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Just recently I had the privilege and honour to attend my grandfather’s funeral. This was an historical, amazing experience as my much loved grandfather died at the age of 106! You may ask, what was his secret to a long, healthy life? Granddad led a very active and purpose-driven life and he knew what was important to him. At the age of 99 he flew to Australia to check on me and my family one last time, simply because his family was important. My grandfather lived to see and enjoy five generations!

I am at the stage in my life where I too know what is important to me and I treasure it! My husband, Darryl, and I have been married for 35 years and have two daughters and three beautiful grandchildren. Nothing beats cuddles with our grandkids and spoiling them every chance we get. I also have amazing, different and diverse friends in my life. I treasure these friendships and love how these women inspire, support and strengthen me.

Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011 is about connecting. It is an event to celebrate women: who we are and what we are able to achieve within our families and community.

One of my passions in life is to connect with women in the community and to see women expand their vision of self, and move towards fulfilling their potential by being exposed to new possibilities. I believe that, while women spend a lot of their time in a nurturing role, caring for family and friends, we also have a strong desire to go beyond the role of nurturer. We yearn to embark on a journey of discovery to find out more about our life purpose. I am passionate about putting together this Women’s Lifestyle Expo that allows women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to be empowered through various exhibits and workshops along with doing what women do best … connecting and having fun!

This year promises to once again be a huge success and I am excited to welcome special guests Allan and Barbara Pease along with Rachael Bermingham (read about them on page 5).

In 2010 we were overwhelmed by the positive response from the community to the Women’s Lifestyle Expo. The enormous success can be attributed to the diversity of the exhibits and the practical relevance of the workshops to everyday life.

The Expo provides refreshing and exciting opportunities for all who come to have their lives enriched as they embrace the diverse company of women on the Sunshine Coast and affirm who they are, gain knowledge and skills and expand horizons.

Be spoilt and captivated by the wonderful surprises we have for you! Enjoy an array of demonstrations, glamorous fashion parades, more than 120 exhibits and a huge variety of workshops, all designed to meet the needs of women of all ages, cultures and interests. The Expo also promises fabulous prizes, entertainment throughout the day, delicious food and refreshments. Don’t miss out on our Pamper Room! As coordinator of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo I look forward to welcoming you, so come to this year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011.

EXPO DATES: 9am - 4pm, Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September 2011 LOCATION: Lake Kawana SUE FROST

sunshine coast womEn’s lifestyle expo coordinator

Community Centre

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m: 0410 070 714


Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011

1800 443 090



Come and meet some of the Sunshine Coast’s most inspiring and high profile authors, only at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, Saturday September 10th from 1pm to 2pm. Purchase a book and have it signed – a perfect gift idea! SIMONE M. LESLIE

t seems to understand who you are and ofound mark on your soul and change a raw gem offering transparency and rney that offers healing, understanding own profound revelation and change.




eautiful heavenly whispers to a broken heart

how God made me.”

ves globally.

ly Whispers


on national television in her early 20’s yet behind the confident mask was a are the revelations that took her from

n remember, I didn’t know why It had been sts, different therapies, you name it, I’d tried asted and I always ended up right back where

was reading my mind and I just loved her was willing to share it!

It’s Okay to be Beautiful – Heavenly Whispers to a Broken Heart Simone Leslie Heavenly Whispers is a compilation of short stories that were revelations to the author, taking her from suicidal thoughts to the gift of freedom and a life of love.

Simone M. Leslie 13/07/11 11:52 PM

Marketing with No Money … How to get your business the attention it deserves Leah Squires In her book Leah shares the strategies she used to build her business and brand (BYO kids) with no money. It’s easy to read and jam packed with practical marketing ideas to suit any business.

seafood edition

Chef i the

Paul Leete Vicki Brown

© Denise Daffara


set your mind to.

hieve the extraordinary life

Fleur Whelligan & Kim Morrison co-authors of Like Chocolate For Women, Like An Apple A Day & About Face, Beauty Therapist, Aromatherpist, Fitness Consultant, Speakers.

Allison Mooney author of Pressing The Right Buttons and Award Winning Speaker 2006 and 2007. ISBN 978-0-9751796-1-1

How to Ac h ieve your L ife, Health and Wealth Goals

you to be happier, give you more hy weight.

R ach ael B erming ham Cynd i O ’Meara Kim Mo rriso n Fleur Whell ig an Jo die McIver Allison Mooney

her to achieve your goals. it, and keep it! fit everything in, even time for YOU! t as you age gracefully. r success story. oing something you love. to bring out your best in all areas of

Readm Lips

haven’t known where to start then you

o achieve your health, wealth o do it YOUR way. You will discover rishing in their everyday lives. Each of r or work from home in their profitable d their family commitments, living their out;

How to Achieve your Life, Health and Wealth Goals

Read m Lips

The Chef and I Vicki Brown and Paul Leete The Chef and I brings together two people who are passionate about great Australian seafood in a book on falling in love with the simplicity of creating quick and tasty meals anyone can cook and everyone will enjoy.

Read My Lips Jodie McIver, Fleur Whelligan, Kim Morrison, Rachael Bermingham, Cyndi O’Meara and Allison Mooney Read My Lips shows you the exact steps to achieve health, wealth and life success and will also inspire you to do it your way.

Rachael Bermingham Fleur Whelligan

Cyndi O’Meara

Jodie McIver

Kim Morrison

Allison Mooney

The Domino Effect Fabe Keily Transform your team into superheroes who achieve amazing results and create their own team of superheroes…. it’s the domino effect! Including team building secrets of 10 of Australia’s most inspiring leaders. 4


The Definitive Book of Body Language Allan and Barbara Pease The Definitive Book of Body Language is the current version of Allan’s original Body Language book.

Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps – a practical, humorous book that helps people discover the truth about men and women – and teaches you what to do about it!

Why Men Don’t Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes Why Men Don’t Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes is the follow-on book from Listen and Maps, focusing on the questions men and women want answered. 

Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love answers exactly that. Probably the most asked question in the house. 

Rachael Bermingham has written six bestselling books in the last five years and is regarded as Australia’s number one bestselling, self-published, female author. She has become most renowned for her ability and natural flair in building multi-million dollar companies from a home base, around family commitments using clever ‘no cost’ marketing tactics. Most recently Rachael wrote and published her first solo bestseller – How To Write Your Own Book And Make It A Bestseller and launched Bermingham Books – a mentoring and distribution centre for budding authors.

Workshop: Friday 9th September 10.00am – 11.00am “How to write a book and make it a bestseller”

Allan Pease researches and studies selling, relationships and human communication. He teaches simple, field-tested skills and techniques that get results. Known worldwide as ‘Mr Body Language’, Allan’s own record in the field of selling, motivating and training is equalled by few others. He has addressed audiences in 56 countries and his programs are used by businesses and governments to teach powerful relationship skills. His messages are relevant to any area of life that involves winning people over and getting them to like you, co-operate, follow you or say ‘yes’. Allan is one of the world’s most successful non-fiction authors, writing 16 bestsellers including The Definitive Book of Body Language and Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps.

Workshop: Saturday 10th September 11.00am – 12.00pm “Men and Women – Communicating for Results” Book signing: Saturday 10th September 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011




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the red team of volunteers

One of the key features of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo is the team of volunteers, also known as ‘The Red Team’. They are a team of more than 100 men and women who support and serve in all aspects of the Expo. The Red Team is on the spot to help exhibitors from setting up to packing down. They are present throughout the whole event – providing assistance and direction to attendees, a helping hand to workshop presenters and demonstrators, and support to the entertainers. This team is what sets the Women’s Lifestyle Expo apart from other expos. Over the past two years many have commented on the Red Team’s enormous vitality, hearty smiles and their passion to make the Expo a memorable occasion for all.

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011

Everything was exceptional, everyone was helpful and loving and nothing was too much trouble. It was a highly successful event.” Annie Clark, Vital Health I was very impressed by all the small touches that added to the event and by the brilliant help from The Red Team on the day. Fantastic!” Vickie Johnson, O3 Office Your volunteers did an amazing job, and at all times with enormous vitality and a hearty smile. It made the role of the exhibitor very, very easy and a fabulous experience.” Marney Perna, Kinique Natural Therapies



I wanted my own business and I knew I had to make it happen. It was now or never.�

Genine Howard



words Jessica Jane Sammut | photography Alan Hughes

Genine Howard, founder of profile magazine, is a woman who couldn’t be more proud of her fellow Sunshine Coast ladies and all that they are achieving, and no one more than Genine knows that a little bit of hard work is all it takes, as Jessica Jane Sammut finds out.


hen you meet Genine Howard, you cannot help but feel the power, the drive, the energy and the determination roaring and revving behind her eyes. Much like a beautiful shiny sleek sports car, Genine is not only a stylish and glossy powerhouse of a woman who stands in the middle of many Sunshine Coast circles, she is also a lady who doesn’t take no for an answer, does not believe in the word ‘can’t’ and is a true advocate of the strength and aptitude of all women. She encourages those she meets to rev their internal 4.2 litre V8 engines as she does, in order to speed into the future on their quest to conquering unknown territory and ruling the world. The founder and group managing director of profile magazine, Genine is a fantastic role model and example of a woman doing it for herself. Born in Victoria, Genine grew up in an environment where children attended the local primary school, went to university at the nearest college and finally bought a house around the corner from their parents. But not Genine. After studying for a bachelor of education with a view to teaching biology at high school, Genine quickly realised that her perception of teaching and perhaps life was not as she thought when she underwent a placement in a school. She found it was not for her, changing course to gain three degrees in biology, geography and environmental studies instead. “When I finished my degrees, I wanted to gain a job with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) but jobs were hard to come by at the time. I applied for every job going in a host of areas but nothing eventuated. So much like the change in my teaching career plan, I set myself a new goal and gave myself the deadline that if I had not secured a position by the end of the year I was going to move to Queensland. I felt it was the land of opportunity for me. However, no one believed I was going to leave. I had never even been away from home, let alone moved away. It was 1997 and it was a radical stance to take.” By the end of the year, Genine had not been able to secure work, and so in true Genine style, she glanced at a map of Queensland,

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011

chose Port Douglas as her new abode (on the basis that it had no traffic lights), gave away all her belongings, threw a washing basket full of clothes, a giant teddy and a couple of boxes of essentials into her car, and set off ... a nïave 23-year-old with $300 to her name, leaving a sobbing boyfriend standing on the curb in the dust of her wake. “I never looked back,” Genine remembers. “I drove for four days, and by the time I got to Port Douglas I had $50 left in the world. I rocked up at the tourist office bounding in like an overexcited puppy. ‘I’m here!’, I announced to the bemused lady sitting behind the counter. I had no job and nowhere to live, but knew in my bones I was on the right path. It was a pivotal, ground-breaking moment of my life.” Within three days, Genine had secured herself a job and a place to live. She also went onto study how to be a tour guide and, soon after, she was offered a role at a wildlife sanctuary, where she stayed for seven years. “I love animals,” Genine purrs. “I had the best fun ever at the sanctuary. I learnt how to wrestle snakes and cuddle koalas. I was in my element!” With hard work and dedication, Genine was quickly promoted to head tour guide and from there was offered a position in sales, which she loved. After six years at the sanctuary, Genine became marketing and sales manager for the whole centre, and was told one day by her boss that she should spread her wings so that she could fulfill her immense capabilities. Wise words indeed.

