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Rack for April/May 2013 Issue 2 • Vol XIV Derby City Classic


Bustamante Master of the Table Pagulayan takes 9-Ball Title Deuel wins One Pocket Big Foot 10 Ball to Orcolo

WPBA Hall of Fame


Jeanette Lee inducted

The Billiard Center Big Muddy Free Roll


USBTC 8-Ball Champions ☜Klatt & Frideres take Titles


Jay Swanson Memorial


WPBA Masters Champion


Ga Young Kim

☜The Rack’s Superbowl 9-Ball Open Pool Instructional…

Kissing Safe…Tom Ross What Would a Sucker Do?…Jacqueline Karol Scoring with Position…Robert Byrne A Shot is a Shot… is a Shot! …Tom Rossman …The Monk The Eagle Wing Shot…Steve Markle Confidence Strokes…Tom Simpson Bar Box 8-Ball…Marty Kaczmarowski DPM Universal Pocket & Carom Billiard Systems # 66… by Darrel Martineau Departments …

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Master of The Table His strong finishes in One Pocket and 9-Ball along with the 9-Ball Bank title gives Bustamante

Story and Pictures contibuted by Ricky Bryant


ustamante had it in the bank at the 15th Derby City Classic. The favorites coming into the tournament were Shane VanBoening who won almost everything at the 2012 Derby, only coming in second in Banks, John Morra the reigning 2012 Banks champion and Justin Hall the 2012 Southern Classic Champion. VanBoening would pull up short going down in the opener to Shannon Murphy 3 to 0 on the Accu-Stats table. Then being bounced from the Banks in his second match against Jeremy Jones, winning only 1 game in two matches. John Morra would fare slightly better but was out in the 6th round in 54th place. The talk about the Banks, with its starting field of 353 which went 14 rounds, was buzzing by the middle rounds with five new favorites. First was Shannon Murphy showing his banking magic and no losses. Second was Young gun, 19 year old, Skyler Woodward moving through the field with one loss since the third round. Third was Joseph Gray who took second in the 2012 One Pocket. Fourth was Justin Hall who had won the 2012 Banks, One Pocket and Master of the Table at the Southern Classic, the new Diamond event. The fifth name on the favorite list was BCA Hall of Famer Francisco Bustamante. Other players still in the mix were Thorsten Hohmann, Warren Kiamco, Dennis Orcollo and Carlo Biado in only his second US major event. By the eleventh round the field was down to five players. Skyler was eliminated by Shannon Murphy, who was the only

6 PQB April/May

player without a loss and still holding a re-buy. Justin Hall would eliminate Kiamco and Bustamante would have a bye to the twelfth round. The next round would see Justin Hall getting the bye and Bustamante facing Murphy. Murphy was in the driver seat going up 2 to 0. As Bustamante would later explain he decided to change his play to be more aggressive like the young players he was playing. This change saw him come back to take the match 3 to 2, and give Murphy his first loss. Going into the thirteenth round the playing field was level with the three remaining players on one loss. The draw would see Murphy versus Hall and Bustamante getting the bye with a spot in the final. In the race to three Hall would take the first game but Murphy would take the second to tie the score. The third rack would be a close game going to Hall 5-4. Hall now on the hill would take the forth rack and a 3-1 win eliminating Murphy in third and to move to the final. The final was a rematch of the ninth round which had Hall giving Bustamante his one loss. The first two games would see Hall make surprising errors and Bustamante going on the hill 20. The third game Hall would get on the board 2-1. But Bustamante would close it out in the fourth game to take his First Banks Champion and $10,000 pay day.


he final main event, 9-Ball, got started on Wednesday day six with a field of 278 players. New in 2013 the 9-Ball event was a BCA Point event and the race was extended to a race to 9 instead of the previous year’s race to 7 to comply with the BCA. Getting to the winners circle would require navigating through thirteen rounds of play. This event would not only decide the 9-Ball Champion but also the Master of the Table. The two main contenders for the Master of the Table were the two winners for the Banks and One Pocket events, Francisco Bustamante and Corey Deuel. Corey Deuel was eliminated in the sixth round by Shawn Putnam. Bustamante’s continued play in the 9-Ball coupled with his win in Banks and second place finish locked up the Master of the table and another $20,000 payday. Shawn Putnam was the last player with a re-buy. He used it after his loss to Hall of Famer, John Brumback in round ten. The round eleven draw had Alex Pagulayan with the bye, Putnam facing Brumback again after his round ten loss to Brumback and Shane VanBoening the defending 2012 9-Ball Champion playing Mike Dechaine. All players were on one loss so this was the last round for two players. Dechaine made easy work of Shane eliminating him in 4/5 place with a lopsided score of 9-2. The rematch between Putnam and Brumback would fittingly come down to a Hill-Hill game with Putnam getting the win 9-8. Brumback was eliminated in 4/5 place. The three remaining players going into the draw for the semi-final round were Mike Dechaine, Alex Pagulayan and Shawn Putnam. Some of the players that Putnam defeated on his path to the final were, Max Eberle, Corey Deuel, Johnathan Pinegar, Alex Pagulayan, Justin Hall and John Brumback. Mike Dechaine got his first loss in the sixth round to Joshua Oneal, but in his run to the finals he defeated Jesse Engel, Jeremy Sossei, Thorsten Hohmann, Bader AlAwadhi and Shane VanBoening. Alex Pagulayan had wins over Chip Compton, Rafael Martinez, Brandon Shuff, Ronato Alcano and Niels Feijen with his loss coming from Shawn Putnam to get to the semi-final. The draw for the semi-final round would give Shawn Putnam the bye and pass to the final. Pagulayan would face Dechaine to see who got the other spot in the finals. Early in the semi-final it looked like Dechaine was going to take out Pagulayan with ease as he had VanBoening taking an early 4-0 lead in the race to 9. But

Alexshowed his true hart as both players continued to grid out the match to hill-hill. The short safety battle on the hill would give way to Pagulayan taking the win 9-8 to move to the final. In the final match Pagulayan took an early 2-0 lead then extended it to 4-2. But Putnam would win the next three games to go up 5-4. Alex takes the next two games to move back ahead 6-5. In the twelfth rack Shawn attempted a behind the back shot making the ball but turned the cue ball loose to scratch in the side, with ball in hand Alex would extend his lead to 7-5. Shawn took the thirteenth game to shorten Alex’s lead to one game. Game fourteen, Shawn attempts a jump shot but the cue ball goes off the table giving Alex another ball in hand and he moves to the hill 8-6. Game fifteen Alex makes two balls on the break but plays a good safe which results in Shawn fowling. The resulting ball in hand allows Alex to run out and win the 2013 DCC 9-Ball Championship 9-6. Alex got a $16,000 payday for the win and Shawn got$8,000.

One is the Magic Number


unday was the start of One Pocket event. The star studded field of 280 players would work through 14 rounds of play. As with the Banks the race is to three, single elimination with one optional re-bye and redraw at the beginning of each round. He would also face Joseph Gray, the 2012 runner up, in rounds eight and eleven, winning both to eliminate Gray in 6th place. Round twelve would find Francisco Bustamante with the bye and Corey facing Shane VanBoening the 2011 and 2012 One Pocket Champion. The first game was a true up and down battle lasting almost one and half hours with Shane taking the first game. Corey would take the second game, capitalizing on a mistake by Shane. Games three and four would go to Shane to win the round. Corey having the only remaining re-buy was not out. Since Corey was the only player that had not had a bye he would get the round thirteen bye and the first spot in the final, round fourteen. The semi-final round was Bustamante versus VanBoening. Playing the aggressive style we had seen in the final rounds of the Banks, Bustamante winning 3-0 eliminating Shane in third place. Bustamante’s road to the final was highlighted

14.1/Straight Pool

The Straight Pool Challenge high run qualifiers started on Saturday the second day of DCC. Players received 12 chances to set a high run for a $100 entry. Prizes were paid for the top daily high run winners but the top eight high runs qualified for a single elimination play off. The eight high run winners for the week and their final position and winnings for 14.1 / Straight Pool: 2013 DCC Straight Pool Challenge High Run Max Eberle 1st $2,500 71 Dennis Orcollo 2nd $1,500 76 Niles Feijen 3/4 $975 90 Stuart Pettman 3/4 $975 117 Darren Appleton 5/8 $700 70 Ralph Eckert 5/8 $700 74 Alex Pagulayan 5/8 $700 79 Jayson Shaw 5/8 $700 68 8 PQB April/May

issuing first losses to Brian Groce in round 5, LeeVan Corteza in round 6, Carlo Biado in round seven and Eric Durbin in round four, Dennis Orcollo in round nine, Danny Harriman in round eleven and Shane VanBoening in the semi-final round. This was Bustamante’s second appearance in a 2013 final, having won the Banks three. Bustamante was the favorite with his win on the same table over Shane. But Corey takes a cautious approach and came back to win the first game. Corey seemed to get momentum and confidence as the match progressed. With his almost flawless play Corey took games two and three to sweep Bustamante 3-0 and win the 2013 DCC One Pocket Championship. This is the first Derby City Classic win for Corey and well deserved $12,000 payday.

The Semi-Final match between Max Eberle and Niles Feijen had all of the drama of the straight pool matches in Willie Mosconi’s era. The match would see Niles take a lead of 97-66 in a race to 100. It appeared to be all over to everyone but Max. Using all of his shooting skill and drawing on his mental game he chipped away at the lead to eventually win 100-97. Max would defeat Dennis Orcollo in the finals 100-54 to become the 2013 Derby City 14.1 / Straight Pool Champion.

