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Professor-Q-Ball’s Rack for December/January2012 Issue 6 • Vol XII ☜ US Open 9-Ball Championship


Appleton Wins 36th Annual, photo by Ricky Bryant

2011 BCA Hall of Fame


DiLiberto and Souquet Inducted

World Cup of Trick Shots


Europe over USA

☜WPBA Tour Championship


Kim Defeats Fisher for Title

WPBA US Open 9-Ball dates for 2012


Tournament of Champions


Ga Young Kim repeats as Champion

☜Challenge of Champions Pool Instructional… An Elegant Kiss…Tom Ross How to Prepare for Multiple Day Tournaments…Carl Stewart Ball Induced Spin…Robert Byrne The Angel of Billiards…Jacqueline Karol Always Seek the Advantage in Nine Ball…The Monk A Little Curve…Eric Yow A Shot is a Shot… is a Shot… is a Shot…Tom Rossman WWPD? (What Would the Pro Do?)…Samm Diep Opportunities for Greatness…Tom Simpson Bar Box 8-Ball…Marty Kaczmarowski DPM Universal Pocket & Carom Billiard Systems # 58… by Darrel Martineau Departments … Places to Play National Tournament Directory


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By Samm Diep, PoolTipJar.com

It’s Appleton Again at the 2011 US Open The final day of the 36th Annual U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships concluded with a flawless performance by the explosive British player “Dynamite” Darren Appleton. He defeated Shawn Putnam in a single-set finals match with a convincing score of 13-6. Appleton is the third player in U.S. Open 9-Ball history to claim back to back titles since Mika Immonen in 2008/2009 and Nick Varner in 1989/1990.


his year, 251 players representing over 30 countries arrived to vie for the most prestigious professional billiard title on U.S. soil. Only four entered the final day where each match would now be a win-by-two format that never came into play. The determined Brit entered the Accu-stats TV arena for his finals match sporting his patriotic England shirt with his country’s bold name and logo on the back. He had already defeated Putnam once in the first round of the finals bracket and felt confident he could do it again.

6 PQB December/January

The first of only two errors by Appleton came in rack seven. While up 6-0, he scratched while playing one-rail position from the 3 to the 4 ball allowing Putnam a chance to move his first bead. He would claim that rack and two more bringing the score to 6-3 when the American fans began chanting, “USA! USA!” Putnam cracked a smirk but the cue ball found a way to the pocket on his following break. Appleton continued his lead throughout the match keeping the cue ball on a very short leash. His patterns were simple, his speed was precise, and his pocketing was deadly. While ahead

11-5, Appleton finally missed a thin cut on the 3 ball that sold out the rack. Putnam ran a few balls but found he was cold from the chair. He missed the 7 ball in the corner but it banked in the side two rails. He did get out but broke and scratched in the following rack. Appleton ran that rack, then broke and ran the final rack for the match and title. Putnam earned his second place finish defeating a number of world class players including Mosconi Cup MVP Dennis Hatch 11-2. Putnam appeared unstoppable, running the first four racks and jumping to an 8-0 lead before Hatch even won a game. The two friends bantered and even exchanged a fist pump when Hatch played a lock up safety on the 6 ball while down 8-1. Ultimately, Hatch was unable to capitalize on the rare opportunities he received and at 10-2, when Putnam got perfect on the 6 ball with four balls left on the table, he threw in the towel. Putnam continued his tear in his next match against “The Lion” Alex Pagulayan who made a few uncharacteristic mental errors. Pagulayan received his first loss from Appleton in winner-side finals match. Both players stayed at each other’s heels until Appleton was ahead 7-6. In that rack, Appleton missed a 2 ball displaying the first possible signs of a slight mechanical breakdown. The gentlemen exchanged a few safeties until Pagulayan finally had an offensive shot at the 3 ball. As he shot it a cell phone went off in the top row leaving him with a tricky shot on the 4 ball. “I told you, only when he shoots,” said the playful lion. After much pondering, Pagulayan swung and missed the 4 in the corner. He would never regain control of the table again after that. Appleton’s break was too effective and consistent and would ultimately earn him the grand prize. Visit usopen.azbilliards.com for online brackets and photo gallery.

Appleton collecting his check for $30,000

Shawn Putnam takes home second place money

US OPEN Prize Payout $175,OOO 250 players 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-6th 7-8th 9-12th 13-16th 17-24th 25-32nd 33-48th 49-64th 65-96th

$30,000 $15,000 $10,000 $7,500 $6,000 each $4,500 each $3,000 each $2,500 each $2,000 each $1,500 each $900 each $700 each $500 each “The Lion” Alex Pagulayan finishes third. December/January PQB 7

2011 BCA Hall of Fame Inductees by Ricky Bryant


he Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame was started in 1966 to honor outstand people who have enriched the sport and industry. There are two categories in the BCA HOF, The Greatest Player and Meritorious Service. The Greatest Player category is reserved for outstanding players who have been active in national or international completion for at least 10 years, have won at least one national or international championship and are at least 40 years old by January 1 of the year of their induction. While the Greatest Player category is on the ballot every year, the Veterans Committee makes recommendations for Meritorious Service or Greatest Players who are over the age of 60. These categories are open to recommendation on alternating years. Through 2010 there were a total of 58 individuals Danny DiLiberto and Ralf Souquet. that have been inducted; 44 in the Greatest Players category and 13 in the Meritorious service category. Since 2009 Stats Video Productions). In his 76 years Danny is quiet the athlete, having served as an outfielder for a AA Minor League the voting and awards dinner have been managed by the US baseball team at age 20. At age 13 he was introduced to boxing Billiards Media Association (USBMA). The voting is conand from age 22 to 25 he fought as Danny Toriani and was ducted by the USBMA Hall of Fame Board, which consists of managed by the legendary Angelo Dundee. But at the age of 25 USBMA members, elected At-Large members and living members of the BCA Hall of Fame. In 2011 there were 51 eligi- and under the advice of Dundee, Danny left boxing due to his fragile hands ble voters. In the which he broke 4 three years the times in his undeUSBMA has been The play next door at the US Open was suspended feated 14 fights as responsibility for a lightweight. the induction for two hours to honor Danny and Ralf. Danny was also a dinner and inducgreat bowler with tion has been cona hand full of 300 ducted at the US games. He was noted to have run 308 balls in straight pool on Open 9 Ball Championship. Mike Panozzo of Billiards Digest and President of the USBMA was the Master of Ceremonies for the same day he bowled one of his 300 games. In 1970 at age 37 at the famous Johnston City Tournament he won the the induction dinner. Straight Pool Division, and beat the 9-ball and 1-Pocket The 2011 Inductees are Danny DiLiberto and Ralf Souquet winners to capture the prestigious title of World All-Around both in the Greatest Players Category with Danny being the Champion. Danny won 4 events after the age of 62, one of first player elected to the Greatest Players Category by recommendation of the Veterans Committee. This brings the total to them being The French Open (9-Ball) in Paris. Danny still plays at times today and teaches as well as being one of the fa60 individuals in the Hall of Fame with 46 in the Greatest vorite Commentators at Accu-Stats for over 20 years. Part of Players category. Danny’s life is covered in the book “Road Player – The Danny The play next door at the US Open was suspended for two DiLiberto Story” by Jerry Forsyth. hours to honor Danny and Ralf. Danny was introduced by A video was shown highlighting Danny’s many accomplishfellow Hall of Famer and Friend, Pat Fleming (Owner of Accu8 PQB December/January

ments and ended with a special guest appearance from Angelo Dundee. Danny is also in the Buffalo’s Ring 44 Boxing Hall of Fame and the One Pocket Hall of Fame. And when asked at the dinner if in his prime he could have beaten fellow inductee, Ralf Souquet he said “YES” followed by the note , “Because when I was in my prime , you were 3”. Danny is noted not only for his great athleticism and play but the clean and wholesome way he does it and you will never hear him swear. The second inductee was Ralf Souquet. Ralf was introduced by longtime friend Thomas Overbeck, currently the press officer for the European Pocket Billiard Federation. The 42year-old German is the first Male European pool player inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame. Ralf has been a dominant player in Europe for more than 25 years, having won more than 40 German titles and 36 European Championships. Ralf also known as “The Kaiser” is a True Gentleman of the game. In the US he holds the following titles, 2000-BCA U.S. Open 14.1, 2002-U.S. Open 9-Ball, a pair of BCA Open 9-Ball Championships and has won the Derby City 9-Ball Title three times. Most recently Ralf has won the World Pool Masters (for the 5th time), World Cup of Pool and Euro Tour Hungary Open. Ralf is the current 2011 tournament money winner on the AZ Billiards AzB Money Leaderboard. Ralf is the most decorated player on the European Mosconi Cup team and will be

Europe Bests USA in World Cup of Trick Shots The World Cup of Trick Shots was held October 27 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Europe claimed the title over U.S.A. in the only international team competition in the sport of Trick Shots. The prize purse was $30,000 for the event, with $20,000 and Gold Medals to the winning team. The two semifinals and the Championship match will be broadcast by ESPN on Dec. 18. Captain Stefano Pelinga and Europe members who were awarded the Gold Medal were Nick Nikolaidis, Luke Szywala and Gabriel Visoiu. Silver Medalists from U.S.A. included Captain Andy Segal, Jamey Gray, Bruce Barthelette, and Tim Chin. Their team also won $10,000. The players on Europe displayed their brilliance to emerge as the top trick shot artists in the world. The Champi-

Hall of Famer, Pat Fleming (Accu-Stats Video Prod.) introduced Danny Liberto making another appearance in December on the 2011 team. After his introduction a video was show highlighting Ralf’s career and closed with a special message from his parents who was unable to attend. The Inductees could not have been better selected, they are Such Finest Gentleman who shows that you can be Competitive and do it with Class. They will always be known as Great Ambassadors of the Game – Congratulations to Danny DiLiberto and Ralf Souquet.

