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Rack for December/January 2011 Issue 6 • Vol XI

US Open 9-Ball

☜Appleton Wins Title

BCA Hall of Fame 2010 Atlanta Billiard Show

6-8 9 12

Nicholas Vita, Shelly Harrison and Billy Tyler are Winners

FairGame Tournament


Lucky Break Billiard Club, Manchester, TN

WPBA ☜Ouschan takes Atlanta Title


Strickland Endorses USA Pool League


APA Top Amateurs


Pool Instructional… Wishing a New Angle…Tom Ross The Three Ball Test…Bob Byrne A Ship Wrecked Nine Ball…The Monk The Family Pool Benefits…Eric Yow Who’s the Best, What’s the Best…Tom Rossman Gratitude…Samm Diep The Myth of Top Spin…Tom Simpson Bar Box 8-Ball…Marty Kaczmarowski DPM Universal Pocket & Carom Billiard Systems # 51… by Darrel Martineau Departments … Places to Play National Tournament Directory

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December/January PQB 5

The 2010 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships by Jay Helfert


hey came from all over to play this year. Players from Asia, Europe and all over North America. Men, women and even several teenagers were here. Two Hundred and Fifty-Six Strong! A full field of players all chasing the biggest prize in AmeriSo off they went, 256 horses breaking from the can pool, the U.S. Open crown. gate in the long race to the finish line. The first big Seven long days of non-stop pool action and hundreds of hotly contested matches. How hot? When it got down to the last sixteen players on the winner’s side of the board, five of the eight matches went hillhill! On the final day, playing a win by two format, two of the four matches went into overtime! How can you pick a favorite when perhaps forty of the top fifty players in the world are all here, every one of whom is fully capable of winning. Would it be possible for Mika Immonen to win his third title in a row? He was playing good after all, coming off a victory in the Challenge of Champions and a second place finish in the World Straight Pool Championships. Then there was the deep Filipino contingent with so many excellent players; including a red-hot Efren Reyes and his traveling partner Francisco Bustamante. They had just come off a one-two finish in the Chuck Markulis Memorial held at Hard Times Sacramento. That was against a 128-man field! The ageless Reyes was victorious only a month before in the Predator International Ten Ball held in Manila. And Francisco had won the World 9-Ball championship earlier this year. And they weren’t even considered the best Filipinos in the field. Not with reigning World Pool Masters champ Dennis Orcullo here, along with the current U.S. Open Ten Ball champion Lee Van Corteza. 6 PQB December/January

upset was Mike Dechaine’s trouncing of Shane Van Boening in a lop sided win. Dechaine had sent notice that this might be his year. Shane wasn’t about to go away though, and he reeled off nine straight wins to get right back into the thick of things. Other surprises included the young Jesse Engel from Minnesota, only 18 and already showing signs of impending stardom. After defeating the twenty two year old Canadian star John Morra 11-7, he took on none other than Earl Strickland in a third round match, and hung tough as Earl went through his customary gyrations, bantering with the crowd and generally being a nuisance to the nearby players. To young Engel’s credit he never let any of Earl’s extracurricular activities bother him, even when a tournament official had to step in and remind Earl to stay in this chair and be quiet when his opponent was shooting. Jesse led at this point 9-6 and Earl stormed back to reach the hill first at 10-9. It looked like the young man was finally succumbing to the pressures of the Open and Earl, but we were wrong. He mustered the fortitude and courage to win the last two games and the match 11-10. Most impressive and a little bewildering for Strickland to get sent to the loser’s side by a teenager. In his next match, Engel faced another legend that was on the comeback trail, a certain Mike Sigel. Perhaps buoyed by his success with Strickland, Jesse came out guns blazing and shot down Sigel in

cold blood 11-1! The chirpy Sigel was reduced to playing mum pool. Engel finally met his comeuppance against the veteran Thorsten Hohmann in the round of sixteen, acquitting himself well in an 11-8 loss. On the one loss side he was ousted by English star Chris Melling in an 11-10 thriller. Jesse finished 17-24th in his first Open and won $1,500. A very respectable showing that bodes well for the future of American pool. We will be hearing more about this very mature and composed young man. He never lost his cool on one of the biggest stages in professional pool. In yet one more epic battle that went hill-hill, it was Klatt who had the guts to run out the deciding rack and move into the final four. Jason now faced Mika Immonen, who was storming through everyone in his path so far. Mika gave Jason a dose of his double Player Of The Year best, defeating him 11-4. Perhaps a bit deflated by now, Jason looked lackluster in an 11-1 loss to Corey Deuel. Still, his 5-6th place finish should encourage him in his quest to play with the big boys of professional pool. The $6,000 paycheck won’t hurt his pride either. A couple of veterans who had a good tournament were Rob Saez and wily Nick Varner, still making balls and taking names at age 62. Saez has often been his own worst enemy over the years with his temper getting the best of him. But he seems to have finally gained the maturity it takes to make good use of his abundant talent. He kept his cool during a protracted battle with two-time runner-up Ronnie Alcano, pulling it out 11-10 with a heart stopping run-out in the case game. He lost a subsequent match to Gabe Owen 11-8 and was eliminated by Bustamante 11-10 in another fantastic match, but Rob let the world know he was definitely ready for prime time. Varner made it to the fourth round where he lost to Morris 11-7, but he wasn’t done yet. He then KO’d Beau Runningen 11-5 and Ramil Gallego 11-8 before falling to his old rival Efren 11-8. That match took a lot out of Efren and he fell 11-4 to countryman Kiamco in the very next round. What Nick and Efren had shown the young guns is that they weren’t quite ready to be put out to pasture yet. Other familiar faces who met in the round of sixteen included Ralf over Rodney Morris 11-6, Darren Apple-

Corey Deuel right

Mika Immonen, left ton over Efren 11-5, plus FOUR hill-hill matches won by Mika over Gabe Owen, Lo Wen Li over Johnny Archer, Corey over Warren Kiamco and David Alcaide over Francisco. Anyone who thinks that we need alternate breaks to have close matches is sadly mistaken. Good players somehow find a way to keep it close, and very exciting for the spectators as well! The final eight on the winner’s side promised more fireworks for the packed house of over 1,000 onlookers. Mika continued his fine play, with an 11-7 win over Wen from Taiwan. Spain’s Alcaide showed why he is one of Europe’s great’s, defeating Thorsten 11-5. Darren Appleton continued his fine form as well, topping Corey 11-8. And the last match of this round was Klatt’s surprise win over Ralf. These winners still had to play one more late night match, following the round of eight on the loser’s side of the charts. Mika did his number on Jason and Darren defeated his Spanish rival Alcaide 11-8. That set up a hot seat match between Darren and Mika on the final day. On the south side of the board, Rodney gave Thorsten an 11-2 spanking to eliminate him from the proceedings and Ralf did likewise to Francisco 11-5. Corey stopped Shane’s run 11-8 and Warren ousted Wen 11-9. The next round gave the fans more of what they came for with Corey outlasting Mosconi Cup teammate Rodney 11-9 and sole surviving Filipino hopeful Kiamco pulling off the mild upset of Souquet 11-8. The final round of the night had Corey delivering his knockout blow to Jason and Warren continuing his great play with a win over Alcaide 11-8. see Open page 7 December/January PQB 7

Open from 7 The stage was now set for the final day and the final four. Mika and Darren would be playing for the hot seat and Warren and Corey would battle to stay alive. These final four matches were to be determined by at least two games, and could not go hill-hill. This was a new innovation on the part of promoter Barry Behrman, and the fans seemed to approve by the ovations they gave the players who got locked in these overtime duels. The very first match went into overtime, with Warren actually going ahead 11-10 for what would have been the victory. Deuel regrouped and pulled ahead 13-12, and when Kiamco missed a fairly straightforward five ball, that was all she wrote. 14-12 for Corey and fourth place for Warren. In the hot seat match, Mika struggled with his break, not happy that an official was now racking for him. Still he hung tight with Darren and trailing 10-9 he proceeded to make his best shot of the match, a long tough four ball he cut along the side rail. From there it was smooth sailing to tie the match up. At least it looked that way. But on these very tough Diamond tables, even a momentary lapse in concentration can be costly. That’s what happened to Mika on an easy seven ball that hugged the rail only a diamond away from the corner pocket. He somehow managed to hand it up and allows Darren a simple three ball out for the 11-9 win, and a celebration more fitting of a final than a semi. Darren fell to the floor writhing in delight at his win over Immonen, who he has a fierce rivalry with. A despondent Immonen now had to come right back and play the re-energized Deuel. It was no contest, as a deflated Mika fell 11-3 in a one sided contest. This set the stage for a duel of soon to be Mosconi Cup rivals. America vs. Europe - Deuel vs. Appleton! And what a final we had. They traded games and run outs until reaching hill-hill at 12-12, in the long Race To Thirteen. But it was also win by two, so when Corey won the game it still wasn’t over. Appleton refused to be denied, just as he had in winning the 2009 World Ten Ball Championship over Wu Chau Ching. He showed the fighting spirit that has made him a champion and pulled out the final three games to become the 2010 U.S. Open champion, by the slimmest of margins 15-13. An exuberant Appleton kneeled to kiss the table and 8 PQB December/January

then leaped in the air with joy, his cue held aloft. He had done it, conquered 255 other hopefuls and come out on top. The normally soft-spoken gentleman proclaimed proudly, “I really wanted this one!” over and over. Well, now you have it Mr. Appleton, now you have it. Special thanks go out to Barry and Shannon Behrman who both work so hard to continue the tradition that is The U.S. Open. Thirtyfive years running and no let up in sight! Also to the Diamond table company who supplied the best equipment possible to play this great event on. Kudos to Ken Shuman and Bill Stock, two of the best officials anywhere. And finally to Accu-Stats for bringing a taste of the Open to pool fans the world over. Do yourself a favor and come to the next one in 2011!

U.S. Open Pay Outs 1.

Darren Appleton



Corey Deuel


3. 4.

Mika Immonen Warren Kiamco

$10,000 $7,500


Jason Klatt and David Alcaide


Rodney Morris and Ralf Souquet


7-8. 9-12.

Francisco Bustamante Thorsten Hohmann Shane Van Boening Lo Wen Li $3,000


Johnny Archer Charlie Williams Efren Reyes Chris Melling


Tommy Kennedy Roman Hybler Rob Saez Jesse Engel Gabe Owen, Nick Varner Huidji See Jayson Shaw



BCA Hall of Fame Inductees


he Billiard Congress of America held the annual Hall of Fame inductions at the Marriot Hotel in Chesapeake in conjunction with the US Open 9-Ball Championships. Francisco Bustamante was inducted in the Greatest Player category and Larry Hubbart and Terry Bell were inducted in the Meritorious Service category for their efforts in creating the APA. This was an emotional evening as Efren Reyes and Alex Pagulayan introduced their countryman into the elite club and Renee Lyle did the same for Bell and Hubbart. Videos gave highlights of the careers of these gentlemen and standing ovations were offered as long and loud tributes to the accomplishments of these three greats of the game. During Bustamante’s introduction his career and the many big wins, were recalled while Bell and Hubbart were lauded for not only awarding more than 20 million dollars in prize money over the years but also for the industry sales of cues and tables that have been generated by the desires of their players to own their own equipment. AZBilliards and Professor-Q-Ball wants to tip their hats to the efforts of Mike Panozzo of Billiard’s Digest and his team for orchestrating the evening as well as to Barry Behrman for providing the venue to make the evening possible. Congratulations to our inductees.

Greatest Player Francisco Bustamante A protégé of Efren Reyes, Bustamante of the Philippines began playing in the U.S. in the early 1990s. He hit his stride in 1997, winning two Camel Pro Billiard Tour events, and in 1998 he won four major tournaments, earning Player of the Year honors from Billiards Digest and Pool & Billiard Magazine. He earned the BD POY title again in 2002, winning five major events in the U.S. and abroad, and finishing second at the World Pool Championship, just days after the death of one of his daughters.

