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MARCH 2011

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march 11

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elcome to this month’s slightly new look profile! We have been in the market for more than two and a half years now so I thought it was time to change things up a little. ‘Change’ – it is a word easily spoken, but in practise much harder to achieve. Change, or doing something different, is something to fear for many of us. We all get into our routines; we get up the same time each day, have the same cup of tea, eat the same porridge for breakfast, take the same route to work … but did you ever stop to think what would happen if you made a cup of coffee instead of that tea? Or what if you tackled a task at work differently than you usually

do? Or, what if you changed from that job you hate? You will never know unless you do it – make a change, big or small, and see what happens. One person who is the embodiment of change is our glamorous cover person, Anna Rubin. Learn about how this trained business analyst changed her life by picking up a paintbrush and following her dream to become a painter … and an amazing one at that. We also talk with locals Natalie Tink, author Victoria Miller-Wise and shoe designer Zoe Kratzmann; all exceptional women in their field and all embracers of change for the better, in their own way. So read on and embrace our changes this issue, and remember – to be exceptional just means being the exception.

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We are constantly asked about our gorgeous covers. This month, the creative masterminds behind the cover designs, Genine and Kara, give you a sneak peek behind the scenes on this issue’s photo shoot.

“Capturing Anna Rubin is a photographer’s dream, and the profile photographer certainly got to see a lot of Anna, in two separate shoots in fact! After a few hot and sweaty hours on our initial photo shoot at Anna’s Sunrise Beach home, we felt we hadn’t yet snapped ‘the’ shot. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a new concept playing on the story headline ‘From Russia With Love’. We decided to recreate the infamous Vanity Fair cover featuring Kate Moss in a white fur Russian hat and, well, not much else! We did, however, tweak to PG rated (i.e. semi clothed) and put our own flair on the shoot for our special luxury issue. We hope you like the result! “ Anna wears Toko Emporium fur hat ( Black costume boots, hat badge and white antique gloves courtesy of Costume Fever, Maroochydore ( Shoot styling and direction by profile publisher Genine Howard and creative director Kara De Schot. Makeup by profile’s beauty director, Katie Mackenzie. photography by alan hughes.



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cover photographer alan hughes

setting up the cover shot in studio

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march 9 opera and wine

Opera and wine – it goes together like Tiffany and Co and strawberries and cream. So wine and opera lovers, brace yourselves for the night of all nights at Sirocco’s exclusive La Boheme Wine Dinner on March 9. Offering a decadent five courses of gourmet dishes with accompanying handcrafted wines from DeBortoli's Yarra Valley Vineyards and Winery, tickets are $89 per person. Phone 5455 6688

march 9 grammar open day

Come and join Sunshine Coast Grammar annual open day on Wednesday, March 9 at 10:30am. Take the opportunity to tour the facilities and speak with many of their friendly staff and students. To register your attendance call 5445 4444 or email

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staff writers Lauren O’Connor, Angela Bueti, Jessica Williams (intern) John Altwyn-Jones

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march 16 sustainability exposed

The AIM Sunshine Coast Management Exposed Business Series returns in 2011 to debunk and demystify a range of topics critical to management and the local business environment. Wednesday 16 March with speaker Don Parry, Queensland Complete Printing Services. Held at Maroochy Surf Club.

drop in Suite 2, 63 Sugar Rd, Maroochydore

post PO Box 5012, Maroochydore Business Centre, QLD 4558

advertising, 5451 0669

march 18 monobrow

Nambour-based artist Evangeline Cachinero will deck the walls at the Noosa Regional Gallery in her upcoming solo exhibition, Monobrow. Catch the opening on March 18 at the Noosa Regional Gallery and bring your mobile devices to participate in the interactive piece.

march 16 and 28 online business seminars

Do you want to improve your business skills but find it hard to take time out of your business? The Queensland Government is offering a series of complimentary web-based seminars (webinars), covering a range of business topics facilitated by The Creative Collective. Next webinars are March 16 and March 28.

march 30 - 31 business expo

Join hundreds of businesses on the Coast for the 2011 Business Expo, March 30 to 31 at the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE, Mooloolaba. With nationally-acclaimed keynote speakers including David Koch, plus more than 60 business exhibits, professional development workshops and networking events, this is an expo not be missed!



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march 11

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label lust ll photography ben stone


he says


o here’s the thing … I’m a reformed label addict; a one-time, brand name freak! In fact, I haven’t been clean all that long ... not so many moons ago I was the Charlie Sheen of the fashion world (sans the hookers and Hot Shots 2). Yes, a fashion bad boy with a penchant for exy threads and the purest gear I could get my hands on. For many years, I was a bandit for the big brands, I just couldn’t get enough of the good stuff ... I had a $300 a day habit that was racked up on my credit cards, with dealers in every big shopping centre on standby waiting to feed my dirty little addiction to Mambo t-shirts, Oakley sunnies and Vision Streetwear shorts (the original three quarter length-type gear we now know as ‘shants’ – half shorts, half pants). Anyways ... eventually the ‘spending foldies like a mad man possessed’ lifestyle took its toll and my bank account, which had been fatter than a new contestant on The Biggest Loser, was now emptier than Warney’s ‘Sheilas I Haven’t Slept With’ diary. And so began the long process of getting the fashion monkey off my back, quite literally – as I disposed of my Paul Frank collection of beach towels, t-shirts and satchels (as blokes we say “satchel” to sound tough). I checked into label rehab and spent several months moping about the place in a plain black $10 t-shirt and a pair of non-fashionable green footy shorts. I began shopping at non-trendy clothes stores and even began frequenting the occasional op shop, whirling straight past the well-worn, lime green Lacoste shirts and only forking out my hard earned cash for a safari shirt or comfy pair of slacks ... most of which I had stitched up for less than a counter meal at my local. I also implemented Rule Fideen ... meaning I wouldn’t shell out more than 15 clams for a new t-shirt or new sunnies. It’s been two years, three months and 16 days since I said “hasta la vista” to labels and I gotta tell you, I feel like a new man.



todd and sami

She says


retty? Yes, for sure. A tad snobbish? Definitely. Demanding and requiring an exorbitant amount of money? You betcha. No, I am not talking about Jennifer Lopez! I am in fact talking about designer labels: the ultimate in uber luxury. Many of us consumer-driven, mobile phone-wielding, take-away-food scoffing, somewhat shallow Western women are quite simply tarts. Tag tarts. We are completely awash with lust when it comes to labels. We go mad for Missoni, pray for Prada, go loco over Coco and linger over Louis. I agree it is totally stupid, but I am one of the millions of suckers who suffer from label lust. You see it is similar to magic fairy dust in that it just coats every inch of your heart and soul until you covet consumables even though you know they are stupidly over-priced and come with a false promise they will transform your life. I know this is not logical, but I still suffer this sickness. And you know what? It is not even my fault. From when I could walk I have been bombarded with clever marketing and movies pushing label lust onto unsuspecting victims. Carrie Bradshaw could not exactly wear double pluggers in her pursuit of love and the perfect outfit in Sex And The City. Nope, only Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks would ever placate her substance abuse problem. And our little people have trainer wheels on when it comes to lapping up labels. If you doubt me, I have one word for you: Smiggle. If you are smiling you know all about the evil empire of Smiggle and how once you walk in the entrance you suddenly think it is okay to pay 10 times what you should for a good, old fashioned exercise writing book. Anyway, I will just keep on day dreaming at work of one day owning my own Louis Vuitton luggage set, or flinging a Ferragamo-labelled bag over my shoulder. Ah, yes, day-dreaming and Facebook do get me through the days.

A Daimler Brand

march 11



people zoe kratzmann and her children quinn edward and greta kitty

zoe kratzmann




ll words lauren o’connor ll photography ben stone

Understated luxury perfectly describes the sought-after style that many Australian women strive for, and Zoe Kratzmann oozes it. For Zoe, it is all about shoes and catering for the woman who juggles family, work and friends as if second nature. Profile’s Lauren O’Connor met with Zoe to find out more about her exclusive and sought after designs.


s any fairytale aficionado will tell you, if Dorothy clicked her heels three times, she would be home (because of course, there is no place like home). But this is no fictional story. The world-wide venture of Zoe Kratzmann has given Zoe wonderful success but has also brought her home to the shores of Australia. Zoe is the image of a modern woman; she is a wife, a mother of two, and a business woman, leading the way in style and comfort with her hand-crafted leather shoes and accessories. She has travelled the nation and the world, studied, and met her partner along the way. Born and bred on the Sunshine Coast, Zoe has returned home to raise her children in the family haven that is this little nook of the Pacific. Zoe Kratzmann’s footwear brand was established in 2005. “We were actually based in Hong Kong for seven years, so that’s where the kids were born and that’s where I established the brand,” Zoe explains. “I suppose there are two assets to the business; one side is the design of a range of footwear and a small range of handbags under the Zoe Kratzmann brand; and the other element is the production work I undertake as I also develop samples and oversee shipping for a couple of Australian brands such as Zimmerman and Nicoletta Finetti.” Zoe’s experience and knowledge of some of the factories in China has enabled her to develop a keen eye for detail, as she explains that “I’m kind of the person on the ground there, utilising my expertise with factories and shipping and as far as quality control goes ... that’s one of the services that I offer to those brands. “I suppose I had an early mid-life career crisis. I was in my 20’s, I was in Sydney. I have a marketing degree and I’d always been in retail, marketing and managerial roles and I hit a point at which I felt really unfulfilled by what I was doing and I thought to myself, ‘I don’t know how much longer I can do this type of thing’. It was also a lifestyle that I couldn’t really see fitting in with children because these roles were so time consuming and emotionally draining. I saw having my own business, rather than working for someone else, better in relation to the lifestyle I wanted. “We were based in Hong Kong for seven years. I’m a Sunshine Coast girl and my partner and I lived here for a little while, then we lived in Sydney for a couple of years, and then we went to the States where we fell pregnant.

We weren’t ready to come back to Australia and the eight hours on a plane from Hong Kong seemed so much more doable with a baby rather than from the States, so Hong Kong it was. We’ve both always been drawn to Asian countries. “I figured I knew retail in Australia. I have a marketing degree so I know something of getting a product from wholesale to retail and I started looking for a product that I as a woman understood, something that I could relate to and feel comfortable with, but was something that also had a point of difference and a competitive edge in the Australian retail market. “I then found some shoes that kind-of had what I was looking for, so initially my business was wholesaling these shoes into Australia, so I really had nothing to do with the design and the production side of things. From there, I started to have ideas of different styles and also ideas regarding the look and feel of the perfect brand and I couldn’t find those shoes. So I thought, if I can’t find what I want, then I’ll have to do it myself. “I can remember in the beginning my friends in Hong Kong used to ask me, ‘So how’s your business going?’, and I would always reply ‘I’m just on a really steep learning curve at the moment.’ I used to encounter things I didn’t even know existed.” Zoe, while she designs her shoes and accessories of her self-labelled brand, is also a business woman who runs and controls the manufacturing and production of her designs. “I think I have a good eye for design, but I think I’ve taken it that step further by really getting behind it. “I’m quite hands-on. I like to go to the leather markets and select the components, and look at the different qualities of leathers and the textures and finishes so I know exactly how I want it to look in the end. “I think about the Australian woman, and I suppose I think about myself as well. I think Australian woman really differ from city to city. I think there is an element of wanting to look good but in an understated kind of way. My target market especially appreciates an understated luxury quality to their garments and accessories. I think the Australian woman is also a fairly sensible consumer – she follows fashion, but it doesn’t dictate to her.” While the Zoe Kratzmann brand is an addition that should be made to all of our wardrobes, Zoe’s work and life attitude is something we can all learn from and apply to our own lives – to do things that fulfil and satisfy your desires; and there’s no time like the present.

So I thought, if I can’t find what I want, then I’ll have to design it ...”

march 11




If you cruise, you lose, as the old saying goes. And Natalie Tink is certainly not a cruiser. This focused, hard working, goal-driven blonde bombshell has taken her business to the top of its field through dedication and commitment. Profile magazine’s Jessica Jane Sammut chats to Natalie to see if she can pinpoint (and possibly bottle) Natalie’s secrets to success. ll words jessica jane sammut ll photography alan hughes natalie tink, Shot on location at Spice Bar restaurant, 4/19 First Avenue, Mooloolaba. Phone 5444 2022





What did the blonde do when she missed the 66 bus? A: She took the 33 bus twice instead. But not this blonde. This blonde bought into a company at 21 years old, made it a thriving success, bypassing the bus altogether by buying herself a Porsche (okay, the last bit I made up, but it does sound good, doesn’t it?). Let me introduce you to the very gorgeous, the very lovely and the very successful Natalie Tink. Natalie is the managing director and co-owner of Coast to Coast Media – the creator of Australia’s largest and most prosperous property and business advertiser magazines. She is also a wife, as well as being a mother to 19-month-old Kooper. Natalie appears to have it all – balance (tick), wealth (tick), career satisfaction (tick), love (tick), and a happy family life (tick). Now this is MY idea of a luxurious lifestyle – to have fulfillment in each area of my life; to have the various ‘zones’ of my world chugging along harmoniously beside each other, each one as organised as the other, totally in sync. How Natalie has managed to achieve all this at a mere 28 years old is unbelievable. I want to know her secret and I am guessing I am not the only one. Natalie greets me at the door of her office with a beaming smile and a photo of her treasured hubby and son mounted on the wall behind her. Despite it being Coast to Coast deadline week (i.e. crazy busy), Natalie appears to be as cool as a cucumber and as unruffled as a freshly pressed Louis Vuitton silk scarf. It was not what I was expecting. As someone in the publishing industry, I know all too well the chaos that ensues when a publication is going to print, and I have no doubt this would have been occurring on such a morning, yet Natalie was professional enough not to let me see or feel it. A big plus in my book already. So I sit down with Natalie, conscious of her time, and I whip out my pad and pen. And I have a plan. I figure that if I can extract Natalie’s formula for success, I could write a book, make a million and buy myself that aforementioned Porsche (although another pair of Jimmy Choos and a weekend in Paris would also be nice …) So I fire my big question; how, Natalie, do you have it all? “I wouldn’t say I have it all,” Natalie answers, modest as well as lovely. “I suppose I do have a strong work ethic. As a child, I was always raising money for charity – I loved to make money. I won the school fundraising contest every year, much to the other kids’ dismay! I have always had that mentality.” Okay, first hot tip. I make a note – ‘work hard, do your best; rise to the challenge’. “When I left school [at 16], I was lost,” Natalie continues. “I attended business college to learn to be a legal secretary, but I didn’t enjoy it as I could not make money – there was no sales aspect. So I left and I went travelling for three months. I spent time in the UK and Singapore and came back to the Coast broke. I wanted to get straight back into work and saw a telesales advert in the paper for Coast to Coast Media, which at that time was very small. On getting the job, I sold six advertisements in my first day which I was told was an incredible achievement. I worked to my talents, kept my head down and pushed hard, and after four years I was offered a partnership in the business. “I love the work, I love the business, I love the people I deal with each day and I love the team we have here,” Natalie enthuses. “Kylie Kovacevic, my business partner, is a sensation and we work so well together. In addition, my husband, Brad, now works in the business, so as a couple we have really integrated the business into our lives. I could win Gold Lotto tomorrow and I would still be here.” ‘Do something you are passionate about’, I jot on my pad for my next nugget of advice. Natalie’s passion radiates from her like a beacon, and it strikes me that Coast to Coast is more to Natalie than just a job / a career / a business. It is part of Natalie herself – her raison d’etre. You get out what you put in, as they say; success breeds success; and good things happen to good people. This, in fact, is one of the things I love most about Australia – the opportunity to do well is there for the taking if you want it. And then there is Brad, the man whom Natalie says shares the same passions as herself. “We met when I was 19 and he was 29. I have always wanted to give

march 11

Brad an amazing life and he has always wanted to give me an amazing life,” Nat explains. “We just click. We both look in the same direction, together.” ‘Meet your match’, I scribble on my pad. “And then Kooper came along a year or so after we were married,” Natalie continues, “and life got even crazier! I really enjoyed being pregnant which was a shock to me as I wasn’t expecting to feel like that. I suddenly became really relaxed and took it all in my stride. Nothing bothered me. And in fact, this has kind of continued into our family lifestyle. I am very hands-on at work – at the forefront, but at home I am happy to sit back. Kooper slows me down and I like it, I enjoy being a mum. I am a very different person at home to work.” It appears the serious, career-driven ball-breaker at work is swapped for the soft and mellow mummy at home – and Natalie really enjoys this change. ‘Achieve balance,’ I write for my next tip for success, and as I wonder how Natalie juggles her role as a business owner and mother, Nat pre-empts my next question. “We had some dramas when I went off on maternity leave to have Kooper as frustratingly the manager we had hired to help fill-in for me didn’t work out. The day I gave birth, I was therefore checking proofs a few hours later. Two days after having Kooper, I held a team meeting by conference call. And by the third day I was back at work. I was expressing milk for months during breaks in meetings.”

