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September 2017

Monthly Newsletter of the Professional Women’s Association of Rome


Woman of the Year 2016/17

PWA is an international hub in the heart of Rome where ideas and values, tradition and innovation, diversity, culture and professionalism meet and intersect. On our journey into the future our travel companions are respect, ethics, and a sense of social responsibility. This year we celebrate our 25th Jubilee Anniversary.

Letter from the President Being elected as President for 2017-2018, when I thought about my opening message to our PWA community, I started to think why I joined PWA. Engagement was the inspiring word. Engagement was one of the strongest feelings I felt when I attended first connexions, when I progressively met members and the Board and Team at the conferences, when I started to see the power of belonging to the PWA community. As one of the most loyal members said in our last Summer Party: “in PWA the more you give, the more you get”. The current social year will be dedicated to elevated member engagement. It will be not only devoted to personal engagement in our social activity and the pleasure to spend valuable time together, but also about the happiness of celebrating significant achievements… My personal resources and our Board and Team skills will be dedicated to enforcing business relationships and professional competencies. Our conference programme is specifically aimed at enforcing our professional knowledge in the new digitally disrupted era. Furthermore, we will be engaged in strengthening each other and will strive to represent a new model of professional woman where the profession is not only the job but the ability to fulfill multiple needs of individual life and relationships of a woman. Having been a salesperson for 20 years, I know success is not what you do occasionally, it’s what you do consistently. With this in mind, PWA wants to be a guiding tool to make ideas a reality this coming season as we reach out to members, both online and offline, creating as many opportunities as possible to share opinions, offer expert advice and foster new business experiences. Be a part of it! Valentina Ferretti, PWA president


Ivana Madonna editor Hanna Suni layout designer

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Brainy Resources Hanna Suni - Woman of the Year 2016-17 Do an Aspirational Thing: Work Smarter, Not Harder! PWA in 2017-18 Woman of the Year regulations PWA Mentoring Program June Jubilee Summer Party September Open House at Zuma

20 How to Get the Most out of The People We Are and Issuu

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PWA SEP T EMBER Conference

20 September at 19.30 at Grand Hotel Palace

Capitalize the Female Brain to expand sustainable business

The ability to "rewire" the brain by creating new and effective synaptical networks and consequently new self-empowering behaviours is a pillar of evolution. The ability to do it purposely and focus those skills towards sustainable success is a mandatory tool in such a hectic and demanding era of transformation. During our conference, Dr. Irene Menis will show you a brand new way to access and further develop your brain's full potential travelling through your subconscious, conscious and superconscious areas, showing you how to capitalize on them to expand your business.


About Our Speaker

Irene Menis Certified Facilitator and Teacher of PSYCH-K速 and PER-K速 Irene Menis has a degree in physics from Turin University. After 12 years in international space exploration projects at Thales-Alenia Space, she decided to focus on the implications of transforming subconscious limiting beliefs into potentializing phenomena. PER-K速 is the PSYCH-K速 version applied to business for stress management, change processes and team alignment. She now teaches this subconscious shift modality worldwide, to individuals and Corporations, and provides private consulting both vis-a-vis and on-line. Her purpose is to catalyze consciousness expansion toward successful and sustainable evolution.

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Brainy resources by Hanna Suni

We all know that we only utilize approximately 10% of our braincapacity. There are lots of ways to enhance the usage and train our brain to function fully. Enjoy these resources and let me know if they are affecting your performance!

“You know you’ve got to exercise your brain just like your muscles.” The average human brain, while it works all the time, functions at a very low level, unless stimulated and trained. Training your brain to operate at peak efficiency increases your productivity, aids your ability to learn new information, and even stirs the creative juices. While it is a myth that people use only ten percent of their brain capacity, it is true that most people’s brains are not functioning at peak efficiency. However, you can change that and train your brain to be more retentive, more creative, and more productive.