onship match was poetry on green felt, with Europe defeating U.S.A. by a score of 17 15 to take the Gold Medals and $20,000. U.S.A., whose members were otherwise on their game, claimed Silver Medals and $10,000 second prize. In the first semifinal, U.S.A. players Barthelette and Chin prevailed over Europe Europe being presented Gold Medals by members Pelinga and Visoiu. Stephen Cholewa of. Mohegan Sun The other semifinal saw Europe artists Nikolaidis and Szywala barely slip each semifinal carried a 1 point bonus forward into the final match. past U.S.A. players Segal and Gray in a The Gold Medals and the team check tight match. With the score tied at 5-5, were presented by Mohegan Sun and the teams selected one member each to Diamond Billiard Tables. play in the sudden death shootout. The event was sponsored by Diamond Segal, representing U.S.A., fired the Billiard Tables, Aramith Tournament Bileight rail bank shot and placed the cue liard Balls, Simonis Cloth, Mueller Recreball scarcely an inch off the $100 bill. Nikolaidis, shooting for Europe, master- ational Products, Executive Billiards fully banked eight rails and centered the Delta-13 Rack, PoolDawg.com and Silver Cup Chalk. The event was produced by cue ball on Ben Franklin’s face for the Billiards International, Ltd. semifinal victory. The winning team in December/January PQB 9

An Elegant Kiss by Tom Ross Contributing Writer


bout 10 years ago Efren Reyes surprised a lot of pool players when he told an interviewer that he loves to watch pool and often adds to his knowledge while watching inexperienced players. He explained that because great players tend to manage the table and solve problems rather predictably, he can learn more from watching bad players who cause the balls to move in ways one would never see while watching pros. So he is able to observe something that the rest of us might consider “wrong,” convert it to a useful skill and then add it to his famous bag of tricks.

bank the solid off of the side rail to make contact with the inside of the stripe as shown with the shaded ball. The dotted line going to the pocket is perpendicular to the line of centers at the moment of contact. Good 8-Ball players know the shot, and competitive bar-table players shoot it routinely, owing to tighter traffic

I also like to watch pool and, though I prefer to watch the best players, have nevertheless watched countless hours of pool as presented by many players who are somewhat less than stellar. Mostly, perhaps because I lack Efren’s vision and imagination, the bulk of what I’ve seen among untrained players has gone by the wayside as I fail to find much use for it. Recently however, while watching a recreational player shooting alone, I happened to look up at just the right moment to see shot B in the diagram. Since the shot in question is a close relative of the more commonly seen kiss shot on the left side of the table, or shot A, let’s begin the discussion there. Although we may see this shot in any pool game, it’s mostly an 8Ball shot, employed in situations like the one pictured, where we have no good shot on the solid ball because of the striped ball blocking its path to the pocket. The informed player knows to 10 PQB December/January

same shot, I have to admit that I had never seen it, or noted seeing it, until my recent experience. The only difference between the new shot and shot A is that the ball we use to kiss the solid ball into the pocket this time is not the obstruction. In this case the obstructing striped ball remains undisturbed while we bank the solid ball past it, off of the other solid ball and into the pocket. Here, the kiss also frees up that second solid ball to facilitate a run out. The setup you see is identical to the setup that confronted the player I was watching when I first saw the shot, with the break out included. Again, the dotted line going to the pocket is perpendicular to the balls’ line of centers at the precise moment of contact. As with Shot A, practice this one with manageable speed. And because it’s likely to look unfamiliar, you will want to spend time with it to feel comfortable. I was fortunate enough to have another table at my disposal when I first saw it and began practicing it immediately.

and bigger pockets on the bar tables. There’s no real technique for the shot except to note how the balls must make contact and to remember not to play it with too much speed. Set it up as shown and practice it until you’re pocketing the solid ball at least 50% of the time. Although Shot B is essentially the

Although the shots we see here require no special skills or techniques they can easily elude any player who hasn’t seen them, especially Shot B. And while I’m certain that I cannot be the first person to present this shot, I do not recall ever seeing anyone play it prior to recently, not even a professional. So, from now on, I’m going to pay more attention when I’m watching, no matter who’s at the table.

12 PQB December/January

How to Prepare for Multiple Day Tournaments by Carl Stewart Certified BCA instructor, of Arizona Billiard Academy,LLC www.ArizonaBilliardAcademy.com Contributing Writer


local tournament after work or on a weekend really does not need much preparation. These are short 4 to 8 hour events but how about when we play a 3 or 4 day events. A longer event mean hours of waiting around for your next match to be called. What to do during this time can it affect your game. This time can help or hurt your chances of performing well in your match. I have noticed over the years when I was running tournaments at Hard Times-Sacramento, CA all the great players

never seem to talk about pool. That really surprised me how they mostly talked about golf. I noticed how the experienced players knew when they had a larger break inside the tournament brackets and would order food and have time to eat it before their next match. I always seem to order food and just when it comes it is time to play my next match. Inside multiple day events you will have to eat often around the tournament bracket schedule. There are a lot of factors to manage. Next month I will cover foods to eat and ones to avoid.

Fo r I n s t r u c t i o n a l v i d e os or the latest Event News V isit www.pr ofessor qball.com

14 PQB December/January

Ball Induced Spin by Robert Byrne From “Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots” with permission

Double and Triple There doesn’t seem to be any way to make the 4-ball in the lower-left corner, but it can be triple-banked. Use right sidespin and cut the 4ball just enough to the right to avoid the kiss. At the right, the 5-ball can be banked to a point beyond the lower side pocket and into the upper side pocket. Align the balls by laying your cue on the table on the dashed line. Use a hard stroke and maximum left English.

The Making of a Billiards Champion Part 3: The Stun Stroke Stun Stroke Once your fundamentals are correct and you are shooting with a straight and level cue, you need to master the stun stroke. This shot is the most important shot because it gives you a reference for cue ball positioning.

more forward rotation or “high english” the ball picks up before it strikes the object ball. In other words, the greater the distance, the lower you must hit the cue ball to produce a stun/stop shot.

Straight-In Stun Stroke

Stun Stroke at an Angle

When you hit a stun stroke on a straight in shot, it will produce a “stop shot.” In other words, the ball stops as soon as it makes contact with the object ball. Factors that influence this are a blend of the following; cue tip location, force, follow through, and quickness (the amount of time it takes the cue tip to accelerate through the ball). There are an infinite number of blends of these variables that produce a stop shot. For example, you can use 4”of follow through with a small force OR only 1”of follow through with a large force to produce a stop shot. Play with these variables until you can manipulate each one and still get the same cue ball position. Measure your follow through by placing a ruler beside your cue tip. Then, vary the distance between the balls. Once you’ve mastered a stop shot with 12” of distance, keep increasing it by another 12”. The more distance you have, the

Once again, place the object ball 12” away from the cue ball. But this time, put the cue ball at a 30 degree angle, so that you are aiming at half the ball to pocket it. Use the same stun stroke, and the cue ball will travel straight down the “tangent line.” This is the line that is perpendicular to the object ball at 90 degrees. The harder or quicker you hit the ball, the further it will travel down the line. This is the first step in predicting cue ball position. DO NOT move on to the next article until you are comfortable shooting Straight-In Stun Shots and Stun Strokes at an Angle at different distances. Be able to alter the variables (cue tip location, force and quickness) and get the same cue ball position.

December/January PQB 15

Always Seek the Advantage in Nine Ball by “The Monk” Contributing Writer • www.monkbilliardacademy.net


n nine ball you must play the conditions. Don’t get outside who you are. Learn to be a warrior. A good soldier is not anxious but prepared to strike at all times with an effective well disciplined stroke. His intentions are clear. He knows his opponent and he knows the territory. He seeks an advantage. Master the art of war. I once lured a top player to a senior center that had no shades on the window. I chose four o’clock in the afternoon. The sun would be just right. My opponent has had surgery and he cannot stand the glare. Since he was the best player he readily agreed to my time and location. I left him shots where he had to face the window and was able to win the match. “Taking your Medicine” I faced a seven ball I could do nothing with. All I could do was pocket the ball and take a long tough shot on the eight ball. I decided I would take my chances with the eight ball. I would go through my pre shot routine and make every effort to pocket that ball. I was not going to lose on the seven ball so I cinched it and then faced a full table cut on the eight. It went in and I was straight in on the nine. If I had any reservations on this move, I would have failed. I call this move, “Taking your medicine”. Make the shot and take what you get. Once I faced a shot where I would break open a clump. I did not know where the balls would go once I made

16 PQB December/January

contact. I simply made my shot, allowed the cue ball to plow in to the clump and accepted whatever the roll the roll would be. I call this “Playing for a sweet roll”. In both cases I don’t want to miss my shot because I am worried about the next shot. I faced a shot where I was actually playing for a bank on my next ball. I told myself to “take my medicine” and make the shot. In the past when I played for a difficult shot on my next ball I missed the shot I was shooting because I was worried about the tough shot coming up. I call this, “not wanting to face a tough shot”. Take your medicine. Play for a sweet roll. Be willing to face the next shot. You must be certain on what you intend to do. If you read my book I Came to Win I offer you a wonderful chapter on what intentions will do for you. If you can control your mind, and your persona and who you are and how you function you will beat most players. Discipline is what enables us to take home the prize. We all shoot shots well, we all know safeties but the disciplined mind is the one who wins. Rules you must go by: Your first order of business is to classify the shot. It is a “Taking your Medicine or Playing for a Sweet Roll? You should always see the cue ball coming off the rail. Never send it to the rail and leave yourself a rail shot. Always visualize the cue ball away from the rail.