I could win Gold Lotto tomorrow and I would still be here.” My gosh, my respect for this woman has just tripled. Having a baby in itself is incredible but when you throw work into the mix as well, even the most stoic of women would crumble due to lack of sleep, let alone all the other adjustments that come with becoming a first-time mum. I am speechless. And as I look down at my pad to write my next lesson in achieving success, I put my pen down because I can only think of one thing to write – ‘Superwoman’. Hmm, my chances of getting my secrets of success book published have just fallen through the floor. Because, in fact, I realise there is no way to bottle / buy / conjure up / create the kind of strength that Natalie has. She is an anomaly, a fabulous anomaly. And as I reveal to Natalie how my plan of becoming a published sensation has been foiled by the fact that she is actually too hard an act to follow for most of us mere mortals (as I can’t list ‘become Superwoman’ in my top 10 tips to living your dream life), she smiles and informs me that if I had wanted to extract all her secrets, all I would have needed to do was give her a few glasses of champers (as she cannot resist its truth serum qualities); take her to a karaoke bar / plug her into SingStar or generally just deposit her at a place where she can exercise her ‘abysmal’ singing voice, as this makes her feel great! Yes, this high-flying mum loves to warble with the best of them and it is this quality, I realise, that is perhaps the key ingredient to Natalie’s success; the glue which holds all else together. ‘Let loose and laugh’, I jot down as I close the door behind me. And it is true - how we feel about life and about ourselves is all a matter of perception. The ability to live a life of luxury, of laughter, of love, is within us all, as it is not about a formula or a set of rules. It is about enjoying the moment and granting ourselves the pleasure of feeling good. And suddenly as I ponder on this thought, the strict no-chocolate diet I have been torturing myself with seems pointless and irrelevant. Chocolate (and shopping) makes me feel great so why am I denying myself this little bit of luxury? And with that … I head off to experience life in the moment and to smile … and what better way to start than by heading straight for the chocolate shop?




are made of this ll words jessica jane sammut ll photography alan hughes

Luxury means something different to every person you meet. To Victoria Millar-Wise, it is the freedom and ability to design and style your own life – to create your world as you want it, following your purpose and your true passions with clarity, consistency and congruency in the creation of your own ‘dream sanctuary’. Jessica Jane Sammut talks to Victoria about her life, loves and longings. victoria millar-wise


ictoria Millar-Wise – a woman who has certainly lived a life. Lived a life of love and despair, joy and sadness, constant change and, finally, peace. A woman who has lived in 32 houses, to date, nine of which she renovated and four of which she designed from scratch. A woman with an inner strength as strong as an ox and an outlook as positive and warming as a ray of sunshine. A woman who is the epitome of what a female role model should be – a true battler. Victoria was born in the ‘60s in Christchurch, New Zealand. She adored her parents who introduced her to building design through frequent travel around the stunning countryside of New Zealand’s South Island. When Victoria was 12 years old, her father passed away, and with him went the life she had known. It was all change as Victoria’s world began to alter at a rapid and unsettled pace, the innocence of her childhood disintegrating before her eyes. Victoria’s mother became involved with an abusive partner and it was only Victoria’s drive as a high-level athlete, plus her love for the soul-nourishing outdoors, that kept her sane. “I learnt to rely on myself and my peers. “Whereas a part of my world had closed down forever, another part of my world had opened up.” At 18, Victoria was put on an aeroplane and arrived in Australia with only $90 in her pocket. Showing her tenacity and will, by the end of the week she was managing the kitchen of a suburban Sydney shopping centre cafe. At 20, she had her own food business and at 21, Victoria gave birth at home to her first and only child; her daughter arrived half an hour before the midwife, but Victoria embraced the moment with courage. Around this time, Victoria started to dabble more seriously in interior design, studying it at college while also raising her daughter. On completing her studies, Victoria undertook work experience with an interior designer, drawing up designs for a local country hotel with great success. What she saw as her first ‘real’ project was a raging success, and this marked the start of Victoria’s career. She progressed to become an award-winning interior designer in the middle and upper market for both residential and boutique commercial projects (such as luxury resorts), achieving coveted awards such as Designer of the Year for Contemporary Design in Western Australia in 2002, with her creations written about in magazines and newspapers all over the world. 14


While Victoria’s business was flying high, Victoria was suffering personally as her marriage was violent and abusive. “I could not go on in the relationship any more, and it was extremely sad. I was forced to end my marriage. The business was doing great but then the global financial crisis happened and things were looking bleak. I went off to Fraser Island and rested for five days ... I recognised I needed to get back to a simpler life.” So Victoria stood up straight, puffed out her chest, held her head high and shifted direction, geographically, mentally and professionally. “I loved running my interior design business, but it was time to let others benefit from my 18 years’ experience. I decided to write a book to encourage others to take control of their homes and their destinies – to live their lives and express their dreams and to find that beautiful, personal place inside of themselves. “And in writing my book, I have not only had time to reflect and re-energise, I have also been lucky enough to meet the new love of my life and set up home on the Sunshine Coast.” And Victoria’s vision of sharing the knowledge learnt over a lifetime with others is fast becoming a reality. Her book Create Your Dream Sanctuary is published and Victoria is now in the process of adding an uplifting and inspiring seminar series to accompany the book, in addition to offering luxury retreats to teach people how they can “achieve brilliance in every aspect of their life”. “The Create Your Dream Sanctuary ethos is about following your soul purpose and your true passions with clarity, consistency and congruency,” Victoria explains. “People don’t realise how important it is to create a sanctuary – to have the things we need; to organise our lives in a way that inspires us; to simplify our daily routines; to allow ourselves to be creative.” I get a real sense Victoria is not only incredibly talented at what she does in interior design but also very intuitive and wise. And it is this extra facet which has given her the ability to break her specialism down so she can teach it. A true entrepreneur in my book; an entrepreneur spreading the love at that. And there can never be enough love in the world, right?

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march 11



coastline BMW feature

powered by Coastline BMW

The Sunshine Coast is host to a plethora of entrepreneurs and business leaders who have shaped our great region and inspired us all to achieve. This month we meet Sunshine Coast lawyer and part-time wine connoisseur, Travis Schultz. Travis is a partner in successful local law firm, Schultz Toomey O’Brien and is a regular face on the charity scene, having raised countless dollars for local charities. We also have the pleasure of meeting his 3-year-old son, Ashton, who gives us his view on the family BMW and his choice in music!


travis schultz My secret to success is … I’ll let you know when I get there. The greatest lesson I have learnt in business is … that the road to mediocrity is paved with excuses. If I had my time over, I would … have listened to my mother. My mentor is … not really just one person – so many of my close friends and colleagues have shaped who I have become.

What car are you driving Travis? A black BMW X6.

I believe in … never taking yourself too seriously and always finding time for family and friends.

What inspired you to purchase your BMW? With a three-year-old and the dozens of toys and contraptions that seem to accompany him wherever he goes, I needed something that was not only safe but had a fair bit of room.

My first job was … in a newsagency – but only because the pet shop wouldn’t have me!

Why do you love it? It’s a nice compromise between a big four-wheel drive that sometimes feels like you are driving a truck, and something a bit more sporty that makes driving less of a chore. What is your favourite feature of the car? The ejector seat on the front passenger side. What is your best driving memory with your BMW? Listening to a three-year-old Bon Jovi fan sing “Living on a Prayer” at the top of his voice all the way to the Gold Coast! Ashton, tell us what is your favourite feature of the family car? It’s got Bon Jovi in the back seat and I can turn the music up really loud. What is your best memory in your BMW Ashton? The time I laughed at Daddy when he ran the car straight into a tree stump in a grassed car park. What a twit! Coastline BMW

My first car was … a red Datsun 200B with more rust than Mater’s junkyard. I love the Sunshine Coast because … the people are warm, accommodating and welcoming and it really feels like a community rather than a city. On the weekend you will find me … explaining that I’m too big to fit in a cubby house, too old to do somersaults on a trampoline and that it’s too cold to swim at 5:30 in the morning.


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770 Nicklin Way, Currimundi. Phone 5491 9100

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Car featured: BMW X6 xDrive 35d Sport Its elegance will fascinate you. Its agility will inspire. The BMW X6 represents the fusion of CoupĂŠ charisma with the versatility of a Sports Activity Vehicle. Combined fuel consumption: 7.5l /100km. Acceleration 0-100kms/h: 6.5 seconds.

Car featured: BMW X6 xDrive 35d Sport Its elegance will fascinate you. Its agility will inspire. The BMW X6 represents the fusion of CoupĂŠ charisma with the versatility of a Sports Activity Vehicle. Specs: Combined fuel consumption 7.5l /100km Acceleration 0-100kms/h 6.5 seconds Test drive today at Coastline BMW, 770 Nicklin Way, Currimundi Phone 07 5491 9100

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lads at lunch

I am alarmed at how brutal women can be these days! 2






“The last time I was

romantic was when I proposed to my wife.




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lads at lunch

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Romance – the stuff of films or the byproduct of a loving relationship? Is there even time in today’s modern world to be romanced or to romance? Should our men schedule it into their diaries next to ‘mow the lawn’ and ‘empty the bins’? And do our men love us less if they are not wining and dining us each week and showering us with gifts? Jessica Jane Sammut talks to the boys to find out.


r Rochester, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, Mark Anthony of Cleopatra fame, Alexandr Petrovsky of Sex and the City, and Prince Charming. What do they all have in common? Have you guessed? Yes, they are all desperate romantics – wallowing in the glory of their love affairs, showering the objects of their affection with sweet words, kind gestures, chivalry, surprises, and … presents! (Who could forget Julia’s ‘Viv’ Robert’s shopping trip down Rodeo Drive?) But have you noticed something else? These men are all fictional. They do not exist. We would like them to, but they don’t. And why don’t they? Why don’t we have men banging down our doors to ‘woo’ us, throw rose petals on our beds and to feed us foie gras with their toes? Could it be that romance is dead? As a true romantic, I love not only being in love, but the idea of being in love – the long walks on the beach, the knowing looks across a room, the anticipation of seeing each other of an evening, the nights entwined in love and lust … I just love it all. After all, who doesn’t like to be reminded how special they are and how much they are loved? So why don’t we all do this more often? Joining me to discuss whether romance is in fact dead this month are the boys. I want to get a boy’s-eye view on this. I want to get into their heads and under their skins. Next month, I will be asking the girls about romance, so the battle of the sexes is on! So our co-host for our lads at lunch is Laurie Clarke, owner-manager of BOQ Maroochydore, a happily married man with a four-year-old daughter and twins on the way (could Laurie’s wife be due a special ‘twins’ eternity ring I am wondering – twin babies equals double the Tiffany’s trips, right?). Laurie’s guests are Ben Dobson, manager of Headland Golf Club and a newly-wed to boot; Ross Chapman of Ark Constructions, married for 21 years with two teenage daughters; and Rob Thornthwaite of Condon Treasure, who has been with his partner for 20 years, is recently engaged and expecting his first baby in May. march 11

Profile’s guests this month are Mark Cotterell, an award-winning master jeweller who is recently divorced but happy in his new relationship; and Karl Schussig from Proarch Podiatry, a single, 23-year-old young buck playing the field and learning about women as he does so. And then there is our lovely managing editor of profile, Genine Howard, who is very much in love with her metro-sexual hubby of nearly five years and someone who I am guessing would never say no to a splash of indulgent romancing (and, in fact, is mid-way through a campaign to get the afore-mentioned husband to buy her an eternity ring – who said you had to have kids to get some loving?! Come on Rowan, it is now in print!); and myself, Jessica Jane Sammut, also loved-up enough to leave London (where she was born) and run away to Australia to be with her true blue Aussie hubby – and if that is not a gesture of romance, I don’t know what is. profile: So gentleman, what is going on in the romance stakes? Is romance dead?

laurie: I think perhaps men’s take on it is that romance has to be about material things, which is very off-putting. ross: In the olden days (yes I remember those, ha ha), it was a male’s domain. Women are so much more in charge nowadays of so many things, including their relationship. Men have stepped back in this regard. Romance is old school, it appears. It is all now about sex. karl: I am not sure if I agree. I think women still very much expect romance. mark: I find, these days, that modern women are unreceptive and very distrusting of men being romantic. Women are now very structured and forceful about what they want. Women don’t like flowers as it symbolises mistrust. ben: I agree that flowers do not seem to go down well. laurie: I took flowers home the other day to my very beautiful and pregnant wife to make her feel special and she asked me what I had done wrong! rob: I think flowers are an absolute waste of

money. They die. I like [writing romantic messages on] post-its. karl: Or a text message. ross: What do women want? It is so confusing. And I think that puts men off. profile: What is your experience, Mark, of entering back onto the dating scene after a long time being married?

mark: It was hard. I am alarmed at how brutal women can be these days! I have girlfriends who have lists of things a man must have in order to cut the mustard. Women are more strong-willed and independent than they used to be and this does have an effect on romance and relationships. profile: So is it about the women instigating the romance – is that what men are waiting for?

ross: My wife is romantic so I don’t think that. I know full well that I am hopeless at romance. Restaurants are expensive, so I can see how the concept of the romanctic meal has diminished. The last time I was romantic was when I proposed to my wife. I had it all set up – we were on a break to Port Douglas and I organised to take my wife out to dinner. I arranged it all with the restaurant and even a few close friends knew, some of whom were seated in the restaurant watching it happen! ben: We used to go away … before we got our puppy. Now this makes it hard! karl: I think we learn from our fathers and grandfathers and how they treated their wives, so some of it is cultural, perhaps. mark: I agree, I think some of it is a generation hand-down. If we grew up seeing our parents be romantic, we are more inclined to also be romantic. profile: What about gift giving? What is the man’s take on gifts? We women love them!

laurie: I find it impossible to buy for my wife, Debbie. I would never do that. I still get reminded about the salad bowl and the shower radio [don’t ask]. ross: I have not bought for Karen, my wife, for over



lads at lunch

“The last time I was

romantic was when I proposed to my wife.