The leading platform for brain health helps you exploit your brain capacity through assessing, training and tracking its capacities. You can test your brain for free and then sign up for paid services as well. I tried it and got 7.9/10!


GAMES FOR THE BRAIN Try some games to train your brain! Dragger, Counterfeit, Sudoku, TriviaNut, Rotate... You name it, you'll find it here!


8 Ways Being Mindful Can Reduce Anxiety Mindful thinking is a savior; it helps you realize that no scenario or circumstance is hard to overcome if you truly are in control of your own mind and actions. How can being mindful help with reducing anxiety and in turn, increase your self-growth?



Woman of the Year 2016/17

by Valerie Baxter, Newsletter Consultant “Hoc opus, hic labor est” (Virgil, “Eneide” VI,129) translates in Italian to “ecco la difficoltà, ecco ciò che v’ha di faticoso” and in English becomes: “this is the task, this is the hard work, the hard part”. Never did Virgil’s words ring so true: Eneide was conceived in the written form, unadapted to the previous oral tradition of the great storytellers, so the phrase is particularly apt to describe the Fatigues of Hanna! Telling the story of Hanna Suni again, Woman of the Year a second time, is inspiring. This time we celebrate a Covergirl who deserves our admiration not only as fellow professional women, but also as fellow member of PWA. For Hanna Suni has given as much to PWA (if not more) as she has to her own profession as a Graphic Designer.


For Baby Boomers, with a global reputation as high earners and high spenders, life was easy come, easy go. The next generation of professional women, the so-called

X-generation, portrayed as ‘slackers’ with a generalized reputation for being apathetic as during the 1990s, media pundits and advertisers struggled to define the cohort, typically portraying them as "unfocused twentysomethings", doesn’t appear to include Hanna Suni at all! Let’s focus instead on the Hanna Suni we know in PWA, and we’ll find a series of achievements carrying her signature, which transformed our association, yet we take for granted in “the People We Are”. Flashback: four years ago Hanna joined PWA and was almost immediately called upon to take over the Newsletter, then a printed, 8-10 page monthly bulletin for members only. Hanna readily accepted with enthusiasm, but her optimism dampened as the months went on whilst her proposals for change went unheeded. She saw that despite her valiant efforts in content, with engaging photos, neither readership nor membership increased. At the end of

Hanna with husband and two sons in July 2017

her second term, 20 newsletters later, she was ready to throw in the towel and resign her role when I asked her if she wanted to be part of the new PWA brand project, helping to transform PWA’s communication tool to appeal both to a member-centric organization and as a melting pot for professional women globally. What did she have to lose? Hanna is an implementer, so she rolled up her sleeves and got to work. As a graphic designer, she criticized colours, graphic style, content and photos - rightly so, as the newsletter was a product of baby boomers, (easy come easy go) technologically slow if not obsolete, unused to the challenges facing future generations of job-seekers, career hunters, tech-savvy go-getters. “Hoc opus, hic labor est”! Hanna was also given ‘carte blanche’ to rethink the PWA website according to the brand project PWA-the People We Are. Together we ploughed through photos, created content, Hanna contributed her expertise by overseeing the graphic design using Wordpress together with web designers Sabian Lab, and webmistress, Rossana Scazzocchio in order to bring the brand project to life. At the same time, Hanna was free to choose a platform ready to house our brand new digital Newsletter. PWA the People We Are came “off the press” metaphorically speaking on Issuu with the September 2015 issue cover of Michelle Bassanesi, Woman of the Year 2014/15. Behind the 20 issues