Bustamante finally garnered his first recognized world title in 2010, winning the WPA World 9-Ball Championship in Doha, Qatar. His strongest game is 9-ball, where his blockbuster break is used to best advantage, but he is more than proficient at all the major games, as witnessed by his All-Around title at the 2008 Derby City Classic. Major Titles

1991 Brunswick Munich Masters 1992 Japan Open 1993 Bicycle Club Invitational 1997 J.O.B./Kasson Open 1997 Denver Open 1998 Riviera 8-Ball Open 1998 Tulsa 9-Ball Open 1998 Columbus 10-Ball Open 1998 Sands Regency Reno Open XXVIII 1999 Tulsa 9-Ball Open 1999 Challenge of Champions 2000 Motolite International 9-Ball Challenge 2001 Turning Stone Classic II 2001 World Pool Masters 2001 Joss NE Stop 2 2002 Motolite 9-Ball 2002 UPA Peninsula 9-Ball Open 2002 Gabriels Las Vegas Invitational 2002 Sudden-Death 7-Ball 2002 Tokyo 9-Ball Open 2002 All-Japan Championship 2003 International Challenge of Champions 2004 World Pool League 2005 All Filipino Billiards Open 2005 Masters 9-Ball 2005 Turning Stone Classic 2006 World Cup of Pool (w/Efren Reyes) 2007 Derby City Classic Master of the Table 2010 Japan Open 2010 WPA World 9-Ball Championship

Meritorious Service Terry Bell / Larry Hubbart Longtime road players and accomplished professionals, Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart decided in 1979 to reach out to the grassroots players through an amateur pool league they called the American Pool Players Association (APA). Nationwide league systems like the BCA National 8-Ball leagues and Valley National Eight-Ball Association were just getting started as well, but Bell and Hubbart opted to go in another direction. They developed a handicapping system to encourage players of all skill levels, and decided to franchise their business. Bell, now 66, and Hubbart, now 69, spent several years living off of their wives’ incomes and pouring all of their time and resources into developing the APA. In 1981 they pitched Anheuser-Busch and landed Busch beer as a title sponsor, and for the next decade the league system was called the Busch Pool League. The A-B relationship helped the league system grow from 1000 members in 1981 to nearly 100,000 members in 1990, making it clearly the largest amateur pool league system in the world. Their ability to garner non-endemic national sponsors continued, as Bud Light, Camel, Molson and Jack Daniels all attached their logos to the APA league system through the ’90s and early 2000s. The APA also branched out to Canada and Japan, and its membership now totals more than a quarter-million players and 270 franchisees. APA leagues operate in 46 states. It’s probably safe to say that, over the years, the APA has introduced the game to several million players. Additionally, the APA has been a major contributor to professional pool more many years. December/January PQB 9

Wishing a New Angle by Tom Ross Contributing Writer


s we progress through our pool education we make a lot of mistakes. When we play with awareness and pay attention to what we’re doing, we can learn from them and learn to avoid them in the future. Often it only takes a few encounters with a specific challenge before we can identify the potential for error and apply a new solution to an old problem. Some common errors however are not so easy to leave in the past. And the unconscious temptation to play certain shots erroneously will dog most players, even some of the very best ones, throughout their careers.

that X, the position that we really wanted. It’s common for many players to approach a shot with undesirable position and the inability to quit thinking about what was supposed to happen. Often I see a player hit a shot that sends the cue ball into a surprise location, and then tap the slate with his finger or the tip of his cue on the spot where it should have gone. Such antics only breathe life into mistakes and augment the challenge of the shot we must face. It’s critical in pool to leave behind any thoughts for what we wanted so that we can face what we have, in the present, with a clear mind. Shots like the one in the Shots like the one in the diagram require some practice if we’re to handle them diagram require some praceffectively in competition. tice if we’re to handle them effectively in competition. In the diagram we have a shot on the 8 Set up the shot in the diagram and mark ball where we landed a little too straight the positions of the balls so you can to move over easily for position on the 9. repeat the exact shot. Shoot it a couple If the cue ball had come to rest on the X, times with no concern for position, as if it would be an easy matter of playing a it were game ball. Get accustomed to stop shot with comfortable speed to slide shooting that ball into the pocket. Now, the cue ball into position for a good shot with your tip just below center and no on the 9 ball. Instead, we face a real chal- english, repeat the shot with a long, lenge to get the necessary lateral movement from the cue ball with such a straight angle. When we face shots like this and miss them, we invariably miss by over cutting. Why is that? The answer is pretty simple. We know that if we did have a little more angle, such as position on the X, the cue ball would move over naturally toward a good shot on the 9. So, instead of shooting that ball into the pocket and taking whatever movement the shot offers, we give the cue ball too much attention and cut the object ball into the short rail for the position we want. I call that “wishing a new angle onto the shot.” The place to begin an examination of the phenomenon is a brief discussion of 10 PQB December/January

punch stroke adding some speed each time you shoot it. To move the cue ball enough for a good shot on the 9 ball will require a hard stroke with a long follow through. If you believe that left-hand english helps move the cue ball to the left off of the 8 ball, it’s time to give up on that right now. One, it simply is not true. Two, using english for a shot that requires a lot of speed adds too much difficulty, in this case, unnecessary difficulty. When shots like this come up, it helps to remind yourself that you will shoot the eight ball into the corner pocket. Each time you play the shot, watch the 8 ball go into the pocket. After you are pocketing the ball consistently with enough speed to achieve the desired position, you can refine your accuracy. The ability to use the entire pocket for this shot will allow you to take some speed off of your stroke and therefore hit it with more accuracy. Pick out a point in the right half of the corner pocket and practice shooting the 8 ball into that half of the pocket. When you can use the entire pocket consistently, try moving the cue ball slightly to the left to make the shot more challenging. Then practice it with the speed and accuracy to shoot the 8 ball into the right half of the pocket, perhaps rubbing the right facing as it goes in. Some shots come up repeatedly and challenge our ability to focus on what’s most important. Sometimes, because we know how badly we want position for the next ball, we play the cue ball instead of the object ball, and sacrifice the shot itself to achieve position. It may help to remember that no matter how well you play, how much you know or how precisely you can handle the cue ball, when you miss the shot in front of you, it’s your turn to sit down.

December/January PQB 11

The Inaugural 2010 Atlanta Billiard Show by Rick Doner, Tournament Director Contributed Story


mateur and professional players descended on the Atlanta area for the inaugural Atlanta Billiard Show, held October 1st through the 3rd 2010. Dawn Hopkins of Dawn Hopkins Promotions put together a great show and event for pool players from all as far away as Montreal Canada. Along with exhibitors, The WPBA was in town for the WPBA Atlanta Classic, the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour “Southeast Classic”, the American Poolplayer’s Associations Southeast 8 and 9 Ball Singles Regional. Five Open Amateur events, including Tournament Promoter Dawn Hopkins with Amateur Junior Winners Open Men’s, Open Women’s, Open Senior, with two Junior National Qualifiers (18 & Under and 14 & second. Shelly Harrison was the top player in the Women’s Under) made this a fantastic first time event. All in all there Open, with Borana Adoni taking second. The Seniors endured were over 1200 players involved, playing on 90 diamond tables. the marathon of play over the weekend and played some great The WPBA and Trick Shot players kicked things off on pool. In the end Billy Tyler was the top finisher in the Seniors. Wednesday September 29th with a charity challenge event Kim Bennett took second. with all money raised going to educational scholarships for the Open Amateur 3/4th Willie Holmes Junior events and the Billiard Education Foundation who helps 1st Nicholas Vita 3/4th Joseph Watson promote juniors events for the next generation of pool players. 2nd Josh O’Neal Juniors 18 & Under Thursday September 30th saw the opening rounds of the 3/4th Robert Howard 1st Skyler Woodward WPBA Atlanta Classic and the Ultimate Trick Shot South3/4th Jason Evans 2nd Kevin Bailey east Classic. In the finals on Sunday Jasmin Ouschan came Womens Amateur 3/4th Terry Ratliff back from being down 5-2 to beat Monica Webb in the finals 1st Shelly Harrison 3/4th Asher Le 7-6 in a great hill-hill match. 2nd Borana Adoni Juniors 14 & Under Thursday was also the day that the amateurs started descend- 3/4th Buffy Jolie 1st Nick Evans ing on Atlanta. APA and Open events began Friday, with play 3/4th Kristin Malone 2nd Eric Roberts ending Sunday. Strong fields came together in both the APA Senior Amateur 3/4th Adam Runager and Open events in Modified Single Elimination play. 1st Billy Tyler 3/4th Will Chambers The Junior players were particularly impressive, with many of 2nd Kim Bennett the 18 & Under players also entering the Open Men’s and Women’s events. Skylar Woodward assured himself of appear- Olhausen Billiards and ing in yet another Junior National tournament by winning the sponsor 18 & Under Division. Long time Junior Girls participant Bobble Ball 9 Ball Tag Tournament. Chelsea Hardwick was the highest finishing girl in the 18 & First Place Winners Under Division and also placed 5th-8th in the Women’s Open. Masters/Pro Division Bryan White $500 Seven year old Jewell Wilder took the 14 & Under Junior NaAmateur Division Curtis Hale $500 tionals girls qualifying spot in her first ever tournament, with Junior Division Tyler Mayfield $200 Nick Evans winning the 14 & Under Division. The Men’s, Women’s and Senior Open events also saw some great play. When the dust had cleared Nicholas Vita had taken Complete Tournament Results/Info at top honors in the Men’s Open and Josh O’Neal held on for 12 PQB December/January


air Game hosted another great tournament weekend! This time we were at Lucky Break Billiard Club in Manchester, TN (, John Hennessee’s new room, with 4-7 valleys and 4-7 Diamonds and 3 IPT Diamond 9 tables, along with darts and great food, it is quite a room. John put up a guaranteed $750 for first place in the open tournament, a race to 9 on the winner’s side and a race to 7 on the losers, plus adding $200 to the race to seven mini-tournament on Friday night. The Friday night mini had 31 players including John Hennessee, Tim Miller, Ricky Leatherwood, Wade Martin and Nick Hickerson. Although Hennessee and Hickerson were definite favorites, it was Tim Miller who upset the field to take the hot seat. After an early round loss, Ricky Leatherwood would not be stopped as he battled through the loser’s side, eventually defeating Hickerson, to face Hennessee in the semifinals. But Hennessee was out for revenge on his loss to Miller and quickly dismissed Leatherwood to make it to the finals. In the finals, Hennessee never allowed Miller to breathe as he rolled through to double dip his opponent, with huge breaks and brilliant run outs.

Friday Mini 1st John Hennessee $200/a$260 2nd Tim Miller $150/a$195 3rd Ricky Leatherwood $100/a$130 4th Nick Hickerson $55/a$65 Saturday’s open would be just as special with only 30 players. Consisting of some familiar faces like Hennessee, Jeremy Hart, Russ Edwards and Nick Hickerson. But it added some of the usual suspects like Josh O’Neal, Billy Young, Cliff Fredrick, Ryan Dunn and a strong group of women, including Sonya Chbeeb, Melanie Gilmer, Christina Hall and Kristen Robinson. To no surprise, 3 of the final 4 on the winner’s side were O’Neal, Hennessee and Young, but the rest of the big guns were in the final 12. The spectators would have to be considered the real winners as they got to see some great shot making 14 PQB December/January

Saturday Event winner Josh Oneal, Josh Oneal. top left, Billy Young finished 2nd and winner John Hennessee from the Friday Event and O’Neal, Hennessee and Young crush the balls on the break. Hennessee would defeat quite a few players like Russ Edwards and Josh O’Neal on his way to the top of the winner’s bracket to play for the hot seat, along with Billy Young, who did not miss a ball, until the later stages of the tournament. Young would later defeat Hennessee 9-7 for the hot seat. On the loser’s side, after suffering a loss to Hennessee, Josh O’Neal would not be stopped or even slowed, as he ran over the field pocketing 4 and 5 balls every time he broke. He would eventually defeat Cliff Fredrick and then Hennessee to get to the finals to face Young. O’Neal and Young put on a breaking display for the first 14 games in the 1st set of the finals, ending when O’Neal cleared the 15th rack to take the 1st set 9-7. The 2nd set; however, was all Josh, with a quick and demanding victory, 9-2. Congratulations to Josh Oneal and John Hennessee on their victories over the weekend.

