issues here too. Why are so many of the stolen cars Toyota Corollas? Are they too easy to steal? If they are, should the company not have a look at the issue and give a public response? Or is there something else happening? Are some unscrupulous people working in Toyota distributions doing something they should not be? Like making copies of keys of cars they are selling? The police as well as the Competition Commission of Pakistan should look into this aspect: consumers might be victims of something that the company or its distributors should not be doing. Some people have also suggested that there have been too many cars stolen in too short a period and the police knows more than they are letting on but they have not been able to do anything about this gang. Is the police trying its best? Or

are there connections between the police or people in the police and the gang? This is something that can only come out when police higher-ups look into the issue in detail. The only thing that seems to work is a guard at home. The gang seems to select houses that have no guards and only requires locks to be cut. But this could just be for the moment. If too many houses get guards, the gangs might come prepared too. And that would be a much worse outcome for everyone as the chances of people getting hurt would also go up. But for individuals, getting a guard seems to be the only solution to the issue for now. Of course, a much better overall solution would be for the police to catch the gang, but given recent police performance in high-profile kidnappings for ransom and so on, the record does not really inspire confidence. Where do all these cars go? Do they sell up country in other provinces and tribal areas? How are they moved across the country? And do they go in one piece or many? Or are they just being stripped in a regular garage? It would be important to look at these aspects too as it might be possible to look at this demand for cheap cars to figure out where they go and maybe it is possible to control this demand too so that the incentive to rob cars goes down. Cars are an expensive item for most households, especially in the middleclass and/or professional class. And they are costly to replace even if insured. This is apart from the anger at having one’s private space invaded and sense of security violated. Our police is not the most sophisticated. So when thieves get sophisticated, it is bad karma for citizens. Let us see how this investigation progresses. The writer is an Associate Professor of Economics at LUMS (currently on leave) and a Senior Advisor at Open Society Foundation (OSF). He can be reached at

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Strikes on civilians Daily Wahdat


fghan President Hamid Karzai has denounced NATO air strike on the civilians at Nijrab of Kapisa province and directed for holding a detailed inquiry in this respect. His aide Mohammad Zahir Safi is now engaged with the inquiry into this strike which has caused the lives of eight innocent children. Beside President Hamid Karzai, all the Afghans have felt the grief created by such an un-wanted attack. The strike against the civilian population at Nijrab is not the first ever act on the part of US-led allied troops. For the last 10 years, civilian casualties and collateral damage at the hands of NATO troops have become order of the day all over Afghanistan. Thousands of innocent Afghans have become victims of NATO

strikes in a war that has devastated their country. Collateral damage and casualties seem to be the main cause of US-led allies’ failure in the ongoing war on terror in the country. Such mistakes and blunders on the part of NATO have disheartened the Afghans. President Hamid Karzai and his associates are also unhappy. Afghans are being made victims and disgraced on the pretext of searches and raids on a regular basis. Without winning the hearts of Afghans, it would be impossible for the US-led allies to win this war on terror. In this respect, the US must refrain itself from collateral damage and casualties. Similarly, the US-led coalition forces must realise their responsibility of contributing towards the reconstruction and rehabilitation of war-devastated Afghanistan. –Translated from the orginal Pashtu by Shamim Shahid

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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

Comment 13


pretty faces

Battle of the spirit level

A face which looks appetising on one TV channel may also prove its charm on the competitor’s screen too

nyone studying political science should study an under-construction house in Pakistan, the best microcosm representing this country. Homeowners play bit parts in that production, in a clear parallel to the public. Lead roles are played by the contractor ably assisted by the electrician, the carpenter, the plumber and the stone masons, never forgetting the all important chowkidar, with the labourers as gophers. The game starts with ‘The Battle of the Spirit Level.’ Wikipedia defines the spirit level (aka Bubble Level) as ‘an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).’ There are several kinds of spirit levels, and for some unfathomable reason the Pakistani blue collar worker loathes them all. It is against his ghairat or whatever passes for his brain, to use it, and so he wages his crazy version of jihad against the little tool by ignoring it. The result is glaringly obvious: the air conditioners hang at a slightly drunken angle to the floor, the washbasins lean wearily into the walls and the shower pipes meander drunkenly along the tiles while the tiles themselves, clearly sloshed, slope into the background a bit off centre to the right. Nope, the spirit level has not been used, and it will only be used when hell freezeth over. Pakistanis are not used to a level playing field so they ensure (as part of perpetuating the familiar) that there is always a hitch, hindrance By Rabia Ahmed or obstacle in the way. People are used to dealing with these whereas trouble free equates suspicion. This is apparent on the roads in the way people drive, and in the unhelpfulness in the public sector. That they are made to redo every job makes no difference. The workers redo anything spiritedly, but without the spirit level again. This is when terrorism begins to occur to the client as a feasible option. Maybe the most infuriating thing of all is the fact that to a man, every worker, from contractor down, takes orders only from another male; a woman is not taken seriously, not even if she constitutes one half of the client team, not even if she happens to be a Civil Engineer as opposed to

Mighty Obvious By Syed Hassan Belal Zaidi


o you know what the biggest problem with Pakistan’s media is? Some say its sensationalism and a complete and utter disregard for ethics and the core values of journalism. Others blame the blatant marketing of sex, the feminine form and related topics as a means to obtain ratings. Those saying that dishonesty, intellectual and otherwise, is to blame are close, but still no cigar. Many maintain there is a complete absence of worthwhile discourse on useful, academic topics and issues. That producers today are repackaging ideas done to death by American TV shows from the 1980s and remarketing them as the new ‘in-thing’ is also not quite it. So what, you may well ask, IS wrong with the media today? If you wait for the next paragraph, I’ll tell you. According to my friend and awardwinning blogger Adnan Rasool, the biggest problem with our media is that TV show hosts and anchors are unconditionally labeled ‘journalists’, where most of them have absolutely zero experience in journalism whatsoever. Think about it. What do Dr Moeed Pirzada, Mubasher Lucman, Meher Bukhari, Kamran Shahid, Dr Maria Zulfiqar Khan and Dr Shahid Masood have in common? Apart from the fact that there are too many doctors in TV news (medical, veterinary and otherwise), it is that none of these people have a background in journalism, nor can any one of these people point to any non-talk show ‘street-cred’ they may have acquired over the past many years that they have been ruling the airwaves on our favorite TV news channels. Isn’t it remarkable then that everyday hundreds of thousands of people tune in to these glorified evangelists, just to hear them ruminate on questions of prime importance to the peo-

ple of this country? Mind you, those charged with asking the questions and finding their answers can be found – before and after their shows – sitting diligently at the business end of their bosses’ oak office tables every day. During such meetings with brain-dead corporate clones, our defenders of truth and justice can be seen nodding in agreement to the most inane of ideas and responding with quips such as “That’s an excellent idea, sir. I’ll just go put on a more revealing tank top,” or “Having audience-generated dirty text messages running at the bottom of the screen will definitely generate more interest in our otherwise dull news analysis program”. Pure fertiliser, but if they don’t agree, they may not have a job the next day. Ironic, isn’t it? Broadcast media is, generally, a very incestuous place. This is due to

Just work on that accountability than any channel has had since. But that’s all over now. Today, we must contend with pretty faces who can’t properly pronounce place names in KPK and FATA, but will still get to anchor news bulletins or primetime talk shows. But who do we blame for this lack of talent, or training, or depth, or vision? I mean, as a chronic shortcoming, we must find a suitable outlet which is to blame for this state of affairs. That’s how things work nowadays, isn’t it? You isolate an issue out of context, find a suitable scapegoat and then proceed to berate them and their ineptitude for the remaining 40 minutes of your primetime slot. There is no effort to understand the academic issues at stake, no real effort to identify all concerned stakeholders or any constructive discussion on possible solu-

That’s how things work nowadays, isn’t it? You isolate an issue out of context, find a suitable scapegoat and then proceed to berate them and their ineptitude for the remaining 40 minutes of your primetime slot. the nature of the medium itself i.e., it is more visual than anything else. Therefore, that which looks appetising on one TV channel may also do the same for its competitor. So for the most part, the channel logos keep changing, but the faces stay the same. This is also true for crossover stars, those that jump into the news lifeboat to escape the grind of their otherwise taxing entertainment duties. While there have been successful crossovers, such as former news anchor turnedmorning-show-host Sana Tariq, we can be sure that the era of the renaissance men is well and truly over. Giants such as Shoaib Hashmi, Naeem Bokhari, Zia Mohyeuddin, Anwar Maqsood and Ghazi Salahuddin made the transition from journalism to fluff and back again seem effortless. But that was a different time, when the TV medium was highly selective. With PTV being one of the only outlets for such creative folk, you had to be a cut or four above the rest to get any airtime at all. Not that PTV from the 80s or 90s was anything to write home about, but it had its moments. More moments

tions. Each show starts with “Aaj Pakistan mein yeh ziyadti hogaye” and ends with “hukoomat ko iss sey nimatney keliye jamea hikmat-e-amli tayyar karni hogi”. Truth be told, horse manure makes more sense than this formula. But that’s the tragedy. You see, as with any other corporate venture, the media is, at the end of the day, a profit making enterprise. If cut-cutting means that reporters are not held to the minimum standards of reporting, not required to verify information from their sources and are asked to sacrifice diligence in favour of speed, you can hardly blame the unqualified correspondent employed for Rs 25,000/month for not covering his bases. It’s institutional hubris at its worst. The institution itself perpetuates the laziness because it is easier and cheaper to be less than thorough. Laziness is what’s wrong. We should change that. But let’s do it tomorrow. Follow @mightyobvious on Twitter for more incoherence in 160 characters or less


her husband’s Masters in Food and Nutrition. This, remember, is the country where women face overwhelming cultural bias at all levels. It is no argument that Pakistan fields women in politics, has even had a female prime minister in the person of Benazir Bhutto, because just as support for the Taliban in this country is an index of the prevalence of chaos and poverty rather than religiosity, Benazir was an index of the power of feudalism and capital. It may seem like an exaggeration to link this attitude to something as huge as honour killings but this bias against women is so strongly pervasive as to be obviously lethal by extension. Last year, according to an HRCP report, 675 women and girls were killed in Pakistan in the first nine months of 2011, and 791 the year before. One of these may soon be that female electronics engineer unless she manages to kill the contractor first. The bias mentioned above means, according to a national daily, that ‘women are not considered independent, equal members of society even in Pakistan’s most advanced urban settings. A woman’s fate is tied to her (invariably) male guardian’s fortune throughout her life…she is seen as both a reflection and a source of her guardian’s status in society.’ The contractor with whom the client comes to an agreement regarding a date for completion proceeds with the utmost speed to ensure he does not meet it. When this happens several times, target killing occurs as a pleasing solution. The plumber lays his pipes any which way across the future garden until it is certain that the first time the mower runs there will be a geyser rivalling Old Faithful shooting up the middle of that lawn. In the meantime, the chowkidar, the very man appointed to safeguard the construction material removes a light fixture here, a pipe there, some steel somewhere else, and his replacement does the same. There is no legal or other recourse and a nagging feeling that this is a familiar situation is confirmed by the newspapers. Public custodians involved in similar corruption at every level fill the pages and there appears to be no justice for a hapless public. This is why I say: forget the Prime Minister who is a goner anyway, and that letter. It can only shame Pakistan further, and his replacement will do the same. Concentrate instead on strengthening accountability systems in this county, and get that house fit to live. When they know they can’t get away with crooked deeds, those involved will level with the public to start with.

