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staging // 4

2 // valentine catapano

fabric of the folly // 14

the hive // 24

barcelona //


conceptual thinking // 36

miscellaneous // 46

professional work // 50

3 // creative work

VALENTĂ?NE CATAPANO 2020 n. high st. apt 402 columbus, oh 43201 917.656.5851 //

proficiency autocad adobe suite // illustrator + indesign + photoshop microsoft suite revit rhinoceros sketchup writing blogging communication

volunteer work social media + exhibit coordinator the center for architecture and design columbus, ohio may 2016 - present

international buddy to acclimate two international students to the catholic university of america washington, dc september 2014 - may 2015

extracurricular aias member 2013 fashion schau entry uli competition intramural soccer best buddies

study abroad student blog author + coordinator barcelona, spain spring 2014

4 // valentine catapano

- 2016 2016 2016 2016 2015

education the ohio state university master of architecture 2017 // cumulative gpa 3.5

the catholic university of america b.s. architecture, psychology minor // cumulative gpa 3.2

professional experience architectural intern at jl bender inc. architects and planners columbus, ohio // may 2016 - present

sketchup + photoshop renderings + autocad construction documents + design

counselor at camp architecture high school design studio columbus, ohio // june 2016

taught basic architectural principles and provided guidance + feedback on design

architectural intern at paulus sokolowski and sartor warren, new jersey // summer 2014 + 2015

sketchup model, design +client presentations, leed paperwork, material selection + sample design + finish boards, competition board + leed marketing brochure designs + revit section details + redlines

student licensing advisor at cuaias washington, dc // september 2014 - may 2015

advised peers pursuing licensure in architecture + communicated with ncarb + emerging architects committee to create opportunities for students to earn extra idp hours + began to form emerging professional program on campus

member of emerging architects committee of washington, dc washington, dc // september 2014 - may 2015

communicated with students at the catholic university of america + advertised events held by both to increase opportuinites for young professionals and architecture students to earn extra idp hours

seasonal sales associate at the limited staten island, new york // october 2011 - january 2012

customer service, tended cash register + fitting rooms, opened credit card accounts, opened + closed the store + communication with corporate headquarters

notetaker at the catholic university of america washington, dc // january - may 2011

took detailed notes for physics 101 for an undisclosed student with disabilities

5 // creative work

model photos The building has three separate facades reacting to the site conditions of highway adjacency, interior courtyard views and exterior dowtown views.

6 // valentine catapano

S T A G IN G A T T H E CO N F L U E N CE 679 west spring street columbus, oh 43215 in collaboration with enio dajko + kevin jones jr. programs: adobe suite + autocad + revit autumn 2015

This 300 unit mixed-use apartment building embodies the concepts of event, movement and framing by responding to the site conditions of downtown Columbus, Ohio. The facades of the building identify the types of apartments within and simultaneously provide ideal views. Each unit has a private balcony to better iterate this concept. The balconies of the courtyard units are rotated to allow for views of greenspaces, downtown Columbus and the waterfront. The units adjacent to the highway have been provided with private green spaces and soundproofing to minimize noise pollution from traffic directly beneath the building. The north an dsouth facades of exterior units are almost entirely glazed to maximize natural daylighting. An open outdoor space is the final stage of the site, providing residents with a framed view of downtown Columbus directly across from the rivers.

7 // creative work

south elevation 2


north elevation

8 // valentine catapano

rendering + elevations + floor plan top left // interior rendering middle left // south elevation bottm left // north elevation below // typical floor plan

9 // creative work













site plan The building is located on the confluence of the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers in Columbus, Ohio.

