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April 29, 2011 Department of Communication University of Colorado Denver Campus Box 176 P.O. Box 173364 Denver, CO 80217-33644

Dear Department of Communication: I am writing this letter in support of Kathleen Pounders’ nomination for Senior Instructor in the University of Colorado Denver’s Department of Communication. During my time as a graduate student at UCD, Kathleen was an invaluable resource both as a mentor and role model. As a mentor, she provided countless hours of personal assistance helping myself, and a number of other graduated students, prepare to teach Public Speaking on the university level. Kathleen takes a very student-centered approach to teaching and instills that core value into everyone she mentors. This approach allows for instructors to individualize curriculum activities to maximize each student’s potential for success. While public speaking is widely regarded as a terrifying endeavor, Kathleen prepares all she mentors with the tools and strategies to reduce fear of speaking in students, increase self-confidence and, create a classroom environment conducive to learning and sharing new ideas. I have seen first hand, through my experience as an instructor, the power of Kathleen’s mentorship as I watched my students transform from reticent, anxious speakers to varying degrees of confident, wellprepared presenters. Because of the things I learned from Kathleen, I have actually had students write me “thank you” notes at the conclusion of my classes expressing their gratitude for the things they’ve learned. I owe that level of success as an instructor to Kathleen and her mentorship without question. In addition to the philosophical mentorship Kathleen provides, she also prepares individuals with very pragmatic approaches to classroom organization, interpersonal techniques for communicating with students, record keeping, performance tracking and, class-to-class management particularly through utilization of technologies such as the Blackboard system. These strategies proved invaluable for me as an instructor and many of the organization strategies I learned from Kathleen, I regularly employ in my current public health research work. The level of preparation that Kathleen demands from herself and those she mentors very clearly results in rewarding classroom experiences for instructors and students alike. Finally, as a role model, Kathleen does not just advocate for these strategies and classroom philosophies, she lives them as an example. Everything, down to the last detail, that Kathleen promotes she practices. She is an unwaveringly caring instructor who will go to great lengths to motivate the best in everyone she works with whether they be students or other instructors. She is warm and respectful and approaches her instructor role

with these values very firmly in place. The example she sets has been an asset to me both personally and professionally as I have tried to approach “my world� with the same approach I have witnessed from Kathleen time and time again. Kathleen Pounders is a tremendous instructor who is constantly striving to be the best she can. This would be a well-deserved promotion and one that I, without a doubt, support with all my heart. People like Kathleen are what make the UCD Department of Communication such a wonderful place, one that holds a very special spot in my heart. Very Sincerely,

Robert Jenkins, MA Project Coordinator - Sun Safe Colorado



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