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February 2018

Monthly Newsletter of the Professional Women’s Association of Rome

VERONICA PENZO, A Force of Nature

Letter from the President This month's newsletter complements the February conference on THE FUTURE OF WOMEN'S ROLES IN BUSINESS. Most of the professional roles are now open, with significant gender equality when it comes to junior positions. Instead, it becomes more difficult in all industries to find women in middle and top management roles. We cannot deny that there is still a real difficulty for women to be perceived as 'capable' or reliable, especially those who target top positions. One of the most insidious challenges is to balance the responsibilities of work with those of private life, and to act against prejudices related to women’s ability to govern, to decide, to command just because they have a family. Interviewed after taking office as Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi remarked how "people trivialize everything that a woman has done. Not everyone places value in raising a family, which is a very major and challenging experience " In their profession women put in place, in addition to skills and experience, some typically feminine 'qualities’: collaboration, flexibility, mediation, listening, that are a real added value for the traditional model of command. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​a woman still very involved in the work of family and caring seems never to be enough: never strong enough, assertive enough, present enough, 'masculine' enough. When she shows herself very determined she is accused of being inflexible and overbearing.

It is the paradox of the 'double bind', or the almost impossible reconciliation between having to show enough assertiveness and resilience to drive and the risk of being branded as bossy. In PWA we want to affirm strongly that the precondition for an effective female role is to gain greater courage and self-confidence from other women. It is from this achievement that we start our career paths that need a good capacity for self-promotion, something in which women often struggle. Self-promotion also means the ability to manage one's own exterior (clothing and style) as part of effective communication (where the form must convey the substance). This ability makes the professionals more aware, strong, competent, reliable, less vulnerable and with less bias. Consequently, in March we will talk about style, look and elegance. Meanwhile, happy reading Valentina Ferretti PWA president Ivana Madonna editor newslettereditor@pwarome.org


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Veronica Penzo, A Force of Nature, by Valerie Baxter Roboptimism - Women and the Future of Work, by Valerie Baxter Women, work and what's next, by Hanna Suni Female Leadership through the Italian Looking Glass, by Ivana Madonna Barefoot in the park: big results take courage, by Ivana Madonna Italian Elections 2018: between confusion and the usual promises, by Maria Grazia Panessa

16 January Conference "The Human Revolution" 18 19 20 21

Connexion February at "Etabli" Global Women in Music for Human Rights PWA announces a New Partnership with Accademia Costume & Moda Spring Workshop for Women





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PWA PWA Conference Conference

2121February 2018 at 19.30 Grand Hotel P February 2018 at 19.30 Grand Hotel Palaceome


“Over the last century women’s presence in the world of work has increased dramatically. At the same time, the strong push of digitalization and new technologies in the industrial sectors with a high rate of innovation has led many companies to review their organizational models, enhancing the contribution of female leadership in the challenges of new markets. What are the real changes in contemporary organizations? The impact of automation has increased the request for highly skilled workers with specific technical skills, on the other hand, organizations will need to be less hierarchical to quickly respond to the market. Our purpose during the conference will be to show, through concrete examples, how current organizations are changing under the effects of these two assets which can be considered the real revolution of the last decade.”


Andrea Pazzona

About our Speaker:

Corporate Account Manager for Manpower Group Italia, Milano & experienced in leading Human Resources, Sales & Consulting organizations. Andrea’s focus is on Organization Development & Integration; Talent Acquisition & Management and International Labor Market. Graduated in International Affairs in Gorizia (Università di Trieste) and Geography (Paris IV – Sorbone), Andrea holds a MSc in International trade (Italian Trade Commission) and he is now a DBA candidate at Sant’Anna di Pisa (Management dept.). Andrea gained his experience in Europe Africa and Middle East and Asia working as Headhunter (Antal, JD Consulting); in-house HR Director (Danieli Asia).

Donatella Quattrin

Business Solutions & Recruitment Manager for Manpower Group Italia, Milano and is Responsible for Business Recruitment Process Outsourcing and HR Consulting. Donatella has a degree in Education Science at Padova University and has gained her experience in Manpower Group in the recruitment sector since 2013.


