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May 2016

Monthly Newsletter of the Professional Women’s Association of Rome

THE INSEPARABLES Anne-Florence Tursi and Estelle Blake of the Salvation Army

PWA is an international hub in the heart of Rome where ideas and values, tradition and innovation, diversity, culture and professionalism meet and intersect. On our journey into the future our travel companions are respect, ethics, and a sense of social responsibility. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle First, the Bad News. Every year, we extract an estimated 55 billion tons of fossil energy, minerals, metals and bio mass from the Earth. A rate that is not sustainable for long. The world has already lost 80% of its forests and we’re continually losing them at a rate of 375 km2 per day! Every hour, 1,692 acres of productive dry land become desert. 27% of our coral reefs have been destroyed. At this rate, the remaining 60% will be gone in 30 years. But there are Good News as well. Cleaner energy sources are being used and invented. New environmental laws are passed at international levels, such as the Paris 2015 agreement to limit global warming. And, most of all, people each and every day are trying to make a difference and making a positive impact on the planet with their choices. 1. Go Green. Only buy products that are biological and environmentally friendly. 2. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. We must stop our habit of wasting and throwing usable items away. An item that might be of no value to you, could be a treasure to someone else. 3. Let people know. Share your views on the degradation that’s happening and raise awareness. Every person you enlighten, counts. 4. Blow the whistle. Report any kind of activity that degrades our environment such as dumping waste in water bodies, burning of plastic, improper disposal of garbage and the like. 5. Plant trees wherever you can. More plants will mean more allies to absorb and deter the greenhouse effect. This month's conference speaker, Enrica Arena, together with her business partner, Adriana Santanocito, has invented a revolutionary way to recycle and reuse natural materials. Their startup, Orange Fiber, aims at the creation of sustainable textiles from citrus juice byproducts. It wants to transform citrus byproducts – currently valuing 700.000 tons in Italy alone – into a sustainable textile that would represent a brand new opportunity for Italian tradition in high quality textiles and fashion. Their visionary project is but one excellent example of repurposing materials and resources rather than throwing them away as useless.



Hanna Suni editor and layout designer www.hamedesign.com newslettereditor@pwarome.org

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4 Citrus-Fruit of the Loom: Orange Fiber – Innovation in the Green Economy 6 Eco-logical

8 Member Spotlight: The Inseparables – Anne-Florence Tursi and Estelle Blake

10 PWA Board Elections 2016-17: Running for the Board

12 Who's Your Favorite of Them All? Woman of the Year 2015-16 14 March Wrap-up: Matronage of Art

15 Freewheeling ConneXion at Hotel Independent

16 Cultural Corner: Nature’s Bounty – A Work of Art 18 Women and Words






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PWA MAY Conference

"Citrus-Fruit of the loom" Orange Fiber: Innovation thru Green Economy

Orange Fiber is a project aiming at the creation of sustainable and vitaminic fabrics from citrus waste. We want to transform citrus waste - currently 700.000 tons in Italy alone - into a sustainable and vitamin-enriched textile that would represent a brand new opportunity for italian tradition in high quality textiles and fashion. Among the top 10 start-ups in Italy in 2014, Orange Fiber has gone on to win the U.N. "Ideas4change" award in April 2015, the H&M "Global Change" award in February and the "ELLE Impact2" award in April 2016. PWA is honoured to present our speaker, ENRICA ARENA, Co-Founder of the enterprise, who will inspire us with their incredible story.


Enrica Arena Orange Fiber Fashion: Adriana Santanocito with a passion for fashion, specializes in design and innovative textiles. Starting as just an idea, she infused it with creativity and desire to experiment. She saw a vitaminic textile where others only see an orange. Orange Fiber Voice: Enrica Arena joined the project articulating the idea and then contributing to make it a reality. She started by disseminating the idea to journalists and pitching it to startup contest. She is now in charge of communications and marketing and is actively involved in project management alongside Adriana.