10 // valentine catapano





716 714 720 718 710 712 708













DATE: 08.12.15

DRAWN: 1” - 50’-0”




11 // creative work

rendering + unit plans + wall detail top left // interior unit rendering above left // unit plan first story bottom right // unit plan second story right // elevation + wall detail

12 // valentine catapano

.25" Insulated Glass Aluminum Mullions

3" Acoustic Panels 1" x 3" Wood Furring Air Barrier 2" Rigid Insulation 6" Reinforced Concrete Vapor Barrier 1" Gypsum Board

1" Gypsum Board 2" Radiant Tubing Post Tensioning Steel Bolts 5" Plywood Dirt Drain Gravel

13 // creative work

14 // valentine catapano

15 // creative work

model photo close up photograph of final mesh model showing the lowest point in the system

16 // valentine catapano

F A B R IC O F T H E F O L L Y 275 west woodruff ave. columbus, oh 43210 programs: adobe suite+rhinoceros+grasshopper spring 2016

Students began with physical studies--in this case the application of a constraint to a four-way stretch mesh fabric. The fabric was stretched 2.5 times its original size over a wooden frame. Then a pattern or boundary condition was applied with adhesive. Once this adhesive dried, the fabric was removed from the frame and the resulting shapes were analyzed architecturally. After students learned the exploitable properties of the mesh, the physical studies were further studied in Grasshopper + Kangaroo. After analyses of the "ideal conditions" the studies were once again performed in the physical, this time more scientifically and with more predictability/control over the resulting forms. The final design became a folly on the roof garden of The Knowlton School of Architecture.

17 // creative work


8”x8” Untensioned Fabric

12”x12” Tensioned Fabric

Insert Fabric Into Apparatus

Duralar (constraint) Adhesive

Rubber Cement (creates friction)

11.5” X 11.5” Frame

12” X 12” Tensioned Fabric

Duralar (constraint)

Rubber Cement (creates friction)

12” X 12” Frame

18 // valentine catapano

Watch Glue Dry Apply Duralar Pattern

Release From Tension

Materials Mesh Net Fabric:

80% Nylon / 20% Spandex 4 Way Stretch


High strength polyester film

Permanent Fabric Glue: Dries clear and flexible

Constraint Pattern and size of the duralar Location of the duralar and glue

Forces Tension Compression Time

process process boards + photograph of a study model that began as a polygon in plan and curled once popped out of its frame

19 // creative work


Add Anchor Points

Draw Pattern


Taxonomy 1


Front Elevation

Side Elevation

grasshopper the digital prcess and resulting forms in rhinoceros + grasshopper

20 // valentine catapano

Add Z Forces

Front Elevation


Taxonomy 2

Taxonomy 3


Add Springs From Lines

Analyze Results

Parameters Constraint Spring Stiffness

Forces Point Anchor

Side Elevation

Taxonomy 4

Taxonomy 5

Taxonomy 6

anchor points

z- forces

21 // creative work

southeast isometric

renderings + line drawings top left // southeast isometric top right // roof plan bottom // prestretched pattern evolution

22 // valentine catapano

roof plan

23 // creative work

renderings + sections top left // rendering from below above left // longitudinal section series top right // rendering from above right // latitudinal section series

24 // valentine catapano

25 // creative work

concept models the beginnings of representations of dynamic circulation culminating in The Hive, a city within itself

26 // valentine catapano

T H E H IVE 2011 gray st. houston, tx 77003 programs: adobe suite + rhinoceros + sketchup autumn 2014

This eight story mixed-use apartment building is located directly above a multi-lane highway in the Fifth Ward of Houston, Texas. This project embodies the concept of dynamic interior circulation to foster a community within itself. The Hive buzzes with constant energy as cascading floor slabs and zero interior walls foster healthy voyeurism. Units wrap three sides of each floor while the fourth side is a community space of differing program per floor. Stairs wrap the interior and exterior perimeters of the building encouraging discovery and exploration of not only the building but also the people residing in it. Psychology has proven that people are more likely to become friends the closer they are in proximity to one another. The openness of The Hive strives to do just this: promote frienships among strangers who have become familiar faces.

