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The Best Way to Get your Ex Back Being in a relationship is not all it is cracked up to be. It entails a lot of consideration and sometimes restraint on both parts. It is not just about one person, but both. For example, a relationship which is doomed to fail will consist of a giver and a taker. In this type of relationship, there is always one person who will give 100%, while the other takes 100%. It has to be equal; both should give and take (50:50). If it’s ever concentrated on only one person, then a break up is inevitable. Sometimes when a relationship ends, it’s hard to fully comprehend why, and especially if one person is still in love with the other.

Break ups happen all the time. Just imagine, if you live in a home with your family, whether large or small, you have to try to understand each other and live peaceably with each other. If this is not done, then it is totally pointless, as there will be constant bickering and rivalry. If it was so difficult to get along with people you grew up with, people you have known since birth, your siblings or parents, then how much more so with your partner, who is almost a stranger. Well, almost. You may think you know someone, but until you decide to share living space with them, you will not really know them. Sometimes after breaking up, you realize just how much you want or need the person, and how to go about getting them back. Chances are you have tried many different ways to get your partner back, and it did not work. If you are one of those going through a breakup then there is hope for you, as there are ways in which you can get your significant other to give you a second chance, no matter whose fault the breakup was. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to give the person some space, try to reflect on the good times. If you were together, especially if it was for a long time, there had to have been some good times. There are some relationships, which are due to circumstances which cannot be resolved, but giving the person time and space can be beneficial to both. It gives you time to reflect on what went wrong and try to figure out how to fix it. Stalking and constant calling and texting will serve no purpose, but to annoy the person and push them farther away from you. If you choose to maintain a friendship, it should be better for you, as you can explain that you need some space. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is a phrase which has proven itself time and time again. You should never allow the person to see you at your lowest, put on a good face when they are around. They will wonder why, and this alone will get them curious and make them want to be around you. Talk to the person, but try not to delve into any emotional issues, no matter how badly you want to. They will come around and ask if they need to get additional information from you. Try not to volunteer information, no matter how crappy everything seems, don’t let your ex know. The Magic of Making Up is waiting for you here.

How To Get Your Ex Back  

At a loss about your ex? Too much take and not enough give? Don't know what to do? Here's a solution.