Hanna and Valerie at the Jubilee Summer Party

comprising our digital archive is a wealth of creativity by a dynamic unconventional woman, who challenges herself daily in a competitive world. By the time the Newsletter was in full swing, Hanna used her creative streak to design logos specifically for PWA, like the tree of Expert Resources, the clock of TIMEOUT Professional Timebank, the star of our Mentoring Programme, the values of SMARTPACK and MANPOWER folders, Conference and Special Event invitations and flyers, brochures for IWD-International Women’s Day events and PWA seminar, “In the Driver’s Seat”, not to mention new business cards every year for PWA Board members! Her photographic flair is behind the souvenir pics of every ConneXion and Conference, every PWA party and special event as she faithfully published pics in social media the day after, highlighting participants, speakers, special guests and sponsors. The moments captured and narrated by Hanna form our recent history of which we are so proud. A-farewell-from-the-Newsletter-Editor It will be a challenge for her successors to roll out similar quality as we close one chapter and start another. I am proud to have worked with Hanna over these past years, and to have gained a dear friend in the process. Thankyou, Hanna for all you’ve done for PWA. This article is but a small testimonial of our appreciation.


DO AN ASPIRATIONAL THING: WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER! by Valerie Baxter, Newsletter Consultant The global economic crisis, one of the longest in history, and the worst since the Great Depression has meant unemployment, credit crunches, foreclosure, environmental calamities… buckets of woe. Since 2008 until present, you name it, we’ve been through it. It has affected our business, jobs, careers, pockets, relationships, well-being, and our happiness. Now as GDP shows timid signs of recovery, goodbye recession, hello NEW BUSINESS!

next thing chief marketing officers will have to deal with as technologies keep evolving. In 2017, brands will strategically and seamlessly integrate humans into chatbot interactions to scale and advance the effectiveness of their chatbot programs.” The infusion of voice-based technology into consumer products, testify the ways in which brands are shifting from social media to social messaging strategies.

While it’s no secret that millennials have taken over the workforce − they are now the largest living group − how we groom them for leadership is a test many of us will face in 2017. Sure enough, 2017 is a disruptive year, during which more than three million company chiefs are set to retire, leaving those jobs wide open for up-andcoming young professionals. You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business.

Gone are the days when companies would hire one person to perform numerous tasks. Nowadays, companies are hiring specialists who are assigned to perfect one skill, instead of trying to be proficient in ten. As consumers, we are averse to generic messages that may not pertain to our specific needs. However, some entrepreneurs remain skeptical about their market segments being too small to address on an individual-by-individual basis. You can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach anymore. Even if your market is small, every single customer should feel as if he or she matters.

Corporate HRs are looking for solutions that align with how today’s employee works. This means a greater emphasis on team-based tools for goal alignment and coaching; putting in place systems to provide feedback and measure engagement; and rethinking the way organizations measure performance, manage careers, and enable continuous individual learning. People management concerns of today mean that the changes ahead will be more transformational than ever. Elevated member engagement Relationships matter, yet we have forgotten that intimacy can exist in a digital environment through data, responses and personalization. Success is not what you do occasionally, it’s what you do consistently. With this in mind, PWA wants to be a guiding tool to make your idea a reality this coming season as we reach out to members, both online and offline, creating as many opportunities as possible to share opinions, offer expert advice and foster new business experiences. If companies show that they're personalizing their experiences, rather than just selling something, those actions will build trust, curate the quality of the product and deliver value. Authentic relationships with consumers. 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. They are attracted by influencers. The new normal is influencer marketing. Influencers are giving more authentic endorsements because they like a product, not because of compensation. Companies are turning to microinfluencers, with smaller, more responsive followers. Micro influencers are 4 times more likely to get comments on a post than macro-influencers. Customer data collection Know how to use the data your customers provides you with, and know when (and where) to draw the line. You can have all the data in the world, but if you don’t use it properly, what’s the point of having it? Automation “Disruption is the new normal” and chatbots are the