Main Sponsors


www.powersavesolutions.it 5

Eco-logical by Lisa R Tucci www.artemediacomm.com

We were stunned to see the truly stunning Emma Watson go up the red carpet of the Met Ball, wearing an Eco Age piece made from recycled plastic bottles. We certainly have come a long way from raw silk and linens! People are leaving their marks (but not their carbon footprints) far and wide, making it an exciting time in which to be living.

Panda-bike.com is one way to get around town, and... you can find them plus a whole lot of electric bikes, trikes and cars right here in Rome! Just at the top of Via Vittorio Emanuele, Francesco Zegretti shows off an entire showroom of EcoMobilità to get you moving without leaving any carbon footprints behind. Check out his amazing selection! I don’t know about you… but I cringe every time I pass a cheap import shop, pondering all the toxins in each and every item I see − especially those for babies or tiny tots. So when I came across this amazing woman-owned business started by an architect who not only empowers women artisans in Brazil to craft her wholly natural wares, I was hooked. Her fruits and vegetables are so nice, they’re good enough to eat − but kids love them too.


A little bit further afield, there seems to be quite a buzz in India these days! An entire country launched Make in India, and the results are impressive. They’re ready to set up shop, but also looking to new tech, cultural events and renewable energy besides!

Many of us have had the immense privilege of finding ourselves in the orbit of wonder woman, Graziella Zanoletti. At the helm of her Swiss Company, Elite Rent, she was an Entrepreneur of the Year. She soon set her sights on solving the scourge of Human Trafficking through her Foundation, Friends of Humanity.

Not one to leave *any* earth untread under her feet, she is also involved in an amazing architectural concept, BioGeometry Europe, employing principals of energy to bring balance and equilibrium to our lives, through design of our buildings and the products that surround us.

As for nature, here’s one way to enjoy it − even at the office!


THE INSEPARABLES Salvation Army Lt.-col. Anne-Florence Tursi and Maj. Estelle Blake


eatured this month are two apparently very different women - fair and dark, talkative and quiet, British and French. However, they are united through a common passion. Inseparable, they strive to help people in need and give them hope for a better future. Lieutenant-colonel AnneFlorence Tursi and Major Estelle Blake, Salvation Army officers based in Italy, spend most of their days planning and executing missionary activities and their evenings helping those in need on the streets of Rome and Florence. ÂŤOur greatest satisfaction is to witness the results of our work, when those who had no faith or hope regain them againÂť.


Estelle with her collagues on the streets of Rome

Day or night, it's always a good time to strike up a conversation

Anne-Florence was born near Paris, the youngest of several siblings. Her roots are thoroughly in the Salvation Army, as her grandfather was the grandson of William Booth, who in 1878 founded of the Church of the Salvation Army. AnneFlorence was educated in Switzerland and France and finished high school at the French Lyceum of Paris. She was keen on continuing her studies and obtained her degree in curative pedagogy at the University of Freiburg in Switzerland. However, her calling to work for the Salvation Army was strong and she enrolled at the Salvation Army Training College in London where she met her Italian husband, Massimo. «We married soon after finishing the training college and had four beautiful children. Three of them now live abroad, in Germany and Switzerland, but one daughter lives near Turin and is will soon give birth to her second child», grand-mother Anne-Florence explains happily.

they will soon be replaced by another one. It is fundamental to positively influence the clients and the pimps, those who despicably traffic in humans».

Anne-Florence and Massimo are responsible for all the Salvation Army activities in Italy and Greece. They oversee the budgets and the humanitarian activities the church carries out in these two countries. Altogether the Salvation Army is present in 127 nations around the world. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. The humanitarian and religious projects range from giving help in areas that have been devastated by wars or natural disasters to countering human trafficking. More importantly, they also provide health care and hospitals and basic services − food and shelter − to the homeless, poor, sick and to refugees. Anne-Florence is also responsible for the Catherine-program: it brings together Salvation Army employees in leadership positions and future officers from all over Europe to meet, grow and train together each year.

Estelle was recently transferred to Florence and is establishing a Tuscan anti-trafficking program. For now a one-woman office, it sees Estelle taking care of the planning as well as the execution of all the activities, along with managing a guest house. «With her incredible experience, patience and resilience I have no doubt we’ll see great results», AnneFlorence says encouragingly.

