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count as education. R. S. Peters distinguishes between education and training as follows: Education is not a concept that marks out any particular type of process such as training, or activity such as lecturing, rather it suggests criteria to which processes such as training must conform. One of these is that something of value should be passed on. Thus we may be educating him while we are training him but we need not be. For we may be training him in the art of torture. This perhaps explains why teacher training has become teacher education in our times. Secondly, education is not drilling. If people are drilled daily in preparation for an attack on a human community in order to exterminate it, the drill would not conform to the criterion that we would expect in education. Thirdly, education is not the same as brainwashing. While education is expected to be a process of liberating the mind from ignorance and error, brainwashing takes the mind captive and denies the victim the freedom to think and freely hold opinion even when it means being different from everybody. Finally education is not indoctrination. The indoctrinated person acts on the platform of belief. The educated person acts on the platform of reason. One needs to quickly add that knowledge may not be the exclusive preserve of man. Many of us have pet animals like dogs, parrots, cattle, or even poultry that “know” the difference between their owners and other people. Even the Holy Bible records that: The Lord appointed the moon for the seasons; the sun knows the exact time of its setting (Ps 104:19–Amplified Bible).


Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  
Professor Oluremi Aina Bamisaiye University Lecture  

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