27 // creative work

rendering + floor plans + wall detail top left // interior rendering above // 4th + 5th + 6th floor plans bottom right // unit plan second story right // elevation + wall detail

28 // valentine catapano

29 // creative work

rendering + sections top left // interior rendering above // section perspective right // section

30 // valentine catapano

31 // creative work

photography left // el mercado middle // arc de triomf right // richard meier's museum of contemporary art

32 // valentine catapano

B A R CE L O N A urban infill + shifting planes catalunia, spain programs: adobe suite + autocad + sketchup 2014

These two projects took place during a semester abroad. The two iterate the same concept on different sites in the city. The Urban Infill is a four-story, 10-meter wide apartment building in the old city of Barcelona. A series of stairs wrapping around the exterior of the building takes one from the commercial space on the ground floor to the inhabitable rooftop. A quarter of each floor is outdoor space to be used by all four inhabitants of the building so they can familiarize themselves with one another and ultimately become a community of friends. Shifting Planes is an eight-story mixed-use building located directly across the street from the Arc de Triomf. The building has retail on the ground floor and a series of stairs wrapping around the building encouraging residents to take in the views of the city. Every unit is glazed entirely, encouraging healthy voyeurism while greensapces for each provide some privacy.

33 // creative work

shifting planes top left // elevation above left // section perspective above // perspective + site right // plan diagram

34 // valentine catapano

35 // creative work

urban infill top // plans above // section + site right // plan diagram

36 // valentine catapano

37 // creative work

precedent + model photos left // Alfred Hitchcok's Rebecca middle // excavation study model right // adlv 3d model

38 // valentine catapano

CO N CE P T U A L T H IN KIN G miscellaneous cua + osu programs: brainstorming + analysis + sketching 2012-2016

The following is a series of short spreads presenting various thought provoking studies. Tendency Sketch/Fictional Challenge: A study of the changing programmatic usage of stairs. The Four Archetypal Elements: An excerpt for a study of how one consistently changing variable in architecture - covering, wall, skeleton and excavationaffects the inhabitant. The Analog-Digital Workshop: Students worked in teams taking photgraphs of the spaces between objects in a refrigerator. Those photographs were arranged into strips according to connecting lines among them and then diagrammed on trace paper. Those hand-drawn diagrams were then digitalized and studied as three-dimensional spaces which were modeled by hand.

39 // creative work

tendency//stairs as gathering space date // spring 2016 duration // one semester objective // compare any object of one's choice to one recurring theme in architecture shown // Boy Meets World +architectural evolution of stairs

7/11. That’s the typical ratio for a typical set of stairs in a typical building in the United States, which say the least. A series of levels deliberately guiding one from one story to another, a path not a journey. A direct connection between spaces. A transition space unintended for lingering. While stairs are a necessary component of buildings, they are not necessarily beautiful and

There are two types of stairs: means of egress and architectural. The former is a means of safety while the latter is meant to be seen. Still, those that are meant to be seen are not typically utilized for personal interaction or the exchange of conversation and ideas. That idea has been flipped upside down in recent years, namely in schools and museums, where staircases are becoming larger, more prominent spatial features, allowing for community and interpersonal conversation. In essence the transformation of a mundane element to a useful, beautiful one.

do not always add something positive to a space.

Those 7/11 stairs suddenly become 24/18 and a

This, however, has been changing in recent years.

typical staircase expands from three feet wide to 20

Rather than being a means of egress the staircase

feet. People no longer walk up and down them with

has begun to take on different meaning greatly

blinders on; they linger, they converse, and bring

affecting the users’ experience of a space.

life to an otherwise “boring” space.

