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“My husband David has always believed in me ... and he always said I could do anything.” Bambi Mares VALHRONA CHOCOLATE TORTE

baggage and I have not looked back. I have been through so much in my life. I had four children under three, including a set of twins who were very premature. I spent the first year of my daughter’s life holding my breath thinking that she wouldn’t make it and then didn’t want to connect with her in case she didn’t. (This is when the tissues were passed around). My husband David has always believed in me though and he always said I could do anything. profile: How do you inspire others? lorinda: My daughter inspires me more than I inspire her. I am your classic working mother, constantly wracked with guilt about not spending enough time with her. But I love to teach my cake making classes. I love when people walk in to see the display cake and they think, ‘I can’t do that, it’s going to be a mess’, and then they make it and realise they are capable. They walk out so proud. I love that. That is the most inspiring thing I do. suzanne: I think my two sons are happy I am independent. I like to inspire others that you can do anything. I love to travel on my own, it’s the best way to meet people. People say I am brave but I don’t think I am. It’s just my life and I don’t know anything else. People are surprised to hear I work in mining and construction. I want to inspire people and teach them they don’t have to be answerable to anyone and can do what they want. It’s probably an age thing! profile: You have recently had a new addition to the family Chris, tell us about how your grandson has inspired you? chris: Having been totally wrapped up in life and business and properties and travel for quite a while, I didn’t focus on myself at all. Having been blessed with my little grandson, Jaxon, who is the light of my life, has made me stop and think about that. Your children are everything to you but when they give you a grandchild – hello! Now, I say, ‘Hi Juanita, hand me the baby!’ I was told it would be like 74


this and I thought, ‘Yeah whatever!’ But it’s true. It melts your heart. It made me realise I need to be here for a long time not a good time, it has changed my life. I want to be fitter and healthier to be here for him and spoil him for the rest of his life. He is the inspiration behind my weight loss journey. He is now commando crawling so I need to be able to keep up. I am doing everything I can to not only enjoy him, but enjoy travel time with my husband, Jack. bambi: I saw the same enjoyment in you Lorinda when you were talking about people making cakes, your eyes lit up. People don’t often get to explore their creative side and you have opened that up for people. chris: A defining moment for me was when my precious son David committed suicide. I realised life is short so you have to love what you do. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. profile: What are some of the things around your home or in life that keep you inspired? tanya: I guess my house is very cluttered with everything I love. I am a bit of a collector. To other people it would be junk but it all has meaning to me. My nana bought me a cute little tin in an op shop once when I was a child. It has pride of place in my home. It is all rusted but it just reminds me of her and those happy times. My walls are also full of photos of the people I love and the places I have travelled. suzanne: I look to nature. I am often in a remote location with work and we see the best sunsets and sunrises. I also love positive quotes. My favourite is, “It will be alright in the end and if it’s not alright it’s not the end.” Well said Suzanne. Talk about inspiring … each and every one of these women’s stories left me humbled and in awe of their achievements. As a writer, my inspiration is people and if these local ladies are anything to go by, I will never be short of a great story.



This was not the first time I had dined at the spectacular Spicers Tamarind at Maleny and it was just as good as I remembered. We could not have picked a better day for our visit. As the rain fell softly over the lush surrounds, soft jazz tunes played in the background, creating the perfect chilled atmosphere for our leisurely ladies lunch. We started with a chilled glass of bubbles on the inside deck before moving into the dining area with wall-towall glass panels taking full advantage of the breath taking views. Bringing a taste of Thailand to Maleny, The Tamarind specialises in innovative Asian cuisine. I am not surprised to discover the restaurant is the recipient of a coveted chef’s hat. The menu is exquisite, making it such a difficult choice for my main. I can’t go past the red curry. A fragrant blend of barramundi, ginger and lemongrass dumplings, Mooloolaba prawns, snake beans, pineapple and Thai basil, it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The seafood was cooked to perfection, each juicy morsel a taste sensation, the flavours were the perfect blend of spice and heat. The chicken and bugs look just as divine. Free range chicken breast with cos, seared bugs, corn, honey and ginger sauce gets the big thumbs up. Make sure you leave some room for dessert. I was instantly drawn to the strawberry, mandarin, kampot pepper mousse with strawberries, mandarin gel, freeze dried mandarin, strawberry sorbet and seasonal fruit. Light and fresh, it was the perfect end to my meal. Other choices looked just as amazing. Chocolate lovers will die for the Valhrona chocolate torte, salted caramel, chilli chocolate ice cream with lychee. And if the delicious cuisine inspires you to create some of your own culinary masterpieces from home, Spicers Tamarind offers cooking classes that teach you how to prepare gourmet Thai food. The hands-on classes are conducted twice-weekly in small groups in a purposebuilt kitchen, with participants actively involved in the preparation of a banquet menu before dining on their creations over lunch in the tranquil surrounds. It was a culinary delight from start to finish and the service was second to none. Spicers Tamarind 88 Obi Lane, Maleny Phone: 5420 5420

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