Four effective ways to market to Millennials by Pamela Webber 1. Brands must deliver authenticity Millennials expect authenticity. Wait, I take that back. They demand it. And we marketers need to deliver it. Millennials have little patience for marketing that feels phony: A few examples that Millennial respondents provided as the worst offenders include ads for perfume, pharmaceuticals, weight loss, and yogurt. The list goes on to include ads that use conspicuous commercial actors and call them real users, and ads that rely on cheesy jingle-like music and images of fabricated happy families around the dinner table. Also consider that Millennials care deeply about social responsibility—more so than any other demographic, according to a 2014 survey by the Nielsen Global Survey Group. If you are perceived as trying to capitalize on important social issues inauthentically, Millennials will notice—and they'll raise an eyebrow. So before you launch into a social campaign, make sure that there's serious commitment to the cause. How does authenticity apply more specifically to the B2B marketer? It means ditching those canned sales emails. If Millennials could swipe left on your sales email, they would. Instead, read up on social selling, a more Millennial-friendly way to engage your sales prospect because you take the time to get to know them and engage with them before you go for the sale. 2. Your brand must look the part If you're a Gen Xer, the 90s might feel recent to you, but to most Millennials it was a lifetime ago. To attract Millennials, whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer, it's worth investing in bringing the design of your brand up to date. As savvy digital content consumers, Millennials are especially attuned to best and worst design practices.

Among the most common, and most awful, design wrongs are these: • • • • • •

Clipart images Generic stock images Blinking links Old typography Extreme gradient backgrounds Microsoft Word clipart aesthetics

Graphic design can be a great tool to help you connect with Millennials in a way that feels true to your values— and theirs. And don't be afraid to show your fun side; playing it safe will not earn you any brownie points. 3. Marketing can't be too aggressive A 2014 survey found that 84% of Millennials don't trust advertising—popups, calls, traditional ads—that puts them on the defensive by aggressive means. Millennials need to trust you are authentic, but they also need to respect your brand before they can purchase from you. Aggressive sales methods will therefore be counterproductive and will cause Millennial customers to disengage from your brand. Here are examples our Millennial respondents cited as no-no's: • • • • •

Ads that follow you around the Internet. Although this "retargeting" or "remarketing" can be effective, overdoing it might be easily perceived as stalker-like. Ads that block the screen or the main content the user is trying to access. Popups that prevent the user from exiting a window. Websites that try too hard to get your email by popping up the email capture too often. Clickbait articles with sensational phrases like "You won't believe what happened next!"

4. Engage through genuine, value-adding content Providing value-added content is a strategy relevant to both B2B and B2C marketers. HubSpot, which provides inbound marketing and sales software, essentially built an entire category through its approach to value-added content. Invision has also done a nice job using content, and has gone so far as to produce a globally distributed film. Both companies are thoughtful about the content they create—and, even more importantly, on how they distribute it to prospects through social media, influencers, mobile, video, and other Millennial-friendly channels. On the B2C front, take a cue from Glossier, the online beauty products retailer that set themselves apart through cleanly designed product packaging and creative content marketing. The company was founded by beauty editors who capitalize on their expertise by sharing insider knowledge of the industry on the Into the Gloss blog. Featuring fashionista interviews and expert tips, the blog keeps users on the site and often transforms them into customers through inspiration and expert support—a technique decidedly more effective than continually reminding them that their shopping cart is empty. Connecting with Millennials can be daunting, but it is not impossible. When you earn their trust with authentic messaging and you apply a Millennial-friendly marketing approach, you can count on them to stick around—and sing your praises with their social media and smartphones.

Healthy fast food for millennials by millennials "bored easily and onto the next quickly" appreciate when the chain "pushes the status quo." Hence a growing presence of quick-serve restaurant chains (exit McDonald’s & Burger King, enter Jamba Juice, Sweetgreen & Freshii).