“ the loose goose restaurant and bar, twin waters

15 years. She can buy what she wants, when she wants, although actually she doesn’t ... laurie: Deb likes to choose her gifts – so she does get presents but she knows what they are. mark: When settled down, it is hard to think of what your partner needs. profile: But you boys must realise it is not about what women need, but what they would like!

ross: I realise it is not about what they need – I know it is just an indication that you are thinking of them. mark: I recently took my partner away to Montville for a break and we had the most divine time; it was beautiful and worth every penny. Men go into hibernation after their wedding day. profile: But do men realise that if they are romantic, us ladies will be like putty in their hands?

rob: Yes, but there are ways that women can also get men to be putty in their hands and you don’t hear of women doing that all the time either … [profile: I think a casual reference to sex is being injected here, bad pun, I know.] mark: I am a romantic – I understand the power of romance. I think you have to make your woman feel like a woman. ross: If I even cooked a meal, Karen would be wrapped. It is without question that if I was more romantic I would feel closer to Karen and visa versa. I do think romance makes you closer to your partner. mark: The type of romance changes also depending on whether you are single or married. profile: So what is romance then?

laurie: I like spontaneous romance – I took my wife out to celebrate finding out the sex of our twins the other night (a boy and girl!) and it was really special. That, to me, is romance. I also think romance is about sex – it is about two people connecting and making each other feel special. The physical side is very important. karl: I think romance is the intention of making your partner feel good in order to achieve a goal. ross: I disagree – when I was romantic, I never 20


had a goal in mind (except from my marriage proposal!). ben: Back in the day, romance would have been about courting. Now it is different. genine: I think romance isn’t necessarily about the big things; it is about connecting with your partner. I think stress can sever that connection nowadays. mark: I think romance is about always having something to look forward to – to spice things up. Routine is a killer of romance. profile: How do you think Australian men fare in the international romantic stakes?

karl: Poorly. I am from an Italian family and the men are very romantic. It is still a male’s domain. But the culture encourages more of a traditional role also – females at home keeping the house in order. Men are raised to find the perfect wife. laurie: In Australian culture, women have their careers, their plans and their own destinies. profile: What about marriage in general? Do you still think the institution of marriage is important?

ross: I don’t think marriage is so important anymore. I would not be upset if my daughters did not get married. genine: I think it is women who want to get married more than men – it is driven into women’s psyches from a young age that the ultimate day in a girl’s life is her wedding day. It is the greatest expression of commitment. mark: I think people still want to be needed and loved and marriage will continue. It is the very essence of romance. So there you have it. Men can be romantic, they just don’t want to be told that they have to be and they are also a little confused about how to make those romantic gestures in today’s world. They are scared of getting it wrong. Profile’s advice? Praise your man, show him you love him and you may be surprised at how romance regenerates. After all, it takes two to make a relationship work (and a few Tiffany’s sparklers never go amiss) …

Loose Goose, Twin Waters Picture the scene – a large, covered wooden deck, a sensational atmosphere, the trickling of the river below, the Twin Waters Golf Course next door, gorgeous food – and you will be picturing yourself at the Loose Goose Restaurant and Bar at Twin Waters. We were treated to the most sumptuous three-course meal at Loose Goose, consisting of many shared, tapas-style plates. Very European and very romantic, perfect for the topic of discussion! Our starter plates allowed us to tuck into a range of dishes such as homemade olive oil and rosemary foccacia with pumpkin and truffle puree; salt and pepper calamari with fresh lime zest; Piberico jamon with cornichon, butter and warm bread; marinated octopus salad with chorizo; and a risotto of king prawn and chervil with salmon caviar. The plates were wiped clean within minutes (very amusing how lunch with the girls is so different to lunch with the boys). Mains consisted of a delectable selection of delights including seared salmon on mash with asparagus parmesan and white truffle oil salad; chargrilled spatchcock with pumpkin and rocket salad and sherry vinegar jus; and potato gnocchi with braised beef cheek and vegetables. And to top it all off, we were then served caramelised lemon tart with double cream for dessert. Just divine. Loose Goose is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week, 11:30am through to 11:30pm. Loose Goose 3/175 Ocean Drive Twin Waters 5457 0887

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cover story

My grandfather said you can’t feed yourself by working in architecture or art. At that time in my life I did what I was told.”

Shot on location at Anna Rubin’s Sunshine Beach home. Anna wears (this page and contents) Salita Matthews Diamond Sea Maxi Dress (www.salitamatthews. com) and her own jewellery. Makeup and hair by Antoinette Netto. 22


cover story

... from russia with love words angela bueti ll photography alan hughes ll makeup and hair antoinette netto ll styling genine howard

Anna Rubin’s life is testament to Oscar Wilde’s famous quote “Life imitates art more than art imitates life”. Her paintings show a depth of complexity and emotion that is very much reflective of this gifted artist’s life. Anna tells Angela Bueti about her extraordinary leap into the art world as an adult after dreaming of being a painter as a child.


n economist one day, a revered painter the next. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The landmark year was 2002. Anna Rubin, the Russian-born Sunshine Coast resident, picked up a paint brush for the first time. Today, the self-taught artist’s paintings sell for anywhere up to $66,000 a piece. She still pinches herself some days to make sure she isn’t dreaming. “Blessed” is a term she uses frequently throughout our conversation. After our chat, I would also add talented, head-strong and passionate. On the day we meet, it’s picture perfect – inside and out. The view from within the artist’s studio and residence perched high on the Sunshine Beach hillside perfectly frames the cloudless blue sky, crystal clear waters, and scrubby treetops. The art adorning the walls inside is just as breathtaking. I don’t know where to look. The studio is filled with beautiful artefacts and precious family mementos – Anna’s emotive paintings, a baby grand piano belonging to her late grandfather, an ancient marble and brass clock, works in progress standing on easels, art books from around the world, and two scarab beetles in readiness for her next project. It’s another world in here. And yet, quite unexpectedly, it blends perfectly with the modest beachside abode she shares with her two adorable beagles, Ellie Bellie and Charlie James. Anna’s effervescent personality bubbles over. She immediately engages me in conversation while she hurriedly straps on a pair of gorgeous, cobalt blue, strappy high heels. “I’m sorry, I must put my shoes on. I adore beautiful, extraordinary shoes!” she gushes. This confession is later confirmed when she offers me a sneak peek in what she calls her “fetish room”. For fear of being voyeuristic, I reluctantly push open the door to the spare bedroom. Wallto-wall shoes abound. She’s not kidding ... she adores shoes. The stories from Anna are fast and furious, march 11

jumping from one country and moment in time to the next, revealing her past to be as multi-layered and rich as her paintings. Anna’s thick accent has her apologising more than once for her English. She needn’t bother. She’s very eloquent even though English is her fourth language – German, Russian and French being her ‘first’ languages. The more she speaks, the more I realise there are many facets to this talented, youthful Muscovite. Her life story thus far is intriguing, to say the least, and is fraught with moments of great sadness but also buoyed by monumental achievements. It was the death of her father during her childhood that caused her the greatest pain, but it was also the catalyst for a strong, loving, and very influential relationship with her grandfather. “My father was killed in a car accident when I was seven years old. I was upset at my father,” Anna says directly. The hurt is still evident in her eyes many years on. Her grandfather took over the fathering role and lovingly immersed a young Anna in the rich culture of Moscow and surrounds. “As Russia is so cold most of the year, we would do many things indoors. My grandfather would take me to the art galleries, libraries, piano recitals, concerts. I was surrounded by beautiful things – rugs, books, movies, poetry, music. I was blessed to be born into that family,” Anna says with her hand on her heart. From early on, Anna’s intelligence and thirst for knowledge made her intensely curious. “From three or four years of age, I was reading fiction books. I remember at that age being petrified that I would go to bed at night and not wake up, and then I would be buried as everyone surely would think I’m dead. The inescapable possibility of death terrified me. Then I thought there must be a pill for eternal life and that you had to be special to get that pill. It was a terrible phobia.” In a bid to distract Anna from her preoccupation, she was immersed in a constant regime of piano,

ballet and voice lessons. It helped perfectly. “I would express my love for my family through acts of service – by helping out, through words, giving hugs and giving gifts. I would paint little pictures, frame them myself and give them to my family to show them I loved them.” I enquire if those little paintings still exist, but Anna isn’t sure. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see them alongside her works of today, I muse. With so much immersion and interest in a rich art culture as a child, it would seem a foray into the arts as a career would be the logical progression. Not so. It would not be until Anna was in her thirties that her vast artistic talent would be realised – and interestingly, a visit to Australia was the catalyst. But Anna is not one for lamenting the past. “I never have regrets. I always look to the future,” she says, smiling with knowing conviction. Being surrounded by such beauty in her life, her desire to produce beautiful things was strong. Anna’s heart was set on studying something in the artistic field. But the decision was made for her. “My grandfather said you can’t feed yourself by working in architecture or art. At that time in my life I did what I was told.” Business seemed a much more sensible option. So began her study at the Moscow States University where she acquired a Bachelor of Business Administration and then a further year of study in Dusseldorf, Germany, to complete her MBA. Anna spent much of her adult life living in various countries, such as Germany, France and Holland, applying her analytical business brain to many and varied occupations. “After I completed my MBA I worked as an interpreter for two years. I was very close with the lady who owned the business – she was my mentor. Sadly when she died, her husband didn’t care about the business and fired everyone.” Anna looked for her next opportunity. profilemagazine


cover story

Ninety-eight percent of people I have been lucky enough to meet on my journey of life have been amazing. The other two percent I have learned lessons from.”

Artist Anna Rubin didn’t pick up a paintbrush until her 30’s. The trained business analyst is now an international success and her paintings can fetch up to $66,000.

“While living in Germany I decided I would restore the little, charming bourgeois houses from the Art Deco and Jugend Still era. Many of them were devoid of care. For my first house I borrowed money from my mother, completed the project in six months, doubled my money and paid back my mother with interest,” Anna says proudly. It was the beginning of many successful restoration projects. To see the dilapidated, old houses restored to their former glory inspired Anna, and her logical business brain was at work too. The course of Anna’s life was about to change dramatically in 2000 when holidaying in Australia. It was a chance meeting with an older Russian couple living in Bli Bli that was the turning point. “This lovely couple reminded me so much of my own Russian grandparents. When I complained it was too late for me to start painting, the elderly gentleman kept reminding me that he had only taken up painting when he retired and that it’s never too late.” Upon returning home to Germany, Anna kept in touch with her new-found friends. Sadly, a year later in 2001, the elderly gentleman died of heart disease. “I received a phone call. The wife said, ‘he has left you something’. I didn’t know what it was or how I would get it,” Anna explains. It would be another year before Anna would discover the special treasure left to her – the very thing that would catapult her into the art world. In a twist of fate, in 2002 Anna made the move to live in Australia. The desire to paint was still in her heart, but the means to do it was not evident. “I had already studied for five years. I didn’t want to do more study. It also cost a lot of money to buy the necessary materials to paint. So I just started working in business when I arrived here.” Anna made a visit to her dear Russian-born friend in Bli Bli who presented her with the gift left by her late husband. She becomes emotional at the memory. “He left me a little box. It was full of paint brushes, oils and blank canvases,” she recalls, tears welling in her eyes. “I went to my shed in Eumundi and painted the picture I had in my heart.” Anna walks me over to a huge print of her very first painting hanging in her studio entitled Iris. “This is what I painted,” she says proudly. “Some time and a couple of paintings later, I decided to become a professional, full-time painter. But how do you make such a change? You can’t state ‘I’m a lovely new artist, please exhibit and buy my art.’ You start with a statement, a deed. I decided to put together the first solo show on my own and let other people make the statement.” Anna worked diligently on her new-found passion while still working in business. In her mind she gave herself two years to prove herself in the art world. It was make or break time. By 2006, Anna was ready to show her art to the public. She held her first exhibition at her home with 15 original works. “I was a little fearful of how my paintings would be received.” Anna’s work is distinctive. While staying true to her European roots and studying artistic traditions dating back centuries, the realism in her paintings is astounding. They are strikingly unique. “My friends were supportive, but I didn’t know how other people would react to my art.” She needn’t have worried. The show was a sell-out and the response nothing short of astounding.

At that exhibition, her very first painting, Iris, sold for $16,500. Today it is worth $66,000. Anna goes on to show me other works hanging in her studio which have tripled or even quadrupled in value over the past five to six years. “I am still amazed – and very blessed.” Anna shakes her head in excited disbelief. Since that initial affirmation from an adoring public, Anna’s artwork has grown in size and accolades. She has exhibited on the Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Brisbane, and her paintings are now found in numerous private collections throughout Australia. If Anna’s grandfather were alive today to see her meteoric rise into the art world he surely would be immensely proud. Sadly, he died before Anna exhibited her work and finally realised her dream of becoming a professional painter. “At least I got to tell him ‘I’m painting now’,” she reflects. Life as an artist certainly agrees with Anna. She talks about her day-to-day existence with vigour and enthusiasm. She confesses she is a night owl and loves to stay up late reading, drinking tea and doing whatever takes her fancy. “I start painting early – about 9am in the morning. If I’m inspired I will paint for 10 to 12 hours a day. If I’m not feeling inspired I may paint for a maximum of six hours.” An intensely sociable creature, Anna’s beach home is the perfect solution to the solitude she must submit to as an artist. “I really wanted to spend more time outside. It’s a great house for dogs, kids, sand, wine. It’s a fabulous lifestyle. The neighbours are great. This area is sophisticated but laid back.” Anna is clearly in a happy place as she confides, “My life is amazing”. She has set about making a few changes to bring about that joy. “This last year has been about reconciling and getting over phobias and negativity.” “I quit bad habits from the past, started exercising properly and ran in a triathlon. I changed my diet to organic foods and I jumped 10,000 feet out of a plane to get over my fear of heights! “Every weekend I do something childish and fun, like knee-boarding, ice-skating, or horse riding.” In fact, Anna only recently overcame a childhood fear of horses after being thrown from one as a four-year-old, breaking her collarbone. “I loved to look at horses but I was terrified of them. Last year I met a wonderful girl and we became very close friends. I started riding lessons with her. Within three lessons I could canter. Recently I rode 40 kilometres through the countryside near Kilkivan. Horse riding makes me happy.” Ironically, one of Anna’s most prominent paintings, Emperor’s Desire, features a striking statue of a horse which was placed in the tomb of China’s first Emperor. Apparently, his desire was immortality. “I photographed the horse and thought I need to put something else in composition with it. Apples seemed the perfect choice as in The Old Testament Adam was tempted by an apple – the first symbol for desire.” Anna says she went through about 10 kilos of apples while working on the painting over a number of months. She explains that she puts the objects in a black box providing the striking realism evident in her paintings. I asked Anna, who has lived in Australia for the past

nine years and became an Australian citizen in 2004, if she feels a part of Australia or like an immigrant. “When I arrived I felt foreign and often rejected. I looked, dressed and communicated differently. Now I feel like there is little trace of the difference. I feel very much accepted in my new home. “Ninety-eight percent of people I have been lucky enough to meet on my journey of life have been amazing. The other two percent I have learned lessons from,” she says philosophically, with a shrug of her shoulders. Last year she was the proud recipient of the inaugural Sunshine Coast Multicultural Excellence Awards for her contribution to art. The awards recognise the rich cultural diversity on the Sunshine Coast. Anna is a shining example of this. Looking to the year ahead, Anna is excited about the future and her prospects. A cache of new works is currently in progress. The Sunshine Coast, and possibly Brisbane or Sydney, will play host to more delights from this talented artist with an exhibition, Dualité de vite, planned in 18 months. Anna is in her element. Painting is what gives her pleasure. Light streams in from a top window of the breezy studio where Anna animatedly shows me her latest ideas – a half-finished canvas of glamorous high-heeled shoes slung over powerlines, and photos of strong, little scarab beetles scuttling over miniature pumpkins. The concepts are in the traditional technique but cheeky and fun. The style is distinctively Anna’s. As a resident of the Sunshine Coast but a world traveller, Anna’s work is about to be showcased on a grand scale. Currently, she is negotiating an around-the-world exhibition in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. New and old works will be exhibited. It will certainly be the pinnacle of her illustrious career so far. Anna also dedicates some of her time to working with Sunshine Coast women, honing their personal style through her business Art of Style. Voted one of Queensland’s 50 most stylish people, Anna is well placed to offer advice in this area. “Style is mostly about your attitude in life, the place that you live, the friends you have, the food you eat, the car you drive, the books you read ... I help people to express themselves authentically.” Travel is also on the cards this year. Anna takes a trip to Europe each year primarily to see her mother (who has since remarried) in her home town of Moscow. “I am very close to my mother. I love and respect her. I must visit her every year, even if just briefly.” An extended trip to Europe to visit new places is planned to get Anna inspired. “I want to take pictures and collect artefacts. I love to spend money on truly beautiful things.” Anna’s life today as a professional painter living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast is a far cry from the little girl who grew up in Moscow surrounded by rich culture dreaming of what her life could be. Anna declares, “I live a blessed life, full of love, amazing friends and adventures which I’m truly grateful for.” And it is one she has uniquely created with determination and passion. “I have taken risks all my life. If you do that, all the victories are yours.”