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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

Adele triumphs


at Grammys with six wins LOS ANGELES



OUL singer Adele triumphed in her return to music's stage, scooping up six Grammys and winning every category in which she was nominated including album of the year for ‘21’ and best record with ‘Rolling In the Deep’ as well as song of the year,

best pop solo performance, pop vocal and short video. As joyous as the show was for Adele, it was equally as serious with tributes to late pop star Whitney Houston, who died suddenly on Saturday. She was remembered by fellow artists in acceptance speeches and songs. Jennifer Hudson sang Houston's signature hit, ‘I Will Always Love You,’ and Grammy host LL Cool J offered a prayer for Hous-

ton's family, friends and fans. Other major Grammy winners included country's Taylor Swift, who picked up Grammys for solo performance and country song with ‘Mean’, which she performed to a standing ovation. She had been expected to take best country album, too, but Lady Antebellum swooped in and took that prize with ‘Own the Night’. Grammy organisers give out awards in more than 75 categories. Rousing performances were given by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Chris Brown, Coldplay and Rihanna, Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt sang a duet of ‘A Sunday Kind of Love’ from Etta James, who also died in 2012. Nicki Minaj, Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Grohl and others also performed. One of the show's more poignant moments came when Mitch and Janis Winehouse, parents of the late singer Amy Winehouse, accepted the award for best pop duo or group performance - Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett for ‘Body and Soul’.

silence is golden as

loS ANGeleS: Adele poses with her six Grammy trophies. afp

loS ANGeleS: Jennifer hudson performs in memory of the late whitney houston. afp

loS ANGeleS: Singer carrie Underwood, Sir Paul mccartney and Bruno mars perform at the 54th Annual GRAmmY Awards. afp

‘The artist’ scoops 7 BafTas LONDON REuTERS

Black-and-white turned to gold as silent movie ‘The Artist’ won seven BAFTA awards including best film at the BAFTAs, raising expectations of a strong showing at the Academy Awards. Meryl Streep clinched the leading actress prize for her portrayal of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in ‘The Iron Lady’. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards are not always an accurate predictor of what is to come at the Oscars, but they are the most coveted film honours outside of the United States. Apart from Streep, the undisputed star of the night was The

Artist, a French-made romance set in Hollywood in the 1920s and 30s. It had been nominated for 12 awards and walked away with the prizes for best film, leading actor, director, original screenplay, costumes, cinematography and music. The Artist overshadowed the Cold War espionage thriller ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’, which picked up only two prizes out of the 11 for which it had been nominated, outstanding British film and best adapted screenplay. It was a second BAFTA win for Streep, who had received the 1981 leading actress prize for ‘The French Lieutenant's Woman’. Martin Scorsese, director of ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Raging Bull’, went home with a BAFTA Fellowship celebrating his life in cinema.

Media putting lot of pressure on Saif: Kareena MuMBAI: A Kareena Kapoor interview wouldn’t be complete without a mention of her impending wedding to her man Saif Ali Khan. Recently during an interview, Bebo could do little to escape her marriage question. But she stuck to her stance and said, “No plans as of now.” Giving her piece of mind to this marriage hullabaloo, Bebo said, “it seems like media is putting a lot of pressure on Saif. No one is as worried and concerned about our marriage than the media.” much past their rumoured date of engagement which was supposed to happen on Feb 10 this year, insiders close to the couple, now suggest that their D-Day might shift to Valentine’s Day next year. interestingly, the talk of Saifeena’s wedding kicked off when Saif was spotted bonding with his would-be father-in-law Randhir Kapoor recently at the wedding reception of actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza. it seems as if the world wants the duo to get hitched at the earliest but the people concerned look least interested. AGENCIES

loNDoN: Jean Dujardin poses with the award for best leading actor for ‘the Artist’. afp

loNDoN: meryl Streep poses with the award for best leading actress for ‘the iron lady’. afp

Riteish-Genelia wedding inspires climax of

Imran Khan says

to ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ no Arjun Rampal

Audiences are in for a treat, as the makers of Tips Industries Ltd’s ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ have decided to incorporate a wedding climax, taking a cue from the recent developments between the newly married couple. A tribute to the joyous occasion and a special bonus to fans, ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ will now see the lead pair in a wedding scene at the end of the film. Confirms producer Ramesh Taurani, “It’s a romantic comedy, and what else can you expect a boy and girl in love to do, except get married in the end. But I’m sure the audience will love what we have done with their reel marriage. Riteish told me, ‘Besides our parents, you are the first one to know’. I was really touched.” The romantic-comedy marks the directorial debut of Mandeep kumar and also marks the reunion of the lead pair, Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza after a gap of 7years on the big screen. Admits the producer, that he signed the lead pair without knowing of their liaison, “We thought the script suited Riteish and Genelia, perfectly. So, we first approached Riteish. When he

agreed, I told him that only Genelia could do justice to the girl’s part. She agreed too. We didn’t sign them on as a real couple playing reel lovers.” Starring Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza, Tips Industries Ltd’s ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ comes to a theatre near you 24 February. This movie is being distributed by IMGC Global in Pakistan. Publicity of the movie for Pakistan is handled by Encyclomedia PR. NEWS DESk

MuMBAI: it seems imran Khan is too scared to meet his biggest hater and thus refused to be a part of Arjun Rampal’s show ‘love to hate You’. the show’s organisers were looking forward to having imran Khan on the show. Unlike other actors, the actor wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of meeting his hater. well the actor gave reasons of dates and excused himself from the show. After Aamir, imran is known for his chocolate boy image in Bollywood. the actor certainly wants to meet his fans and not his biggest hater. interestingly, imran is not the only Bollywood celebrity who has refused to be part of the show! it can be recalled that actress Sonam Kapoor, too, wasn’t too keen to be a part of ‘love to hate You’ and didn’t participate in it. AGENCIES

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15 So when do you know it’s love? LAHORE

heart.” Furthermore, “Valentines day should be spent everyday,” he says.


OVE’ is perhaps the most overrated, overused and misused word of all times. Individuals allot different meanings to this term, but no one has been able to come up with a globally accepted definition. Some say love is a language, others say it’s a fluctuation of hormones and yet others say it’s a state of being. Pakistan Today set out on a quest to help the readers find out when they’re in love. Here’s what our celebrities have to say about the crazy little thing called love.

Time is the best test

The free fall experience

Meesha Shafi candidly shares her personal experience, “You know it’s love when you withstand tough times. When you come out stronger in those times you can be sure that it’s meant to be. For my husband and I, that experience was his very serious bike accident. It happened between our engagement and wedding and in the end, the wedding was an even bigger celebration of our love.” L’Oreal spokesperson Meesha feels that consistency is an essential element, “If a relationship is to last, it has to survive beyond the newly in love, honeymoon phase when everything seems peachy.” Her favourite love song is ‘Tu Mera Dil’ by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and she recommends that this special day should be spent with your special someone, “No matter what you end up doing. Quality time together can even be a nice, relaxed day at home.”


loS ANGeleS: taylor Swift, Rihanna, maroon 5 and Katy Perry pose on the red carpet. afp

Ali Zafar, who recently grabbed the Stardust Superstar of Tomorrow award has an interesting idea: “You can tell you’re in love when you feel you’re free falling”. Our very own Ali boy who is all set to release his romantic movie ‘London Paris New York’ feels that the best way to express your feelings is to be honest about the whole deal. “Just be yourself” he says. “Valentine’s day should be spent in love, in fact, your whole life should be spent in love,” adds the lover boy. His all time favourite love song is ‘Shape of my heart’.

When he/she comes first

Always on your mind

loNDoN: octavia Spencer poses with Daniel Radcliffe and the award for best supporting actress for ‘the help’. afp

Imran Abbas says it’s fairly easy to tell when you’re in love, “It is love when you think of a person as the last thing before going to bed and the first thing in the morning even before going to the loo.” His all time favourite love song is ‘Piyar kiya toh darna kiya’ and according to him the best way to express your loves is, “express it through small gestures, body language, small noticeable things before making it vivid and clear verbally.” He feels that every bit of this state must be fully enjoyed. He advises that one must not hesitate in expressing their feelings, “Life is too short so don’t waste it by keeping your feelings restricted in your

Valentine’s Day is here and many would swear there’s nothing like grabbing a couch with your partner and watching one of your favourite romantic tales from Bollywood and Hollywood to celebrate the day. We have shortlisted some films you could pick from. So grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy! ‘Titanic ‘500 Days of Summer’ ‘The Notebook’ ‘When Harry Met Sally’ ‘You’ve Got Mail’ ‘P.S. I Love You’ ‘A Walk to Remember’ ‘Jab We Met’ ‘Rockstar’ ‘Eik Mein Aur Eik Tu’ ‘Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na’ ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ Love is in the air, and whatever your forecast this Valentine’s Day, be sure to add a soundtrack to it. Love can be so complicated, but good music always makes it that much simpler. So grab

Qurram Hussain feels that the perfect indicator of love is when “Your needs become secondary and that significant other comes first in everything”. Q of Josh who recently shot for his latest music video in Lahore says that his favourite love songs are too many to list, but “ These days I find myself loving the loving the R D Burman classics.” He also feels that the best way to express your love is through actions since words don’t mean anything if actions don’t follow. Qurram has some interesting ideas about Valentine’s Day. He feels that it should be spent doing absolutely nothing and he justifies this crazy idea by saying, “Its more fun when you surprise your loved one on a day other than Valentines.”