“Big Foot” 10-Ball Challenge

The “Big Foot” 10-Ball Challenge was a 32 man field, single elimination race to 11. Due to the larger the race was reduced from 15 as seen at the 16 man field at the Southern Classic. The entry was a $1000 and with added money the payout was a total of $50,000 paid to the last eight standing. The finals and s e m i - fi n a l s

Big and New and DCC 2013


he 2012 DCC had the announcement of the Southern Classic in Tunica Mississippi. The event was a success in the first year. The biggest buzz from the Southern Classis was the unveiling of the Diamond 10 foot tables. These tables were such a hit they were added to the 2013 Derby City Classic. 10 Ball had been a side event at Derby over the years in different formats from mini-tournaments to challenges. The 2012 format was a 16 man single elimination tournament with $1000 entry. These two ideas were rolled into 2013 Derby and the field enlarged to 32 with money added. The tables were larger, 10 foot, the field was bigger, 32 and the prize was bigger, $50,000, so was born the ‘’The Big Foot” 10 ball challenge. It

Hall of Fame and Ring Game page 20

streamed on the Accu-Stats table would also have a 40 second shot clock with one extension per player per rack. The format was described as 10-Ball with 9-Ball rules in that there was no call pocket allowing luck shots to count. One of the finalists was Dennis Orcollo having defeated John Morra, Jesse Engel, Alex Pagulayan and Johnny Archer. The other finalist was Niels Feijen who defeated Alain Boutin, Jayson Shaw, Shane VanBoening and Ronnie Alcano. Dennis, the current World 10Ball Champion, would take the early lead 8-2. Niels and his competitive spirit would battle back to within one game 10-9, with Dennis on the hill. But it was just not enough as Dennis finished off the match 11-9 to take the First “Big Foot” 10-Ball Championship and the $20,000 payday. The payout for the event was: Dennis Orcolo Niels Feijen Johnny Archer Ronnie Alcano Alex Pagulayan Thorsten Hohmann Shane VanBoening Stuart Pettman

1st 2nd 3/4 3/4 5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8

$20,000 $10,000 $5,000 $5,000 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500

was also decided the Derby City Straight Pool Challenge would be played on the 10 foot tables. There were five 10 foot tables at Derby, 2 on each of the upstairs balconies and one available down stairs for the Accu-Stats arena. The other event that was played on the 10 foot tables was the 9-Ball Banks Ring Game. The tables have the same four and half inch pockets as the Diamond 9 foot tables used at the tournament. There are two ways to spot the difference in the 9 and 10 footers. First the 10 footers have three legs per-side and second the Diamond logo is painted Black instead of White so sometimes referenced as the “Black Diamonds” or now “Big Foot” tables. If you want one for home they go for a $1000 per foot, yes a cool $10,000.

DCC Recap

The three main events in 2013 each had first time winners. This was the first main event win for Bustamante and Deuel. The 9-Ball win for Alex was his first in that event but he won the Banks in 2011. This was the second Master of the Table for Bustamante having won it in 2008. In the history of the event no Player has won all three main events. 1st Francisco Bustamante $38,000 $10,000 1st Banks $20,000 Master of the Table $6,000 2nd 1 Pocket $2,000 6th in 9-Ball 2nd Dennis Orcullo $22,700 $20,000 1st 10-Ball $1,500 2nd Straight Pool $850 10th 1 Pocket $800 10th Banks $350 44th 9-Ball 3rd Alex Pagulayan $21,950 $16,000 1st 9-Ball $2,500 7th 10-Ball $2,000 3d Master of the Table $700 5/8 Straight Pool $400 22nd Banks $350 26th 1 Pocket 4th Justin Hall - $16,150 ( $6,000 Banks Ring Game $5,000 2nd Banks $3,000 2nd Master of the Table $1,300 11th 9-Ball, $850 14th 1 Pocket 5th Corey Deuel $12,750 $12,000 1st 1 Pocket $400 17th Banks $350 37th 9-Ball April/May PQB 9

Kissing Safe by Tom Ross Contributing Writer


n most pool shots we pocket a ball and play position for another one after assessing the layout and determining exactly what to do. On other shots, when we cannot pocket a ball or when we cannot see a complete run out, we typically answer with a safety. And because we tend to employ safety after concluding that the normal, offensive preference is not an option, the set of possible responses in a safety situation is widely variable. Sometimes the problem calls for a solution unique to that particular setup, which makes it impractical to attempt a complete discussion of all possible safety shots. More commonly however we employ safeties that repeat themselves frequently enough to merit memorization and learning.

will hit the rail, rebound directly backwards and knock the cue ball down table. Make sure to hit the object ball precisely straight to keep it in place on the rail and to send the cue ball backwards on the line of the shot. As diagrammed the shot will not require much speed. If the object ball is frozen to the cushion you must be sure to hit it hard enough to make the cue ball hit the bottom rail. Failing to do so with a frozen object ball would be a foul. This shot works best when the object ball is close to the rail (less than an inch) and the two balls are close to each other. Answering with the same shot from the bottom rail is possible but exceedingly more difficult.

In the diagram we have two shots that we shall examine in a 9-ball context, neither of which offering an easy offensive option. Both shots are similar, differing primarily in the rails on which the object balls lie. And both shots will wind up with similar results through the application of slightly differing techniques. Anyone who recognizes shot A and the kiss-back technique for playing an effective safety will also identify it as a relatively easy shot to execute. Here we face a shot with the striped ball on the rail in a spot with no practical pocket for it. Ideally we would leave that stripe right where it is and send the cue ball to a more difficult spot on the table, one suggested by the dotted-outlined cue ball at the bottom of the page perhaps. Doing so requires a simple yet not so obvious technique. To execute the shot, hit the cue ball slightly below center and shoot straight at the stripe. The stripe

10 PQB April/May

In shot B, we have a similar setup but, because the solid ball is on the short rail, we will employ a slightly different technique to leave a more difficult shot than a short-rail imitation of shot A. This

time, hit the cue ball slightly above center and cut the object ball slightly to the left. Make sure to cut it only slightly so there is still a double kiss between the two balls. With a double kiss after a slight cut and relatively slow speed the balls will move reliably into the positions shown with the shaded object ball and the dotted cue ball near the right, side rail. Employing the same technique as shot A and sending the cue ball across the table to the left, side rail will also work to leave a difficult shot and would be somewhat easier to execute. However, some situations may call for the trickier, yet more effective technique of double kissing with a cut. With another ball nearby to leave the cue ball behind, this shot would demand the tougher choice. Because shot B is considerably more sensitive it requires more practice to acquire a good feel for executing it. Usually when a shot presents a potential double kiss, that kiss will serve to cause a miss and we work to avoid it. So, it’s very instructive to see a situation where the double kiss can be exploited for a positive outcome as we see with the two shots presented here. It’s merely one of the many hidden surprises from the world of safety.

For the latest Event News ofessor

Jeanette Lee inducted into WPBA Hall of Fame

Billiards Star Earns Honor from the Women’s Professional Billiard Association


illiards superstar Jeanette Lee, known throughout the world as “The Black Widow,” was inducted into the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Feb. 6 prior to the start of the 2013 WPBA Masters at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Lee, who has won over 30 national and international titles, is currently ranked as the No. 3 billiards player in the world. Taking the sport by storm, Lee captured the nation’s attention in 1998 after being named “WPBA Sportsperson of the Year” and earning “Player of the Year” honors from both Billiards Digest and Pool & Billiard Magazine. In 2001, Lee was crowned as the World Games Gold Medalist and continued her success in 2003 by clenching the Tournament of Champions title. As she accumulated tournament victories, Lee quickly ascended to No. 1 in the world. “Being inducted into the WPBA Hall of Fame is one of the greatest honors a player can receive,” said Lee. “It’s a part of history and to be voted on and recognized in this way by my peers on the tour means so much to me. While I do feel I’ve contributed to this sport, I still want to continue to bring new eyes to the game and help it grow. Thank you to the WPBA and ESPN for giving me the platform to do so, and I thank God, my family, friends, sponsors, past and present, and of course, my fans, for being there through it all.” As the most recognized face in billiards, Lee has been consistently ranked as one of the most powerful people in the sport 12 PQB April/May

“The Black Widow” by Billiards Digest. Lee is currently working to reclaim her rank as the No. 1 billiards player in the world while raising a family of six with her doubles partner and husband, George near Indianapolis, IN. To follow Lee as she is inducted into the WPBA Hall of Fame, find her on Twitter: @JeanetteLeeTBW, Facebook:, Instagram: JeannetteLeeTBW and . Jeanette Lee is a player representative for the American Poolplayers Association, the world’s largest pool league. Among her mentors are the late Gene Nagy, pros Tony Robles, Bob Carman, Jerry Briesath, and Mark Wilson. Said Jeanette, “There are so many others that I have learned from, I want them all to know they were and are appreciated but these names are the ones that I have spent the most time with and really molded my love of the game, in both knowledge, fundamentals and winning attitude!”

What Would a Sucker Do?

If you look around the room and don’t see any suckers…. YOU are the sucker! by Jacqueline Karol • House Pro at DownLo Billiards Chico, Calif. League Operator & Tournament Director • You made all of your stripes and are now on the 8-ball. Your opponent has one solid left. What do you do? Idea #1: “Softly hit the right side of the 8-ball, leaving the cue ball hidden safely behind it!” Idea #2: “Slow roll the cue ball into the 8-ball leaving them a long shot on their solid!” Idea #3: “Bank the 8-ball in the side pocket!” Suckers… What’s wrong with these ideas? Idea #1: This is extremely difficult to execute successfully. Idea #2: This increases the likelihood of your opponent running out and winning the game. Idea #3: The side pocket is less forgiving than the corner pocket. If you miss, you may leave them an easy run out. Answer: Most of the time, attempting a bank shot is not the wisest course of action. However, in this example it makes sense to go for a “two-way” shot, which allows you to attempt the bank while also leaving your opponent with a difficult shot if you miss. To execute this shot like a pro, it is important that you bank it with the proper speed to leave the cue ball in a safe place near the end rail and the 8 in front of the pocket in case you miss. If you don’t win the game with this shot, your opponent is left with a tough long shot on his last ball and virtually no options to play safe. By choosing to approach this as a two-way shot, you will greatly increase your odds of winning this game.

The Billiard Center 2nd Annual Big Muddy Free Roll




92 players 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 5/6 7/8 7/8

Eric Durbin, Shane McMinn, Steve Brucher, Skyler Woodward, Drake Niepoetter, Conrad Higgerson, Dale Niepoetter, Chuck Raulston,

Top C-Coty Top B-Drake 14 PQB April/May

Girardeau, MO Tulsa, OK St. Peters, MO Paducah, KY Albers, IL Girardeau, MO Albers, IL Poplar Bluff, MO

$630 $420 $315 $210 $155 $155 $105

Lovell, Niepoetter

$200 $200

Shane McMinn 2nd, Roger Alford(Manager) Eric Durbin 1st

Scoring and Position

by Robert Byrne From “Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots” with permission

The 8-Ball at the top isn’t quite straight in. The problem for the player who wants to get position on the 9-Ball at the right end rail is that the 8 can’t be cut to the left. The solution is to cut if slightly to the right with topspin. The cue ball will follow a curving path approximately as shown. The action is fairly easy to get at close quarters, but difficult if the 8-ball is more than an inch or two from the rail. At the bottom, the 7-ball is touching the cushion. If it is not too far away from the point, it can be driven straight onto the pocket with a hard, full-in-the face hitthe rubber simply bends out of the way. At the lower left corner is the same idea applied to a

corner pocket –useful when any cut on the 6ball would lose position.