Anna, pictured in her studio with one of her beloved Beagles, Ellie Bellie, wears Salita Matthews Conceited Deceit Dress ( and stunning gold hoop earrings by Mark Cotterell (www.markcotterell. com). Anna’s own cobalt blue shoes (she has a shoe fetish!).

business promotion

Toni and Guy Mascolo opened their first hairdressing salon in South London in 1963. It was an ambitious move for the two brothers. Their family had only arrived in England seven years previously, yet Toni and Guy, still only in their late teens, had gained the confidence to start up their own business. Their father Francesco, who was himself a hairdresser of tremendous talent, had taught them both the skills of hairdressing and how to maintain a happy clientele. Within a few years Toni and Guy had been joined in the business by their younger brother Bruno, and the family had opened two further salons in South London. The luxury TONI&GUY brand thus emerged. In 1972 the brothers opened a salon in Davies Street, just off Berkeley Square in Mayfair. It was a time when sharp, geometric haircuts were the fashion, but Toni and Guy offered a more commercial feminine slant to this hairdressing movement and their highly individual, feminine haircuts were soon a great success. With a philosophy that each client should be treated as an individual and that hair should suit a person’s unique facial shape, fashion taste and lifestyle, Toni and Guy created a maxim by which they have continued to work.

As well as Australia, there are salons situated throughout the USA and Europe. Cotton Tree on the Sunshine Coast is the location of the 35th salon for TONI&GUY Australia – owned by Leah Copedo the salon opened on December 14 2010 with a team that are experienced, creative, friendly and TONI&GUY trained. Leah says, “We want clients to relax and feel listened to when visiting the salon for their hair services whether this be contemporary, cutting edge or a classic look.” The team bring the world renown company’s international standard of hairdressing and customer service to the Sunshine Coast. Leah started with Toni&Guy Australia thirteen years ago in Sydney and has worked in a number of TONI&GUY salons here in Australia and in New Zealand.

The mid 70’s saw the beginning of flamboyant hairdressing shows, and the Mascolo brothers quickly found that they had a forté for demonstrating on stage and for sharing their ideas. A demand was created both in the UK and internationally.

The latest collection “Project 10” which was released at Salon International in London on the 10/10/10 is inspiring the team to offer new and exciting styles and colour techniques to their clients. The collection takes inspiration from high fashion, couture and street style; it is beautiful, vibrant and ultimately wearable.

The TONI&GUY movement came to Australia in 1995 with the first salon opening on Oxford St, Darlinghurst that November. Now, 15 years later, TONI&GUY boasts 35 salons throughout the country.

Call in to the salon today to have a complimentary consultation with one of the team.

TONI&GUY Shop 2, 30 King Street, Cotton Tree. Phone 07 5451 0251. 26


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life in the fast lane.


t only 25 years of age, Abby Douglas is way ahead of the game. As a former Melbournebased fashion designer, the move to the Sunshine Coast to begin work for Garry Crick Prestige has proven to be a lucrative one. Now marketing manager for the company, as well as executive assistant to Garry Crick himself, Abby is certainly living life in the fast lane. In search of a break from the fashion world, it was a call from home that provided the perfect opportunity. “My dad rang while I was living in Melbourne and told me about a job that Garry had mentioned to him. However, I do think it was just a ploy to get me to move home! I jumped on the next flight in search of a new challenge, was interviewed the next day and got the job the day after that. I have never looked back!” Having studied a number of diplomas such as business, fashion, marketing and management, Abby finds a role as varied as the one she currently holds at Garry Crick Prestige is the perfect fit. “I love the diversity that comes with the role – no day is the

words jessica williams ll photography shawn abrams

same,” says Abby of her position. “One day I may be escorting customers to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or Mount Cotton driving courses, while other days see me in my office mapping out marketing campaigns or planning the interior design for a new dealership. “My latest project is the development of the marketing and public relations campaign for the Ray Grace Truck and Bus Centre, which is a sister branch to the Garry Crick Autogroup empire.” The move back to her hometown of the Sunshine Coast has proven to be a positive one, with Abby listing the fantastic places to eat, the gorgeous beaches and the great shopping as just a few of her favourite things about the Coast. “Life is good here with ever-increasing diversity and opportunities; I think we should watch this space.” Watch this space indeed. With so much crammed into her 25 years, success with Garry Crick Prestige is only the beginning for Abby Douglas and with her life so firmly in the fast lane, one can only imagine where she will end up.

abby douglas

sweet smell of success.


ife certainly seems to have come up smelling of roses for Kristen Fabrizio. Having relocated to the Sunshine Coast less than one year ago, following her passion into a new career was the perfect move for the ex-ambulance worker. Now the proud owner of a highly successful perfume website and boutique, Kristen is loving her new idyllic lifestyle. After spending her honeymoon in Noosa and making many trips back to the holiday destination, it was a spontaneous decision which led to the small family’s relocation. “We have lived in Adelaide all our lives but would regularly come on holidays to Noosa because we loved it so much. We had always said to ourselves that we should retire here one day, but in December 2009 we spontaneously thought ‘Why don’t we just move there now as it will be wonderful to bring the kids up in such a lovely place?’” Leaving behind a stressful yet rewarding career in the South Australia Ambulance Service, Kristen followed her heart and decided to pursue her passion in her new home. “We started with a wholesale

words jessica williams ll photography shawn abrams

business and distributed perfume to pharmacies all over Adelaide. We then progressed slowly into retail by opening an online shopping website. In November last year, we finally opened our first signature retail store, Madison Fragrance, on the Noosa Marina. It’s a gorgeous place to own a shop! “The aim was to create an ultra girly store where you can purchase everything you need for the ultimate pamper session,” says Kristen of her store. The future looks equally bright. “My dream is for more Madison stores to be opened on the Sunshine Coast and interstate and for each one to be dedicated to a different charity. I am currently partnered with the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with one dollar from every product sold going to the neo–natal unit.” Kristen Fabrizio is truly living the dream. Add to this a successful business for which she is passionate and you could be forgiven for envying such an existence. For the meantime, Kristen is most certainly content with enjoying the sweet smell of success.

kristen fabrizio



New CT 200h. The world’s first luxury hybrid hatch.

Finally, the wait is over. The uncompromising CT 200h featuring a unique two mood, two mode hybrid system is arriving mid March. Its character changes with the turn of a dial. The wilder ‘Sport Mode’ gives you responsive quick acceleration and agility, and the calmer ‘Eco Mode’ gives you a smooth fluid drive, while maximising fuel efficiency and minimising emissions. In F Sport and Sports Luxury models the instrument display colour changes to further enhance your mood. CT 200h also features leading safety for a compact hatch, an ergonomic cabin that ensures seamless anticipation and unique styling that not only catches the eye but enhances the performance of the vehicle as well. At Lexus, we refer to it as a beautiful contradiction. To take a closer look at the new CT 200h, the world’s first luxury hybrid hatch, contact our award winning team at Lexus of Maroochydore to arrange a test drive or visit

63 Maroochy Boulevard, Maroochydore (07) 5452 8777 A/H Jon Miles: 0457 073 024




Each month we profile a number of successful locals making their mark in their chosen profession. So you know someone worthy of profiling? Email

Raymond Duffy Mumfords Lawyers Mumfords Lawyers welcomes Ray Duffy as an associate Lawyer. Ray’s wealth of knowledge and experience gained over 10 years in commercial law, particularly in franchising, is a major asset to the law firm. Ray’s understanding of business and his degrees in both law and marketing / business enable him to provide insightful and strategic advice. Ray has been involved with numerous business acquisitions and sales which have included: Pizza Hut, Pizza Capers, Dominos Pizza, The Coffee Club, Gloria Jeans Coffees, BB’s Café, Brumby’s Bakery, Video Ezy, Blockbuster, Poolwerx, New Zealand Ice Cream, Donut King and Dymocks, to name a few. He has advised and documented franchise agreements, disclosure documents, procedures manuals and ancillary contracts and advised on statutory compliance.

Robert Dunbar Acclaim Apprentices and Trainees As the general manager of the Sunshine Coast’s largest employer of apprentices and trainees, Robert needs to be hands-on and solutions-focused to demonstrate visionary leadership, expertise and outstanding performance. These skills have enabled Acclaim Apprentices and Trainees to come through the GFC in a stronger position than prior to his appointment in March 2008. This has now culminated in Robert being appointed the Chair of the Sunshine Coast branch of the Australian Institute of Management. The highly successful Management Exposed series is back with topics covering sustainability, communication, relationships and social media. AIM is again searching for the Sunshine Coasts best managers. Nominations are open to anyone, with the announcements on Friday 9 September.

Mike Holt Buderim Author Mike Holt moved to Buderim after living in Asia for 30 years where he ran his IT company in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the years he wrote for various magazines and newspapers, including a column about computers for the Bangkok Post. He also wrote more than 130 short stories. Mike’s first book POW 921 is the captivating true story about Colin Taylor, a young man from the Australian outback sent to Singapore with the Australian Imperial Forces to battle the Japanese in 1941. The book unveils a new perspective on the Battle of Singapore, an event which many historians agree has not been adequately documented, and some say, even repressed by both the Japanese and British governments. Beyond its controversial historic observations, POW 921 follows Colin as an imprisoned slave under Japanese rule, shipped from Singapore to the infamous Burma Railway and later to the Mitsui coal mines on Kyushu Island where he witnessed the Nagasaki Bomb.

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luscious locks wardrobe vanity case

exfoliation, how much is too much? march 11

FA S H I O N , B E A U T Y, P R O F I L E S A N D A D V I C E



window shopping

handbag helper

my favourite things ... This month’s LUXURY theme gave us the perfect opportunity to have fun and create the gorgeous fashion shoot you see in this edition of My Mini Mag.

Shot on location at the penthouse at Cilento, Mooloolaba, we embraced model newcomer Erica Cecchin who has recently signed up with Faye Rolph Models and V Management. We know there are big things ahead for this young model and we are proud to showcase Erica in her first professional shoot. Our in-house beauty director Katie Mackenzie completed the makeup look for the shoot – check out Katie’s VANITY CASE beauty page to see how you can get the look. Here’s to the finer things in life ...

My husband keeps reminding me that I should never wear white when we go out to dinner as I am renowned for spilling my entree all over myself! Now I don’t have to worry as I have found a fabulous new product to rescue me in my hour of need – The Amazing Stain Remover (recently featured on Today Tonight). This nifty little handbag stain remover was specially developed to remove difficult food and beverage stains when you are on the go!

the amazing stain remover.

Nancy King Turq Cuff, RRP $159.00.

GENINE HOWARD PUBLISHER / MANAGING EDITOR cover image: Model Erica Cecchin (www.fayerolphmodels. com), wears Birds of Fire Necklace, $360; Electric Bloom pant in bronze, $290 and You’re So Vain bustier, $460 from Salita Matthews, Model wears CARAT* jewels, Gold cuff, stylists own. Hair by Strut Hair, Maroochydore. Shoes, model’s own.

e-boutique Shopping is becoming easier these days with a multitude of online stores. My favourite at the moment is the fabulous Nancy King Boutique (also in Brisbane). Their online portal stocks a range of Australian and international designers including Alex Perry, See by Chloe and Nicole Richie’s Winter Kate range.

a girl’s best friend … in pink Argyle Pink Diamonds Limited Edition O Pendant, $7700.

luscious locks

When most of us think of hair extensions, we think of gluing, bonding and hair breakage. However, New Zealand brand PARKSEBEL promises not only to offer a superior quality of hair extension (as compared to other leading brands on the market), but also to offer a price tag which will make you smile. PARKSEBEL’s salon professional range is based on Indian remy hair, along with their premium range of Russian, double-drawn, virgin remy hair. Their hair is favoured by celebrities such as Vicky-lee Valentino and Charlotte Dawson who fly in from all over the world to have their locks tamed by the founder of PARKSEBEL, Evelyn Park. How is the hair different? 1. Single Origin Hair – many manufacturers mix hair origins, for example Chinese with Indian is common. Both hair types are vastly different in shape (crosssection) and thickness. 2. PARKSEBEL’s unique wefting technique means the strands are locked-down up to three times more strongly than many others on the market. This means the hair remains in the weft longer, and of course the hair extension will last much longer before it naturally begins to thin. 34


With only 100 of these timeless treasures created and only an estimated decade of life remaining in the Argyle Diamond Mine in WA, the Argyle Pink Diamonds Limited Edition O Pendant will forever be the ultimate expression of the rarity, beauty and luxury of the Argyle pink diamond. This stunning pendant retails for $7700.

3. PARKSEBEL only produces extensions that can be weaved into the hair. Other methods such as bonding with an adhesive or micro links can damage your hair.


Profile magazine, PARKSEBEL and Strut Hair have an amazing package to give away for one lucky reader! The prize includes: initial consultation, full head of hair extensions, integration, colour and style by the ‘locksmith’ Wade Blackford at Strut Hair, Maroochydore, and even includes your first maintenance session (around week six). Plus you will be treated to a bottle of Moet and Chandon and chocolates to share with friend(s) during the process. Total value is more than $1100. And not only that, your photo will appear in profile magazine’s April issue! To enter, head to for entry details, terms and conditions.









TOP 10 2010



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TOP 10 2010

PH TOGRAPHERS profilemagazine 35

vanity case

Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex

O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance Serum

RRP $87. Reverse multiple signs of ageing with this breakthrough treatment specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. Available at Lime Health and Beauty, phone 5443 8201 or

RRP $89. Hero product! Perfect for all skin types looking for super hydration, calming and soothing, youth and radiance. Available at Bliss on Buderim, phone 5477 1430 or www.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Concentrate RRP $95. This formulation of pure, concentrated vitamins A, C and E helps reverse the signs of premature ageing while defending against future free radical damage. Available at Lime Health and Beauty, phone 5443 8201 or www.

O Cosmedics Immortal Cream RRP $99. Never ending youth! Perfect for line and wrinkle relaxation, age prevention, super hydration, youth and radiance. Available at Bliss on Buderim, phone 5477 1430 or

Guinot Serum LIFTOSOME Lift Firming Face Cream RRP $145. Now at approved Guinot stockists. For stockists phone 1300 300 954 or

We all know the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’, well in this (vanity) case, it is definitely true. Invest in these indulgent necessities and let the results speak for themselves. A small investment can go a long way to achieving gorgeous skin ... with Katie Mackenzie beauty director

Get the look from this month’s fashion shoot – a new look for a new season. Update your look as the weather turns and the leaves fall with these neutral autumn shades, including bronzes, golds and earthy browns.

MOR gift set rrp $49.95. dear mr partride hand cream, soap bar and candle encased in a keepsake tin exclusively from MOR, www.morcozmetics. com. mor products also available at madison fragrances, phone 5440 5171.

