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Rack for August/September 2015 Issue 4 • Vol XVI

☜“Make it Happen” One Pocket


Effren Wins Title

Atlantic Cup Challenge


Team Europe wins Inaugural Tournament

Tri State our Invitational


Tony Liang Overall Grand Champion

JPNEWT Tour Event #4 2015 Party Poker Pool Masters ☜US Snooker Association National Title

14 16/17 20

Sargon Isaac Captures Championship

World Tournament of 14.1


Hohmann Wins title 4th Time

Summer Classic at The Rack, Memphis


Q City 9-Ball Tour


☜Memphis 10 Ball Open • HighPockets




Lou Butera & Tim Scruggs

Pool Instructional… Long Way Around for Position…Mark Finkelstein Chico Billiard Academy…Jacqueline Karol The Impossible Ticky…Robert Byrne Fifthteen Seconds to Victory…Tom Rossman The Push Out…Mike Roque Five Ball Juggle…Tim Chin Learning Through Cosmosis…Tom Simpson Bar Box 8-Ball…Marty Kaczmarowski DPM Universal Pocket and Carom Billiard Systems 80…Darrel Martineau Departments …

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USBA Newsletter • 3-Cushion George Ashley Memorial Shot Selection to Score…Phil Panzera President’s Desk Dubuque Open USBA International Open Million Dollar Billiards Jennifer Shim Tournament • In Memory

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Paul Frankel Gary Tate Ricky Bryant Joseph Ratke Josh Gilmore

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2015 Accu-Stats Make It Happen One-Pocket

Congratulations to Effren Reyes, Champion 2015 “Make It Happen” One-Pocket Invitational by Phil Capelle (

Final Recap

Smith with a shot. But Smith could only make one ball, and left the table trailing 4-1. On his third turn Smith again left Reyes with a shot, but Reyes could only make one before missing shape. But he played a carom shot off the pack, made two more to close out the game. He took a commanding 2-0 lead in this race to 3.

Match #16 – The Finals Efren Reyes 3, Danny Smith 1 Reyes avenged his only loss of the tournament to Smith, winning the finals 3 to 1, and finishing with a record of 5-1. Danny Smith ended with a record of 4-2. Going into the finals there was that age-old question – who would have the advantage? The player who was coming off of a victory and was riding on a high, or was he worn out – going against a player who was well rested? Game 1 – Reyes 8, Smith 7 (Innings: 15) Smith broke strongly but Reyes responded with a good move, knocking balls towards his pocket, and the battle was on. In the second inning Smith congradulating Effren on the title Reyes left a shot and Smith made only one ball before missing. The score stood at 1-0 Game 3 – Smith 8, Reyes 0 (Innings: 19) Smith broke well but Reyes replied with a double carom until Smith missed in the seventh inning and left Reyes with a safety and the defensive struggle was underway. Reye did score a shot. Reyes ran four, but missed an easy shot and Smith reball in his third inning, but he gave it back in the sixth thanks sponded with three in his pocket before he missed. The score was now tied at 4 each, He had left Reyes with an easy shot and to the only shot clock violation of the tournament, so after Efren ran three and then scratched when the cue ball hit a piece seven complete innings the score was 0 to 0. On his eighth turn Smith took advantage of Reyes’ miss on a 2-rail bank, running 4 of chalk, turned to the right, gained speed, and went in the pocket! Smith took ball-in-hand and ran three before missing a before missing a combo. He now led, 4-0, at which point an uptable game commenced. The players traded safeties until the long shot. He now led, 7-6. The players traded safeties and missed banks until the 15th inning when Smith left Reyes with 16th inning when Reyes left a shot, and Smith made one to another bank. Reyes deposited it in his pocket, got excellent po- extend his lead to 5 to 0. On his 18th turn Reyes missed, and Smith made two balls, then fired in the game-winning bank. He sition, and sank the game winner. now trailed in the match, 2 games to 1. Game 2 – Reyes 8, Smith 1 (Innings: 4) Reye broke poorly but Smith sold out. Efren promptly made Game 4 – Reyes 8, Smith 0 (Innings: 7) Reyes broke well, but Smith came back with a great kick four balls before he missed position, played a kick, and left