Estelle was born in North-Eastern England, in the Newcastle area. Coincidently, she too a daughter of two Salvation Army officers, she was educated in Scotland and England. After high school she also went to the Salvation Army Training College in London. She was ordained an officer in 1992 and started off in a community center in London. Estelle felt a strong calling to work in Italy and in 1996 she was deployed to a small mountain village near Potenza in Basilicata. «No one spoke English in the village, but luckily I had taken some Italian lessons before arriving and carried my phrase-book in my bag the first two years», Estelle remembers. After six years in Southern Italy, Estelle returned to the UK, where she led a project scouring the streets to reach out to women and men in prostitution in the red light district of King’s Cross in London. «Everyone thinks that the solution to stop human trafficking is to work with those who prostitute themselves, but when you take one girl or boy off the street,

After eleven years and great achievements in London, Estelle was ready for new challenges. She arrived in Rome with a similar mission, to concentrate her efforts on fighting human trafficking in Italy. Most of her work is very downto-earth, providing shelter, protection and advice to those involved in this sleazy traffic. But it is equally important to be involved at a higher level, engaging with politicians and legal representatives who can actually bring positive change to the drastic situation. «We have organized meetings and round tables among one of which in collaboration with PWA and Federprofessional and informational events at schools to raise awareness of the issue», Estelle explains.

When the cruelty of the real world overwhelms her, Estelle likes to escape by watching chickflick movies with a happy ending or, better still, superhero movies where a Captain America or Superman saves the entire world. “I love the fact that the good guys always win, it makes me feel powerful and believe in my own capabilities as well», she giggles. Estelle and Anne-Florence are often present at the PWA gatherings since January 2015, when they first came to a ConneXion networking event. Anne-Florence found the PWA website when looking for networking opportunities in Rome. «We believe that it is very important for the Salvation Army to work with other associations, companies and organizations. We are always looking for synergies, whether it is at the grassroots level or at more important, legislative or organizational levels. When several determined people join forces, together they can be so much more efficient and powerful», AnneFlorence emphasizes. «We are very proud of the international achievements the Salvation Army has conquered”, she continues. «For example in Denmark, Legoland is partnering with us and gifts 2500 free entries each summer to needy children who otherwise could not afford to go. Our idea is to be a bridge to unite those who can give to those in need, and those who need assistance». If you would like to aid the Salvation Army in their mission, do not hesitate to contact Anne-Florence and Estelle or visit their headquarters. They will welcome your support with open arms and a friendly smile.


Running for the Board Candidate for President – Valerie Baxter I am a British expat with considerable professional experience in both international corporate and entrepreneurial environments. I aim to continue fostering innovative projects which commenced in 2014 with “the People We Are” emphasizing PWA brand experience. By redesigning PWA leadership & communication in 2015/16 with a strong team in “Collective Leadership” we’ve now achieved a series of new concepts in nonprofit Governance together with initiatives in social responsibility. In 2016/17 I plan to dedicate myself to raising awareness on economic and financial aspects of gender equality and the expansion of PWA beyond the Rome environment.

Values: Honesty – Reliability – Professionalism

Candidate for Vice President – Michela Lazzè I am Italian; I alternately work as the Manager of my family country relais and as a certified English language teacher. As Special Projects Director and Thinktank Leader I have helped the team with the start and first implementation of the Collective Leadership project, "the People We Are" and I have structured and paved the way for Timeout. I wish to keep working closely with the President, the Board of Directors and the Team as a coordinator and a connector to fulfil members' requests for quality, empowerment and internationalization.

Values: Truth-seeking – Faith – Balance

Candidate for Membership Director – Adriana Tempesta I am an Italian Civil Lawyer, and I run my own firm in Ferrara and Rome. I am specialized in Consumer Law, but I do practice all aspects of civil law. I live in Rome, where I truly enjoy the beauty of the city and its multicultural opportunities, with my husband and two children (16 and 6). I propose myself as Membership Director because I believe in PWA and its capability of connecting people, activities and ideas and, thanks to my open and talkative character, I believe that I will be able to involve more and more in the life of our Association both members and non-members.