Home delivery: anything from pizza to dry-cleaning (from little Davids like Zollo or l’Uman to Goliath Amazon)

Cheaper transport ( Easy-jet, Vuelig, Uber & carsharing)

Cheaper holidays (Secret Escapes, Trivago,

Apps for all (Engie, the Israeli car diagnostics app and mechanics marketplace, launches in UK at £15 for Android users, £20 for iOS, Google delivers 4 billion app installs to developers in 1 year)

If your car breaks down, usually you have no idea what could be the matter. So you call the mechanic and what does he do? There will always be a place or “old school” mechanics to repair older cars, but staying in business means investing in technology. Automotive repair is now less greasy and more geeky as new technologies are used in diagnosis and repair: for the immediate problem and the car’s health in general. Certified mechanics beat the competition because they know how new cars are built. For the car owner it translates into fast repair, but more expense. In your own business, your experience tells you how to behave towards your clients, your instinct keeps you strategically on the right path and your creativity brings you the brainwaves. Internet usage 5 years ago in the U.S. was less than one hour per day, now it’s over 3 hours a day. Do you want to be the kind of woman who makes other women want to up their game? So what if, like a techsavvy mechanic, you used a more scientific approach to expand your business? DIAGNOSTICS: Screen your business to determine whether an impact and dependencies assessment needs to be conducted, typically using trigger questions, general rules of thumb, and guidelines. Scope of your enterprise: check to ensure that the assessment focuses on the most relevant issues and also generates insights into trade-offs associated with ecosystem dynamics in environmental, social, and economic contexts. Gather baseline data, collect new data in the field, and/or obtain existing data from third-party sources, which relate to present and potential future scenarios. Assess corporate impacts and dependencies on ecosystem services over time. Develop mitigation and management plans, including monitoring, as well as an implementation plan. Useful websites:

New age business shows that millennials are looking for: •

Tiny housing: definitely sustainable living.


PWA in 2017-18 Looking for a place in Rome where you can to network and develop professional and personal skills? PWA is your Association! The first Wednesday of the month is dedicated to an informal ConneXion where members and guests can socialize and get to know each other over a tasty glass of Italian wine. The top-notch conferences with varying, current topics and international expert speakers will delight us the third Wednesday of each month.


October 4th at Ketumbar Other dates to be announced

December Chris March IW June Summ

PWA ConneXions at different Roman venues Stay tuned via direct email, social media and our website

Be a part of it!


stmas Party WD mer Party

Save the dates PWA conferences Grand Hotel Palace Via Veneto 70

Conferences September 20 October 18 November 15 January 17 February 21 March 21 April 18 May 16

Check out 13

Signum Comunitas

PWA WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD: RULES OF ELIGIBILITY PWA’s success as an Association is due to the participation of its members:professional women who, over the years, have contributed to its growth, its credibility and reputation. Each woman, through her membership has helped to make pwa a special entity, leaving a trace for a new member to follow. PWA WOMAN OF THE YEAR is about this special woman, whose example other women respect and perhaps are willing to emulate. How to participate: Just be a part of PWA - all members are automatically potential Women of the Year: leave your imprint by participating in the activities in our Event Calendar. If you think you can do more - be our guest, we welcome your support. Play the game - we’ll keep the score. The winner of the Woman of the Year will receive public appreciation at our Summer Party, testified by a special toast and celebration cake in her honour, a silver award plaque, plus a gift membership for the following year. She will also have the opportunity to invite two free guests to each PWA conference for that year. The successful candidate will be on cover page and the subject of a special feature in our Newsletter. Rules of eligibility MANDATORY 1. Membership regularly paid for current year 2. Participation in minimum 50% Conference meetings 3. Participation in minimum 50% ConneXions/ social events OPTIONAL EXTRA POINTS towards Nominations 4. Introduction minimum 2 professional women to PWA resulting in regular membership status 5. Achievement of objective in own business/ professional capacity i.e. promotion or outstanding achievement 6. Instrumental in creating value for PWA via procurement of benefits, Friends of PWA, conference sponsorship, in-kind donations, or full sponsorship (own or third party) 7. Contributions to Newsletter via articles and/or presentation of own business.