A Shot is a Shot… is a Shot! by Tom Rossman • Contributing Writer


he perspective of how difficult a shot is and how a The second principle to shot success is player approaches it often lies in prior episodes of knowing that EVERY “straight” shot success or failure to similar challenges. Some players SHOULD BE a straight shot, and that surrender to the shot and appear to “hit a ball hard and hope a EVERY “crooked” shot IS a crooked shot. I am not referring pocket gets in the way”, while others take a more technical here to a “straight in shot” versus a “cut shot”, but rather the route, providing a more tried and true remedy for victory. Over “straight swing” nature of the cue in that whatever plane the the years I have heard numerous opposing views on specific cue starts on, it should indeed finish on that same plane. In shots; therefore, I would like to list a few “Dr. Cueisms” that other words, no dipping / diving and no twisting / turning of you might keep in mind, which will ultimately help you attain the natural rotor motions of the wrist / arm should exist which greater satisfaction for the shot objective in mind. might cause a distorted cue movement through the cue ball. This principle holds true for level, jump, or masse plane shots. First and foremost, it is paramount to implant a very positive Remember to shoot the cue down a straight line and let the affirmation in one’s mind before any shot is taken. In 1985 I cue ball get in the way of the tip and let the object ball get in returned to the game after a one-year hiatus. The first thing I the way of the cue ball. Focus on the concept of “straight did was to convince myself that “every shot in pool was my faalignment” and “straight stroke” in 100% focus mode and the vorite shot”, regardless of the analytical impression normally cue stick will “flow straight” for consistent shot success!! perceived of some shots. I did this by mentally repeating to myself before EVERY shot that “it was my favorite shot” and A final perception to work on is that EVERY long shot is a that I would execute it with a positive attitude and conviction “short shot in disguise”. A dedicated time of “practice” walking of heart. Every shot was just another shot with balls rolling back from the table about 10 – 20 feet to view what you have and making a gentle and joyful click in the process. I have always thought of as a “long shot” will produce wonders for practiced this “favorite shot” principle in my brain over and your mental approach to shots of this type. I have discovered over again for over 25 years now, and to such an extent that that taking this “long distance” approach often makes every shots which would otherwise make no sense or suggest success “long” shot seem “short” and makes “short” shots even “shorter”. have become shots that I look forward to. Expecting a “joy Practice the above mental and physical exercises and watch from the shot” is a wonderful “key of success” for me. your game go the next level and beyond. Enjoy the roll, always!!

April/May PQB 15

2013 is the Year of the Pool Player by “The Monk” Contributing Writer •


t the Chicago World 9 Ball Championship back in the 90’s I asked Johnny Archer what he was going to do after winning that event. He told me he would go home and practice. Figuring I am going to learn a deep dark closely guarded secret I ask him what are the things he is going to work on. He said, “I will work on the fundamentals. This conversation took place almost twenty years ago. Since then I have preached fundamentals to all my students. The mechanics should not be rocket science yet just about every teacher has a new approach to the subject. Since I have been here in the Philippines I always go through the mechanics with my students. I take them through the four strokes and cue ball speed. While we work on this skill development I am making some minor adjustments in their stance. Here is where the fundamentals of the mechanics come in to play. This is a critical part of their training. The basics of the mechanics have everything to do with the Pre Shot Routine.


Think of yourself as one of those sophisticated robots standing at the table.

16 PQB April/May

Your mechanical body consists of many parts. When you lean in to your stance to land on the cue ball all the intricate parts must fall into place. If one small part is out of place you will not see the target therefore your brain will not be able to issue the command to execute. Without the 100% command you can not commit to the shot. No commitment, no success. I had one student who did not line up his feet. His right leg was out of line with the shot. So he had one part of all the pieces out of line. I explained that he had an eye in the center of his right foot. He needed to see the target with that eye. So he had to adjust and move his foot more to his right. With this adjustment the quality of hit began to improve. He had trouble with his landing. When he came down to the cue ball he was about two inches short. I had to move him closer so he could drive his cue tip through the cue ball. I also noticed that he really emphasized his follow through. This caused a steering effect on the cue tip contact. I set up a mark about four inches ahead of the cue ball and had him follow through to that mark over and over. Then I noticed that his grip was a little tight. Our grip should be free and easy. Not real lose, but free so we are do not lose our instincts.

He also did not have a solid pre shot routine. On some shots he took three practice strokes, on others he took five and on others he only took one. I needed to help him develop a solid reliable pre shot routine. We spent more than two hours on his Pre Shot Routine. Here is where my lessons are so powerful. By taking him through the four strokes of pool and cue ball speed, he was developing an awareness of the game, while he was working on his mechanics and pre shot routine. I did not flood them with knowledge. I helped them with skill development. THE MASTERS program is designed around your cognitive awareness. You accumulate knowledge. THE ROAD PLAYERS is designed around performance. The three elements of great pocket billiards are… Accumulate knowledge Knowledge applied is skill developed Perform that which you know. Do that and I will see you in the winners circle.

The Eagle Wing Shot by Steve Markle Contributing Writer •


his is a shot that I came up with and call “The Eagle Wing Shot”. I call it this because when the shot is executed your arms are fully spread out just like the wings of an eagle. This shot has always been one of my favorites to shoot during tournaments and exhibitions as well. Back in 2010 during the APA Ultimate Trick Shot Tour in Las Vegas I used this shot to help me win my match and advance to the semifinals. This shot will require the use of 2 jump cues. The object is to jump both cue balls at the same time out of the racks and pocket the object balls. You will be using both your right and left hand. Start off by placing racks near the 2nd diamond on both cushions 3 & 4. I suggested you adjust them to the spacing you feel most comfortable with. Next place a cue ball inside both racks. Finally place 2 object balls in the jaw of the corner pockets just as shown. When attempting the shot focus on balancing your cues correctly and aiming straight towards both object balls. Before attempting I would suggest to practice jumping the cue ball one handed. Also work on becoming stronger jumping with your opposite hand. Enjoy this great shot!

For more information on Steve visit:, Steve Markle Trick Shots , or contact him at: Contact: 267-918-1284

2013 National Championships

Oct. 31st - Nov. 3rd The winds on the outskirts of Chicago will be blowing in the talents of TAP's National Championships to Pheasant Run Resorts. To keep yourself posted go to 2013 National Updates. Got to TAP face book and TAP blog to see past National Championships. Reserve your room today.

2014 National Championships

November 13th-16th Dallas Texas will be the city for TAP's 2014 National Championships. To be hosted at The Hilton Anatole Dallas. So put on your saddles we're going for a ride. To keep yourself posted got to 2014 National Updates.

April/May PQB 17

DCC 2013 Bank and One Pocket Hall of Fame. by Ricky Bryant


uesday night at the DCC is a special night, with the Banks and One Pocket Hall of Fame induction dinner. Steve Booth the keeper of the Hall of Fame and does a great job with his team of volunteers. The 2013 induction class was Shannon “The Cannon” Daulton and Larry Price. Larry Price was one of the great players lost in 2012. He was inducted into the Banks HOF having won the DCC banks in 2002 and 2008. His award was accepted for his family by his friend Joe Blackburn of Blackburn cue repair, one of the best in the business. Shannon “The Cannon” Daulton is the first person to be inducted into both the Banks and One Pocket HOF on the same ballot. Shannon joins only four other players in both Halls of Fame, Nick Varner, “Cornbread Red” Burge, Leonard “Bugs” Rucker and Eddie Taylor. Shannon born in 1972 has been a player from an early age of around 8. He won his first Major One Pocket tournament, Grady’s Legends of One Pocket, at age nineteen. The win was against Hall of Famer Steve Mizerak in a hill-hill match that came down to the last ball. In Shannon’s many titles he was the 2000 DCC Banks Champion. In the last decade Shannon has promoted pool with his fiancée, Marge. They operate the Great Southern Billiards Tour which covers 7 states and as many as 38 tour stops. Also recognized at the dinner in memoriam were the following players who passed in the last year: Grady “The Professor” Mathews (1943-2012), Danny Median (19512013), Riley “Jet” Johnson and “Monster John” Rouse.

Derby City Ring Game

The Ring Game is six players with $1000 buy in and 10 balls on the table. Each player has 20 chips worth $50 each. In the first three racks each ball is worth $50, then increases in the next two racks to $100 and goes up $100 every 2 racks until one player has all the chips. There is a draw for shooting order at each increase. The six players for 2013 were, Shannon Daulton, John Brumback, Brian Groce, Shannon Murphy, Justin Hall and John Morra. After six racks and the ball value at $200 there were two players remaining. John Morra, 2012 Derby City 9-Ball Banks Champion, playing Justin Hall, 2012 Southern Classic 9-Ball Banks Champion. Going into the 8th rack the ball value increased to $300 and the players were close to even in chips. But after some great play by both players Justin Hall was holding all the chips and the $6000. 20 PQB April/May

Klatt & Frideres Crowned 2013 USBTC 8-Ball Champions

Payouts for the 9-Ball Divisions 1st $1,175 2nd $675 3rd $450 4th $500 5th-6th $200 7th-8th $125


Jessica Frideres Rebecca Wagner Mary Rakin Vivian Villarreal Leandrea Gaff Brittany Bryant Leslie Bernardi Jennifer Alexander

ueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (March 3, 2013) – The 20th US Bar Table Championships final divisions concluded Sunday, March 3rd at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada. Jason Klatt (above) from Canada and Jessica Frideres(top right) from Iowa fended off their respective and highly competitive fields to be crowned the champions in the USBTC men’s and women’s 8-ball divisions. The 2013 USBTC proved to be all about diversity as no one player dominated the entire week. Heading into the final three days and switching from 9-ball to 8-ball, thus far the men had seen Dennis Orcollo from the Philippines take the men’s 10-ball event and Shane Van Boening from the US rip through to win the 9ball event. In the women’s side, Canadian Brittany Bryant claimed first in the 10-ball and Rebecca Wagner from the US won the 9-ball event. In the hotly contested men’s 8-ball group which was a race to 5 and double elimination, every break, safety and roll counts. With 205 players vying for a chunk of that divisions $20,800 prize fund and a board swarming with current and former national and world champions, who would come out on the final board was anyone’s guess. Long time Canadian professional Jason Klatt was in dead stoke during the men’s 8-ball event mowing down his oppo-

1st $6,000 Jason Klatt 2nd $3,500 Thorsten Hohmann 3rd $2,200 Francisco Bustamante 4th $1,500 Ernesto Dominguez 5th-6th $1,000 Christopher MacDonald Rodney Morris 7th-8th $650 Darren Appleton Oscar Dominguez nents with relative ease. Second place finisher was well known multiple straight pool champion Thorsten Hohmann. There were 55 players in the Women’s 8-Ball Division – the largest field to date since the separate women’s divisions were added in 2010. In the women’s finals match, Rebecca Wagner(lower left)came close to taking two titles this year, but was thwarted by Frideres who capitalized on key errors made by Wagner. Frideres won 4-2. In the week long bonus point and award competition the top three men were: Dennis Orcollo ($3,000), Shane Van Boening ($1,000) and Rodney Morris ($500). The women’s bonus points were a tie between Rebecca Wagner and Vivian Villarreal with the two women splitting the bonuses equally. The 2013 USBTC was produced by CueSports International (CSI) and sponsored by the Grand Sierra Resorts and Casino. Live streaming was provided by The Action Report with commentary by Ken Schuman and tournament direction by Bad Boys Billiard Productions with CSI. To view the entire payouts for the 8-ball divisions and all the brackets for the 20th US Bar Table Championships visit April/May PQB 21

