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Five social media and digital marketing trends to watch in 2018 What are the trends that will matter most for CMOs and other marketing leaders in 2018? Though we don’t pretend to have a crystal ball or to know exactly what’s going on in your company, we can share what’s top of mind for PMG and our brand partners, who represent some of our industry’s leading brands. 1. Video’s value keeps growing with real-life storytelling. Successful brands are combining the emotional impact of video with the reach and immediacy of social media to build deeper relationships with customers and prospects. 2. Social media direct messaging could redefine the customer experience. As the

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use of social media messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat grows exponentially, the potential for improving customer experience also expands. Besides allowing customers to interact in a channel where they feel most comfortable, direct messaging enables companies to provide a higher quality of customer care and support. 3. Brands go all-in on mobile or get left behind. The link between social and mobile is clear: 91 per cent of social media users access social platforms via mobile devices. Furthermore, visitors are five times as likely to leave a site that’s not mobile-friendly. 4. Customer-centric technology drives personalization and ROI.

Today, companies are expected to deliver highly targeted, personalized content at the speed of light. To achieve that, we need a 360-degree view of customer engagement across the entire journey. Acting on this customer understanding is central to a successful digital marketing strategy. 5. LinkedIn strengthens its position as the most valuable channel for B2B. With LinkedIn’s “all business all the time” focus, it’s the leading social channel for B2B marketers — 89 per cent leverage it over other platforms. That preference is tied to results, with 62 per cent using LinkedIn for lead generation and 43 per cent attributing sales to the channel.

RHB Magazine Jan 2018 Spin Cycle  
RHB Magazine Jan 2018 Spin Cycle  

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