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Welcome to the CFAA

Rental Housing Conference

What not to miss Welcome to the CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2013. Our annual conference has a great deal to offer attendees, and this year is no exception. Here are five great features of this year’s conference (which might encourage you to join us in Vancouver in June 2014).

housing sales in different provinces, developing national trends and issues, student housing, and the availability of financing for rental developments. You can also listen to an executive round table on rental risks and opportunities as perceived by major REITs, pension funds and private companies.

1. Benjamin Tal’s economic update Benjamin Tal is the Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets. He is recognized as one of Canada’s leading experts on the real estate market. From Benjamin, you’ll hear what is happening in the world, the U.S. and Canadian economies, and the impact those forces will have on employment, interest rates, labour markets, rental markets and rental building values across Canada.

On Thursday, speakers will provide updates on building science, employment law, the labour market, landlord-tenant law, development issues and waste handling. Other topics include communicating with prospects and residents, innovations in rental operations, employment compensation strategies, lessons we can learn from the hotel industry, and dealing with a public relations crisis.

2. Informative exhibitors Meet the people behind the products and systems you use in your business. The conference offers the unique opportunity to meet, network and speak with specialists in marketing, tenant relations, utility management, building management and other key areas. CFAA conference exhibitors will be more than happy to share their knowledge, tips, techniques and advice with you on everything related to the rental housing industry. This is an intimate trade show, which deliberately includes only a limited number of exhibitors. You can talk to every exhibitor, and not get overwhelmed. 3. Hockey Hall of Fame supper and Wyse after-party Enjoy the CFAA supper and Wyse after-party at the Hockey Hall of Fame on Wednesday, June 12 with your rental housing peers. You can get up close and personal with the Stanley Cup and other historic trophies, and explore the largest collection of hockey memorabilia in the world. Make sure to play the interactive games and shop at the Hockey Hall of Fame store. Of course, you can also partake of some great food and beverages, while trading stories with your peers. 4. Education sessions The education sessions offer close to 50 speakers on a wide variety of topics of interest to members of the rental housing industry. On Wednesday, you can learn about major rental

5. Building Innovations tour The CFAA Building Innovations Bus Tour on Tuesday, June 11 took delegates to four different buildings with interesting features they can apply to increase the tenant appeal and income of their properties. At 600 Kingston Road, by Timbercreek: award-winning suite renovations and lobby and entrance renovations, showing what can be done to upgrade a mature building and increase rents. At 77 Davisville Road, by Greenrock: an award-winning sculpture garden, landscaping, and a new design for rental and management offices. At 45 Balliol Street, also by Greenrock: modernized, awardwinning lobbies, an upgraded pool and a new fitness centre that are increasing rents and raising tenant retention. At 105 Harrison Garden, by K & G Group: a brand new rental building with extensive, state-of-the-art amenities, condo quality finishes, modern unit layouts, and top quality, modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Inside this edition Social media and the Workplace p. 6 In National Outlook (electronic edition) Available at

BC and Ontario political status CFAA Rental Housing employee Compensation Survey

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CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2013: Exhibitors BCAP (Thurs.) Burlington Business Forms Inc. and BCAP are full-service printing/promotional and fulfillment services companies headquartered in Ontario. With over 15 years experience, BCAP has become an industry leader from coast to coast. CARMA Industries (Wed., Thurs.) CARMA Industries is a Canadian owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of submetering and billing solutions. CARMA has helped numerous building owners take control of their electricity, water and natural gas costs. Cohen Highley LLP (Thurs.) Cohen Highley LLP provides legal services to rental industry clients throughout Ontario and Canada. The firm’s legal advisors have a proven track record as innovative and effective advocates for landlords in the area of residential tenancies law. Coinamatic (HHOF Supper) Coinamatic is the leading provider of outsourced laundry equipment and service to the multi-unit housing industry, and provides sustainable laundry solutions to over 15,000 customer locations in 525 communities across Canada. It offers ultimate customer service with a 24/7 multilingual live voice call centre supported by a coast-to-coast national service team. Enbridge (Wed.) Enbridge Gas Distribution delivers safe, reliable natural gas to 2 million customers in Ontario. Enbridge provides customers with energy efficiency programs to help them use energy wisely and save money. EnerCare Connections (Wed., Thurs.) EnerCare Connections is a full service sub-metering and water management company serving multi-residential and commercial markets in Alberta, Ontario and elsewhere in Canada. EnerCare provides clients with a no-capital cost approach to conserving electricity in multi-residential buildings through the fair allocation of electricity costs between individual consumers. EnerCare offers utility analysis, meter installation, online consumption information for consumers, bill presentation and collection, project monitoring and verification. (Thurs.) offers landlords and property managers a full suite of communication tools and solutions to deliver high quality tenants. Through the use of lead generation, branding, SEO, SEM, Google AdWords and advertising measurement across all mediums including social media, achieves great results for their clients.’s network of sites includes, 247apartments.