Confidence Strokes

by Tom Simpson, Master Instructor • Contributing Writer


idgety. That’s how we look to nonplayers. We’re down on our shot, and we’re fidgeting. We’re stroking, aiming, adjusting our head and our stance and our bridge and on and on. But the fidgeting most visible to spectators is what’s usually called “practice strokes.” What are we trying to accomplish with these strokes? We’re down there stroking away, “warming up,” getting ready to shoot. Why bother with this part of the routine? I see five big reasons: Feeling the stick. Joining with your instrument, so the cue becomes an extension of your arm and your intention. Getting a “living connection” to the cue. Feeling the speed you plan to hit. Players who do this are more likely to take their speed strokes in the air, prior to dropping into their shooting stance. Checking for rust. Ensuring your stroke arm is moving smoothly. Checking alignment. Confirming your stroke arm and stick are properly aligned to the shot. Building confidence. As the pieces of your personal pre-shot routine click into place, your confidence grows. Hopefully, your practice strokes work nicely, helping you arrive at a peak of confidence and take your best shot. With confidence, we stroke smoothly and

22 PQB April/May

“Beat People With a Stick!” National Billiard Academy 3-Day Intensives • 10 cities

without hesitation. We’re in the present moment. Everyone can see when a player has confidence, or hits a shot confidently. Without confidence, we tend to interfere with our own athleticism. Our stroke develops hitches. A powerful downward spiral can begin – as you lose confidence, you play worse, as you play worse, you lose confidence. To me, practice strokes are really about focusing and building confidence. This portion of your pre-shot process tells you when you’re truly ready to hit. Let’s look at a couple of very popular stroke tips. These “old school” ideas made sense when you first heard them. However, I believe they may do more harm than good, for most players. Some of my fellow instructors may disagree with me here. Questionable Tip #1: “Count your strokes. Always take the same number, for example, always take three strokes and then hit. Find your number and be consistent.” Part of the reasoning here is that it’s like a countdown. You will be ready when you get to launch time. Excuse me. I don’t think we can count on having “all systems go,” on demand, right on schedule, all the time. We’re humans, doing an impossibly precise task. We might get distracted by a sound, feel a rough spot on our shaft, notice an itch, or have a second thought about the shot plan. There are a thousand ways we might not be ready when we get to the magic number of strokes. If you are conditioned to shoot after a certain number of strokes, you might not be able to stop yourself if you’re not really ready. I watched a famous pro player miss a $25,000 hanger under TV pressure. She always takes two strokes and then hits. Sometimes she’s not ready. Questionable Tip #2: “Take your prac-

tice strokes at the speed you plan to hit.” Sounds sensible. Get your arm ready to go that speed. Well, OK, but have you noticed that your practice strokes are only half-strokes, while your hit stroke is a full stroke? The practice stroke is slowing down, stopping, and reversing direction before it gets to the CB, while the hit stroke accelerates through the ball. They’re not really the same type of swing. Trying to follow this advice leads some players into trying to match the speed of the backswing to the speed of the forward swing. Seems reasonable, but consider this: A quicker backswing makes it that much harder to overcome that backward swing speed and transition the cue nicely forward for the hit stroke. The more quickly you pull the stick back, the more likely you are to pull your stick off that aim line you’re so carefully trying to shoot down. It might be helpful to think about the “practice strokes” portion of the shooting setup as “confidence strokes.” We’re not practicing. We’re stroking and feeling to hook everything up, check it, and build our confidence. Confidence strokes feel good. Take however many confidence strokes you need (within reason), every shot. If you’re not feeling confident enough, get up, chalk up, and start over. Shoot when you’re good and ready. For the latest Event News ofessor

BCA Seeks Candidates for 2013/14 Board of Directors

The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) announces a call for nominations for Board of Directors seats for the 2013-2014 Board year. The 2013 Nominating Committee is currently accepting nominations for a total of four (4) available Board seats. Two seats are in Category 1 (Manufacturer/Distributor) category, one seat is in Category 2 (Billiard Retailer), and one is in Category 3 (Pool Room/League Operator). All seats are for a three year term in office. BCA members can nominate themselves or a colleague for these positions. Candidates for the Board seats must be current members of the BCA, be designated as the representative for the member company and qualify in the appropriate member category. The following are the open positions available on the BCA Board: Manufacturer/Distributor Seats - Candidates must qualify as a manufacturer or distributor to apply for the Manufacturer/Distributor Seats. This means the organization the candidate represents is a licensed business entity with its principle business in the manufacture or wholesale distribution of billiard equipment or accessories. These seats are for three-year terms. Billiard Retailer Seat - Candidates must qualify as a billiard retailer to apply for the Billiard Retailer Seat. This means the organization the candidate represents is a licensed business entity with its principle business in the selling of billiard equipment or billiard accessories from an established, publicly known place of business.This seat is for a three-year term. Pool Room/League Operator Seat - Candidates must qualify as a Pool Room/League Operator to apply for the Pool Room/League Operator Seat. This means the organization the candidate represents is a licensed business entity with its principle business as operating one or more establishments where billiards are played, or a licensed business with its principle business operating a billiards league or league system. This seat is for a three-year term. The process the committee will use in making these appointments is as follows: In order to select the best candidates, the decision will be based on the needs of the organization and the information provided by potential candidates. Candidates interested in running or those wishing to nominate a candidate should contact Shane Tyree, BCA membership and communications manager, at

Bar Box 8-Ball

By: Marty Kaczmarowski, APA 7 Contibuting Writer

Make a List

Here is another guideline for better bar table breaking. Pool tables are finicky creatures. They have precise characteristics that you have to learn and use in order to “break their code”. The code is ‘what it takes to make balls and not scratch’. One of the biggest keys: EXACT cue ball position matched to the table and your break stroke. Moving a cue ball ½ an inch or ½ a ball can be a huge difference during the break shot. Your break stroke is unique and will have a best breaking spot matched for you. Take the time to learn the absolute best cue ball location for you. This is an art and hard work. Do it

AzB Money Leaderboard

Player Name Francisco Bustamante Dennis Orcollo Shane Van Boening Alex Pagulayan Corey Deuel Niels Feijen Thorsten Hohmann Johnny Archer Justin Hall Ronnie Alcano Ga-Young Kim Shawn Putnam Mike Dechaine Jayson Shaw Jason Klatt Warren Kiamco Rodney Morris Monica Webb Konstantin Stepanov Karen Corr

Prize Money Totals $43,450.00 $32,800.00 $22,785.00 $21,450.00 $17,250.00 $13,720.00 $12,925.00 $10,650.00 $10,150.00 $10,125.00 $10,000.00 $8,800.00 $8,300.00 $7,705.00 $7,275.00 $7,050.00 $6,400.00 $5,500.00 $5,473.00 $5,225.00

April/May PQB 23

24 PQB April/May

USBA Officers President Andrew Janquitto Ruxton, MD 410-599-8177

USBA Qualifier at Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky

Secretary/Treasurer Jim Shovak East Islip, NY 516-238-6193 Northeast Directors Mazin Shooni 2006 USA Champion Nashua, NH cell: 248-910-4466

Merrill Hughes Huntington Station, NY cell: 631-338-9698 home: 631-421-6814 Southeast Director Victor Cuzzi Miami, FL 786-366-7293

Mid-America Directors Steve Andersen Wyoming, MI 49519 616-530-8665 Juan Elizalde Sauz Dallas, TX 214-908-2411 Felipe Razon Cicero, IL 708-878-4197

Northwest Director Tommy Thomsen Milton-Freewater, Oregon 509-240-2027 Southwest Directors Pedro Piedrabuena San Diego, CA 213-458-3950 Raye Raskin Larkspur, CA

415-497-8732 At-Large Directors Doug Deitel Katy, TX • 281-858-5948

Ricardo Carranco Los Angeles, CA 323-490-8075 26 PQB April/May


ebruary 7, 2013 twenty-four players eagerly assembled for what has truly become one of the most anticipated USBA Tournaments - the National Qualifier held at the historic Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. Paul Frankel (aka Professor-Q-Ball) once again brought his love of the game and his tournament management skills to Louisville where the play was sharp, the camaraderie warm and the results gratifying for the combatants who emerged triumphant. The four winners (above) who qualified to move on to the National Championship event are Jim Bishop, Brian Haff, Tom Rossman and George Theobald

Official Handicaps Established for Tournament Play The USBA has established official handicaps for player levels to be used in handicap tournaments. The handicaps have been established based on the five official USBA player levels recently established and announced by the board: A = .900 + B+ = .700-.899 B= .550-.699 C+ = .400-.549 C = below .400 In handicap tournaments, the following levels and points will apply: "A" players go to 30 points (100%) "B+" players go to 25 points (83.3%)

"B" players go to 21 points (70%) "C+" players go to 17 points (56.6%) "C" players go to 15 points (50%) New Official Player Levels for 2013 The USBA has Adopted NEW Official Player Levels for Tournament Play Beginning immediately all USBA tournaments will be able to restrict players based on their Official Player level as determined by tournament play and the USBA rankings committee. Here are the new player levels: .900 average and higher = A level .700-.899 average = B+ level .550-.699 average = B level .400-.549 average = C+ level .399 average and below = C level

President’s Desk

The USBA national three-

cushion championship is a few weeks away. The nationals are always special. A time to meet old friends and make new ones. A time to play and watch and learn. A time to trade systems and stories and unusual shots. A time to enjoy the marvelous game of three-cushion billiards. This year, we are honored to hold our most prestigious tournament as part of

The Pendennis Club Dining Room

How it all Started for the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky!


n 2006 at the Derby City Classic in Louisville, KY at the Executive West, I held a USBA Regional Qualifier with 24 players with the help of Diamond Billiard Products. It was such a success that in 2007 we held it again at the Derby City Classic. In 2008 Greg Sullivan offered me the hotel across the street, which was called the Executive Inn, and asked me to do another event. That’s when I started to think about bringing in, for the first time, the 2008 Ladies and Men’s Nationals. The following year I did just that! It was the first time outside a poolroom that we held the USBA Nationals. It was a huge success and right after it was over we started to plan for the following year to make it a yearly event. But as things turned out the hotel was demolished, and the land was sold. Which now brings me to the Pendennis club! There were a couple of players that were from the Pendennis Club that entered that the event in 2008. They called me during the year, and asked if I was going to do another event alongside the Derby City in Louisville. I told them about the situation with the hotel. They asked me if I would like to do a Qualifier at the Pendennis Club. They told me they had three carom tables in the venue, and it would be a nice location for it. I gave it some thought and called a couple of weeks later. I spoke to someone at the club and asked them if they would like me to bring in a regional qualifier to their site. They said sorry, but the Pendennis Club is a private membership facility and not open to the public. A few weeks went by and one of the members who plays 3-Cushion at the club called me to see if they were going to hold the event next year at the club. When I mentioned they said no, he was very upset and told me he was on the board. He would see what he could do and call me back later in the week. Well, he called back and told me it was a go – the rest is history as 2013 was the 5th year for the event!! I never imagined that relationship would blossom into a perennial reunion now anticipated by players from all over the country.”