Values: Reliability – Outgoingness – Organization

Candidate for Sponsorship Director – Valentina Ferretti After Bocconi University, I developed a strong interest in technology and innovation. I continued to nourish such an interest and build up professional skills within worldwide leading IT companies like Intel, Dell computer and Xerox, mainly in the areas of marketing and sales. After an international working experience in the Netherlands from 2005-2007, I managed the generational turnover of my family company, landing in Rome with my husband and son Vittorio. I am flexible and curious, with a high level of ethics and integrity. I strongly believe in loyalty, commitment and in helping each other. I love reading, opera, and spending time with friends.


Values: Family – Friendship – Open-mindedness

Candidate for Programming Director – Christine Sterpetti I am American and have a degree in Economics and Sociology from San Jose State University in California. I worked in the Silicon Valley for several years before moving to Italy in 1998. Here, I worked in sales for an informatics company travelling throughout Europe. I now work as a cross-cultural trainer, am a certified PCM (Process Communication Model) trainer and I represent a beautifully handcrafted line of jewellery from Milan, as well as translations when I'm not mothering my highly active 5 yr old son! I strongly believe in the power of women and helping each other succeed. For this reason I joined PWA and continue to contribute my professional and communication skills to the inner workings of the organization.

Values: Honesty – Open-mindedness – communication

Candidate for PR Director – Marta Schneider Born and raised in Brazil, European parents, with a BA Hons degree in Languages and a Masters in Marketing in Argentina, I have lived, studied and worked in 3 continents (South America, Africa, Europe). My language and marketing abilities lead me into merging my passion for travels and teaching with my professional life. I am the founder of and run “The African Queen” a tour operator specialized in safaris to Africa; more recently I have created “The Jungle Queen” for journeys into exotic South America and “The Gladiatress” for a lighter way of visiting Rome. One of my hobbies is to teach foreign languages, often as a volunteer in Brazil and Kenya. I am passionate about animals and work as a volunteer for their well-being and preservation. I am a keen jogger and horsewoman, enjoy dancing and art. I joined PWA 8 years ago in search of opportunities to interact with other professional women and expand their businesses.

Values: Justice – Unconventionality – Resiliance

Candidate for Newsletter Editor – Hanna Suni I am a Finnish graphic designer specialized in print and editorial design (magazines, books, catalogs, brochures). I also do web and interior design. In 2015-16 I turned the PWA Newsletter into The People We Are, a colorful and informational online magazine that has reached great readership numbers and lots of positive feedback. I was also on the team that redesigned the PWA website and I've created logos for TimeOut and IWD projects. In 2016-17 I would like to develop The People We Are even further and continue to put the full array of my design skills to the service of the association.

Values: Enthusiasm – Efficiency – Open-mindedness


Who's your favorite of them all?!

WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2015/16 PWA Woman of the Year was born to infuse the multicultural group spirit in PWA, with the will to learn new things and meet new people, while striving to strengthen the bond between individual fellow members and raise the expectations of professional women in Rome who approach our Association. It’s a story of finding a place of which to be an integral part. “Be a part of it!” is still the foundation of eligibility to run for this honour… and be chosen to participate in the Night of the Oscars, perhaps even receiving nominations for creating value for PWA. Voted by popular consensus, now in its seventh year, it’s about the asserted Big 5 (OCEAN) personality ingredients needed to make a person stand out and is recognized to be full of potential: someone who is Open to experience, Conscientious, Extrovert, Agreeable, with a small dose of Neuroticism, that little extra trait needed to be ready to push oneself further. In a coveted award, it’s about the People We Are. It’s about what we do, our passions and what we can achieve to create value, for ourselves, for others and for PWA. This is what we need to think about when we cast our vote for the woman who best fits our criteria of worthiness. Last year’s Woman of the Year, Michelle Bassanesi was voted for the sum of the ingredients above, emblematic in her dedication to PWA as Treasurer for 8 years. Michelle, always in search of higher education was also nominated Mentoring Coordinator in 2014/15, and as of this year is also responsible for Scholarship allocations.