Glominerals gloLiquid lips RRP $19.95. Go for a nude lip colour, in either matt or gloss. This gloliquid lip colour in ‘darling’ is Available at Lime Health and Beauty, phone 5443 8201 or

Glominerals eyeshadow trio RRP $51. use a darker bronze fading to a gold on the upper lid for this uber glam (but no too overdone) look. This glominerals eye trio is Available at Lime Health and Beauty, phone 5443 8201 or



www.strut 21 Beach Road, Maroochydore phone: 5443 5605 email:

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my mini mag

ll photography shawn abrams

daniella saville

profile: You have lived a jet-set life over the past few years. What is your favourite memory from your time travelling worldwide?

daniella: One of my favourite things in the world to do when travelling is to eat where the locals eat – you get a real understanding of a place’s culture and its people through food. I love it. profile: Who is the most amazing celebrity you have met?

daniella: Celebrities are people just like the rest of us and it is true that some are amazing (like Sharon Osbourne). However, I have met some amazing people right here in Buderim! profile: Your style is very fashion-forward. How would you describe your look?

daniella: I love things that make me feel great and work for my figure. I am not always concerned about what’s hot on the runway because, being an Italian woman with curves, I love to feel sexy without looking trashy! profile: Since buying Kooshka late last year, what are some of the major changes you have brought in?

daniella: Firstly, I have completely renovated the salon. Kooshka is now a Redken Club 5th Ave Elite Salon and a professional luxury salon that is polished. I want Kooshka to be about an experience – our clients leave not only looking great, but feeling sensational too! I am also developing a fantastic team at Kooshka, starting with Jaey Powell, our senior stylist. I feel that listening to clients’ wants and needs is the priority. Keep your



This month we talk to Daniella Saville, owner and master hair-stylist of Kooshka Hair and Fashion Salon in Buderim, and discover how a New York fashionista (think magazine photo shoots, films, and fashion shows) came to reside in quaint Buderim.

eye out, as I will be bringing some more exciting things to Kooshka this year also. profile: Who are your fashion influences?

daniella: Love, love, love Sophia Loren, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Victoria Beckham. profile: What looks can we expect to see this season in hair?

daniella: Seventies-inspired looks are huge this season and I love the vibrant summer hues of the coppers, golds and reds. Red is so hot right now! Also, if you were a fan of Marcia Brady’s luscious locks, then you are in luck. For a more true-to-runway look, add some clip-in extensions. profile: What essential items do you always have on hand?

daniella: My iPhone, MAC lip gloss, Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum, NARS bronzer and Maybelline mascara. Oh, and of course my sunglasses. profile: What do you love about Buderim? daniella: Buderim has a real village feel, a real sense of community – friendliness, and courtesy. The scenery change is amazing also. You can go from being on the top of a rainforest to the beach in five minutes. And I love shopping in Buderim Village. Big smiles and tons of help from all the business owners make it a beautiful place to shop.



photography ben stone ll makeup katie mackenzie ll styling genine howard ll creative direction kara de schot

‘Patent’ one-piece pantsuit (100 percent silk with beaded embellishment), $1089. Dally and Leigh,

march 11

A life worth living is a life worth living luxuriously. Mix golds, silvers and metallics with traditional black for a luxe look … just add diamonds for fun.



Model: Erica Cecchin from V Management and Faye Rolph Models, Model wears CARAT* jewels throughout, (oval ring, $665; loop earrings, $1126; bracelets, $1232 each; solitaire ring, $637). Model’s own shoes. Styling by Genine Howard. Photography by Ben Stone. Creative direction by Kara De Schot. Makeup by Katie Mackenzie. Shot on location at Cilento penthouse, Mooloolaba.


Black sequined, backless gown, $999. Evalily,




my mini mag cover page and this page: Model wears Birds of Fire Necklace, $360; Electric Bloom pant in bronze, $290; and You’re So Vain bustier, $460 – all items from Salita Matthews, Model wears CARAT* jewels, Gold cuff, stylists own. Hair by Strut Hair, Maroochydore, Shoes, model’s own. Car featured - Coastline BMW 520d black sedan, phone 5491 9100 for a test drive today.

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wardrobe Gold and black Quba cross-over dress, was $244.95 now $125. La Vida Boutique, Zanzibar Resort, Mooloolaba, phone 5444 8833. infinite flower necklace, $360. salita matthews, jewels by carat*,



bliss on buderim

beauty’s all about you

N ew york style on B uderim Shop 1, 59 Burnett Street, Buderim march 11





beauty advice

a new era with Wade Blackford 2011 is the start of a new decade but hair this year is all about revival; bringing a modern twist to the classics. Short hair: Strong shapes and graphic lines that seemed to fade away in 2010 are making a comeback. Last year’s version of the pixie cut was very short on the sides and longer through the top and fringe 2011 will see the resurgence of the short all over pixie. Fringes: Fringes won’t be going anywhere this year with no particular shape or texture standing out. Variety is key here, so change it up every now

and then. A fringe is a great way to feel you’ve made a change without cutting all your hair off. Medium length: A square, blunt, medium length bob with a fringe is right on trend this year. Add a wave with a hot tong or irons and you cant lose. Long hair: Although a great haircut is of the utmost importance, long hair will be more about styling rather than the cut itself. Try something different like a braid with a top knot or your hair tied in a double knot at the nape.

Colour: It’s the start of a new decade so instead of individual colour trends, this year is all about change. Try something dramatic add a flash of colour or try some balayage. Whatever you do, don’t get left behind at the beginning of a new era. You might find yourself stuck there for some time. Make a change no matter how small … you owe it to yourself. Strut Hair and Beauty 5443 5605

exfoliation – how much is too much? with Leigh Campbell Exfoliation delivers a tighter, firmer, smoother look and feel of skin. Because of this result, many fall into the trap of over-exfoliation which can actually reduce the skin’s vitality and make it more susceptible to damage from UV light. Over-exfoliation triggers the inflammatory response in the skin, leading to a compromised lipid barrier that won’t function properly, a sensitised skin condition, and accelerated premature ageing as it is more prone to environmental damage, such as sun, wind and pollution. Tell-tale signs of over-exfoliated skin include: • Noticeable dehydration, • Patchy areas of dryness, • Skin tautness,

march 11

• Redness and itchiness, • Increased sensitivity, and • Inflammatory acne and irritation.

If you’re showing the signs of over-exfoliation, speak with a professional skin therapist who will most likely prescribe a calming cleanser and toner and a protective moisturiser to start the recovery process. Sun protection is a must: wear a sunscreen with physical UV blockers such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which won’t irritate skin.

Pair a more gentle regimen with professional exfoliation treatments from your professional skin therapist to enjoy smoother skin without the undesirable side effects. Lime Health and Beauty 5443 8201

My pick is Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub ($51) and Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant ($67.50).

After skin recovery, begin exfoliating with a gentle exfoliant designed for daily use. If you desire a more intense level of exfoliation, look to nonabrasive exfoliants containing chemicals like salicylic or lactic acid.




pregnancy and foot pain with Karl Schussig Women go through many common complaints throughout their pregnancy and lower limb and foot pain is one of the major complaints often overlooked.

When feet are swollen, they can become quite painful. If there is only swelling in one foot or in the face or hands, a doctor should be contacted immediately.

Due to natural weight gain during pregnancy, a woman’s body weight will alter, causing a new weight-bearing stance, which in turn places increased pressure on the legs and feet. In addition to this, the body naturally releases hormones that relax ligaments, which prepares the expecting mother for childbirth. However this relaxation of the ligaments also relaxes the ligaments that support the bones in your feet and legs.

Treatment Over-pronation can be treated conservatively by wearing supportive shoes with good arch support. However, many women also require custom-made foot supports so the bones of the feet are supported correctly. If there is severe foot pain, having something custom-made is always the best option.

Two of the most common foot problems experienced by pregnant woman are overpronation (fallen arches) and oedema (swelling of the feet). These problems can lead to pain in many areas, especially the heels, arches, ankles, knees and lower back, and can be made worse with increased standing and prolonged walking. Swelling in the feet normally occurs in the latter part of pregnancy.

Oedema in the legs and feet can also be minimised. The list below outlines some common tips to follow:

Stretching is a great way to promote circulation. • Exercise regularly to promote overall health; walking is the best exercise, but be aware if your feet start to become painful, you may need foot supports. • Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. • Eat a well-balanced diet and avoid foods high in salt that can cause water retention. If unsure, seek the advice of a dietitian.

Proarch Podiatry 5456 2562

• Elevate your feet as often as possible. • Have your feet measured several times throughout your pregnancy as the size of your feet will probably change. • Wear seamless socks that do not constrict circulation. • If you are driving for a long period of time, take regular breaks to stretch your legs.

the ultimate stress release with Dr David Hendrey Every second of your life, the millions of receptors or sensors in your body gather information about what is happening around you – both inside and outside. All this vital information is then sent to your brain to process and help you to live your life. When you are overloaded, either from stress or even a physical strain, your brain triggers the ‘stress response’. In this response, the following occurs: • • • • •

The hormone cortisol is released. Your nerves become pre-excited. Your heart begins to beat faster. You breathe faster and your blood sugar rises. Your muscles tighten and your digestion reduces. • Your reproductive system slows down.

This is a perfect response, designed so you can take some action to combat the stressful situation. If you take physical action quickly, your body can return to its normal relaxed state.



The stress response takes you to a heightened state of physiology and is only healthy for a short period of time. Sadly, some people are not able to return back to a normal relaxed state and stress builds up. This makes life very difficult. Robert Blanks, PhD, a Professor Emeritus of anatomy and neurobiology at the University of California, made some remarkable discoveries during one of his research projects. Over a three-month period, 787 people participated in the study. Some received chiropractic care and some did not. Doctor Robert Blanks discovered that when a person received chiropractic care, their stress indicators improved by an overwhelming 34 percent. This is a massive difference.

chiropractic care comes back to the central nervous system. Chiropractic care is primarily focused on the relationship of the spine and nerve system. When there is tension in the spinal system, the nerve system will not fire correctly. Chiropractors aim to release tension from the spine and allow the nerve system to function in balance and harmony. If you have not had your spine and nerve system check-up this year, treat yourself to the ultimate stress release. You’re worth it. Hendrey Chiropractic 5437 7222

The reason the chiropractic patients had a better ability to cope with the same stress situation as compared to those who had not received

Anti Ageing Injections QLD’s leading Anti Ageing clinics Visit the experts at COZmedics with over 20 years experience in the treatment of Skin, Wrinkles & Ageing, offering natural results with personalised care. Natural lips - Take control of the ageing process restore natural lip volume & improve surrounding skin texture, lines & wrinkles. Two fillers for the price of one! Call now to secure an appointment, limited stock.

Find your skin solution at or call 1300 792 299 Cotton Tree 5409 4400

Noosa 5474 8866

Ascot 3268 3998

Kenmore 3878 5122

» » » » » »

Any required x-rays are done onsite and bulk billed to medicare (NO GAP)

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the seven biggest mistakes … Find out the seven biggest mistakes you could be making to cause you or your child to suffer from permanent depression, anxiety or ADHD. • • • •

Are you not as happy as you used to be? Is stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or ADHD overwhelming you? Are anti-depressants not working for you? Do you find yourself irritated, not able to feel excited, or constantly thinking negatively? • Do you have trouble sleeping – your mind unable to stop racing / or waking too often through the night? • Do you get anxiety at bed-time where you can hear your heart beating while your head is on the pillow?

The puzzle that creates anxiety, depression and ADHD, however, can be solved and you needn’t suffer like this. There are seven key underlying triggers which can cause all of the symptoms above, including anxiety, nervousness, depression, or lack of excitement / motivation for life. Palpitations, excessive heat in the body, tingling in the hands or feet, irritable bowel syndrome, foggy brain and lack of concentration including ADHD in children, can also be present. Often these symptoms have been going on for months, years or even decades. You may suffer just a few of the above symptoms or perhaps all of them. Subjecting yourself to triggers which constantly create these symptoms can lead to brainwave pattern changes, affecting personality, mood, and the ability to think and cope. Fortunately it can be quite easy to address. Patients who have suffered depression for four decades are reported to have improved out of sight after one month, and other patients have shown improvement after just one week of treatment, including sufferers of major depressive disorder, and children with ADHD. And the best thing is the results are permanent and medication-free! Depression and other mood disorders affect one in four Australians. These illnesses are not without cause, like many believe, and can be resolved quickly. The Advanced Wellness and Behavioural Centre has successfully treated more than 200 people within just a few years. To find out more, call Advanced Wellness and Behavioural Centre to arrange a free half hour consultation, or register for the next webinar taking place on Wednesday March 16 at 7.30pm. A webinar is simply a seminar that you can see on the internet. You just log in through an email that is sent to you after you register. It’s easy and it’s free. Register now for The Seven Steps to Freedom from Anxiety, Depression & ADHD at register/804018072 Jodi Chapman B.H.Sc Naturopath Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre, 44 Baden Powell St, Maroochydore Phone 5443 1987



case study After taking antidepressants for 20 years, a patient of the Advanced Wellness and Behavioural Centre was shocked to find there was a cause for her depression that had never been found. Within a month she was excited, happy, motivated and absolutely amazed to find she was finally able to stop her antidepressants. When this patient first began antidepressants, she felt a lack of interest in life, low mood, irritability, anger, anxiety and insomnia. Exhaustion then caused more anger and irritability. With a young family, the strain was too much, so she went to her GP and began antidepressants, which worked well, but needed to be maintained for a normal life. When this woman first appeared at the centre, she had responded to an advert about depression and was curious about coming off her antidepressants. After asking a few questions, and scanning her brain and body for inflammation, infection, hormone and brain chemical levels, it was clear what the causes were. Nothing traumatic had happened during the time the depression began, the patient had been relaxed and happy as she had returned from an overseas holiday. But this in itself rang alarm bells – as there are bacteria in water overseas that can cause depression. The centre therefore organised a bowel test. The centre also found that when the patient was moody, it fluctuated, with bouts of sleepiness, and fogginess throughout the day. This can indicate a relationship with food, as the symptoms start between meals – first irritability and fogginess, then sleepiness, then back to normal. When food does not agree with you, it can cause depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and low thyroid function. The liver detoxifies the offending food, by using enzymes which are also involved in making serotonin in the brain. This results in the brain under-functioning leading to low moods. One of these enzymes is responsible for producing melatonin for sleep, so insomnia follows. The thyroid drops in function during a food reaction. In women this will cause the progesterone to drop, which creates an oestrogen dominance problem leading to PMS, menopausal symptoms, and more hormonal imbalances, including severe mood swings. The Advanced Wellness and Behavioural Centre found with testing that this patient had a few offending foods she was eating regularly, and when they received the results from her bowel test, they also found she had a bacterial overgrowth affecting the brain. After treating these issues and starting a good diet – raising serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine naturally, the patient was feeling amazing within weeks.

“Awesome, awesome, awesome … this webinar is a MUST for everyone who cares about their overall health.” J.M. Buderim “Oh my lord, what an informative webinar ... brilliant.” L.D. Chermside “I thought the webinar was fantastic ... I now have a fuller understanding of my health.” L.C. Buderim



SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER Three sessions for only $198* *Limit one per person

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pain in the neck ... with Dr Simone Ricketts Orofacial pain is a complex topic having different causes and therefore many different treatments. What is orofacial pain? Orofacial pain is described as pain experienced in any of the following sites: face, sides of head, mouth, jaws, ears or behind the eyes. In addition, orofacial pain includes aching teeth that are not decayed or in poor shape. People often describe orofacial pain as varying in intensity from mild to severe, in the form of a tingling, burning or throbbing sensation. The pain may come and go, or it may be present all the time. This of course impacts on social activities and work. Facial and jaw movements often aggravate the pain. Furthermore, the pain can alternate from one side of the jaw to the other and may affect several teeth at once. Other symptoms may include sore or aching neck muscles, difficulty chewing and talking, migraines or headaches, pain or tenderness of the jaw, clicking of the jaw joint, sleep disorders, and an increased sensitivity to noise, temperature, pressure, or touch on the face or scalp.