Allen Hopkins’ Super Billiards Expo in Edison, New Jersey, from April 3 to 7. It seems like only yesterday that we were in Las Vegas watching Pedro Piebrabuena storm back from a big deficient to defeat Mazin Shooni for his fifth title. Pedro will be a heavy favorite to win again. For 10 of the last 11 years, he has finished first or second. While not as impressive as Sang Lee’s run of 12 consecutive titles from 1990 to 2002, Pedro’s streak isn’t bad, as they say. Looking for revenge will be Mazin Shooni, the 2006 champion who has finished second in 2007 and 2012, each time falling to Pedro. Joining them as players to beat are Hugo Patiño, Sonny Cho, Miguel Torres, George Ashby, Carlos Hallon and Jae Hyung Cho, all former national champions. But the field is much deeper. Indeed, it just may be the toughest field in a decade. Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it in person, go to for information on the live stream. April/May PQB 27

Results of Ken Higgins Memorial 3-Cushion Tournament by Tommy Thomsen, USBA NW Director

Our combination “B” & “C” tournament was held at the Medford Elks Lodge in Medford, Oregon March 1 – 3, 2013. We had 14 players. There were 6 “B” players and 8 “C” players. Two flights of 7 players each were used with 3 “B” players and 4 “C” players in each all playing a complete round-robin. The 2 top finishers from each flight went to a 4-man round-robin. In the Red flight Marc Smith and Joe Brisson were the winners in the “B” division while Mark Williams and Dave Ehlers were winners in the “C” division. In the Blue flight Jesus Quinonez and Raye Raskin won the “B” division and J R Greenlee and Alfred Wenzl were the winners in the “C” divi-

USBA tournament at Las Delicias in Revere MA.

On Friday March 1, eighteen players assembled for a handicap tournament endorsed by the USBA. The handicapping system was established at the time the event was announced, so the levels were grandfathered in before the new Official USBA Handicap levels were announced. Here are the levels that applied:

Chris’s Billiards

The last qualifier for the 2013 USBA nationals was held over the weekend of March 2 and 3 at Chris’s Billiards in Chicago. Three players qualified, George Ashby, Lupe Cruz and Thang Lé. Ashby is a former national champion, having won five BFUSA and three ABA titles in the 1970s and 1980s.

Ken Higgins

sion. In the finals J R Greenlee won the “C” division while Mark Williams was 2nd, Dave Ehlers was 3rd and Alfred Wenzl was 4th. In the “B” finals Jesus Quinonez was 1st, Raye Raskin 2nd, Joe Brisson 3rd, and Marc Smith 4th. Jesus Quinonez had high run of 8 in the “B” division and Alfred Wenzl had the high run of 5 in the “C” division. A great thank you to the Elks Lodge and Mike Conte, ER.

Handicaps: B+ Players (.700-.899 average) go to 25 pts B Players (.500-.699 average) go to 20 pts C Players: (below .500 average) go to 15 pts As it turns out, the handicapping enabled two B players to finish ahead of the B+ players in what proved to be some exciting and well-fought play.. 1st Enrique Ramirez 2nd Sergio Bedoya Lupe Cruz is a strong player with several USBA tour victories in his possession. Little is known of Thang Lé except that he is a strong player deserving of the honor of playing in the nationals. These three join 18 other qualifiers and at least 18 other players who have announced their intention to participate in the championship tournament.

Upcoming USBA Tournaments Shot Contest Breakers Billiards, April 28, 2013 Pittsburg, PA 412-531-2250 Contact: Paul Mottey April 26-28, 2013 Marshalltown, IA Mike Kelley Memorial $110 Entry for current USBA Members Contact: John Jacobson @ 641-751-4696 May 16-19, 2013 NW OPEN-Tacoma Elks

28 PQB April/May

Tacoma Elks Lodge No. 174 Contact: Tom Thomsen, 509-240-2027 or 541-938-6889 July 14-16, 2013-USBA Women’s Tournament July 17-21, 2013 Verhoven Open Tournament Carom Cafe - Flushing NY Contact: Charles Brown 646 528 3238 USBA Marti Tracy Memorial Medford Elks - Medford OR :: USBA Tournaments July 19-21, 2013 “B/C” Event Contact:Tom Thomsen, 509-240-2027 or 541-938-6889

Shots From A Master Play

by Robert Byrne Contributing Writer • from Byrne’s “Advanced Techniques in Pool & Billiards” with permission

beautiful kiss-back pattern, the balls are frozen on the three end-rail diamonds. Shoot at the white with low left English, angling the line of aim slightly into the cushion. The idea is to have the white bounce off the side rail and collide with the cueball at the position of the dashed ball, sending the cueball around the table to score on the red. It’s easier, of course, with the red big in the corner and the white closer to the other corner.


Rip’s Tips Freeze the red & yellow balls on the cushion as shown. Set the cue ball perpendicular to yellow ball, (give or take 2 or 3 inches), and hit the yellow ball with cue ball using 10 o’clock English and a medium firm stroke. You should make this shot fairly easily and have some fun doing so. tic billiard enthusiast,”

“ USBA Membership”

To become a USBA member and receive the PQB publication for free, fill out and return this form.

USBA Membership • Dues $50

New Member ____________Renewal __________ PRINT PLEASE Name: ___________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________ City,

“George Rippe is a former billiard room proprietor and artistic billiard enthusiast,” He can be reached at 978 975-9958

__________________State ____ Zip: __________

Home Phone: _____________________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________________________ E-Mail Address: __________________________________ Referred by ______________________________________

Send completed form and check or money order payable to USBA to Jim Shovak/USBA Secretary 58 Hawthorne Ave. • East Islip, NY 11730.

April/May PQB 29

30 PQB April/May


Orcollo Rules - Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament. by CSI Press


he Western US Pool Season started full swing in style with the completion of the 17th Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament. The “Swanee” is produced by CueSports International (CSI) and was held at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California. Live-Streaming was provided by POV Pool ( The full 192 field ushered into the pool room early Saturday morning February 23rd to face one of the most regarded and grueling two day 9-ball events in the country. With a total purse of $15,520 up for grabs and the strongest field in the “Swanee” 17 year history; it was tough action for the rail birds. With such names in the field as recent two time consecutive winner Alex Pagulayan, Shane Van Boening - the undisputed top US player for the past several years and multiple world champions such as Francisco Bustamante, Darren Appleton, Dennis Orcollo and making a re-appearance on US soil Ronnie Alcano, the top spot could go to any player. However not to be ruled out were rock solid top California players such as Sal Butera, Ernesto Dominguez and Louis Ulrich to name a few who have the arsenal in their playing repertoire to take on their international counterparts.

Ronnie ‘Fast Eddie’ Allen 74, Dies

Winning the Swanee comes down to several factors, as all premier tournaments do; skill, a strong mental game, perseverance, a dash of occasional luck of the rolls and in this particular event, stamina. When the dust settled it was Dennis Orcollo crowned champion late Sunday night and pocked the $3,000 first place prize. In addition to winning the 17th Jay Swanson Memorial, a few additional highlights of Orcollo’s professional 13 career includes winning the 2012 US Open 10-Ball Championship – also produced by CSI, the 2011 Derby City Classic 9-Ball division, the 2011 WPA World 8-Ball Championship and the 2010 World Pool Masters.

by Steve Booth


ne Pocket legend Ronnie Allen was originally from Oklahoma, and it was there he first developed the makings of a good player. In his teens Ronnie found his way to California, where he discovered the very active pool scenes in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He won the very first tournament he ever entered, Cochran’s One Pocket tournament of 1962, which included a who’s who of early One Pocket. As a tournament player, Ronnie won One Pocket events over three decades: Cochran’s One Pocket tournament in 1962, Johnston City One Pocket division in 1970, and Red’s Open One Pocket in1984 As an after hours player, Ronnie was the dominant One Pocket player for nearly twenty years, from the mid 60’s to the mid 80’s. His flamboyant style at the table was as popular with the spectators as it was overwhelming to his opponents. During those years, it took a rare player to face Ronnie even; nearly everyone could get a ball or two or more. Ronnie also developed a very strong one-handed technique. Many players who hesitated to step to the table with him in normal fashion were enticed to take him on, their two hands to his one, only to find he shot nearly as well one-handed! Credited with inventing ‘power One Pocket’, Ronnie was famous for his creative shots that aggressively moved several balls at once away from his opponent’s pocket and towards his own. His entertaining and exciting style of play came as quite a contrast to the conservative style employed by most of the top One Pocket players when Ronnie first burst on to the One Pocket scene. His exciting style has inspired many of our younger generation of players, which has made the game itself more entertaining for countless fans. Ronnie was elected into the One Pocket Hall of Fame in 2004.

32 PQB April/May

Places to Play Across the U.S.A. ALABAMA

Receive 15 issues of PQB’s National Pool & 3-Cushion News, and your listing in Places to Play for $95/year. Call us at (901)756-2594.

DOTHAN Pocket Billiards

2086 Montgomery Hwy 334-793-9644 8-9’ Gandys 8 –Bar tables 2-5x10 Snookers 2-Steel & 2 Electronic Dart boards,Full Bar & Kitchen 1-73” Wide Screen-11 T.V’s

CALIFORNIA BURBANK • Burbank's Elks Lodge #1497 818 848-5508 2232 N. Hollywood Way 5 Verhovens, 1 Snooker 1 Pool table


17450 Bellflower 562-867-7733 28-9’ Pool tables 6-3-Cushion, 2-Snooker 3-Bar tables

CHICO •DownLo Billiards Sports Bar & Grill

319 Main St (530) 892-2473 10-9 ft Diamonds,1-7 ft Diamond, Full Bar & Rest.

MAYOOD • Eight Ball Billiards

323-562-9092 5250 S. Atlantic Blvd 14 Billiard tables (Verhovens) 21 Gold Crown pool tables Full Restaurant, Dominos, 5 TV’s

MILPITAS • Edgie's Billiards.