40 // valentine catapano








have just seen or even hope to be trailblazers for a

appropriate that people educate themselves to the

new attitude in a seemingly hopeless or struggling

best of their abilities in all matters BUT technology

city as the Peace Stairs in Syria strive to do.

is both a global blessing and a curse. Rather than avoiding interpersonal connection (because their phones allowed them to forget how to converse without typing a text message or posting a photo on social media) they can have a face to face conversation with someone. A previously simple set of stairs makes this possible in a circulatory space. Now not only are people circulating, but so are ideas, emotions, relationships and far beyond. This idea is expanding in art as well. Public staircases as means of art or congregation are beginning to pop up all around the world-from Philadelphia to Lebanon to Syria and beyond. People can go exchange ideas and interpretations of the art they

This theory came about after analyzing the television series Boy Meets World in which stairs are in every major set and yet are only used to introduce characters or segway between scenes. This is how stairs are typically used-unconsciously while trying to reach a destination-but today stairs are starting to become that desitnation. They have become gathering spaces instead of transient ones. precedent studies left// top left // california consortium top right // st. louis public art bottom left // moesgaard museum dispaly bottom right // china mobile headquarters right// top left // interactive piano stairs top right // smart school bottom left // Hitchcock's film Rebecca bottom right // philadelphia museum of art

41 // creative work

Study 1 / Light

42 // valentine catapano

Study 2 / Aperture

Study 3 / Path Depth

Study 4 / Path Width

Study 5 / Path Intersection

methods of placemaking date // spring 2012 duration // four weeks objective // a series of studies of covering, wall, skeleton and excavation in which one variable was changed constantly to better understand how a user's experience changes spatially shown // axonometric diagrams of excavation studies

43 // creative work

the analog digital workshop date // spring 2012 duration // three days objective // a happy medium between physical and digital analysis in which 2d objects become 3-dimensional shown // strip sequences and analyses

44 // valentine catapano

45 // creative work

46 // valentine catapano

analog digital workshop strip sequences and resulting diagrams

47 // creative work

model photos three excerpts from a freehand pen sketch on 4" x 6" watercolor paper

48 // valentine catapano

M IS CE L L A N E O U S nyc

+ dc +


10306-20064-43210 programs: hand sketching + conceptual 2014-2016

The following is a series of pen line drawings on watercolor paper. Every line drawn is a straight one. The image created becomes perspectival when lines are subtly shifted. Each drawing began as a square and was further broken down into triangles and eventually triangles within triangles within triangles. The drawings are based on the traditional Indian symbol of the mandala-a spiritual symbol representing the universe. The basic form is a square with four gates and a circle at the center point. They are often used as tools for spiritual guidance or to aid meditation and induce trance.

49 // creative work

linework drawings top left // 11" x 14" pen + watercolor paper above left // 4" x 6" pen + watercolor paper bottom right // 4" x 6" pen + watercolor paper right // 11" x 14" pen + watercolor paper

50 // valentine catapano

51 // creative work

section detail a window section detail for a single hung vinyl window. drawn in autocad for jl bender

52 // valentine catapano

P R O F E S S IO N A L W O R K ps&s + jl bender 07059 - 43221 programs: autocad + adobe suite + revit 2014-2016 // idp in progress

The last three summers have been spent as an Architectural Intern at two offices: Paulus Sokolowski & Sartor, located in Warren, New Jersey, and J.L. Bender Inc., located in Columbus, Ohio. The majority of tasks the first summer with PS&S included Revit redlines, LEED paperwork and assistance in the design process of a small theater. This entailed the production of a 3D SketchUp model, client meetings and presentations as well as design choices. The second summer with PS&S included the design of multiple LEED marketing brochures and a design competition board, LEED paperwork, Revit section details and finish boards. Work on the finish boards was from beginning to end: order and design of material samples, paint choices, inventory, board layout and print orders, render adjustments and finally board asembly. A majority of work with J.L. Bender has been SketchUp and Photoshop renderings and floor plans as well as construction documents in AutoCad.

53 // creative work

sketchup + design + photoshop top left // jl bender interior rendering above // jl bender rendered unit plans top right // ps&s theater model bottom right // ps&s finish boards

54 // valentine catapano

east elevation Service

Children's Theater


Bar // Art Gallery

Offices // Classrooms

55 // creative work

56 // valentine catapano

details + elevations drawn in autocad for jl bender

57 // creative work

Graduate Architecture Portfolio  

Valentine Catapano

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