When everything confirms it L’Oreal spokesperson Aamina Shiekh believes that the perfect indicator for love is when everything confirms that indeed you’re

The perfect picks for a perfect Valentine your iPod, dust that record off, or find that old mix tape from your high school boo and sing along to our picks of the best songs for Valentine’s Day: ‘Hey There Delilah’Plain White T’s ‘No One’- Alicia keys ‘I’m Yours’-Jason Mraz ‘Halo’- Beyonce ‘And I Love Her’ The Beatles ‘Crazy For You’ – Madonna ‘Walk a Thousand Miles’- Vanessa Carlton Can’t Help Falling In Love Elvis Presley ‘Hello Is It Me You Are Looking For?’- Lionel Richie. NEWS DESk

in love. Aamina’s ideas about expressing love are fairly simple, “Just tell the other person exactly the way you’re feeling it.” She says that Valentine’s Day should be spent, “Owning love, spreading it and not just for that one day”. Her favourite love song is ‘My girl’.

Expensive gift show his/her love

In praise of NEWS DESK

Rup of Josh has a unique idea about love. While the other celebrities talk more about inward feelings, Rup says that something overt can show your love, “You know it’s love when she buys you really really expensive gifts!” He feels that the best way to tell someone you love them is, “To be selfless towards them and to keep them happy, always.” About celebrating Valentine’s Day Rup feels that it should be spent, “Just like another other day, I don’t believe in these man-made events. You either love, or you don’t. One silly day in mid-February isn’t going to change that.” Rup’s favourite love song is an unreleased Josh track called ‘Jaana’, “It’s hot and coming out in a film soon,” he adds.

When everything seems perfect

Fashion designer Zahra Saeed says you know its love when your partner seems perfect. Her all time favourite love song ‘Come live your life with me’ by Peter Cincotti. Zahra feels that the best way to express your love is by respecting the other person as they are. She further adds, “If you’re in love, everyday should be spent celebrating Valentine’s day.”

The exhibition ‘In Praise of Red’, curated by QuddusMirza will be inaugurated on 14th February at the Royaat Gallery, Lahore. The exhibition, based on the colour red, includes works by a number of leading modern and contemporary artists of Pakistan, like Mian Ijaz-ul-Hassan, Ayaz Jokhio, Hasnat Mehmood, Sana Arjumand, Saba Khan, Saira Sheikh, Noor Ali Chagani, Ayesha Jatoi, Ehsan-ul-Haq, Amna Ilyas and Scheherzade Junejo. The art works display a range of ideas, concepts and connotations, from political to personal, attached to the colour red. It also signifies how artists can interpret and portray a simple word, red, which in our culture, and others, can be about love, revolution, danger, happiness, roses, blood and even the red pigment. All these and more, concepts are dealt in the works by these artists, who employed multiple media, techniques, materials and approaches to interpret red in their individual way. A few of these works allude to feminist concerns, political situation, amorous subjects, historical references and formal aspects of art making. And at the same instance affirm how the new art of Pakistan reflects a diversity and capacity to explore new ideas, visions, views and vistas. The opening reception of ‘In Praise of Red’ will be held from 4 00 pm to 8 00 pm at the Royaat Gallery, 2 -Kashmir Road Lahore. The exhibition will continue through 24th February 2012 each day from 10 00 am to 7 00 pm, including Sundays and public holidays.

No heroes for Priyanka Chopra! MuMBAI: At the rate she’s going, Priyanka chopra may have few heroes left to work with. those currently acting with her - Shahid Kapoor (in an untitled film), hrithik Roshan (‘Krrish 3’) and Ranbir Kapoor (‘Barfi’) - won’t sign any films with her in the immediate future to avoid looking like a stale pair on screen. other B-town biggies have different problems with the actress. here’s why some A-list stars may not work with Pc. AkSHAY kuMAR: Akshay and Priyanka have given many hits in the past, including ‘Andaaz’ and ‘Aitraaz’. they were very close at one point, but ever since rumours of an affair broke out in 2004, twinkle Khanna banned him from signing future films with her. Doesn’t look like the wifey is going to change her mind anytime soon. SHAH RukH kHAN: once again, rumours of Pc’s growing friendship with a star actor have upset his wife. So much so, that Gauri Khan has struck Pc off her personal guest list. Seems like it’s a matter of time before she’s struck off as SRK’s leading lady too. when Gauri’s friends have been told to avoid the

actress, there’s no way the husband will get the green signal to work with her. SALMAN kHAN: when they first acted together in ‘mujhse Shaadi Karoge’, the problem then was her proximity to the film’s other lead actor, Akshay Kumar. later, Salman’s brother Sohail approached her to do a cameo in their home production ‘main Aurr mrs Khanna’, which she declined. Salman took this personally and swore never to work with her again. ABHISHEk BACHCHAN: they were last seen in ‘Dostana’, but things soured between them post the release of the film. Both of them wanted to dance to the same popular track at an awards show. while Pc had selected it first, when AB Jr wanted the same song, she got irritated. eventually, she backed out of the event to show her displeasure. SAIF ALI kHAN: while the two officially don’t have any problems, Saif’s girlfriend Kareena Kapoor doesn’t like Pc. And that is a problem. Aamir Khan Priyanka hasn’t done a film with Aamir Khan yet. No one knows why, but if it was something that had to happen, it would’ve happened by now, no? AGENCIES

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16 Foreign News

tuesday, 14 February, 2012

turkmenistan re-elects strongman with 97% of vote ASHGABAT AFP

Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov Monday scored a massive re-election victory with over 97 percent of votes in a poll where his uncritical rivals served only to make up the numbers. Berdymukhamedov scored 97.14 percent of the votes in Sunday’s election, the head of the energy-rich nation’s central election commission Orazmurat Niyazliev told reporters, based on almost 97 percent of the votes counted. “The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov had been re-elected after winning the most votes,” he said. Seven candidates stood against the president, who took power after the death in 2006 of eccentric dictator Saparmurat Niyazov, but all were loyal members of the elite who did not sound the slightest note of criticism in the campaign. The second place candidate, according to the preliminary count, was Energy and Industry Minister Yarmukhammet Orazgulyev, who managed to win just 1.2 percent of the votes. Crushing election victories by incumbent presidents with scores well into the nineties have become a familiar tale in the ex-Soviet Central Asian states, which are largely run by unchallenged strongmen. Berdymukhamedov’s counterpart in neighbouring Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, last year secured over 95 percent of the vote in a presidential election to win a new term. Turkmen election officials hailed a national turnout of 96.7 percent, meaning that almost all of the country’s electorate of just under three million cast their ballots. The elections were just the third in Turkmenistan’s post-Soviet history: Niyazov won a notorious ballot in 1992 in which he was the sole candidate with 99.5 percent and was then declared president for life by parliament in 1999. Berdymukhamedov’s rating on Sunday was an improvement from his already stratospheric results from the last presidential poll in 2007, where he scored over 89 percent.

Radical cleric in Britain ‘to be banned from school run’ LONDON AFP

A radical cleric once described as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe will be banned from taking one of his children to school when he is released from prison in Britain, it emerged Monday. Qatada, who reports say could be freed on Monday while he fights deportation to Jordan, will not be allowed out of his home in London during school opening and closing times, sources told the Press Association. Under the terms of his release, Qatada must obey a 22-hour curfew and will be kept in during the school run. The Home Office, or interior ministry, declined to comment. The reports said he will be allowed outside his London home within a prescribed area which will not coincide with school opening and closing times. It is understood the details were agreed on Friday by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, which ruled that the cleric should be released.

kASSEL: A jogger runs through a snowy park in kassel, central Germany, on Monday. Temperatures were rising again, but stayed below the freezing point. afp

Syria ignores Arab peace plan, pounds Homs DAMASCUS



YRIA ignored a new Arab initiative to end the bloodshed, with its troops pounding the protest hub of Homs on Monday as Russia said a ceasefire is needed before peacekeepers can be deployed. The pan-Arab bloc agreed on Sunday to ask the United Nations to send a joint peacekeeping force to Syria, where activists say more than 6,000 people have died in a brutal crackdown on dissent since March last year. The embattled government of President Bashar al-Assad swiftly rejected the initiative. And within hours of the Arab League decision, Assad’s troops resumed shelling Baba Amr, a rebel bastion in the beleaguered central city of Homs, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. “The neighbourhood of Baba Amr has been subjected to sporadic shelling since 5:00 am (0300 GMT) by the Syrian army,” the Britain-based Observatory said in a statement sent to AFP. Forces also raided homes to arrest people at Basra al-Sham in Daraa province, cradle of the Arab Spring-

inspired 11-month uprising against Assad’s iron-fisted rule. “There were fierce clashes between defectors and the army which stormed Lajat (also in Daraa province) and arrested the mothers of four dissidents,” the Observatory said. A government official said that Syria was determined to crush dissent, regardless of the latest Arab League initiatives, the official SANA news agency reported. “This decision will not prevent the Syrian government from fulfilling its responsibilities in protecting its citizens and restoring security and stability,” the unidentified official was quoted as saying. “Syria rejects decisions that are a flagrant interference in the country’s internal affairs and a violation of its national sovereignty.” Activists say Assad’s forces have killed at least 500 people in Homs since they began attacking the central city with a barrage of tank shells, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades on February 4. On the same day Russia and China vetoed the Security Council resolution on Syria. That moved prompted the Arab League to ask the United Nations for a joint Arab-UN peacekeeping mission to the strife-torn country.

The initiative was on Monday welcomed by Britain, Germany, Italy and the European Union. Russia said it was studying the plan, while cautioning that it had questions about certain points. “We are studying this initiative and expect our friends from the Arab states to provide us with a clarification of certain points,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. “In order to deploy a peacekeeping mission, you need the agreement of the receiving side. “In other words, you need to agree something resembling a ceasefire. But the problem is that the armed groups that are fighting the Syrian regime do not answer to anyone and are not controlled by anyone.” In London, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain would have urgent talks with the Arab League over its peacekeepers proposal. Hague also welcomed the League decision to endorse a “Friends of Syria” group, including Britain, which will meet in Tunisia on February 24. German foreign ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke told reporters the leading role of the Arab League “is important to settle the Syrian crisis.” League chief Nabil al-Arabi is due in Berlin on Tuesday to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel.