408 942-9500 235. S.Milpitas Bvld. 6 Chevilliottes, 23Brunswicks, 1 Snooker

N. HOLLYWOOD • Million Dollar Billiards

818-763-9491 12135 Victory Blvd. 7- Verhoevens,2- Snooker 5x10,11- Gold Crowns Pool

SACRAMENTO Hard Times Billiards

916 332-8793 5536 Garfield Ave 33-Pool Tables 6 Dart boards, 2 Fooseball 8 TV,s,

Videos, Ltd food

SAN DIEGO • College Billiards

5303 El Cajon Blvd 619 582-4550 6–Verhoeven Billiard tables,13 Pool Tables, 1Snooker 6x12, Beer & Wine full Restaurant

TEMECULA High Society Billiards

951 699-3478 28950 Old Town Front St 13-9’ Pool Tables,11 – Bar Boxes,1 Big screen, Snacks,Internet Juke-box


860-314-0034 245 Main Street 1-3 Cushion Chevilotte 7-Pool Tables,Beer,Wine & Food,Arcade

FLORIDA MIAMI • Doral Billiards Sports Bar

Trick Shots

407 671-7797 7644 University Blvd. 4-9' pool tables, 12-8' tables, Darts, Full Bar & Pro Shop on premises


3541 Chamblee Tucker Rd 770 454-7665 38-Pool tables, 1-3-cushion 1-Snooker 6x12,Full bar and kitchen,Pro-Shop

BAXLEY Danny’s Billiards

417 E. Parker St 912 278 7099 4-9’ Diamonds, 4-7’ Diamonds, Video games, TV’s

SAVANNAH • Southside Billiards 912-925-5398 13051 Abercom St 2- 3-Cushion Tables 1-10ft Snooker,7- 9ft Pool, 8 - 8ft,1-Ping Pong, Darts,Full bar & Food

ILLINOIS ALSIP Red Shoes Billiards

7800 NW 25th St #1 305-592-8486 12009 S. Pulaski Rd 6-3-cushion Chevillotte tables, 17-Pool tables,Beer, 708 388-3700 15-Gold Crown,2-Bar Wine & Food,14 Flat TV’s Tables, 1-Dart board ORLANDO Full Bar & Restaurant

Trick Shots

407 298-5112 Old Winter Garden Rd 16- 8' Black Crowns, Huge Screen, Darts, Full Bar/Food-Pro Shop

Trick Shots

407 737-6606 11351 Lake Underhill Two 9’ Brunswicks in VIP area Room 7 Dart Boards, Full Bar, Deli Food Big Screen & 17- TV’s, 8,000 Sq ft & Patio

STUART • Amy’s Billiards

772 232-9966 1600 NW Federal Hwy 1-Gabriel 3-Cushion 8-9ft Olhausens,6- 8ft Bar boxes, 1-9’ Brunswick-1-9’ National,3-8’ft House Tables,Darts/Beer/Wine/Fo od, Smoking & NonSmoking rooms


CHICAGO Chicago Billiard Café

773 545-5503 5935 W. Irving Park Rd. 16-9’Brunswick -1Snooker,1Dart board- Hot Food, 46” big screen & WiFi

• Chris Billiards

4637 N. Milwaukee 773 286-4714 7-Cushion tables 45 Pool tables,Ping Pong

CRESTWOOD Pockets Billiards 708-371-7665 13335 S. Cicero Ave 14 - 9’ Gold Crowns 10 – 7’ Valleys Full Bar & Food

EAST MOLINE Leisure Time Billiards &

Sports Bar

309 752-9559 845 Ave of the City 5-9 foot pool tables,16- Bar tables, 2 sports bars, 11 Dart boards Full Kitchen

INDIANA INDIANAPOLIS Brickyard Billiards 317-248-0555 6445 W. Washington ST 1-3-Cushion Gabriels 12-Bar Tables,4-9’ Gold Crowns,3-9’ Diamonds

Executive Billiards

317 251-0132 5130 N. Keystone 10-9’Gold Crowns,1-5x10 Pool table,1-5x10 Snooker 1-8’ pool

Room Owners Sign Up Now Increase your customer base 3 Cushion available at rooms with a “•” MARYLAND CATONSVILLE • Vip Billiards

6541 Baltimore National Pike 410 747-2551 5 – 8’ Hollywood 3-Cushion 12 – 9’ Gold Crowns 8 – 9’ Granite Bed Cosmos Free WiFi 3 Big Screen Satellite TV’s All Ages, All The Time

ELKRIDGE • Triple Nine’s Bar & Billiards

7540 Washington Blvd.#C1 410 799-1818 2-3-Cushion Gabriels 14-9’ Brunswicks, 4- 7’ Pool Tables, Full Bar & Food

GLEN BURNIE IOWA Big Daddy’s Billiards CLINTION 760-1332 Legend’s Sports Bar 410 7954 B & A Blvd. Ste. 2-G 563 243-4266 2118 Harrison Dr 9-7’ Valley’s 1-9’ Gold Crown,Full Kitchen ,Sports Bar,13-42” TVs, Darts, Video’s

DAVENPORT Sharky’s Billiards & Sports Bar 2902 E. Kimerly Rd 563-359-7225 24 Tables, Full Bar


502 969-2222 5004 Preston Hwy Tables, Custom Cues, Accessories & Cue repair

PADUCAH Side Pocket

270-443-1159 301 Murray St 9 & 8 Foot Gold Crowns & 2 Bar Boxes Just Pool Mister…JUST POOL

LOUISANA NEW IBERIA Emeralds Billiards

337-319-0530 2514 W. Old Spanish Trail 24 Bar boxes,8 – 9ft Gold Crowns 5, Full Bar & Restaurant

8-9’ Diamonds, 3-7’ Diamonds,7- 8’ Gold Crowns 1-6x12ft Snooker

Gold Crown 5 Showroom on Premises

MICHIGAN ADRIAN Diamond Jims Pool Hall

117 West Maumee St 517 759-4464 8-7’ Valleys, 3-9’ Diamonds 1-TV

MONROE Cone’s & Cue

308 North Telegraph 734 241-5533 9 -7’ - 2-9’, 1-Snooker 10’, 2-Gold Crown 3-cushion 1-Dart and Pro Shop & snack bar, BYOB

WYOMING • The Carom Club

616- 805-0316 4215 Division Ave SW. 4 Heated Olhausen 5x10 Carom Tables,(2) 7’ft Valley Bar Boxes and (2) 9’ft Brunswick

MINNESOTA LAUREL COLUMBIA Bankshot Bar & Grill 3249 Fort Mead RD HEIGHTS 301 483 - 8644 Jimmy’s Pro 16 – Diamonds Bar Tables Billiards 3 – 9’ Diamonds, 4 – Dart boards, Full Bar and Restaurant, 16 TV’s

PARKVILLE • Top Hat Cue Club 410 665-1906 8809 Satyr Hill Rd 22-9’ Gold Crowns 3-Bar Tables,5-Table Tennis, 1- 3-Cushion Federic Caurdon

MASS EAST BOSTON Napoles Billiards

1233 Benningtons St (617) 567-4454 2-3-Cushion1-Pool table 1-9 Billiard table, Restaurant & Bar

MALDEN • Amazin Billiard Club

781 605-2035 40 Faulkner St 4-3-Cushion Bretons 4-Pool tables Bretons 8-Pool Tables,1-Snooker 6 x 12, Private Room with

4040 Central Ave NE 763-706-1904 10 - 7ft Diamonds 8 - 9ft tables 1- 6 X 12 Snooker Restaurant - Beer & Wine In-House Pro & Owner Jimmy Wetch

DULUTH Horseshoe Bar & Billiards

2415 West Superior Street 218-727-5144 12 - 7ft Valleys 6-Dart Boards,TV’s for Sports Games,Full Bar & Food

FARMINGTON Farmington Billiards

933 8th St Hwy #3 651-463-2636 8-9’ Gold Crowns, 8-7’ Diamonds,Free Wi-Fi,Beer Food


1319 Larpenteur Ave

April/May PQB 33

651 646-9508 16 – Gold Crowns 1 – 5x10 Brunswick Anniversary, 1-5x10 & 16x12 Snooker, 2-7’ Bar tables, Darts & Foosball


662-226-1322 893 Springhill Rd 7- Pool tables, 3 Bar tables, Video’s, Beer/food

JACKSON “This Is It” Bar & Grill

601 373-5966 3401 Rainey Rd 9-Bar boxes,1 -9’ Diamond, 6-Dart Boards,10- Big screen T.V.’s, Beer Bar & Full snack bar

SOUTHAVEN Southaven Recreational

662 342-0230 987 Town & Country 16- Big Tables. 5-Bar Tables,5-TV’s, Darts, Bumper Pool, Food/beer

STARKVILLE Southern Billiards

662 323-7665 103 South Washington St 6 -9’ Gandy’s, 2- 9’ Diamonds,1-10’ Snooker, Poker Night on Sunday

VARDAMAN Rack-N-Roll Billiards

662-414-6539 105 Sweet Potato Ave 2-8’ Antique Brunswick 1-10’ Antique Snooker 1- 4 ½ x 9’ Olhausen


26 North Main 573-335-9955 20- Bar Tables, 2-9 ft pool tables,Full Bar & Kitchen

POPLAR BLUFF Westwood Billiards

2207 S. Westwood Blvd. 573 686-4880 10-7ft bar tables, 9ft Brunswich, 2 dart boards, 7 TV’s and Full Bar and Kitchen

O’FALLON Action Billiard Club

636 978-7728 977 West Terra, Ln 17-Pool Tables, 1-5X10 Snooker, Darts

34 PQB April/May

ST CHARLES Side Pocket

636-724-9300 1439 Bass Pro Drive 18-Valley Black Cats,4Gold Crowns, Full Restaruant


702 735-2884 953 E. Sahara Ste. A15 2- 3-Cushion Soren Sogaard,34 -Pool Tables, 1-Snooker 6 x12, Full bar & food -Gaming available


PORTSMOUTH Legends Billiards

603-433-1154 80 Hanover St 15- Pool tables, 7- Dart boards,Full liquor & Pub menu,Video games 5-Big screens

SOMERSWORTH Buster’s Billiards 369 Route 108 603 692-7926 15 – 9 ft tables, Beer & Wine, Food, 2 Dart Boards, ProSho


524 Washington Ave. 973-759-6217 2- New Gabriels 3cushion billiard tables. 34 – 9 foot pool tables, 6 – Big Screens

CLIFTON Breaker Billiards

1142 US-46 973 773-0933 12-Gold Crowns,3-8’ & 1 Bar Table, BYOB-Air Hockey2-Ping Pong

EDISON Sandcastle Billiards

101 Towsley Rd 732 632-9277 18 - 9’ Tables, Card table lounge, Ping-Pong., Pro-shop

NEW YORK BROOKLYN • Gotham City Billiards Club

93 Ave U 718 714-1002 15 Brunswick, 1 Vitalie,

6 Large screen TV’s Burgers, Pizza &,Large Pro Shop

Full bar and Kitchen

718 358-8585 34-02 Linden Pl 10-5x10 New Verhoven 3Cushion Billiard tables, 10 4 x 8 carom, 22 Brunswick pool tables,Full Bar & Restaurant