by Valerie Baxter President

This year’s TOP TEN active members include Rosemary Aspinall, Marianne Glaeser, Michela Lazzè, Olga Plyaskina, Laura Rizzi, Rossana Scazzocchio, Marta Schneider, Monica Sorcetti, Hanna Suni and Adriana Tempesta. So, you may ask, how did these women get to the finals? These professional women over the past year have promptly paid their fees, participated in the majority of our Conferences, demonstrating both a will to learn and to become more competitive in their jobs. They’ve also networked at the majority of our ConneXions, encouraging new members to join our association, they’ve volunteered their time or expertise, contributed to newsletter, developed a new skill, or achieved something outstanding. Every member is automatically admitted to the Woman of the Year award scheme. All you have to do is commit yourself to playing an active part in PWA: frequent participation being the mounting block of eligibility rules. The rest flows naturally, as you become more involved! During our Night of the Oscars, when the results are announced, only one woman will have made it to the top with your vote! A moment of glory awaits the winner at our summer Party on 15th June with a cake in her name to celebrate the new champion Woman of the Year 2015/16. We shall all salute her with a toast, raising our glasses in admiration, together with heartfelt applause and congratulations!


Rosemary Aspinall

Marianne Glaesser

Michela Lazzè

Olga Playskina

Laura Rizzi

Rossana Scazzocchio

Marta Schneider

Monica Sorcetti

Hanna Suni

Adriana Tempesta


April Conference: Matronage of Art Women in Early Modern Rome

By Lisa R Tucci www.artemediacomm.com


Our last conference featured a picture show of some of Italy’s most acclaimed women artists. In a fast-paced presentation, John Cabot University Professor Carolyn Smyth gave us the ups and downs of being a woman artist back in the days when women could paint beautiful scenes and royal portraits, as long as they stayed in the background. Sadly for us, many of the women working away in the backs of artisan botteghe will never be known. But Lavinia Fontana and Arthemisia Gentileschi who gave us some of history’s most emotionally imbued works made it to the courts of Europe, paving a way for those to follow. Their works can be seen in some of the most acclaimed museums in the world. To know more about Fontana's contribution, take a look at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, which is tirelessly trying to turn History into Herstory.

Freewheeling May ConneXion

One-man band Frank Polucci, an artist known from the Voice of Italy, entertained the ConneXion guests who were spoiled also by a beautiful sunset over the Roman skyline and a delicious banquet of warm and cold foods. Polucci, a highly talented singer and guitar player, is also clever in producing background percussions that he records while playing and then plays as background to his voice. Join us for the last ConneXion of the season on June 1st at Lola in Via Flaminia 305.

By Hanna Suni www.hamedesign.com



Nature’s Bounty − A Work of Art

By Laura M. Rizzi www.laltraroma.net

Have you ever thought about how many things you can do with fruits and vegetables? Delicious meals, fresh smoothies, kiddie crafts and pretty garnishes… but also art! Fruits and vegetables started appearing on ancient frescoes and mosaics around the Late RepublicanEarly Imperial eras, purely as a decorative intent. Their natural beauty made for a sumptuous trompel'œil to adorn the walls or floors of private villas or taverns; many examples of these were rediscovered in Rome, Ostia, Pompeii and Herculaneum. Not only lovely to see, they are very useful in showing us ancient Roman eating habits as well.

Roman Fresco Basket of Figs from Villa Poppea, Oplontis 1st c. BC-1st c. AD

But it wouldn’t be until the 14th-15th centuries when inanimate objects (flowers, fruits and vegetables but also books, vases, coins), that so-called “still lifes” would be added to the artist’s lexicon. They became an integral part of paintings, sometimes serving to show a slice of life, other times–especially in religious subjects–carrying an allegorical meaning. In the Madonna della Melagrana by Botticelli, one finds interesting elements connected to the protagonists: the roses and lilies, symbols of the Virgin Mary and the pomegranate that symbolizes prosperity, but also the passion of Christ.