6 PQB August/September

Shane Van Boening Scott Frost Justin Hall Alex Pagulayan


safety and the players went to work on defense. Reyes did get lucky not to sell out on a long kick on his third turn, but other than that is was a routine safety battle until his sixth turn when Smith left Reyes with an easy shot. Reyes showed why he is the best ball runner in the history of One-Pocket as he smoothly ran 8 and out to win the match and become the 2015 AccuStats Make It Happen One-Pocket champion. Smith did extremely well in finishing second, and is splitting two matches with The Magician.

Standings W-L – Efren Reyes Danny Smith

Gm. W/L 5-1 – 17/8 4-2 – 15/14

3-2 – 13/8 2-3 – 11/12 2-3 – 8/12 0-5 – 5/15

Day 1 #1 – Justin Hall 3, Alex Pagulayan 1 #2 – Danny Smith 3, Shane Van Boening 2 #3 – Efren Reyes 3, Scott Frost 2 #4 – Shane Van Boening 3, Alex Pagulayan 0 Day 2 #5 – Danny Smith 3, Scott Frost 2 #6 – Efren Reyes 3, Justin Hall 0 #7 – Shane Van Boening 3, Scott Frost 1 #8 – Danny Smith 3, Alex Pagulayan 2 Day 3 #9 – Scott Frost 3, Justin Hall 1 #10 – Efren Reyes 3, Alex Pagulayan 0 #11 – Shane Van Boening 3, Justin Hall 1 #12 – Danny Smith 3, Efren Reyes 2 Day 4 #13 – Scott Frost 3, Alex Pagulayan 2 #14 – Justin Hall 3, Danny Smith 2 #15 – Efren Reyes 3, Shane Van Boening 2 #16 – Efren Reyes 3, Danny Smith 1

Accu-Stats Crew, l-r, Paul Lieb, Ken Shuman, Julian Robertson, Sal Rinchiuso, Jim Cherry, Jerry Tarantola, Carol Whiteside, Carswell Ransome, Julie Ha, Chris Renfro, Pat Fleming, Buster Lewis, Karl Kantrowitz Alison Fischer, Ed Liddawi, Jenn Vanzile, Levi Combs

August/September PQB 7

Europe Team l-r- Maxim Dudanets, Raphael Wahl, Marharyta Fefilava, Sandra Hanf (Director), Daniel Tangudd, Patryk Statkiewicz, Kristina Tkach

Photos (EPBF/DYK)

Team Europe Wins Inaugural Atlantic Challenge Cup


eam Europe won the Inaugural Atlantic Challenge Cup after a dramatic last day of singles matches here in Rankweil Austria. Leading 9-6 after day three, team Europe only needed to win two from the six singles matches to claim victory but team USA did their best to spoil the party. Europe’s Kristina Tkach, who had played solid throughout the previous three days seem to suffer a bout of nerves in the MVPs Daniel Tangudd and April Larson first match of the day, losing 6-3 to USA’s Taylor Hansen which brought the overall score to 9-7. USA had obviously loaded their front line up with their best players and it was the General’s turn “Nick Evans” who came up against the inform Daniel Tangudd from Europe. Nick was off to a flyer and it seemed that the USA selection was working; they were in control and looking good until Daniel found his feet. He pegged back rack after rack in a thriller that was to produce the fifth hill-hill match of the tournament and for the fifth time, Europe came out on top. Europe, now leading 10-7 and needing just one more match to claim the title looked odds on to finish this event quickly but the USA team would not lay down and surrender. The next match saw Europe’s Patryk USA Team Statkiewicz up against USA’s Drake Niepoetter. In this l-r, Drake Niepoetter, Tyler Brandon, April Larson, match, Patryk created the running jump shot, having Earl Munson (Director), Taylof Hansen, already used his time extension and forgetting that he had, Josh Franklin, Nick Evans 8 PQB August/September