336 765-7391 420N Jonestown Rd 15-9 foot Pool tables Darts, 1-big screen, fooseball,Full Bar&menu

FLUSHING • Carom Cafe

LINDENHURST • Mr Cue Billiards 631-226-9486 76 East Sunrise Hwy 1-3 Cushion 5x10 14- Gold Crowns,3-Bar Tables,Beer & Snacks

STATEN ISLAND Port Richmond Billiards

718 727-0800 350 Port Richmond Ave 14- Pool Tables 4-Big screens, Full Bar

WILLIAMVILLE • Bison Billiards

716 632-0281 Main Transit Plaza 8216 Main St 8-9’ Diamonds, 3-9’ Brunswicks, 6-Bar Tables 2-Dart Boards, 3-Cushion Gabriel


315 768-0218 5160 Commercial Dr. E 12-4 1/2x9 Gabriels, 15x10 3-cushion table, 8-3 1/2 7 Valleys, Beer, Wine, Full menu, 8-TV’s


539 E. Plaza Dr. Ste. E 704 660-5363 17-9’Olhausen Grand Champions Pros 6-Dart boards, Beer & Wine full Restaurant, Voted top 10 in 2010 room

NEW BERN Mickey’s Milligans Billiards 252 637-3711 3411 Trent Rd 6- 9ft Pro Diamonds 3-Steel Tip dart boards Full Bar, Pizza & Snack foodLive entertainment weekly, Tournaments every Sunday

RALEIGH Sharky’s Place 5800 Duraleigh Rd 919 210-1094 6- 9 ft Gold Crowns 2- 7 ft Valley

WINSTON SALEM Breaktime Billiards & Sports Bar

OHIO FAIRFIELD • Michaels Billiards

6625 Dixie Billiards 513-860-0044 1- 3-Cushion Table 34- Pool Tables Full Bar and Restaurant


405 736-0590 5920 South East 15st 13 -9ft Diamonds 3- Bar boxes diamonds Full Bar

OKLAHOMA CITY • AAA Billiards Supply

405 917-9300 4619 N. West 10th 6- Gold Crowns, 4-Bar tables, 2-5 x 10 Snooker table, 1-3-Cushion Billiard table, 1-6 X 12 SnookerPro Shop & Cue & table repair

OREGON MEDFORD • The Medford Elks Club

541 772-6247 202N. Central Ave 8-New Elements, 3 Cushion, Gabriel Tables

PENNSYLVANIA NORRISTOWN Markly Billiards 610-278-1595 1713 Markly St 9-Gold Crown 9’,4-Diamonds 7’- Light menu

PHILADELPHIA • Drexeline Billiard Club.

610 259-9144 5100 State Rd L-300 2- New Cheviotte 3cushion tables, 16- 4 1/2x 9 Gold Crowns.4 - 4x8 G.Crowns Full line of custom cues & accessories, Tournaments, Inst., Sr.citizen rates

PITTSBURG • Breakers Billiards 412-531-2250 1413 Potomac Ave 2-3-Cushion heated Chevilotte,6 – 9’ Gold Crowns, 8 – 9’ Diamond pros,1- 7’ Bar table Diamond, Full Bar

RHODE ISLAND NORTH PROVIDENCE Rhode Island Billiard Bar & Bistro

401-232-1331 2020-2026 Smith St 14-9’ tables,1-Snooker 5x10 table 1 bar table, 20 T.V’s 2 Full bar & food, Retail


401 351-7665 53 Ashburton ST 15- 9’ Gold Crowns 40-HD T.V’s Full service restaurant with 2 bars.,Home of the New England Pool Hall of Fame

TENNESSEE MEMPHIS Bubba’s Ale House & Grille

7041 HWY 64 901-937-1911 2-Bar tables 2-Dart boards Full bar & Food Several Flat Screens (HD) Smoking allowed

MADISON J.O.B Billiard Club

615 868-4270 900 Gallatin Rd. Madison Sq. Mall 30 Pool tables diamonds In house pro-shop

MANCHESTER Lucky Break Billiard Club

1766 Hillsboro Hwy 931 954 5400 4-7’Valleys,4-7’Diamonds 3 9’Diamonds,Darts, Bumper Pool Beer & Grill

TEXAS DALLAS Hawleys Billiards 972 239-4846 5623 Alpha Rd 5-9ft & 7-8ft,1-5x10 Snooker,Darts & Foosball,Full Bar & Food

SAN LEON Casper’s Billiards 281 559-1400 37 21st St 18- 9ft Brunswicks Full Service Rest & Bar

HOUSTON • Houston Café & Billiards

13590 State Hwy 249 77086 832-397-9400 1-3-Cushion Gabriels Element, 2-3-Cushion Cheviottes

• ALL Sports Cafe


1005 SAINT EMANUEL SUITE 2-4 713-303-7838 3-New Imperators 3 Cushion Tables,1-4 x 8 Straight Rail,3– 5 x10 3cushion tables

Sharpshooters Billiards

• Paris Bida

1599 Ols Summer Ave. 901 761-1583 12-4 1/2 x9 Gold Crowns, 1 Snooker table, 8- Bar Tables, Full menu & beer, 8- TV’s, 1 big screen, Videos 901 386-1188 6959 Stage 18 Bar Tables 4-Gold Crowns, 6 Dart Boards, T.V’s,Jukebox,Video games, food & Beer

• The Rack

901 369-9501 3622 Lamar Ave 8-9 ‘ Pro Diamond 1-3-Cushion Gabriel 3-Dart boards, 10-tv’s Food & Beer

Bogies Billiards

3040 FM 1960 RD Ste 101 281-821-4544 8- 9’ Gold Crowns 14 8’ Pool Tables 1-Snooker,Full Bar and Food

118010 Bellaire Blvd. Suite –A 832-630-5903 2- New Kronos 3-Cushion 6-Gabriels 3-Cushion 6-Carom tables 4-Pool tables- Bar & Food

LEAGUE CITY Legend’s Billiards 201 S. Gulf Frwy 281-332-7716 20 -4X8 Tables 3 -9’ tables,1-Bar table Full Bar & food 1-Steel Dart board

VIRGINIA VIRGINIA BEACH Mike’s Break Room 757-855-2114 3717 Tiffany Lane 5- Pool tables, 19- Flat screens,Rest. Sports Pub


TACOMA Elk’s Club Lodge

1965 S. Union Ave 253-272-1117 5-3-cushion Verhoeven 9- Brunswick pool tables

WISCONSIN MILWAUKEE • Wisconsin Billiards 414 344-5666

2715 W.Wisconsin Ave 10- 9’ Gold Crowns, 4 Bar tables, 1-Snooker 5x10, 1-3-cushion Billiard,Full Bar, Pizza, Pro Shop

OSHKOSH Varsity Club

920 651-0806 570 N. Main St 12 -7ft tables 9- 9ft tables, 3- Dart boards, ,4-Big Screen, 11T.v’s, Full bar & Food

Business for Sale

Pool Room in Daytona Beach, Florida Stand alone building - Same owner for 35 years 17 Pool Tables 1 6x12 English Snooker Table 1 Poker Table & Poker Video games Air Hockey and Foose Ball Outside Basket Ball and Ping Pong Cue repair shop on premises with complete Billiard Supplies and large display area with over 200 Pool Cues & Case. Sell New and Used Tables and also recover and move tables. Leagues and Tournaments Senior Leagues & Junior Summer Leagues Beer, Wine, Food & Even Ice Cream Selling Business for $175,000 Contact John, aka Uncle Waldo. (386) 788-3582 Possible sale of building


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April/May PQB 35

Ga Young Kim is Third WPBA Masters Champion Courtesy AzB Staff


ith a gritty performance against Allison Fisher in the event semifinals and a dominating performance against Monica Webb in the finals, Ga Young Kim laid claim to the third WPBA Masters title, joining Jasmin Ouschan (2011) and Ewa Mataya Laurance (2012) in the event archives. The semifinals and finals marked the first time in the 20-year history of the WPBA Classic Tour that these matches had been broadcast live by ESPN3. The WPBA Masters commenced on Thursday, February 7, and drew 48 entrants to the Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino in Mount Pleasant, MI. By virtue of two less matches, Allison Fisher ended up with the highest winning percentage among the event’s four finalists (67%, 4-1). Kim ended up with the second highest winning percentage (64%, 6-1), and had to come from the loss-side to get into the single elimination semifinals. She’d cruised through her opening rounds, defeating Maureen Seto and Jana Montour, both 9-3, as well as Janet Atwell 9-5. Then, she ran into Karen Corr, who was fresh off a double hill win over Jeanette Lee. Corr chalked up her second straight double hill win, and Ga Young Kim was westbound. Kim picked up Ouschan on the loss side, and downed her 9-6, which put her among the final four. Webb, with the event’s third highest winning percentage (56%), got by Kelly Cavanaugh, 9-3, survived a double hill match against Kim White-Newsome, and downed Ouschan 9-3, before running into Fisher, who sent her to the loss side 9-4. There, she ran into Lee, and with a 9-6 win that put Lee in the broadcast booth with Mitch Laurance, instead of at the table battling to get into the finals, Webb was among the final four. Rearranged, the semifinal matchups could have been rematches; Kim versus Corr, Webb against Fisher, but the reseeding scrambled that, pitting Kim against Fisher, in the first of the broadcast matches, and later, Corr against Webb. The first of the three matches proved to be the best of the bunch, as Kim and Fisher battled to double hill in the newly-employed tournament format (used on the Tour of Champions) - two races to 4, with a sudden death game in the event of a tie. After they’d traded racks (alternate break) to a 3-3 tie, Fisher took the opening set. In the second set, Fisher was the first to chalk up two straight racks throughout the entire eight-game semifinal match (down 0-1, she won the second and third game). Kim got back into it, and once again, they were knotted at 3-3. An unforced error (with a bridge) by Fisher in the last rack, gave Kim the opening she needed, and she tied

36 PQB April/May

the match score at 1-1, forcing the sudden death game. Kim came up dry on the break, but Fisher chalked up an unforced error shooting at the 2-ball. Kim returned the favor, and stretching out just a little too far, she missed the 2-ball, as well. Some safety play ensued, including a ball-in-hand safety for Kim. Both used up their quota of extensions on the 45-second shot clock and the pressure was on. Kim hung in to sink the final 9-ball (only the second time that either of them had won two games in a row) and she advanced to the finals. The winner of the next two matches - the second semifinal, and the final - did not give up a rack to her opponent. Webb opened up her semifinal match against Corr with her 6th break-and-run of the tournament, punctuating the start of this match with a bank on the 9-ball. She concluded the opening set, three racks later, with a 1-9 combination. Corr opened the second set proceedings by sinking four balls on the break, but had absolutely nothing to shoot at. She made an unforced error (typical of the entire match, during which Corr seemed off-stride), and handed the first game to Webb. Webb broke and took the second game. Though safety play was prominently featured in the next two games, Webb sunk all the balls, and she was into the finals against Kim. Two unforced errors by Webb in the opening two games of the two-set finals gave Kim a quick 2-0 lead, which she promptly turned into 3-0, with a 4-9 combination. Webb snookered herself shooting at the 2-ball in the next rack, and Kim finished things to take the opening set. In the opening game of the second set, Webb committed another unforced error, which effectively gave Kim the game. Kim followed it by breaking and running the second rack for her second 2-0 lead. In the third rack, Kim chalked up an uncharacteristic unforced error, but Webb returned the favor with one of her own, and Kim finished to reach the championship hill. Kim finished with her eighth break-and-run of the tournament to claim the event title.

