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Brand management is a key component of attracting tenants, talent and repeat business. Market research shows that 72 per cent of consumers say that reputation influences their buying decisions; 80 per cent of employees will accept less pay to work for a company with an excellent reputation; while another 89 per cent say that reputation is a tiebreaker between equal products. Whether you’re trying to influence prospective tenants or attract and retain top talent, you’ll want to consider the following tips on managing your company’s brand.

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1. Make sure that your business and/or property names resonate with your audience. 2. Build relationships with authoritative sources that provide brand reviews. 3. Create consistent social media profiles with proper post frequency. 4. Contribute regularly to relevant blogs, magazines and industry resources. 5. Make sure that your customer experience is exceptional.

Your company brand is your mark of distinction; it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. When you establish and adhere to a brand management strategy, your level of commitment reassures tenants, suppliers and anyone else that your company does business with that they can trust you.  

RHB Nov 2017 Spin Cycle  
RHB Nov 2017 Spin Cycle  

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