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☜Hopkins 22nd Super Billiards Expo


Van Boening wins 10 Ball Pro Corr Wins Women’s 9-Ball Pro Chip Compton Wins 1-Pocket pro

American Cuemakers Dinner & Awards


First Annual Nick Varner CLassic


First Don Samples Memorial 9-Ball Open


☜Wilson Names Mosconi USA Squad


Lee Wins on Gulf Coast Tour


Tap Pool Amateur Rally


Cuemakers Int’l 9-Ball Championship


BEF Junior National 9-Ball


☜CSI names New Manager


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Shane Van Boening Defends Title at 22nd SBX! by Ricky Bryant


he event returned for the second year to the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, New Jersey. Predator was the new sponsor of the event the ``2014 Predator Open 10-Ball Pro Players Championship``. The play was on 9 foot Diamond tables and the rules for 2014 were: 10-Ball, races to 10, Finals will be one race to 13, Double Elimination, Open to all players, men and women, Lag for the Break with Alternating Break, Rack your own and 10-ball does not count on the break, 3 fouls in a row results in loss of game. Players must notify their opponent when they are on 2 fouls.,No call shots, Jump Cues Allowed, Cue ball fouls only foul results in ball-in-hand, Push after the break only. If a player accidentally touches a ball, their opponent will have the option to leave ball as-is or put back where he/she thinks it was. The event started on Thursday the opening day of SBX with a field of 57 players. It was an all-male field with the women only playing in their 9ball event. The Pro Arena had some nice improvements with the addition of curtain that divided the arena from the Expo. The free bleacher seats were also improved and enlarged and there was a Paid VIP seating area available. This was also the second year for Pro Tournament Director Doug Ennis who was also task with managing three pro events for 2014. And as in 2013 he was up for the task with his assistant, Andrew Coley, they produced a GREAT Event. Shane Van Boening was the returning Champion from 2012 and 2013. Shane has won the SBX Pro event four times, once in 9-ball and three times in 10-Ball. This was again another great field. Sunday the final day, after three days of play, there were four remaining players. On the one loss side was Earl Strickland and Oscar Dominguez. On the no loss side playing for the hot seat was Shane Van Boening and Tommy Kennedy. To get to the final day Shane had defeated, Robert Lewis, Alan Duty, Shaun Wilkie, Dennis Hatch and Warren Kiamco. Shaun Wilkie gave him his closest race winning 6 games. Tommy Kennedy had defeated Michael DeLawder, Ruben Bautista, Johnny Archer, Mika Immonen and Ralf Souquet. Mika was his toughest match going hill-hill. Earl had won his 6 PQB April/May

first two matches before losing to Mika. Then from the one loss side he knocked out, Kevin Clark, Thorsten Hohmann, Rodney Morris, Darren Appleton and Warren Kiamco. Oscar Dominguez also won his first two matches before losing to Warren Kiamco. On the one loss side he eliminated John Ulrich, Mike Dechaine, Mika Immonen, Jason Shaw and Ralf Souquet. Oscar put up a great battle but could only get 6 games to Earls 10. Shane`s cruise through the field ended with a 8 to 10 loss to Tommy Kennedy. Earl was overheard telling Shane ``I took care of business for us to meet in the final but you didn`t``. Well Shane got back to business defeating Earl 10 to 5. Tommy in the hot seat would have to face Shane in an extended race to 13. Shane was on a mission and took the final 13 to 8. This gave Shane the Three-peat and his fifth SBX title. Congratulations to all the players and especially Five Time Champion Shane Van Boening. PRIZE FUND with Entry Fee $500: 1st: $10,000 Shane Van Boening 2nd: $5000 Tommy Kennedy 3rd: $2500 Earl Strickland 4th: $2000 Oscar Dominguez 5-6th: $1750 7-8th: $1500 9-12th: $1250 13-16th: $1000 17-24th: $750 (Based on full field of 64 players)

photos Ricky Bryant

2014 Predator Women’s Open 9-Ball Pro Players Championship


he event was a single elimination event scheduled for two days starting on Saturday and finishing on Sunday. The field was originally set for 16 players but had such a large interest it was expanded to 32 possible players. The play was on 9 foot Diamond tables and the rules for 2014 were: 9-Ball, races to 10, Finals will be one race to 13 Single Elimination, Women Only, Lag for the Break with Alternating Break, Rack your own and 9-ball does not count on the break, 3 fouls in a row results in loss of game. Players must notify their opponent when they are on 2 fouls., Jump Cues Allowed, Cue ball fouls only - foul results in ball-in-hand, Push after the break only ,If a player accidentally touches a ball, their opponent will have the option to leave ball as-is or put back where he/she thinks it was. The event started on Saturday in the Pro Arena under the direction of Tournament Director Doug Ennis and his assistant Andrew Coley. There was a Star field of 24 players. The 2013 Champion, Allison Fisher was in the field to defend her title. After a full day of play there were four players to the final day, Brittney Bryant, Karen Corr, Allison Fisher and Dawn Fox. To get to the final day: Brittney Bryant defeated Diana `Snooky` Rojas, Sarah Rousey, Karen Corr defeated Crystal McCormick, Borana Andoni and Dawn Hopkins, Allison Fisher defeated Adriana Villar, Suzanne Smith and Junko Tsuchiya, Dawn Fox Defeated Jessica Lynn Greibesland, Denise Reeve and Jia li The semi-finals had Karen Corr over Dawn Fox, 10 to 2 and Allison Fisher over Brittany Bryant 10 to 8. The final was an extended race to 13 between Karen Corr and Allison Fisher. Allison put up a good fight but Karen took the win 13 to 8. Thanks to all the Women for some great pool and Congratulations to the 2014 Women`s Champion Karen Corr. PRIZE FUND with Entry Fee $300: 1st: $3000 Guaranteed & Trophy Karen Corr 2nd: $2000 Allison Fisher 3rd-4th: $1200 each Brittany Bryant and Dawn Fox 5-8th: $700 9-16th: $300 (Based on full field of 32 players)

Ricky Evans, 12 & under winner

April/May PQB 7

2014 Diamond Open 1-Pocket Pro Players Championship


ew for 2014 was the Diamond Open 1-Pocket event. The field was limited to 32 players and was full before the Expo opened. The event was scheduled for three days starting Friday and finishing on Sunday. Due to time constraints players were advised that if they entered multiple events and had a conflict they would have to choose which match to forfeit. There were five players that entered the 1-Pocket and 10-Ball events but four of them gave back their positions in the 1Pocket before the draw for the event. The only player to compete in both was John Schmidt. The format was race to 4, double Compton winning 5 to 3. Congratuelimination till there lations to all the players and the first were four players reDiamond SBX Open 1-Pocket maining. The four Champion Chip Compton. came from two on the no-loss side and two PRIZE FUND with Entry of $200: from the one-loss side. These four would then play race to 5, Chip Compton single elimination. The play was on 9 foot diamond tables and 1st: $2000 Guaranteed & Trophy 2nd: $1600 Joey Gray the 2014 rules were: 3rd/4th: $1200 each Paul One-Pocket, races to 4, Double Elimination, Final four Helms & John Schmidt players will play Single Elimination, races to 5, Open to all players, men and women, Rack your own, 3 fouls in a row results 5-6th: $800 each in loss of game. Players must notify their opponent when they 7-8th: $595 each 9-12th: $400 each (Based on full field of 32 players) are on 2 fouls.,Cue ball fouls only. If a player accidentally touches a ball, their opponent will have the option to leave ball as-is or put back where he/she thinks it was. Snooze an owed ball you lose it The first two days of play, starting Friday, was in the room off of the Pro Arena. The finals on Sunday were in the Pro Arena. The final four were Chip Compton, Joey Gray, Paul Helms and John Schmidt. Gray and Helms came from the no-loss side and Compton and Schmidt the one-loss side. Schmidt had put Chip in the one-loss side in the double elimination rounds with a 4 to 0 win. Chip would get his payback by eliminating Schmidt 5 to 2 in the single elimination semi-final. In the other semi-final Joey Gray would eliminate Paul Helms 5 to 0. Chip and Joey were last minute additions to the event when the four 10-Ball players decided to give up their spots in the 1Pocket. Also Chip and Joey are practice and road partners so the final was fun to watch. It was a close match with Chip

8 PQB April/May

Nick Evans Juniors 17& under winner

Sam Gilmer, Open Winner, $5000

Dave Daya, Seniors, $2000

Adrianna Villar, Women’s Amateur winner

Jason Klatt Pro Am

Don Steel, Super Seniors, $1000

April/May PQB 9


by Tom Ross Contributing Writer

I believe that a proper understanding of winning is so critically important to our growth and ultimate success as players/students, and because I’m so grateful to see others bringing this conversation to light, I’m offering my attempt to join such distinguished company with some of my own insights on the topic. With few exceptions most of us enter into a contest with one goal—to win. Since winning is the standard yardstick for success let’s examine it for a moment to see if we can strengthen our hold on it and weaken its hold on us. First, what is winning? For many of us it exists in a very grand way as the definition of a contest as in answering the question, “How did you do last night?” “I won.” or “I lost.”

critical but simple shot because we were too caught up in winning and forgot to play?