playing some brilliant safety shots, he never let his opponent sprinted back to grab his jump stick. While running back to “Joshua Franklin” have any joy when he did get to the table. the table, he just aimed and shot in a single motion making the As the racks piled up, Europe were on the march again, ball in the pocket and the whole crowd went crazy. This singing as every 9-ball went down. Maxim delivered the point however was not enough to stop the USA winning this match required, playing beautify pool in the process as this match to bring the score closer at 10-8 in Europe’s favor, ironically it finished 6-1 and 11-9 overall. was another hill-hill and the first USA had won. A relived European team was now celebrating the victory The nerves seemed to be creeping in to the European team, that seemed to be slipping away as USA pressed them all the they could see the finish line but were trying to force themway to the wire. selves over it and this was clearly seen in the next match. April Larson picked up the MVP award for team USA and Marharyta Fefilava who had played a very good tournament Daniel Tangudd the same award for team Europe. This event until this match was feeling the pressure the most and could was an amazing display of pool at the highest level and shows not get going at all. Team USA capitalized on the mistakes the talent that is going to grace the world stages in years to from Marharyta and April Larson picked off rack after rack come. coming out on top 6-3. It is now over to the BCA & BEF in America to organize Only two matches remained with Europe leading 10-9 and this event in 2016 and an announcement will be forthcoming still needing that one point to clinch the crown. USA had the on the date & location, meanwhile the European’s have a momentum and Europe was on the ropes until the cool headed complete year to bask in the glory of a well-earned victory. Maxim Dudanets came to the arena. All results and pictures can be found here at http://www.xWith the pressure mounting, could the youngest member of!atlantic-challenge-cup/c5ay the European team deliver? It started evenly and after the score The Atlantic Challenge Cup was organized by the was 1-1, Maxim showed such maturity that you could easily EPBF/IBPF in cooperation with the BCA/BEF. forget that he was still only 16 years old. Running racks and

2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup European Qualifying Criteria Announced


ith the recent success of the Atlantic Challenge Cup in which Europe won in a close encounter 11-9 over team USA, the EPBF announce the qualifying criteria for 2016. The BCA who will host this event will announce the venue and location in the next few weeks so the players can look forward to a trip across the pond to defend the title Europe won in a dramatic finale here in Rankweil, Austria. Using the coming European Championships in Sankt Johann im Pongau as the main qualifying criteria, this will surely add spice to an event already established for the qualifying to the world championships. The players can now look forward to an extra incentive to take a gold medal as this secures a spot on the team that will face the Americans on their own soil in 2016. European Qualifying Criteria: Junior 9-ball & 8-ball winners 2 spots World junior champion OR 2nd placed 1 spot Eurotour highest ranked youth player 1 spot Girls 9-ball & 8-ball winners 2 spots Doubles or non taken spots hereafter are awarded as follows: Junior 10-ball champion

Junior straight-ball champion 2nd highest ranked junior player on the Eurotour rankings. Girls: If there is a world champion then 1 spot for this is followed by the EC 9-ball winner and the 8-ball is sacrificed. If the same girl wins both 9 & 8-ball with no world champion then the 10-ball EC champion is elected & moving to the silver medals if still required to select the representation. American Qualifying Criteria: America will announce its 2016 player qualifying criteria in the coming weeks. The Atlantic Challenge Cup official match table was supplied by Dynamic Billard, the official cloth from Iwan Simonis & Saluc supplied the Aramith TV Pro-Cup balls. The Atlantic Challenge Cup was organized by the EPBF/IBPF in cooperation with the BCA/BEF. August/September PQB 9

Long Way Around for Position

by Mark Finkelstein Pro at Slate and Eastside Billiards, New York City; Instructional Columnist


he lesson I’d like to share with you comes right from this last pool school. After class on the second day, Varsity Billiards had a pool tournament. One of our students entered the tournament and did quite well, but it was one of the matches he won that I want to look at. The key idea behind pool school is developing a repeatable, consistent stroke, on the first swing. We don’t get two and three tries to get it right! To do this there is a set of steps to make sure that our bridge, grip, stance and eye patterns are all consistent for us, as each individual is a bit different.

tent. In our example above, if the student just kept swinging the way he was, he would have pocketed the 8 ball and won the set a lot earlier. In the Navy I learned that we fall to our level of training and not rise to our level of expectations under pressure. The implications of this is that if we want to be a better pool player, we must train our stroke so that when we are under pressure, we perform our stroke, the first time, every time on demand.

