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to court for inviting an unqualified candidate for interview. He then took his son back to Staff School to spend an extra year after which the child passed—according to laid down rules. Mr. Vice-Chancellor, that professor may or may not have known it but he was promoting the moral development of his son at that age. During the same period, another professor of that generation wanted his very intelligent son to be given admission into this university. Unknown to this professor, the son had filled his correct age on his JAMB application form, so, a sworn affidavit to say that he was older was no longer admissible. When the admissions officer (also a professor’s wife) refused to let in the under-aged child, his professor father made for the Vice-Chancellor’s office to “press for his right”. On being summoned, the admissions officer quietly explained that the child could not be admitted because the rules said so. As she turned to take her exit, the ViceChancellor called her back, “Madam where is your son who was one of our highest JAMB scorers last year?” “He’s at home learning computer skills Sir. He will be able to resume in October since he’ll be sixteen in August”. The Professor could not press for his rights beyond this point. That admissions officer who retired many years ago, may just be doing her work, but she was consolidating the moral development of her intelligent son, and contributing to the moral development of the professor’s son. From the stage of objective i.e. externally imposed morality, Piaget submitted that a transition follows to subjective, i.e. self-directed morality, making two distinctive even if not successive stages of moral development. He stated that: Even if the objective and the subjective conceptions of responsibility are not, properly speaking, features of two successive stages they do at least define two distinct processes, one of which on the average precedes the other in the


Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  
Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  

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