My attitude towards life is one of positivity and gratefulness … I hope I inspire women to create their own success.”

“My boss was right,” Genine concurs. “I was about to get what I call ‘concrete on my feet’; I was comfortable and settled, and therefore it was time to shake it up a bit!” In 2004, Genine left her position with the wildlife sanctuary and went to work for CityLife magazine in Cairns, selling advertising space, and it was then that Genine felt something had ‘clicked’. “I absolutely loved this new role. I could wear heels, dress like a girl and enjoy my sales job at the same time. I had found my niche and I was out of khaki ... hooray!” Genine continued to rise to the top as cream does, and was soon general manager of the

The founder and managing group director of profile magazine, Genine is a fantastic role model and example of a woman doing it for herself.



Genine is an ‘instinct’ girl. She feels with her heart, she listens to her gut.’

Genine Howard image courtesy of starshots maroochydore

magazine, launching the publication in Mackay and Townsville as well as securing its presence in Cairns. Meanwhile, as all this was going on in her work life, Genine was also devoted to her thriving hobby in the theatre and arts in her private life. Having been in a children’s entertainment group for five years when she first arrived in Tropical North Queensland (taking the role of the funny, ditzy character, Fizz, no less), Genine went on to work with a local theatre group, entertaining the corporate sphere, and it was in this way that Genine met the love of her life, Rowan.

After six months of Coast living, Genine suddenly had an epiphany. “I felt the time was right to go out on my own,” Genine states. “I wanted my own business and I knew had to make it happen. It was now or never.”

As I chat to Genine, I can see a pattern is emerging here. Genine is an ‘instinct’ girl. She feels with her heart, she listens to her gut. She believes in the chances she takes and this internal compass guides her in every form, affording her a certain refreshing simplicity in life, in that decisions are made with ease and her inner voice is always with her as a constant trusted advisor.

And in this way profile magazine was born. With a huge amount of hard work and late nights, Genine created the thriving lifestyle magazine that is profile, a magazine that has not only just celebrated its third birthday, but is also going on a walkabout of its own (much like its owner). The magazine’s sister publication is launching in Tropical North Queensland this month and Brisbane later in the year, as well as remaining on the Coast, with two new business partners, Alli Grant, writer and editor with the Genine since day one and a communications professional, and Hamish Rose, a former Prime Radio general manager, coming on board.

When CityLife was bought out in 2007, Genine was transferred to the Sunshine Coast, a move

“It has been a rollercoaster,” Genine grins, her eyes aglow with passion for her creation.

“I was dancing in the show that Rowan was singing in. A year later, Rowan had got rid of his girlfriend and I slipped on into place. Six months after this, we got our first mortgage together.”


she initially rejected due to her happy lifestyle in Cairns, but later accepted as a risk she was willing and ready to take. Within a week of agreeing to the transfer, Genine and Rowan had bought a house on the internet in Buderim and were set to arrive.


“My attitude towards life is one of positivity and gratefulness. I never see a problem, I see a solution. I view my journey as one of opportunity, of risks to be taken, challenges to be overcome and goals to be smashed. Anything is possible for women in today’s age. I hope I inspire women to create their own success.” And that she does. As the main sponsor and supporter of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, Genine is metaphorically holding the hands of all those women out there working hard, forging ahead and standing tall. “The expo is close to my heart as it is a celebration of business, of success, of lifestyle and of what it is to be a woman. We can have it all. And why not?” Genine Howard is my girl crush. She is a woman with a plan, a pioneer with a dream, a leader with a voice. Where some see boundaries, Genine sees only an invitation, and with Rowan by her side, profile magazine under her wing and her engine in fifth gear, there is nothing surer than the fact that Genine will continue to succeed in all that she sets her mind to. And what could be more inspiring than that?

Please proof the following artwork carefully, we have included a checklist to assist you. Once you are happy for the above artwork to go to print, please email approval.

CHECKLIST Address Phone number

I approve this artwork for print in profile magazine:

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SIGNED...................................... DATE.......................................... Coast Profile Magazine Pty Ltd trading as profile magazine. 104 / 65 Sixth Ave, Cotton Tree, QLD 4558. Phone 5451 0669, Fax 5475 4405.

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This artwork is copywrite and may only be released, at the discretion of the managing editor, by paying a release fee to profile magazine of $90 + gst.

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011



... be inspired This year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo is set to be the biggest and best yet. Here are some highlights of what to expect at this free Expo, held Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September, 2011. Come and join the fun!

The Pamper Room, brought to you by Radiant Beauty, is back again this year. Between browsing the exhibits and attending workshops, take time out to indulge and be pampered, free of charge. Be sure to book in early as the complimentary pamper appointments are sure to fill up fast. Book your appointment on the day at The Pamper Room.


V Management and Faye Rolph Academy will be presenting two fashion parades during the Expo. The parades will showcase the latest stylish accessories from various exhibitors.

