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liquid sound volume 3

Toskana Therme Bad Orb

It is a futuristic scenario with archaic

are hosts to regular LIQUID SOUND Club

origins. Go back to the grey-blue

nights, live full moon concerts and the

ancestors, life forms that learned to

annual all-night LIQUID SOUND festival

swim and sing in the water long before

featuring the best of music, visuals and

anyone crawled and howled on land.

performing arts in and around water.

The ocean never stopped resonating with these tunes. How does it feel to

In order to enjoy the real thing, all you

be a contemporary whale, listening to

have to do is to get wet and do nothing.

the music of today? What is the human

Make yourself comfortable on a floating

contribution to the ongoing festival of

carpet of sounds and waves. Perhaps

underwater music?

your journey will bring you to an aquatic opera house, or a temple, who knows?

Such are the questions that inspired this Water is an infinite source of life with

compilation. It reflects the development

strange and luring voices. Many dif-

of LIQUID SOUND, an installation that

ferent ears are listening. Underwater

honours water as a space and stage for

ears. Look around–you are not alone on

the art of bathing in sound and light.

And who can tell the difference? But welcome anyway. Micky Remann Liquid Sound initiator, cultural director

Planet Pool. There is light, color, warmth


and good company. Some people have

Some musicians you hear on this album

their eyes closed, half dreaming, half

have actually performed for audiences in

dancing; others are floating weightlessly

thermal baths that are specially designed

in and out of real time, thereby imme-

for this experience. In Germany, Toskana

diately understanding physically the

Therme Bad Sulza, Toskana Therme Bad

concept of LIQUID SOUND.

Orb and Toskana Therme Bad Schandau

Toskana Therme Bad Orb

Ohm-G This is not the ocean (JoJo’s 2010 Rmx) Mirage of deep Infinite blue Aquarelsingers The dream goes around Bahramji & Mashti Heartbeat Gustavo Santaolalla New old land Junopilot Teleskop Carbon Based Lifeforms 20 minutes Pan Liquid interlude Laya Project Water side Sambox Into the dream Bliss feat. Lisbeth Scott Reveal Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder Orange one (Chill Out Mix) Bob Holroyd A chance encounter David & Steve Gordon Daybreak appears Lemongrass Coral reef Caban Vapour Weathertunes Healing water Compiled and mixed by DJ Nartak

lc 12644, lgm067-4 (c) & (p) 2010 Lemongrassmusic Compiled and mixed by DJ Nartak Mastering by Stefan Feuerhake Artwork by Raul Bรถhm All rights reserved, Gema Distribution by Made in Germany 2010

Liquid Sound Vol 3 - CD Booklet  

Liquid Sound Vol 3 - CD Booklet

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