So just how do we do this? Here is a simple shot I want you In this particular match, our student was cruising along, to set up and shoot. Did you make the ball? Now do it again? Now here is the smoothly swinging and taking balls off nicely, when he got down to the 8 ball. In his excitement he swung from his shoul- question I want you to answer. Did you set up the same way for each of these shots? This is important. Was you bridge length der, jumped up and jerked his cue stick at the cue ball. You guessed it, he lost that game. Now he did go on to win the set, the same? Did you finish your stroke in the same place? Was your eye pattern consistent? Was your warm up sequence conbut the break down in form is what I want to focus on. sistent? Everyone wants the deep secrets of pool that will make them My guess is that you didn’t even think about these things, play better. A new stick, or tip or chalk. Perhaps a new aiming system might help. Or how about only looking at the cue ball, but rather you got down and tried to make the shot. or perhaps only looking at the object ball. Yikes, the myths that are out there are absolutely amazing. To be a consistent pool player, you need to have a consistent routine to get set up for every shot. To become a better pool player, we have to be more consisGood luck and see you on the road.

10 PQB August/September

Chico Billiards Academy

by Jacqueline Karol • House Pro at Oais Bar & Grill Chico Ca., League Operator & Tournament Director .

Too Straight? Imagine

that the cue ball and the object ball are lined up straight and both very close to the end rail. You need to get position for the next ball which is at the opposite end rail. You could try hitting it hard with high left, but hitting it such force makes the pocket less forgiving, and it is likely that you miss the shot. Instead, going rail first with a smooth, effortless stroke is much more natural and easy. Also experiment using high, low and left English to get the cue ball in different areas on the table.

JPNEWT Tour Event #4

First Break Cafe Sterling, VA,

A field of 23 players competed in the two day event. 1st Karen Corr 2nd Briana Miller 3rd Jia Li 4th Nicole Monaco 5/6 Kia Sidbury, Tina Scott 7/8 Kathy Friend, Boye Lu 9-12 Judie Wilson,Kassandra Bein, Lai Li,Nicole Fleming How to Join the JPNEWT Tour, Playing in the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour is as easy as showing up at an event and signing up! JPNEWT Entry Fee and Tour Membership The tournament entry fee for all regular events is $55. The entry fee for WPBA top-32 pros is $110. (These entry fees include the director’s fee and/or greens fees.) A one-year tour membership (Jan.-Dec.) is $30. 14 PQB August/September

l-r: Jia Li, Nicole Monaco, Briana Miller, Karen Corr JPNEWT membership for a WPBA top-32 pro is $60. or either amateur or pro can pay a one-time guest fee of $20. WPBA Top 32 pros are ineligible to play in the Season Finale. ($100 from each event will be set aside for the End of the Year event, or any other JPNEWT event that requires our support.) Contact Linda Shea,JPNEWT Tournament Director 443-852-0020,

United States Snooker Association

Isaac Captures Second United States National Snooker Title


hree years after he won his first title, Sargon Isaac(below) has captured the 2015 United States National Snooker Championship with victory in the final over Ahmed Aly Elsayed at the Prince Snooker Club in Brooklyn, New York. The Californian had a very easy passage through the Championship until the concluding day of play, where he earlier had a mighty semifinal struggle with last year’s runner-up Raymond Fung to come out on top 4-3, and then had a tremendous

Aly, who had defeated the defending Champion Ajeya Prabhakar in the semifinals, had his chances to go into the match 10-minute interval with a healthy 3-1 lead, however, for the second frame in succession, Isaac pinched it on the final black after holding himself together for a fine clearance. The players resumed all-square at 2-2 with Isaac coming back the most confident to convincingly take the fifth frame for a 3-2 lead, but it was level again after frame six when playing for a snooker on the final pink ball Isaac inadvertently potted it. The long Memorial Day holiday Monday of playing intense matches was certainly taking its toll on both of the players, but Isaac proved to be the stronger on this occasion as he played the more positively to win the following two frames to seal the match and Championship with a 5-3 victory. Both players have now gained automatic selection to represent the United States in the Men’s Event of this year’s International Billiards & Snooker Federation (IBSF) World Snooker Championships, which will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, from November 2-14 (TBC).