What are the causes? The common causes of orofacial pain are jaw muscle pain linked to trauma, inflammation and jaw overuse (which can be temporary or longer lasting). A customised mouth splint and quality remedial massage for orofacial pain can be life changing. Other non-dental medical conditions that may cause orofacial pain include trigeminal neuralgia (symptoms of shooting, stabbing facial pain) and viral infections can also cause facial pain. Bruxism (the excessive grinding or clenching of teeth) also causes orofacial pain, including jaw joint pain and jaw muscle pain, as well as damaging teeth. A customised mouth splint will be a huge help. Cracked tooth syndrome can result from bruxism, trauma or older, large fillings of the teeth. Cracked teeth usually require crowns. Complex large cracks require root canal treatment or extraction. Disease of the gums and / or soft tissues in the mouth can cause orofacial pain.

Referred pain is pain from one area of the body that is felt in a different area of the body and may be some distance from the source of the pain. Some people with heart disease notice an increase in orofacial pain when their heart is working harder, such as when climbing the stairs. Sinusitis, often caused by the common cold, can also refer pain to the mouth, face and teeth. This type of pain will increase when you drop your head down quickly as if to touch your toes. The pain associated with migraines and headaches, and also salivary gland problems, can refer pain to the face, jaw or teeth. Remember that pain is also perceived as being more severe when you are fatigued, feeling depressed or anxious, or have a dietary imbalance. Smile by Design 5443 2888

the year of you with Dr Alison Jamieson This year, more than ever, I am encountering patients who have decided that “this is the year” they are going put themselves first. Having supported, encouraged and cared for family members unconditionally, they are ready to indulge in a little pleasure of their own. The requests have been varied, from simple skin concerns to more in-depth rejuvenation treatment plans. The most common enquiry is how to address facial ageing including wrinkles, dull and tired looking skin and overall texture and tone. Though we welcome the wisdom that comes with age, most of us don’t love what those years do to our skin. When your skin is healthy and glowing, you appear more youthful and as a result you feel more attractive and confident, but maintaining this vitality becomes more of a challenge as the natural changes that come with ageing take place. We all know young skin is smooth and plump, this is because the tissue is well hydrated.



As we age, the water-retaining properties of our skin begin to decline, and, as a result, it will become drier and thinner and less able to restore itself. This loss of fullness results in looser skin, leading to lines, wrinkles and folds. Gravity then takes its toll, causing a general drooping and sagging of the skin. The good news is that we have far more choices today than we did five or 10 years ago and most concerns can be treated quickly, comfortably and affordably with little or no down time. One of the most effective ways of treating static wrinkles and dehydration is with an injectable dermal filler, which is placed beneath the wrinkle and/or fold to ‘fill in’ or ‘plump up’ the depression. The areas most commonly treated with dermal fillers include frown, smile and lip lines. Injectable dermal fillers can also be used to create volume and a 3D sculpting of the face such as cheekbones, eye rejuvenation, lip augmentation, and nose correction. On the body, hands and

décolletage are commonly treated areas. The injectable dermal filler is a smooth gel made of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body which stabilises the skin structure, attracts and binds water, and contributes to the elastic properties of the skin that allow it to remain tight. Injections of hyaluronic acid into the skin are thought to replenish its natural support structures damaged by ageing. This can help you look years younger – from giving the appearance of a mini-facelift, to smoothing folds and creases – all without the risks associated with surgery. Dermal fillers are administered through a few injections and have a high comfort level due to the advanced pain relief technology now available. COZmedics Medispas – Noosa, Maroochydore, Ascot, Kenmore 1300 792 299


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kerang kembar luxury villa, bali

ll words genine howard private beach house

outdoor bathroom



Balinese luxury is within reach – especially if you’re willing to bring some company along. Genine Howard discovers an idyllic private villa in Bali where luxury oozes from every frangipani flower.

decadent dining overlooking the surf beach



ne of the highlights of 2010 for me was an amazing overseas group holiday to Europe. My husband and I, together with six of our closest friends, spent an idyllic week nestled high on the hills of Amalfi in Italy, overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Each day was spent lazily kicking-back in a three-storey, century-old villa – breakfast on the terrace followed by a walk to the local village for supplies, a couple of quiet hours relaxing poolside reading books, followed by fun-filled afternoons of swimming, local wine, laughter, eating, more wine and of course all the while gazing down over the picturesque town of Amalfi. Jealous? Well you should be. This was a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ holiday that can never be recaptured or recreated. Or can it? I think I have found the perfect holiday destination that will certainly help us recapture our amazing summer holiday – in actual fact, it may very well surpass it. There are the coastal sea views. Check. Gorgeous warm sunny days. Check. Enormous villa for eight (even ten!). Check. Gorgeous local produce. Check. Sun-filled deck and massive swimming pool. Check! This villa is not in Europe. Nor is it beachside in Antigua. No, this is Bali. And it is Bali at its absolute premium – a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience. I have found Kerang Kembar, a state-of-the-art holiday villa perched at the cliff top on the southern-most beaches of Bali. But before you go flipping the page thinking this would be out of reach for your price tag, stop and read on. I, for one, am as thrifty as they come and want value for money for my hard-earned dollar. I have therefore mastered the art of organising once-in-a-lifetime holiday experiences that don’t require the need to take out a second mortgage … you just need a few willing friends. So enough with the jealously. Pop online, book your tickets, pack your bikini and grab your closest friends. This is luxury at your fingertips – Bali style. Kerang Kembar is an exclusive luxury villa with plenty of wow. In fact, its wow factor is so impressive it has been featured on the cover of some of the world’s most prestigious travel magazines. And I was certainly wowed. This is no ordinary villa. Kerang Kembar, situated in the Ungasan area of Bali (close to the famous surfing beaches of Uluwatu) prides itself in providing an ultimate luxury experience, interwoven with pure Balinese traditions, look and feel. So let’s take it step-by-step so you can truly understand why this magnificent villa was worthy of my ‘wow’. Arriving at the villa takes your breath away. Sprawling over two levels of manicured gardens, the modern, white-walled villa opens out to a stunning view of the Indian Ocean below. The heavy scent of frangipanis clung to the air as we were ushered poolside for refreshing fruit cocktails and cool face washers by one of the four villa staff … yes, our very own staff. As the chef busily chopped away in the kitchen preparing our lunch, we set out to explore the villa’s expansive buildings. Divided into three separate wings, we first took a tour of the main building. With its architectural design, soaring ceilings and wall to ceiling glass doors, the area plays host to a commercial size kitchen and breakfast bar, elegant dining area and open-plan living room complete with plump furniture, antique pieces and full entertainment system (including games cupboard, DVDs and a vast array of CDs). The villa then opens out to the timber pool deck which hugs the 21-metre infinity pool and provides numerous relaxation areas: multiple pool lounges, an outdoor dining setting and cosy love seats. We wandered next to the master bedroom wing which was to become our private sanctuary for the duration, and we were yet again wowed. The master bedroom leads off from the pool deck and the glass doors can be pushed back completely to give picture perfect views of the ocean below, while still remaining discreet from the rest of the villa. A king-king size bed (if there is such a label!) awaited us, complete with king-king sized pillows. Like its own private oasis, the master room offers a TV, DVD player and stereo. Leading away from the master bedroom and up a level, we discovered a private massage room – how decadent and heavenly! I assured myself I would make good use of the room during the stay.

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Further along is a delightfully decorated children’s room, furnished like a home-away-from home for kids … in fact, English-owner Wendy Wilcox (who lives in Singapore) personally decorated each and every room of the villa, and nautical-themed touches from her two children can be seen in the room with his and her name life-buoy signs hanging from the bunk beds. With the tour far from over, we headed up yet another level to the bathroom. Now when I say bathroom, I mean palace … this was possibly the largest, most exquisite bathroom I have ever seen. Black marble tiles, wall-to-wall, opulent lighting and Chinese antique cupboards, together with a spacious shower and separate toilet. But that was only the start. Leading from the bathroom, separated only by floor to ceiling glass doors, is a sumptuous outdoor bathing area, complete with frangipani tree. Typically Balinese, this amazing outdoor retreat has a marble bath carved entirely from one block of stone and an over-sized showerhead promising a waterfall of cool water. If that wasn’t enough, the third wing of the villa (decked out with another three bedrooms of similar size to the master room) also has its own private outdoor bathroom. Luxury personified! Each bedroom contains an en-suite also, as well as entertainment systems and of course bigger-than-Ben-Hur beds. I could just imagine our group of friends feeling quite at home here at Kerang Kembar … so long as we snaffled the master suite! So, have I whetted your holiday appetite yet? If not, how about I tell you about the amazing food we enjoyed at the villa – prepared entirely by our very own chef and selected daily from the extensive in-house menu. To sum up in one word, the food was simply … divine. We dined on tropical fruit platters, pancakes and omelettes for breakfast; freshly caught salmon and tuna for dinner, and nightly canapés poolside … along with a refreshing mojito (or three … or four). The food was simply five-star and we wanted for nothing. The staff was on hand from 7am ‘til 11pm, and the only time I entered the kitchen was for an early morning filtered coffee, kindly set out the night before by the charming staff. That was one of the things that sets villa Kerang Kembar apart – the staff. Balinese people are well-known for their friendliness and beautiful spirit, and our delightful staff was no exception. At first we were a little uneasy about having people wait on us … but we quickly got very used to it! Even the villa manager, Kadek, paid daily visits to ensure we had everything we desired, and of course when he suggested the chauffeur, Komang, take us down to the villa’s private beach house we jumped at the idea. Komang is on-hand each day to drive you anywhere you wish – a tour of Ubud, lunch at neighbouring Karma Kandara resort, or in this case down to the private beach house (which came complete with bales and a plunge pool overlooking the reef). We wanted for absolutely nothing. Should we wish for a relaxing Balinese massage or facial, we simply arranged it with the staff an hour before, all in the privacy of our own dedicated massage room. The most enjoyable part of our Balinese retreat was simply relaxing poolside each day, taking in the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, admiring the surfers dotted along the rugged coastline, watching the local farmers gather their harvest of seaweed on handmade wooden rafts … all with a mojito in hand. Kerang Kembar was the perfect mix of chilled-out luxury and holiday fun all in the secure surrounds of your own private villa. It is a special place that you could visit again and again, and possibly never leave. Take my advice: this is the perfect villa for those who prefer company … all in blissful luxury.

DETAILS Kerang Kembar Estate (+65) 9018 1742 (Singapore mobile GMT+8) Rates from US$900 per night (or US$225 per couple!)




ll with John Altwyn-Jones, travel editor

bali, luxury style

tying the knot in bali

kay, hold your hand up if you have never been to Bali. I was very fortunate to visit Bali recently. It offers everything Australians want in a holiday, plus, with the rocketing Aussie dollar, Bali now offers even better value for money. This is great news for all budgets, but especially for those looking for a luxury holiday, as Bali has in recent years experienced a boom in amazing luxury accommodation at really quite sensational prices. Some stunning luxury properties and Bali favourites I have stayed in include the Nikko Bali Resort and Spa – a large (but not overpowering) luxury five star Indian Ocean cliff-top resort in Nusa Dua, with fantastic rooms and suites and a very impressive offering of pools and top quality restaurants. The amazing Kayumanis Private Villas and Spa is a collection of stunning luxury villas, all with private pools, also in Nusa Dua. An intimate adults-only oasis of Balinese style and design, it is a stone’s throw from its own beach club. If you want to be a tad closer to the action in Seminyak, then check out Sun Island Boutique Villas and Spa – a very smart, impressive and modern, yet very Balinese collection of 23 new and contemporary luxurious and lavish villas, each with a private pool and tropical garden. If the mountains are your thing, the wonderful Maya Ubud Resort and Spa is made for you. Located close to Ubud, it’s perched above a verdant jungle valley, redolent of Bali, with superb luxury villas exuding relaxation and tranquility. For a resort which is special, luxurious and environmentally sensitive, you have to check out Waka Resorts and Spas – a collection of small, intimate coastal and mountain resorts, located throughout Bali. As one of our closest Asian destinations, with amazing quality and value for money, it’s not surprising that Bali remains a number one destination for Australians.



f you’re tying the knot soon and looking for the ultimate luxury location, great value for money, the elimination of wedding planning hassles and a sense of beauty and romance, Bali is just the place for you to go (and it won’t cost as much as an Australian wedding)! I was in Bali recently and bumped into the amazing Katrina Simorangkir, who is an Australian married to an Indonesian, and who also happens to be the founder of Bali’s leading international wedding planning service – ‘Bali Weddings International’. Katrina told me Bali weddings are very popular with Australians, as they have a sense of style, atmosphere and luxury which cannot be replicated in Australia. With most nationalities now able to be married in Bali, this island provides a fabulous wedding option. There is an amazing range of weddings on offer in Bali, including spectacular beach weddings offering a truly extraordinary wedding experience exceeding every bride’s dream, spectacular spa experiences and private villa weddings at the most fabulous and well-known private and luxury villa properties in Bali, or spectacular cliff-top, seclusion, puri and luxury weddings with some amazing wedding chapels on offer, including one perched on a hillside overlooking the ocean – simply spectacular. I can hear collective sighs of relief from brides all over the Sunshine Coast … travel file travel facts For more information on Katrina and Bali Weddings International, visit travelfile Bali hot deals Great deals to Bali can be obtained from your nearest travel agent and also from range of sites including the following:

travel file Bali destinations

Lembongan Island: Just 23kms by fast boat from Bali’s east coast is this stunning tropical island with several small resorts and villas, including Waka Nusa. Lembongan is famous for its marine life and crystal clear waters providing great diving, fishing, snorkeling and more. Oh, and very few visitors and virtually no cars – perfect! For more information visit

Waka Land Cruise: The amazing Waka Land Cruise takes only six people together with a Balinese expert guide and a driver, in a customised Land Rover right into the soul of Bali and to a restaurant deep in the mountains of Bali – Gunung Batukaru. Visit For John’s top travel tips for Bali, head to 54


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on the table


ally Honan from Saltwater@Kings has been cooking up a storm on the Coast for more than 15 years and she has finally relented and given us her famous and most sought-after recipe, ‘The Ooey Gooey Chocolate Pudding.’ This recipe is not only indulgent and decadent but it’s actually fuss-free and extremely simple. This dish will impress any fastidious dinner party guest, and the explosion of chocolate goo in the centre, enhanced with the luxurious ice cream on the side, is to die for. The splash of fresh raspberries adds colour, flavour and a sweet crispness. Perfection in a dish.

the ooey gooey chocolate pudding (serves four)

Sally Honan

Chef, Saltwater@Kings Caloundra

ingredients •• 200g dark cooking chocolate •• 150g butter •• 100g sugar •• 125g flour •• Four eggs •• Fresh raspberries •• Good quality ice cream (approx two cups) •• 12 Ferrero Rocher chocolates •• Thickened dollop cream •• Four pudding moulds method To prepare the ice cream: Let the ice cream sit for a little while and soften. Roughly chop up eight Ferrero Rocher chocolates and fold through the ice cream. Return ice cream to the freezer to reset. To prepare the pudding: Melt the dark chocolate and the butter in a saucepan or microwave. Mix in the sugar, flour and eggs. Spray the four ramekin moulds or metal dariole moulds (approx) 200ml each with oil. Spoon the mixture into each mould and bake at 200 degrees celsius temperature. Do not overcook or there will be no gooey chocolate in the centre (eight to 10 minutes approximately or until the top is sealed). Turn out onto a plate, dollop with cream and scatter with fresh raspberries. Serve with one remaining Ferrero Rocher chocolate on each plate. Place the ice cream on top or beside the pudding in a separate little dish.



the ooey gooey chocolate pudding

V-ZUG turning diffcult meals into child‘s play!


V-ZUG - The Swiss luxury brand V-ZUG Ltd, founded in 1913, is a remarkable Swiss company and unique among appliance manufacturers. We´re different: creative like sculptors and meticulous like Swiss watchmakers. You can rely on top quality and Swiss workmanship every step of the way. Our uncompromising commitment to innovation and quality is your assurance for unique products of lasting value.