The best way to immerse yourself in playing is to honor your pool game by playing whenever you find yourself at a pool table. That may sound kind of ridiculous as in, “what else would I be doing?” Consider though the difference between the way you feel when you are just knocking balls around with a friend When we view winning in this way we and the way you feel at the table in a tend to overlook or ignore what happens tournament or league match. Wouldn’t between the coin toss and the outcome, it be great if we could take that easy, fast and loose feeling from casual contests to namely playing. The reality is that, rethe tournament table? Well, I don’t gardless of the format of the contest— tournament, money game or casual game, think so. My goal is to play in casual games with the same intent and focus the one thing we must do is play. So, that I have for a tournament match. since we cannot win without playing, let’s see what might happen if we focused When I can play in the realm of knowing that every shot I take matters, on playing instead of winning and regardless of the competitive environfurther, found a new way to experience ment, I train myself to focus on the balls playing. rather than the importance of what surrounds them, namely winning the big Let’s think of playing as a series of one. connected moments, each one separate and independent, in which we make Playing is our access to winning. If we what we believe to be the best choice can perceive every shot, regardless of the before executing that choice. So, competitive environment, as important playing is not the shot that just ended for what it is rather than for what its exnor is it the one that comes next. It is ecution might cause, we will approach very simply the one we have right now, the point where we feel the same way the one in the present. If we can and play with the same freedom in every immerse ourselves in the experience of situation. As this occurs, the pressure we playing each shot, we can free ourselves from the burden of winning, which really create for ourselves in “important” situais not something we can do but only our tions will not feel so strangely uncomname for the favorable result of playing. fortable and our best performance will emerge more frequently. How many times have we missed the

10 PQB April/May

Years ago I watched Allen Gilbert, America’s greatest billiards champion of the latter 20th century, come from far behind to win a tournament final against another former U.S. champion. I observed him throughout the match and its various stages from trailing by 15 points to catching, passing, and ultimately defeating his opponent and saw that his behavior and attitude at the table and in the chair never changed. He embodied intense focus with a relaxed enthusiasm as he scored the points he needed one shot at a time. Soon, I realized that his behavior and intent were exactly the same during this “big” match as they were whenever he played with me in games where I never provided any competition for him. And then I came to understand that the great ones always play in the present, completely inside their commitment to greatness with no acknowledgement for any meaning that surrounds the contest.

For the latest Event News ofessor

2014 American Cuemakers Association 22nd Dinner and Awards

by Ricky Bryant The show and the awards dinner at the 22nd Super Billiards Expo were well attended and as always one of the highlights of the four day event. The awards dinner was on Saturday night before the final day on the Expo on Sunday. The first award given was “Cuemaker of the Year”. This award started in 2008 to recognize an ACA member who has provided a top quality product in an ethical, honorable, and professional manner through the years. The 2014 Award went to Andy Gilbert of Gilbert Custom Cues. As quoted from the 3rd addition of the Blue Book of Cues: Andy Gilbert started playing pool as a young boy. At the age of 13, he started working in construction, which led to a lifelong woodworking hobby. He continued to play pool and, with his woodworking background, he learned to replace his own tips. Andy went into the glass business and enjoyed playing pool on the road when time allowed. He learned to repair his own cues and soon was doing minor repairs for others. Andy’s repair work progressed and, by 1989, he made his first cue in Traverse City, Michigan. With the experimentation and the advice of a couple of cuemakers, Andy advanced his cuemaking skills. In 1994, after a severe cut to his hand that took Andy out of the glass business, he moved to Missouri to make cues full-time. Gilbert cues are easily identifiable by the “G” logo that appears on the butt caps. Andy makes his cues one at a time, by hand, in his one-man shop, and is constantly making improvements in design and construction. He makes everything in his cues except for the tips and bumpers. He prefers a stiff hit, so he has developed his own taper, which starts to widen right from the thread on the ferrule. Andy likes to target league players, and tries to keep his prices very competitive. Gilbert cues were easily identifiable by a “G” in the butt cap until he recently started signing them on the forearm. The final awards of the night were for People’s Choice Award. This award started in 2008. The winner is selected by votes of the cue buying public attending the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo. The members of the ACA can enter a cue in the competition which is placed on display at the ACA booth for the first three days of the Expo. The competition allows the cue makers to show off their work as well as get feedback from the public on their designs. There are three awards presented, 1st: People’s Choice Award, 2nd: First 12 PQB April/May

Andy Gilbert, Cuemaker of the Year

Brandon Jacoby, PeteTonkin & Pat Diveney Runner Up and 3rd: Second Runner Up to now be known as First (Winner), Second and Third. Third place went to Pat Diveney, Diveney Cues. This was a speciality cue that recognized Andy and Vicki Gilbert as Cue Makers of the Year. The cue was presented to the Gilbert’s as a gift. Second place was Brandon Jacoby of Jacoby Cues with his cue The Shan Jahan. The 2014 People’s Choice winner was Pete Tonkin of Tonkin Custom Cues with The Palmette. The design was created of alternated inlays of Ivory and silver with accents of mother of pearl and blue paua shell. The forearm and butt sleeve are Ivory with major points of ebony and the minor points and ringwork are Honduran rosewood burl. All the points are wrapped with pure silver veneers with black and blue dyed sycamore veneers. The cue was a custom build for Steve Piesner and resides in his collection.

Chico Billiards Academy

by Jacqueline Karol • House Pro at Oais Bar & Grill Chico Ca., League Operator & Tournament Director .

It’s In The Wrist

As a pool instructor the topic of jumping almost always comes up. For some students it’s the appeal of the trick shot while others simply want to know why many pool halls and bars prohibit jumping. This article attempts to address some common questions I get from students on this topic. What is jumping? Jumping just means elevating the ball over another ball. It’s an alternative to kicking or masse. Why jump? As with any shot in pool, there are risks and benefits. In the case of jumping, its low probability should make it a last resort. If there is a better option, use it. When deciding on the jump shot ask yourself: Is there enough landing area so I’m not risking the ball flying off the table? Is there a kick option available? Could a masse shot work here? Why do some bars and pool halls prohibit jumping? The main reason you see signs in poolrooms about jumping is that most casual players don’t do it correctly. Uninformed players will scoop the ball or attempt to hit the ball lower, striking it on the ferrule and not the tip. Will I tear the cloth? It’s almost impossible if you do it legally. However, the fear of tearing the cloth looms as a concern about jumping for many players. Don’t worry about tearing the cloth. As long as you are hitting the top of the ball and not scooping or striking the ball with the ferrule your cue will drive down instead of slicing across the felt. In most cases, even if you told someone to try and tear the cloth they wouldn’t be able to do it. Do I need a special cue? For lower elevation shots, over a longer distance such as 10” to 12” and about ½ the ball height, your regular playing cue will work. For higher elevation shots, a jump cue is almost essential. A jump cue is lighter, and shorter with a harder tip, usually a phenolic tip. How do you hold the cue? For lower elevation shots you can actually use your regular grip on the cue by bringing the elbow up to a higher position. For higher elevation shots, usually using a jump cue, you would switch to an opposite grip as if throwing a dart. For those shots, try to keep the wrist relaxed to promote a quicker 14 PQB April/May

motion. How do I jump? Start by aiming with a level cue. Once you have established your target line, elevate the cue to your desired jump position. The closer the cue ball is to the jump target, the higher the elevation. For the most part, the angle the cue goes down is the same angle the ball will go up. The higher the elevation, the higher and faster it jumps and the shorter the trajectory (see the pictures showing different distances). Aim at the vertical axis of the cue ball and not to the right or left. Use the same stance you would use when hitting most other shots. For lower elevation shots, raise your elbow up to the necessary height and use your standard grip on the cue (see picture 1). For higher elevation shots, imagine you are throwing a dart by placing your fingertips on butt of the jump cue (see picture 2) and use a quick flick of wrist motion. The higher and faster you want the ball to jump the more power you should use on the shot. When starting, try jumping over a quarter that is about 1 diamond or about 10” away. As that gets easier you can place a house cue across the table with the tip tucked into the inside edge of one cushion. Setup a row of balls running about a diamond away from the cue stick. This will give you a series of shots to try at a gradually increasing elevation. While it is possible to jump the cue stick at its full height from a diamond away, it may be easier to move the cue stick closer to the cue ball as the elevation increases.

Avoiding Scratches 3

by Robert Byrne From “Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots” with permission


f the angle is too steep for the soft-hit option in the previous issue diagram, you can try going off the pocket point, as shown at the bottom of this diagram. Making the 2 ball is, admittedly, a low-percentage shot, but the idea can be useful in safety play when ball block other options. At the top is a masse option to avoid scratching, which I’d never try in a game that meant anything. It’s included here for academic completeness,

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling to Victory by Tom Rossman • Contributing Writer


ndividuals of all ages took the Q & Cue Characters “Roll To Victory” Game Board “Classic” Challenge March 13 – 15, 2014. Booth #113 at the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo in Edison, NJ became a magnet of non-stop funfilled action as child after child and adult after adult took their preliminary turns rolling 10 pool balls to a custom designed and colorful playfield. Each ball that landed in a hole on the game board surface scored points in an attempt to total “7 or more” and a “roll-off” spot in a final round of competitive “fun for everyone”. The final round for those qualified from the prelims showcased each person rolling 10 balls with the highest scoring participant winning the grand prize – a Q & Cue Characters Roll To Victory Game Board valued at $250. When the final ball had stopped rolling Chris Savage of Toronto, Ontario, Canada became the official event champion scoring an amazing 11 points in the final round. This exciting and novel fun – time invention by “Professor – Q – Ball” and “Dr. Cue” won the hearts of everyone playing or watching its unique challenge unfold in a simple format competition. The primary challenge for the grand prize – the “Classic Challenge” – was presented as an “easy game insert” into the game board base with each person playing receiving a Tootsie Roll Midgee so they could truly “enjoy the roll”, along with other prizes based on special entry provisions. Other Q & Cue Character game options especially designed for family fun nights, special business promotions, and fund

Chris Savage Game Board winner

raising / charity purposes drew continued interest from a host of booth attendees. These special challenges included the Character Game, the Poker Challenge, the 8-Ball Challenge, and a simple Concentration Card Game. Anyone interested in this amazing game board may see it in action at the following website: Full pricing information is available by contacting Paul Frankel at: (901) 210-7251

April/May PQB 15

Build Your Game!

by Mike Roque From “Build Your Game”365 Days of Instruction, Motivation and Insights for Pool Players" - 1- 888-33-BEBOB

Mental Toughness

it out quickly. Champions realize that a them the best chance of performing at ental Toughness is what sepamatch can turn on a dime, so they play their highest level. It’s the way to win! rates the men from the boys. every shot as if it is the game winner. It doesn’t matter who they are playing, It’s determined spirit rising up they are not intimidated. If the when the situation looks bleak. great American poet, Henry When the heat is on, champions David Thoreau were still alive know it ain’t over ‘til the fat lady “The only way to be the best,” is to master the he might say, “They march to mental game.” sings. Troy Frank.” the beat of their own drum.” They are disciplined, and like Your pool game will always be a racehorse with blinders on, confined by your mental game. they keep their focus forward. Develop it and your physical They don’t allow distractions to interfere Winners don’t get caught up in negagame will skyrocket! with their play. Mental toughness is an attitude, tive thinking. They leave missed shots They make every opportunity count, develop it and you’ll win more matches! and if they get an early lead, they’ll close behind quickly. They shoot every shot with confidence, knowing that it gives