battle with Aly in the final that went on late into the evening. Brooklyn’s Aly, going for a fourth title after last winning it back in 2011, most certainly seemed up for the fight as in a very high-scoring first two frames, in which he produced breaks of 51 and 40 respectively, he took an early 2-0 advantage, and even though he also stroked in a run of 55 in frame three Isaac took it on the final black. After a very high-quality first three frames, the match then proceeded to get a little scrappy as both players had to cope with their nerves and the huge build-up of tension.

20 PQB August/September

Results Ajeya Prabhakar (CA) ) 4 - 3 over Cheang Ciing Yoo (WA Ahmed Aly Elsayed (NY) 4 - 0 over Ian O’Mahony (NY) Raymond Fung (NY) 4 - 0 over Tom Kollins (MI) Sargon Isaac (CA) 4 - 0 over Kevin Wong (NY)


Aly 4 - 3 over Prabhakar Isaac4 - 3 over Fung


Isaac 5 - 3 over Aly

USBA Officers President Jim Shovak East Islip, NY 516-238-6193

Secretary Tom Paley Fenton, MO 636-861-3437

Treasurer Merrill Hughes Huntington Station, NY 631-338-9698

Ricardo Carranco Los Angeles, CA 323-490-8075

Victor Cuzzi Miami, FL 786-366-7293

Pedro Piedrabuena San Diego, CA 213-458-3950

Mazin Shooni Nashua, NH 248-910-4466

James Watson Bronx, NY 347 255-4330 26 PQB August/September

L to R, Miguel Torres , Fred Lamers, Mickey Campbell, Lupe Cruz, Nam Cho, Brian Haff, George Theobald, George Ashby


n May 29th Twenty-five 3-Cushion Billiard Players from seven states converged on Rushville, Illinois to do battle in host George Ashby’s 3-day event. Players came from the following states: New York (1), Iowa (2), Illinois (11), Minnesota (4), Washington State (1) Wisconsin (5) Florida (1) Rushville is typically a sleepy little town in west central Illinois but is fast becoming a hotbed for Three Cushion Billiards in the Midwest. The 25 players were divided into one nine-man and two eight-man round-robin flights by a raffle-style draw. The top two finishers from each Flight plus the top two 3rd place contestants advance to the eight-man round-robin finals. Flight A Miquel Torres (NY), Nam Cho (WI) & George Theobald (IL) played well to the finals. Flight B Undefeated Host George Ashby (IL), Lupe Cruz (IA) and Mickey Campbell (MN) also worked their way into the finals. Fourth Place finisher Ellis Lawrence (FL) missed the finals by 4 points but for his 6-point run Ellis did collect $275.00 for High-Run Out of the Money. Flight C Rising star and future superstar Brian Haff (IL) went undefeated and Fred Lamers (MN), who suffered his only loss to Haff, placed 2nd in the Flight to round out the Finals flight. A total prize fund of $5,825.00 was generated via entry fees and cash and merchandise donations. May 2015 Prize Breakdown 1st: $1,200.00 Miquel Torres 2nd: $1,000.00 Lupe Cruz 3rd: $ 900.00 Brian Haff 4th: $ 725.00 Fred Lamers 5th: $ 580.00 Nam Cho 6th: $ 435.00 George Ashby 7th: $ 290.00 George Theobald 8th: $ 145.00 Mickey Campbell High Run - Preliminaries $ 275.00 Ellis Lawrence - 6 High Run - Finals $ 275.00 George Ashby - 11 $5,825.00

