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Speed of information processing is the essential basis of g and one possible neurological basis of speed of processing is the speed of transmission through nerve pathways.27 This assumption of intelligence apparently serves as the rationale for the different aptitude tests for people of different age groups from primary school children to university graduates in our times. The aptitude tests are usually designed to test peoples’ general intelligence during a stipulated limited time. Speed of response and accuracy become the criteria for assessment of ability and intelligence, whether for purposes of school admission or for securing employment. General intelligence is therefore valuable in educational measurement and later, evaluation. Howard Gardner appears to have a theory of multiple intelligences which is valuable to a better understanding of man as homo sapiens. He believes that human beings do not just have one intelligence but multiple intelligences. Therefore a problem can be solved from as many perspectives as there are multiple intelligences. The domains of multiple intelligences according to Gardner are: • • • • • • • •

Linguistic i.e. “word smart” Logical mathematical i.e “number/reasoning smart” Spatial i.e. “picture smart” Bodily-kinesthetic i.e. “body smart” Musical i.e. “music smart” Interpersonal i.e. “people smart” Intrapersonal i.e. “self smart” Naturalistic i.e. “nature smart”.28


Ibid. Thomas Armstrong Multiple Intelligences, multipleintellegences.htm, retrieved 7/31/2005. 28


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Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  

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