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profile: What does your typical day’s diet look like? dr ashlee: Lemon in warm water first thing in the morning to cleanse and stimulate digestion. Breakfast is either a green smoothie, homemade granola or protein smoothie after a workout. Lunch is always a nourishing salad, packed with colourful veggies and superfoods. Dinner is like lunch, but includes some protein too. I snack on raw almonds, veggie sticks with my homemade pesto, or a raw dessert that I have in my fridge – like cacao protein bliss balls. profile: If you’re feeling down about something, how do you pick yourself up? dr ashlee: Read something that inspires me. Words can really transform my feelings so I have a handful of books and blogs that I can always count on to lift me. Go to the beach. Getting outdoors, fresh air, sunshine and seeing the ocean, there’s something pretty magical about that. Also, surrounding myself with people who have a beautiful energy is wonderful. profile: What is your big health no-no? dr ashlee: Gluten. I avoid it at all costs. Gluten has been proven more and more to be creating havoc in our bodies, our digestive systems, and has been shown to be inflammatory. Aches and pains, fatigue, moodiness, blurred thoughts, and digestive upsets can all be signs gluten isn’t agreeing with you. profile: Have you suffered from any major health issues in your life? dr ashlee: Fortunately I haven’t. My journey to be where I am now has evolved over the last couple of years, after being introduced to a few books, which inspired me to actually really love and treasure myself. When I started getting into nutrition, I became so aware of how it was impacting not only osteopathy patients but myself. It sparked a journey for me which has led me to do more study, create a blog, and make my mission to inspire and empower others all over the world to put their health first, and watch their lives transform. profile: What do you enjoy to do in your spare time? dr ashlee: I love the beach. Surfing with my husband. Reading and learning. Hanging out with friends and appreciating amazing wholesome food, and occasionally a little glass of nice wine. june 2014



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June Profile Magazine 2014  

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