Learn to recognize safeties when they come up. Don’t stand there and try to figure out what you should already know. When playing combo’s always pin point where the first ball is going. You know the second ball is going in the pocket. Make sure you are clear about what you want after the shot. Often times we can only play position for a bank or combo and miss the shot because we are not totally interested in the combo or bank. Pinpoint where the cue ball will go after you deliver the stroke. Spend the day memorizing these rules. Imbed them within your mind so they become a natural instinct. In my book, I Came to Win I talk about how we need to take our cognitive knowledge and transfer it to the instinctual mind. We need to learn to use this awareness as if it is a natural thing. We see a safety and we are aware of exactly how to play it. We see a combo and we know where all the balls are going. We come upon a “must make” shot and deliver the right stroke for that shot. If we have to think about it we will not be able to deliver a one hundred per cent stroke which the shot calls for. When we send the cue ball to the rail we see how it comes away and we must see with our mind’s eye the cue ball rolling away from the rail.

A Little Curve by Eric “The Preacher” Yow! WPA Masse World Champion

For more information on Eric Yow! Cues, yow@ericyow.com or visit Joe


henever I give lessons on how to masse, I like to instruct my students to start small and work up to the larger masse shots. Usually, they are shooting with a standard cue, so we are limited by their equipment. If they’ve bought an Eric Yow Masse Cue, it makes life a lot easier for them and we can step it up more quickly. In either case, people like to be able to work up to bigger and better things. In the world of masse, the possibilities are endless, it seems. With fast enough cloth, clean enough balls, good enough chalk, and may be a little silicone, it is unbelievable the shots you can perform with the right instruction.

Nielsen’s Billiards at www.JOERACKEM.com.

More often than not, there’s not enough power behind the shot. If you get stuck, consider professional instruction or an Eric Yow Masse Cue. It will make all the difference!

As you work towards more difficult shots in artistic pool, you will come across shots that at one time seemed impossible to you that you are now able to successfully complete. One of my favorite shots along those lines is this shot here. It implements a stroke and curve of a shot that I used in competing on the 3 Cushion Grandmaster show on ESPN in 2007. On the 3 cushion billiard table, the cue ball travels an additional three or four rails before making the billiard. It is a beautiful shot called the Grand Masse. Here, I want you to arrange blocker balls as diagrammed and place an object ball in the corner. To make the shot more ‘makeable’ at first, place a rack at the object ball so you have a bigger target. With the cue ball completely hidden, elevate the cue to 80 degrees and aim for the middle diamond on the short rail. Strike with a hard stroke, hitting between 6 and 7 o’clock on the clock face of the cue ball. The cue ball should hit the short rail around the middle diamond then shoot out around the wall of balls. Depending on the speed of the cloth and how slick the cue ball is, the cue ball should slide out and around the wall before the spin ‘takes’ and drives it to the rack. If the spin bites too early, the cue ball drives into the wall of balls. If there’s not enough spin, it will go toward the opposite corner pocket or hit the long rail. Remember to change one variable at a time when moving from one attempt to the next. If the cue ball is coming off of the short rail at the proper angle, try changing your power. December/January PQB 17

Ga Young Kim Wins WPBA Tour Championship! Kim Defeats Allison Fisher 7-5 in ESPN Televised Final


he Women’s Pro Billiard Tour kicked off its culminating season Tour Championship at the Chinook Winds Event Center with 48 of the best women pool players in the world competing throughout Thursday. 32 competitors completed first round matches in the day session; the 16 winners of those matches Photos by face Chitothe Ines then had to top 16 seeded players in the event. The big upset of this round was Texas player and Lone Star regional tour promoter Kim White’s victory over defending champion Xiaoting Pan of China in a 9-8 thriller for USA fans! All first round losers moved to the one loss side of the double elimination chart — when they were defeated again, they are eliminated from the tournament. After defeating Vivian Villarreal by a convincing 7-2 score in the semifinals of the WPBA Tour Championships, #1 ranked Ga Young Kim defeated Hall of Famer Allison Fisher 7-

5 to take the tour’s culminating season title! Fisher looked prime to be a favored contender against Kim after her sound defeat of Jeanette Lee 7-1 in her semifinal match. But Kim came on strong in the final match, opening with a two-rack run. A scratch in the third rack put Fisher at the table to run out 2-1, and with a break and run quickly tied the match 2-2. Fisher then pulled ahead 3-2, only to be answered by another win from Kim to tie it up 3-3. Ga Young Kim won the next three racks to lead 6-3, just one game away from the title, but Allison fought back with a clever masse in game ten, followed by a break and run to trail 5-6. She broke, played safe on the one, but left Ga Young Kim a long cut shot. Kim made the cut and ran out to take the game, match and title victory!

Women’s US Open 9-Ball Championship dates set for 2012 River Spirit Casino in Tulsa to Host its 2nd U.S. Open, June 6-10, 2012 The Women’s Pro Billiard Tour announced that the 2012 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships will return to the fabulous River Spirit Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma June 6-10, 2012. Great Britain’s Allison Fisher will be on hand to defend her title, won on this very stage on June 19, 2011. The quarter final, semi final and final matches will be taped by ESPN for seven one-hour national broadcasts. The WPBA U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships is a major stop on the Women’s Pro Billiard Tour and is happy to make its home at the River Spirit Casino for a second year in a row. “The River Spirit Event Center and Casino staff were second to none, and Tulsa fans are simply the best! The event and staging were spectalular and the tour is already looking forward to returning to Tulsa in 2012,” said WPBA president Tamre Rogers. “River Spirit Casino and the River Spirit Event Center are pleased to have hosted the 2011 Women’s US Open 9-Ball Championships and proud to have been selected to host the event again in 2012/13,” commented Jerry Floyd, General Manager at River Spirit. “The Tulsa area support and deserve world class events such as this one. We are committed to making this year’s event bigger and better.” Already slated to compete are Jasmin Ouschan, famed “Black Widow” Jeanette Lee, Xiaoting Pan, “Kwikfire” Kelly Fisher, 2010 U.S. Open champ Ga Young Kim aka “Little Devil Girl”, Hall of Famer and defending champion Allison Fisher, Monica Webb and Karen Corr. The event will once again kick off with a charity proam on June 6, 2012 at 7 p.m. Open to the general public, fans have a chance to compete against top players while raising money for Komen for the Cure Tulsa. It all takes place at the River Spirit Event Center, adjacent to the River Spirit Casino at 81st and Riverside in Tulsa. Visit www.riverspirittulsa.com/entertainment/eventcenter for tickets and more information! 18 PQB December/January

December/January PQB 19

A Shot is a Shot…is aShot…is a Shot by Tom Rossman • drcue@artisticpool.org Contributing Writer


he perspective of how difficult a shot is and how a player approaches it often lies in prior episodes of success or failure to similar challenges. Some players surrender to the shot and appear to “hit a ball hard and hope a pocket gets in the way”, while others take a more technical route, providing a more tried and true remedy for victory. Over the years I have heard numerous opposing views on specific shots; therefore, I would like to list a few “Dr. Cueisms” that you might keep in mind, which will ultimately help you attain greater satisfaction for the shot objective in mind.

swing” nature of the cue in that whatever plane the cue starts on, it should indeed finish on that same plane. In other words, no dipping / diving and no twisting / turning of the natural rotor motions of the wrist / arm should exist which might cause a distorted cue movement through the cue ball. This principle holds true for level, jump, or masse plane shots. Remember to shoot the cue down a straight line and let the cue ball get in the way of the tip and let the object ball get in the way of the cue ball. Focus on the concept of “straight alignment” and “straight stroke” in 100% focus mode and the cue stick will “flow straight” for consistent shot success!!

First and foremost, it is paramount to implant a very positive affirmation in one’s mind before any shot is taken. In 1985 I reA final perception to work on is that turned to the game after a oneEVERY long shot is a “short shot in disA final perception to work on guise”. A dedicated time of “practice” year hiatus. The first thing I did is that EVERY long shot is a walking back from the table about 10 – was to convince myself that “every shot in pool was my fa“short shot in disguise 20 feet to view what you have always vorite shot”, regardless of the thought of as a “long shot” will produce analytical impression normally wonders for your mental approach to perceived of some shots. I did this by mentally repeating to shots of this type. I have discovered that taking this “long dismyself before EVERY shot that “it was my favorite shot” and tance” approach often makes every “long” shot seem “short” that I would execute it with a positive attitude and conviction and makes “short” shots even “shorter”. of heart. Every shot was just another shot with balls rolling and making a gentle and joyful click in the process. I have Practice the above mental and physical exercises and watch your practiced this “favorite shot” principle in my brain over and game go the next level and beyond. over again for over 25 years now, and to such an extent that shots which would otherwise make no sense or suggest success For the latest Event News www.pr ofessor q ball.com have become shots that I look forward to. Expecting a “joy from the shot” is a wonderful “key of success” for me. The second principle to shot success is knowing that EVERY “straight” shot SHOULD BE a straight shot, and that EVERY “crooked” shot IS a crooked shot I am not referring here to a “straight in shot” versus a “cut shot”, but rather the “straight

20 PQB December/January

WWPD? (What Would the Pros Do?) Vol. 3 by Samm Diep Contributing Writer • denvercherrybomb.com • House Pro at Rack’em Billiards in Aurora,CO


olume 3 of “What Would the Pros Do?” is in honor of the recent 36th annual U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships in Chesapeake, Virginia. The event concluded October 22 last month and England’s Darren Appleton claimed his second consecutive title using smart, simple patterns coupled with a consistent, effective break. All this made his run outs look effortless. The following two shots illustrate a pattern in how this winning pro likes to run out.

can easily go around the table three rails the other direction for the 9 ball. It’s pretty difficult to foil this run out by choosing to play the 8 ball in the side pocket.