NATO admits Afghan children killed in Kapisa KABUL AFP

The US-led NATO force in Afghanistan on Monday conceded that several children died during a bombing raid last week in the northeast province where French troops are based. Afghan President Hamid Karzai had condemned the air strikes and ordered an investigation after saying that eight children were killed on February 8. Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson, spokesman for the International Security

Assistance Force (ISAF), said that an ongoing assessment showed that troops engaged “a group of men, who were armed and engaging in unusual behaviour”. “This group was engaged by coalition aircraft and that engagement followed all ISAF tactical directives. Following the engagement, additional casualties were discovered and these casualties were young Afghans of varying ages. “At this point in our assessment, we can neither confirm nor deny, with reasonable assurance, a direct link to the engagement,” he said. But Mohammad

Tahir Safi, a member of parliament for Kapisa and part of the investigation team dispatched by Karzai, disagreed. To reporters, he narrated an account in which the local head of Afghan intelligence told a French colonel that the area of the planned operation was “not a threat”, refusing to countenance an operation. Safi said French troops raided the homes of two former jihadi commanders before dawn, confiscating “only one mortar round, a shotgun... some AK rounds and nothing else”. About 600 metres west of the vil-

lage, children gathered to start a fire when “all of a sudden a plane dropped one bomb in first round and another bomb later”, he said, showing pictures of bloodied children in shrouds. “There were eight people and all innocent children and you can see their pictures,” he said. The dead were aged between six and 14, with “another guy aged about 18 to 20” who was mentally ill, Safi said. Jacobson called any deaths of innocent people a tragedy but insisted: “We simply are not yet certain how this happened.”

china envoy urges talks between iran, world powers TEHRAN AFP

A senior Chinese envoy on Monday urged Iran and world powers to quickly resume stalled talks over Tehran’s suspect nuclear programme, and called for better cooperation between the Islamic state and the UN nuclear watchdog. Assistant foreign minister Ma Zhaoxu made the appeals at the end of a two-day visit to Tehran during which he spoke with Iran’s deputy nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri, Iranian state television reported. Ma’s trip came amid heightened tensions between the West and Iran over Tehran’s nuclear activities, which the United States and its allies fear masks a drive for atomic weapons. Increased Western economic sanctions on Iran in recent weeks and months have unsettled China, which is the biggest customer for Iranian oil. Beijing has refused to follow a US and EU embargo on Iranian oil, though last month it reduced the amount it was importing, and it has held talks with other suppliers such as Saudi Arabia. “It is now necessary for negotiations between Iran and the 5+1 group (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States) to resume as rapidly as possible, and for cooperation to be reinforced between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran and for both sides to find effective solutions to resolve their problems,” Ma said. State television said the Chinese diplomat also expressed hope that Iran’s chief negotiator, Saeed Jalili, would “send as soon as possible” a reply to an EU letter sent nearly four months ago opening the door to resuming the talks between Iran and the 5+1 group. “The Iranian side said that Mr Jalili was soon going to send his response to the letter” from EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, he said. “I think this is a positive signal from Iran.” Bagheri was quoted as saying that Iran rejects the West’s “approach of dialogue and pressure, which leads to failure and an impasse.” He said Iran wanted talks with world powers based on “dialogue and cooperation”. Iran denies any military dimension to its nuclear programme, insisting it is purely for civilian uses.

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Foreign News 17

Austerity feeding public discontent in Europe BRUSSELS



CENES of burning buildings and street battles in Athens offer a violent reflection of growing weariness among Europeans at the austerityfirst philosophy sweeping Europe. Last week alone, firefighters doused the streets of Brussels with water to protest pension reform, thousands of public workers took to the streets of Madrid and thousands more in Lisbon waved banners saying “no to impoverishment.” Strikes and demonstrations have taken place across Europe in recent months, from France to Italy and Britain, as people demand jobs and policies designed to boost growth in a continent hit by chronic unemployment and the looming spectre of recession. More social action is planned in coming weeks, with the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) calling for EU-wide protests on February 29, on the eve of an EU summit, under the theme

“Enough Is Enough.” “Greece is a now a highly combustible mix of economic collapse, political corruption, social discontent and human suffering,” said Sony Kapoor, head of ReDefine, a Brussels economic think tank. “While its situation is worse than that of other countries, it offers a glimpse of what may lie ahead for others if the EU does not change course,” said Kapoor, who has argued for a shift to growth-enhancing economic policies in Europe. But still hard-up governments are ploughing ahead with budget cuts, tax hikes and privatisation plans in a desperate bid to soothe markets and prevent the euro from collapsing under the weight of the Greek debt colossus. Leaders of the 17-nation eurozone and eight other EU nations agreed last month to create a new fiscal pact requiring signatories to put balanced budgets into law, a measure critics say will put Europe in a permanent state of austerity. The 25 governments will formally adopt the German-inspired pact at the

March 1-2 summit, while Britain and the Czech Republic have chosen to stay out of it. One British official termed the pact “the death of Keynesianism,” while leading economists such as Nobel laurete Paul Krugman and billionaire financier George Soros have warned that Europe needed to shift away from austerity alone, or face the worst. “We have chosen a policy that is going in the wrong direction,” Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Green party leader in the European Parliament, told AFP. “We are increasing social injustice in a period of crisis.” Nearly 24 million people are unemployed in the European Union, a rate of nearly 10 percent. But it is even worse among the young, with 22.1 percent of people under 25 looking for work in December. Youth unemployment has soared to 48.7 percent in Spain and 47.2 percent in Greece, and in both nations around one in five people are unemployed. Defying a general strike and protests, the Greek parliament adopted new cuts demanded by foreign creditors overnight, including a 22-percent mini-

Athens smoulders after blazing protests over austerity ATHEnS: One of Athens’ landmark cinemas lay in smouldering ruins Monday as stunned Greeks contemplated the aftermath of widespread rioting that saw the destruction of dozens of buildings. “It’s culture that has gone up in smoke,” filmmaker Nikos Kavoukidis lamented as he shot footage of the crowd gathered at the ruins of the Attikon cinema. “What do we have left? Television and football?” Officials say 45 buildings were wholly or partly destroyed by fire as violence erupted during demonstrations while parliament voted Sunday for tough new austerity measures aimed at averting national bankruptcy. The Attikon was housed in a neoclassical building dating back to the late 19th century. The cinema was famed for its sumptuous decor, plush red seats and the sweeping curves of its main auditorium. “I am ashamed, it’s hooliganism,” lamented one of Sunday’s demonstrators, a 55-yearold security guard who gave her name only as Melpo, standing outside a ruined building. The Attikon building was home to several other businesses, including a store whose owner fretted for the future of his four employees in a country where unemployment is more than 20 percent. AFP mum wage reduction, in return for a new 130-billion-euro ($172-billion) bailout. EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn, whose auditors have scruti-

nised Greece’s budget for two years now, acknowledged that “there have been tensions both in Greece and within its partners” in recent weeks.

Deported Saudi blogger faces blasphemy charge RIYADH AFP

A Saudi journalist wanted in the kingdom for comments deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was arrested after being deported from Malaysia and will face charges of blasphemy, a report said Monday. Hamza Kashgari, “was taken into custody as he arrived in Riyadh on Sunday night,” reported the English-language daily Arab News, citing “informed sources.” “The sources said Kashgari was accompanied by Saudi officials on his flight to King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh,” Arab News reported. He “will face charges of blasphemy,” the sources told the daily. Kashgari, 23, was detained in Malaysia last week after fleeing Saudi Arabia in fear of his life after his Twitter post about the prophet sparked outrage. Human rights groups had warned that deporting Kashgari would be akin to a death sentence and urged Muslim-majority Malaysia to free him.

indians have $500b stashed in tax havens NEW DELHI AFP

Rich Indians have stashed away almost $500 billion of illicit money abroad, parking the funds in countries considered the “least corrupt”, the country’s top police agency said on Monday. The issue of so-called “black money” has been a major political headache for India’s government, which has faced pressure from corruption activists and political opponents to do more to claw back money held abroad. “It is estimated that around $500 billion of illegal money belonging to Indians is deposited in tax havens abroad,” A.P. Singh, director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), told an Interpol conference in New Delhi. Singh said the countries rated as least corrupt by Transparency International, a global anti-graft watchdog, turned out to be the ones where “most of the corrupt money goes”. “The tax havens include New Zealand, which is ranked as the least corrupt country, Singapore ranked number five and Switzerland number seven,” he said, according to the Press Trust of India. The CBI chief said that international agreements and other legal hurdles prevented the Indian government from exposing the identity of the tax evaders and bringing the wealth back to the country.

ATHENS: Workers clean up burned cafes and stores in central Athens on Monday. afp

Murdoch’s Sun attacks Putin vows to reverse Russian population decline police ‘witch-hunt’ MOSCOW




Rupert Murdoch’s British tabloid The Sun on Monday condemned police raids against its journalists as a “witch-hunt” worthy of former communist states, and won rare support from rival newspapers. The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, both non-Murdoch papers, also questioned the scale of the police operation after another five Sun staff were arrested at the weekend in a probe into alleged bribery. Days before Murdoch was due to fly to London to reassure staff that he would not close it down, Sun associate editor Trevor Kavanagh said the paper was “not a ‘swamp’ that needs draining”. “Nor are those other great News International titles, The Times and The Sunday Times,” he added. “Yet in what would at any other time cause uproar in parliament and among civil liberty and human rights campaigners, its journalists are being treated like members of an organised crime gang.” Kavanagh, who was political editor at The Sun from 1984 to 2005, said that payments to sources were sometimes

necessary to uncover stories in the public interest. “Sometimes money changes hands. This has long been standard procedure as long as newspapers have existed, here and abroad,” he wrote. The police operation was now bigger than the one launched after the 1988 Lockerbie bombing of a Pan Am passenger jet, with 171 officers involved making it the biggest in British criminal history, Kavanagh said. He said it was no surprise that Britain lags in 28th place behind former communist states Poland, Estonia and Slovakia in a recent world press freedom survey by Reporters Without Borders.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Monday vowed to reverse Russia’s demographic decline and boost its population to 154 million, as he ramped up his reelection campaign in the face of protests. In a new campaign article addressing his core constituency including employees of state companies and blue-collar workers, Putin also promised salary hikes to teachers and doctors and pledged to create a more just state. Putin reeled off a list of social policies that he said could reverse a demographic decline and boost Russia’s current population that has dwindled to nearly 143 million and which he said risked falling to just 107 million. “In a global sense we are facing the risk of turning into an ‘empty space’ whose fate will not be decided by us,” Putin said in an article published on his campaign website. “If we manage to formulate and implement an effective complex peoplesaving strategy, Russia’s population will go up to 154 million,” he said. By contrast, he said, if the authori-

ties do nothing to combat the demographic crisis, the country’s population would fall to 107 million by 2050. “The historic price of the choice between action and inaction is nearly 50 million human lives over the next 40 years,” he said in the piece, his fifth campaign article since January. After serving two presidential terms between 2000 and 2008 and a term as prime minister, Putin is seeking a third term in the Kremlin in the March 4 election. He is however facing the worst legitimacy crisis of his 12-year rule, with tens of thousands taking to the streets in protests since December.

