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Let's say that you've come to the difficult realization that quite frankly your brand – if you can even call it that –– is all over the place. Don’t panic. First, let's clear up the biggest misconception about brand strategy: Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website or your name. In fact, your brand is much more than that – it's the stuff that feels intangible. But it's that hard-to-pin-down feeling that separates powerhouse and mediocre brands from each other.

Seven components of a comprehensive branding strategy 1) Purpose 2) Consistency 3) Emotion 4) Flexibility 5) Employee involvement 6) Loyalty 7) Competitive awareness Every brand makes a promise. But in a marketplace in which consumer confidence is low and budgetary vigilance is high, it’s not just making a promise that separates one brand from another; it’s managing the intricate balance among message, content and uniqueness.

60 | july/aug 2017

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