Shot #2 In this next example, Darren runs these three balls to advance 4-0 in the finals against Shawn Putnam. Darren is almost straight in on the 6 ball and again, has to decide which pocket he wants to play the 8 ball. I’ve seen many players in Shot #1 this instance just stop the cue ball guaranteeing they will have In the semifinals against Alex Pagulayan, Darren runs these a shot on the 8. This may be the easier shot but perhaps not final three balls to move ahead 7-6. The most natural path for the most effective. Take a look at what a professional does. the cue ball, using some helping right-hand spin, sends it Option A plays position for the 8 ball in the corner pocket around the table three rails for position on the 8. The option by shooting a stop shot. The benefit to this option is the easier that Darren has is to decide which pocket he wants to shoot shot on the 6 ball but on the other hand, the position of the 8 the 8 ball. ball can make the nearby side pocket seem awfully big if you Option A plays position to shoot the 8 ball in the corner end up with too much angle. pocket. If he’s able to get perfect on this ball, it’s not a bad Option B plays position for the 8 ball in the side pocket by choice. However, if he comes up short he could be left with a drawing straight back. This was the option Darren chose. The difficult shot. If he overruns position he will be flirting with the advantage to getting the cue ball to the center of the table is side pocket. Option A leaves a pretty small window for posithat, again, he has a much bigger window for position on the 8 tion. ball. If he comes up short, he can go around the 9, if he’s Option B plays position to shoot the 8 ball in the side pocket. straight in he shoots a stop shot, and if he goes too far he goes This was the option Darren chose. Opting to play the 8 ball in around the other end of the table; similar to the other example. the side pocket affords a much bigger window to still have a There are a couple different schools of thought on this good shot. If he comes up short he will send the cue ball second shot. Some may say the draw shot carries a higher risk around the 9 three rails for position. If he overruns position he of miscuing, which is true. Depending on your style of play, you may prefer less movement on the cue ball. Then, there’s also the rule of “don’t play position when you already have position” which, in this case, could easily apply. There is one important thing to remember when faced with a situation like this. Of course you always want to select the shot you’re most comfortable shooting but remember, with three balls left on the table you want to be comfortable with all three of them, not just the one. Win more games and have more fun, the way the pros do it! December/January PQB 21

Opportunites for Greatness by Tom Simpson, Master Instructor • PoolClinics.com Contributing Writer

“Beat People With a Stick!” National Billiard Academy 3-Day Intensives • 10 cities

Easy shots give your the shape. But it happens. One of the difhat are we doing, playing confidence a little ferences between amateurs and pros, it’s such a difficult, frustrating, boost. Obviously, we been said, is “Pros don’t miss easy shots.” insanely precise game? What Well, that’s not quite true. Even pros lose should plan to have lots of them. were we thinking as we became more Inevitably, a “hard” shot will arise. their focus sometimes, but overall, they “serious” about our play? After all, pool humiliates all of us, and fairly frequently. maintain it far better than most amateurs. Now what? Of course, you have to select the appropriate strategy (make the hard Perhaps they’ve been smacked by the What’s the attraction? Where’s the cost of missing an easy shot or easy shape shot, play safe, play a two-way), considerreward? ing your skills and the game situation. If In my 20’s, I played a lot of small stakes so many thousands of times that they’ve your confidence is high, you’re more learned to strive to always be fully pool. But since then, I rarely play for likely to succeed. If your confidence is present, every shot. When I asked pro anything other than beauty. Money not so high, or the shot players scratch their is dang difficult, you heads when I tell In my 20’s, I played a lot of small stakes pool. might have low expectathem I play for But since then, I rarely play for anything other tions for the shot. beauty. For them, than beauty. the game is about When players don’t beating others, about believe they will make winning money and the shot, they don’t give it their full atplayer Jose Garcia how he got over the proving their skills and cleverness. tention. They are not present in the shot, big hump from good amateur to pro, he Nothing wrong with that. Good ol’ exseeing and expecting it to unfold as said “I started taking every shot seriously.” trinsic reward. planned. They’ve given up on the shot. This is a key insight. Frequently, we But for me, and I suspect, for lots of Unfortunately, this is precisely the time miss position while shooting easy shots. other good amateur players out there, it’s when you won’t make the shot unless you We don’t give “easy” shots the respect more about beating yourself, about give it your full attention and believe you they require. Don’t just step up and bang playing well and getting better. About playing well enough that you are getting that easy shot into the pocket. If you see can do it. the ball-pocketing aspect of the shot as intrinsic rewards: experiences of confiMy suggestion is to view challenging dence, excellent shot-making, smart po- easy, be more precise about the position shots as Opportunities for Greatness. aspect. Make your next shot easier. sition play, strong safety play, run-outs, Expect to pull it off. etc. Good stuff. Believe in your plan. Quality is its own This attitude will get reward. When players don’t believe they will make the you focused and positive. Yeah, I want to shot, they don’t give it their full attention. If it works out as compete, I want to planned, you just got play hard, I want to another confidence play tougher oppoboost. If it doesn’t, you probably got a Money players and beauty players both nents. But the truth is, I’d rather play a better quality result than you otherwise want the rewards of quality play. The terrific match and lose by a hair than would, and now you’re not beating yourbetter you play, the more confident you clobber someone in an unchallenging become. The more confident you become, self up for just taking a random whack at mismatch. I’m probably just as hard on a ball. the better you play. That confident attimyself for my errors and lapses of attention as the guys for whom these mistakes tude and demeanor helps you shoot without the doubts that lead to hitches are measured in dollars. in your stroke (and embarrassing misses It’s embarrassing to step up to an easy, routine shot – and miss the shot or blow and even less confidence).


22 PQB December/January

Bar Box 8-Ball By: Marty Kaczmarowski, APA 7 Contibuting Writer Here is a safety gem that can really bail you out. When the object ball is close to the rail and the cue ball faces it: shoot a draw shot straight into the object ball. The cue ball double kisses the object ball and goes back down table, leaving your opponent in big trouble. This safety comes up all the time. Use it!

December/January PQB 23

www.USBA.net USBA Officers President Andrew Janquitto Ruxton, MD 410-599-8177 Secretary/Treasurer Jim Shovak East Islip, NY 516-238-6193 Northeast Directors Mazin Shooni 2006 USA Champion Hudson, MA cell: 248-910-4466 work: 603-623-5330 Merrill Hughes Huntington Station, NY cell: 631-338-9698 home: 631-421-6814 Southeast Director Victor Cuzzi Miami, FL 786-366-7293 Mid-America Directors Steve Andersen Wyoming, MI 49519 616-530-8665 Juan Elizalde Sauz Dallas, TX 214-908-2411 Felipe Razon Cicero, IL 708-878-4197

Gabriels and USBA Form Partnership


abriels Billiards and the United Stat es Billiard Association (USBA) have entered into a three-year sponsorship partnership beginning January 1, 2012. Under the terms of the agreement, Gabriels will become the “Official Partner of the USBA” and will financially support the USBA Three-Cushion National Championship Tournament during the term of the agreement. Founded in 1932 in Antwerp Belgium by René Gabriels, a legendary balkline player, Gabriels specializes in the production of high-end carom tables. Gabriels website is www.gabrielsbilliards.com. The USBA is the governing federation for carom billiards in the United States. Its website is www.usba.net. The partnership will enable the USBA to continue its efforts to grow carom billiards in the United States.

Carom Café – B –September 16-18, 2011 Jae Cheon Seong Wins the Carom Café “B” Tournament

Northwest Director Tommy Thomsen Milton-Freewater, Oregon 509-240-2027 Southwest Directors Pedro Piedrabuena San Diego, CA 213-458-3950 Raye Raskin Larkspur, CA 415-497-8732 At-Large Director Doug Deitel Katy, TX 281-858-5948 26 PQB December/January

The top 4 players in the picture are: Jae Cheon Seong (1st), Ira Lee (2nd), Young Ha Choi (3rd), Armando Rodriguez (4th)

Carom Café – C –September 9-11, 2011

President’s Desk I am happy to report two related

Johnny Kim Wins the Carom Café “C” Tournament

pieces of news. The USBA has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Gabriels Billiards, a division of Loontjens Biljarts. Under the agreement, Gabriels will become “The Official Partner of the USBA” and will help us grow the sport of carom billiards in the United States. Gabriels will supply eight Kronos carom tables for the USBA ThreeCushion National Tournament for each of the next three years.

“C” Players (below .500) went to 17 points and “C+” Players (slightly above .500) went to 20 points.

Gabriels will also help with some of

Edgie’s Billiards – B Jose Lizarraga Wins at Edgie’s


There were 12 players. Preliminaries: 2 groups of 6. Finals: 4-man round robin (top 2 from each group) Payout: 1st: $800 Jose Lizzarraga 2nd $500 Vinh Nguyen 3rd $300 Cristobal Tovar 4th $160 Allen Castillo High run out of the money: $40 Mark Hansen (11)

World Class Billiards Peabody, MA “B”

the costs of running those tourna-

This leads to my next piece of news. The USBA National Tournament for 2012 will be back in Las Vegas at the Tropicana between May 5 and 11 as part of the Lucasi Hybrid American Cue Sports (ACS) National Championships week. As many of you know, the USBA Nationals for 2011 were held at the Tropicana in conjunction with the ACS event. It proved to be a great venue. When John Lewis, the Exec-


orld Class Billiards hosted the final stop of the 2011 USBA Tour with a field of 16 players which were divided into 2 groups of 8 players each to 20 points. The top 3 players from each flight advanced to a 6 Jim Watson, Tony Ferrara, player round robin to 25 points. and Jim Shovak The “A” flight consisted of all 4 players visiting from New York: Jim Watson, Jim Shovak, Rich Vitzthum and Merrill Hughes. David Van Lokeren from Rhode Island was also in the flight and is always a big favorite to win at World Class Billiards. Also in the flight was Ben Parker, Sean Angelesco and George Padios, all local players. The “B” flight consisted of Bob Page, Lenny Collibee, Joe DeAmato, Chris O’Brien, Robert Ferrara, Ellis Lawrence, Tony Ferrara, all local players and Nick Bonavita from New Jersey. Tony Ferrara wins his first USBA Tour Tournament going 4-1 with a .743 finals average and the finals’ best game of 1.087. By wins/losses and then total points scored, Payout: First place was $1700, 2nd was $1200, 3rd was $800, 4th was $600, 5th was $500 and 6th was $400.