Loads of samples and giveaways will be on hand to enjoy and this year visitors have the opportunity to share in thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

fashion parade times Friday 9th September 12.00pm - 12.30pm Saturday 10th September 10.00am - 10.30am

There are more than 120 exhibits on show this year. This is your opportunity to touch, smell, taste, hear and discover the latest in cosmetics, fashion, health and well-being. Experts will be on hand to assist you in all of these areas:

◊ ◊ ◊



Skincare and Makeup


Image Stylist

Jewellery, Handbags, Shoes



Gift Lines

Home Help





Hair and Beauty

Interior Design and Decor


Weight loss

Elderly Assistance

Fitness Health

Beauticians and Day Spas



Support Groups and Non profit community programs


Life Coaching




Fashion Models

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011





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Everyone knows you can create wealth using property – what most people don’t know is how … Multi-million dollar property investor Chris Childs and her dedicated team of experts at Think Money possess proven strategies to dramatically accelerate your property portfolio. Think Money is totally unique in this respect. Offering a comprehensive education system that supports you through every step of the journey, empowering you with the knowledge, systems and mentoring to achieve success. For the serious investor, there are few investments better than property. Residential property weathers the economic, social and political cycles better than most other investments.

Think Debt Reduction Think Money has been helping people reduce their debt and increase their wealth for more than 10 years. They have a comprehensive and proven system of software and personal support to make each step of the debt reduction journey easy. With the support of an assigned wealth coach and debt reduction specialist, each client learns the key elements to successful money management that will last a lifetime.

Think Property Education Think Money is one of the leading providers of quality and practical education in wealth creation through property in Queensland. Through a vast variety of live workshops, wealth retreats and personal training sessions, clients are provided with proven strategies to accumulate a successful property portfolio. As well as Think’s live events, they also have a large range of dynamic DVDs, workbooks and online resources that teach every step of the property investment game, from beginner through to advanced. It is just like property university.

Think Wealth Coach

chris childs

The Wealth Coach Commitment • Creating a personalised strategy that works for you. • Assisting you to analyse and select the perfect property for your portfolio. • Assisting you with your ongoing education. • Keeping you motivated through the whole process. • Assisting with each step of building your portfolio from finance through to settlement. • Training you to utilise software, systems and record-keeping tools. • Your coach is your lifeline, your support system and your friend.

Think Property Research Effective property research is the key to creating wealth through property. Think Money teaches clients how to research like the professionals, so they can stay ahead of the pack and locate the right property in the right area at the right time. The Think Money research system reveals the secrets to locating the next hot spots to help get the best capital gains for your investment property. With the support of your wealth coach you will learn how the professional research analysts do it and how you can access insider information about rental yields and demand, capital gains, population growth and infrastructure planning to locate the next growth areas to accelerate your wealth creation.

For anyone who has ever had a personal trainer at a gym, they will know the added value that can be achieved by working with someone who is focused on assisting you to achieve your goals. Their wealth coaches encourage our investors to keep moving forward, enabling them to reach and surpass their goals faster than they could on their own.

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011

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PERSONAL GROWTH THE ART OF INFLUENCE AND PERSUASION – DAVID LESLIE ᎰᎰ How to build rapport and influence within minutes. ᎰᎰ Learn the three-step strategy of persuasion ᎰᎰ Discover the art of conflict negotiation ᎰᎰ Three powerful tips for persuading your listener David Leslie is a business man and a philanthropist. David developed his career early in the corporate world before starting his own executive coaching business in 1996, where his main focus was coaching people to their next level of success through simple, sound and proven principles. David now focuses much of his time on building business in order to fund mission-based projects in Africa. FROM “WHO AM I?” TO “WHO I AM!’ – SIMONE LESLIE Living a joyful, empowered and fulfilled life by: ᎰᎰ Turning your weaknesses into strengths ᎰᎰ Breaking off the past to live in freedom and truth ᎰᎰ Discovering gifts and giftings ᎰᎰ Releasing others from their pain Simone has worked as a master neurostrategist for more than 10 years. Her clients, Fortune 500 executives, elite athletes and everyday Australians, rave of her gift to “fix” issues and blockages where years of psychology were unsuccessful. Her heart and humour consistently produce a safe place for change and results! Simone is also the author of recently published It’s Okay to be Beautiful.



BUSY AND OVERWHELMED? IS THERE ANOTHER WAY? – SHARON TAN ᎰᎰ Experience strategies and solutions that will change your life ᎰᎰ Come and discover how to shift and enjoy a greater quality of life. Busy and overwhelmed was Sharon’s way of life for many years. Married to the same man for 36 years, and a mother of six she is an experienced juggler of life. Sharon is on radio daily, empowering people to change and is a life coach and pastor. HAPPINESS EXPLORED – CAROLINE SORBY ᎰᎰ How to maximise and enjoy life ᎰᎰ What are your energy stealers and energy givers? ᎰᎰ How to balance all those different hats women wear Caroline has more than 20 years’ experience training and developing people nationally and internationally. Caroline has a Bachelor of Psychology and Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and is an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society.

TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR HORMONES –DR DAVID HENDREY ᎰᎰ Top tips to take control of your hormones ᎰᎰ Learn easy ways to work with your body’s natural rhythms Dr David Hendrey is passionate about helping people to achieve and enjoy vibrant, healthy living. He is an author, chiropractor and life coach. His seminars, book and hands-on treatment has helped literally thousands of people improve their quality of life. SIMPLE STEPS TO SIMPLE HEALTH AND WEIGHT LOSS – BONITA CRAZE ᎰᎰ Your body has individual needs, find out how to easily determine them ᎰᎰ You CAN achieve permanent weight management ᎰᎰ Receive a FREE Weight Management Toolkit voucher to get you started. Bonita is the director of AllNewYou Coaching. She is a busy wife and mother of two. She was a self-confessed diet junkie, always searching for that one true way to lose weight and keep it off for life. In 18 months she achieved an incredible weight loss of 42kgs and combated severe health problems along the way. That weight has stayed off for over three years now! ALKALINE LIVING AND THOUGHTS – ANNIE CLARK ᎰᎰ Identify alkaline foods that will increase your longevity and health ᎰᎰ Get your head into ‘alkaline’ shape. Get rid of ‘stinking thinking’ ᎰᎰ Discover the joy of raw (live) and rejuvenating foods without the fuss! Annie is a lifestyle health consultant / author and facilitator of Lifestyle Retreats and Events. Anne has published more than 14 books on health and lifestyle topics and runs a private retreat in the hinterland area of Cooroy. Her specialty is live food preparation, bowel health seminars and empowering people to embrace a healthy and purposeful life. INS & OUTS OF BOWEL HEALTH – ANNIE CLARK ᎰᎰ Why cancer of the bowel is the number one cancer in Australia ᎰᎰ Best foods for the best bowel motions ᎰᎰ Learn to analyse your waste – what does your poo tell you? Annie is a lifestyle health consultant / author and facilitator of Lifestyle Retreats and Events. Anne has published more than 14 books on health and lifestyle topics and runs a private retreat in the hinterland area of Cooroy. Her specialty is live food preparation, bowel health seminars and empowering people to embrace a healthy and purposeful life. ESSENTIALS FOR A VIBRANT HEALTHY LIFE – DR DAVID HENDREY ᎰᎰ This workshop will give you a very specific action plan unique to you to help you get moving and create momentum. ᎰᎰ Make sure you bring along three different coloured pens, your inquisitive mind and a sense of humour. Dr David Hendrey is passionate about helping people to achieve and enjoy vibrant, healthy living. He is an author, chiropractor and life coach. His seminars, book and hands-on treatment has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life.

... be inspired BUSINESS SMART FOUNDATIONS – JUST ASK THE 3 LITTLE PIGS! – FABE KEILY ᎰᎰ Discover the three pillars of Success: belief, education, action ᎰᎰ Break through self-sabotaging thoughts ᎰᎰ Interactive workshop – Come prepared for breakthough! Fabe Keily is the founder and CEO of What Working Women Want. She is passionate about one thing ... Making a Difference. Since2008 Fabe has shared her unique “3 Pillars of Success” with thousands of men and women to empower them to break through their limiting beliefs to achieve their life goals and dreams. HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND MAKE IT A BESTSELLER – RACHAEL BERMINGHAM ᎰᎰ Her personal authoring experiences of “staring rejection in the face time and time again” ᎰᎰ Many of the lessons she has learnt along the pathway to success ᎰᎰ Some of her secrets to writing and self-publishing success Rachael has written six bestselling books in the last five years and is regarded as Australia’s number 1 best-selling, self-published, female author. Rachael has become most renowned for her ability and natural flair in building multi-million dollar companies from a home base, around family commitments using clever ‘no cost’ marketing tactics. Rachael is also co-author the 4 Ingredients series of cook-books (with Kim McCosker). CREATING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND – GENINE HOWARD ᎰᎰ Learn how to develop your personal brand ᎰᎰ Find your USP (unique selling position) ᎰᎰ Brand and market your business Genine is the publisher and managing director of profile magazine Sunshine Coast and more recently, Tropical North Queensland. She is an award-winning business woman whose goal is to inspire women to create their own success. MEN & WOMEN - COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS – ALLAN PEASE ᎰᎰ What men and women need to do to get on in business ᎰᎰ Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps ᎰᎰ How to avoid arguments, disagreements and conflicts Allan researches and studies selling, relationships and human communication. He teaches simple, field- tested skills and techniques that get results. Known worldwide as ‘Mr Body Language’, his messages are relevant to any area of life that involves winning people over and getting them to like you, cooperate, follow you or say ‘yes’. Allan is one of the world’s most successful non-fiction authors, writing 16 bestsellers.

PERSONAL IMAGE DISCOVER STYLE THAT MAKES YOU SMILE – MANDY HARGREAVES ᎰᎰ Understand your body shape ᎰᎰ Discover tips to shopping for your shape ᎰᎰ Learn to build a versatile wardrobe that meets your lifestyle needs. Mandy Hargreaves, director of Shopping By Appointment, draws on her extensive background in retail and desire to help women enjoy shopping again. She has a real passion to help every client to learn to embrace their body shape and discover style that makes them smile! MAKE-UP TECHNIQUES – ALISON SIBLEY ᎰᎰ Highlighting your best features ᎰᎰ What colours suit you? ᎰᎰ Learn application techniques Alison will be teaching make-up techniques by using models from the audience. You will need to bring your own make-up to this workshop. Alison is a paramedical skin clinician, a qualified (Academy of Make Up) make-up artist, massage therapist and does the best eyebrow sculptures on the Coast. She is passionate about bringing truth and credibility back into her industry.

