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Nappy By: Charisse Carney-Nunes

The Goal ď Ž

Develop a creative strategy are for creating an interactive multimedia presentation that gives a fresh approach to the story of Nappy, a unique children’s book that fit for all the ages.

Objective ď Ž

Translate the website that children would be able to recognize.

Target Audience ď Ž

ď Ž

Primary campaign will target to children for ages 5-10. Secondary campaign will target to mothers, fathers, and poets alike.

Strategy How can we reach this audience? ď Ž Ads appearing in local bookstores. ď Ž Online ads appearing on e-book websites.

Message If you could get one sentence through all the clutter, what would that be? ď Ž This is a must have book, for it contains humorous and delightfully story that children from all ages will enjoy.

Design ď Ž

ď Ž

Use colors from the book that reflects the mood of the scenes. Yellow, brown, black, pink, green, and blue

Fronts ď Ž



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References “I Love My Hair!”  By: Natasha Anastasia Tarpley

References “Nappy Hair”  By: Carolivia Herron

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Project Presentation on Nappy  

Project Presentation on the website for Nappy