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Thanks to: Dr. Donald Vincent and Peggy Shea for organizing this event. Rachel Dobiesz for producing the program and promotional materials. Hilbert SGA for their support.

Darryl Roberts for allowing us to show his film. DJ Gus for sharing his music with us at this event. Professor Chris Gallant and DMAC Students. Hilbert College Communications Club Presents:

America the Beautiful: Is America Obsessed with Beauty? A film by Darryl Roberts April 27th, 2010 @ 7:00 pm


Student Projects


Refreshments Music by DJ Gus

Creative Activity from DMAC students for Tonight’s showing:


Presentations by Chris Gallant and DMAC students.

COM270 – Photography “Slideshow Montage” 6:00 min Shots of some of the best work from the class


Presentation of America the Beautiful

COM275 – Video Production (All works-in-progress) “Shadow Manipulation” Chris Blakelock 2:37 min “Buffalo Bands Project” Jamie Bigaj 7:00 min “Untitled” Devan Jonathan 4:56 min “Erasure of a Dying Dream” Stephen Lee 3:33 min “Why Do You Enjoy Music?” Emily Valenti 4:59 min

Synopsis: In his award-winning documentary, filmmaker Darryl Roberts explores America’s fixation on physical perfection. He speaks to celebrities, experts, and average Americans about the consequences of unattainable standards of beauty and follows a 12 year-old supermodel on her journey into the world of fashion. Along the way, he uncovers the causes and dangers of America’s current obsession with beauty.

COM374 – Lighting for Film “DMAC Online Commercial” (work-in-progress) Jamie Bigaj, Jesse Burns, Rosemarie Escalera, Tom Wills 1:09 min COM478 – Documentary “Noble Tradition” (work-in-progress) Rachel Dobiesz and Tom Wills 6:51 min

Communication Deptartment Screening  

This outlines a schedule of student work for the DMAC dept. showing.

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