Saturday – Sunday Open 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Josh O’Neal Billy Young John Hennessee Cliff Fredrick

$750/c$435 $300/c$325 $200/c$215 $100/c$105

Top Female Finisher Kristen Robinson


Fair Game and Lucky Break would like to thank everyone for coming out and making such a great event. We hope to see everyone again next month. Check out for upcoming products and events!

The Three Ball Test by Robert Byrne From “Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots” with permission


rrefutable proof of how slide and roll control banking angles is provided by two three-ball combinations. Wedge your cue into the long and short rails as indicated by the dashed line. Use the side of the cue to align two three-ball combinations. Locate the 1-2-3 so that the 3-ball is less than a ball space from the cushion. Position the 4-5-6 three or four feet farther back. (The combinations remove throw and imperfect hits as factors.) Remove your cue. Place the cueball at point V and strike the 1-ball just hard enough so the 3-ball reaches the second rail at point V. Clear the 1-2-3 from the table and place the cueball at W. Hit the 4-ball as hard as you want and you will find the 6-ball banks to the W. The reason the 6-ball banks long is that it will be rolling when it reaches the first rail no matter how hard you hit the 4-ball. In both cases, the balls rebound at close to the same angles at all speeds.

For I ntr ucti onal vi deos or the l atest E vent N ews V i si t www. pr ofessor qbal l . com

December/January PQB 15

A Ship Wrecked Nine Ball by “The Monk” Contributing Writer •


talked to a master BCA instructor In reality all I have done is helped and he told me he had nine different them to develop an acute sense or feel of aiming systems he teaches. I wonHis presence that is always made availdered why there would be more than one able on their minds through their act of aiming system. Then I wondered what concentration. That visual confirmation kind of aiming system to teach? I teach of the target comes from a higher source The Monk Clicks Aiming System. You can and if you do not deliver the stroke when study that on www.themonkmastersuniit comes, you will miss the shot. That’s It is not easy to master. Once why the ability of getting the directional you have it, you can use it effectively. control of a ball is regarded as a thing of However, I rarely teach this system or feel, or something instinctual. any aiming system and that is because His presence is made available on the real aiming takes place within your mind mind in the form of a ‘thought’. This and not on the object ball target. ‘simple thought’ purely a non-material What I teach at The Monk Billiard thing is the Absolute Reality behind the Academy on the subject of Aiming is directional control of the motion of a that the very ‘thing in itself’ behind the ball of a golfer or cueist or arrow - shot by human mind’s control of the cue ball an archer. In fact, it is a thing like could prove that directional control is ‘mental chanting’ that is affecting the dinot as is usually believed by most of the rection! Without this ‘chant’ the motion players. In other words it is not the focus of a ball or an arrow is impossible or at on the target. Aiming is not the ‘slight least the direction is out of our control. trick’ of either our sight, nor that of the Our visual focus or our knowledge of muscles of our hands, but it is the ‘slight all the externals like aim point, angles trick’ of our mind which is the mental etc. has nothing to do with the shot chanting of a simple thought at the time making of these players. What matters is of stroke delivery. This is what I teach if the ‘mental chanting’ is done or not and it is not easy to train a person in the (consciously (as I can do now) or uncontrue art of aiming. They must be ready. sciously (as a trained champion does). See The Shot - Know The Stroke For this non-physical agency the Shoot the Shot. subject has to depend on his concentraThis expertise of those masters is tion. This thing that we call concentrausually attributed to their individual tion is not, as we suppose, brain related. talent or practice and this talent is The very concentration is nothing but a usually regarded as an acquired skill. mental process of invoking that divine

16 PQB December/January

non-physical agency. If this were not true you would never say, “I had great concentration today, or I lost my concentration”. The subject is able to achieve the directional control of his shot as long as he is able to fix his mental focus on this non-physical divine thought that is made available on his mind through his invocation. When an opponent upsets this divine thought, concentration breaks. When the subject tries his concentration skills he thinks he must experience the ‘emptying’ the mind or fixing our visual focus on a specific target but this process is not done in concentration, it is done in the name of meditation. Have you heard the term, become one with the shot? Where you reach the point where you are connected, and this connection is bound together by your visual ability to see the shot is enhanced. I am sure this concept is a challenge to the modern science as to how a nonphysical entity (mental chanting of a thought) could be vital and the Absolute Reality. If you book a two-day lesson for just six hundred dollars we will go through this “aiming” experience along with many other things. You will also get a three hundred dollar seven hundred page, training manual to bring back home after your training experience.

The Family Pool-Benefits of Billiards by Eric “The Preacher” Yow! WPA Masse World Champion

For more information on Eric Yow! Cues, or visit Joe Nielsen’s Billiards at


his day and age, families are as busy as they have ever gether and move forward in the right direcbeen. Parents are at work and kids are at school. tion. There is always some function you must attend or someone needing to be dropped off somewhere. There are bills For a long time, pool has had a bad reputation for being a to pay and more work to do. It seems there is little time to medium for gambling and creating a seedy atmosphere. wind down and relax. I’m convinced that families need time to However, pool has done great things for me in my life. It has settle down and enjoy activities together that free them from given me opportunity to teach others the benefits of the game, stress. As a world chamthe chance to interact pion artistic pool player, I with and influence people have learned a lot about for good (young and old, For a long time, pool has had a bad reputation for being a how such a simple game alike), and even the medium for gambling and creating a seedy atmosphere. like pool, or billiards, can chance to use the game as However, pool has done great things for me in my life. divert your attention a ministry tool for the away from the stressors of Gospel. I am confident the day and give your that the blessing of such a mind something enjoyable to focus on. Pool is one of the few simple game can accomplish great things for a family that sports that it doesn’t matter what your skill level, you can enjoy simply wants to enjoy some quality time with each other. Replaying it for hours. Recently, I was training a young man to member, the family that plays together, stays together. perform some of the more difficult shots in the game and we discussed how easy it is to forget the worries of the day when you begin to focus on simply striking a pool ball. It is a fun game and a great one to allow you to just take your mind off of things. It is important that families enjoy activities that they can participate in as a unit.

Also, though, I’m convinced that the family that plays together, stays together. It is important that families enjoy activities that they can participate in as a unit. I have particularly found in my law practice that divorce occurs in many cases where the husband and wife simply don’t enjoy spending time together doing things anymore. Whether it is a simple game of pool or some other activity that the two enjoy, couples should spend at least one night a week spending quality time together in a relaxing atmosphere having fun. I have also found in my practice in the juvenile court system that young people need something to occupy their time that will keep them out of trouble. Something as simple as a pool table, in the home or at a community center, and a little instruction, will give them a constructive activity in which to participate that can keep them off of the streets and out of trouble. Additionally, when the young ones are able to enjoy that type of sport and quality time with their parents, the family unit continues to grow toDecember/January PQB 17

Ouschan Takes Atlanta Classic


he WPBA Atlanta Classic was held September 30th – October 3rd, 2010, at the beautiful Gwinnett Center in Duluth, Georgia. The event featured 64 of the top female players in the world. The inaugural Atlanta Billiard Show also kicked off and provided a variety of amateur events which included an Open Amateur, Senior Amateur, Women’s Amateur and Junior divisions. The ABS also hosted the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour’s Southeast Classic. Play for the ladies of the WPBA began on Thursday, and after two days most of the usual suspects had made their way to the final 16. Allison Fisher was in great form at this event after back to back finals appearances in two Asian world ranking events. Fisher secured her spot in the final eight winners’ side along with Jasmin Ouschan, who cruised her way to the redraw with three back-to-back wins.

Paglia, Julie Kelly, Dawn Hopkins, Liz Cole, and Nicole Keeney. Three of the quarter final matches on Saturday resulted in 98 scores; Webb over Kim, Shaw over Kjorsvik, and K. Fisher over Corr. Ouschan also bested A. Fisher in the quarters. The semi finals pitted Webb v. Shaw and K. Fisher v. Ouschan. Webb pulled to a 6-2 lead initially but Shaw clawed her way back to a 6-6 tie. What looked to WPBA has launched an all new website at be an open table for Shaw in the final rack, Shaw One of the site’s upcoming features will be a player/fan hung up the 4-ball allowing Webb back to the membership area with Fan & Patron Member listings. table and she ultimately eliminated Shaw 7-6. K. Fisher fell to Ouschan 7-2. In the final match, Ouschan defeated Webb 7-6 and secured her first Other undefeated players included: Ga Young Kim, Monica WPBA Atlanta Classic Tour win. Webb, Kim Shaw, Xiaoting Pan, Karen Corr, and Kyoko Sone. The WPBA has launched an all new website at The one-loss side redraw included Line Kjorsvik, Naomi . One of the site’s upcoming features will be a Williams, Helena Thornfeldt, Liz Ford, Tamara Rademakers, player/fan membership area with Fan & Patron Member listGerda Hofstatter, Kelly Fisher, and Ewa Laurance. ings. The WPBA Atlanta Classic kicked off on a Wednesday During the first three days of match play there were a few with a Membership Drive Telethon which was live streamed in surprises. Fresh from the tournament trail in Asia, 24th ranked the pro arena. The stream show included interviews, players’ Angel Paglia opened strong with a first round win and a second “Tips of the Day,” practice sessions, and an inside look at the round upset over 14th ranked Tracie Majors. Regional Tour players meeting and Charity Event. Fan and Patron MemberChampion qualifier Emily Duddy bested Melissa Little and ships range from $25-$2500 with varying levels of exposure and 60th ranked Naomi Williams ousted 5th ranked Gerda Hofsbenefits including player posters, headshots, Official WPBA tatter. Liz Ford defeated Julie Kelly 9-7 and made the final 16 merchandise, VIP Tour Event tickets, and WPBA Annual redraw but others weren’t so fortunate. Awards Banquet tickets. Memberships are still available so Lone Star Billiards Tour Director Kim White, lost a 9-8 visit the WPBA website heartbreaker to Ga Young Kim in the second round but came WPBA extends many thanks to its sponsors: American Poolback on Friday and eliminated Tracie Majors. Melissa Little players Association, Cuetec Cues, Simonis Cloth, Delta-13 Rack, was disappointed in her first round match but eliminated Janet Diamond Billiards, SalucSA/Aramith, Pooldawg, Mueller RecreAtwell Friday night. White and Little still checked up short of ational Products and Dawn Hopkins Productions. Saturday’s final 16 redraw along with Vivian Villarreal, Angel For more information, visit 18 PQB December/January

Strickland Endorses USA Pool League - Calling for a Pool Revolution Earl “The Pearl” Strickland is one if not the most decorated player of his generation. Equally passionate about the sport, The Pearl and industry leader CueSports International (CSI) both agree it is time for a “revolution in pool” and that is the USA Pool League (USAPL). In 27 years as a professional, Strickland’s record include 5 world championships, a record holding 5 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, and participation on the U.S. Mosconi Cup Team 13 times. In the past several years Strickland has devoted much of his time to holding clinics and exhibitions, including as a member of Team CSI. For his accomplishments Strickland was inducted in the BCA Hall of Fame in 2006. Believing many of the issues commonly associated with national handicapped pool leagues should be addressed, CSI launched the USAPL in late 2009. Some of the issues the USAPL is designed to tackle are “sandbagging” and the constricting policies of tight team handicap limits. Additionally, CSI believes all players should be allowed to enter national championships to test themselves should they choose and not rely on a pyramid of local and regional tournaments in order to be allowed to compete at the national level. Strickland endorses the USAPL because CSI set up the USAPL to give at least 50% of all monies back to the amateur league members on the local level and a sizable portion of CSI’s USAPL proceeds into developing more support of professional players. “The USAPL is a league that works on behalf of the players, not one where the players work for the league. CSI puts its money where its mouth is, this I can get behind”, said Strickland. CSI is actively recruiting USAPL Managers. All managerswill have free protected territories and use the LeagueSys online scoring and scheduling system. Currently there are active USAPL leagues in 11 U.S. states including: Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Michigan, Colorado and Maryland with new leagues being organized almost weekly. CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League., and