First Annual Nick Varner Classic

by Steve McDonald, Tournament Director Felt Billiards in Englewood, CO was the host site for the 1st Annual Nick Varner Classic, March 21 thru 23, 2014. The sponsors and promoters for the event were Marc and Kimberly Griffiths who own, a billiard supply company. The event hosted a 128 player Amateur event and a 32 player Pro event. (TAR) live streamed the entire pro event with a free stream the entire weekend. The amateur event drew a full field of 128 players and the Pro event drew 26 players which yielded one tough field. Three BCA Hall of Famers showed up. Of course, the tournament name sake Nick Varner, “The Scorpion” Johnny Archer and Karen Corr. Also, soon to be Hall of Famer Jose Parica played. Young guns “The Fox” Joey Gray, Chip Compton, Jayson Shaw, and John Morra were in the Pro event. Max Eberle and “The Hatchet Man” Dennis Hatch made the trip from Vegas. Three WPBA players entered the Pro event, Karen Corr, Laura Smith, and Melissa Little. The reigning Mexican National Champion Ruben Bautista was there as was the winner, “The Iceman” Mika Immonen. There was no shortage of talent at this event for sure! Felt Billiards provided a great venue for this event as the Pros played on six 9 foot Diamond Pro-am tables.

16 PQB April/May

The Pro tournament format was 10-ball, race-to-8, double elimination. This tournament is a full double elimination event, and as usual in these type events, it went the full two rounds in the finals. Mika Immonen came from the one loss side and double dipped Mexican Champ Ruben Bautista for the win. The first set went hill- hill which made for some exciting pool. Event name sake Nick Varner was also in dead stroke as he finished a strong third place. Event promoters Marc and Kimberly Griffiths did a great job with this event. They dedicated many hours and dollars to this events success. They wanted to do it in honor of Nick Varner and his contribution to the sport of pool. Tournament Results: Pro Tournament - 26 Players – $10,500 Added 1st Mika Immonen $4,720 2nd Ruben Bautista $2,830 3rd Nick Varner $1,890 4th Johnny Archer $1,410 5th/6th Marc Vidal / Joey Gray $1,040 ea 7th/8th Dennis Hatch / Chip Compton $745 ea Highest finishing Lady, Karen Corr $500

2 Ball Split Kick

by Steve Markle, Ranked 6th Contributing Writer •


ere is a very entertaining shot that was recently selected by Andy “The Magic Man” Segal during the 2013 ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots. He was able to successfully make it on his second attempt. I also choose this against many of my opponents during the 2014 Trick Shot Masters. This seems to be a perfect shot for competition and a sure crowd pleaser! The object is to stroke between the 2 balls. Each will contact 3 rails, hit the cue butt, and go into their indicated pockets. Start off by placing 2 balls on the 3rd diamond line. Make sure they are positioned to the left of the long center line of the table as shown. This prevents collision after making contact with the first rail. They must also be completely frozen.

Next, place two cue butts against the rail to help guide both object balls. While attempting be sure to apply ¼ tip of follow. Use a hard stroke so that both balls will have enough speed to make it around the table. I suggest using a cue that has a wide tip for a better contact. Miscuing is a common mistake during this shot so the more tip being applied the better. Also, chalk well! Enjoy this great shot!

For more information on Steve visit:, Steve Markle Trick Shots , or contact him at: Contact: 267-918-1284

First Don Samples Memorial 9-Ball Open

The Rack in Memphis held their first Don Samples Memorial Open on February 7-9th. There were 98 players that came to battle it out to see who would become the first winner to take home the bragging rights. Final 16 players: Winner Side - Daryl Biggart - William Sipes Mat Martin - Ronnie Wiseman - Randy Jordan Josh Woods - Tommy Greer - John Crenshaw Loser’s Side - Skyler Woodward - Kenny Smith Joe Keith - Hunter Blackwell - Rob Saez - Scotty Townsend Dustin Vo - Justin Bergman 1st AUCTION PAYOUT WAS $8,790 PAYING OUT 8 PLACES 1. $2,600 2. $1,750 3. $1.320 4. $880 5. $700 6. $600 7. $500 8. $400 2nd AUCTION PAYOUT 1. $635 2. $380 3. $265 Midnight Madness was won by Kenny Loftis Taking home $1600- 2nd place Robb Saez $400

Justin Bergman 2nd - Randy Jordan 1st Congratulations Randy Jordan, winner of the 2014 Don Samples Memorial at The Rack and runner up Justin Bergman.

Tournament Director, Larry Aylor running the flow chart and schedule Jerry Ramey (Owner) would like to thank the staff of the Rack and all who helped and especially all the players. April/May PQB 17

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2014 PartyPoker Mosconi Cup

won and I have some new ideas to offer for preparation of this year’s by Luke Riches team - concepts Matchroom Sport: that I will share with every team ollowing on from his appointment in January, 2014 USA member. The PartyPoker Mosconi Cup captain Mark Wilson today Blackpool venue names his squad of eight players who will be tasked with is so inspiring that winning pool’s most prestigious team trophy for the first time I can hardly wait since 2009. for December.” Wilson has opted for a blend of experience and youth and The 36 year-old who is also an active snooker player, was an his eight-man squad will be reduced down to the five who will easy choice for the captain; “I felt that he has not only experitravel to Blackpool, England at the end of November to ence but also a youthful exuberance and fresh perspective that contest the 21st annual Mosconi Cup. were too compelling for him not to be included. I view Corey Head of the pack and named as one of his two vice-captains as a huge asset to our team.” is Shane Van Boening, who will be making his eighth appearThe fourth member of the squad is 30 year-old Brandon ance in the event. The 30 year-old South Dakota native said, Shuff who received a Mosconi Cup baptism of fire at the York “I have been looking forward to another chance to win in the Hall on his only previous appearance in 2012. biggest setting. Winning is what I am focused on every day, “This guy has a ton of heart along with a great work ethic, and I want this one more than ever.” and will be primed for a great year,” said Wilson. “He puts Wilson added, “Any reasonable person who was building a himself out there by playing many events throughout the US new team would look to have Shane to build around given his and I am pleased to have him on the team.” professionalism and success. Even more importantly, his charShuff is under no illusions as to the job in hand; “Team acter and principles are just the thing for new players to USA has a lot to prove this year and I believe I can be a valuemulate. He sets a great example, and I expect to rely on him able asset to our team’s structure. I believe in Mark Wilson and for leadership this year. the future of pool, and am willing to do whatever it takes to “He routinely excels against the strongest players and deepest bring the Mosconi Cup home.” fields. He exemplifies the work ethic, sportsmanship, and proThe first of the potential debutants is the highly-rated ficiency expected from all members of the team. Team USA Justin Hall, the 26 year-old from Palm Harbor, Florida. could not have a better leader on the table.” “I have known of this kid’s talent and all-round skills for Looking to make his second appearance in the Mosconi years, and now is the time that all of his previous success and Cup after being a member of the team that successfully reexperience will make the difference,” said Wilson. tained the trophy in 2006 is ‘Mr 400’ JOHN SCHMIDT. The A proven champion at both banks and one-pocket, Hall is 40 year old, now residing in California, is the oldest member of determined to take his chance, “I always wanted to make the the squad and is thrilled at the prospect, “Being chosen for this Mosconi Cup team, and now that the opportunity is here, I Team USA and the chance to play for a Mosconi Cup is the will further intensify my training. I love being under pressure most humbling experience and the biggest honor of my life.” to perform and am looking forward to both the challenge to Wilson is delighted to be resurrecting Schmidt’s Mosconi make the final five, and the opportunity to win on the biggest Cup prospects; “I am pleased with what John brings to the stage.” table beyond his stellar play. He is passionate about pool and a Another Mosconi Cup veteran hoping to return to the fray very approachable person. He is blessed with a keen sense of is California’s Oscar Dominguez, who was part of 2009’s humor and does not take himself too seriously. He comes up winning team on his only other appearance. with very thought provoking points for consideration and pos“The pinnacle of my career was the 2009 Mosconi Cup itive suggestions that will be quite a plus for our team.” victory; it was quite an amazing experience and I am very Looking to make his eighth appearance is Prince of Pool, grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the team in 2014,” Corel Duell, who is hoping to add to his three Mosconi Cup said Dominguez. wins. “I’m looking forward to working with Mark Wilson and the “The last time that I played was the last time that the US

Wilson Names USA Squad


20 PQB April/May

seven other great players selected. I feel I’m a better, more seasoned, and smarter player than in 2009 and I am eager to start the preparation for a Mosconi Cup victory in 2014.” Wilson added, “Oscar epitomizes the new face of the sport positivity, work ethic, passion, and great attitude. I played many times against his father Ernesto, and I knew this kid would be an ideal candidate. Beyond being respectful he is just the kind of guy that I would want by my side in combat.” The second rookie in the squad is 26 year-old Justin Bergman who hails from Fairview Heights in Illinois. Justin has many regional victories and one major tournament win in the One Pocket division at the Southern Classic in 2012. “Justin has been a good player since childhood; able to break and run out a rack on a 9’ table since he was just 11 years-old. Given his recent form he will generate some real excitement and quite possibly shake up the pool hierarchy,” said Mark Wilson. Bergman added, “I have only dreamed of ever making Team USA and going to the Mosconi Cup. I have been very dedicated the last couple of years and feel that I am improving and getting results. This is the next step.” The final piece in the Team USA jigsaw puzzle is Connecticut-based rookie JEREMY SOSSEI. One of the strongest players in the northeast, he has many regional tournament victories, and strong showings against some of the best players in the world. Wilson commented, “Jeremy is a solid candidate that tends to let his cue do the talking. I feel that he may have been overlooked in the past and I am thrilled to have him as a team member. He will contribute a great deal to the US effort in 2014.” The 34 year-old said, “Getting the call to possibly represent the USA in the Mosconi Cup has been a dream come true. I’m ecstatic! I’ve been working hard on my game the last couple of years and I believe I’m ready. With team work we can get the Cup back.” As well as Shane Van Boening, Mark Wilson has named Don Wardell as his second Vice-Captain. The 60 year-old is a practicing physician with a passion for billiards. Wardell has a strong interest in billiards history, sports medicine, training techniques, and biomechanics. He will be assisting Mark Wilson throughout the preparation over the coming months as well as in Blackpool when the event gets underway. The 2014 PARTYPOKER.COM Mosconi Cup is sponsored by, the world’s leading online poker site. The Official Table of the Mosconi Cup is supplied by Diamond Billiards, the cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis and the Official Balls are Super Aramith by Saluc. Predator is the Official Cue and Mosconi Cup clothing is supplied by Universe.