Winner adjudication 1. Treasurer vote 1= credit rating 2. Programming vote 1 = willing to learn, competitive 3. Social events vote 1 = social/culture chic 4. Membership vote 1 = loyalty 5. PR & Sponsorship votes 1 each = commercial skills 6. Media/Communications (Newsletter) vote 1 = marketing & communication skills 7. Vice President vote 1 = ambition 8. President vote 2 = outstanding achievement 9. Secretary & Members’ votes 2 (1st & 2nd choice) = popularity consensus Terms & Duration All member activity will be deemed valid until the date of our last Conference in May. Votes will be cast by Board and Members as mentioned in the paragraph on Winner Adjudication to coincide with the election of the new Board. Communication of potential candidates eligible for the popularity votes and final scrutiny to determine the winner is competence of Board Secretary upon collection of members’ votes. The President and likewise all members have the right to 2 votes which may be given to the same person, alternatively to 2 different people as 1st and 2nd choices. In the eventuality of a draw between two candidates, a 2nd ballot must be held within 24 hours of the 1st. The winner will be announced by the President at the June Party, via e-mail to the successful candidate and all members. Any questions or clarifications regarding this initiative may be addressed to quoting the subject “PWA Woman of the Year” Good luck - and may the best woman win!

GROW AND LEARN PWA MENTORING PROGRAMS PWA aims to accelerate the advancement of women in all professions, facilitate mentoring, and enhance our leadership role in the community. The PWA Mentoring Programs provide highly motivated individuals with tools for personal development, their careers and leadership abilities. Through guided activities and formal mentoring partnerships, it strengthens and expands our network of women. • by encouraging women to help each other through structured one-on-one mentoring so we can all succeed. • provides an opportunity for participants to learn and share through guided activities which develop practical, goal-oriented career and leadership skills. If you are a PWA member pursuing a professional career and are willing to make the commitment, you are encouraged to apply. Please note that this program is not in any way connected with job placement. As a mentee, you will have an opportunity to: • Learn how to establish and maintain professional mentoring partnerships. • Explore career options and possible paths toward your career goals. • Set goals and develop a plan to take the next steps in your advancement. • Receive useful guidance and honest feedback from an advisor who has “been there, done that.” • Make a networking connection with someone farther along on their career path. • Learn practical skills that can be put to use right away in advancing your career. By mentoring another woman, you will have an opportunity to: • Pass along the mentoring and support you received, or become the mentor you wish you had. • Share enthusiasm for your own career, and catch enthusiasm from another. • Gain perspective on how far you have progressed, and reinforce your competency and expertise. • Develop as a leader and learn by teaching others. • Help another woman to avoid mistakes, persevere through difficulties, and reach important goals. • Build a mutually beneficial relationship with someone who may be able to help you in the future. • Enjoy the success of others, knowing you contributed to making it happen. LEADERSHIP Every team member contributes to the success of an objective. When you are adept at teamwork in both support and leadership roles, you will more easily advance to better jobs and executive positions.

By improving your skills as a team player and leader you will: • Enjoy fun activities and share your enthusiasm for growth with others. • Learn to effectively contribute to the success of a team. • Learn to lead, motivate and organize individuals and teams. • Develop career skills in event planning, public speaking, and written presentations. • Gain self-confidence as a leader in business. • Build and strengthen your professional network. • Contribute to increasing the presence of women in the professional community. PROGRAM OUTLINE & TIMETABLE Apply by January 7th — begin with Mentoring Session A Apply by July 31st — begin with Mentoring Session B Mentoring Session A: January 15th – Jun 30th Mentoring Session B: September 15th – November 30th APPLICATION & PARTICIPATION CRITERIA • PWA Membership: You must maintain membership to the PWA throughout participation in the program, and have started or be planning a professional career. If you are not currently a PWA member, please join right away. Contact our Membership director at or see our website for details. • Registration Fee: New participants accepted into the program pay a one-time Registration fee of €25 (mentors excluded). Participation Fees: BIG SISTER €20 monthly (9 months) or €162 in advance (10% discount) Participation Fees: CARPE DIEM €40 monthly (9 months) or €324 in advance (10% discount) • Email Access: You will need regular (at least once per week) email access to communicate with the PWA Mentoring Coordination Team and your mentoring partners. • Internet Access: You will need regular internet access to interact with the PWA mentoring program. You may need to view or print the program materials in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. • Commitment to Mentoring, Career Development, and Leadership Activities: It takes time and effort to build mentoring partnerships and learn new skills. During the two Mentoring Sessions of your Choice (BIG SISTER or CARPE DIEM), we require a minimum of two communications per month, via email, Skype or telephone, with your mentoring partner. • Confidentiality: All parties are asked to respect sensitive personal information shared by mentoring partners. • Commitment to the entire program: It will take you 9 months to complete the PWA mentoring program and graduate. You are expected to commit to the entire program without interruption. At end of program term (December) you will receive recognition of your mentoring journey achievement. 15