utive Director of the ACS, invited the USBA back to Las Vegas for 2012, we wanted to accept, but we needed help. Gabriels will provide that needed assistance. My hope, frankly, is to make the USBA Nationals a destination for all carom billiard players each and every year. The glamour of Las Vegas, the organizational strength of the ACS and the vision of Gabriels form a powerful troika for achieving this goal. See you in Las Vegas next May! Have a safe and happy holiday season. December/January PQB 27

John Jacobson (3rd), Robert Byrne (2nd) and Lupe Cruz (1st)

Minneapolis Billiard Club Fall Classic –September 23-25, 2011 Lupe Cruz Wins the 2011 Minneapolis Billiard Club Fall Classic Minneapolis Billiard Club would like to give thanks to the following for making our event a big success: David Levine, Mickey Campbell, Paul Fritzam, Tiger Cues, Rene Ducret, Jim Larson, Matt Lind, George Bisonnette and Cue2U.com

Upcoming USBA Tournaments Dec 2-3-4, 2011 USBA Regional Qualifier- Dick Takano Memorial Where: Tacoma Elks #174 Tacoma, WA Contact: Tommy Thomsen (509)-240-2027 Entry $130.00 “A” Division Players (. 500 avg. & higher ) $ 65.00 “B” Division Players ( .499 avg. & lower ) Dec 2-3-4, 2011 The Carom Club Wyoming, MI Open Handicapped Tournament

28 PQB December/January

Entry Fee: $235* USBA Members: $210 Handicaps: ( determined by USBA Rankings Committee) Contact: Gary Scharf (616-805-0316) January 19-22th, 2012 3-Cushion USBA Regional Qualifier Pendennis Club Louisville, Kentucky Contact: Paul Frankel – (901) 210-7251 Cell Or (901) 7562594

The Jump Shot by Robert Byrne Contributing Writer • from Byrne’s “Advanced Techniques in Pool & Billiards” with permission


n executing jump shots, the cue must be elevated. How high depends on how high you want the cueball to rise (45degrees is about the limit; more than that and it is too hard to aim and stroke). Speed also varies with the amount of jump neede, but most jump shots must be hit with considerable authority. You can apply right and left English and backspin to the cueball on a jump shot, but forget about topspin because the tip will interfere with the ball’s effort to leave the cloth.

The shot in diagram 119 is reminiscently practical. In fact, at one Western Regional Tournament in North Hollywood, I was playing at the table next to Al Gilbert when he made the shot in a game against John Teerink of Seattle. Gilbert had to jump the entire red ball. The shot is a little easier, of course, when you only have to jump over the edge of a ball.

Rip’s Tips 8 Rails in 5 Seconds While looking over my collection of shots to remember. I came across this one by Semih Sayginer which took only about 5 seconds to hit 8 cushions. This is a great shot and it seems like the idea is to hold the cue ball on the table while applying a tremendous stroke to shorten the ball up as it hits these crazy angles. I think he set the balls up something like the diagram shows and use a level cue to hit the cue ball and used 2 o’clock English to have the ball bite all around the table and with checking English still on the ball at the 6th cushion, straightening up to make the shot. What a beauty!

“ USBA Membership” To become a USBA member and receive the PQB publication for free, fill out and return this form.

USBA Membership • Dues $50 New Member ____________Renewal __________ PRINT PLEASE Name: ___________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________ City,

__________________State ____ Zip: __________

Home Phone: _____________________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________________________

“George Rippe is a former billiard room proprietor and artistic billiard enthusiast,” He can be reached at 978 975-9958

E-Mail Address: __________________________________ Referred by ______________________________________ Send completed form and check or money order payable to USBA to Jim Shovak/USBA Secretary 58 Hawthorne Ave. • East Islip, NY 11730.

December/January PQB 29

30 PQB December/January

December/January PQB 31

USBA Tour Carom Café Open featuring Torbjorn Blomdahl Torbjorn Wins It Format: 28 players 4 groups of 7 players each RR to 25 points Top 2 from each group advances to the finals. Top 2 from each group: Group A: Hugo Patino & Mike Lee Group B: Mazin Shooni & Sonny Cho Group C: Michael Kang & Tony Ferrara Group D: Miguel Torres & Jim Shovak The 2 best 3rd place finishers were: Lloyd Wallace & Sun Shin Brian Yi won the auction and Sang Bin Lee won the lottery. Torbjorn Blomdahl was seeded into the finals. The finals consisted of 14 players: 2 groups with 7 players each, RR to 30 points. The top 2 finishers from each group would advance to a 4-player Single Elimination to 40 points. Top 2 from each group: Group A: Torbjorn Blomdahl & Mazin Shooni Group B: Hugo Patino & Miguel Torres Single Elimination Semi-Finals: Mazin Shooni defeated Hugo Patino 40-37.

Mazin Shooni (2nd), Torbjorn Blomdahl (1st), Hugo Patino (3rd) Torbjorn Blomdahl defeated Miguel Torres 40-23. Single Elimination Finals: Hugo Patino (3rd place) defeated Miguel Torres (4th) 40-29. Torbjorn Blomdahl (1st) defeated Mazin Shooni (2nd) 40-26. Special Thanks to David Levine, Marty Isserlis, Merrill Hughes, Jan Carl, Michael Kang & of course, Charles Brown. Thanks for making this happen, guys. Sponsors: Iwan Simonis, Tiger Products , Aramith 2011 USBA Tour Financial Sponsors: David Levine, Jim Shovak, Bob Jewett, Professor-Q-Ball (Paul Frankel), Creative Billiard Shirts, Marty Isserlis, Bruce Warner, Tommy Thomsen, Mike Walo, Bob Watson.

Marshalltown, Iowa Regional Qualifier –November 11-13, 2011 Lupe Cruz and Fred Lamers advance to the Nationals. Lupe was handed one loss by Gary Eake, but managed to win the 10 person round robin with a .754 average and an 8 run. Fred had 2 losses, one from Lupe and one from John Jacobson, who also had 2 losses. Fred edged John by 3 points and had the tournament best game - 25 points in 16 innings for a 1.562 avg. Fred’s overall average-.777

32 PQB December/January

Places to Play Across the U.S.A. Receive 15 issues of PQB’s National Pool & 3-Cushion News, and your listing in Places to Play for $95/year. Call us at (901)756-2594. ARKANSAS BENTON Big Dan’s Billiards

108 W. Sevier 501 317-9908 8-Valleys, 4-9ft 1- Snooker 5x10, Snacks

NOrTh LiTTLE rOck Krome Billiards

SAN BErNArDiNO Thanh Tam Billiards II

1033 N. Waterman 909 383-3500 4- 3-Cushion,8- Carom Tables, 2- Pool Tables Restaurant

SAN DiEGO • College Billiards

501 771-0968 8-Diamond Bar Tables, 3 Diamond Pro tables Big Screen, 5 TV’s Full Bar & Restaurant

5303 El Cajon Blvd 619 582-4550 6–Verhoeven Billiard tables,13 Pool Tables, 1Snooker 6x12, Beer & Wine full Restaurant


TEMEcULA High Society Billiards

17450 BELLFLOWER 562-867-7733 28 - 9’ Pool tables 6-3 Cushion 2 –Snooker-3 Bar tables

BUrBANk • Burbank's Elks Lodge #1497

818 848-5508 2232 N. Hollywood Way 5 Verhovens, 1 Snooker 1 Pool table

• Thanh Tam Billiards

10902 Westmiser Ave 714 636-3078 12 3-Cushion (8 New Imperators) 4- Pool Tables 10- Carom Tables

MAYOOD • Eight Ball Billiards

323-562-9092 5250 S. Atlantic Blvd 14 Billiard tables (Verhovens) 21 Gold Crown pool tables Full Restaurant, Dominos, 5 TV’s

MiLPiTAS • Edgie's Billiards.

408 942-9500 235. S.Milpitas Bvld. 6 Chevilliottes, 23Brunswicks, 1 Snooker

SAcrAMENTO Hard Times Billiards

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COLORAdO ENGLEWOOD •Felt Billiards Bar Restaurant

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hOLiDAY • Hammer Heads Billiard

1916 US Hwy 19 727 939-9494 24-Diamond tables both 9ft & 7ft, 1-Snooker table, 1- 3 cushion table20 TV’s, 6 dartboards Bar, Pro Shop

LAkELAND Wally’s

863 688-4460 1136 E. Main ST 29-Pool tables 2-Snooker 1-Bar Box Full Liquor

MiAMi • Doral Billiards Sports Bar

7800 NW 25th St #1 305-592-8486 6-3-cushion Chevillotte tables, 17-Pool tables,Beer, Wine & Food,14 Flat TV’s

OrLANDO Trick Shots

407 298-5112 Old Winter Garden Rd 16- 8' Black Crowns, Huge Screen, Darts, Full Bar/Food-Pro Shop

Trick Shots

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SAVANNAh Southside Billiards 13051 Abercorn St 912-925-5398 8-8 Foot, 9-9’tables,big screen TV, 2-7’Diamonds,1-5x10 Snooker 3 Dart boards, Full bar and food

ILLINOIS ALSiP Red Shoes Billiards 12009 S. Pulaski Rd 708 388-3700 15-Gold Crown,2-Bar Tables, 1-Dart board Full Bar & Restaurant

chicAGO • Chris Billiards

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Lesure Time Billiards & Sports Bar

309 752-9559 845 Ave of the City 5-9 foot pool tables,16- Bar tables, 2 sports bars, 11 Dart boards Full Kitchen

InDIAnA iNDiANAPOLiS Executive Billiards 317 251-0132 5130 N. Keystone 10-9’Gold Crowns 1-5x10 Pool table 1-5x10 Snooker 1-8’ pool

IOWA cLiNTiON Legend’s Sports Bar 563 243-4266 2118 Harrison Dr 9-7’ Valley’s 1-9’ Gold Crown,Full Kitchen ,Sports Bar,13-42” TVs, Darts, Video’s