38 PQB April/May

Wes Burden

Billiard Table Service & Cue Work

Commerical & Residential Tables

Gabriel & Diamond Factory Authorized Mechanic Tampa Florida

Wes Burden Cell • (813) 416-2255

Service Directory Place Your Business Card Ad in the Billiard Industry Service Directory call (901)756-2594 for details and rates.

April/May PQB 39

DPM Universal Pocket and Carom Billiard Systems Article 66

by Darrell Paul Martineau • WBIA Head Master Instructor I am going to show you how to miss kisses! The first thing you need to know is Cue Ball / Object Ball 1 diamond angles.There are only 24 of them possible. You will probably only use 16 of them in a full game. They are easy to learn. I have already shown them to you in articles 25 thru 65. In case you do not have these graphs I will give you a fulldescription in the next 6 or more articles. A 12 angle is always straight up and down the table, from end rail to end rail, no matter where that takes place. Graph 66 shows three shots all having a 12 angle between the Cue Ball and Object Ball 1. The Inside System, articles 61 thru 63 and graphs, is being used to calculate the shot. Angle 12, OB2 at 6, subtract 6 from 12 = 6. make a 6 hit. The hit to miss kisses for a 12 angle is 3 or 7. The way around the problem is to make a [ Half Hit ]. One half of 6 is 3. All you need do is cue at the lower cuing, see graph, and make a three hit [ one quarter ball ]. The graph shows exactly where the OB1 will go with the #3 hit. Place a piece of chalk on that spot to make sure you made the correct hit. This is not a draw shot, just cue low and follow through as you would at the equator. Smooth stroke with a little more than make speed. The stroke would be more firm for shot #3.Missing kisses are in groups of 4, Angles 9 and less take one away Angles Hits Angles >10 add one to last 0 [-1] 3, 7, 11 1 0, 4, 8, 12 2 1, 5, 9 3 2, 6, 10 4 3, 7, 11 5 0, 4, 8, 12 6 1, 5, 9 7 2, 6, 10 8 3, 7, 11 9 4, 8, 12 10 1. 5, 9 11 2, 6, 10 12 3, 7, 11 13 4, 8, 12 14 5, 9 15 2, 6, 10 16 3, 7, 11 When the CB/OB1 angle is 9 or less and straight to the corner just use the angle! Example: Angle is 7 make a 7 or 3 hit ! 40 PQB April/May

More on this System segment in the next issue of Professor Cue Ball News You may purchase caroms Articles and Graphs 25 through 62 on line to be e-mailed to you for $25.00 If you have any questions you can always e-mail me and I will answer you. Darrell Paul Martineau, 5916 Bar Harbour Ct. Elk Grove CA 95758 For more information on this system and my books, tapes, DVDs or lessons on Pool or Carom Billiards please call me at 916-6844535 or e-mail dpmuniverse @ Comcast . net Web page

December/January PQB 41

42 PQB April/May

44 PQB April/May

Professor’s National Tournament Directory APRIL 6 - 7

Great Southern Billiard Tour Amateur Stop 9 Shore Thing Billiards Myrtle Beach SC 843-712-1905 APRIL 6 – 7

Midwest 9-Ball Tour Stop 5 Magoo’s Billiards Tulsa OK 918 663-3364 APRIL 13

Tri State Tour Stop 31 Castle Billiards East Rutherford, NJ 201-933-6007 APRIL 13 – 14

Action Pool Tour Stop 7 First Break Cafe Sterling VA (703) 444-2551 APRIL 13 – 14 Fast Eddie’s 9-Ball Tour Stop 4 Fast Eddie’s Sports Bar Lubbock TX 806 745-4268 APRIL 13

Flamingo Billiards Tour Stop 3 Cunningham Pool & Darts Vero Beach FL 772 562-1171 APRIL 13 - 14 Predator Pro-Am Tour Stop 6 Amateur Division Steinway Billiards Astoria NY 718-472-2124 APRIL 11 - 14

Accu-Stats One-Pocket Invitational YOU can “Make It Happen” Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ Contact: Pat Fleming 800828-0397

APRIL 20 – 21

Joss North East 9-Ball Tour Stop 12 Amateur Event Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar West Hempstead NY 516-538-9896 APRIL 20 Tri State Tour Stop 32 CueBar Billiards Bayside NY (718) 631-2646 APRIL 27 – 28

Joss NorthEast Tour Stop 13 Amateur Event Fast Eddie’s Billiards Café New Milford CT 860-350-8569 APRIL 27 – 28 Action Pool Tour Virginia State 8-Ball Championship Q-Master Billiards Virginia Beach VA 757-499-8900 APRIL 27 – 28 Omega Billiard Tour Stop 3 JR Pockets Denton Texas (940) 383-3573 MAY 4

Tri State Tour Stop 34 Gotham City Billiards Brooklyn NY 718 714-1002 MAY 4 - 5

Great Southern Billiard Tour Amateur Stop 10 Shore Thing Billiards Myrtle Beach SC 843-712-1905 MAY 18

Tri State Tour Stop 36 Port Richmond Billiard Club Staten Island, New York (718) 727-0800 MAY 18 – 19

Arizona State

One Pocket Championship Kolby’s Corner Pocket Tempe AZ (480) 829-7344 MAY 18 - 19

NWPA Tour Stop 3 Ballad Town Billiards Forest Grove OR 503-357-1111 MAY 25 – 26

Tri State Tour Stop 37 Amsterdam Billiard Club New York NY 212-995-0333 JUNE 1 Tri State Tour Stop 38 Castle Billiards East Rutherford NJ 201-933-6007 JUNE 1 - 2

Joss NorthEast Tour Stop 14 Amateur Event Snookers Pool Lounge Providence RI 401 351-7665 JUNE 1 – 2

Predator Pro-Am Tour Stop 8 Amateur Division Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar West Hempstead. NY 516-538-9896 JUNE 1 - 2

Arizona Desert Classic Tour Stop 4 Stingers Phoenix AZ 623-937-9645 JUNE 8 Flamingo Billiards Tour Stop 4 Slate Billiards Boynton Beach FL 561-735-7802 JUNE 8 - 9

Action Pool Tour VIP Billiards Stop 9 Catonsville MD 410-747-2551 JUNE 8 - 9

Tri State Tour Stop 39 Gotham City Billiards Brooklyn NY 718 714-1002 JUNE 15

State Tour Stop 40 Carom Cafe Flushing NY 718 358-8585

JUNE 22 – 23

Omega Billiard Tour Stop 4 Rusty’s Billiards Fort Worth Texas (817) 244-3294 JULY10 - 12

BCA Summit Renaissance Chicago/Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center JULY 18 - 21

WPA World Artistic Pool Championship Joins CSI at the Rio Hotel, Las Vegas Mark Dimick 405 642-5641


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April/May PQB 45

The Rack’s Superbowl 9-Ball Open by Josh Gilmore


his year’s Superbowl 9-ball open, the 30th of its kind, drew a slightly more diverse crowd than years past. With 78 players, some might say this is attributed to an overlap of dates with the Derby City Classic, to which many of the higher level players attend, but others might argue that its due to a stronger presence of Memphis on the national map in the pool world. With local room owners Jerry Ramey (The Rack) and Tracy Whitney (High Pockets) pushing to grow the sport in the Mid-South, or perhaps a solid combination of the two. Either way, the event’s participants drew better matches; with slimmer gaps between the opponent’s playing abilities, players felt their chances of a top 16 or better placement was more within their reach. Friday evening, as usual, brought players in to test out the equipment, but I noticed players showing up as early as Tuesday. Once sign-ups were complete and entries paid, the player auction began and went rather smoothly, with a sizable and attentive crowd of players and buyers, but only bringing a little over $5000 in the purse. The bracket was drawn and players dispersed, some to their homes or hotel rooms and others to match up with other players. Following the announcements, of the Midnight Madness tournament, a single elimination, race to 7 tournament on Diamond 7ft tables, brought 8 players in with a $250 entry, paying $1500 to first and $500 to 2nd. The finals came down to Daryl Biggart and Kenny Loftis, who rather than playing further into the early morning, split the prize fund. The first round players arrived at 10am for their matches, for the most part... Tournament director, Larry Aylor, is known for his disqualifying no-show players, after placing them on a 15

46 PQB April/May

minute clock, of course, and this year was no different. As with every year, players complained of the lengthy waits between matches, but with only 8 tables to play 150+ matches in 2 days, waits are to be expected. After a 18 hours of play, with a handful of matches lasting beyond the original goal of midnight we were finally down to the final 32, who would return Sunday morning for a 2nd player auction, adding an additional $1000 to the prize fund. Daryl Biggart, who has been showing for quite a few tournaments in the Memphis area lately, was quite a favorite in this event, but was sent to the one loss side in round 3 by Shannon Sutter much earlier than anyone would have expected. Daryl, who would barely miss the final 16, is defeated by Andy Craig. A well known name in Memphis pool, Blake Todd, makes his way back to the table after 5 year. Taking a 2nd round loss to local player, Paul Dodge, Blake wouldn’t give up so easily, fighting his way back through the one loss side, until meeting yet another local player, Kenny Loftis, who would go on to finish 3rd, following his 2nd meeting with Carlos Carter (top left). Jason Evans, a local player who went for the most in the auction, would find his first round defeat to fellow local player, Danny Key, who would continue to the final 8, but would be sent to the one loss side by Tony Berrington (top right) . Tony, traveling from North Carolina to take the tournament by storm, would not see the one loss side, After a mutual agreement amongst the players and their respective auction buyers, Carter and Berrington split the 1st/2nd prize fund. Thank you to all the players who attended and participated this year, we hope to see you at future events here in Memphis.