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eautiful, smart and on a mission to inspire and empower others to live their healthiest and happiest life, Doctor Ashlee Good is … well, good! The Sunshine Coast osteopath and holistic health and wellness coach, works with clients to improve diet and nutrition, self care and health awareness, teaching them how to nourish themselves from the inside out, and show them how amazing they are meant to feel! When in the osteo clinic, Dr Ashlee works at addressing the body from a holistic perspective and is passionate about treating inflammation and other chronic illnesses. As the creative drive behind well-known blog, Goodbeing, Ashlee is now reaching out to people across the globe to inspire health, wellness and freedom. profile: How long have you been passionate about wellness? Which particular areas interestyou the most, and why? dr ashlee: I’ve always been interested in health and wellness and studied to become an osteopath because I find the human body so incredible in the way it works. How the body allows us to do what we do and achieve what we do, is phenomenal. After graduating, and travelling through Europe, I went to a health retreat in the UK in 2011 which made me feel phenomenal, and this sparked an interest in nutrition, which led me to study it, and launch my blog Goodbeing, which is a platform for me to inspire more than those who walk through the door in the clinic. It empowers people to take charge of their health and make changes that cultivate a healthy and happy body and life. profile: How would you describe your approach to holistic health? dr ashlee: With my knowledge of the body, I understand how things work on all levels. I appreciate how the body works mechanically and then on a cellular level with my nutrition knowledge and biology study through osteopathy. My approach always involves looking at the client’s life – so not just what they are eating but what situation they are in with work, family, the people around them, level of stress, level of activity, and level of self love – these all have an impact on overall wellbeing.




profile: What tips or pointers would you give someone to assist them in their motivation? dr ashlee: Get clear on your “why”. Why do you want to feel or get healthier? Is it for your kids? So you have enough energy for your partner? So you can be more productive? Is it because you are sick of hating what you see in the mirror? If you have a strong “why”, it is always there to motivate you to reach your goals. Also, believe in yourself. You can do it. Self-belief is the foundation of any success. In health, and in life. profile: In your experience, what are some of the most common key factors to achieving personal wellbeing? dr ashlee: Self love. Honouring and respecting yourself enough to make positive changes in your health and life is huge. Also, choosing foods from a place of wanting to actually nourish yourself to feel good; not for convenience, not counting calories, or just because it tastes good – eat from a place that is going to serve your body and your health well. profile: What would you say brings you the greatest sense of fulfillment in your work? dr ashlee: Watching others transform their health, and their life – and seeing their happiness with results; it’s hard to get much better than that. Many people don’t realise how good being healthy feels. If I can help guide someone to tap into this, than that to me is pretty amazing.

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June Profile Magazine 2014  

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