December/January PQB 19

Who’s the Best? – What’s the Best? by Tom Rossman • Contributing Writer


would have a hard time venturing a guess on how many times I have been asked these two questions over my 35+ years as a professional player and instructor. In my early days I liked to think I was the best player at bank pool. Alas, back in 1974 I learned an expensive lesson one night that broke my heart and wallet, and humbled my thinking drastically. Since that time I have tried to crusade for the positive virtues of our sport, leaving the negative parts of it on the back burner of life. I have learned that the “best” is a term so fleeting, and in many cases, often forgotten. On several occasions I have mentioned Willie Mosconi to the fans of our sport, only to find out that none of them knew of his name and accompanying multiple world titles in straight pool, or of what many believe as him being the greatest player of all time. The “best” movie names of Fast Eddy and Minnesota Fats linger in the minds of a select few due only to their character enlightenment in The Hustler. An assortment of TV pool personalities, a myriad of world champions (past and present), and an abundance of “world class” players from every corner of the globe permeate our

minds with various images, demeanor characteristics, and skill presentations, as we develop our opinions of “who’s the “best”. In reference to the second question of “what’s the best”, I find it best to factor in the humor and entertainment style of “Dr. Cue” in my answers. For example, a table with magnetic pockets is “best”. This would include the “attracting” feature of magnetism for the serious players, and the “repelling” feature of magnetism for those more prone to the entertainment side of our sport. Other “best” items are “free chalk”, which most of us have discovered exists “only” after a miscue. The “best” tip is the one I use called a “cue tip”, which offers morning, afternoon, and evening amenities. On a serious note, the “best” way to find out what “tip” is best for you is to chart a practice regimen of approximately 2 dozen shots, including banks, kicks, position/safety shots, and assorted cut shots using various English applications. Use your present tip and chart the results of this routine each day for approximate 10 days. Repeat this process with any and all tips that you desire to test, by using them on your cue under the same conditions and same flex shaft. This may require changing the tip if you don’t have 2 or more shafts to do this experiment. Once you have done this “tip” experiment, your chart testing results should reveal the “best” tip performance for you and what to use with confidence. Keep in mind that jump and masse applications, plus snooker, carom, and pyramid play modes normally consist of different cue amenities. This latter point leads up to my final “best tip” which is to “use 2 or more cues and call me in the morning”! For the l atest E vent N ews www. pr ofessor qbal l . com

20 PQB December/January

Gratitude by Samm Diep Contributing Writer • • House Pro at Rack’em Billiards in Aurora,CO


t’s always important, particularly at this time of year, to remember the many things in our lives that we’re grateful for. It’s human nature to spend more time thinking about our problems than to reflect on the good things in life. It’s quite understandable; the problems need to be solved so we focus our energy on how to solve them. If something is copacetic, it requires no extra energy on our part to “fix it.” I’ve recently been keeping a gratitude journal. I made a commitment to myself since April 2010 that each night, before I go to bed, I’d force myself to recall the good things from the day or from my life that I have to be thankful for. Obviously, there are good days and bad days but I’ve found that throughout the day, as things happen I’m almost looking for positive things to write about each night. I’m much more conscious these days about my perception on life and the ways to find gratitude in any situation.

The point is that if you really want to spend your life focusing on the negative, it’s easy to do. I believe we could all be more productive with our time. And, what does all this have to do with pool? It’s simple. When is the last time you were grateful for the shot you had in front of you? The next time your opponent misses and leaves you a tough bank, step up to the table and feel grateful for having a shot at all. Find a safety and make the most that you can out of it. Frustration and disappointment are counterproductive. Stay positive and feel grateful. Gratitude is not a luxury. We can all afford to be grateful. Start right now. Make a list of 10 things in your life that you are grateful for. Reflect on that list when you’re having a bad match or a bad day. From this perspective, losing a silly league match is pretty insignificant in the big picture. Be grateful for your abilities and the pleasures you receive at the table. Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves People who actively try to become more grateful in That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)” their everyday lives are happier Player Representative for Chris Byrne Custom Cues, PoolDawg, – not to mention healthier – than those that don't. Predator, Jim Murnak Custom Cases, & Delta-13 Rack

For instance, if your car breaks down, be thankful you even own a car. If someone cut you off, feel fortunate that you’re alive and nothing serious happened. “People who actively try to become more grateful in their everyday lives are happier – not to mention healthier – than those who don’t.” Catherine Price, author of Gratitude: A Journal. fun & unique products random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, news, & reviews your source for tournaments & events around the Denver Metro area it’s how Colorado pool players stay connected


n October 29th, fourteen players came together at “The Rack” in Memphis, Tennessee to play in the 9-Ball Championships sponsored by NWPA. There were two events, a Main Event and a Second Chance Tournament.

Main Event 1st $750 2nd $450 3rd $400 Second Chance Tournament 1st $250 2nd $200 3rd $175

l-r, Houston Lewis, Dann Hall James Winston Terry Guess Bill Frisby Johnny Holland Dan Hall James Winston Houston Lewis

“The Rack” showed true hospitality all through the event.

l-r, Johnny Holland, Terry Guess Bill Frisby

Thanks to Jerry Ramey (Owner) Professor-Q-Ball and Don Samples for their donations, plus National PVA. Also thanks for all the Veterans that played that made this event successful and fun. Looking forward to next year. Houston Lewis Sports Program Manger December/January PQB 21

The Myth of Top Spin by Tom Simpson, Master Instructor • Contributing Writer


ecoming a good player takes a long time and a lot of trial and error. Oh yeah, lots and lots of error. And in pool, the smallest of errors can be costly or humiliating. I believe a solid, clear understanding of ball behavior can chop many years off the brutal learning curve of pool. So let’s get clear on a few underlying principles and eliminate some errors. My experience as an instructor has convinced me that while most of us are working very hard at cueball control and position play, we aren’t quite clear enough on what we really need to control. On every shot, we have to consider and control three vital aspects: the Angle we’re cutting, the Speed we’re hitting, and the Spin on the cueball. Most players realize this and are doing their best to control all three. All three matter in producing the result of the shot. Let’s focus on Spin, and let’s take a closer look at what topspin really is – and what it really isn’t. Players think about where on the back of the cueball they want to align their stick. Often, we try to visualize tip offset from the center of the cueball as some number of tip-widths. This is useful and practical, as the tip is right there anyway. This is a personal measurement, as my “two tips of english” might be different from your “two tips”. We think about how we want the cueball to behave. We make decisions about what kind of spin will pocket the ball and get the shape we seek. Here’s the problem. Most players unwittingly think about topspin (follow), backspin (draw), and skid (stun) as if they behaved the same way as sidespin (english). Nope, not the same at all. 22 PQB December/January

“Beat People With a Stick!” National Billiard Academy 3-Day Intensives • 10 cities

cueball starts off with skid. The higher you hit it, and the harder you hit it, the farther it will skid before natural roll begins. There is no overspin; just skid and roll. Natural roll produces follow. If you want follow, the cueball has to be rolling when it hits the object ball. How fast the cueball is rolling is the biggest factor in producing the follow effect. This is because most of that forward rotational energy is still in the cueball after it strikes another ball. You can easily see this by On every shot, we have to consider hitting a short, straight and control three vital aspects… follow shot at different speeds. If the cueball is the Angle we’re Cutting the Speed we’re Hitting rolling, you’ll see it stop and the Spin on the Cueball momentarily because all of its forward energy has been transferred into the object ball. However, something, the cueball will skid briefly the rotational force will still be in the and then assume natural roll. cueball, so it will spin and propel itself Stun is fleeting. Stun is that brief forward. You could say this is overspin, moment when the cueball is skidding. The cueball has just been struck at center but it’s not because we spun the cueball forward with our stick. The “topspin” or its backspin has just worn off. Topspin doesn’t exist. For the practical remains because the collision with the purposes of pool playing, there is no such object ball took the forward energy out of the cueball, leaving only the rotational thing as topspin. I cringe when I hear energy (forward, in this case). It’s not the word. I wince when I see books and columns explaining to “hit this shot with how hard you hit, it’s how fast the cueball is rolling. one tip of topspin.” Players think of What’s it all mean? It’s not your tip follow as overspin, like peeling out with height that causes follow. What matters, your muscle-car. Overspin means the what you have to consider and control, ball is spinning faster than it’s rolling. is what the cueball is doing when it hits Doesn’t happen. an object ball – is it rolling or not, and Realistically, the best you can do is how fast is it going? The faster your have the cueball start off with natural cueball is rolling, the faster and farther roll, from the get-go. To do that, the bottom of your tip must hit the cueball at the follow action. I don’t care whether the maximum non-miscue height (figure you hit the center of the cueball or two tips of follow. What’s it doing when it 1/4th of the way down from the top of gets where it’s going? the ball). Hit anywhere between maximum high and center ball and the

Here’s how they differ: Sidespin persists in the cueball. When the cueball arrives at an object ball or cushion, much of the sidespin the ball started with will still be in the ball. The collision will wear some of the sidespin off, and finally cloth friction will take the rest. Backspin wears off quickly. Since backspin breaks the friction with the cloth, it behaves like a brake, rapidly slowing down the cueball. The backspin gets used up by the braking action. If all the backspin gets used up before the cueball hits

TAP Nationals and Rally at Bally’s Tournaments … another Great Success! Team National Champions 8 Ball Team National Rack em Tight - (Missouri) 9 Ball Team National Slam Jams - (Ohio) Dream Team Rally at Bally’s KJ’s Morning Show - (PA) Singles 8 Ball Champions 2/3 Handicap Luis Ocampo - (Nevada) 4 Handicap Ryan Agabon - (Pennsylvania) 5 Handicap Jeff Wells - (Washington ) 6 Handicap Yosef Jones - Washington ) 7 Handicap Mike McClain - (Pennsylvania) Singles 9 Ball Champions 2/3 Handicap Penny McHenry - (Louisianna) 4/5 Handicap Greg Adams - (Ohio) 6/7 Handicap Rob Brandenburg (Canada) Congratulations to all the players that made it to this years Nationals.

Bar Box 8-Ball By: Marty Kaczmarowski, APA 7 Contibuting Writer Here is another breaking detail that makes all the difference. Regardless of where you start your cue ball position, Follow through to the Joint. A level stroke using this much follow-through explodes the rack often leaving an equal amount of object balls over the entire playing area. Practice this extreme technique and add to your break-and runs. USBAOfficers President Bruce Warner Santa Monica, CA 310-738-5429 Secretary/Treasurer Jim Shovak 58 Hawthorne Avenue East Islip, NY 11730 516-238-6193 Northeast Directors Mazin Shooni 2006 USA Champion 135 Broad St-Unit#3A5 Hudson, MA 01749 cell: 248-910-4466 work: 603-623-5330 Merrill Hughes Huntington Station, NY cell: 631-338-9698 home: 631-421-6814 Southeast Director Henry Ugartechea 1132 SW 44th Terrace Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 561-929-8100 Mid-America Directors Steve Andersen 3861 Byron Center Ave. SW Wyoming, MI 49519 616-530-8665 Juan Elizalde Sauz 7212 Hardwood Trail Dallas, TX 75249 214-908-2411 Felipe Razon 2218 S 59 Ct Cicero, IL 60804 708-878-4197 Northwest Director Darrel Stutesman 7709 Zircon Dr SW Lakewood, WA 98498 253-584-3994 Southwest Directors Raye Raskin 641 Larkspur Plaza Dr Larkspur, CA 94939 415-497-8732 Gilbert Najm 4335 Vineland Ave # 213 Studio City, CA 91602 818-761-0484

Felipe Razon Dominates the Olhausen II


elipe Razon, in his last “B” tournament, demonstrated excellent billiards to his fellow “B” players. He lost just one game in the preliminaries and was undefeated in the finals, averaging .862, but was averaging almost .950 before the last match. Brian Haff finished 2nd, averaging .711, but was averaging almost .900 before losing his final 3 matches against Bill Johnson, Jim Shovak and Felipe Razon. Dan Kolacz finished 3rd, Bill Johnson came in 4th, Bassel Elsaar finished 5th, Jim Shovak came in 6th, Mercedes Gonzales finished 7th and Dave Mason came l-r, Brian Haff (2nd), Felipe Razon (1st), Dan Kolacz (3rd). in 8th. There were 28 players altogether. The high run money was shared by Felipe Razon, Bassel Elshaar and Jim Shovak for their runs of 6 in the finals.