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011

FINANCE THE 7 SECRETS TO WEALTH THROUGH PROPERTY – CHRISTINE CHILDS ᎰᎰ How to create a property portfolio ᎰᎰ How to accelerate property wealth ᎰᎰ The tricks and tips to getting it right Christine is the founder of Think Money Wealth Through Property. She has a multi-million dollar property portfolio and mentors her clients in all styles of property investments. From renovating to accumulating 10 properties in 10 years, from debt reduction to subdivisions, Chris teaches proven strategies to dramatically accelerate your property portfolio. WOMEN & MONEY – IGNITE YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS! – JODIE MCIVER ᎰᎰ This workshop is designed to give women the ‘edge’ to empower themselves to make great financial decisions, starting now regardless of their current situation! ᎰᎰ Learn the key principals, facts and fundamentals to empower and accomplish your own success – discover easy, non-biased ways to manage your money, invest with limited funds, secrets the savvy people follow and expose why financial gain needn’t be a mystery but can be simply achieved! Jodie is an inspirational teacher who draws on 15 years of industry experience to provide a unique perspective on financial education. Jodie is a strong advocate of maintaining work-life balance. She mentors individuals and business owners on the fundamentals of finance.

SPIRITUAL DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTINGS – SIMONE LESLIE ᎰᎰ Prophecy, miracles, healing, encouragement, teaching, helping and more ᎰᎰ Learn how to step into and activate these gifts in your life and use them to give to and help others Simone has worked as a master neuro strategist for more than 10 years. Her clients, Fortune 500 executives, elite athletes and everyday Australians, rave of her gift to “fix” issues and blockages where years of psychology were unsuccessful. Her heart and humour consistently produce a safe place for change and results! Simone is also the author of recently published It’s Okay to be Beautiful.

HOME AND LIFESTYLE REDUCING HOUSEHOLD TOXINS – CATHY GALBRAITH ᎰᎰ Going green is no more expensive than using national brands ᎰᎰ Did you know your home is a minefield of toxins that are linked to many cancers? ᎰᎰ If we all did our part we can reduce the household toxins by 10% in five years Cathy, originally from Canada is a mum of four. She has worked for National Geographic magazine doing underwater photography. She is passionate about educating parents about their choices in their home to make our planet safer.





9.30 – 10.00am 10.00 – 10.30am





White-Water Rafting with Teens

The Art of Influence and Persuasion

Taking control of your hormones

Robyn Robertson

David Leslie

David Hendrey

10.30 – 11.00am

From “Who Am I?”

Smart Foundations:

Christine Childs

Just ask the 3 Little Pigs!

to “Who I Am!”

11.30 – 12.00pm

How to write a book and make it a bestseller Rachael Bermingham

The 7 Secrets to Wealth through Property

11.00 – 11.30am


Simone Leslie

Busy & overwhelmed? Is there another way?

12.00 – 12.30pm

Discover Style that Makes You Smile

Fabe Keily

Sharon Tan

Mandy Hargreaves

fashion parade

12.30 – 1.00pm Designer Mothering Astrid Dawkins

1.00 – 1.30pm 1.30 – 2.00pm 2.00 – 2.30pm

Simple Help for Simple Health & Weight Loss

Discovering Your Spiritual Giftings

Bonita Craze

Simone Leslie Busy and Overwhelmed?

Women & Money. Ignite Your Financial Success

2.30 – 3.00pm

Jodie McIver

3.00 – 3.30pm

Is there another way? Homeschooling: Your questions answered Tara Alzino



9.30 – 10.00am


Caroline Sorby

10.30 – 11.00am

Annie Clark



Discover Style that Makes You Smile

In’s & Out’s of Bowel Health

11.30 – 12.00pm

Annie Clark

12.00 – 12.30pm 12.30 – 1.00pm

Homeschooling: Your questions answered

1.00 – 1.30pm

Tara Alzino

Women & Money. Busy and overwhelmed. Is there another way?

Jodie McIver

Alison Sibley

Essentials for a vibrant healthy living

Reducing household toxins

2.00 – 2.30pm

David Hendrey

Cathy Gailbraith

Caroline Sorby

3.00 – 3.30pm

Smart foundations: Just ask the 3 little pigs White-water rafting with Teens

Allan Pease Make up techniques

Sharon Tan

Exploring Happiness

fashion parade

Men and women communicating for results

Ignite Your Financial Success

1.30 – 2.00pm

2.30 – 3.00pm

Genine Howard

Simone Leslie

Designer Mothering Astrid Dawkins


Creating yourself brand From “Who am I?” to “Who I am!”

Bonita Craze

Mandy Hargreaves

11.00 – 11.30am


Simple steps for simple health and weight loss

Exploring Happiness

10.00 – 10.30am

book signing in demo area Busy and overwhelmed? Is there another way? Sharon Tan

Fabe Keily

Robyn Robertson

3.30pm – 4.00pm




Alkaline Living and Thoughts

Sharon Tan






Get ready for the


y eff wildl K*

Curves® Circuit


Zumba® fitness. It’s the only 30-minute class that mixes the moves of Zumba® with the proven strength training of Curves for a wildly effective workout.

1300curves STRENGTH TRAINING IN THE CIRCUIT + DANCING YOUR HEART OUT = ONE WILDLY EFFECTIVE WORKOUT *New members only. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2011 Curves International, Inc. Zumba®, Zumba Fitness®, and the Zumba fitness logos are registered trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC. Used with permission.

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Sharing your journey for life

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011

Sunshine Coast Fertility Specialists: Dr George Bogiatzis, Nr Denise Donati, Dr Rebecca Matthews (Scientific Director), Dr Kirsten Morrow, Dr James Orford

Bundaberg Fertility Specialists: Dr Elize Bolton, Dr Harrie Swanepoel



EXPO spec

l ia Purchase a candle and receive a FREE gift bag valued at $30

5491 2266

Bulcock Street Caloundra


Gift store

C r e at i v e L i f e s t y L e

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Get the girls together for a coffee, to chat about how to start an Investment Portfolio

Creative Lifestyle For Women work with you from beginning to end, in every aspect of Property Investment. Our experienced team will show you how starting an Investment Portfolio is easy for anyone to achieve.