DAVENPOrT Sharky’s Billiards & Sports Bar 2902 E. Kimerly Rd 563-359-7225 24 Tables, Full Bar

KANSAS OLAThE • Shooters 810 W. HWY 56 21- 7ft valleys 9 – 9ft Gold Crowns 3-9ft Diamonds & 4 -7ft 2 – 3-Cushion Billiards Full Bar & Grill

MARyLANd cATONSViLLE • Vip Billiards

6541 Baltimore National Pike 410 747-2551 5 – 8’ Hollywood 3-Cushion 12 – 9’ Gold Crowns 8 – 9’ Granite Bed Cosmos Free WiFi 3 Big Screen Satellite TV’s All Ages, All The Time

ELkriDGE • Triple Nine’s Bar & Billiards

MASS PEABODY • World Class Billiards & Pub

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WArEhAM The Fan Club

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MICHIGAN ADriAN Diamond Jims Pool Hall

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MONrOE Cone’s & Cue

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7540 Washington Blvd.#C1 NiLES 410 799-1818 2-3-Cushion Gabriels Roundtable Bar 14-9’ Brunswicks, 4- 7’ Pool 269-683-9738 Tables, Full Bar & Food 3024 N. US 31 6-7ft Diamonds, GLEN BUrNiE Full Bar & Food

• Big Daddy’s Billiards,410-760-1332 LANSiNG • Pockets Billiards 7954 B &A Blvd.Ste 2-G 8- 9’Diamonds, 3-7’ DiaCafe monds, 7-9’ Gold Crowns, 1-6x12 Snooker, 1` 5x10 3cushion Soren Sogard,Tv’s, ltd. menu

1618 S. Washington Ave 517-374-8688 2- 3-Cushion Billiard Tables 1-Snooker 6 x 12, Full Kitchen

LAUrEL Bankshot Bar & Grill WYOMiNG 3249 Fort Mead RD • The Carom Club

301 483 - 8644 16 – Diamonds Bar Tables 3 – 9’ Diamonds 4 – Dart boards Full Bar and Restaurant, 16 TV’s


Top Hat Cue Club 410 665-1906 8809 Satyr Hill Rd 22-9’ Gold Crowns 3-Bar Tables 5-Table TennisMASS.

616- 805-0316 4215 Division Ave SW. 4 Heated Olhausen 5x10 Carom Tables (2) 7’ft Valley Bar Boxes and (2) 9’ft Brunswick

MINNESOtA cOONrAPiDS C.R. Billiards Sports Bar 763 780-1585 20 – 7’ Diamonds 1 – 9’ Diamonds

December/January PQB 33

14 – TV’s, Pizza Pizza, Full Rest.

FArMiNGTON Farmington Billiards

933 8th St Hwy #3 651-463-2636 8-9’ Gold Crowns, 8-7’ Diamonds,Free Wi-Fi,Beer and Food

MiNNEAPOLiS rOSEViLLE Al’s Billiards

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662-226-1322 893 Springhill Rd 7- Pool tables, 3 Bar tables, Video’s, Beer/food

SOUThAVEN Southaven Recreational

662 342-0230 987 Town & Country 16- Big Tables. 5-Bar Tables,5-TV’s, Darts, Bumper Pool, Food/beer

MISSOuRI cAPE GirADEAU The Billiard Center

26 North Main 573-335-9955 20- Bar Tables, 2-9 ft pool tables,Full Bar & Kitchen

POPLAr BLUFF Westwood Billiards

2207 S. Westwood Blvd. 573 686-4880 10-7ft bar tables, 9ft Brunswich, 2 dart boards, 7 TV’s and Full Bar and Kitchen

O’FALLON Action Billiard Club

636 978-7728 977 West Terra, Ln 17-Pool Tables, 1-5X10 Snooker, Darts

ST chArLES Side Pocket

636-724-9300 1439 Bass Pro Drive

18-Valley Black Cats,4Gold Crowns, Full Restaruant

NEvAdA LAS VEGAS • Best Billiards

702 990-0502 3740 E. Flamingo Rd 5- Hermelin 3-Cushion 6- 9’ Pool Tables,1-5x10 Pool Table,Beer,Wine & Food

The Office • Billiard Club

702 570-5570 3050 E Bonanza 2-3-Cushion tables 8 – 9ft pool tables Full Restaurant

NEw HAMPSHIRE hOOkSETT • Cue & Cushion Billiards

1271 Hooksett Rd 603 623-5330 10 Gold Crown Pool Tables, 2 Chevillotte Billiard Tables, Bar,Online Video Games, Darts

SOMErSWOrTh Buster’s Billiards 369 Route 108 603 692-7926 15 – 9 ft tables, Beer & Wine, Food, 2 Dart Boards, ProSho

NAShUA Boston Billiards Club

55 Northeastern Blvd. 603 943-5630 35- Gold Crown 2 – Dart Boards Full Bar & Restaurant

WAYNE Shooters Family Billiards

2230 Hamburg Tpke 973 248-0800 10- 9 foot Brunswick 1-Bar table, Video games, 4-Screen TV’s, Internet Juke box, Pro shop on premises

NEw JERSEy BELLEViLLE • Guys & Dolls

524 Washington Ave. 973-759-6217 2- New Gabriels 3cushion billiard tables. 34

– 9 foot pool tables, 6 – Big Screens

cLiFTON Breaker Billiards

1142 US-46 973 773-0933 12-Gold Crowns 3-8’ & 1 Bar Table, BYOBAir Hockey2-Ping Pong

EDiSON Sandcastle Billiards

101 Towsley Rd 732 632-9277 18 - 9’ Tables, Card table lounge, Ping-Pong. Pro-shop

WAYNE Shooters Family Billiards

2230 Hamburg Tpke 973 248-0800 10- 9 foot Brunswick 1-Bar table, Video games, 4-Screen TV’s, Internet Juke box, Pro shop on premises

NEw yORK BAYShOrE • Doc’s Billiard Emporium

253 W. Main St 631 665-9783 21- Tables, 1-Glow in the Dark Table, 1-3-Cushion Gabriel,Snacks, Beer Specials, Leagues Tournaments, Ladies Night

BrOOkLYN • Gotham City Billiards Club

93 Ave U 718 714-1002 15 Brunswick, 1 Vitalie, 6 Large screen TV’s Burgers, Pizza & Large Pro Shop

FLUShiNG • Carom Cafe

718 358-8585 34-02 Linden Pl 10-5x10 New Verhoven 3Cushion Billiard tables, 10 4 x 8 carom, 22 Brunswick pool tables,Full Bar & Restaurant

LAThAM Diamond Eight Billiards 9 Johnson Rd 518 786-8048 11-9ft pool tables

8- 7’ Valleys 1-3-Cushion Billiard 3-Dart boards, 2-Fooseball, Full Bar

LiNDENhUrST • Mr Cue Billiards 631-226-9486 76 East Sunrise Hwy 1-3 Cushion 5x 10 14- Gold Crowns 3-Bar Tables Beer & Snacks

NEWBUrGh Gallery Billiards & Bar

154 N Plank RD 845 565-1994 6- Gold Crown,1-Diamond Pro,2-Diamond 7’, 3 TV’s Full Service Bar

NEW YOrk ciTY Eastside Billiards 212 831-7665 163 E 86 ST 16-9ft Pool tables 1-Coin op, Ping-Pong, Fooseball, Full Bar with food,Internet Juke Box and Lounge

SYrAcUSE Premium Billiards

315 488-4888 10 x 9’ Brunswick Super Crowns,2-Gabriels Imperators,8 x Diamond Pro Am 7’ers,Brand New Bumper Pool Table,Ping Pong, Beer & Wine,Full Service Kitchen,4 Hard Tip & 2 Soft Tip Dart Boards

WiLLiAMViLLE • Bison Billiards

716 632-0281 Main Transit Plaza 8216 Main St 8-9’ Diamonds, 3-9’ Brunswicks, 6-Bar Tables 2-Dart Boards, 3-Cushion Gabriel

WOODSiDE • MGM Billiards

5012 72 Street 718-424-3009 6-3-Cushion Tables 2 – Pool Tables Food, Beer and Wine

YOrkViLLE • Hippo's

315 768-0218 5160 Commercial Dr. E 12-4 1/2x9 Gabriels, 15x10 3-cushion table, 8-3 1/2 7 Valleys, Beer, Wine, Full menu, 8-TV’s

N. CAROLINA GOLDSBOrO Fast Eddies Sport Bar 1308 Parkway Dr 919 759-0071 13 – 9 Gold Crowns Dart boards, Full Bar & Food

MONrOE Burrkats Billiards & Grill

1615 Lynn St 704 226-9650 14-9’ Tables, 6-Bar table,Full liquor & Kitchen, Pro-Sho

MOrrESViLLE 150 N Out Billiards

539 E. Plaza Dr. Ste. E 704 660-5363 17-9’Olhausen Grand Champions Pros 6-Dart boards Beer & Wine full Restaurant, Voted top 10 in 2010 room

NEW BErN Mickey’s Milligans Billiards 252 637-3711 3411 Trent Rd 6-9’ tables 5-Dart Boards Full Bar & Snack food

WiNSTON SALEM Breaktime Billiards & Sports Bar 336 765-7391 420N Jonestown Rd 15-9 foot Pool tables Darts, 1-big screen, fooseball,Full Bar&menu

OHIO FAirFiELD • Michaels Billiards

6625 Dixie Billiards 513-860-0044 1- 3-Cushion Table 34- Pool Tables Full Bar and Restaurant

MiLFOrD • Bocca Billiards 749 State Rd 28 # C 513-405-0068 1-3-Cushion Table 20- Gold Crowns Beer, Liquor and food Darts, Foosball

OKLAHOMA OkLAhOMA ciTY • AAA Billiards Supply

405 917-9300 4619 N. West 10th 6- Gold Crowns, 4-Bar tables, 2-5 x 10 Snooker table, 1-3-Cushion Billiard table,Pro Shop & Cue & table repair

TULSA Magoo’s 918 663-3364 5002 S. Memorial 19 3 1/2 X 7 tables, 35 4 1/2X9, 1 Snooker Table Beer, Wine and Liquor, Full Restaurant

PEnnSYLVAnIA PhiLADELPhiA • Drexeline Billiard Club.