Mosconi Cup Captain Mark Wilson and Team photos J. P. Parmentier

Shane Van Boening

John Schmidt

Corey Duel

Brandon Shuff

Justin Hall

Oscar Dominguez

Justin Bergman

Jeremy Sossei

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Rolling Your Balls

by Tom Simpson, Master Instructor • Contributing Writer

“Beat People With a Stick!” National Billiard Academy 3-Day Intensives • 10 cities


wildly around the table is more likely to find a pocket or some other unpredictable trouble.

He was surprised. “I didn’t realize I was shooting too hard. I’m making most of my shots. What’s the problem?”

Uncertainty about what the cueball is doing when it hits the object ball. To play great pool, we have to understand and control the action of the cueball at the moment of impact with a cushion or another ball. Is it rolling, is it spinning, is it skidding? Makes a big difference in your results. You know what a rolling cueball is doing.

ne of my students asked, “If you could give players one piece of pool advice, what would it be?” I thought about it briefly and replied, “Don’t shoot so hard. Roll your cueball more.”

Let’s look first at what happens with higher shot speeds: Your stroke fundamentals tend to break down as you hit harder. This means you’re not as likely to contact the cueball exactly where you intend. Hitting harder calls for more rapid stick acceleration, so you’re more likely to drop your elbow, swerve your stick, or move your head or body. The pockets become smaller. Corner pocket jaws will accept balls most easily at “pocket speed” – the speed at which the ball just falls into the pocket. As speed picks up, the more jaws you hit, the less likely the ball will fall. One jaw – in. Two jaws – usually in. Three jaws – maybe. Aiming accuracy becomes less consistent. While you might still be aimed perfectly, rapid acceleration can easily pull your stick off line. If you don’t make a smooth transition from stick going back to stick going forward on the hit stroke, you’ll put a loop on that turn. This is the cause of countless misses. Speed control is reduced. The final resting place for the cueball is much harder to control. Position play becomes less predictable. A cueball traveling 22 PQB April/May

More throw with stun. As you shoot harder, it becomes more likely that the cueball is skidding (stunned) at impact with the object ball. You’ll get more collision-induced throw, for which you must make an aim adjustment, when the cueball is stunned. In other words, a rolling cueball will cause less object ball throw than a skidding ball. One plus for the hard-shooters is that the harder you hit, the less throw you get. Rotation and speed both matter. More layout changes. More speed means more ball movement. We don’t want to disturb balls unnecessarily, since it often makes matters worse, creating new clusters or snookers. Rolling your balls means shooting softly enough that the cueball rolls (not skids) to its collision with another ball. How do you ensure the cueball rolls? Hit high on the ball. If you hit maximum high, the cueball starts off with roll (not overspin, but that’s another topic). Any lower, and there will be some (at least momentary) skid. The slower the ball is moving, the sooner and more likely it will be rolling.

While a skidding (stunned) cueball is extremely useful for position play (the 90° rule), oftentimes you’d have to shoot stupidly hard to make that happen. Further, that 90° path is not always where you want to go. A rolling cueball at reasonable speeds takes a “natural” path, forward of the 90° tangent line. Players learn to see these natural paths pretty accurately. The behavior of softly rolling balls is much easier to predict and control than speeding balls rocketing about in your layout. I met a pool team in Vegas whose name was “It’s Not Slop, it’s Destiny.” Their intentionally humorous team slogan was “Hit it hard enough, it’s going somewhere.” While they were having lots of fun with it, I’m certain that’s not the game plan that got them to Vegas. Moral of story: It’s a good idea to shoot no harder than what’s necessary to accomplish your plan. Sure, if the equipment is poor and will roll off, you’ll have to consider that and maybe shoot a bit harder. But generally speaking, winners roll their balls softly whenever possible. Roll your balls. It’s a thing of beauty. For Instructional videos or

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Lee Breaks In On Gulf Coast Tour


ouston semi-pro pool player Belinda Lee captured her first-ever billiard title on March 9th, 2014, when Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas hosted the second stop on the WPBA sanctioned, Gulf Coast Women’s Regional 9-ball Tour. Each contesting for their first title, Lee overcame Michelle Yim in the true, double elimination final. Yim closed out the first set, 7-4, but a resilient Lee forged ahead to win the second set, and capture her first title, 7-4. Following Sunday’s player meeting, match play commenced at noon for the one-day, Gulf Coast tour 9-ball event. Players aspiring to reach the pinnacle of female billiard competition (WPBA) turned out to compete for regional tour ranking points, and others, for the sheer opportunity to fine tune their games against some of Texas’ best, female pool talent. Winners’ side action saw Belinda Lee surge to the hot seat with wins over Mercedes Vasquez, 7-5, Bonnie Mason, 7-5, and Tiffany Mundie, 7-4. Michelle Yim blazed her own trail, upsetting Ming Ng, 7-5, and besting Loretta Lindgren, 7-5, to meet Lee for the hot seat. After suffering an early loss to Lindgren, Teresa Garland came through the one loss side eliminating Nellie Allen and Mundie. After a first round loss to Garland, Sara Bork eliminated Mason, 7-4, but fell to Lindgren, 7-2. Meanwhile, on the east side, Lee overcame Yim for the hot seat, 7-5. On the west side, Lindgren defeated Garland, but fell to Yim, leaving her a respectable third place finish. The finals between Lee and Yim were anything but boring. After losing the hot seat, it was time for Yim to dole out some justice. During the first set, Lee felt the bitter sting of defeat, but only for a brief time. After a quick break, both ladies teed off in overtime. Lee was refreshed, more focused, with her eyes on the prize. She overcame Yim in the final set, 7-4, and was overwhelmed with the emotion that comes with every player’s first tournament win. The Gulf Coast tour would like to thank its official rack sponsor, Delta-13,, and official league sponsor, the APA of North Harris County, For more information on the Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour, visit Belinda Lee $200 Michelle Yim $115 Loretta Lindgren $70

Bar Box 8-Ball

By: Marty Kaczmarowski, APA 7 Contibuting Writer


ith all the books being read, videos being watched and lessons being given, please remember that the game of pool, especially bar box 8-ball along with league night… IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! Everyone is on a mission to increase wins and up their performance while letting the pure enjoyment of the game fall on the wayside. I know this is a tough one, but please get rid of the idea that winning is the only way to have fun. Start your match out with a self reminder to enjoy the shot you are on, the game you are playing and the entire experience of competition and people. Now here’s the magic… having fun will allow all that technical information you have been gathering to flow from your mind to your motions. The wins happen easier and when they don’t you still had a blast!

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TAP Pools Amateur Rally In Conjunction with The Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo New Jersey Expo Center


AP, Pools Amateur Tour held their Rally in Edison, NJ Dream Team and Singles competitions in conjunction with Allen Hopkins’ Productions Super Billiards Expo. Players from the USA and Canada came to The New Jersey Expo Center, which hosted the largest TAP event and the largest consumer oriented billiards trade-show in the world. This 18th Annual Rally Event for TAP, Pools Amateur Tour kicked off with Registration into the event starting Wednesday night. Thursday morning the TAP National Meeting was held at the Sheraton in Edison in which TAP Licensees all met with the corporate office of TAP to go over all the new and exciting things TAP is going to bring to the player in 2014. Thursday afternoon, TAP’s Corporate office, the Schonter family and the TAP Family of Licensees and Players showed their respects to their beloved Founder and CEO Loyd Schonter, with a speech given by Kristen Schonter, Loyd’s Wife and TAP CAO and Celeste Schonter, Loyd’s Sister and TAP CAO. A slideshow memorialized the life of Mr. Schonter from his childhood, family, Kristen and his family, the start of TAP and the many years following with his management team, staff and licensees throughout the years, industry leaders of which he had relationships with, and the last event the TAP Nationals in Chicago, IL. Many spoke with the memorial coming full circle of the Schonters, Kristen, Celeste and Chuck dedicating and declaring the TAP battlecry, we will TAP ON ! Players entered the singles events which kicked off on Thursday night, under the 25th year Anniversary of TAP, which 2014 is. 8 and 9 Ball Dream Team events kicked off the morning of Friday, March 14th with the Round Robin to Single Elimination Format. Winners were awarded starting Friday night in singles events and went through to Sunday in which all events finished up. TAP would like to Thank McDermott Cues, our cue sponsor, who has 24 PQB April/May

been with us through this and many other events and unforturnately has also suffered the loss of their founder as well, Jim McDermott. We appreciate you and our association with you. POV Daniel Busch for Livestreaming the event, doing interviews and various other promotional activities. We’d like to thank AZ Billiards, Pool and Billiards Digest, Professor Cue Ball, Billiards Digest, and several other media outlets for your releases and ads in your publications dedicated to Loyd. And as always, Allen Hopkins and his staff who TAP was happy to work with again this year to make it all happen. The Schonter Family/Corporate Office and Events Director Kelly Nace and all TAP Tournament Staff which is comprised of Licensees work hard year after year to produce the highest quality billiard events for players across the country. We proudly announce the winners of this years event/s…. Fat Alberts, Elite 8 Ball Dream Team Champions (left) Murphy’s Law, Championship 8 Ball Dream Team Champions(below) Breaking Bad – Best of the Rest 8 Ball Dream Team Champions Team Stupid – 9 Ball Dream Team Champions 2 Singles Winner – Dottie Lavigne, Ohio 3 Singles Winner – Lawrence Burgess, Pennsylvania 4 Singles Winner – John Howard, New Jersey 5 Singles Winner – Kyle Bubet, New Jersey 6 Singles Winner – Rick Barrette, Massachusetts 7 Singles Winner – Fred Schneider, New York Go to TAP, LLC Pool's Amateur Tour on Facebook and see all results and pictures. USBA Officers President Jim Shovak East Islip, NY 516-238-6193 Secretary Tom Paley Fenton, MO 636-861-3437 Treasurer Merrill Hughes Huntington Station, NY 631-338-9698 Steve Andersen Wyoming, MI 616-530-8665 Ricardo Carranco Los Angeles, CA 323-490-8075 Victor Cuzzi Miami, FL 786-366-7293 Pedro Piedrabuena San Diego, CA 213-458-3950 Mazin Shooni Nashua, NH 248-910-4466 James Watson Bronx, NY 347 255-4330