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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

mickelson wins fourth Pebble Beach Pro-Am Page 20

Whatmore to supervise Pakistan’s Asia Cup camp LAHORE



HE new national cricket coach Dev Watmore and fielding coach will reach Pakistan in the first week of March and supervise the short training camp of the nationl team ahead of the Asia Cup. Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf said that the committee constituted to shortlist the chief coach for the national team recommended the name of Dae Whatmore. The committee comprising Intikhab Alam, Zaheer Abbas and Naushad Ali and Rameez Raja name Whatmore as the new coach, he added. “We want to take the team to new heights in world cricket and for that we want the best coach available. Our focus is set on 2015 World Cup and for that we

would made every resource available for the team,” he maintained. On players

reservations on the appointment of Whatmore, the PCB chairman said: “We

will do what is in the interest of Pakistan cricket and what is good for us.” Responding to a question about change of coach despite Pakistan’s winning combination, he said he had not taken the final decision on the appointment of the coach. “The committee has taken the decision. Not me. We are yet to take the final decision,” he added. The PCB chairman said everyone including players, coach, manager and even Aaqib Javed contributed in the victories. “Credit of success should go to all,” he added. An official of the PCB said that the board wants Aaqib Javed in the support staff of the coaching team and would try to retain him with the team. Reports said that Aaqib has resigned as bowling coach for the Pakistan team and is to join the UAE cricket.

Pakistan too good for england in disabled cricket LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Pakistan's Physical Disability side beat their England counterparts 2-0 in a Twenty20 series held at the Dubai Cricket Academy. Pakistan won the opening match by 14 runs and then triumphed by 20 runs in the second encounter. Dinesh Ahmed top scored in the first match with 42 as Pakistan posted 120 for eight before England lost their final six wickets for 24 runs to be dismissed for 106. England fared better in the second match when they hit 116 before being bowled out. However, they fell short as Pakistan had posted 136 for seven. The two sides will now play three 40-over One-Day Internationals on 14th, 17th and 19th February at the same venue.

Bcci-Sahara fail to resolve issues NEW DELHI

22 wickets fall in one day in Kenya MOMBASA AFP

Twenty-two wickets fell in just one day on Sunday as Kenya and Ireland clashed in a four-day ICC Intercontinental Cup game. Ireland were dismissed in their first innings for 75 before the home side were bowled out for 109. The Irish then steadied the ship by reaching 81 for two by stumps in their second knock. Left-arm spinners Hiren Varaiya took a career-best 6 for 22 and Shem Ngoche claimed 3 for 11 as Ireland were bowled out first time around in the 34th over. In reply, Kenya were undone by Irish slow bowlers Albert van der Merwe and George Dockrell who took five wickets each. In Ireland's second innings, Varaiya and Ngoche claimed a scalp each but experienced opener Ed Joyce finished the day on 51 not out to give the batsmen hope of avoiding further embarrassment.

Bolt’s absence sparks health fears KINGSTON AFP

World 100-meter record holder Usain Bolt has sparked health worries by not running in a hometown meet where he had planned to race after being sighted in Germany instead. Bolt did not run at Saturday's Camperdown Classic at Jamaica's national stadium after a statement three days earlier in which he said he was "happy to be healthy", "excited to begin my season" and "looking forward to a good performance." Bolt's coach, Glen Mills, denied Bolt had planned to compete in Kingston and said his superstar pupil, set to defend Olympic 100 and 200 gold in August at London, was "overseas on his personal business." Mills said he was shocked about notions that Bolt might be injured, even as some within his Racers Track Club say he departed the Caribbean island as early as last Wednesday to undergo precautionary tests for a nagging leg tightness.

Injury forces Clarke out of sri Lanka game SYDNEY AFP

Australia captain Michael Clarke will miss Friday's tri-series one-day international against Sri Lanka with a hamstring injury, Cricket Australia said on Monday. Clarke strained his right hamstring while fielding during Australia's four-wicket ODI loss to India in Adelaide on Sunday. The Australia skipper said scans on Monday revealed that the injury was not too serious. "I have a grade one hamstring strain so will be out of Friday's game," Clarke posted on Twitter. Australia will name a replacement captain on Tuesday for the Sydney ODI against Sri Lanka, with wicketkeeper and vice-captain Brad Haddin and ex-skipper Ricky Ponting in the frame. Regular vice-captain Shane Watson only returned to club cricket last weekend after a six-week absence with a calf injury. While Clarke said he hoped to return for Sunday's onedayer against India in Brisbane, team physiotherapist Alex Kountouris was non-committal. "(He) sustained a low grade right hamstring strain," Kountouris said in a statement. "I will assess him later this week and decide on his availability for the game in Brisbane on Sunday." Selectors face several decisions in choosing their next one-day squad, with Clarke's injury and wicketkeeper Brad Haddin's future key discussion points. Haddin missed Australia's initial three matches of the tri-series, with selectors saying he was rested as Matthew Wade took his spot. Australia's batting line-up also faces scrutiny with newcomer Peter Forrest making 66 on debut in Sunday's defeat by India to bolster his chances of remaining in the squad. "I know the selectors are meeting today so I'll be sitting by my phone tomorrow (Tuesday) hoping to get a call," Forrest told reporters in Brisbane on Monday. "Yesterday was a great day and one I'm not going to forget. "It was nice to contribute but it would have been a lot nicer had I got 80 plus or a hundred and got the side to a win."

Sri lankan cricketer lasith malinga (c) trains with teammates at Adelaide oval. Sri lanka plays india in an oDi on February 14. afp


India's cricket chiefs were on Monday set for a prolonged tussle with their disgruntled long-time sponsor, the Sahara group, after both sides failed to resolve issues. Sahara had severed ties with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on February 4 for what it said was a "one-sided emotional relationship" with the governing body. Sahara has not only been the national team's sponsor since 2000, but also owns the Pune Warriors franchise in the Indian Premier League which the group had bought last year for $370 million. The BCCI's working committee met in Chennai on Monday to discuss Sahara's demands, that included a change in IPL rules. BCCI president Narayanaswamy Srinivasan told reporters after the meeting that his board had "responded positively" to Sahara's demands, but insisted that rules cannot be broken. "It is not possible to create an exception because strict observance of the regulations is important to the integrity of the league," Srinivasan said. Srinivasan said the BCCI had no objection to Sahara seeking a replacement player for cancer-stricken Pune skipper Yuvraj Singh, who has been ruled out of this year's tournament starting on April 4. "I am told that as per the rules, Sahara can have replacement for Yuvraj so that is not an issue," the BCCI president said. But the BCCI rejected other demands that included reduction in financial liability towards the IPL and the provision to field five foreign players -- instead of the stipulated four -- in their playing XI due to Yuvraj's unavailability. Sahara had renewed their sponsorship of the Indian team for a four-year term in 2010 for an estimated $115 million. The Lucknow-based Sahara group, which operates in various fields like finance, infrastructure, housing, media and consumer goods, also sponsors the Indian field hockey team.

Winter break too long, feels Collingwood JOHANNESBURG REuTERS

Too much time off over Christmas was probably to blame for England's cricketing failure against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates, former captain Paul Collingwood said on Monday. "The defeats came out of the blue in many ways and in trying to see, from the outside, what they have done differently, the only thing I can think of is that it was probably the team's longest ever break heading into the series," Collingwood told Reuters. "Normally we'd only get three or four weeks off at the end of our summer and we didn't spend many Christmases at home. "But this time there was a threemonth break which meant they went

into the series a bit cold. Especially in the first test, which did the damage because they didn't play spin very well, which meant their confidence levels were down and they never recovered." England were beaten 3-0 by Pakistan in the test series that ended last week and play the first of four oneday internationals on Monday in Abu Dhabi. Collingwood, who is in South Africa to play in a domestic T20 competition starting on Wednes-

day, said he was sure England would put up a better showing in the limited-overs games. "The good thing about this England team is that there's a really good culture in the dressing-room engendered by Andy Flower and Andrew Strauss. They obviously won't be happy with the performance, but there won't be any panic stations. "They're still a very good cricket team, they just didn't

adapt quickly enough to the conditions. I expect them to turn things around in the one-dayers." Collingwood said he had not yet given up on his international career, despite retiring from test cricket 13 months ago. "Even though I'm 35, I still have ambitions to play for England and if I can produce six to eight months of good cricket then I might get back in the team. Playing here in South Africa is a big stage for me. "I still have a three-year contract with Durham and my ambitions are still with England. Playing for your country is the ultimate and it's important that we get that through to the next generation - test cricket is the big stage, not trotting around on the T20 circuit," Collingwood said.

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mt, Shining clubs in league stage LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Model Town club and Shining club have moved into the League stage of 15th Tauseef Trophy at Model Town ground on Thursday. In the 1st match Model Town club beat Mughalpura Whites by 9 wickets. SCORES: mughalpura whites 90/8 in 20 overs. Zain ul husnain 21, Afaq Shahid 12, hassan Nasir 27. Rashid Riaz 4/30, hAfiz Saad NAseem 3/13. model town club 92/1 in 15.2 overs. Aman ul hAq 52(no), mohsin 24. ishtiaq 1/20. in the second match Shining club also moved into the league stage after beating strong Servis club by 3 runs in a exciting match. Scores: Shining club 127/9 in 20 overs. moazam 35, Asim Naz 33, taimoor 12, Ayaz 20(no). Khushnood 4/13, Faran Asghar 2/27, NAbeel 2/27. Servis club 124/8 in 20 overs. Faran Asghar 44, Ali Zahid 40, mudassar 14. hamyon Farhat 1/18, Usman mAlik 1/16, Sarmad 1/25, moazaam 1/24, mubashar 1/16.

