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Typography: Or as the cool kids say, WHAT THE FONT? By David Gargaro, in collaboration with Wendy Tabor, RHB Senior Designer

Although it’s often overlooked or the last factor considered when laying out a document, typography can greatly affect your marketing, and impact how clients view your business. Typography involves more than choosing Times New Roman or changing the font size from 10 to 12 point. Typography is defined as the visual appearance of printed matter. Various factors, including how type sits on your medium, font colours and using serif versus sans serif fonts, affect how your viewer perceives information.

Fonts are also a key element of typography. The right (or wrong) font can have a significant impact on the success rate of marketing your building to tenants. It is the vehicle that carries your content from chosen communication medium to your tenants’ memory. There are countless fonts to choose from, but they are not all created equal. Consider these tips when choosing fonts for your printed or online material: •

Not all fonts are licensed for print and web, so you have to ensure the font you use in print is also licensed for use on your website.

The reading experience and how we retain information is much different between fonts used in print and online. Web fonts can have more flexibility in height, width, shape and spacing.

2. Typography that is messy or unbalanced makes the information more difficult to digest, which means that viewers (potential tenants) will be less inclined to buy (rent) from you.

Using high-quality fonts, with extensible typefaces, can easily do the heavy lifting by creating a visual hierarchy – bold typefaces for headlines, regular/book typefaces for body copy, italics for captions, etc.

3. Humans are visual creatures, as 80 – 90% of the information we retain is visual. You only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention. With strong typography, you can more easily grasp the tenant’s attention and get your content (and building) to stick in their memory.

A strong visual hierarchy created by good font choice breaks content into digestible bits so potential tenants can quickly find the information they need to reach out to landlords and property managers.

So, why should you care about the typography you use on your website, newsletters, branding, sales and marketing materials, and your printed and online content? 1. Typography sets the tone for your brand on a psychological level.

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