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= expomagazine

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chamber of commerce business promotion

Rebecca Bain


aloundra Chamber of Commerce president Bob Thompson said becoming a major supporter of the 2011 Women’s Lifestyle Expo was a perfect fit for the Chamber, considering the important role women play in delivering outstanding business and lifestyle outcomes throughout the region.

“Over the last few years we have seen an increasing number of women join the Chamber and become actively involved in the local business community. In general, women bring a different skill set to the table compared to men and that brings a wonderful new dynamic to an organisation.

“Every day across Caloundra I see the role women are playing in making the Sunshine Coast a great place to live, work and play. There is always a strong presence of women leading from the front or driving the engine room. You only have to look at any of the businesses along Bulcock Street, Nicklin Way, the shopping centres or the Markets at Bulcock Street and Kawana to see the positive contribution women play.

“It’s important that we nurture the role of women in the workforce. I am fortunate to work for a large bank which fosters and encourages development in all staff and offers flexible working arrangements to cater for family commitments and to enable women to strike a good work-life balance”.

“The Caloundra Chamber of Commerce feels that is it vital that we encourage women of all ages to strive to be the best they can be. The Lifestyle Expo is a fantastic opportunity to explore and celebrate the role women play in our community. Personally, I hope it is also a catalyst to inspire women to achieve their dreams both personally or professionally,” he said. Events executive for the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce and the manager for Westpac Caloundra Rebecca Bain said the Chamber’s management team and 300-strong membership base is laden with talented women of all ages who are making an important contribution to the success of business on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011

“Being part of the Chamber’s executive committee has enabled me to see first-hand the role that so many women play in local business and allowed me to act as a voice for women, in particular young women in business for the Southern Sunshine Coast region. “The Chamber is a fantastic resource which I encourage members and the wider community to utilise to help them further their business and achieve their goals. We are always looking for new ideas on how we can support our local businesses and are open to any suggestions or feedback on how we can achieve this” Ms Bain said. For more information visit,



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the ultimate relaxing experience Welcome refreshment tray to begin your spa journey Thermal suite including a HydroMassage & Steam Experience, Infrared Sauna & Blitz Shower Full Body Massage OR Tropical Facial OR Sugar Scrub Enjoy the peace and tranquility of our Relaxation Lounge Complimentary fruit juice or herbal teas Relax in our 25m heated swimming pool


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SPA PACKAGE GIVEAWAY AT THE WOMAN’S EXPO Look out for us at the expo for your chance to WIN!

Private sewing & pattern making tuition: Small groups or individual Beginner to Advanced Studio based in Maroochydore

Find us on facebook Only 3 mins from Hastings St ~ Links Drive Noosa Heads Q 4567 ~




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0404 455 727

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words Jessica Jane Sammut | photography Katja Anton

If you think some days are tough at work, try doing Jacquelyn Deane’s job. As the founder of STEMM, Jacqui deals with disadvantaged teenagers each day but wouldn’t have it any other way, as Jessica Jane Sammut finds out.

Jacquelyn Deane


arenting; it is a tricky task. There is no handbook and no qualifying exam. In fact, anyone can have a baby if they are physically able, and this power to procreate is for some the only thing they feel they are good at, as Jacquelyn Deane knows only too well. Raised in a loving family to parents who were always involved in community organisations, Jacqui grew up with a strong social conscience. “Mum was always wanting to help others; often I would get home from school to find an Aboriginal child staying with us. Dad was involved in Rotary, Apex and the Lions. We were a very hands-on family and I had such positive role models in this regard.” As such, Jacqui grew up with the ability and desire to help others and graduated from Kelvin Grove Teacher’s College in 1989 as a secondary business and maths teacher, taking a post at Burnside High School in Nambour. In 1991, Jacqui met her husband and went on to have three very wanted and very cherished children Madelyn, Lachlan and Alexander. And it was when she was pregnant with Alex that she became close to a year-nine student in her maths class who was also pregnant. It was not the first time Jacqui had seen her students become pregnant at such a young age. In fact, once the pregnancies progressed, she often found she never saw those students again as they slipped out of the system, but it was this thought that suddenly angered Jacqui and she felt passionate about doing something to stop it. “It was so sad to me that my pregnancy was celebrated and congratulated while my yearnine student’s pregnancy was condemned and criticised. She didn’t know any better and life wasn’t going to get any easier for her unless something was done. She had no family and her

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011

partner was in year 10; what hope did they have? She wanted to continue with her education but she couldn’t, it was too hard.” In 2006, soon after Alexander was born, Jacquelyn set about getting her campaign underway. “It was not easy. I approached numerous educational facilities who knocked me back, again and again. They did not want to be associated with teenage pregnancies. Finally, the principal at Beerwah High School agreed. I mentored a young mothers program out of a shed attached to the school. At first, it was great. However, it soon became clear we didn’t have any resources or rooms in which to teach. We needed to teach properly, so the search began again for something more substantial.” In March 2008, the Burnside principal Kerri Dunn offered to help the group, agreeing it could operate from the school. Supporting Teenagers with Education, Mothering and Mentoring (STEMM) was born, a multi-awardwinning program supporting pregnant girls and young mothers in a safe, non-judgemental environment. “It is so sad for some of these young women,” Jacqui explains. “Many of them choose to get pregnant because they crave love. For them it is a legitimate role they can play in society, when they been told in their childhoods they will amount to nothing. Many of these kids have suffered abuse and domestic violence in their past also; the stories I hear are heart-wrenching. STEMM helps break this cycle through caring and education. “The trend is that girls disengage from school in approximately year nine, and they become lost – feeling they have no place in the world. They then make a choice to become pregnant. STEMM is working to prevent the trend and