USBA International Open

Million Dollar Billiards – North Hollywood, CA There were 42 players of 6 flights of 8 SINGLE ELIMINATION FINALS QUARTERFINALS 34 PEDRO PIEDRABUENA VS RAYMUNDO MUÑOZ 40 (23 INN) 37 LUIS AVILA VS GUILLERMO SOSA 40 (31 INN) 40 JAVIER TERAN VS FRANCISCO PALAFOX 30 (31 INN) 40 TORBJÖRN BLOMDAHL VS BILAL KHALIFA 10 (17 INN) SEMIFINALS 25 RAYMUNDO MUÑOZ VS GUILLERMO SOSA 40 (22 INN) 23 JAVIER TERAN VS TORBJÖRN BLOMDAHL 40 Left- Ricky Carranco (Tournament Dir.) - Daniel Busch (23 INN) (pov pool Live Streaming) An amazing event it was, great FINAL team work guys. 40 TORBJÖRN BLOMDAHL VS GUILLERMO SOSA 13 (23 INN) $250 Torbjörn Blomdahl (1.846) PRIZE FUND Special thanks to Ricky Carranco, Hector Ocampo, Gilbert 1st. Torbjörn Blomdahl $4000 Najm and Carlos Elias for their tireless efforts to make these 2nd. Guillermo Sosa $3000 historical events possible on our beautiful west coast of the 3rd. Raymundo Muñoz/Javier Teran $2000/each United States. 5th. Piedrabuena/Avila/Palafox/Khalifa $1175/each Also a special thanks to POV Pool’s sponsors, Tiger Prod9th. Salinas/Pineda/Ceulemans/Cataño $375/each ucts, Kamui Tips and Kamui Brand for supporting our efforts HIGH RUN IN SEMIFINALS OR FINALS - $100Franto provide coverage – let us also not forget the Simonis Cloth, cisco Palafox (12) Verhoeven Billiard Tables, United States Billiards Association, BEST GAME IN SEMIFINALS OR FINALS.- $150 UMCB (Union Mexicana Campeones de Billar) and also Paul Pedro Piedrabuena (30 in 8) Frankel and Professor-Q-Ball’s National Pool and 3 Cushion BEST GENERAL AVG. IN SEMIFINALS AND FINALS.- News.

Ricky Carranco , Javier Teran Guillermo Sosa, Torbjörn Blomdahl, Raymundo Muñoz, Raymond Ceulemans, Hector Ocampo (Owner)

August/September PQB 29

Therese Completes Trilogy in New York by Frits Bakker


he trophy and the main prize (2.500 dollars) were handed over to Therese Klompenhouwer again: the Dutch billiards star showed herself the best on the final day and won despite two mistakes in the preliminary rounds. The current world champion triumphed in the Jennifer Shim Tournament in New York by a victory in the final over Sruong Pheavy from CamboJennifer Shim dia: 30-12 in sixteen innings. It was Therese’s third victory in a row in New York: she defeated Orie Hida, who crossed her path now in the semi-finals, two times. Sruong Pheavy (25) was the revelation: she defeated Klompenhouwer in the preliminaries, came up to the final, but found her master in the world’s best women’s three-cushion player. The 32-yearold Dutch put her opponent in the final under pressure with small runs (9-5 and 13-7) and after 16-11 (12 innings), Pheavy only scored once in the last part of the match. That resulted in a comfortable win for Klompenhouwer. Orie Hida grabbed third place by a big victory over Colombian Mercedes Gonzalez and Dutch Karina Jetten was fifth. Therese Klompenhouwer received the main prize for the winner: 2.500 US dollars. I peaked at the right time and my two losses on Sunday came right on time’’, Therese looked back to the final days. , On the final day the feeling was very strong again. I was a bit uncertain in the first match against Karina, but finally I was super focused.’’ The Jennifer Open, with a total of eighteen players at the start, did not reach the level that was expected. The only players with high averages were Therese Klompenhouwer, the current world champion and Orie Hida, the former triple world champion. The Japanese seemed a serious threat to her Dutch competitor, who she defeated on one carom in the preliminaries. 30 PQB August/September

The top three in the Jennifer Shim Open: left to right Orie Hida, Therese Klompenhouwer and Sruong Pheavy

August/September PQB 31

36 PQB August/September

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