Sports 19

pAKIStAn looK All At SeA

Cook, Finn lead England to first win

ludhiyana Gym down P&t Gym LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Ludhiyana Gym has moved into the League stage of 15th Tauseef Trophy cricket Championship when they beat strong P&T Gym by 6 wickets played at Model Town ground. SCORES: P&t Gym 129/7 in 20 overs. Abdul Razaq 22, hasan talat 27, Khaqan Arsal 18, Asim 15, Rustam 14, Rohail 17. imran Ali 3/20, Ali Aslam 2/18, Nazeer 2/20. ludhiyana Gym 130/4. Umer Siddiq 57, Adnan Butt 16, Rizwan 25, Nike mohammad 14. Asim 2/30, Rohail 1/25, wajid 1/30.

matches washed out LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The opening day matches of the Lahore Region Inter-district Senior Women Cricket Championship were washed out due to the wet outfield following the overnight rain. KC was to take on APWA at KC ground while Ravi Club was to play against CLC at GCU ground. Now on the second day, Garrison Club will take on CLC at the GCU ground on Tuesday.

lahore Gym in semis LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Lahore Gym has marched into the semifinal of 9th M Siddique Memorial cricket event when they outplayed Tauseef club by 9 wickets in the second quarterfinal played at Bagh-e-Jinnah ground. SCORES: tauseef club 118 all out in 27.1 overs. iSrar Baig 32, m waqas 24, m Ahmed 17, m Arif 10. imran Bucha 4/27, quaid Khan 3/23, Saleem malik ½. lahore Gym 122/1 in 25.1 overs. hashim 49(no), Asim Bucha 40, quaid Khan 25(no). mohsin Agha 1/18.

ABU DhABi: Alastair cook plays a shot on his way to his century as wicketkeeper Umar Akmal fields during the first oDi. afp ABU DHABI



ACEMAN Steven Finn took a career-best 4-34 and Alastair Cook hit his highest score to help England beat Pakistan in a fortune-turning 130-run win in the first day-night international here on Monday. Finn, left to serve drinks during England's 3-0 defeat in the preceding Tests, destroyed Pakistan's batting with four early wickets off 29 balls to dismiss them for 130 in 35 overs after Cook's 137 helped his team to 260-7. The win gives England a 1-0 win in the four-match series after a disastrous Test series -- their first as world number one in five-day format. Pakistan looked all at sea against Finn who used the wind to move the ball. The 22-year-old lanky paceman, who showed frustration at being sidelined in the Tests, showed his talent by trapping Mohammad Hafeez (five) and Asad Shafiq (nought) off successive balls in his second over. He then had Younis Khan (15) in his fourth and Imran Farhat (ten) in his fifth to leave Pakistan tottering at 40-4. Left-arm spinner Samit Patel then further shook Pakistan with the wickets of Misbah-ul Haq (14), Shoaib Malik (seven) and Shahid Afridi (28) to finish with 3-26. Graeme Swann, who took 2-

19, had Umar Akmal (22) and Umar Gul (two). Earlier Cook, whose previous best of 119 came against Sri Lanka at Lord's last year, hit 14 boundaries during a fluent 142-ball innings and shaped well against Pakistan's spin-dominated attack. Given out leg-before off Mohammad Hafeez when 30, Cook successfully reviewed Australian umpire Simon Taufel's decision and carried the batting until the 47th over when he was finally bowled by Saeed Ajmal who finished with a career-best 5-43. Cook added an invaluable 131 runs for the third wicket with Ravi Bopara (50) to revive England after they lost two wickets in the 13th over. England's ploy to open with Kevin Pietersen, who managed just 67 runs in the Tests, worked well as Cook and his new partner put on 57 by the 13th over as Pakistan opened the bowling with paceman Umar Gul and Hafeez. Pietersen though managed 14 before he became one of two Shahid Afridi victims, bowled through the gate off a googly by the leg-spinner. Next ball Afridi dismissed Jonathan Trott with a sharp turner. Bopara notched his seventh fifty in one-day internationals off 67 delivery but two balls later jumped out to drive Ajmal and was stumped. He hit four boundaries. Cook hit Afridi for two fours to enter the 90s and then cover drove Ajmal to the boundary to reach the threefigure mark off 110 deliveries.

SCOREBOARD ENGLAND: A. Cook b Ajmal 137 k. Pietersen b Afridi 14 0 J. Trott b Afridi R. Bopara st umar b Ajmal 50 E. Morgan lbw b Ajmal 2 C. kieswetter c Riaz b Ajmal 9 17 S. Patil not out 1 S. Broad c and b Ajmal G. Swann not out 13 EXTRAS: (lb11, nb1, w5) 17 TOTAL: (for seven, 50 overs) 260 Fall of wickets: 1-57 (Pietersen), 2-57 (Trott), 3-188 (Bopara), 4-196 (Morgan), 5-221 (kieswetter), 6-230 (Cook), 7-232 (Broad). BOWLING: Gul 8-0-53-0, Hafeez 10-1-30-0, Afridi 10-055-2 (w1), Ajmal 10-0-43-5, Riaz 7-0-47-0 (nb1, w4), Malik 5-0-21-0 PAkISTAN Mohammad Hafeez lbw b Finn 5 Imran Farhat c kieswetter b Finn 10 0 Asad Shafiq lbw b Finn Younis khan c kieswetter b Finn 15 Misbah-ul Haq lbw b Patel 14 umar Akmal st kieswetter b Swann 22 7 Shoaib Malik c Pietersen b Patel 28 Shahid Afridi c Swann b Patel 2 umar Gul lbw b Swann Saeed Ajmal c Cook b Broad 5 Wahab Riaz not out 8 14 EXTRAS: (lb2, nb5, w7) 130 TOTAL: (all out, 35 overs) Fall of wickets: 1-11 (Hafeez), 2-11 (Shafiq), 3-27 (Younis), 4-40 (Farhat), 5-53 (Misbah), 6-68 (Malik), 7-96 (umar), 8-109 (Afridi), 9-113 (Gul). BOWLING: Finn 10-1-34-4 (nb1), Anderson 6-0-24-0 (w2), Broad 6-2-21-1, Patel 5-1-26-3 (w4), Bopara 1-0-4-0, Swann 7-3-19-2 Result: England won by 130 runs, Toss: England umpires: Simon Taufel (AuS) and Ahsan Raza (PAk) TV umpire: kumara Dharmasena (SRI) Match referee: Jeff Crowe (NZL).

lhc adjourns petition seeking cricket tV rights LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The Lahore High Court on Monday adjourned till Feb 27 hearing of a petition of Geo Super TV Group seeking court directions to hold a re-bidding for sub-licencing of broadcasting rights for ICC cricket during 2012-15. The Group (Geo Super), in it petition submitted that the court had ordered the PTVC to hold a bid for sub-licencing of broadcasting rights for ICC cricket during 2012-15, on a petition filed by the petitioner. He submitted that the PTVC, after the court's order, through a letter on December 15, 2011 informed the petitioner about holding a bidding between IMC and Taj Limited (Ten Sports). He said that the letter also included detailed list of terms and conditions for bidding besides mentioning that "exclusive satellite broadcasting rights and shared cable rights with PTVC" were being sold. The petitioner said that the bidding committee observed that the Taj limited stood disqualified for not submitting necessary documents whereas it held that the petitioner complied with all conditions but bid amount was low. He said that the respondent through a letter on January 2 informed that Taj limited had been declared successful bidder. The petitioner contended that the respondent failed to ensure transparency and declared the Taj limited as a successful bidder. The petitioner through a letter on December 28 offered to purchase all rights owned by PTV for US$30 million and further offered US$16 million for revenue sharing agreement. The prayed the court to declare the letter issued on January 2 as illegal and direct respondent to comply court order of December 13, 2011.

Pakistan Post triumphant LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Pakistan Post beat Lahore Cantt by 41 runs here the other day. Batting first Pakistan Post made 276. Asad 35, Sheraz Ahmed 70, Bilal 35, Ehsan 24, Kamran Dar 58, Naeem Sheikh 27. Mohtisam took three wickets while Rashid, Tanveer Zeesan Mohammad Naeem and Naeem Malik shared one wickets each. In reply Cantt Gymkhana could make 235 runs. Naeem Ashraf 30, Mohammad Naeem 48, Faisal Baig 25, Babar Butt 26, Zeeshan Malik 30 and Mohtisham 35. Qamar, Kamranm Bilal and Naeem had two wickets each while Asad and Imran had one apiece.

Zambia hold nerve to beat Ivory Coast, take title LIBREVILLE AFP

Zambia conjured up a shock when they toppled star-studded Ivory Coast 8-7 in a penalty shoot-out to claim their first ever Africa Cup of Nations title on Sunday. With the sides goalless after extra time Zambia's Stoppila Sunzu converted the magic spot kick after Arsenal striker Gervinho missed for the Elephants. The result meant misery for hot favourites Ivory Coast, who failed to claim the title despite not conceding a goal throughout the entire competition until Sunday's shootout. It also revived unhappy memories for Didier Drogba, who missed a penalty in the second half of normal time, and company of their 2006 penalty shoot out final defeat to Egypt in Cairo. Zambia, motivated by the memory of the 1993 national team wiped out in a plane crash off the Libreville coast, went into the 2012 climax as outsiders. But they covered themselves with glory, hassling and harrowing their way to the penalty lottery, and then holding their nerve to prevail in the dramatic, barely watchable denouement. Ivory Coast coach Francois Zahoui said: "We didn't expect such challeng-

ing a final. "This is a big disappointment for us. We didn't have much luck, we missed the penalty in normal time, then perhaps lost a bit of confidence. "We go back to Abidjan with not too much shame. I think we've played a good game. I congratulate Zambia." Zahoui fielded the same side that saw off Mali 1-0 in the semi-final. His Zambian counterpart, Herve Renard, recalled striker Emmanuel Mayuka, after his starring role in getting the decisive goal in the 1-0 last four defeat over Ghana. He joined captain Christopher Katongo in spearheading the Chipolopolo's (Copper Bullets) attack. A minute of silence was observed before kick-off in memory of the 74 people killed in the Port Said stadium slaughter in Egypt. The game was only seconds old when Zambia almost took a shock lead, with keeper Boubacar Barry doing well to save Nathan Sinkala's close range shot off Katongo's quick pass from a Rainford Kalaba corner. Renard was forced into an unscripted change when defender Joseph Musonda limped off in tears on 11 minutes - Nyambe Mulenga took his place. A shaky start by Ivory Coast gave Zambia hope of an upset and Kalaba's 30m freekick wasn't far away after taking a deflection

off Cheik Tiote's leg. The Elephants put together their best passage of play approaching the half hour mark, a neat Drogba backheel setting up Yaya Toure only for the Manchester City midfielder's angled shot to go wide of the far post. A hugely promising first half from Zambia had the Elephants' defence, marshalled by Kolo Toure, under more pressure than they would have wanted, with Katongo leading from the front. Zahoui, ressembling a New York cop with black trenchcoat and baseball cap, walked into the dressing rooms at half-time with a face like thunder. The second half began with a deathly hush descending on the stadium - the final in desperate need of the kiss of life in the guise of a goal. And on 72 minutes one should have come after Ivory Coast were awarded a penalty when Issac Chansa and Mulenga barged into Gervinho. Drogba stepped up but his woeful attempt went soaring into the night sky, even though he appeared to divert blame to the pitch, glaring at the spot. This was his second miss from the spot after he had a penalty saved in the quarter-final win over Equatorial Guinea. In the 95th minute, substitute Felix Katongo crossed from the right

liBReVille: Zambia's national team players celebrate with the trophy after their victory against ivory coast at the Stade de l'amitie. afp for his brother Christopher with only Barry's toe diverting the goalbound ball off the near post. There was electric tension once the penalty shoot out got underway, with Kolo Toure missing the Ivorians seventh spot kick, but Zambia's Kalaba also missing his

to leave the sides still inseparable. Then after Gervinho failed in his attempt it was left to Sunzu, the defender who plays his club football in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to give Zambia a historic first title, and consign Ivory Coast to another wretched defeat.

