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YOUR PLACE ESPRESSO To kick off a day of wonders and adventures, sip on a velvety coffee or a flavorsome juice at Your Place Espresso, quaintly nestled behind a white picket fence. Make your morning a memorable one with a Breakfast Jar of crispy muesli, natural yoghurt and juicy fruit over a Profile magazine, or a plate of enticing eggs benedict with a group of friends. Warm and inviting, Your Place Espresso is worth a visit during the cooler months.


FISH AND CHIPS AT THE SPIT If you’re feeling peckish, swing by the Spit for fish and chips on the beach! Mooloolaba is popular for its illustrious fish and chips, and was an extensive selection of restaurants to choose from. Watch as the fishermen arrive at the docks and deliver tasty fish from the pallet to your plate. With fresh seafood supplied by trusted locals, nothing can go wrong with this simple yet delicious meal. Ditch your shoes, sit on the grass, and take in the vast and phenomenal views of the ocean.

UNDERWATER WORLD SEALIFE Amaze yourself with the wonders of the sea with Underwater World SEALIFE’s timeless animal exhibits, offering a unique perspective into the depths of Australia’s most famous oceans. Receive an underwater education from the fantastic seal show or simply marvel at the underwater tunnel’s array of fish, sharks and coral. See the world’s largest interactive jelly fish display, touch a stingray as it glides by the glass and have your photo taken with a turtle.

June Profile Magazine 2014  
June Profile Magazine 2014  

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