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Judge Jay Karahan Sponsors Local Tournament


S Bida in Houston Texas hosted a local B championship on Saturday March 1st. The event was sponsored by Judge Jay Karahan, an avid billiard player and respected member of the Harris County judiciary. Judge Jay added $500 to the prize fund and helped officiate the event. Our host, Tim Final Four B Championship Nguyen, provided a wonderful lunch (l to r) Dung Truong 3rd/4th, Quang Tran 2nd, and beverages for both players and Luis Castillo 1st, Hoan Ton 3rd/4th spectators. It was a grand day for billiards! Fifteen B players from Houston and as far event) to take the lead. Two billiards later Huy away as Dallas assembled for play in this excit- Hunh was finished and Castillo moved on. In ing one-day tournament. The format was a the last semi-final group there was real excitepopular one among local players in Houston, ment. Nacho Galindo, Hoan Ton and Nghia with all games to 18 points at each stage of the Nguyen all finished with 1-1 records as can event. The field for the prelims was split into happen in the three man round robin format. five groups of three to play round robin. That In addition, Nacho and Hoan both had the meant two or three games per group, with the same total points scored. So according to the top two moving on to the semi-final round, rules of the event we had a shootout from the along with two wildcards by draw. The twelve break. Nacho made the break shot but could go players for the semis were again split into no further. Hoan also made the break shot, and groups of three for round robin play. And lastly, on his second shot saw a freak bounce score the the top player from each of the semi-final point on a scratch to take the match. groups moved on to the 4-man single eliminaIn the finals Quang Tran defeated Dung tion finals. Truong while Luis Castillo defeated Hoan Ton. The top four players emerging from the With the crowd around the table for the final prelims and semis were Dung Truong, Quang game we watched Castillo jump to a quick lead Tran, Luis Castillo, and Hoan Ton. Dung against Tran and never look back. Castillo finTruong came from Arlington Texas to play in ished the tournament undefeated with a strong the event. He has traveled to Houston before, final performance of 18-6 to take the $450 first but had his best showing so far defeating local prize. Quang Tran received $350 for second player Daniel Ho in his semi-final group. and Dung Truong and Hoan Ton both received Quang Tran also advanced from his group with $250 for 3rd/4th. a strong showing, going undefeated to that With the B championship behind us, next point. Luis Castillo in the third semi group was week (March 8), the national qualifier at US trailing 14-8 in his semi-final round when he Billiards will give the A players in Houston exploded with a run of 8 (high run in the their turn at the tables.

Robert Raiford Takes the 1st Place in USBA Qualifier at the SBE

by Merrill Hughes At this year’s Super Billiard Expo in Edison, NJ, the USBA (United States Billiard Association) hosted a qualifying tournament put together by Paul Frankel. Paul (of invited twelve players to play a the tournament that would qualify three of them for the 2014 USBA Nationals in Houston, TX on April 9, 2014. The format for the event was two groups of six playing a ‘round robin’ tournament of Ellis Lawrence (2nd), Jim Shovak (4th), 25-point games. The top two from each Robert Raiford (1st), Edward Gomez (3rd) group advanced to the final round. The tables Photo by Professor-Q-Ball and cloth were new, and throughout the preliminaries, the players struggled scoring points. Emerging from the preliminary rounds were: Group A: Jim Shovak (1st) Robert Raiford (2nd) Group B: Edward Gomez (1st) Ellis Lawrence (2nd) Edward Gomez finished first in Group B of the round robin undefeated at 5 – 0, with an average of 0.822 and a high run of eight. Jim Shovak completed the round robin in first place of Group A, averaging 0.619, and losing only to Tom Rossman. This set up Sunday’s finals, pitting Jim Shovak against Ellis Lawrence, and Edward Gomez against Robert Raiford. “Lefty” Ellis Lawrence went on to defeat Jim Shovak 25-21 in 41 innings, and Robert Raiford won 25-16 over Edward Gomez. In the battle for first place, it was two lefties; Robert Raiford and Ellis Lawrence. Raiford prevailed in the finale, as he won the game 25-19 while having a run of eight. Battling for the third qualifying spot were Gomez and Shovak, and with a run of nine and out, Gomez came out ahead at 25-16. This would be the best single game of the tournament, as Mr. Gomez would average 1.042. The event was a high-quality tournament directed by New York-based Charles Brown. Saturday night featured the 2008 USBA National Champion, Miguel Torres, performing his artistic billiard show. He delighted the fans with an array of spectacular shots. Miguel also explained to the mostly-pool playing crowd the point values and other areas of how an artistic billiard competition is run. A fun time was had by all, and Miguel would finish his show with a 10-rail shot around the table avoiding all 15 bottles of water that were placed on the table. View the video of the incredible shot, from Professor-Q-Ball’s YouTube Channel.

President’s Desk Greetings to all! I would personally like to thank Andrew Janquitto, our outgoing President for the splendid job he did. He will be missed. As the new President, I am hoping to work with our new Board of Directors so that we can start increasing the number of USBA Tournaments dramatically in rooms all around the country. This will require cooperation and coordination with the rooms and establishing key people in each of those rooms to organize and run tournaments. It is important that we establish a network of room owners and tournament directors so that we can all communicate and be on the same page. If the Board wishes to implement some kind of promotional program such as a nationwide contest, the network would make the implementation of the program a lot easier. There is much work to be done. In 2015, I would like to see a 7-8 day Nationals week with Championship Tournaments for all player levels leading up to the Nationals Tournament. The hope is that more players, especially those at lower levels of skill will wish to participate throughout the week. Qualifiers may be held for ALL player levels. Another idea is a year-long promotional contest raising money throughout the country to help fund the Nationals week and bring the prize funds to a new level. The credit for this idea goes to Joe DeAmato. Details are being worked-on now and will be released when they are final.

April/May PQB 27

Professor-Q-Ball Special John Magulas Passes Away 3-Cushion Billiard Promotion ome people called him Jack, some John, some Magu but


t was 3 separate tournaments, that took place during the USBA Invitational Qualifier on March 13-15th held at the Allen Hopkins Expo. Each Tournament was limited to 32 players, Race to five, Single Elimination, The entry was $20. This event would not of been possible without the vision of Kyong Ra (Nothing But Billiards) whom sponsored all 3 tournaments. After his successful, after hours open table event at the 2013 Expo, Yura set in motion his plan to expand on this theme and his goal, of exposing the game to more pool players. Trophies were given out to all winners in all 3 tournaments, with a total payout for all three events coming to $2,030.00

Thursday Night l-r, 1st-John Christiano, 2nd-Bob Dalpiaz, 3rd-Bruce Gardner,Yura- Tourn. Director

Friday Night l-r, Yura-Tourn. Director,3rd-Arnoldo Tostado, 2nd-Chris Bartzos,1st Joe Friedman

Saturday Night 3rd-Dave Krengel,4th- Frank Riccelli,1st-Bob Dalpiaz,2nd- David Cogos,Yura-Tourn. Director

28 PQB April/May


no matter what you called him if you were fortunate enough to know him, really know him, you have some beautiful memories of a strongminded, softhearted man that you could call a friend.

John Magulas Jr. passed away in late January after failing health became an issue years ago. He scoffed at health issues that came his way because he was always strong enough to ward them off. Well, John did that for years but his passing served to remind us all that we are human. John loved the game of 3 cushion and being a young man who was good at so many things, he developed a very decent game of 3-cushion after a relatively short period of time. He wasn’t one of those players who had been playing for 40 years. Yet he competed as a solid “B” player and he was actually my personal nemesis on the table. John loved the game and the people that played it so much that his passion in those areas is what drove him to purchase World Class Billiards in Peabody, MA and help keep the game alive in New England. He did so for better than 10 years and as much as the closing of World Class will be felt, so too will John’s passing be felt by those who knew him, for a long time to come. Rest in peace John Magulas, I know I speak for many when I say, ‘I will miss you my friend’!

Drop-ins and Holdups

by Robert Byrne Contributing Writer • from Byrne’s “Advanced Techniques in Pool & Billiards” with permission


f the red ball is past the center of the table, as at the left of Diagram 129, an option that must be considered in the socalled twice –across shot. The third rail target is much bigger than it is in the previous patterns. It seems obvious as drawn, but for some reason the pattern is often overlooked when the balls are moved several feet toward the center of the table.

At the right diagram 129, is a spin shot. If the first ball is hit fairly full, the cueball will return across the table spinning like a top. When the “hole” between the red and the end rail is small it is, of course, best to follow the dashed line; which the hole is large, the solid line path must be considered. An advantage of the solid line path is that reverse English on the second and third rails kills the speed of the cueball, leaving it far from the other cueball if you miss.

Upcoming USBA Tournaments April 09 -13 USBA 2014 National Championship Paris Bida - Houston, TX 11810 Bellaire Blvd Suite A April 19 - 20 USBA Tournament "B" Carom Cafe - Flushing NY Michael Kang 917-204-6070 April 25 - 27 Mike Kelley Memorial Marshalltown IA Send entries to; John Jacobson 501 Terry Terrace Marshalltown, IA 50158 John @ 641-751-4696 April 26 - 27 USBA Tournament "B+" Carom Cafe - Flushing NY Michael Kang

917-204-6070 April 27 USBA SHOT CONTEST The Rack - Memphis Tn Contact Paul Frankel 901-210-7251 May 3 - 4 USBA Tournament "A" Carom Cafe - Flushing NY Michael Kang 917-204-6070 May 09 - 11 USBA Parker Hess Memorial Ashland Elks Ashland OR Tom Thomsen (509)-240-2027 May 16 - 18 Northwest Open Tacoma Elks, Tacoma WA Mark Williams 541 941-1291

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Send completed form and check or money order payable to USBA to Jim Shovak/USBA Secretary 58 Hawthorne Ave. • East Islip, NY 11730.

