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At the start of the campaign I wanted to run for politics so I could eventually do a partnership with the government to implement my technology, and from the outset of the manufacturing, create jobs. That was my sole intention.”

the pieces now, so I can apply myself better to pursuing the project through the private sector.” Turning his attention back to his renewable energy project, Jarreau used the contacts made during the election to his advantage, forming friendships with “some clever people up in the hills” who were willing to give advice. “I have been on this journey for about 12 years now, just trying to implement infrastructure technology to reduce the cost of living – it’s a big passion. “During that time I had to think of the purpose of what I wanted to achieve, get the influence from somewhere and then try to pull it off. Just because you saw it, doesn’t mean it’s going to work. I have to make sure when we create a prototype it has to work and it has to be scalable. You can make a machine or a fancy box work and generate free electricity, but you also have to assess if the technology is going to be able to be used for the masses. “You also have to understand the responsibility that comes with the technology and its product placement in the market. I remember reading a story of this dude in Russia. He made this AK 47 shotgun, he is now in his 80s and has a sole regret that he ever brought that technology to life. “For me, I have to be fully aware that when you bring out technology you have to understand the consequences of that technology and whether it fits into the current market. For example, just because I have green technology doesn’t mean I can go in and wipe out coal or oil or gas, they were there before me and they have been supplying to the current market for 100 years plus. What gives me the right to come in and take the market? “I understand that we need to start greening the place up a bit, but you have to slowly introduce it into the market, because you’re going to wipe out all the jobs, and you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of families connected to that industry. So there is a responsibility that becomes a burden as well if you don’t get it right.” Although somewhat tight-lipped about his technology, Jarreau says he hopes the Sunshine Coast will be the first to use the new renewable energy source in the next three years, with the rest of Australia to follow suit by 2020. Ambitious plans for one person to achieve. But then as I previously discovered, there is more to Jarreau Terry than meets the eye. This is one young visionary who is certain to make his mark on the Sunshine Coast and indeed the world. Watch this space.

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