Caravaggio Basket of Fruit 1599

The role of fruits and vegetables took on even greater significance in art between the end of the 16th and during the 17th century in Western art (Dutch, Flemish, German, French, Spanish and Italian). Their depiction became a distinct genre with some artists specializing only in still lifes. They were often tidy paintings with oil on wood or canvas, but true masterpieces full of lavish details: fruits in marvelous baskets or elaborated dishes or flowers in very transparent glass or metal vases such as in Zurbaran’s works. Caravaggio, after painting the Boy with a Fruit Basket, then turned his sights to making a basket full of fruit. In the academic hierarchy of genres, the most important were History, Christian subjects, Mythological contents and Portraiture. And though still lifes had their collectors, they were never wholly abandoned. On the contrary, during the 19th and 20th centuries, many artists, once again, painted fruits and flowers that allowed them to experiment and create very innovative works in terms of perspective, tonal values and color placement, and dabbing brush strokes arriving at the very unreal still lifes made by the avantegarde painters. Cezanne dedicated part of his life and career to simplifying geometric figures of still lifes!

Zurbaran Lemons, Oranges and a Rose 1633


Botticelli, Madonna della Melagrana 1487

Cezanne Still life: Milk Jug and Fruits on the Table ca.1890

But never in the history of art did still lifes become so much more than fruits and objects as in the paintings of the supreme artist, Arcimboldo.

Arcimboldo, Vegetables in a bowl (the Gardener) 1587–1590

In his later works, Arcimboldo made it clear that it was possible to create new still lifes with layers of meaning in which nothing is how it seems; his famous masterworks are a mix of natural elements, bizarre scenes and cryptic messages. Arcimboldo’s legacy is evident in Foody, the official mascot of the Milan Expo 2015, a smiling human face, composed of 11 tiny fruits and vegetables from around the world: the banana Josephine, the pomegranate Chicca, the onion Guagliò, the orange Arabella, the blue corn Max Mais, the fig Rodolfo, and the apple Pomina.

Arcimboldo, Rudolf II, as Vertumnus c. 1590-1

Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 or 1527 – 1593) was born in Milan, son of the painter Biagio. He started his career with very conventional projects: producing glass and frescoes for the Duomo cathedral, traditional religious subjects and portraits. In 1562, he became court portraitist to Ferdinand I in Vienna, and later, to Maximilian II and his son Rudolf II in Prague. He became highly requested for his unconventional portraits made entirely of everyday objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, sea creatures, tree roots and books carefully placed to re-create busts and faces. One of his most famous masterpieces was the portrait of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, depicted as Vertumnus, the Roman god of the seasons and abundance; emphasizing the role of the emperor for his country. A highly interesting work of his is Vegetables in a bowl – a clever masterpiece that, when turned upside down, reveals a portrait of a gardener!

Foody, official mascot Expo 2015

Who better than Giuseppe Arcimboldo could have inspired the Milanese Expo “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”!


Women and Words


"Quando l'anima squarcia il volo di invisibili prigioni si offre nuda come fiore mai raccolto e tu, destino, su quel foglio bianco imprimi nuova linfa e riscrivi un'altra storia"

poem by Elvira La Rocca painting by Rosanna Chiani

Hot off the Press! L'ONDA DEL COACHING by Giovanna Giuffredi I enjoy reading about coaching, how it came to be and what it offers from interviews with pioneers and masterful coaching leaders. It is uplifting to read and easy-to-understand. Dive into descriptions of the path one experiences when being coached and trained as a coach. Become familiar with foundational principles, philosophy and competencies put forth by the worldwide association of coaches (International Coach Federation – ICF). Splash among metaphors from the seaside to the bedroom, yes the bedroom. Take time to engage in the exercises that offer internal reflection. Learn a model for coaching (and life). Read a case study and also a transcription of a coaching meeting, all written to explain the essence and glory of coaching. Surf through the waves coaching has already offered, is offering now and has the potential to offer for years to come. Teri-E Belf, MA, CAGS, MCC

Orange the world

The UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign, managed by UN Women, has proclaimed every 25th of the month as Orange Day – a day to take action to raise awareness and prevent violence against women and girls. In 2016, the UNiTE Campaign will continue to mark the 25th of every month as Orange Day, a day to raise awareness and take action to end violence against women and girls. Orange Days will highlight specific Sustainable Development Goals as they relate to violence against women and girls. Check in here for themes, action ideas and messages. The global goals are for everyone, and to fully achieve them, everyone has a role to play in ending gender inequality and violence.