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30 PQB April/May

Justin Hightower Defends Title!

Cuemakers International 9-Ball Championship 2014

by Chris Hightower Contributed Story


ome of the finest cuemakers from all over the USA and Canada met in Edison, New Jersey at the Super Billiards Expo for the 2014 Cuemakers International 9-Ball Championship. The players field was filled with cuemakers from both the American Cuemakers Association and the International Cuemakers Association as well as some independent cuemakers. The tournament was played in a true single elimination format. The top half of the bracket saw Georgia cuemaker and 2013 defending champion Justin Hightower of Hightower Custom Cues make his way through a tough field to the finals. His opponent in the finals was Illinois cuemaker Mike Durbin of Durbin Cues. Both players were playing great and the match was close in the alternate break format tournament, but when it was all over Justin Hightower took home the title of the International 9-Ball Champion of Cuemakers once again for 2014. The event was the third annual Cuemakers Mike Durbin on the left and Justin Hightower on the right. International 9-Ball Championship and was held as a charity benefit for the Galilean Childrens Home in Liberty, Kentucky. The Galilean Childrens Home has helped countless children and special needs adults for a few decades now. All entry fees and cash donations went directly to help the Childrens Home. Some cuemakers paid much more than the entry fee and others who were unable to play came by and donated just to help the Children. When all was said and done the cuemakers tournament raised over $1200 for the Childrens Home. Next years event will be held during the Super Billiards Expo. A special word of appreciation needs to be given to all the event sponsors: the International Cuemakers Association, Mad Man Handcrafted Tips, G2 Premium Tips, True Heart Billiard Cues, Dennis Dieckman and Cue Man Billiard Products. And thanks most of all to the cuemakers for their generous donations and participation. Our cuemaking industry indeed has some generous quality individuals representing it. If interested in sponsoring, donating to or playing in the 2015 event contact Chris Hightower at for more information. April/May PQB 31

2014 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships to be Held in Louisville, Kentucky June 24-27


anuary 30, 2014 (Englewood, CO): The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) is pleased to announce its 26th Annual Junior National 9-Ball Championships to be held June 24-27, 2014 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY. This year’s event will be hosted alongside the Summit 2014 (also known as the Billiard Congress of America Expo). “The youth are the future of the game, growing the next generation of players and customers. We believe this is a great opportunity to partner with the BEF and support the organization’s mission. Attendees will enjoy watching the best junior players in the country compete for a chance to represent the US in the World Junior Championships,” said Billiard Congress of America Chairman, Ivan Lee. Many of the top professional players today got their start with this prestigious junior event and it continues to attract the nation’s finest youth with its four divisions: boys’ 15-18, boys’ 14 & under, girls’ 15-18, and girls 14 & under. These young student-athletes will be vying for titles, scholarships, and prizes each year, along with an opportunity to represent the US at the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) Junior World Championships. The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) was formed in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity committed to promoting a lifelong love of pool and building the next generation of players through youth programs and academic scholarships. Visit or call (303) 926-1039 to learn more about junior billiard programs in your area.

Founded in 1948, the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to growing a united, Bids are still being accepted for cash and product sponsorprosperous and highly regarded billiard industry through BCA ships for this prestigious event through March 3, 2014. Through BEF underwriting/sponsorship, you can enhance your leadership. The BCA seeks to enhance the success of its members and promote the game of billiards though educational, corporate image throughout the community with exclusive marketing and promotional efforts, annual industry trade shows recognition, while supporting your favorite charity and its and other programs designed to encourage billiards as a lifestyle junior members. Event categories include, but are not limited to: tables, cloth, balls, catering, lodging, travel, trophies, shirts, and make pool everybody’s game. For more information, visit or call 303.243.5070. prizes, media, printing, and photography. Underwriting all or a portion of any one of the event costs enables the BEF to direct more funds to youth billiard programs and academic scholarships. BEF also accepts goods or services to help cover these costs. To receive the Underwriting & Sponsorship Bid Application for the 2014 BEF Junior Nationals, or to host or participate in a National Qualifier for Junior Nationals, contact Executive Director, Samm Diep-Vidal at (303) 926-1039 or 32 PQB April/May

Places to Play Across the U.S.A. ALABAMA DECTAUR 6 Pockets Bar & Billiards

Receive 15 issues of PQB’s National Pool & 3-Cushion News, and your listing in Places to Play for $95/year. Call us at (901)756-2594.

1819 Basset Ave SE. 256 686-3171 22 –Diamond Tables !0 Big Screens,Darts Full Bar & Pub Menu

CALIFORNIA BURBANK • Burbank's Elks Lodge #1497

818 848-5508 2232 N. Hollywood Way 5 Verhovens, 1 Snooker 1 Pool table

CHICO DownLo Billiards Sports Bar & Grill

319 Main St (530) 892-2473 10-9 ft Diamonds,1-7 ft Diamond, Full Bar & Rest.

Oasis Bar & Grill

6 Pool tables 1- Snooker 6X12 Food & Full Bar House Pro- Jackie Karol

MAYOOD • Eight Ball Billiards

323-562-9092 5250 S. Atlantic Blvd 14 Billiard tables (Verhovens) 21 Gold Crown pool tables Full Restaurant, Dominos, 5 TV’s

MILPITAS • Edgie's Billiards.

408 942-9500 235. S.Milpitas Bvld. 6 Chevilliottes, 23Brunswicks, 1 Snooker

N. HOLLYWOOD • Million Dollar Billiards

818-763-9491 12135 Victory Blvd. 7- Verhoevens,2- Snooker 5x10,11- Gold Crowns Pool

SACRAMENTO Hard Times Billiards

916 332-8793 5536 Garfield Ave 33-Pool Tables 6 Dart boards, 2 Fooseball 8 TV,s, Videos, Ltd food

SAN DIEGO • College Billiards

5303 El Cajon Blvd 619 582-4550 6–Verhoeven Billiard tables,13 Pool Tables, 1Snooker 6x12, Beer & Wine full Restaurant

TEMECULA High Society Billiards

951 699-3478 28950 Old Town Front St 13-9’ Pool tables & 10 -7ft 1-12’ x 6’ Snooker Every Wednesday-Tourn. 8-ball on 8’table & 9-ball on 9’table 1 Big Screen, Snacks, Internet Juke box

FLORIDA LAKE CITY Pocket Billiards

301 NW Cole Terrace 386.438.5763 9- 9ft pool tables 3-8ft pool tables Beer and food 2-Dart boards


30901 U.S Hwy 19 N. 727-786-6683 14-Pool Tables 6-Dart Boards Full Bar & KitchenCue-Repair available

ORANGE PARK • Park Avenue Billiards

714 Park Ave 904 477-8732 16 Gold Crowns 14 9ft Diamonds 2- Bar tables 1- New 3-Cushion Gabriels 1-Snooker 5x10 Darts

ORLANDO Trick Shots

407 298-5112 Old Winter Garden Rd 16- 8' Black Crowns, Huge Screen, Darts, Full Bar/Food-Pro Shop

Trick Shots

407 737-6606 11351 Lake Underhill Two 9’ Brunswicks in VIP area Room 7 Dart Boards, Full Bar, Deli Food Big Screen & 17- TV’s, 8,000 Sq ft & Patio

STUART • Amy’s Billiards

772 232-9966 1600 NW Federal Hwy 1-Gabriel 3-Cushion 8-9ft Olhausens,6- 8ft Bar boxes, 1-9’ Brunswick-1-9’ National,3-8’ft House Tables,Darts/Beer/Wine/Fo od, Smoking & NonSmoking rooms


407 671-7797 7644 University Blvd. 4-9' pool tables, 12-8' tables, Darts, Full Bar & Pro Shop on premises


ILLINOIS ALSIP Red Shoes Billiards 12009 S. Pulaski Rd 708 388-3700 15-Gold Crown,2-Bar Tables, 1-Dart board Full Bar & Restaurant

EAST MOLINE Leisure Time Billiards & Sports Bar

309 752-9559 845 Ave of the City 5-9 foot pool tables,16- Bar tables, 2 sports bars, 11 Dart boards Full Kitchen

RUSHVILLE •Rushville Billiards 119 Lafayette,62681 217 242-6200 5-3-Cushion Tables 2-Snooker 6x12 4-9ft Pool tables Beer

417 E. Parker St 912 278 7099 4-9’ Diamonds, 4-7’ Diamonds, Video games, TV’s

SAVANNAH • Southside Billiards 912-925-5398 13051 Abercom St 2- 3-Cushion Tables 1-10ft Snooker,7- 9ft Pool, 8 - 8ft,1-Ping Pong, Darts,Full bar & Food

LOUISANA NEW IBERIA Emeralds Billiards

337-319-0530 2514 W. Old Spanish Trail 24 Bar boxes,8 – 9ft Gold Crowns 5, Full Bar & Rest.