The Minneapolis Billiard Club Fall Classic Tournament Lived up to its Name


ighteen players from 5 states came to do battle on Verhoevens to see who would find their way to victory. On Sunday morning as the finals continued, Tom Rossman defeated Bob Byrne in fifteen innings for the tournaments best game of 1.667. By early afternoon the finals bracket was becoming very interesting with Lupe Cruz being 3-0, Tom Rossman also l-r, Fred Lamers (2nd), being 3-0, and Bob Byrne being 3-1. It was time for Lupe Cruz (1st), Lamers to play Rossman and Lamers managed a victory of Tom (Dr. Cue) Rossman (3rd) 25-12 to leave Rossman at 3-1 and Lamers with 2-2. Next up was Lamers and Cruz, and Lamers’ victory against Cruz guaranteed Lamers second place with a record of 3-2 and a record of 46 points in his two losses. That set the stage for Cruz and Rossman both being 3-1. The winner of that match would win the tournament and the loser would get third place. Lupe Cruz, being a very skilled player, won the match and the tournament with 25-14 in 25 innings.

Cue & Cushion Billiards The USBA Tour continued in Hooksett, New Hampshire at Cue & Cushion Billiards, owned by 2006 USBA Champion, Mazin Shooni. This event was a handicapped tournament, with “B” players going to 20 points, Gilbert Najm (a “B+” player) going to 23 points and “A” players over .900 average going to 27 points. There were not too many upsets. One upset was Drew Dangelmayer beating Mazin Shooni by scoring 20 points in just 23 innings. In the finals, Gilbert Najm defeated Mazin 23-18 in 23 innings. The finalists were Pedro Piedrabuena, Mazin Shooni, Gilbert Najm, Tim King, Drew Dangelmayer and Bob Page in a 6-player round robin. After Round 4 was completed, Pedro was 4-0, Mazin was 3-1 and Gilbert was 3-1. Mazin needed to defeat Pedro in Round 5 and then force a playoff match in order to win the tournament. Mazin defeated Pedro 27-23 in just 16 innings. Gilbert won his match creating a 3-way tie for first place, all having 4-1 l-r, Mazin Shooni (2nd), Pedro Piedrabuena (1st), records. The two-best averages Gilbert Najm (3rd) would play for 1st & 2nd place. Naturally, that was Pedro and Mazin, although Gilbert did average .920 in the finals! Great shooting, Gilbert! The playoff match between Pedro and Mazin was about to begin and frankly, nobody expected what was about to happen. It might have even been U.S. 3-cushion billiards history in the making. Both players played phenomenal. After just 9 innings, Mazin Shooni had an astounding 18 points, for a 2.000 average. However, it was not nearly good enough. The game ended after just 9 innings with Pedro scoring 27 points for a 3.000 average! Can you imagine averaging 2.000 and losing? Pedro had some other astounding games during the tournament including 27 points in 16 innings, 27 points in 15 innings, 27 points in 13 innings, 27 points in 10 innings and 27 points in just 8 innings! Pedro averaged 1.467 in the prelims and over 1.800 in the finals including the playoff match. What a performance! Congratulations to Pedro, Mazin, Gilbert and the other finalists.

Prizes: Pedro Piedrabuena Mazin Shooni Gilbert Najm Bob Page Tim King Drew Dangelmayer

$1,300 $1,000 $800 $500 $150 $150

President’s Desk

In October I attended the UMB Congress and Assembly in Madrid. Besides showing the flag of the USBA and making contacts, here is what I learned. Some countries have well developed carom communities and/or programs. South Korea has several million players and about 30,000 Clubs(rooms). For several years France has had a training program for carom trainers and a certification program for clubs that have training schools. Spain treats carom as a sport with a sophisticated 4 to 6 year training program beginning at age 10. With a large player base Turkey and Colombia reinvigorated the organized carom game in their countries over the last several years. Mexico and Italy have significant carom communities. But many country federations, including some where carom has a history, are having difficulty attracting new players. Possible causes of this situation were suggested but no conclusions reached. A lot was said about the need to attract new players, but there were no ready answers. A presentation made on sports marketing pointed to a possible solution if that avenue is pursued. But regardless of these uncertainties, my sense was that the UMB intends to make more of an effort to address this situation than in the past. In the meantime the USBA will seek to apply lessons from the success stories where it can. Bruce Warner

December/January PQB 27

Carom Cafe Crystal


wenty Four players entered the Carom Cafe Crystal tournament on October 15-17. The tournament included “C” players (under .500 average) and also some “C+” players who had averages slightly above .500. The “C” players went to 15 points and the “C+” players went to 18 points. The players were divided into 4 groups with 6 players each, round robin. The top 2 from each group advanced to the finals along with 1 auction and 1 lottery winner. Finalists: Sung Youn Seo, Hugo Flores, Seong Sil Park, George Hobson, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Luis Miguel Valdovinos, Jorge Gonzales, Jose Luis Lopez. Auction winner was Woo Gon Kim and lottery winner was Ester Park . The 10 players were then divided into 2 groups of 5 players each, round robin. The top 2 finishers in each group advanced l-r, Jorge Gonzalez 2nd, Ester Park 4th, to a 4 player single elimination. Those 4 players were Seong Seong Youn Seo 1st Youn Seo, Jorge Gonzalez, Ester Park and Rodrigo Gonzalez. Jorge Gonzalez and Seong Youn Seo won their matches and Seong Youn Seo defeated Jorge Gonzalez in the finals 24-16 to win the tournament. Jorge Gonzalez finished 2nd, Rodrigo Gonzalez finished 3rd and Ester Park came in 4th.

Aveiga Outlasts The Field at Doral Billiards Doral Billiards in Doral, FL, hosted a 2010 USBA Tour Open Tournament with twenty players, the tournament directors decided on two flights with ten players each in the preliminaries, round robin to 25 points. The top four players would advance to the finals with one lottery and one auction winner. Flight A: Sonny Cho, Luis Aveiga, Hugo Patino and Jamil Isreal advance. Flight B: Jae Hyung Cho, Pedro Piedrabuena, Miguel Torres and Carlos Hallon advance. Sang Jin Lee won the lottery and Jim Shovak won the auction. The players were then divided into two groups with five players each, round robin to 30 points. The top 2 in each semi-final group would then advance to a 4-player single elimination round. The players were ranked 1 through 10 based on their preliminary round performances and placed into the 2 semi-final groups. Semi-Finals-Flight C: Pedro Piedrauena, 1st, Miguel Torres, 2nd, Jae Hyung Cho, 3rd, Jamil Isreal, 4th and Sang Jin Lee, 5th. Semi-Finals-Flight D: Luis Aveiga from Ecuador finishes 1st, Hugo Patino, 2nd, Carlos Hallon, 3rd, Sonny Cho, 4th and Jim Shovak, 5th. The top 2 in each group then advanced to a single elimination semi-finals. The 3rd place finishers in each group played one match to 35 points for 5th and 6th place in the tournament. The 4th place finishers did the same. 9th and 10th place: Jim Shovak,( 9th) defeated Sang Jin Lee 28 PQB December/January

(10th). 7th and 8th place: Sonny Cho (7th) defeated Jamil Isreal (8th). 5th and 6th: Jae Hyung Cho (5th) defeated Carlos Hallon (6th). Single Elimination Semi-Finals: Match 1: Hugo Patino defeated Pedro Piedrabuena. Match 2: Luis Aveiga defeated Miguel Torres. Single Elimination Finals: Match 1: Miguel Torres (3rd place) defeated Pedro Piedrabuena (4th place). Match 2: Luis Aveiga (1st) defeated Hugo Patino (2nd). High run was 10 by Ellis Lawrence. Best game was by Hugo. Special thanks to Mike Brodie, George Theobald & William Higgins. Henry Ugartechea and Mercedes Gonzales for running the tournament. Robert Raiford providing live-streaming. The fantastic owners and managers at Doral Billiards who were extremely gracious during this event. Bill Smith for donating his book and DVD , “The Concise Book of Position Play” and to Noel Mendoza for donating a Schuler Cue. Miguel Torres and Luis Aveiga for treating the crowd to Artistic Billiards Exhibitions.

Jim Shovak Wins the Carom Café “B” Tournament


orty-two players came to Flushing, NY to participate in the 2010 USBA Tour “B” Tournament at Carom Café Billiards, owned by Michael Kang. The first place prize was $2,200 + $150 credit into any Open Tournament. The competition was fierce. The players were divided into 7 groups with 6 players each, round robin to 20 points. The top 2 finishers of each group would advance to the next round along with one lottery and one auction winner. Preliminary Highlights: Jim Watson had a 12 inning game for an average of 1.667. Jim Shovak, Lloyd Wallace, Dan Kolacz, Joseph Hwang and Martin Abreu all had 13 inning games for an average of 1.538. Shovak had the high run of 9. The players who advanced were Rigoberto Cuevas, Jose Lizarraga, Lloyd Wallace, Jim Shovak, Man Young Kim, Jim Watson, Arturo Herrera, Edwar Gomez, Young Ha Choi, Armando Rodriguez, Jae Cheon Seong, Won Sik Kang, Min Soo An and Rich Vitzthum. The winner of the lottery was Dan Kolacz and John Kim paid $925 in the auction for a spot in the next round. The 14 preliminary round winners + the auction and lottery winner were then ranked from 1 to 16 based on order of finish, wins/losses, total points scored and total points against. The players were then placed into 4 groups of 4 players each to properly balance each group. The matches were played to 25 points. The top 2 finishers of each 4-player group would advance to the next round.

Semi-Final Groups: Group A: Jose Lizarraga wins the group going 2-1 with 72 total points scored and a .828 grand average. Lloyd Wallace comes in 2nd going 2-1 with 69 total points scored and a .734 grand average. Won Sik Kang just misses out going 2-1 with 66 total points scored despite a phenomenal 1.048 grand average! Group B: Young Ha Choi goes 3-0 with a .815 grand average. Dan Kolacz goes 2-1 with a .872 grand average. Group C: Jim Shovak wins the group going 2-1 with 63 total points scored. Armando Rodriguez comes in 2nd, going 2-1 with 62 total points scored. Arturo Herrera just misses out, losing 25-24 to Jim Shovak in one of the most exciting matches of the tournament. Group D: Jim Watson wins the group going 2-1 with 68 total points scored and a .731 grand average. Edwar Gomez also finishes 2-1 with 60 total points scored and an amazing .938 grand average. Edwar also had the tournament high run of 10. Jae Cheon Seong just misses out, losing to Jim Watson 25-22. He averaged .773 in this round. The 8 finalists were then ranked 1 through 8 based on order of finish, wins/losses, total points scored and total points

l-r, Young Ha Choi (3rd), Jim Shovak (1st) and Jim Watson (2nd) against. Number 1 would play number 8, number 2 would play number 7, number 3 would play number 6 and number 4 would play number 5. This round would be a Single Elimination Round to 30 points.

Single Elimination Quarterfinals: Young Ha Choi defeats Edwar Gomez 30-25. Jim Shovak defeats Lloyd Wallace 30-22. Jim Watson defeats Dan Kolacz 30-26. Jose Lizarraga defeats Armando Rodriguez 30-23.

Single Elimination Semifinals: Jim Shovak defeats Young Ha Choi 30-19 in just 33 innings (.909 grand avg). Jim Watson defeats Jose Lizarraga 30-16 in just 22 innings (1.364 grand avg). Jim also had a high run of 9 in this match.