reduce the impact of the trend via its dual mothering and educational role. I aim to provide a family environment which some of these young women have never encountered. Where can you learn to be a mum if you have had no such positive role model in your life? I wanted to give the girls a safe place to go where they are surrounded by people who have a desire to help them. By educating a mother, you educate a family. We have 45 girls currently being educated and nurtured with us. “I do it not just for the mums, but also for the babies. By empowering these young mums you are not only improving their lives but also their children’s lives.” Jacqui has brought a tear to my eye in her compassion for these teenage mums and their babies. As a mother myself, I cannot imagine what these young women have gone through and will go through again as new mothers, raging against the world with their defences built high. With Jacqui having been invited to go to Canberra to sit on the consultation panel regarding what these programs need to look like and how best to help our teenagers, she is certainly having an impact, and one with so many ramifications. The woman in front of me who radiates a maternal warmth that even I can sense, is changing the course of lives, of generations of lives. From a teacher, she has gone that one step further to reaching out of the mainstream and across to those on the fringes; a rescue operation of sorts. Jacqui is creating the handbook of parenting that doesn’t exist – and what does it say? Love and education. Pick up a profile magazine to read the full story or read online at



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Women’s Lifestyle Expo



Last year’s Expo was just amazing, drawing in huge numbers and giving back to the community of the Sunshine Coast. This year’s expo will be no different – in fact, predictions are that is will be the biggest yet. But don’t take our word for it … here are some testimonials from last year’s exhibitors. Events play a major role in the success of my business. Last year the Women’s Lifestyle Expo exceeded the expectations of all who attended. Until now I have never had the pleasure of working with such a professional and supportive group. Last year I managed to connect with new wholesale and retail customers who are now fundamental to the MiMi FiRST brand. This year we will be working together to bring you new and exciting demonstrations over this two day event.” Simone Leete – designer / director MiMi First On behalf of Noosa Springs we would like to congratulate you and your team on hosting a wonderful Woman’s Lifestyle Expo! It was such a funfilled day and showcased the many wonderful products and services we have right here on the Sunshine Coast. We were extremely impressed by the professionalism of your team. The day ran so smoothly. The exposure for our services at Noosa Springs was fantastic we will undoubtedly be involved with the Expo again next year and in the years to come.” Emma O’Reilly – marketing manager, Noosa Springs STEMM was able to showcase the beautiful arts and crafts made by the girls and raise valuable funds for the program. It also enabled our staff and students to promote our program … due to the Expo we were able to make some very beneficial contacts with other organisations and we have received visits, resources and support from these organisations.” Jacqui Deane – coordinator STEMM (Supporting Teenagers with Education, Mothering and Mentoring)

Thank you to the following businesses for their sponsorship and support of the 2011 Women’s Lifestyle Expo.

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011



Inspire is about empowering and inspiring YOU in all aspects of your life! Inspire will hold monthly workshops aimed at helping you succeed in every area of your life. Inspire - similar to workshops at the Expo - will provide you with tools and strategies to move ahead in life. Inspire workshops will help you: • Design your ultimate life in business, career, family, and health in spirit, soul and body. • Experience fulfilment and purpose in your life. No matter the season you are in right now, if you want to succeed and move ahead, then Inspire is for you! Inspire is a continual empowering tool from the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, designed especially for YOU!!! For more details contact

Would you appreciate some guidance and trusted advice in your life? Would you like someone to ‘walk alongside’ you as you navigate this season in your life? Have you identified an area in your life in which you would like to grow and develop? The Women’s Lifestyle Expo Mentoring Program is for women of all ages, backgrounds, professions and cultures. The aims of the program are to: • Encourage and Inspire • Assist in the development of women’s potential • Facilitate growth and improvement in women’s lives For further information contact Caroline Sorby, Women’s Lifestyle Expo Coordinator [].

2010 Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo



portraits - couples - pregnancy & newborn

bliss on buderim

beauty’s all about you

families - pets - corporate - modelling portfolio

Visit us at the Women’s lifestyle Expo

54 931 931

32 Technology Drive Warana

P: 5443 3900

First Floor 7 Ocean St Maroochydore 4558

“Accountable to you” • • • • • • •

Tax solutions Tax returns GST and BAS BSA Estate planning Home visits Small business BAS and tax publisher / managing editor


Genine Howard

Email: or


call Sue on 0427 375 727

COVER: Photography by Starshots, The Riverwalk Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore.

Alli Grant

Women’s Lifestyle Expo Magazine published and designed by

Phone 1300 996 421 or

writer Jessica Jane Sammut

creative director Kara de Schot

sales and marketing

Profile Magazine Publishing Group 5451 0669 104 / 65 Sixth Ave, Cotton Tree

Sue Frost

graphic designer

EXPO DATES: 9am - 4pm, Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September 2011 LOCATION: Lake Kawana Community Centre

Johanna Jensen

Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2011



coast to coast



Sunshine Coast Womens Lifestyle Expo 2011  

Womens Lifestyle Expo magazine 2011

Sunshine Coast Womens Lifestyle Expo 2011  

Womens Lifestyle Expo magazine 2011