PWA Jubilee Summer Party Villa Giulia offered a fabulous setting for our glamourous yet warm-hearted Jubilee Summer Party. The atmosphere was filled with pride and gratitude for the great results reached in the past 25 years and a sense of strong sisterhood that so remarkably distinguishes PWA women who support and enpower each other. Thank you bouquets were give to board members Marta Schneider and Hanna Suni and President Valerie Baxter who are stepping down. The new, energetic and international Board was presented and the ME2-Contest winners awarded while the guests enjoyed delicious foods and lovely background music. This marvellous evening will certainly stay in the participants' memories for a long time! Photos and text by Hanna Suni


The new Board, led by President Valentina Ferretti, stepped in on July 1st. Geared with young, international energy, they will certainly leave their mark!

Woman of the Year 2016-17 Hanna Suni together with long-term member and Chairman of the Elections, Tazim Hammond and ardent supporter of PWA, Monica Sorcetti.

The winners of the ME2-contest, Marina Di Pietrantonio and Asya Bell, received their prizes from contest sponsor Paolo Damiani (Banca Generali Private Banking). Asya is a student at the Rome Business School and President Antonio Ragusa was happy to congratulate her for this great result!


PWA OPEN HOUSE AT ZUMA Photos by Maria Longo and Maria Grazia Panessa Text by Hanna Suni

A fabulous evening to inaugurate the new PWA season at Palazzo Fendi on the roof-top terrace Zuma with its stunning view. Lots of old members met with dozens of new, professional women who are interested in joining our vibrant, buzzing association.


Current board members and guests enjoying the aperitif and the beautiful view from the rooftop!

President Valentina Ferretti with ex-sponsor and PWA supporter Marijana Donati.


Getting the most out of &

our monthly online magazine for women professionals

Members, guests, and people throughout your network can read and browse through the People We Are online magazine on Issuu without creating an account. All anyone needs to do is go on, search for The People We Are and enjoy!

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Enjoy! 20

by Hanna Suni

Membership news New Members Welcome!

We would like to welcome Nicoletta De Vincenzi, Marina Di Pietrantonio, Marisa Di Filippo, Maria Longo and Ivana Madonna as members who have recently joined our Association. PWA is a place that grows with each member, therefore we are looking forward to enjoying PWA together with you! Make sure to take advantage of all that PWA has to offer, from our monthly events to scholarships and Expert Resources, from the Mentoring programs to TimeOut Professional TimeBank. If you’d like to join, visit our website and contact .

2017-2018 PWA Board and Team members President Valentina Ferretti Vice President & Legal Advisor Adriana Tempesta Secretary Maria Grazia Panessa Treasurer Lisa Rosen Programming Director Deana Binah Membership Director Gerlie Saura Social Director Rossella Castaldo Sponsorship Director Cecilia Bersani PR Director Skaiste Rucyte Newsletter Editor Ivana Madonna Webmistress Rossana Scazzocchio Community Director Cristiana Montani Natalucci Media communications assistant Karima Hassa


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PWA Professional Women’s Association is a recipient of a Google Grants award. The Google Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google’s philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. Google Grants is an in-kind advertising program that awards free online advertising to nonprofits via Google AdWords.

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