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Profimeedia is a good and active agency that was established in 2005. Our main activities include making client magazines and publications. Our years of experience consist of design works for many magazines as well as creating the latter’s design style.


CUSTOM PUBLISHING Custom publication may be a content-rich magazine, a newspaper promoting its outlooks as well as a unique product publication or catalogue. It can also be a folder that introduces the company’s most remarkable abilities or a year-book that summarizes the company’s newest achievements. Now the list includes an emagazine. Taking into consideration Your company’s marketing requirements, we can offer the following: • creation of the publication’s consepts • twriting and editing texts • making photos and illustrations • lingual correction • translation • design and layout • organization of print and distribution There is a team put together for every publication and this team consists of the specific field’s specialists from Estonia and, if necessary, also from abroad. The project is managed by the Project Manager who also communicates with the client and gives updated overview of the project’s process as well as is responsible for the arranged schedule.

GRAPHIC DESIGN AND ADVERTISING Profimeedia has experience in various design works, from city district’s coat of arms to a popular cinema’s light box. Also we have designed the look of many Estonian biggest magazines, festivals as cd covers for well-known bands. Regarding advertising, Profimeedia’s priority is to follow our customer’s wishes and opportunities. The aim is to make the client known and help the sale of their products and services. We have no issues finding marketing channels- we make advertisement for so-called already-known channels (publications, TV, radio) as well as for modern Internet. If the client has desire or courage, then we can put into practice also completely extraordinary advertising campaigns.


Magazine Radar is for all the employees of Police Board and Border Guard Administration. We write about everything that is relevant in the field of police, border guard, citizenship and migration. As we are a big organization, then our Radar is of interest also for our co-operators and journalists. Profimeedia has been with us from the very beginning. They take care of the magazine’s visual side- they provided us with the model and now design the layout of every issue. It is a pleasure to co-operate with Profimeedia. They are fast, full of ideas and they also put them into practice. To sum it up- they are professional boys! Nelli Pello Radar’s Editor in Chief

LHV BANK MAGAZINE INVESTEERI (INVEST) We are co-operating with Profimeedia when publishing the magazine Investeeri! (Invest!). Our aim is not to make a regular client magazine, but target those who are interested in investing as it is for active people who find it also useful for practical purposes. The feedback of the readers proves that thanks to Profimeedia’s help it has been successful so far. Andres Kask LHV Bank’s Marketing and PR manager

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