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20 Sports

tuesday, 14 February, 2012

ronaldo hat-trick as real go 10 points clear

MaDriD: real Madrid’s portuguese forward Cristiano ronaldo (r) kicks the ball during the spanish league match against levante at the santiago Barnabeu stadium. AFp


Cristiano Ronaldo hit his sixth hat-trick of the season as Real Madrid took a huge step towards winning La Liga on Sunday, coming from behind to beat Levante 4-2 and open a 10-point lead over Barcelona. After Gustavo Cabral gave Levante a surprise early lead, Ronaldo got his first from the penalty spot following a handball by Vicente Iborra, who was also dismissed for his second yellow card. Ronaldo headed home a Gonzalo Higuain cross after 49 minutes and then completed his hat-trick with a wonderful 30yard strike which flew into the roof of the net. An Arouna Kone header briefly gave a glimmer of hope for Levante but Karim Benzema slotted in a fourth for Real after 65 minutes. While Barcelona, beaten 3-2 by Osasuna on Saturday, have stuttered on their travels, Real have been in ominous form winning 19 of 22 games and scoring 75 goals which has put them on course for their first league title since 2008. Levante are the only team along with Barcelona to have beaten Real this season and when Cabral headed home a free-kick, which flicked off Sergio Ramos, after just four minutes, Real must have feared another setback. But Ronaldo's penalty, a minute before the break, helped settled their nerves. "There are still a lot of points and a lot of matches ahead with all of them difficult because there is a lot at stake," said Real coach Jose Mourinho. "We need 39 points more to be champions -- 13 victories but these 10 points now give us a margin for error." Mourinho also took the opportunity to praise Ronaldo who now has 27 league goals this season and whose hat-trick represented a landmark moment for the Bernabeu. "It was a goal to celebrate, it was fantastic as everyone could see and the 4,000th goal here." Mourinho also could not resist a criticism of Barcelona. "In some stadiums when you pass and pass the ball they consider it wonderful but here they whistle and for that

mADRiD: Fabio Alexandre Silva coentrao (l) vies with Arouna Kone (R) during the Spanish league match. afp reason the players want to continue attacking and taking risks," he said. "We won't win the league through goal average though but by points and so it doesn't matter if you win 8-0 or less." Despite their 10-point deficit, Barcelona captain Carles Puyol says the champions will not throw in the towel. "The league is not lost but it is going to be complicated. This team always fights to the end and what we have to do is try and win every week. We have to concentrate on ourselves and see where we get," he said. Valencia moved eight points clear of the chasing pack in third place with an emphatic 4-0 victory over relegation-threatened Sporting Gijon which brought to an end a run of five league games without a win. Second-from-bottom Sporting started solidly under coach Inaki Tejada in his second game in charge, but after a cagey opening spell Valencia had the first chance with Aritz Aduriz firing wide. Then Sofiane Feghouli gave them the opener after 33 minutes with a fine finish from a Jeremy Mathieu cross. Sporting were unable to bounce back and Aduriz missed another excellent opening before the break while, after the restart, Valencia dominated the match as the visitors' rearguard was unable to cope.

mickelson wins fourth Pebble Beach Pro-Am PEBBLE BEACH AFP

Phil mickelson celebrates with his wife Amy while holding the tournament trophy. afp

Phil Mickelson won the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am for the fourth time on Sunday to deny playing partner Tiger Woods a chance at his first official PGA Tour victory in over two years. The 41-year-old American fired a final round eight-under par 64 for a 17-under total of 269, winning by two strokes and ending the hopes of Woods, who closed with a three-over 75. "It feels amazing," Mickelson said. "Hopefully this is one of a few I will win this year because I am

starting to feel pretty good." Third round leader Charlie Wi of South Korea was second after shooting a even-par 72 to finish on 271. Mickelson outdueled Woods by getting off to a quick start with a superb opening stretch of one eagle and three birdies in his first six holes and then saving par twice by sinking two long putts on the back nine. Mickelson, who got off to a rocky start this season, picked up $1.15 million in first-place prize money in posting his 40th career PGA triumph and first victory since the Houston Open 10 months ago. It was the 30th time

the two US golfing giants have gone head-to-head, with Mickelson is 5-0 against Woods in their last five meetings in a final round. Overall they are even at 13-13-4 in head-to-head contests. Woods worked hard all week to get himself into contention then had another Sunday where he couldn't close the door. "It is frustrating," Woods said. "I had a chance. All I needed was to get off to a good start today and I didn't do that."

Mickelson paddles Woods in head-to-heads PEBBLE BEACH AFP

Tiger Woods has put himself among the greatest legends in golf history but he continues to go belly up in recent head-to-head battles with Phil Mickelson. Mickelson has won their past five meetings when they have gone head-to-head in the final round of a tournament, including Sunday's come-from-behind victory at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and at the 2009 Masters. "I am inspired playing with him," four-time major winner Mickelson said. "I think most people are, but he seems to bring out the best in me and the last four or five years, I've played some of my best golf playing with him." Mickelson and Woods were first paired together in the fourth round of the 1997 PGA Championship, where they both shot 75s. In 30 such career pairings, they are now level at 13-13-4 in who scores better.

Odemwingie tames Wolves with hat-trick PARIS AFP

Nigerian Peter Odemwingie rediscovered his scoring touch with a hat-trick as West Bromwich Albion crushed Wolves 5-1 at the weekend in a clash of English Premier League battlers. Odemwingie, who missed several Super Eagles matches last year after rows with then coach Samson Siasia, had netted only once in his previous seven outings for the Baggies. Togolese Emmanuel Adebayor was another African in top form, creating four goals before scoring himself as thirdplace Tottenham Hotspur routed Newcastle United 5-0 at White Hart Lane.

ENGLAND PETER oDEMWInGIE (West Brom) The Nigerian striker scored his first Premier League hat-trick as Albion thrashed local rivals Wolves 5-1 at Molineux. Odemwingie opened the scoring in the 34th minute when his shot trickled under Wolves goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey. He struck again in the 77th minute with a cool finish to put Albion 3-

1 up and completed his treble with a typically predatory strike in the 88th minute. Odemwingie, who had scored just once in his previous seven matches, now has eight for the season. EMMAnUEL ADEBAYoR (Tottenham) The Togo striker gave a masterclass as Tottenham routed Newcastle 5-0 at White Hart Lane. Adebayor, on loan from Manchester City, set up his side's first four goals for Cameroonian Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Louis Saha (two) and Niko Kranjcar. He then capped a superb display by scoring Tottenham's fifth goal with a powerful volley in the 64th minute. AYEGBEnI YAkUBU (Blackburn) The Nigeria forward celebrated his return from suspension by setting Rovers on the way to a crucial 3-2 win over fellow strugglers QPR at Ewood Park. Yakubu had been sidelined for three matches following his red card against Fulham and he made up for lost time with a 15thminute strike from Steven Nzonzi's pass. It was the former Everton star's 14th goal of the season. STEvEn PIEnAAR (Everton) The South Africa midfielder bagged his first goal since his return on loan to

Everton as the Toffees clinched a shock 20 win over Chelsea at Goodison Park. Pienaar, making his second appearance for David Moyes' team following his transfer deadline-day move, scored in the fifth minute from inside the Chelsea penalty area. MICHAEL ESSIEn (Chelsea) The Ghana midfielder suffered his first defeat since returning from injury as Chelsea crashed 2-0 at Everton. Chelsea had not lost any of the five matches Essien had featured in since his return from a serious knee problem but he came off in the 69th minute as the Blues produced a miserable display to slip to fifth in the Premier League.

FRANCE YoUnES BELHAnDA (Montpellier) Making his first league start since returning from Africa Cup of Nations duty with Morocco, playmaker Belhanda broke the deadlock in Montpellier's 3-0 win at home to Ajaccio with an impudent, chipped penalty in the 53rd minute. It was his sixth league goal of the season, while victory briefly took Montpellier to the top of the table.

MAMADoU SAMASSA (valenciennes) Malian striker Samassa scored a stoppage-time winner to give Valenciennes a 1-0 victory over Nancy in their mid-table battle at Stade du Hainault. Valenciennes had knocked holders Lille out of the French Cup in mid-week but Daniel Sanchez's side looked destined to miss out on the three points against Nancy until Samassa pounced on a loose ball in the visitors' box to beat Cameroonian goalkeeper Guy N'Dy Assembe with a left-footed shot in the 92nd minute. PIERRE-EMERICk AUBAMEYAnG (Saint-Etienne) Aubameyang returned to action for Saint-Etienne at Toulouse after lighting up the Africa Cup of Nations for co-hosts Gabon and took little time to make his mark, netting the only goal in a 1-0 victory with a fine, dipping effort from 25 yards in the 71st minute at a snowbound Stadium Municipal. It was the 22-year-old's seventh league goal of the campaign -- all of which have been scored away from home.