Powersave Solutions Ltd., with more than 20 years of experience, provide business to business energy saving lighting solutions through the supply of retrofit high grade LED lighting which can produce significant electricity savings of up to 70% while making a sustainable and responsible contribution to helping the environment. Our projects to date include commercial business centres, shopping centres, sporting centres, industrial manufacturing facility, hotel, cafeterias, health care facilities, etc. Industry and commercial buildings account for more than half of today’s energy consumption and at Powersave Solutions Italia we choose the most appropriate energy solution for each organization supporting its sustainable growth. In today’s world with high energy prices and rapid climate change, Powersave Solutions Italy provides proven expertise in developing, constructing and operating greener and more economical energy lighting products. By manufacturing our own products we are in a better position to offer significant benefits in terms of volume, prices and warranty terms, innovation and design. In line with government directive, all lamps that are lower than grade B will be banned starting from September 2016. LED’s are A classification and offer better durability, longer life, unrestricted design, safety, longevity and more economical than any other light on the market.

Life Coach Italy s.r.l. contribuisce allo sviluppo del potenziale umano per il benessere personale e organizzativo. Conta su un vasto network di qualificati professionisti che operano da anni in vari settori negli ambiti Life e Corporate, con particolare riferimento alla metodologia del Coaching in linea con gli standard di qualità di International Coach Federation. Life Coach Italy offre una serie di servizi integrati e innovativi caratterizzati da: • Competenza • Personalizzazione • Trasparenza • Rispetto della Privacy

www.lifecoachitaly.it 20


Upcoming events June ConneXion Lola Cafetteria

Via Flaminia 305, Rome Wed, June 1 at 18:30  15

Presentation of L'Onda del Coaching (Piccin) by Giovanna Giuffredi, Founder of Life Coach Italy

Save the date PWA Summer Party

Wed, June 15 Grand Hotel Gianicolo Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi, Rome

Check out www.pwarome.org 22

Membership news New Members Welcome!

We would like to welcome Cristiana Montani Natalucci as a member who has recently joined our Association. PWA is a place that grows with each member, therefore we are looking forward to enjoying PWA together with you! If you’d like to join, visit our website and contact MembershipDirector@pwarome.org

2015-2016 PWA Board and Team members President Valerie Baxter President@pwarome.org Secretary Edna Francis Secretary@pwarome.org Treasurer Michelle Bassanesi Treasurer@pwarome.org Programming Christine Sterpetti Programming@pwarome.org Membership Olga Plyaskina MembershipDirector@pwarome.org Corporate Member coordinator Maria Banks MembershipCorporate@pwarome.org Associate Member coordinator Nicole Giacomarra MembershipAssociate@pwarome.org Social Isabella Cattan SocialDirector@pwarome.org Social Co-Chair Adriana Tempesta SocialCoChair@pwarome.org PR & Sponsorship Christina Barbiero Sponsorship@pwarome.org PR & Sponsorship co-chair Marta Schneider PR@pwarome.org Newsletter Hanna Suni NewsletterEditor@pwarome.org Newsletter editorial consultant Lisa R Tucci NewsletterConsultant@pwarome.org Webmistress Rossana Scazzocchio Webmistress@pwarome.org Community Director Paola Devescovi Community@pwarome.org Mentoring Program Manager Maria Letizia Nesta Mentor@pwarome.org Mentor Luisa La Via MentorshipConsultant@pwarome.org Think Tank Michela Lazzè SpecialProjects@pwarome.org Think Tank Alessandra Tacconelli Thinktank@pwarome.org Media communications assistant Giuseppina Rizzolo Media@pwarome.org Legal Advisor Caterina Flick Legal@pwarome.org


Our In-Kind Donor

PWA Professional Women’s Association is a recipient of a Google Grants award. The Google Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google’s philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. Google Grants is an in-kind advertising program that awards free online advertising to nonprofits via Google AdWords.

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