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procedures of candidates for employment and for admission into higher grade institutions consider these factors because speed of response to intellectual challenges is a determiner of intelligence and potential. Mr. Vice-Chancellor, we can now have a picture of homo sapiens, the knowing man. He is a biological specimen, having the biological property of intelligence by which he can know as well as create knowledge. With intelligence, man can reason, and in the process of reasoning man can exercise freedom, will power, judgement, and make choices between alternatives. Intelligence facilitates progression from “what” i.e. matter, object, to “who” i.e. thinker, author, originator. But above all, homo sapiens is also a potential who can learn anything, become anything, and create anything. When homo sapiens as an intelligent being has actualized his intellectual potential he becomes a highly knowledgeable person. But is he educated? We shall attempt to answer this question in our third lecture . Thank you all for listening thus far.


Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  
Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  

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