ITALY MEHDI BEnATIA (Udinese) It was another disjointed perform-

ance from the Morocco centre-back, who has been out of sorts since returning from the Africa Cup of Nations. Last week he gave away two penalties in a 3-2 defeat at Fiorentina and this time around he was error-prone and at fault for the first Milan goal in Udinese's 2-1 home defeat. DJAMEL MESBAH (AC Milan) The versatile AC Milan midfielder and full-back has quickly settled in at his new team and made the left-back slot his own. He was unspectacular in the crucial 2-1 win at Udinese as he failed to get forward much in the first half. However, the Algerian was more effective that Milan's other full-back, Ignazio Abate.

GERMANY MoHAMED ZIDAn (Mainz 05) Egypt striker is enjoying a new lease of life after joining Mainz from Borussia Dortmund in January's winter break and has now scored in each of his two games for his new club. The 30-year-old needed just seven minutes to fire Mainz into a 10 lead at home to Hanover having also netted the week before on his debut at Schalke, but the guests' scored a late equaliser to share the points.

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tuesday, 14 February, 2012

Sports 21

Serbia eye Spain’s title PARIS



WatCh It LIve ESPN India v Sri Lanka 08:50AM

ERBIA shrugged off the absence of Novak Djokovic to reach the Davis Cup last eight on Sunday with the 2010 champions confidently setting their sights on dethroning Spain in November's final. Janko Tipsarevic secured an unassailable 3-1 lead over Sweden in the World Group first round tie in Nis with a 6-2, 7-6 (7/5), 7-5 win over Michael Ryderstedt. Victory gave Serbia a quarter-final tie in April against the Czech Republic, but captain Bogdan Obradovic believes that with world number one Djokovic back in the side for that clash, his country can start dreaming of a second title. "It's never easy to play matches in which you are the odds-on favourite but the players dealt with the pressure really well against Sweden," Obradovic told "With a bit of luck, we will reach this year’s final and hopefully take on Spain because we are confident that we can beat them on home soil." Tipsarevic had beaten Filip Prpic in straight sets in Friday’s opening rubber and had then played doubles on Saturday when Sweden had clawed their way back into the tie. But despite those efforts, he had no problem in disposing of Ryderstedt. "I want to thank my team for standing by me through the thick and thin

ESPN Sportscenter 08:00PM

Gambhir backs rotation policy ADELAIDE AFP

eight. The French beat host Canada 4-1 with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga downing injury substitute Frank Dancevic 6-4, 6-4, 6-1 to clinch the tie and Gael Monfils then defeating Vasek Pospisil 6-4, 6-4. Austria made the quarter-finals -- where they will tackle Spain -- for the first time in 17 years with a 3-2 win over two-time champions Russia in Wiener Neustadt. Jurgen Melzer secured the vital point, beating debutant Alex Bogomolov 6-2, 6-4, 6-1. "I think it was one-way traffic," said Melzer. "Giving Austria the chance to play a quarter-final against Spain, that was our goal."

and this is also the best home crowd we have ever played for," said Tipsarevic. "I hope some of these fans will be ale to make the trip with us to the Czech Republic because it will be a very open match." The United States, the 32-time champions, completed a 5-0 whitewash over Switzerland in Fribourg. Ryan Harrison beat Michael Lammer 7-6 (7/0), 7-6 (7/4) and John Isner, who condemned Roger Federer to his first defeat in the tournament in nine years on Friday, saw off Marco Chiudinelli 6-3, 6-4. The US will travel to France in the last

Indian opener Gautam Gambhir says India's memorable four-wicket win over Australia in their one-day international had vindicated the team's controversial rotation policy. India's decision to rotate openers through the series saw champion batsman Sachin Tendulkar miss the Adelaide match on Sunday, denying him another chance to score his 100th international century. The decision to rotate players has angered the likes of Indian great Sunil Gavaskar, who believes the best team should always take the field. However, Tendulkar's absence enabled Gambhir to return to the side to partner Virender Sehwag at the top of the order and he produced a man-of-the-match performance with 92 from 111 balls.

punjab festival enters into 10th day of hectic activity LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Four matches played in SBP Governor cup LAHORE STAFF REPORT

The overnight shower has left the outfield unplayble thus reducing the overs of 8th SBP Governor Cup Super Series cricket Tournament matches. On the day one match could not be played while two matches were played at LCCA Cricket Ground and two at Aligarh Cricket Ground Model Town, Lahore. In the first match of 12 overs at LCCA ground, HBL Multan beat SBP Hyderabad by three wickets. HBL Multan chased the score of SBP Hyderabad 112/5 in 12 overs and made 117 in just 11.4 overs. In the 2nd match SBP Karachi won its second consecutive match by defeating SBP Lahore by 22 runs. Chasing 134 runs Lahore’s team closed its innings in the 11th over and continued fall of wickets restricted them at 111/6. At Aligarh, PPCBL, Lahore and NBP Hyderabad was remained one-sided. This match was won by PPCBL by 9 wickets. They chased 94 runs losing one wicket in 10.3 overs. At the same ground, Bank of Khyber beat HBL Karachi. BOK scored 157/2 wickets in 14 overs and restricted HBL Karachi at 86/8 wickets and won by 71 runs.

Ranking tennis in progress KARACHI STAFF REPORT

The 10th Westbury Open Ranking Tennis Championship is in progress here at the Karachi Club with talented players making the next round. President PTF Kaleem Imam graced the day as chief guest. RESuLTS: mens Singles qualifyig Round, Vinod Das beat malik hamza 6-3, 6-3 MENS SINGLES MAIN ROuND: omer Shahid beat Sikander hayat 6-1, 6-2, Saad mubarik (lahore ) beat Saif Nor 7-6 rtd u-17 SINGLES MAIN FIRST ROuND: Shahraz w/o Damar Rehan, Fahed mehmood beat taha Band-e-Ali 6-4, 6-7, 6-1 uNDER-11 FIRST ROuND: m Amin Shafi beat Abdul Samad Suhail 8-2, Fizza Ghanchi beat Abde Ali 8-6, Daiyal Sanghani w/o Ajay, Kinza Ghanchi beat Abdullah Khan 8-0.

The Punjab Sports Festival 2012 entered its tenth day and with every passing day the sporting activities gaining momentum on different venues of the province. In Lahore, Cantt/Shalamar, Maria Masood from Kinnaird High School won the 100m race in girls athletics competitions while Asma Kahlid stood second. In 200 m, Rabia Sadiq from Yasmeen School Lahore won first position, Maria Masood from Kinnaird High school was second, 400m, Nemat from Kinnaird High School took first position, Mahnoor from Government High School for Girls Singhpura was second, Mehak from Kinnaird High School achieved

first while Irum from Government High School Dryport Mughalpura secured second position in 800 m race. In 1500 m, Mafia from Government Girls High School Mughalpura attained first, Khizra from Kinnaird High School was second. In the long jump and javelin throw, Atiqa Ikram from Kinnaird HS achieved first position whereas in the shotput, Sabahat from Kinnaird HS stood first. In the girls badminton, Honors Public School beat Government Girls High School Ghaziabad 2-0, Government Girls Kinnaird High School beat Government Girls High School Singhpura 2-0, Honors Public School beat Government Girls High School Dryport Mughalpura 2-0, Beaconhouse School defeated Government Girls Kinnaird High School 2-0

while Beaconhouse School outplayed Honors Public school 2-0. In the overall ranking, Honors Public School for Girls bagged first position in Inter School Girls Badminton, Beaconhouse was second and Kinnaird High School third. In the girls karate, 45 KG: Saira from Queen Marry HS beat Samra from Government Girls HS Singhpura 6-3. In 55 KG: Maria Qadir from Government Girls HS Singhpura defeated Iqra Yaqub 7-3. In 55+ KG, Mehak from Queen Marry HS moved past Saima from Government Girls HS Singhpura 6-4. In Inter School Girls Hockey Final, Queen Marry School won over Government Girls High School Singhpura 6-3. In the cricket {General Public] matches, UC 54 beat UC 43 by 2 runs, Ali was de-

clared man of the match with 56 runs. UC 60 beat UC 59 by 20 runs while Akhtar was the best player of the match with 70 runs. In Model Town, Asad XI from UC 119 beat Ali XI from UC 111 by 5 runs. Ali Butt with 20 runs was declared the man of the match. Shahbaz XI from UC 112 defeated Qasim XI from UC 122 by 3 runs. In Lahore City, the football matches were held at Iqbal Park Sports Complex in which Government HS Shahdra trounced Government Central Model School Samanabad 1-0. In Girls Volleyball matches, Government Girls HS Samanabad beat Government Girls HS Lady Mclegan 21 while Government girls HS Dev Samaj Road defeated Government Fatima Girls HS Fan Road 2-0.

sindh, Islamabad National U-14 football final today ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Sindh and Islamabad reached the final of the National U-14 Football Championship-2012 being played here at Jinnah Sports Complex, Islamabad. In the semi-finals, Sindh beat Karachi Zone B 4-0 with goals coming from Shah Zaib in the first minute and Muneer Munna scored three goals in the 10th, 21st and 31st Minutes. In the second semi-final, Islamabad beat Punjab 2-1. Islamabad got its goals from Bahlol Khan (FW) in the 25th minute and Hassam Mahmood (FW) in the 40th minute. Punjab’s scorer was Farrukh who found the cage in the 33rd minute. Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, President, Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) will grace the occasion as chief guest for the final match between Sindh and Islamabad of National U-14 Football Championship-2012 at Jinnah Sports Complex, Islamabad today and will award the trophies and cash prizes among the top three teams of the championship. Faisal said that the PFF in line with its emphasis on PFF Vision Plan 2020 and

Youth Development Program has hosted this championship. “PFF has introduced PFF Vision 2020 Plan which the PFF has unveiled on June 21, 2008 will take Pakistan to new height. This ambitious plan will create pavement to the PFF in earning berth in top 15 Asian teams as well earning tickets of World Cup, Olympics and FIFA age-limit competitions in coming decade”, the. President added. It is pertinent to mention here that stringent age scrutiny was conducted before and during the championship. FATA was scratched out from the championship due to 14 overage players and 46 others players of different participating teams were stopped to play due to the very same reason. The 15 teams took part in this 13 days championship comprising of Faisalabad Zone, Lahore Zone, Karachi Zone A, Karachi Zone B, Quetta Zone, Chaman Zone, Peshawar Zone, Noshehra Zone. The provinces teams are Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and regions teams are Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Federally Administrative Area (FATA).

VANcoUVeR: Jo-wilfried tsonga of France returns against Frank Dancevic of canada during their Davis cup match. tsonga defeated Dancevic 6-4, 6-4, 6-1. afp

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