HARVEY • Platinum Billiard

1650 Grenta Blvd. 1-New 3-Cushion Gabriels Element,4- Carom tables Beer, 985 870 2909


6541 Baltimore National Pike 410 747-2551 5 – 8’ Hollywood 3-Cushion 12 – 9’ Gold Crowns 8 – 9’ Granite Bed Cosmos Free WiFi,3 Big Screen Satellite TV’s,All Ages, All The Time

ELKRIDGE IOWA • Triple Nine’s Bar CLINTON & Billiards Legend’s Sports Bar 7540 Washington Blvd.#C1

563 243-4266 2118 Harrison Dr 9-7’ Valley’s 1-9’ Gold Crown,Full Kitchen ,Sports Bar,13-42” TVs, Darts, Video’s

3541 Chamblee Tucker Rd DAVENPORT 770 454-7665 38-Pool tables, 1-3-cushion Sharky’s Billiards & 1-Snooker 6x12,Full bar Sports Bar and kitchen,Pro-Shop 2902 E. Kimerly Rd 563-359-7225 24 Tables, Full Bar

BAXLEY Danny’s Billiards

Room Owners Sign Up Now Increase your customer base 3 Cushion available at rooms with a “•”

MUSCATINE Sticks N’ Stones Bar & Billiards

563 263-7665 218 Walnut St. 6-Bar Tables.Darts, Jukebox, Snacks,,Full Bar


502 969-2222 5004 Preston Hwy Tables, Custom Cues, Accessories & Cue repair

410 799-1818 2-3-Cushion Gabriels 14-9’ Brunswicks, 4- 7’ Pool Tables, Full Bar & Food

GLEN BURNIE Big Daddy’s Billiards

410 760-1332 7954 B & A Blvd. Ste. 2-G 8-9’ Diamonds, 3-7’ Diamonds,7- 8’ Gold Crowns 1-6x12ft Snooker

MASS MALDEN • Amazin Billiard Club

781 605-2389 40 Faulkner St 5-3-Cushion Bertons 2-Pool Table Bertons 10 -Pool Tables, Snooker 6x12 Private room with Gold Crown 5 Showroom on premises

MICHIGAN LIVONIA The Rack 28410 Joy Rd 734-422-7665 13-9ft tables 1 -3-Cushion 1-Snooker 6x12 Snacks, Hot dogs


933 8th St Hwy #3 651-463-2636 8-9’ Gold Crowns, 8-7’ Diamonds,Free Wi-Fi,Beer Food


1319 Larpenteur Ave 651 646-9508 16 – Gold Crowns 1 – 5x10 Brunswick Anniversary, 1-5x10 & 1-6x12 Snooker, 2-7’ Bar tables, Darts & Foosball

MISSISSIPPI LAUREL Bankshot Bar & Grill BYHALIA 3249 Fort Mead RD Meucci Billiards 301 483 - 8644 16 – Diamonds Bar Tables 3 – 9’ Diamonds, 4 – Dart boards, Full Bar and Restaurant, 16 TV’s

PARKVILLE • Top Hat Cue Club 410 665-1906 8809 Satyr Hill Rd 22-9’ Gold Crowns 3-Bar Tables,5-Table Tennis, 1- 3-Cushion Federic Caurdon

662 895-3220 3709 Hwy 302 Byhalia MS 8-9ft Gold Crowns 3-Bar TablesHome of Meucci Custom Pool Cues Cue work on Premises

GRENADA The Sports Center

662-226-1322 893 Springhill Rd 7- Pool tables, 3 Bar tables, Video’s, Beer/food

April/May PQB 33

SOUTHAVEN Southaven Recreational

662 342-0230 987 Town & Country 16- Big Tables. 5-Bar Tables,5-TV’s, Darts, Bumper Pool, Food/beer


26 North Main 573-335-9955 20- Bar Tables, 2-9 ft pool tables,Full Bar & Kitchen


573 717-9191 111 Ward Ave 6-Bar tables 10 ft Snooker 1-9ft Snooker 2-9ft pool tables

POPLAR BLUFF Westwood Billiards

15 – 9 ft tables, Beer & Wine, Food, 2 Dart Boards, ProSho


524 Washington Ave. 973-759-6217 2- New Gabriels 3cushion billiard tables. 34 – 9 foot pool tables, 6 – Big Screens

EDISON Sandcastle Billiards

101 Towsley Rd 732 632-9277 18 - 9’ Tables, Card table lounge, Ping-Pong., Pro-shop

NEW YORK ASTORIA QUEENS Steinway Café Billiards

2207 S. Westwood Blvd. 573 686-4880 10-7ft bar tables, 9ft Brunswich, 2 dart boards, 7 TV’s & Full Bar & Kitchen

3525 Steinway St 718 472-2124 26- Tables Full Bar & Menu 1-Ping Pong table

636 978-7728 977 West Terra, Ln 17-Pool Tables, 1-5X10 Snooker, Darts, Full Liquor and Restaurant

93 Ave U 718 714-1002 15 Brunswick, 1 Vitalie, 6 Large screen TV’s Burgers, Pizza &,Large Pro Shop

O’FALLON Action Billiard Club


PORTSMOUTH Legends Billiards

603-433-1154 80 Hanover St 15- Pool tables, 7- Dart boards,Full liquor & Pub menu,Video games 5-Big screens

SOMERSWORTH Buster’s Billiards

369 Route 108 603 692-7926

34 PQB April/May

BROOKLYN • Gotham City Billiards Club

FLUSHING • Carom Cafe

718 358-8585 34-02 Linden Pl 10-5x10 New Verhoven 3Cushion Billiard tables, 10 4 x 8 carom, 22 Brunswick pool tables,Full Bar & Restaurant

SYRACUSE • Premium Billiards 315 488-4888 10 – 9’Brunswick 2-3-Cushion Gabriel’s

8 Diamond Pro Am 7’ers Bumper Table, Ping Pong. Dart Boards Beer Wine, Full Kitchen

WILLIAMVILLE • Bison Billiards

716 632-0281 Main Transit Plaza 8216 Main St 8-9’ Diamonds, 3-9’ Brunswicks, 6-Bar Tables 2-Dart Boards, 3-Cushion Gabriel


315 768-0218 5160 Commercial Dr. E 12-4 1/2x9 Gabriels, 15x10 3-cushion table, 8-3 1/2 7 Valleys, Beer, Wine, Full menu, 8-TV’s

N. CAROLINA NEW BERN Mickey Milligans Billiards 252 637-3711 3411 Trent Rd 6- 9ft Pro Diamonds 3-Steel Tip dart boards Full Bar, Pizza & Snack foodLive entertainment weekly, Tournaments every Sunday

RALEIGH Sharky’s Place

5800 Duraleigh Rd 919 210-1094 6- 9 ft Gold Crowns 2- 7 ft Valley Full bar and Kitchen

WINSTON SALEM Breaktime Billiards & Sports Bar 336 765-7391 420N Jonestown Rd 15-9 foot Pool tables Darts, 1-big screen, fooseball,Full Bar&menu

OHIO FAIRFIELD • Michaels Billiards

PITTSBURG • Breakers Billiards



6625 Dixie Billiards 513-860-0044 1- 3-Cushion Table 34- Pool Tables Full Bar and Restaurant

405 917-9300 4619 N. West 10th 6- Gold Crowns, 4-Bar tables, 2-5 x 10 Snooker table, 1-3-Cushion Billiard table, 1-6 X 12 SnookerPro Shop & Cue & table repair

OREGON ASHLAND Ashland Elks Lodge 255 E. Main St. 541-482-3911 6-3-Cushion Gabriels Tables

PENNSYLVANIA NORRISTOWN Markly Billiards 610-278-1595 1713 Markly St 9-Gold Crown 9’,4-Diamonds 7’- Light menu

PHILADELPHIA • Drexeline Billiard Club.

610 259-9144 5100 State Rd L-300 2- Cheviotte 3-cushion tables, 16- 4 1/2x 9 Gold Crowns.4 - 4x8 G.Crowns Full line of custom cues & accessories, Tournaments, Inst., Sr.citizen rates

412-531-2250 1413 Potomac Ave 2-3-Cushion heated Chevilotte,6 – 9’ Gold Crowns, 8 – 9’ Diamond pros,1- 7’ Bar table Diamond, Full Bar

401 351-7665 53 Ashburton ST 15- 9’ Gold Crowns 40-HD T.V’s Full service restaurant with 2bars.,Home of the New England Pool Hall of Fame

TENNESSEE MEMPHIS Bubba’s Ale House & Grille

7041 HWY 64 901-937-1911 2-Bar tables 2-Dart boardsFull bar & Food Several Flat Screens (HD) Smoking allowed

Getaway Bar

4632 Winchester Rd 363-3073 6-Bar tables 4-Dart boards Beer & Byob Open 24hrs

Sharpshooters Billiards

901 386-1188 6959 Stage 18 Bar Tables 4-Gold Crowns, 6 Dart Boards, T.V’s,Jukebox,Video games, food & Beer

• The Rack

901 360 9090 3622 Lamar Ave 8-9 ‘ Pro Diamond 1-3-Cushion Gabriel, 6 bar tables 3-Dart boards, 10-tv’s Food & Beer

MADISON J.O.B Billiard Club

615 868-4270 900 Gallatin Rd. Madison Sq. Mall 30 Pool tables diamonds -In house proshop

MANCHESTER Lucky Break Billiard Club

1766 Hillsboro Hwy 931 954 5400 4-7’Valleys,4-7’Diamonds 3 9’Diamonds,Darts, Bumper Pool Beer & Grill

TEXAS SAN LEON Casper’s Billiards 281 559-1400 37 21st St 18- 9ft Brunswicks Full Service Rest & Bar


HOUSTON • Café 99

Lefty’s Sports Pub

Bogies Billiards

1599 Ols Summer Ave. 901 761-1583 12-4 1/2 x9 Gold Crowns, 1 Snooker table, 8- Bar Tables, Full menu & beer, 8- TV’s, 1 big screen, Videos 901 763-2679 4497 Summer Ave 2-Bar tables, 2-Dart boards, Beer & Byob

832 868-4032 10730 Kingspoint 2-New 3-Cushion heated Gabriel’s,5 TV’S, Beer & Food 3040 FM 1960 RD Ste 101 281-821-4544 8- 9’ Gold Crowns 14 8’ Pool Tables 1-Snooker,Full Bar/Food

• Houston Café & Billiards 13590 State Hwy 249 77086 832-3979400 1-3-Cushion Gabriels Element, 2-3-Cushion Cheviottes


281 568-7746 13090 Bellaire Blvd Suite # B. 2-New 3-Cushion heated Gabriel’sBeer & Food

• Paris Bida

118010 Bellaire Blvd. Suite –A 832-630-5903 2- New Kronos 3-Cushion 6-Gabriels 3-Cushion 6-Carom tables 4-Pool tables- Bar & Food

LEAGUE CITY Legend’s Billiards 201 S. Gulf Frwy 281-332-7716 20 -4X8 Tables 3 -9’ tables,1-Bar table Full Bar & food 1-Steel Dart board

• U.S. BIDA (Billiards)

screens,Rest. Sports Pub


TACOMA Elk’s Club Lodge

Cedar St 253-584-3994 5-3-cushion Verhoeven 9- Brunswick pool table

10905 Bellaire Blvd #E 281 857-7383 8-Verhoevens 3-Cushion 5-Pool Tables 1-Soccer Table

VIRGINIA VIRGINIA BEACH Mike’s Break Room 757-855-2114 3717 Tiffany Lane 5- Pool tables, 19- Flat


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For the latest Event News ofessor

Business for Sale

Pool Room in Daytona Beach, Florida Stand alone building –Same owner for 35 years 17 Pool Tables 1 6x12 English Snooker Table

Great opportunity to open kitchen - Mexican - Italian Food

Cue repair shop on premises with complete Billiard supplies and large display area with over 200 Pool Cues & Cases. Sell New and Used Tables and also recover and move tables. Leagues and Tournaments Senior Leagues & Junior Summer Leagues. Beer, Wine, Food & Even Ice Cream Contact John, aka Uncle Waldo, (386) 788-3582 Possible sale of building

April/May PQB 35

36 PQB April/May

Wes Burden

Billiard Table Service & Cue Work

Commerical & Residential Tables

Gabriel & Diamond Factory Authorized Mechanic Tampa Florida

Wes Burden Cell • (813) 416-2255

Service Directory Place Your Business Card Ad in the Billiard Industry Service Directory call (901)756-2594 for details and rates.

