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We are officially in “Leasing Season” and as buildings begin to turn over suites, we take a closer look at some of the strategies that property managers can deploy to attract and retain quality tenants.

1. Target your audience, target your marketing If you don’t have a specific target market, you need to refine your focus. Understand the neighbourhoods where you work. Who’s moving in, and who’s moving out? What do they value about that neighbourhood?

2. Get social Keep a consistent posting rate of several posts per week to maintain an active online presence, and focus on visual content that allows you to share photos of properties and neighbourhoods.

3. Use word of mouth People will talk, and you can use this to your advantage. Ask your customers to write recommendations for your website, and give them incentives for sending friends your way.

4. Develop interest before you need to market While your focus may be on getting units rented today, you should be proactive and plan for tomorrow. Create email lists for different communities to gather a list of interested renters.

5. Connect with the community Participate in local school boards, activities and festivals. Move your brand into the public eye so you can become a trusted source of rental properties.

6. Market a community, not a property Different target audiences might value different amenities, but everyone values their community. When you’re marketing a property you’re not just marketing that building, you need to market the entire neighbourhood, because that’s what your renters will value.

60 | may/june 2017

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