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CONFERENCE INFORMATION: Profit & Loss FX Growth Markets Colombia 2013 ... Location: Bogota Date: March 5, 2013 ... EVENT ORGANISER: P&L SERVICES LTD. Suite 46/48, 65 London Wall, London EC2M 5TU London Tel: +44 20 7628 7676 New York Tel: +1 646 290 5255


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Chairman’s Introduction

David Clark, Chairman, The Wholesale Markets Brokersʼ Association

Opening Address Daniel Castellanos, Vice President, Asobancaria

Session 1: “The Electronification of FX”

Juan Carlos Escalera, Head of FI/FX Specialist Latam North, Thomson Reuters Felipe Trujillo, Head of Derivatives, Colombia Stock Exchange Paul Millward, Head of FX E-Commerce, GFI Group Dave Reid, Director, CitiFX Prime Caio Blasco, Director of e-commerce and e-trading Latam, Deutsche Bank As the industry adapts to new US regulations, certain instruments will move to electronic trading platforms, what effect will this have on FX market growth? What new trading technology is emerging from the regulatory changes? How is electronic trading adding transparency and liquidity to Colombian markets? How is regulatory change speeding the process of electronification in FX? What is the impact on investing in the FX asset class? Will US regulations help NDF market growth? What is a Swaps Execution Facility (SEF) and will it lead to the “futurisation” of currency options? What does Dodd-Frank mean for the future of spot OTC vs exchange trading? There are a range of tools available that assist banks in achieving competitive advantage through technology, client services, pricing and liquidity. Through this hybrid approach, how can bank sales and traders use technology to deliver differentiated services? What is the next generation of trading technology?

Session 2: “Currency Wars�

Greg Anderson, North America Head of G10 FX Strategy, Citi Is a large bull-market USD rally brewing? Is the Eurozone crisis permanently over or just in an intermission? Will Japan's depreciation lead to a whole round of Asian currency weakness like the CNY devaluation of the 1994 did? Does the US need a market-induced crisis or can it fix its fiscal problems on its own? Are old fashioned fundamentals driving markets?

Session 3: “Is EM the New G10?”

Gabriel Casillas, Ph.D, Managing Director, Chief Economist and Head of Research, Banorte Alejandro Cuadrado, Executive Director - Latam FX Strategist, BBVA Camilo Pérez Álvarez, Head of Economic Research, Banco de Bogotá Daniel Niño, Economist, Pyxis Economica

Is EM the new G10? As money continues to flow into Latin America because of its strong demographic, economic and export mix of commodities and other goods, Latin America is well positioned. But with the inflow of money comes questions of whether to build up a currency fund, lower rates or put up Brazilian-like walls. Can these actions lead to unintended inflationary risk? Are the central banks up to the task of responding to it? Is there enough inter-regional trade for countries in the region to get off the dollar, euro, yen rollercoaster? Should there be a currency union to respond to the inflow? Is there a need for more supra-regional leadership? Is the region overly dependent on commodity prices and is that a risk in 2013 if China slows down? Can the region thrive with Brazil being lacklustre? Have global FX volumes peaked or was 2012's volume decline an anomaly? Do barriers to entry still exist in Latin America?

Keynote Address: “Foreign Exchange Market and Regulation Developments”

Juan Sebastián Rojas Moreno, Jefe Desarrollo De Mercados, Departamento De Operaciones Y Desarrollo De Mercados, Banco de la República

GFI's prize draw winner in Bogota Sara Hernandez - GFI, Flavia Fabianni - GFI, Miguel Ovalle - Acciones y valores, Paola Hurtado - GFI, Juliana Luna - GFI, Ana Maria Rodriguez - GFI




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P&L FX Growth Markets Colombia 2013  

Photos from P&L's FX Growth Markets conference, Colombia 2013