610 259-9144 5100 State Rd L-300 2- New Cheviotte 3cushion tables, 16- 4 1/2x 9 Gold Crowns.4 - 4x8 G.Crowns Full line of custom cues & accessories, Tournaments, Inst., Sr.citizen rates

PiTTSBUrG • Breakers

412-531-2250 1413 Potomac Ave 1-3-Cushion heated Chevilotte 6 – 9’ Gold Crowns 8 – 9’ Diamond pros 1- 7’ Bar table Diamond Full Bar


401 351-7665 53 ASHBURTON ST 14 - 41/2X9 pool tables,State of the art TV’s,3 Full liquor bars,

NOrTh kiNGSTOWN • David Van Lokeren

401-294-2988610 Ten Rod Road 1-Heated Verhoeven and is opened by appointment only

“Billiards is a Business” Advertise your establishment The purpose of the PLACES TO PLAY directory is to heighten the awareness of your room in your own geographic area and around the country. Subscribe Now!! by calling 901 756-2594 34 PQB December/January


931 854 9555 2020 N. Willow 8 - 7’Diamonds 2 - 9’Diamonds Full Bar & Restaurant

chATTANOOGA Chattanooga Billiard Club

725 Cherry St 423- 267-7740 8- Bar tables4 – 9ft,Full Service Food & Liquor

Chattanooga Billiard Club

423-499-3883 110 Jordan Dr. 14-8 ft tables, 6- 9ft tables Full Food & Liquor

MEMPhiS HighPocket's

901 761-1583 12-4 1/2 x9 Gold Crowns, 1 Snooker table, 8- Bar Tables, Full menu & beer, 8- TV’s, 1 big screen, Videos

Sharpshooters Billiards

901 386-1188 6959 Stage 18 Bar Tables 4-Gold Crowns, 6 Dart Boards, T.V’s,Jukebox,Video games, food & Beer

• The Rack

901 369-9501 3622 Lamar Ave 8-9 ‘ Pro Diamond 1-3-Cushion Gabriel 3-Dart boards, 10-tv’s Food & Beer

MUrFrEESBOrO Murfreesboro Billiard Club

1253 NW Broad St 615 893-0088 Two rooms-non smoking & smoking,8 - 8’ Gold Crowns,2 - 9’ Conellys 2 - 9’ and 1-7’ Diamonds, Full Kitchen & Bar

MADiSON J.O.B Billiard Club

615 868-4270 900 Gallatin Rd. Madison Sq. Mall 30 Pool tables diamonds -

In house pro-shop

MANchESTEr Lucky Break Billiard Club

1766 Hillsboro Hwy 931 954 5400 4-7’Valleys,4-7’Diamonds 3 9’Diamonds,Darts, Bumper Pool Beer & Grill

tEXAS ALViN Deep Pockets Billiards

1204 FM 1462 Rd 281 585-5068 16-7’Diamonds 4-9’ Diamonds, 2-Dart boards, Beer & Snacks Weekly events call

DALLAS Hawleys Billiards 972 239-4846 5623 Alpha Rd 5-9ft & 7-8ft 1-5x10 Snooker Darts & Foosball Full Bar & Food

SAN LEON Casper’s Billiards 281 559-1400

Official Host Hotel

37 21st St 18- 9ft Brunswicks Full Service Rest & Bar

hOUSTON • Trish Bida

11130 BEECHNUT 281 871-8901 7-New Gabriels 3-Cushion 4-Pool tables, 2-Carom Beer & Food

• ALL Sports Cafe

1005 SAINT EMANUEL SUITE 2-4 713-303-7838 3-New Imperators 3 Cushion Tables 1-4 x 8 Straight Rail 3– 5 x10 3-cushion tables

• Bida Tudo

12132 Sabo Rd Phone # 713-446-8307 2-3-Cushion Gabriel Imperator

Bogies Billiards

3040 FM 1960 RD Ste 101 281-821-4544 8- 9’ Gold Crowns 14 8’ Pool Tables 1-Snooker Full Bar and Food

•Paris Bida

wISCONSIN MiLWAUkEE • Wisconsin Billiards

118010 Bellaire Blvd. Suite –A 832-630-5903 6-Gabriels 3-Cushion 6-Carom tables 4-Pool tables Bar & Food

• US Billiard

3010 Gears Rd Ste C 281 701-3241 3- Gabriels 3-Cushion 2-NEW Kronos 2 Small tables 4x9 carom & 1 pool table, Beer

414 344-5666 2715 W.Wisconsin Ave 10- 9’ Gold Crowns, 4 Bar tables, 1-Snooker 5x10, 13-cushion Billiard,Full Bar, Pizza, Pro Shop

LEAGUE ciTY Legend’s Billiards 201 S. Gulf Frwy 281-332-7716 20 -4X8 Tables 3 -9’ tables,1-Bar table Full Bar & food 1-Steel Dart board

vIRGINIA MiDLOThiAN Diamond Billiards

804 794-8787 Midlothian Turnpike 14 – 9’Pool tables 4 – 42” Flat Screens Full Bar & Restaurant

USBA 3-Cushion Nationals Back at The Tropicana

P When you reserve your rooms at the Tropicana Las Vegas using the group code “SACN512”, you make the action convenient for your players, AND insure the success of this event and the expansion of this event in future years! “EARLY BIRD” $59 per night (up to four people, taxes and fees additional – Sunday-Thursday) – If reserved BEFORE January 31, 2012! $79 per night (up to four people, taxes and fees additional – Sunday-Thursday) – If reserved from 2/1/2012 thru 4/15/2012 ! $109 per night (up to four people, taxes and fees additional – Friday-Saturday) – Reserve by 4/15/2012 ! 3801 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109 * Group Code: “SACN512” 1-800-634-4000 1-702-739-2465 www.troplv.com (* Use the “SACN512” code to receive the discount rate!)

layers from across the country will showcase their skills at one of the most challenging cue disciplines in the world when the United States Billiard Association (USBA) and Professor-Q-Ball promotions brings the USBA Three-Cushion National Championships back to the neon lights of the Tropicana in Las Vegas as part of the Lucasi Hybrid American Cue Sports (ACS) National Championships week between May 5 and 11, 2012. The “ACS Board of Directors” asked the USBA to return to the Tropicana after the success of the USBA’s 2011 national tournament at the same location. Gabriels Billiards, the Official Partner of the USBA, will provide eight Kronos carom tables for the USBA championship tournament. The Kronos is Garbiels’ latest model. Specially designed for tournament play, the Kronos was featured at the World Cup in Vienna in October, where Frédéric Caudron set a world record with a grand average of 2.420. According to Andy Janquitto, the President of the USBA, returning to the Tropicana enables the USBA to hold its feature event in a destination city and allows the USBA to expose the game of carom billiards to pool and snooker players. Janquitto thanked Gabriels, the ACS, Professor-Q-Ball and the Tropicana for the opportunity. December/January PQB 35

36 PQB December/January

Tournament of Champions


feel like I’ve won an Olympic Gold Medal twice in a row,” The other semifinal said an elated Ga Young Kim moments after capturing the also brought cheers 2011 Mohegan Sun International Tournament of Champi- from the crowd. Gerda ons title. The thrill of victory was all the greater since she also Hofstatter trounced won the tournament in 2010. World Ranked #1 The spirited $20,000 winner-take-all event was held at Jasmin Ouschan by a Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, October 26. Kim, score of 4-1 and 4-2. the 2010 Player of the Year, defeated Gerda Hofstatter, the Kim’s final match 2010 WPBA San Diego Classic Tour Champion in the final against Hofstatter feamatch and was crowned the new Woman’s “Champion of tured precise run outs and fierce safety play. Unable to win on Champions.” The two semifinals and the Championship match any of her breaks, Hofstatter was thumped by scores of 4-2 and were taped for broadcast by ESPN beginning December 11. 4-1. Known for her uncanny shotmaking Kim raced ahead to “We may look cool out there, but the pressure is overwhelmclose out the Championship match. ing,” said Kim “You have to play your heart out when every The crowd gave Ga Young Kim a standing ovation, She player is a champion. One or two errors and you lose $20,000! raised her arms in victory and accepted the winner’s purse in of Your emotions are just wild during the entire tournament.” $20,000. The trophy and the check were presented by The semi and final matches require a player to win two sets, Mohegan Sun and Diamond Billiard Tables. race to four games each set. Kim literally fought her way to the The event was the 14th International Tournament of Chamtitle. In the semifinal round, her opponent, Xiaoting Pan, pions. Tom Cantone, VP of Sports & Entertainment for handily took the first set by a score of 4-2. Kim, displaying the Mohegan Sun, was delighted with the play and the crowd of heart of a champion, blasted back to take the second set by an pool fans. “We were extremely pleased with this event,” he said. impressive 4-1. The one game sudden death that followed saw “The crowds appreciate watching champions go head-to-head, Kim win the lag, and a safety duel after the break, before and the players were a credit to the sport.” running the table for the match.