com,,, yourclassifieds. ca and the MIH Network and has extensive reach through Metroland Media’s Community sites. promotes your listings and brand on all of its sites. Gottarent Network works to give its clients a broad reach with 1.2 million viewers a month. InSinkErator (Thurs.) InSinkErator is a leading advocate of responsible food waste management. Its food waste disposers provide a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to transporting food scraps to landfills. Landlord Web Solutions (Wed.) Landlord Web Solutions Inc. is Canada’s only online marketing and website development company working exclusively for the rental industry. LWS has developed over 40 websites for landlords representing 1,400+ properties. LWS has a solution for every size of portfolio and budget. Manaya (Wed.) Manaya is a mobile marketing company that provides instant rental information through its Text for Info service. Potential renters who pass by your property rental sign can send a text message using any mobile device and view detailed rental information and videos instantly. Companies that use Manaya’s service see 55% of inquiries take place outside office hours (35% on the weekend). My Ideal Home Network (Thurs.) My Ideal Home Rental Network is an established, reputable leader in the online vacancy rental advertising market. It finds, develops, and implements programs and products that enable landlords and renters to find each other in the most efficient manner possible while maximizing the owner’s/ landlord’s corporate exposure and profile. Orkin Canada (Thurs.) Orkin Canada is Canada’s largest pest control provider and a leader in developing fast, effective and environmentally responsible pest control solutions. Orkin’s customized programs are backed by the industry’s most comprehensive guarantees. Pal Benefits Inc. (Wed.) Pal Benefits Inc. is a consulting organization that provides guidance in the areas of benefits, retirement issues and compensation, helping clients develop employee programs into tools to achieve company goals. Pal Benefits performs the CFAA Rental Housing Employee Compensation survey. continued on page 4

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Pattison OneStop (Thurs.) Pattison Onestop’s Residential Network is a first-ofits-kind communications and advertising medium that enables property managers to deliver timely and relevant building-specific messages to residents in heavy-traffic common areas.

Rogers Communications (Thurs.) Rogers understands what the rental industry is looking for in a communications and entertainment provider. It ensures that tenants are completely satisfied with their innovative cable TV, Internet and home phone services. (Wed.) is the proven off-campus housing solution for college and university campuses. This rental property listing service helps landlords and property management companies to advertise their rental vacancies to students.

Sparkle Solutions provides on-premise laundry services to the rental housing industry. Sparkle supplies, services and manages coin- and card-operated washers and dryers and helps customers to reduce operating costs.

Rent Check Credit Bureau (Wed.) Rent Check helps landlords to obtain access to millions of rental records, credit information from Equifax and/or TransUnion, as well as business credit and criminal reports. It provides userfriendly access to reports and qualification tools. RentMoola (Thurs.) RentMoola is a mobile and online payment network that allows renters and condo owners to pay rent, condo fees and other bills with their credit cards. It provides cloud financial, transactional and accounting reports for seamless integration into accounting systems.

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Sparkle Solutions (Wed.)

Suite Collections (Thurs.) Suite Collections is committed to the professional collection of residential debts. Services include locating debtors, attending court, obtaining judgments, garnishing wages and bank accounts, registering debts with credit agencies, and enforcing orders. Water Matrix (Thurs.) Water Matrix is a leading provider of water efficiency products and services to multi-residential property owners and managers across Canada. Its water management retrofit programs can reduce water consumption by up to 40%. Wyse Meter Solutions (HHOF after-party) Wyse Meter Solutions provides end-to-end sub-metering services to the Canadian multi-residential market. Wyse helps property owners, developers, managers and residents get the most out of the efficiencies of sub-metering. Wyse brings best-in-class hardware and technology, installation, billing and reporting systems and customer service to deliver comprehensive turnkey smart metering solutions. Customers call Wyse for comprehensive sub-metering solutions, from hardware and installation to billing and ongoing service. YARDI Systems (Wed., Thurs.) Yardi Systems is a leader in design, development and support of real estate investment management and property management software. Yardi Voyager™ is an enterprise property management platform that can be extended with the Yardi Orion™ for SharePoint® business intelligence platform and smart additions from the Yardi Multifamily Suite™, including the RENTCafé Solutions platform with end-to-end property marketing, online leasing and resident services. Yardi is committed to serving Canada with the most comprehensive real estate software and services available. More information about Yardi products and services is available at (Wed.) provides affordable, accessible and easy-to-buy insurance for tenants and provides landlords with real-time proof of insurance. As Canada’s only 100% online insurance brokerage, removes the hassles of traditional insurance distributors.


