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his love for travel and skill for promotion into Entourage Tours. Based on the concept of revolving a tour around a music festival, Dane caters to festival aficionados and keen travellers alike. The tours see Dane and his business partners lead a thrill-seeking group of 18 to 35 year olds anywhere from the sun-drenched valley of Venice Beach to a pumping Vegas pool party or exclusive Hollywood club. This is where cool meets culture. “We aim for 20 to 30 per cent tourist stuff and sightseeing, and 60 to 70 per cent partying, with minimal travel time,” Dane says. “We target the music niche market and people who don’t want to be on a bus for eight hours at a time.” Trips overseas to test festivals and research travel concepts may sound cruisy to some, but the boys put in the hard yards to deliver an unforgettable experience to their clientele. “We were working for nothing for the first three years,” says Dane. At that point, Dane was juggling Entourage Tours with long summer days as a council lifeguard. “It was a lot of work … but we made it work,” he says. Following the dissolution of the council professional lifeguard service to volunteer lifesavers in 2013, Dane accepted a redundancy package, and following his love of travel, moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he based and ran Entourage Tours from his laptop. On his return to the Sunshine Coast, Dane worked for the owners of a local nightclub venue, as a partner and manager with a team of mates. “We were a good team,” he reflects. The collaboration came to an end earlier this year. Now, with Entourage Tours as his focus, he looks forward to exploring what Australia’s music scene can bring to the international arena. “We want to bring people back to Australia,” Dane says of his plans to keep growing the business by creating shorter tours to attract international

I was a lifeguard and he was selling cars, and we just had the idea.” attention, and introducing it for people who can’t take extended time off work. “We are nowhere near as successful as we want to be after six years into it … it takes time and certainly doesn’t happen overnight, and you don’t really want it to,” he shares. “I think if you go ‘boom’ you have the chance to maybe disappear quickly.” And for someone who mixes business with pleasure as his nine-to-five, it’s little wonder that Dane wants to keep taking Entourage Tours to new horizons.


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