Single Elimination Finals: Young Ha Choi defeats Jose Lizarraga 30-29. Young Ha Choi finishes in 3rd place overall. Jose Lizarraga finishes in 4th place. Jim Shovak defeats Jim Watson 35-28. Shovak had a run of 7. Jim Shovak wins the tournament and Jim Watson finishes in 2nd place. December/January PQB 29

Rip’s Tips Rail First Draw Shot Hit the 29 minute mark on the cue ball with a quick hand and a firm short stroke and hit the rail first to score on this shot. For a real test keep moving the first object ball farther along the rail to find you limitations. Around the table shot can also be made from this position. “George Rippe is a former billiard room proprietor and artistic billiard enthusiast,” He can be reached at 978 975-9958

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USBA Membership • Dues $50 New Member______________Renewal __________ PRINT PLEASE Name: ___________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________ City, ____________________State ____ Zip: __________ Home Phone:______________________________________ Cell Phone: _______________________________________ E-Mail Address: ____________________________________ Referred by _______________________________________ Send completed form and check or money order payable to USBA to Jim Shovak/USBA Secretary 58 Hawthorne Ave. • East Islip, NY 11730. 32 PQB December/January

Upcoming Tournaments December 10-12: Regional Qualifier US Billiards- Houston, TX Contact: Timo Nguyen: 281-701-4947 December 17-19: USBA Tour Open Edgie’s - Milpitas, CA Contact: Raye Raskin: 415-497-8732 January 14-16: Regional Qualifier Pendennis Club - Louisville, KY Contact: Paul Frankel: 901-756-2594 or 901 210-7251 January 28-30: Handicap Best Billiards lv - Las Vegas, NV Contact: Ermanno Scalas: 702-990-0502 May 10-14: USBA National Championship Tropicana Hotel-Las Vegas, NV Contact: Jim Shovak: 516-238-6193 USBA National Championship to be held at Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas The 2011 USBA Nationals will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Tropicana Hotel. Our event will be held alongside the ACS (American Cue Alliance) National 8-ball & 9ball Championships. This venue will allow 3-cushion to receive major exposure to thousands of pool players. The Architect of this event is Professor-Q-Ball (Paul Frankel), who had been working on this for many months with John Lewis, the Executive Director of the ACS and the table manufacturer, Gabriels, who will be providing 6 heated tables for the event. The tentative dates are May 10-14, 2011. Those dates are not yet official. When the date becomes official, we will be making a formal announcement. No entry fees will be accepted at this time. More information to follow.

The Curving Cue Ball by Robert Byrne Contributing Writer • from Byrne’s “Advanced Techniques in Pool & Billiards” with permission Shot 5, is very instructive. The red is big in the corner, but at first sight there seems to be no way to take advantage of it because the white can’t be hit thin enough. Or can it? Not with running English. Low draw is needed in order to bend the cueball path as shown. The trick is to hit the white really thin- just barely feathers it. I’ve seen shots like 6, passed up by good tournament players in favor of all sorts of goofy wing-dings. It’s true that at first sight it looks as though there is no scoring angle off the right side of the white, but don’t forget the curve that follow will give it. Practice this one. It comes up all the time and is often over looked. Robert Byrne has a new book, “Behold My Shorts - The Best of Robert Byrne”. To see him in his polka-dot shorts, go to: To view his new book’s Press Release, go to: PressRelease-11-2-09.pdf

Recent Qualifiers for the 2011 Nationals Congratulations to Fred Lamers, John Jacobson, Adrian Viguera and William Kim for qualifing for the 2011 Nationals Adrian Viguera, Fred Lamer, Twenty players entered the Qualifier in Billy Kim John Jacobson Marshalltown, Iowa. 4 flights of 5 with the top 2 from each going to 2 flights of 4. The top 2 out of Carom Café Billiards in Flushing, NY each win a spot in the Nationals. held a Regional Qualifier. Winners Hugo Patino(bottom) and Min Fred Lamers and John Jacobson were undefeated, and Jae Pak (top) qualify for the William Kim and Adrian Viguera had one loss each in the 2011 Nationals finals.

Hugo Patino 2009 USBA Champion coached Annie Robinson at the BCA Trade Show in July 2010. The shot in the diagram was her very first time she tried and nailed it. We hope Annie will stay with the game and go on to playing it. December/January PQB 33

Places to Play Across the U.S.A. Receive 20 issues of PQB’s National Pool & 3-Cushion News, and your listing in Places to Play for $95/year. Call us at (901)756-2594. ARKANSAS BENTON Big Dan’s Billiards

108 W. Sevier 501 317-9908 8-Valleys, 4-9ft 1- Snooker 5x10, Snacks

CALIFORNIA BELLFLOWER • HardTimes 17450 Bellflower 562-561-7733 28-9ft pool tables, 2 Snooker tables, 6-3Cushion Billiards 3-Bar Tables

BURBANK • Burbank's Elks Lodge #1497

818 848-5508 2232 N. Hollywood Way,5 Verhovens, 1 snooker 1 Pool table

GARDEN GROVE • Thanh Tam Billiards 714-636-3078 10902 Westmister Ave. 10- 3-Cushion 6-Pool tables 15-Carom tables

MAYOOD • Eight Ball Billiards

323-562-9092 5250 S. Atlantic Blvd 14 Billiard tables (Verhovens) 21 Gold Crown pool tables Full Restaurant, Dominos, 5 TV’s

MILPITAS • Edgie's Billiards.

408 942-9500 235. S.Milpitas Bvld. 6 Chevilliottes, 23Brunswicks, 1 Snooker

SACRAMENTO Hard Times Billiards

916 332-8793 5536 Garfield Ave 33-Pool Tables 6 Dart boards, 2 Fooseball 8 TV,s, Videos, Ltd food

SAN DIEGO • College Billiards

5303 El Cajon Blvd 619 582-4550 6–Verhoeven Billiard tables,13 Pool Tables, 1Snooker 6x1,Beer & Wine full Restaurant

WILMINGTON • Billares Rodriguez

PALM HARBOR Strokers Billiards,

Pollo Lico Café 702 N. Avalon Blvd 310 549-2824 2 Soren, 3 Verhoeven 5-Gold Crowns 1-12ft Golf

727-786-6683• 30901 US 19 N, 14- 4 1/2X9 Tables 8-Dart boards, 5 Big screens Full bar & menu


ORLANDO • Corner Pocket Billiards

407 869-5118 280 E. Hwy 434 4-9' Proline, 10-8-Proline, Darts, Videos, Big Screen Full Bar & Food,Pro Shop

CAPE CORAL Diamond Billiards Sports Bar

9318 East Colonial Dr 407 282-5894 28 Pool Tables 2- Billiard Tables Heated (Soren Sogard) 1-Snooker, Beer & Wine

Trick Shots

407 298-5112 Old Winter Garden Rd 16- 8' Black Crowns, Huge Screen, Darts, Full Bar/Food-Pro Shop

239 573-7665 1242 Pine Island Rd Trick Shots 21 Diamond tables Full Liquor & Food, 22-Flat TV’s 407 292-9840 5860 N.Orange BlossomTr FORT PIERCE 2- 9' pool tables, 9 -8' Pool tables, TV's, Darts, Big Ultimate Billiards Screen, Full Bar & Food772 464-7665 Pro Shop 4112 Okeechobee Rd 11-Diamonds professionals Trick Shots 9- Gold Crown 407 737-6606 1-Gabriels Heated Billiards 11351 Lake Underhill 6-Bar tables Two 9’ Brunswicks in VIP 12’ Russian Pyramid Tables area Room 7 Dart Boards, Full Bar, Deli Food Big HOLIDAY Screen & 17- TV’s, 8,000 • Hammer Heads Sq ft &Patio


1916 US Hwy 19 727 939-9494 24-Diamond tables both 9ft & 7ft, 1-Snooker table, 1- 3 cushion table20 TV’s, 6 dartboards Bar full liquor pool, full Pro Shop


863 688-4460 1136 E. Main ST 29-Pool tables 2-Snooker 1-Bar Box Full Liquor

MIAMI • Doral Billiards Sports Bar

STUART • Amy’s Billiards

772 232-9966 1600 NW Federal Hwy 8- 9 –OLHAUSEN, 1- 9BRUNSWICK, 4-Bar tables, 1-Gabriel 3-Cushion heated, Beer & Wine


407 671-7797 7644 University Blvd. 4-9' pool tables, 12-8' tables, Darts, Full Bar & Food Pro Shop on premises

7800 NW 25th St #1 GEORGIA 305-592-8486 ATLANTA 6-3-cushion Chevillotte tables, 17-Pool tables,Beer, Mr. Cues II 3541 Chamblee Tucker Rd Wine & Food,14 Flat TV’s 770 454-7665 NORTH TAMPA 38-Pool tables, • Strokers Tampa 1-Snooker 6x12 813 814-2277 Full bar and kitchen 11236 W. Hillsborough Pro-Shop 23 - 9’ Tables, 1 Gabriel 3CONYERS Cushion, 10 Dart Boards, HD Flat Screens,Full Classic Billiards Bar/Food 770-679-5278

34 PQB December/January

1211 Royal Drive 8-Diamonds 9 ft 8-Diamonds Bar-Full Bar and Pro Shop

SAVANNAH Southside Billiards

13051 Abercorn St 912-925-5398 8-8 Foot, 9-9’tables,big screen TV, 27’Diamonds,1-5x10 Snooker 3 Dart boards, Full bar and food

ILLINOIS EAST MOLINE Lesure Time Billiards &Sports Bar

309 752-9559 845 Ave of the City 5-9 foot pool tables,16- Bar tables, 2 sports bars, 11 Dart boards Full Kitchen

Room Owners Sign Up Now Increase your customer base 3 Cushion available at rooms with a “•” 9 & 8 Foot Gold Crowns & 2 Bar Boxes Just Pool Mister…JUST POOL

LOUISANA NEW IBERIA Emeralds Billiards

337-319-0530 2514 W. Old Spanish Trail 24 Bar boxes 8 – 9ft Gold Crowns 5 Full Bar & Restaurant

MARYLAND GLEN BURNIE • Big Daddy’s Billiards,410-760-1332

7954 B &A Blvd.Ste 2-G 8- 9’Diamonds, 3-7’ Diamonds, 7-9’ Gold Crowns, 1-6x12 Snooker, 1` 5x10 3cushion Soren Sogard,Tv’s, ltd. menu

MASS. IOWA PEABODY CLINTION Legend’s Sports Bar • World Class Billiards & Pub 563 243-4266

2118 Harrison Dr 9-7’ Valley’s 1-9’ Gold Crown,Full Kitchen ,Sports Bar,13-42” TVs, Darts, Video’s

DES MOINES Big Dog Billiards

515-262-6523 2200 E. Euclid Ave 14 - 9 foot Diamonds, 18 – 7 foot Diamonds,1 – 3Cushion 5x10, 4- Fooseball table,3- Big Screens & Full liquor bar

KANSAS OLATHE • Shooters 810 W. HWY 56 21- 7ft valleys 9 – 9ft Gold Crowns 3-9ft Diamonds & 4 -7ft 2 – 3-Cushion Billiards Full Bar & Grill


270 465-2590 113 Central Shopping Ctr 8-Diamond Bar tables 3-Diamond 9 ft $1000 Guaranteed every Saturday Amatuer B tournament 270-995-9155-cell

PADUCAH Side Pocket 270-443-1159 301 Murray St

978 535-7000 Rte 1 South W. 12-Diamond Tables, 4-3Cushion Billiard Tables, Darts,Videos, Snack Bar Beer & Wine,16 TV’s

1-6x12 Snooker, 2-7’ Bar tables, Darts & Foosball


662-226-1322 893 Springhill Rd 7- Pool tables, 3 Bar tables, Video’s, Beer/food

SOUTHAVEN Southaven Recreational

662 342-0230 987 Town & Country 16- Big Tables. 5-Bar Tables,5-TV’s, Darts, Bumper Pool, Food/beer


26 North Main 573-335-9955 20- Bar Tables, 2-9 ft pool tables,Full Bar & Kitchen

POPLAR BLUFF Westwood Billiards

2207 S. Westwoo Blvd 573 686-4880 11- Bar tables, 1-41/2x9, Darts, Big Screen Tv,Video games.Full Bar and food

WAREHAM The Fan Club

ST CHARLES Side Pocket

508 295-6773 2859 Cranberry Hwy 10-Gold Crowns, 2-Dart boards, 1-Big screen, 8Tv’s, Full Bar D.J. Fri/Sat

636-724-9300 1439 Bass Pro Drive 18-Valley Black Cats,4Gold Crowns, Full Restaruant


NH HOOKSETT • Cue & Cushion Billiards

269-683-9738 3024 N. US 31 6-7ft Diamonds, Full Bar & Food

LANSING • Pockets Billiards Cafe

1618 S. Washington Ave 517-374-8688 2- 3-Cushion Billiard Tables 1-Snooker 6 x 12 Full Kitchen


1319 Larpenteur Ave 651 646-9508 16 – Gold Crowns 1 – 5x10 Brunswick Anniversary, 1-5x10 Snooker,

1271 Hooksett Rd 603 623-5330 10 Gold Crown Pool Tables, 2 Chevillotte Billiard Tables, Full Bar,Online Video Games, Darts


702-990-0502 3740 East Flamingo Rd 12-New Hermelin 3Cushion tables Beer , Wine & Food

NEW JERSEY ATLANTIC CITY • Atlantic City Billiards 609 645-7576

6701 Black Horse Pike Egg Harbor Twp 22 -9’Cold Crowns, 1 Snooker 6x12. 5x10 Carom Verhoven heated, 7-TV’s, Pro shop, Hot Food & Snacks

BELLEVILLE • Guys & Dolls

2- New Gabriels 3cushion billiard tables. 34 – 9 foot pool tables, 6 – Big Screens

EDISON Sandcastle Billiards

101 Towsley Rd 732 632-9277 18 - 9’ Tables, Card table lounge, Ping-Pong. Pro-shop

WAYNE Shooters Family Billiards

2230 Hamburg Tpke 973 248-0800 10- 9 foot Brunswick 1-Bar table, Video games, 4-Screen TV’s, Internet Juke box, Pro shop on premises

NEW YORK BROOKLYN • Gotham City Billiards Club

93 Ave U 718 714-1002 14 Brunswick tables,1 heated billiard table, 10 TV’s inc.large screen HDTV, Finger food, burgers, pizza and large pro shop.