June 2013

Social Media and the Workplace

By Daniel Chodos Imagine you are a property manager for ABC Management Co. One of your site staff inappropriately shouts at a tenant and is disciplined for inappropriate conduct. The employee goes home after work, logs into his Facebook account and proceeds to lambaste ABC, posting that “the management of ABC is filled with lying scumbags.� It so happens that some of this employee’s Facebook friends are tenants of the building in which he works. What is your reaction? What steps should you take? How could ABC Management Co. have prepared to protect itself in advance of this unfortunate incident? The expanded use of social media over the past several years has created many consequences for companies – both positive and negative. While social media represents an unparalleled opportunity to generate buzz about one’s brand, as well as a source of free advertising, social media also creates the potential for abuse by employees with potentially disastrous consequences. This article will highlight a few judicial and arbitration cases which underscore these concerns and provide examples of “employees gone (virtually) wild.� Very often, the best defence for any company – big or small – is a detailed social media policy tailored to the specific workplace.

In a 2010 British Columbia Labour Relations Board case, Lougheed Imports Ltd. (c.o.b. West Coast Mazda), [2010] B.C.L.R.B.D. No. 190, an employee working for West Coast Mazda posted various colourful comments about his employer on Facebook, including the following remarks: sh7ESTCOASTDETAILANDACCESSORYISAF INJOKExDONT spend your money there as they are f---in crooks and are OUTTOHOSEYOUxvAND sh)DONTTHINKTHERESENOUGHROOMON&ACEBOOKTOTYPEALL THEBULL TOUTxGLOVESAREOFFNOWxITSGAMETIMEv The employee’s girlfriend reminded him about his ongoing employment relationship with West Coast Mazda, commenting: “Some things just shouldn’t be broadcasted on facebook, especially when you still work there.� Not surprisingly, West Coast Mazda terminated the employee’s employment for cause. Rejecting the employee’s argument that his posting was private in nature, the adjudicator hearing the case pointed to the fact that the comments were intended to be damaging to the employer’s reputation and were disseminated to hundreds of people, including fellow employees. continued on page 8

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In a similar case, Canada Post Corp v. CUPW (Discharge for Facebook postings Grievance), [2012] C.L.A.D. No. 85 (Ponak), a unionized Canada Post employee was terminated for cause after making derogatory and threatening remarks about her supervisors on her Facebook account, going so far as to threaten violence against them. At the hearing, the union argued that the employee did not intend for the employer to see her postings – since they were limited to her “Facebook friends.� However, the arbitrator put little stock in this position, relying in part on the fact that many of these “Facebook friends� were Canada Post colleagues. The termination was upheld. An employee’s reckless use of social media was approached differently in E.V. Logistics v. Retail Wholesale Union, Local 580 (Discharge Grievance), [2008] B.C.C.A.A.A. No. 22 (Laing). An employee of E.V. Logistics was terminated following the company’s discovery that he ran a pro-Nazi “blog� which, among other things, referenced the name of his employer’s company and included photos of him at the workplace. The employee had intended that the blog would be accessed only by his friends, family and a few co-workers, and it only came to the employer’s attention when E.V. was notified by the local police. In response, the employee immediately took down the blog, and wrote a letter of apology to his employer. In holding the employer did not have cause to terminate this employee, the arbitrator agreed with his union that any connection to the workplace was incidental, and saw the employee’s sincere demonstration of contrition as a mitigating factor. However, where employees go too far, they risk losing more than just their jobs. In Hay v. Partridge, [2004] NUCJ No. 9 (Nun. Ct. J.), two corrections officers made comments about a superior, suggesting on an Internet message board that he had a “coke issue� and that he was incompetent. In awarding more than $40,000 in damages, the court considered the “anonymous and instantaneous� nature of the Internet as an aggravating factor, justifying a larger award. The Court’s message is loud and clear: use the Internet to hurt someone at your own peril. Conclusion These cases reveal a few key issues which all employers ought to be aware of. First, an employee can be held responsible for off-duty conduct, even where he or she intended it to be private in nature, especially when damage to the company’s reputation is foreseeable. The test in many of these cases was whether the employee’s message was communicated with a legitimate expectation of privacy. With respect to most online social media, the answer will be “no,�

