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In this regard Mr. Vice-Chancellor, the efforts being made by the present university administration to supplement efforts of the government and other well-meaning organizations to give minimal support to financially handicapped undergraduates of this university in different faculties deserve commendation and encouragement. As we have seen, potential is a seed. As we nurture the potential in these learners now, they can grow up to become unequalled agents of national development in the near future. This is an investment that pays far more than any stock market transaction because of its social multiplier effects. Whereas stocks may lose value, our investment in human development can only appreciate as we consciously nurture the intellectual and potential development of the future generation. Here lies the effectiveness of education in effecting social change according to the desire of educational planners and practitioners. Thailand did it for her adult population and increased her level of literacy. Germany, after suffering humiliation from Napoleon, used education to produce a new generation of patriots who have unflinching sense of national superiority of incomparable sense of national superiority. We also can develop the potentials of our learners to a level that would propel Nigeria to become a world power in our generation. Finally, potential as capability, depends on “a person’s effectiveness in promoting a designated outcome�. It is a skill which a person is able to demonstrate whether or not it is demanded. For example, a student may be able to solve ten mathematics problems in one hour whether or not she is actually asked to do so. But she may not be able to solve twenty problems in one hour. Thus, her effectiveness in solving ten problems in one hour may make her a potential quantiity surveyor but not a potential aircraft pilot. Another factor in capability, is efficiency. A student may be able to solve ten problems in one hour but another may be able to do so in thirty minutes. The latter student would have combined efficiency with effectiveness. As earlier pointed out, selection


Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  
Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  

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