PH: 07 5456 1616 Your V-Zug Distributor

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19 Rawlins Circuit, Kunda Park



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natal sofa There is nothing more luxurious in

for modern, designer outdoor furniture see cosh living, nicklin way, minyama, phone 5477 5561.

the home than the plush softness with Belle Hemming Interior Designer

of exquisite bed linen or the beautiful scent of an extravagant candle. Add a touch of luxury to your home with the following furnishings and decor.

aura linen beautiful linen from aura by tracey ellis. noma bed linen is featured in coal. queen quilt $249 rrp. stockist – myer brisbane, or phone 03 9552 6090 for a store near you.

upholstered bedhead

gold sisal wallpaper

add some luxury to your boudoir with a custom made upholstered bedhead or fabric blanket box. available in any shape, size or fabric. contact spaceplanners, phone 5446 6802 or at

adorn your walls with this beautiful gold sisal wallpaper. enquiries contact rosemont crest,

domino sofa the domino sofa is a transitional sofa and is featured in luxurious natuzzi leather. handcrafted in italy and available in many configurations. exclusive to natuzzi stores nationally. natuzzi, plaza parade, maroochydore, phone 5443 5400.

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round diamond rug

citta design towels

this beautiful emma elizabeth diamond rug is handmade from new zealand wool and viscose, $4500. available from designer rugs, fortitude valley, phone 07 3852 6433.

luxury velour bath towels from citta design. hand towel $16.95, bath towel $39.95. available from finders keepers, peregian beach, phone 5448 3830.



ecohome2010 promotion GREYSCALE


Like Clive and Liz’s ecohome2010, your Classic Queenslander home will be built using time-honoured craftsmanship, and the best quality materials. Our guarantee and commitment to you commences with your design right through to a thorough checking and packaging of all materials prior to despatch. Your Classic Queenslander is built by our own caring tradesmen who build to our award winning standard. Adrian Fields has been a Master Builder for 20 years, and was a Chairman of the Queensland Master Builder’s Association’s Sunshine Coast Division. Adrian and Classic Queenslanders have also won over 30 building and industry awards. We build Queenslander and contemporary styled homes that suit your needs, lifestyle, site and budget. You can start with our plans...and add your own ideas. We provide qualified advice about designs and building at no extra charge. We will make sure you make the most of your site aspect, space and the budget. We commit to the design and build your dream home to a standard that will exceed your expectations. or call 07 5445 8646


The EcoHouse 2010 is an important project for Auzion and a great opportunity to showcase its solar grid connect systems. Auzion supplied a 3.7kW photovoltaic solar system for the EcoHouse and will also provide an AuziMax Energy Maximiser, which will allow Clive to monitor the energy generated by the system and the energy consumed within the house. It will then allow him to set energy budgets and maximise his energy savings from the system. He will also be sharing these results via the website. “Auzion is committed to providing sustainable energy and to ensuring we are using the latest technology so we are also involved in ongoing research and development,” Auzion CEO Mark Leckenby said. “This research ensures we have the highest-quality materials and that we are providing customers with the tools, such as the AuziMax, and AuziRack – our exclusive panel mounting system - so they can get the most of their systems.” Phone 1300 AUZION or visit


GEO Consulting is one of the leading structural and geotechnical engineering companies on the Sunshine Coast. We specialise in the design and supervision of many projects for Commercial Builders and Developers, Residential Builders, Architects, Building Designers and Planners and Residential Owner Builders. We are proud to be associated with Clive and Elizabeth Waring’s dream ecohome2010. Our company was engaged by the Waring’s to complete the following: Soil testing for foundation designs, soil testing and the design of the on-site effluent disposal system and structural design of the house including: roof framing, wall framing, wall bracing, floor framing, foundations and the design of the underground concrete/block water tank. Our 'motto' is 'from the ground and up!' and Geo Consulting is making sure you get the best service for your money! See our website for more about who we are and how we can help you on your next building project. or call 5443 6622


Queensland Timber Flooring was pleased to be associated with Eco-home 2010. We installed the beautiful bamboo floor and are extremely proud of our “bamtek” range which was nominated as best “Pre-finished” floor 2010. Bamtek is a 21st century innovation and is the result of many years development. Bamboo flooring is sustainable and environmentally friendly; it is exceedingly pleasant to walk on, beautiful to look at and more durable than the hardest hardwoods. Queensland Timber Flooring also won best solid timber floor 2010. Contact us at or call 1800 454 900



ecohome2010 promotion

ll words and photography clive waring

a carbon-positive home A carbon positive home is the most environmentally-friendly home that it is possible to have by Australian government standards. The definition of carbon-positive ‘is a building that produces more energy on site than the building itself requires for its own use, and which then feeds excess energy back into the grid’. To achieve the goal of having a carbon-positive home requires a lot of planning and involves far more than placing a few solar panels on the roof. Clive, a photojournalist, and his wife, Elizabeth, a nurse, recently decided it was time to leave Brisbane and make drastic changes to their lifestyle. With retirement only 10 years away, they both wanted a home that could provide comfort and relaxation, low maintenance for 25 years and minimal financial outlays. They were driven by the impending problems facing the world, as water, food and electricity become scarcer and much more expensive. They realised if they wanted to retain their current standard of living, sustainable issues were no longer the cry of the ‘greens’, but mandatory for all of us. The primary goals were:

sustainable living makes economic sense Clive and Elizabeth gravitated to the Sunshine Coast hinterland, serious about living the change. They are part of a new breed of people who are eco-innovative. They, together with many others, are influencing sustainable construction techniques, water usage, lifestyle and community support systems. The hinterland was perfect for them as the air is clean, the food is local (home grown or from the farm), while water storage and solar systems are all integrated into the community psyche. Consumption is the key. It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that if consumption is reduced, we consequently reduce our spending, and we also reduce carbon output. Good all round. Australia’s climate andkey. emissions policies have rankedtothird from last in an Consumption is the It doesn’t take Einstein work out that if index rating the world’s top carbon emitting countries. consumption is reduced, we57 consequently reduce our spending, and we also reduce carbon output. Good all round. The 2011 Climate Change Performance Index, published by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe, rated Australia one place lower than last year’s report, saying Canberra’s performance was “very poor”.

• To build a home that was energy and water efficient to reduce its impact on the environment; • To make the house cost-effective to build and maintain; and • To create a house which provided a comfortable lifestyle.

“Australia’s shameful ranking on climate action is due to the fact we have the highest emissions per capita in the developed world and our emissions continue to rise,” Kellie Caught, head of climate change of World Wildlife Fund Australia says, commenting on the report.

The journey started when Clive and Elizabeth found a picture-perfect half-acre block overlooking a valley which met their criteria. Clive spent the next 12 months researching sustainability issues, design principles and new materials before even engaging a designer. He learnt early that the first golden rule when designing a home is to ensure the correct orientation – ensure the block of land allows for the house design to be correctly orientated and ventilated.

The sad fact is that eco-change must not be left until the government acts, as it will be too late. Change must come from the grass roots level. Consumers must demand from builders, suppliers, land developers and local councils that our communities be affordable and sustainable – just like Clive and Elizabeth.

“Did you know a traditional Queenslander achieves a five-star rating before you add anything extra? Custom designs, in fact, now feature the principles of the good old Queenslander.”

“Increase the value of your home – future homes with more sustainable features will have a premium value.” The ecohome2010 incorporates solar grid connect systems, solar hot water, insulation in the roof and walls, 100 percent CFL lighting, rainwater tanks, a grey water gravity feed system to fruit trees in the garden, cross ventilation, an induction fireplace, low e-glass windows and passive design principles. The final result is a home that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer plus zero energy and water bills. Clive has created a website to share his findings and provide a resource of facts for those wanting to follow suit. Download the checklist which contains 25 essential tips to help you design and build the ecohome of your dreams. Always get three quotes but start with the suppliers list and view the section of materials used. The construction of Clive and Elizabeth’s home ultimately took 20 weeks, but Clive has condensed the website to 12 weeks of images and text to cover the important areas and allow easy viewing.

ecohome2010 uses sustainable building materials and practices. top: auzion solar heating panels.

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raising finance with Laurie Clarke Raising finance in 2011 could be a challenge for many businesses. If 2011 is actually the year when the Sunshine Coast economy starts to recover from the downturn, then many small businesses will be looking to borrow money to invest. This investment could be in many different areas of the business – new or upgraded plant and equipment, additional staffing resources to set up new distribution or marketing channels, or just good old fashioned stock and debtors. The problem In my experience, cash flow can sometimes improve temporarily in a downturn as the stock and debtors a business normally carries get realised into cash. The ‘sting in the tail’ is that cash has to be available to fund the return to normal levels of stock and debtors when sales rise in a recovery period, but the business may have used that cash to fund ongoing operating expenses such as wages, rent, etc. If the

business can’t find the cash from other sources, then it will have to try and get more finance.

have based their decision and present the case to the lender.

However, in order to assess a finance application, a lender needs to use 2010 financial statements to make a decision on a business’ borrowing capacity and because of the downturn, it is likely that profit was lower than in previous years and this makes it difficult to support any increased loan facilities.

A little bit of thoughtful work on the presentation of an application can have a big impact on the speed of a loan application decision, not to mention the outcome.

So, it’s a catch-22. The business needs more funding to return to profitability, but can’t show the necessary historical profitability to support the finance application. What’s the solution? The simple answer is to show the lender that the business will be able to service the proposed loan facilities. It is unlikely a business owner will be asking for more money unless they think they will be able to service the debt, so the owner should collate the information on which they

Importantly, have a discussion with your banker at an early stage. Provided they have an interest in your business, and the right amount of banking experience, they should be able to give you some feedback on how to approach an application based on your particular business’s circumstances. The strength of the banking relationship is and will always remain, a critical attribute for any business. BoQ Maroochydore 5443 2711

This article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as financial or professional advice. The views expressed in this article are solely the views of the author. Bank of Queensland Limited ABN 32 009 656 740 does not endorse, and has not authorised any particular statements in this article. This article has been prepared by, and is the responsibility of the author.

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luxury travel – do it in style! with Zoë Sparks In today’s busy world, many people are time poor and struggle to take long holidays or periods of leave. However, more often than not, they have more disposable income and so may take shorter breaks but are willing to spend the money to splash out and do it in style. They are often looking for five star all the way – luxurious accommodation, fine dining, exquisite wines, rejuvenating spa treatments and a full range of activities / facilities. Here in Australia, we have a wide range of luxurious options for people to enjoy. From Bedarra Island in North Queensland to Freycinet Lodge on the East Coast of Tasmania to Injidup Spa Retreat in Western Australia, there are a range of locations to suit all tastes and to cater for all activities people may be looking for. Some people’s idea of luxury is a week in a health retreat such as the Golden Door at the Gold

Coast. Others may wish to have an extravagant weekend in Melbourne, staying at the Crown Casino while taking in a special event such as a show followed by dinner in one of the amazing restaurants on offer, for example. Perhaps a long weekend in Uluru at the luxury wilderness camp Longitude 131۫ (which boasts private views of the sun rising and setting over Uluru) is your thing?

There are a number of elite rail holiday options to consider in addition – imagine a journey on the Orient Express, Rovos Rail in South Africa or the new Southern Spirit here in Australia. And why not travel in luxury to your destination? Most airlines offer business and premium economy options, or perhaps you could have limo transfers organised.

Of course, you don’t have to stay in Australia either. There are amazing options for those who wish to travel overseas. Chiva Som, a renowned health and spa retreat, is always popular in Thailand, as are the Evason Resorts and Six Senses resorts spread throughout Asia.

The options are endless, all of which will enhance your luxury getaway and make you feel special. Travelworld Mooloolaba / Spectacular Events Pty Ltd 5444 3766

For cruisers, there are the amazing Yachts of Seabourn – luxury cruise ships which offer a wide range of cruises travelling throughout the world. The ships carry either 208 or 450 guests, and are well known for their luxurious comfort, personal attention and relaxed ambiance.

With the right advice/ you can avoid all the monkey business Call us on 5444 4747 and get the right advice.

Family Law Issues — Divorce & Separation — Property Settlements — Financial Agreements — Children’s Matters — Domestic Violence — Spousal Maintenance — Mediation — Same Sex Law — Defacto Law

Get the right advice and call us on (07) 5444 4747 or visit online

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the luxury of security with Linda Ireland This issue is about luxury. One of my close friends dreams of travelling around the world in a yacht and staying in 5 star accommodation. For me, luxury is about feeling good about myself and the things around me. A house surrounded by nature. Fewer possessions, but things that mean a lot to me. It’s a beautiful concept that both of us are right. Luxury, wealth and abundance are very personal. They can mean completely different things to different people. An important step in your journey is to work out what these things mean to you. We’ve all heard stories about someone who strives for riches their entire life, only to obtain everything they dreamed of and find it’s not what they really wanted. There’s a 100 year old book called the ‘Richest Man in Babylon’, who’s message still rings true today. The concept I took away was that you need to start taking small steps towards saving and investing immediately. They recommend 10% of your income. This should be in addition to paying off debts and other commitments.

Subconsciously, saving money creates a feeling of abundance, which flows into other areas of your life and influences the decisions that you make. It creates a buffer of safety that allows you to invest with confidence. So living within your means not only puts you on the right path financially, but psychologically as well. You’ll find it more difficult to create wealth if there is always emphasis on WANTING more. I highly recommend this book if you get the chance to buy it. Organising your finances is important to feel like you’re in control. Imagine how much more useful a bucket is without holes in the bottom. Your finances are similar; I suggest regularly assessing your home loan product every 2-3 years. Often the best product at the time you took your loan out might not be the best one for you now. If you’re paying 0.5% (which is common) too much on your rate on a $250,000 loan you could be throwing up to tens of thousands of dollars away over the term of your loan.

Having your offset and savings accounts structured correctly can also save you a small fortune. Once you have these areas in order you will have more to play with on those luxury things you desire or maybe reinvesting for your future. Luxury is often associated with expensive possessions. There is nothing wrong with spending more on the things that are important to you, so long as they are important. Indulge yourself because you deserve to feel special, and because you know you can afford to do so. If you feel like you can’t afford some luxury in your life, remember that there are many ways to spoil yourself. This could be a wonderful place to start. Mortgage Choice 5476 9333

how is your business performing? with Jodie Thompson Do you know which of your products make you money, and which doesn’t? Would you like frequent meaningful data to guide your business decisions? One way to make a drastic difference to business is to revamp the way you see and use profit and loss statements. Measure what’s important: Think about the information you find most useful when you’re measuring your business performance. If you sell a product or a service, can you clearly identify the income they generate? By clearly defining this, well-designed profit and loss statements will allow you to easily calculate the gross profit per product or per service, showing where you should be focusing your energies. Use plain English: Use terms that you actually understand. If you don’t recognise a term, change it to something that’s meaningful to you.



Summarise: Keep similar accounts grouped together so they can be sub-totalled easily, and so reports can be viewed at a higher level. Just as Google Maps allows you to zoom in, your accounting software should allow you to zoom in from a high-level view to several levels of detail below.

Allow for growth: When creating new account lines, plan for growth at the outset. If your new range of health food bars really takes off, it may be more manageable to have them categorised by the generic term “health food bar sales” than to try and identify each of them as a separate line item within the profit and loss statement.

Streamline: If your accounting program has generated account lines that you’re unlikely to ever use, get rid of them. If you’re splitting up expenses between telephone and mobile phone for example, and it’s not providing you with useful information, combine the accounts, remove the clutter and spend less time coding.

Implementing smart accounting processes add up to time saved and better decisions made, resulting in increased profits for your business.