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June 2013

particularly where the communications are made about or in the workplace itself. This is due to the very public nature of the Internet. Second, a company is allowed to monitor an employee’s social media communications. However, the Ontario Superior Court recently recognized a new tort claim known as “intrusion upon seclusion,� under which a plaintiff can be awarded damages where his or her private affairs are INVADED WITHOUT LAWFUL JUSTIlCATION CAUSING DISTRESS consequently, to be safe, employers should make it known that an employee’s online activities may be monitored. Third, a social media policy can be an invaluable tool to communicate the “rules of the game� to employees and preemptively counter any argument that the communication was private. Depending on the nature of the workplace, the policy may cover the following issues: s/WNERSHIPOFSOCIALMEDIAACCOUNTS s0ERMITTEDANDRESTRICTEDUSESOFSOCIALMEDIAATWORK s4HECOMPANYSRIGHTTOMONITORSOCIALMEDIAANDEMAILUSE s 4HE POLICYS APPLICATION TO WORK RELATED ACTIVITIES AT THE WORKPLACEANDATHOME s ! REMINDER THAT OFF DUTY SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENTS CAN IMPACTTHECOMPANY s0ROHIBITINGANYONLINECOMMENTSPURPORTINGTOSPEAKON BEHALFOFTHECOMPANY s 4HE COMPANYS RIGHT TO ASK AN EMPLOYEE TO REMOVE CONTENT s %MPLOYEES ARE INDIVIDUALLY LIABLE FOR ANY DEFAMATORY OR OTHERWISEOFFENSIVECOMMENTSMADEONTHE)NTERNET s4HEPROHIBITIONOFDISCRIMINATIONORHARASSMENTTHROUGH SOCIALMEDIAAND s!VIOLATIONOFTHEPOLICYMAYRESULTINDISCIPLINE UPTOAND including termination for cause. By establishing a policy which clearly addresses the situations in the cases described above, an employer can shield itself from liability, while communicating positively with its employees and members of the public. Daniel Chodos is a lawyer at Whitten & Lublin, Employment Lawyers. He can be reached at As part of the employment law update session, Daniel is addressing the CFAA Rental Housing Conference 2013 on the subject of social media, together with Maureen McMahon, Director, Human Resources, at Gateway Property Management.


2013 show-at-a-glance and conference floorplan Building Innovations Tour – Tuesday, June 11 Investment Conference – Wednesday, June 12

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Ballroom South

Ballroom North

8:00 am


8:45 am

Major rental housing sales in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada

Developing national trends and issues – rent control, political action and supported housing

9:45 am

Landlord licensing – causes and prospects

Major rental housing sales in Western Canada

10:15 - BREAK

10:45 am

BALLROOM SOUTH - Executive Round Table – where do REITS, pension funds and private companies see rental investment opportunities and risks across Canada? 11:45 - LUNCH

12:45 pm

BALLROOM SOUTH - Economic outlook by Benjamin Tal

1:45 pm

BALLROOM SOUTH - Economic outlook commentary 2:15 - BREAK

2:45 pm

Where is housing-finance going? What about rental development?

4:00 pm


Student housing – repositioning and operating housing for students

At 4:55, gather in the hotel lobby for the bus to the Hockey Hall of Fame Supper and Wyse After-party Rental Operations Conference - Thursday, June 13 Time

Ballroom South

8:00 am


8:45 am

Building science update

Ballroom North

Employment law update – for head office and site staff 9:30 - BREAK


BALLROOM SOUTH - The labour market for the next 10 years


Innovations in Rental Operations

Employee compensation strategies 12:00 - LUNCH

1:00 pm

Communicating with prospects and residents

What can rental housing providers learn from the hotel industry?

2:15 - BREAK


Handling a public relations crisis

Update on landlord-tenant law, development issues and waste handling







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“the industry’s conference”

Organized by CFAA with the support of FRPO and GTAA.

Building Innovations Bus Tour - June 11 Investment Conference - June 12 Hockey Hall of Fame Supper - June 12 Rental Operations Conference - June 13

Organized by CFAA with the support Who should attend? of FRPO and GTAA Rental Housing Executives Rental Housing Investors Independent Rental Owners Property Managers Asset Managers Landlord Communications People Commercial Realtors

“Just hearing Benjamin Tal is worth the price of admission!” 2012 Conference delegate

Benjamin Tal, CIBC World Markets

Hear more than 50 speakers on the 16 panels. Confirmed Conference Speakers (as of April 16, 2013): Benjamin Tal, CIBC World Markets


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