FLUSHING • Carom Cafe

718 358-8585 34-02 Linden Pl 10-5x10 New Verhoven 3-

Cushion Billiard tables, 10 4 x 8 carom, 22 Brunswick pool tables,Full Bar & Restaurant

NEW YORK CITY Eastside Billiards 212 831-7665 163 E 86 ST 16-9ft Pool tables 1-Coin op, Ping-Pong, Fooseball, Full Bar with food,Internet Juke Box and Lounge

WILLIAMVILLE • Bison Billiards

716 632-0281 Main Transit Plaza 8216 Main St 8-9’ Diamonds, 4-9’ Brunswicks, 4-Bar Tables 2-Dart Boards 2- 3-Cushion Gabriels

WOODSIDE • MGM Billiards

5012 72 Street 718-424-3009 6-3-Cushion Tables 2 – Pool Tables Food, Beer and Wine


315 768-0218 5160 Commercial Dr. E 12-4 1/2x9 Gabriels, 15x10 3-cushion table, 8-3 1/2 7 Valleys, Beer, Wine, Full menu, 8-TV’s

N. CAROLINA GOLDSBORO Fast Eddies Sport Bar 1308 Parkway Dr 919 759-0071 13 – 9 Gold Crowns Dart boards, Full Bar & Food

MONROE Burrkats Billiards & Grill 1615 Lynn St 704 226-9650 14-9’ Tables, 6-Bar table,Full liquor & Kitchen, Pro-Sho

WILMINGTON WINSTON SALEM Breaktime Billiards & Sports Bar 336 765-7391 420N Jonestown Rd 15-9 foot Pool tables Darts, 1-big screen, fooseball,Full Bar&menu


405 917-9300 4619 N. West 10th 6- Gold Crowns, 4-Bar tables, 2-5 x 10 Snooker table, 1-3-Cushion Billiard table,Pro Shop & Cue & table repair

TULSA Magoo’s 918 663-3364 5002 S. Memorial 19 3 1/2 X 7 tables, 35 4 1/2X9, 1 Snooker Table Beer, Wine and Liquor, Full Restaurant


787-791-0039 9- Pool Tables, Big Screen & TV’s, Full Bar /food



610 259-9144 5100 State Rd L-300 2- New Cheviotte 3cushion tables, 16- 4 1/2x 9 Gold Crowns.4 - 4x8 G.Crowns Full line of custom cues & accessories, Tournaments, Inst., Sr.citizen rates

PHOENIXVILLE Classique Billiards

275 Schuykill Rd 610 935 2939 20 pro tables,11 Gold Crowns


401 351-7665 53 ASHBURTON ST 14 - 41/2X9 pool tables,State of the art TV’s,3 Full liquor bars,

NORTH KINGSTOWN • David Van Lokeren

401-294-2988610 Ten Rod Road 1-Heated Verhoeven and is opened by appointment only


864-234-0428 56 Airview Dr 12- 9 foot, Beer, Video’s, Relaxing Atmosphere

TENNESSEE CHATTANOOGA Chattanooga Billiard Club

725 Cherry St 423- 267-7740 8- Bar tables4 – 9ft,Full Service Food & Liquor

Chattanooga Billiard Club

423-499-3883 110 Jordan Dr. 14-8 ft tables, 6- 9ft tables Full Food & Liquor

MEMPHIS HighPocket's

901 761-1583 12-4 1/2 x9 Gold Crowns, 1 Snooker table, 8- Bar Tables, Full menu & beer, 8- TV’s, 1 big screen, Videos

Sharpshooters Billiards

901 386-1188 6959 Stage 18 Bar Tables 4-Gold Crowns, Snookers Table, 6 New Dart Boards, T.V’s,Jukebox,Video games, food & Beer

• The Rack

901 369-9501 3622 Lamar Ave 9- 9 foot Pro Diamond tables, 1 Gabriel 3Cushion Table, 6 bar tables,Food & Beer, 2 dart boards, 6-TV's.

MADISON J.O.B Billiard Club

615 868-4270 900 Gallatin Rd. Madison Sq. Mall 30 Pool tables diamonds In house pro-shop

MANCHESTER Lucky Break Billiard Club

1766 Hillsboro Hwy 4-7’Valleys,4-7’Diamonds 3 9’Diamonds,Darts, Bumper Pool Beer & Grill

TEXAS SAN LEON Casper’s Billiards

37 21st St 18- 9ft Brunswicks Full Service Rest & Bar

HOUSTON • Cue Stix Billiards Sports Bar

1319 FM 1960 W. Ste.103 281 580-0880 14-4x8 Pool Tables 2-Diamond Bar 3- 4 1/2x9 1-3 Cushion table 1-Snooker, Full Bar

• US Billiard

3010 Gears Rd Ste C 281 701-3241 3 New Gabriel carom tables3 small table 4x9 carom1 pool, Beer

VIRGINIA MIDLOTHIAN Diamond Billiards 804 794-8787 Midlothian Turnpike 14 – 9’Pool tables 4 – 42” Flat Screens Full Bar & Restaurant


608 365-1811 614 East Grand Ave 23 - Tables, 7- 9’ Gold Crowns, 14 Bar tables, 1 5x10 Snooker, 1-3cushion Verhoven Full bar and food

MILWAUKEE • Wisconsin Billiards

414 344-5666 2715 W.Wisconsin Ave 10- 9’ Gold Crowns, 4 Bar tables, 1-Snooker 5x10, 13-cushion Billiard,Full Bar, Pizza, Pro Shop

281 559-1400





480-829-7344 602 441-2447


415 931-1115 831 423-7665


303-989-9820 303 755-7675




316 262-0072 913-780-5740




207 893-8237 207 777-1155


816 224-6188 660 627-5100



704 895-6944 773 286-4714


603 943-5630 603 433-1154


856 384-5727 732-751-6555 856 691-8789 973-625-5777


718-627-3407 518-383-8771




864 472-8716


615 893-0088


254 770-3000

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38 PQB December/January

YURA Nothing But Billiards Yesyura on Sales and Service Since 1991 908 216-2034

Wes Burden Billiard Table Service & Cue Work Commerical & Residential Tables Gabriel & Diamond Factory Authorized Mechanic Tampa Florida

Wes Burden Cell • (813) 416-2255

Service Directory

Place Your Business Card Ad in the Billiard Industry Service Directory call (901)756-2594 for details and rates. December/January PQB 39

DPM Universal Pocket and Carom Billiard Systems Article 51 by Darrell Paul Martineau • WBIA Head Master Instructor


illiard Buddies, We now continue on a more difficult shot system segment but one when mastered will give you several billiards and in many cases position. This is the CROSS TABLE SHOT. The calculations for the three times across ‘ Cross Table “ are different than the normal cross table. You need to keep the cue ball on a flat line [ no curve ] This is done with a lower cuing and harder speed. The graph 51 shows you how to cue the shot and the speed to use. The calculations are based on the Cue ball / Object ball one angle and how far you want the cue ball to go down to hit the third side rail. In the graph the distance you wish the

cue ball to go down is two diamonds and the Cue ball / Object ball angle is three diamonds. This is what I call a base shot. The hit is based on the angle and that is three. The hit is three [ one quarter ball ]. Using #7 hard speed the cue ball will go down two diamonds. If the angle were the same and you wanted the cue ball to go down three diamonds make a two hit [ one eighth of the object ball ] keep every thing else the same. To remember the cue ball will go down one less diamond that the CB/OB angle when the above rules are followed. Next Article: Follow shots

D.P.M. Universal Billiard Systems for Carom Billiards Secrets of Three Cushion Billiards ~Doctoral Edition 220 pages, 90 full-page graphs step by step instructions $39.95 I am at the table explaining how to use the book Sold Together Doctoral Book & Tape set or DVD set 3 hours $90.00 2003 Millennium Digest Editions of “Doctoral” This book extends the knowledge learned in the Doctoral And contains information on how to miss KISSES Tape or DVD “ Hits to Miss Kisses “ 87 min. Miss all Kisses Plus special graphs and instructions Sold together Millennium Book & H. to M. K. tape or DVD & graphs $70.00 Tape or DVD Ball to Ball caroms [Straight Rail] 73 min $30.00

DPM Universal Billiard Systems for Pocket Billiards Secrets of Pocket Billiards [pool] Kick Shots & Banking Over 100 pages 50 full page graphs Plus Tape or DVD. I am at the table showing how to use the book 75min. $55.00 I also give clinics, private lessons on either Carom billiards or Specialized pocket billiards. Two hours $50.00 Four hours $90.00 $150.00 per day [ 7 hours ] or 4 days $500.00 All prices include Priority Shipping. Out of U.S. add $15.00 Air Mail. Three or more items deduct 10% pool or billiards mix. Send check or money order to: Other payments methods available

Can be paid with Western Union or Money Gram Darrell Paul Martineau, 5916 Bar Harbour Ct., Elk Grove, CA 95758 For more information Ph. 916-684-4535 e-mail dpmuniverse @ Web page 40 PQB December/January

If you have any questions you can always e-mail me and I will answer you. If you would like articles and graphs 1 through 25 about Pocket Billiards {POOL} please send $20.00 for a bound copy shipping is included. Articles 26 through 50 and graphs for Caroms are $20.00 Shipping is included. Darrell Paul Martineau, 5916 Bar Harbour Ct., Elk Grove CA 95758 For more information on this system and my books, tapes, DVDs or lessons on Pool or Carom Billiards please call me at 916-684-4535 or e-mail dpmuniverse @ Comcast . net web page

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December/January PQB 43

APATop Amateurs Crowned Winner of Men’s and Women’s Divisions Advance to 2011 Pro Event


he top amateur poolplayers in the country came to Strokers in Tampa, Fla., in early November to compete for the coveted U.S. Amateur Championship title. Amy Chen (right top) of Norcross, Ga., is the 2010 U.S. Amateur Women’s Champion after defeating Kelly Cavanaugh of Orlando, Fla., 9-8. It’s Chen’s second U.S. Amateur Championship title after winning it back in 2008. The hill-hill battle was a nail-biter, much to the delight of a large audience of spectators. The match opened in the 8-Ball set, with Cavanaugh taking the first game. Chen then took control of the 8-Ball set, winning the next five games for a 5-1 lead. The switch to the 9-Ball set brought a change in the momentum, as Cavanaugh battled back winning the first five games and taking a 6-5 lead. Chen then took the next two games for a one game advantage. The two then traded games back and forth over the next three, leaving one game to decide the championship. In the 9th and final game, Chen perfectly executed a 3-9