December/January PQB 37

38 PQB December/January

YURA Nothing But Billiards Yesyura on youtube.com Sales and Service Since 1991 908 216-2034

Wes Burden Billiard Table Service & Cue Work Commerical & Residential Tables Gabriel & Diamond Factory Authorized Mechanic Tampa Florida

Wes Burden Cell • (813) 416-2255

Service Directory Place Your Business Card Ad in the Billiard Industry Service Directory call (901)756-2594 for details and rates. December/January PQB 39

DPM Universal Pocket and Carom Billiard Systems Article 57 by Darrell Paul Martineau • www.3cushion.us/ WBIA Head Master Instructor Billiard Buddies, Any hit less than 6 [ six ] is a “CUT” and any hit more than a 6 [six] is a “Follow”. The remarkable thing about these hits is that they mirror each other. As an example a 3 hit cut and a 9 hit follow will go to the same place on the FIRST rail, provided you use the same running English and stroke speed. Other hit examples are: 1 and 11, 2 and 10, 4 and 8 and 5 and 7. You will note that the mirror always adds up to 12. The use of Hits is to create diamond angles. The DPM Universal System shows you how to create any angle needed to make the shot. You now have learned how to make both cut and follow hits. This will show you were those hit will go with the DPM Universal System Segment [ Outside 4,5,6,and 7 rail] You will note at the bottom of the graph the Object ball 2 return numbers. They start on the side rail and go across the bottom end rail. These numbers correspond to the angles needed to create those returns. In the example you will see that the object ball 2 is laying at a 3 return. The cue ball and object ball one are at a two diamond angle. This is what I call a hurting angle. Were the CB is above the OB1. In this case it is a two diamond angle. All you need do is add the hurting angle of 2 to the return number [ 3 ] for a TOTAL NUMBER of five [ 5 ] that is the hit the cue ball must make on the OB1 In the next article I will show you how to make the calculation when the angle is made up the table off the opposite side rail. If you have any questions you can always e-mail me and I Graphs and Articles delivered by way of e-mail $18.00. will answer you. Darrell Paul Martineau, 5916 Bar Harbour Ct., Elk If you would like articles and graphs 1 through 25 about Grove CA 95758 Pocket Billiards {POOL} please send $25.00 for a bound copy For more information on this system and my books, tapes, shipping is included or Graphs and DVDs or lessons on Pool or Carom Billiards please call me at Articles delivered by way of e-mail $18.00. 916-684-4535 or e-mail Articles 26 through 57 and graphs for Caroms are $25.00 dpmuniverse @ Comcast . net web page Shipping is included or http://www.3cushion.us/ 40 PQB December/January

December/January PQB 41

42 PQB December/January

“The Latest Billiard News sent to your Doorstep. One year subscription only $20” Subscribe online at www.professorqball.com or send check/money order to


Professor-Q-Ball National Pool & 3-Cushion News 2916 Waterleaf Dr. Germantown, TN 38138 Name ________________________________________ Address ____________________ ________________ City __________________________________________ State ____________________Zip ________________ Phone ______________________ ________________ Email Address ________________________________ 901-756-2594 PAYPAL, VISA, MC, Discover Accepted 44 PQB December/January

Professor’s National Tournament Directory December 2011 TRI STaTE TouR

December 3, 2011 Gotham City Billiards Brooklyn, NY 718-714-1002 $1,250 added B-C-D Event LoNE STaR BILLIaRDS TouR

December 10 – 11, 2011 Tour Championship Bogies Billiards Houston, Tx 281-821-4544 $2,000 added $2000 added 9-Ball, 8 foots Open, Amateur, Ladies, One Pocket and Juniors

acTIoN PooL TouR

December 10 – 11, 2011 Diamond Billiards Midlothian, Va 804 794-8787


December 10, 2011 Bison Billiards Buffalo, NY 716-632-0281 Single Elimination $20 Buy Back Diamond Tables


December 10 – 11, 2011 Mr Cues II Billiards Atlanta, Ga 770-454-7665 $1,500 added $1000 added Amateur 9-Ball $500 added Amateur 8-Ball

JoSS NoRTh EaST TouR December 15 - 18, 2011 Turning Stone Classic XVIII Turning Stone Casino Verona, NY $25,000 added 2011 DR. cuE cLaSSIc


Pockets Billiards 13430 S. Cicero, Crestwood, IL 60445 (Chicago suburb) Contacts – Pat Bukiri and Carl Cesare: 708.371.7665 Promoter– Tom “Dr. Cue” 765.795.4968 (H) 765.760.7665 (C) acS TouR

December 17 Sharky’s Billiards Davenport, IA $500 added, Entry fee $35 8-Ball 563-359-4770


The Sports Center Granada, Mississippi Jan 1st New Years Day The North Mississippi 9-Ball Championships $45 Entry-Includes green fee Contact: Duane 622 226-1322

For more information please visit: www.DerbyCityClassic.com February 2012 ThE Rack

February 3-5th Super Bowl 9-Ball Open Guaranteed $5,000 Players Meeting 8:00pm Friday Race to 7,Double Elim, $35 Entry – Played on 9’Diamonds Mimi tournaments on Bar Tables Saturday & Sunday Contact: Jerry (901) 369-9501 cSI- BcaPL cuESPoRTS INTERNaTIoNaL

Feb 4-5, 2012 Annual Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament $3,000 Added Guaranteed $4,000 Added with full 192 field Hard Times Billiards –(562) 8677733 17450 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower, California 90706 CSI- BCAPL Cuesports International

ATTENTION ROOM OWNERS When you subscribe to “Places to Play” Directory (See pages 34 & 35) your event is entitled to get listed in our Tournament Calendar Guide. 3-cushion USBA Qualifier

January 19-22 Pendennis Club Louisville, KY Contact: Paul Frankel 901 210-7251 Special rates at the Econo lodge 401 S. 2nd St Louisville KY 40202 Econo Lodge -502-583-2841 Code is professorqball for discount. DERBy cITy cLaSSIc

January 20-28th The Horseshoe Casino Hotel

February 13-19, 2012 US Bar Table Championship Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Reno, Nevada (800) 501-2651 $25,000 Added

March 2012 hERE aRE SoME EVENTS aT aLLEN hoPkINS SuPER BILLIaRD EXPo MARCH 8-11-2012 http://superbilliardsexpo.com Professor-Q-Ball Promotions March 8 - 11th At the Super Billiard Expo 3-Cushion Billiard Event

chaMPIoN oF chaMPIoNS

Showcasing 2 new Kronos newly design Gabriels Tables. Contact: Paul Frankel 901 210-7251


At the Super Billiard Expo Dates: March 8 (Players Meeting) and March 9, 10, 11, 2012 (Competition) Contact: Mark Dimick, President, WPA Artistic Pool Division dimickmark@aol.com TaP LEaGuE

Rally In The Valley March 8th through March 11th At the Super Billiard Expo For more info go to www.tapleague.com VISIT ThE GREaTER PhILaDELPhIa EXPo cENTER WEBSITE SuPERBILLIaRDSEXPo.co M/LocaTIoN.hTML

100 Station Ave Oaks, PA 19456 (484)754-3976

2012 hoRSEShoE DERBy cITy cLaSSIc

Book individual room nights for the 2012 Horseshoe Derby City Classic held at Horseshoe Southern Indiana January 19 through January 30, 2012. To book the special 9-night package for the tournament, http://www.harrahs.com/CheckGroupAvailability.do?propCode=U EL&groupCode= S01PTPD 1st night’s deposit is required for each and every reservation at the time the reservation is made. Deposit is nonrefundable. 4 person max per room; no rollaway beds will be provided. Bookings are subject to group and hotel availability.Group Code: S01DCPT

December/January PQB 45

Darren Appleton Wins 2011 Challenge of Champions

This is one tough tournament” said an elated Darren Appleton moments after capturing the 2011 International Challenge of Champions title. The pressure packed $25,000 winner-take-all event was held at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, October 25. Appleton, from England, defeated Huidji See of the Netherlands in the final match and was crowned the new “Champion of Champions.” The two semifinals and the Championship match were taped by ESPN for telecast beginning December 4. “You have to be on your game the entire tournament,” said Appleton “There’s no margin for error when every player is a champion. One shot missed and you can lose $25,000! The pressure is just incredible.” Indeed, of the four international champions in the event, Appleton had to fight his way to the title. The Semifinal and Final matches require require the winner to win two sets, race to 5 games each set. In the event of a tie, the pressure becomes intense with a one game sudden death shootout. Appleton, the 2011 U.S. Open Champion, played 2011 World 9-Ball Champion Yukio Akagariyama in a semifinal match which he won 5-2 and 5-2. Huidji See, the 2011 World 10-Ball Champion defeated Mika Immonen, the 2010 Champion of Champions, in the other semifinal. Battling back and forth See won the first set 5-1 and Immonen took the second set 5-3. They then went to a one game sudden death, in which See won the lag, cleared the table, and emerged the winner. Appleton’s final match against See was a nail biter, featuring flawless run outs and exquisite safety play. See easily won the first set 5-2. See then took the first game of set two, but Appleton quickly rallied to a 5-2 lead. Known for his pinpoint accuracy, Appleton won the lag and closed out the Championship match in a one game sudden death duel. The crowd gave Appleton a standing ovation when he won

46 PQB December/January

Darren Appleton and runner up Huidji See the final match. He raised his arms in victory and then accepted the highest single purse in international winner-take-all tournaments. The trophy and the check were presented by Mohegan Sun and Diamond Billiard Tables. The presentation brought another round of cheers from the audience. The 2011 event was the 21st annual International Challenge of Champions and the fifteenth to be held at Mohegan Sun. Tom Cantone, Vice President Sports & Entertainment for Mohegan Sun, was delighted with the support displayed by the crowd of pool fans. “We are extremely pleased,” he said. “The crowds were even more than we anticipated, and the players were amazing.” In addition to the fine tournament site at Mohegan Sun, the event was sponsored by Diamond Billiard Tables, Aramith Tournament Billiard Balls, Simonis Cloth, Mueller Recreational Products, Executive Billiards Delta-13 Rack, PoolDawg.com and Silver Cup Chalk. The WPA sanctioned event was produced by Matt Braun and Bettiane Braun of Billiards International, Ltd.

Profile for Paul Frankel


National Pool & 3-Cushion Newsbi-monthly publicaton


National Pool & 3-Cushion Newsbi-monthly publicaton