Question how information is presented: Are your financial reports generated in alphabetical order? A lot are, but that’s unlikely to be useful to you. Don’t be constrained by the alphabet; feel free to organise your reports in a way that is most meaningful to you.

Your accountant or business advisor can help you restructure your accounting software so that you can get meaningful information to make great business decisions. PJT Accountants and Business Advisors 5413 9300



tips for safe driving

what is luxury?

with Craig McPherson

with Amber Werchon

Welcome to Part IV of our ‘Essential Car Buying Guide’. This month we will explore the important safety features to consider when purchasing a new car.

With luxury being the theme for this month’s profile magazine, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what luxury means to me.

Vehicle safety can be broken up into two categories, ‘active safety’ and ‘passive safety’. Active safety refers to those items in the car that assist the driver in preventing an accident, whereas passive safety helps protect the occupants once an accident has occurred.

Luxury means many things to different people. It is often thought of materially for example – a prestigious home, a fancy car, a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne ... it is usually something we can’t afford that we define as a luxury!

Active Safety: includes standard equipment like headlights, indicators, mirrors, brakes etc. In most modern cars, these basic features are further enhanced via the inclusion of safety systems such as ABS (anti-lock braking system), DSC (dynamic stability control), adaptive headlights (swivel around corners) and even reversing cameras.

However, luxury doesn’t have to be something material or some type of opulent hotel room on an exotic island. Seriously, these things are lovely and very indulgent and can make us feel good, in fact great; but the definition of luxury goes much deeper than these things, which are really quite superficial.

Active safety has now advanced to the point where Volvo has developed a system called City Safety. Volvo identified that the majority of rear-end collisions happen at speeds of less than 30kph as a result of driver distraction, and therefore City Safety takes over the operation of the vehicle and applies the brakes automatically to avoid a collision.

To me, luxury is about a treat, something you wouldn’t normally have, or do. For time-poor people (and I’m sure anyone who’s a mother can relate to this), luxury can be those 10 minutes of peace and solitude while you relax with a hot cup of tea. In an ideal world, leisure time and quality family time should not be a luxury, it should be part of our daily life; however, realistically many of us are so busy being ‘busy’ that time out for ourselves becomes seen as a luxury.

Passive Safety: the very first form of passive safety was the seat belt, which was invented in 1959 by Volvo. If you were to climb onto an ordinary dining-room chair and let yourself fall flat onto the floor, the effect would be the same as if you had been unbelted in a crash at 15kph. Passive safety also includes air bags and the safety cage around which the vehicle is built. You may have noticed that modern cars tend to sustain substantial damage from seemingly minor accidents. This is mainly due to the inclusion of crumple zones which are designed to absorb the majority of the impact. Airbags are certainly the most publicised passive safety feature and their main function is to inflate upon impact in order to protect the occupants from serious harm. Airbags can in fact cause injury to the occupant in certain circumstances, however, the alternative outcome is much worse! The general rule is, the more airbags, the safer the car. What Does Five Star Safety Mean?: the most authoritative guide to the safety features in new cars is the ANCAP rating system. ANCAP refers to the Australasian New Car Assessment Program which rates cars from one to five based on safety inclusions and crash test results. A car with five stars is considered to be safer than a car with one star. If a car is not rated four or five stars, you should cross it off your list. If you would like any advice or have any questions regarding purchasing a new car, email us at

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After many years trying to juggle the work / life balance, certain events of the past few years have forced me to reassess my life so that ‘time out’ isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s scheduled into my diary with equal importance as a business appointment. Don’t get me wrong. I love a bit of pampering and the nice things in life just like any other girl, but I also value my time with family, friends and with myself; time I used to consider a luxury I couldn’t afford ... but I have seen the light before I burn myself out and alienate those who are special to me. So while you’re flicking through profile and pondering on the theme of luxury and all the wonderful, tantalising goodies Genine will tempt us with through the pages of our favourite mag, take the time to think about your values and search for a luxury you can afford. It might not be a ring from Tiffany’s, or a trip to Tahiti ... it could just be the simple pleasure of walking your dog along Mudjimba beach at sunset with your loved one. Don’t have time? Make time – you deserve it!

Alex Head Office: 1/156 Alexandra Parade, Alexandra Headland 4572 Ph: 5430 0888

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beware the bully! with Leisa Toomey Does harassing your ex into agreeing to something they don’t really want to agree to constitute bullying? That was one of the many factors a judge had to recently consider when deciding whether to set aside property orders. In the recent case of Hogan and Hogan, Ms Hogan alleged that throughout her marriage of 17 years, she had suffered stress and anxiety as a result of the violence she had been subjected to at the hands of her husband. When the marriage was over, she alleged that she had continued to be subjected to stalking and abuse by her ex, Mr Hogan, in an attempt to get her to agree to the property orders which she subsequently signed. The Consent Orders in question provided for Ms Hogan to receive approximately $58,000 in assets out of a pool of assets said to be worth approximately $583,000 at the time.

In his judgment his Honour had to consider what did and did not constitute “duress” in the context of family law litigation. While not agreeing that Mr Hogan’s persistent telephone calls and text messages were sufficient enough to be described as “duress”, the judge deemed them to constitute “unconscionable conduct”. Mr Hogan knew Ms Hogan did not wish to speak to him and as they both had their own legal representation, he should not have been contacting Ms Hogan at all. Ms Hogan was ultimately successful in her application to have the deed of settlement set aside. However, in setting aside the orders, the judge also took into consideration that Ms Hogan’s legal advice at the time was not “appropriate in the circumstances” and that the disproportionate percentage Ms Hogan was provided for in the consent orders, given the length of the relationship, was not equitable. In fact the judge described Ms Hogan’s entitlement under those orders as “manifestly inadequate”.

A judge is entitled to turn parties away if that judge is presented with an agreement that presents as grossly unfair after taking into account all the facts of the marriage / relationship. A judge can also set aside Binding Financial Agreements if the circumstances allow – like a grossly unfair settlement. This type of power is available to the court to overcome the power imbalance in some relationships. The upshot of this is that good legal advice is absolutely essential before you sign any form of contract. A good lawyer will advise you whether it is in your best interests to agree to what the other party if seeking. If you find that you are being harassed into agreeing to something you don’t want to agree to, you should contact your lawyer without delay. Schultz Toomey O’Brien Lawyers 5413 8908

Source: Federal magistrates Court of Australia – Family Law, Hogan & Hogan [2010] FMCAfam 1255 (9 September 2010)

smart, sleek and sexy with Miriam Torres Who would have thought technology would have changed so much in recent times. From the old notebook computers that were so cumbersome (so-much-so we were in fact happy to leave them back in the office, defeating their whole purpose) to the mobile phones which were nicknamed ‘bricks’ or ‘bag phones’ based on their size. Time has gone by quickly, and technology has changed dramatically. Computers are now sleek and lightweight – ideal for the traveling exec who needs the office at their fingertips, or someone who just wants to access Facebook while on holiday. We live in a world where there is something for everyone, and these days, even looks are taken into account. From leather-bound notebook computers to the new stylish iPads, there is a design and an aesthetic for all.

As notebook technology enhances, so does the total world of mobility. Where once a mobile was only used for phone calls, now you are able to use a large array of applications, giving you the ability to achieve many things on the run – such as access to your emails from all the parts of the globe, the option to network online while enjoying a wine at your local bar, or the capacity to locate your exact location via GPS. Our top 10 business uses for mobile devices (in no specific order) are as follows:


7. Linked-In for keeping business up-to-date. 8. Access to contacts. 9. Social networking. 10. Translating signs in real-time (i.e. from Spanish to English), whilst holidaying.

2. Using your mobile as an office PC.

So as you can see, technology has progressed and the choices for how to use it are vast. Therefore, ensure when investing in any technology to ask the right questions so you get the right product suitable for your use.

3. Emailing on the run.

Happy shopping …

4. Video conferencing.

Secure Access 5443 7766

1. Keeping your calendar and to-do list always up to date.

5. GPS navigation and direction.


6. Mobile payments.

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� Introducing�the� new�Honda�Insight. Batteries�included.

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industry talk

Welcome to Industry Talk. This great new business section aims to showcase a typical business situation that will be reviewed by our panel of experts who will provide us with useful business information applicable to so many Sunshine Coast businesses. Submissions are now open for your business questions – simply email your question to editorial@profilemag. (business name and contact details will only be published with consent).

James Wilson-Smith

the question “I am a small business owner with two full-time staff. The business is growing rapidly and it is ready to go to the next level. What do I need to do to put systems in place so we don’t have growing pains?” Anon

Solicitor, Mumford Lawyers 5444 4747

With any business, proper forward planning is important. Getting the right advice is essential. Preparing a business plan is usually the first step in that process. This link will provide some guidance: Howtoguides/Thinkingofstartingabusiness. Depending on the nature of the business, a growth strategy may include franchising if the business has; solid profitable performance over a number of years; a model which can be replicated; a recognisable brand; and a sound business system in place. The successful franchising of any business, however, requires careful planning and obtaining appropriate professional advice. Other general issues to consider include; workplace health and safety issues; internal computer and software systems; financing issues (i.e. short-term and long-term); recruitment / talent retention / employee training / development and customer retention and development. It is always desirable to have an optimal business structure and plan from day one to facilitate future growth. A prudent business owner will have planned appropriate responses to anticipated changes in the business and will not be caught unaware.

Kylie McKenna Mortgage Innovation Manager, Commonwealth Bank,

As a small business owner, expansion is exciting, yet daunting if not taken seriously. Staff are an investment as well as an asset and the time should be taken in the initial stages to recruit and train the right person / people. However, before employing that next staff member, consider whether you are getting the most out of your current two full-time staff members? Can they diversify in their current roles or do you really need that extra set of hands? Once you have decided to employ a new recruit, also bear in mind the extra associated costs other than the cost of their income; office expansion may also be needed. Your overheads will definitely increase so maybe consider the difference in part-time to full-time employment and the return this staff member may give you on your investment. Also, remember your staff are at work approximately one third of their day, which means you need to reward and encourage a happy work environment to ensure you achieve maximum results from your team.





aged care and assets

buyer beware when it comes to flooding

with Tracey Ferguson

with Paul McHugh

It is well publicised that Australians are living longer than ever before. Our life expectancies are increasing for a number of reasons, including medical advancements and a wider public awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are thinking of buying real estate, do not rely on the seller or agent to advise you whether the property has been affected by or has the potential to flood.

There may come a time in an older person’s life when they are no longer able to live independently and will need some level of assistance. Broadly speaking, there are three options that are available for people who are finding it difficult to live independently:

While motor vehicle auctioneers are required by law to advise potential buyers whether a vehicle is water damaged, there is no such obligation when it comes to selling soggy real estate. If specifically asked, an agent or seller must tell the truth but otherwise it’s the old adage – ‘buyer beware’.

1. Remain at home (with some assistance)

3. Move into an aged care accommodation facility

There is no warranty in the standard REIQ contract regarding flooding, so even if your council searches (which also give no warranty) reveal past flooding, you may still not have any rights to pull out of the contract or claim compensation.

So, let’s talk about the third option – aged care accommodation.As a person gets older and more frail they may no longer be able to remain in their principal residence, and a special residence may not be suitable either. They may therefore want to consider moving into a facility that provides formal care on a daily basis. Facilities that provide residents with formal care are referred to as aged care accommodation. There are essentially two types of aged care accommodation that a resident can enter into:

Sellers must now provide mandatory disclosure regarding safety switches, smoke alarms, pool compliance and give sustainability declarations, however, the law remains silent on pre-contractual flooding disclosure. The best thing to do if you think past flooding could be a concern is to insist on a special condition making the contract subject to you satisfying yourself that the property has not been affected by flooding.

2. Move into a special residence (includes retirement villages and granny flat arrangements)

1. Low-level care – often referred to as a hostel 2. High-level care – often referred to as a nursing home Low-level and high-level care facilities are classified as aged care accommodation as they receive subsidies from the government for providing formal care to their residents. The subsidies provided by the government to the homes depends on the level of care (high or low). Prior to entering an aged care accommodation facility, the individual’s circumstances must first be reviewed to determine whether an aged care resident needs low-level or high-level care. On entering aged care accommodation, most residents are required to pay an entry fee. For low-level care, a resident is usually required to pay an accommodation bond, whereas for high-level care the resident is generally required to pay a daily accommodation charge. Either way, the assets and income of a potential resident are taken into account. So … if you or an aged person that you care about, are trying to make sense of the minefield that is aged care, seek advice from a financial planner who specialises in this area. There are many things to consider in making the decision as to what to do with assets at this time, and these sorts of decisions can make a vast difference to how a resident is assessed. Tracey Ferguson Buderim: 24 Gloucester Road, Buderim QLD 4556 Ph (07) 54564591 Fax (07) 5441 4543 Nambour: Level 1, 24 Lowe Street, Nambour QLD 4560 Ph (07) 54412929 Fax (07) 5441 4543

march 11

The next step of course is to take out adequate insurance. A lot has been said in recent weeks about people who thought they had flood insurance actually finding out that in fact they did not (and finding out too late). They either did not have it at all or had the wrong type. The difference between rainwater and floodwater is becoming apparent to many people after the event. The situation is likely to see legislative intervention (and in my view it needs it) to ensure people are more informed in the future. I think there needs to be a standard Australia-wide ‘flood damage’ definition so that people know exactly what it covers, and exactly what the costs are to cover it. They can then decide whether the risk is worth the cost. The standard REIQ contract provides that the property is at the risk of the buyer from 5pm on the first business day after the contract is signed. Buyers therefore need to take out the appropriate insurances prior to that time, because if something happens to the property prior to settlement it is the buyer’s problem, not the seller’s. If your insurance claim is rejected by the insurer, the decision can be disputed and possibly resolved through dispute resolution processes, such as mediation or legal proceedings (if necessary). Helpful information on the myriad of legal issues that could affect you can be found on the Legal Aid Queensland website at www. Paul McHugh Thompson McNichol Lawyers 07 5443 1566




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melbourne marriott hotel

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the last word

dr michael ryan

ll photography ben stone Dr Michael Ryan is a familiar face on the Sunshine Coast, and to some a real life hero. As well as being a partner in Medicine on Second, Dr. Michael also runs Ageless, a private, non-surgical cosmetic clinic. Dr Michael chats with profile magazine about what makes him tick when not in the doctor’s coat …

“Most people

don’t know that ... I love flowers.

I grew up in …

My favourite holiday spot is …

Bundaberg and left school to go to the University of Queensland to study medicine, graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine / Surgery (MBBS) in 1988.

Port Douglas – plenty of natural beauty, no one knows who you are and it has great food.

I start my day by …

I love flowers.

taking a walk and swim most mornings (yes, I should be skinnier, but see below ...) I would love to be a …

fitter, slimmer person. I am a lover of …

fine food and fine wine (my answers above now have some context!).

I am known as …

Michael Ryan enjoys helping people every day in his capacity as a doctor and has been told he has the perfect bedside manner. A lover of the gourmet side of life, he manages to balance his professional personality with time relaxing in the company of his daughter and wife and a vintage bottle of wine. 74


Most people don’t know that …

My all time favourite movie is …

The Shawshank Redemption. My greatest achievement is …

helping start a skin cancer charity for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. My most annoying habit is …

being stubborn.

the Vasectomy King (on account of all the vasectomies I have performed ... )

In five years I hope to be …

When I am not working I am …

What makes me laugh out loud is …

travelling to more vineyards and writing more wine articles.

walking, swimming, punting (and hopefully winning).

my daughter and her jokes and silly sayings.

I believe in …

The one person I would most like to meet …

21st century medical practice combined with old fashioned values.

living – Elvis, dead – Elvis.

The best meal I have had was at …

on a vineyard in the Yarra or Tamar Valley.

If I didn’t live on the Coast I’d live …

Wasabi, Noosa.

march 11



d l r o w g n i p p o h S a n Kawa Giving you MORE!

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