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Aquaculture Training Online Workshop Instructor Workflow Map comments to: Barbara Payne McLain

Content Modules

Outline of Critical Skills & Knowledge

Presentations (3 or 4)

Images Slides w/narration using

Narration script


Training & Skills Required - Powerpoint or Keynote - Folder hierarchies & naming conventions - Sliderocket tool w/sharing - Photo quality & size - Video Editing size & quality - Copyright

Module Overview


Module Tasks

MS Word or Pages documents


Training & Skills Required none



Assessment Questions

Training & Skills Required Videoclips

Creating valid & reliable test items

Approve final assessments

Program Admin Approve final deployment

Student Feedback Deployment (one month) 6 - 10 hrs wk

Answer content questions as needed

Content Modules

• Handouts & Assessment Files on flash drive, CD or via internet DropBox • Access to Sliderocket prez

Program Admin Development Registration/Recruiting/Marketing Builds & monitors NEW STUDENT orientation site Manages communication with potential students Reviews & Edits Presentations Maintains Database of Student Information Edits & Brands Handouts Coordinates with Outreach College/Advertising Converts Handouts Creates marketing materials Uploads Handouts Markets and advertises program & accomplishments Places content in pre-built "Module Shell" (Template)

Fiscal Reviews/Edits & Constructs Assessments

Sends assessment draft to instructor for final approval

Sends module draft to instructor for final approval

Coordinates with Outreach College for contracts & payment to instructors

Maintains & monitors budget & internet subscription services needed

Publishes course Purchases & inventories student lab kits or other equipment Trains instructors and provides technical support Inventories & Distributes equipment to faculty

Deployment Communicates with students to solve technical problems & content glitches


Monitors each student's progress

Monitors & awards scholarships

Provides feedback to students

Evaluates program & faculty success /satisfaction

Aquaculture Training Online Business Model comments to: Barbara Payne McLain

Basic Assumptions Student Cost per level (3 courses) = $300 Program lasts one year Estimates based on an initial cohort of 60 students which declines over time Goal is to make program self-sufficient after 2 years (scholarships)

Year One Program Levels

target no. students

gross tuition revenue

outreach takes 30%

Subtotal revenue after Outreach fee

Faculty salary

Program Nets




























$1,200 $18,900

Team Chore Map  

uhm, aquaculture

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