April/May PQB 39

DPM Universal Pocket and Carom Billiard Systems Article 72

by Darrell Paul Martineau • WBIA Head Master Instructor

New standard for banking four rails.

Article 72 is different from my previous articles it gives you a new way to play four rail banks. You will note that the returns are the same as for the DPM system segments Inside and Outside. This makes it easier to learn. You will need to test your respective tables to see if they are “ Short “ or “ Long “. Then use this system segment as a base. If the table has short returns then go with the +.5 cuing or go up .5 diamonds above your normal aim point.. If Long then aim .5 diamonds below original mark. Special note: A so called “ Short Table “ is one that has narrow angle returns. In some cases a narrow angle can appear to be what we would call Long but most of the time the shot will come up short of the mark.

D.P.M. Universal Billiard Systems For Carom Billiards Secrets of Three Cushion Billiards ~Doctoral Edition 220 pages, 90 full-page graphs step by step instructions $39.95 1. I am at the table explaining how to use the book Sold Together Doctoral Book & Tape set or DVD set 3 hrs $90.00 2. NEW ~ Advanced DPM System Segments. The next steps to four and more rail shots You will need the “ Doctoral “ shown above to start your studies. These Guides and graphs will give you the full information to play at your best. You will receive over forty full page advance system graphs and their fully written explanation of how to use them over 80 pages in all. By e-mail $30.00 By regular mail bound copies $45.00 3. NEW ~ Hits to Miss Kisses. Completely NEW. Miss all Kisses. Know the hit to make before you shoot to miss the kiss. E-mail $25.00 Bound Copies $35.00 4. Tape or DVD Ball to Ball caroms [Straight Rail] 73 min $30.00. DPM For Pocket Billiards {POOL} 1. Secrets of Pocket Billiards [POOL] Kick Shots & Banking Over 100 pages 50 full page graphs Plus Tape or DVD. I am at the table showing how to use the book 75min. You will receive 24 articles & full page graphs by e-mail that I have written for Professor Cue Pool and Billiards $55 I also give clinics, private lessons on either Carom billiards or Specialized pocket billiards. Two hours $65.00, 5 - 2hr. $300.00 Four hours $110.00 5 - 4 hr. lessons $500.00 $175.00 per day [ 6 hours ] or 3 days $500.00. All prices include Priority Shipping. Out of U.S. add $15.00 Air Mail. Three or more items deduct 10% pool or billiards mix. Send check or money order to: Can be paid with Western Union or Money Gram Darrell Paul Martineau, 5916 Bar Harbour Ct., Elk Grove, CA 95758 More Information Ph. 916-684-4535 e-mail dpmuniverse @ Web page 40 PQB April/May

42 PQB April/May

44 PQB April/May

Professor’s National Tournament Directory

APRIL 5-6 $1,000 Added Amateur 9-ball w/ 32 players Mickey Milligan’s 3411 Trent Road New Bern, NC Tables: 9ft Diamond tables 252 637-3711 APRIL 5-6 Predator Tour Stop #9 Steinway Billiards 3525 Steinway Street Astoria, NY 718.472.2124 $1000 Added ABCD Saturday at Noon Open/Pro Sunday at Noon APRIL 9-13 Parish Bida Houston, TX 832-715-2554 USBA 3-Cushion Nationals On 8 Gabriels Tables APRIL 9-13 MPA Championships Black Bear Casino Resort $20,000 added 9-Ball Singles-8-Ball Singles,8Ball Tournament,John Stich 507210-7558 APRIL 12 Sharky’s Billiards 2902 E. Kimberly / Davenport, IA No Master-Spring Fever Contact: Terry 563-570-2613 Added $1,250 Based on 64 9-Ball- $45 entry APRIL 12 Stop #3 Flamingo Tour Amy’s Billiards

Stuart, FL. 772 232-9966 $250-added APRIL 13 Gotham City Billiards 93 Avenue U. Brooklyn NY (718) 714-1002 A-B/C-D 9-Ball $1,500 APRIL 12-13TH Sports9 Ladies Tour Big Table 9-Ball Bumpers Billiards 4925 University Dr NW Huntsville, AL (256) 721-1495 registration at APRIL 26 Sharky’s Billiards 2902 E. Kimberly / Davenport, IA Spring Classic OPEN 9-Ball- $45 entry Added $1,250 Based on 64 Contact: Terry 563-570-2613 APRIL 30 TO MAY 4 APA National Singles Championships 9-Ball Doubles 8-Ball Classic APA Wheelchair Challenge Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas MAY 10-16 ACS National Championships Tropicana Las Vegas MAY 17TH Sports 9 Ladies Tour 6 Pockets, Decatur, AL 256 686-3171 Online registration at MAY 17-18

J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s 9-Ball Tour $1500 Added Raxx Pool Room, Bar & Grill 510 Hempstead Tpke West Hepstead, NY 11552 Linda 443.852.0020 MAY 24-26 4th Annual George “Ginky” Sansouci Memorial $4,000 Added Steinway Billiards Astoria, NY 718.475.2124 MAY 31 - JUNE 1 Lone Star Tour Snookers Billiards Bar & Grill 53 Ashburton St. Providence, RI 401.351.7665 Steve & Regina Goulding $1500/$500 Added Entry Fee - Pro $120, Non Pro $70 JUNE 5-8 2014 NYC 8-Ball Championships Steinway Billiards Astoria, NY 718.475.2124 JUNE 21-22 J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s 9-Ball Tour $750 Added First Break Café Community Plaza 2nd Fl. Sterling, VA 20164 703-444-2551 JUNE 21-22 OB 9-Ball Tour Legend’s Billiards 201 Gulf Fwy S

League City, TX 77573 281-332-7716 $2000 added JUNE 24-27 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships Louisville, Kentucky Samm Diep-Vidal (303) 926-1039 or JUNE 25-27 BCA SUMMIT Billiard & Home Recreation Expo Louisville, KY JULY 4-6 Summer Classic The Rack Memphis, Tn 901 360-6060 July 16-26 38th 2014 BCAPL National Championships Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino CueSports International (702) 719-7665 JULY 17-20 2014 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Contact: Mark Dimick 405-7949575

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April/May PQB 45

CueSports International (CSI) Hires New Manager


ueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (December 6, 2013) – CueSports International is proud to announce the addition of Ozzy Reynolds (right) as the newest member of the CSI team where he will serve as CSI Manager. Ozzy will steer the internal and external affairs of CSI into the future, under the supervision of Mark Griffin, CEO, and David Vandenberghe, COO. Ozzy brings a wealth of billiards experience to the table, as both a player and a promoter. He began playing when he was just eight years old and has since competed in numerous amateur leagues, regional tour events, charity events, and national pro tournaments. Ozzy has become well-known in the mid-Atlantic region for being the founder, promoter, and director of The Action Pool Tour, The VA State-10-Ball Championships, The VA State 8-Ball Championships, and The East Coast 9-Ball Championship. He has created, promoted, or conducted nearly 100 tournaments since June 2011 and has given players in the mid-Atlantic region more opportunity than ever before. Along with his billiards acumen, Ozzy also brings an impressive background of business education and experience to CSI. He worked as a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Marine Designer for ten years, a Construction Manager for NASA facility infrastructure projects for three years, and a Project Manager for NASA facility design and construction projects for four years. In 2009, he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration (BSBA) from Old Dominion University with a minor in Civil Engineering Technology. In 2012, he earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from The College of William & Mary. He also holds official certifications as a Marine Designer and a Project Management Professional (PMP®) from The Project Management Institute (PMI®). In the coming months, CSI will make many tactical and strategic decisions that that will strengthen its position and

46 PQB April/May

help shape the course of the entire industry. CEO Mark Griffin says he believes that Ozzy is “the right guy to help direct CSI into the future.” Likewise, Ozzy states that becoming an integral part of the CSI team is “a dream job.” He elaborated by saying, “I have always been and will always be a pool fanatic. However, due to the lack of organization within and support for the industry, I believed that playing and promoting pool would always be something I did as a side gig or hobby. I never imagined that I would one day have the opportunity to work full time for the game that I love and for such a terrific organization.” Please join us in welcoming Ozzy to the CSI team as we continue to strengthen the industry, prepare for the future, and stay true to our motto – More Choices for All Players.

CSI is comprised of the BCA Pool League (BCAPL), USA Pool League (USAPL), US Bar Table Championships, US Open 10Ball Championship, US Open 8-Ball Championship, US Open One Pocket Championship, Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament, and most recently has included a major stake in the American Billiard Club Association (ABCA) and in 6 Pocket. Additionally, CSI has developed a proprietary tournament management software suite, CueSports Tournament System (CTS), unlike any other in the industry. CSI is also the exclusive North American distributor for the popular Magic Ball Rack™.