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combo to win the match. Chen becomes only the second player in the Women’s Division to capture the title twice. Raymond Linares (bottom left) of Miami, Fla., is the 2010 U.S. Amateur Champion in the Men’s Division after a 11-7 victory over former champion David Rowell of Birmingham, Ala. Linares went undefeated throughout the three-day tournament, his first U.S. Amateur Championship tournament. Linares saved perhaps his best play for the finals against Rowell. The match began in the 9-Ball set, with Linares winning four of the first five games. Rowell closed the gap with wins in games 6 and 7, but Linares continued his surge, and led 8-5 as the players switched to 8-Ball. Rowell took the first game of the 8-Ball set to pull within two, but Linares came right back to take the next two, putting himself on-the-hill. Rowell avoided elimination by winning the fourth game of the set, but Linares’ momentum was too much to overcome at that point as he put away the match 11-7. Defending champion Brian Parks of Bakersfield, Calif, finished in 3rd Place, losing only to both Linares and Rowell. Nicholas Conner of Portland, Maine finished in 4th. Scott Ruttinger of Yulee, Fla., and Richard Andrews of Harvest, Ala., tied for 5th Place. The 2010 U.S. Amateur Championship, produced and conducted by the American Poolplayers Association (APA), was held at Strokers in Tampa, Fla., Nov. 5-7. Preliminary qualifying rounds were held throughout the country in mid-Sept., with more than 1,500 players attempting to qualify. Chen and Linares competed with the nation’s most highly skilled amateur poolplayers who were all vying for the U.S. Amateur Championship title. The Men’s Division consisted of 128 players, while the Women’s Division featured 30 players. As Champions, Chen and Linares will return next year to defend their coveted titles. The U.S. Amateur Championship is a double elimination tournament that offers the nation’s top amateur players the opportunity to showcase their skills through a combination of 8Ball and 9-Ball matches, in the only APA event that does not use The Equalizer® handicap system.

Professor’s National Tournament Directory December WPBA Tour Championship

Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel Niagara Falls, NY December 2 - 5, 2010

Ozone Billiards Predator Tour Eastside BIlliards Manhattan Classic

$500 added Open event played on 9 ft Gold Crowns December 5th Gotham City Billiards Club 93 Ave U Brooklyn, Ny $1000 added BD 9-ball 718 714-1002

Eastside Billiards NYC, NY December 4 - 5, 2010 212-831-7665 $3,000 added Open/ABCD Event

Lone Star Billiards Tour

Tiger Bay Area Amateur Banquet

Ozone Billiards Predator Tour

Corner Pocket Largo, Fl December 4, 2010 727-330-7822 $500 added

Lucasi Hybrid SW 10-Ball

White Diamond Billiards Lafayette, La December 4 - 5, 2010 $500 added $45 entry. Race to 7 winners. 6 on 1 loss side. $500 added per 64. Players meeting at 10am

Texas Amateur Tour

Big Johns Sports Bar Houston, Tx December 4 - 5, 2010 281-498-3499 $800 added $500 added amateur event $300 added ladies event

Great Southern Billiard Tour

Classic Billiards Conyers, Ga December 4 - 5, 2010 770-679-5278 $1,500 added $1,500 added guaranteed amateur 9-ball 7 ft Diamonds

Mezz Pro Am Tour

One Shot Billiards Somerset, NJ December 5, 2010 732-249-4555 $1,000 added

Rack ‘Em Up Tour

Westgate Lanes Brockton, Ma December 5, 2010

SE Open

Sharpshooters Billiards Miami, Fl December 5, 2010 305-596-0588

Bogies Billiards & Sports Bar Houston, Tx December 11 - 12, 2010 $3,000 added Open 9-Ball/One Pocket/Ladies 9-Ball Season Finale Raxx Pool Room West Hempstead, NY December 11 - 12, 2010 516-538-9896 $3,000 added Open/ABCD Event

Great Southern Billiard Tour

Greentop Billiards Rocky Mount, NC December 11 - 12, 2010 252-454-0152 $1,500 added $1,500 added guaranteed amateur 9-ball 9 ft Diamonds

Dishaw Cues CNY Tour Korky’s Pool Room Syracuse, NY December 11 - 12, 2010 315-488-4888

Independent Event

Casper’s Billiards San Leon, Tx December 11 - 12, 2010 $1,500 added $65 Entry Fee Includes $15 Green Fee Limited to first paid 96 Players Race to 9 Winners Side - Race to 7 One loss Side Alternating Break - TX Express Rules 9’ Gold Crowns Top 25% Field Paid Players Meeting Saturday at 11AM NO CURRENT OR PAST RANKED PROS ALLOWED

Independent Event Women’s Event

Casper’s Billiards San Leon, Tx December 11 - 12, 2010 $350 added $35 Entry Fee Includes $10 Green Fee - Limited to first paid 32 Players Race to 7 Winners Side - Race to 5 one loss Side - Alternating Break - TX Express Rules

9’ Gold Crowns - Top 25% Field Pay Out Players Meeting Sunday at 11AM December 12th

$500 added amateur event $300 added ladies event

Great Southern Billiard Tour

MissCues 2010 Championships Bank Shot Billiards Louisville, KY December 11 - 12, 2010 502-587-8260

Speakeazy Billiards Sanford, NC December 18 - 19, 2010 919-775-1166 $1,500 added $1,500 added guaranteed amateur 9-ball 9 ft Gold Crowns

Lucasi Hybrid SW 10-Ball

Tri State Tour

MissCues Ladies Tour

Twin Strokes Blue Springs, Mo December 11 - 12, 2010 $1,000 added $1000 added with 64 players

Castle Billiards E. Rutherford, NJ December 18, 2010 201-933-6007 $500 added A-B-C-D Event

Midwest Tour

Independent Event

Magoo’s 5002 S. Memorial Tulsa, Ok (918)663-3364 $2500 Added December 11-12,2010 Bar table - 9-Ball open - $65 entry, ladies - $55 entry (entries include green fee - no quarters needed) Deadline: Sat 11AM

Independent Event

TAP Canada/United Way Charity Event JJQ’s Mississauga, Canada December 11 - 12, 2010 Scotch Doubles - 8 Ball 10 max handicap / team $60 entry

Mezz Pro Am Tour

Primetime Billiards South Amboy, NJ December 12, 2010 732-721-6555 $1,000 added

New England 9-Ball Series

The Fanclub E. Wareham, MA December 12, 2010 508-295-6773 $100 added All Class 9-Ball

Joss North East Tour

Turning Stone Classic XVI Turning Stone Casino Verona, NY December 16 - 19, 2010 800-771-7711 $25,000 added $150 Entry Fee for current Tour Members $200 for Non-Members

Texas Amateur Tour

Q-Stix Billiards Houston, Tx December 17 - 18, 2010 281-580-0880 $800 added

ME & CA’s San Antonio, Tx December 18, 2010 210-541-2001 $500 added Start time : 5:30 pm Entry fee: $25.00 for info call (210)5412001

Mezz Pro Am Tour

Hot Shot Billiards Deptford, NJ December 19, 2010 856-384-5727 $1,000 added

Rack ‘Em Up Tour Snookers Billiards Providence, RI December 19, 2010

New England 9-Ball Series

Legends Billiards Portsmouth, NH December 19, 2010 603-433-1154 $100 added BCD 10-Ball

Tri State Tour

Sandcastle Edison, NJ December 26, 2010 732 632-9277 $750 added B-C-D Event

January 2011 Joss North East Tour

Cue Nine Levittown, NY January 8 - 9, 2011 516-796-4600 $2,000 added Entry Fee - Pro $120, Non Pro $70

Texas Amateur Tour Bogies Billiards

Continues on page 46 December/January PQB 45

Houston, Tx January 8 - 9, 2011 281-821-4544 $800 added $500 added amateur event $300 added ladies event

Lucasi Hybrid SW 10-Ball

Joss North East Tour

Diamond Eight Billiards Latham, NY January 29 - 30, 2011 518-786-8048 $2,000 added Entry Fee - Pro $120, Non Pro $70

Mac Daddy’s N. Little Rock, Ar January 8 - 9, 2011 $1,000 added $1000 added with 64 players

Rack ‘Em Up Tour

Rack ‘Em Up Tour

February 2011

The Green Room Uxbridge, Ma January 9, 2011

New England 9-Ball Series Legends Billiards Portsmouth, NH January 9, 2011 603-433-1154 $100 added All Class 8-Ball

Texas Amateur Tour

BigTyme Billiards Houston, Tx January 22 - 23, 2011 $800 added $500 added amateur event $300 added ladies event

Dishaw Cues CNY Tour Classic Billiards Rochester, NY January 22 - 23, 2011 585-227-7400

Lucasi Hybrid SW 10-Ball Krome’s Bar & Grill N. Little Rock, Ar January 22 - 23, 2011 $1,000 added $1000 added with 64 players

New England 9-Ball Series

Snookers Billiards Providence, RI January 23, 2011 401-351-7665 $100 added All Class 9-Ball

Diamond A Tour

Chicago Pub and Billiards Kitchener, Ontario January 23 - 24, 2011

46 PQB December/January

The Fan Club East Wareham, Ma January 30, 2011

Texas Amateur Tour

Houstons Billiards Houston, Tx February 5 - 6, 2011 281-821-4544 $800 added $500 added amateur event $300 added ladies event

Lucasi Hybrid SW 10-Ball Hawleys Dallas, Tx February 12 - 13, 2011 $1,000 added $1000 added with 64 players

New England 9-Ball Series Schemengees Billiards Lewiston, ME February 13, 2011 207-777-1155 $100 added All Class 10-Ball

Texas Amateur Tour

Q-Stix Billiards Houston, Tx February 19 - 20, 2011 281-580-0880 $800 added $500 added amateur event $300 added ladies event Westgate Lanes Brockton, Ma February 20, 2011

Dishaw Cues CNY Tour

Shooters Billiards Fulton, NY February 26 - 27, 2011 315-402-0663

New England 9-Ball Series

The Fanclub E. Wareham, MA February 27, 2011 508-295-6773 $100 added All Class 9-Ball

March 2011 Independent Event

Masters 9-Ball Championship Chesapeake, Va March 1, 2011

Texas Amateur Tour

Joss North East Tour

Rack ‘Em Up Tour

SE Open

Pockets Dothan, Al February 19 - 20, 2011 334-793-9644 $1,000 added

Joss North East Tour

Trick Shot Billiards Clifton Park, NY March 19 - 20, 2011 518-383-8771 $2,000 added Entry Fee - Pro $120, Non Pro $70

Texas Amateur Tour

Bogies Billiards Houston, Tx March 19 - 20, 2011 281-821-4544 $800 added $500 added amateur event $300 added ladies event

Dishaw Cues CNY Tour

Bigwigs Billiards Newmarket, Ontario February 18 - 20, 2011 $3,000 added Main Street Billiards Amsterdam, NY February 19 - 20, 2011 518-705-1173 $2,000 added Entry Fee - Pro $120, Non Pro $70

Robert Dionne Memorial Busters Billiards Somersworth, NH March 13, 2011 603-692-7926 $1,000 added All Class 9-Ball

Rack ‘Em Up Tour

Rose Country Houston, Tx March 5 - 6, 2011 281-590-1954 $800 added $500 added amateur event $300 added ladies event

Diamond A Tour

New England 9-Ball Series

Snookers Billiards Providence, RI March 6, 2011

TAP Leagues

Rally in the Valley Valley Forge Convention Center Valley Forge, Pa March 10 - 13, 2011

Salt City Billiards N. Syracuse, NY March 19 - 20, 2011 315-454-8643

Joss North East Tour

Salt City Billiards Syracuse, NY March 26 - 27, 2011 315-454-8643 $2,000 added Entry Fee - Pro $120, Non Pro $70

Rack ‘Em Up Tour

The Fan Club East Wareham, Ma March 27, 2011

New England 9-Ball Series

Boston Billiard Club Nashua, NH March 27, 2011 603-595-2121 $100 added All Class 10-Ball

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