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Catch the final spin with RHB’s Newsreel, delivered weekly to your inbox. Eight ways to market your seasonal business during the off-season We’ve all seen it before: pumpkin spice lattes roll around and before you can say “Halloween” we have snow on the ground and your rental offices become a ghost town. We’re all familiar with the challenges of the dreaded off-season, but don’t let the seasonal slumps get you down. Instead of sitting around and waiting for your season to start again, use this valuable time for marketing! 1. Grow your database while the season’s still hot 2. Gather customer reviews 3. Continue creating remarkable content ... with an off-season twist 4. Stay social all year 5. Stay in touch via email, too 6. Generate off-season hype 7. Differentiate yourself within a niche demographic 8. Offer seasonal offers and move-in incentives Seasonal marketers who think long term and use their off-season time wisely can help send rental demand through the roof when peak season begins again. 60 | oct 2017

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