VERONICA PENSO, A Force of Nature, By Valerie Baxter, Newsletter consultant

Roman born Veronica Penzo, an only child and light of her parents’ lives, grew up in a military family of Venetian origin. Her true values come from her father, who she describes as affectionate and sweet. She basked in a happy childhood in Rome interspersed with frequent stays near the Austrian border. Hence her unconditional love of mountains, and her addiction to indelible forest fragrances. She feels that sweetness, combined with determination are part of her true self. Yet her first difficulties in growing up were rooted in not being able to understand German when playing with other children in the North of Italy. This detail, seemingly unimportant at the time, became her raison d’etre when choosing her studies at university. She took a classical orientation, loved Latin and Greek at high school, learnt English and German, and after a two year Erasmus at Reading University, graduated in languages at 24 years old. Whilst still studying, Veronica found a job as a runner in the news sector at NBC. With no previous training, but hungry for knowledge she threw herself into anything they fed her. A runner is an entrylevel position, the most junior role in the production department of a broadcast, film or video company. The professional life of a runner may not be the most glamorous in the film or television industry, but for most people, it's an essential step towards bigger and better things. Essentially, a runner is a general dogsbody, who provides vital assistance to senior figures within a film, television or video production. Veronica at an impressionable age discovered an icon in Matthew Todd Lauer, an American television journalist. He was co-host of “Today Show” from 1997 to 2017 and a contributor for Dateline NBC. With NBC he hosted the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from 1998 to 2017 and co-hosted the opening ceremonies of several Olympic Games. A combination of energy, calm, assertiveness and professionalism imbibed her with both fear and security.


Her real inspiration was TV producer Stephen Weeke, National Emmy award for 2006 breaking news coverage of Lebanese refugees fleeing the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict on NBC Nightly News. He was Coverage expert on the Vatican, the papacy, Rome, and Pope John Paul II in particular. His untiring management of over 200 elements including journalists, cameramen, anchormen and technicians was one of the most exhilarating experiences between 2002 to 2005 for Veronica as she is proud to have worked for and together with such people. ’m wondering whether Veronica’s favourite colour, Red (associated with passion, fire, blood, radiance, determination) has anything to do with a culmination in Veronica’s profession. It was the Word on Fire project on Catholicism, and where a Chicago priest Robert Barron was made Bishop of Los Angeles by Pope Francesco, thanks to his involvement with young people using social media and videos on the web. Here Veronica earned public recognition by being interviewed on stage; 2016, a historical moment of achievement for her. Veronica’s destiny, rather than choices can be ascribed to the fact that she had found herself in the right place at the right time, thanks to her knowledge of the English language. Her spirit of determination and sweetness grew (ensuing a serious illness) and has contributed to her personal growth (from weakness to strength). Her love for nature and for animals (with pets like a ferret and guinea-pig) leads her to think as little as possible: “Doing helps much more than thinking”, she says. “Animals play, break the pattern, and help me to have no limits and to be protective towards others, grateful for life”. Veronica also cites Leadership coach, Roberto Re www.robertore.com as being instrumental to her success, satisfying her constant need to learn and mature. She feels good with herself when alone as she has reached a basic serenity, which she uses as a tool to help others. She considers herself a true Capricorn (the most determined of the entire Zodiac, the most prominent qualities being that they are ambitious, conservative, determined, practical and helpful). She even goes to the extreme with a tattoo on her arm “It’s not over until I win”! Her love love of mountains, timeless, rock solid also led her to work for 8 months in Chile, as a volunteer with the elderly and violated women as part of the Don Orione organization. Veronica was impressed how Chile with its 6000 km of pacific ocean coastline was so far away; so distant was its origin and culture from her own. So different were the Andes and coast range mountains from the Austrian mountains of her Today, Veronica is attracted to big, international companies. She is interested in PWA as an international environment to which she herself can contribute and feed her passion for helping people. Happy to work on the sidelines, behind the spotlight where she is a force of nature, Veronica gives added value to PWA and her experience will prove invaluable!


ROBOPTIMISM - Women and the Future of Work, by Valerie Baxter, newsletter consultant

Adoption of disruptive technologies like advanced robotics, mobile internet, advanced analytics, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence is accelerating with the power to throw into disarray entire industries As technology pushes many entrepreneurs and startups towards a “new era of work”, we also face the impending reality of 2 billion jobs disappearing by 2030. So how will these changes affect women? The battle for gender parity in the workforce and the lack of female presence in the major industries continues. This issue is a major factor in the future of work, as well as what that future looks like for women. What is disrupting the realm of work as we know it? •

Millennials: We will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020 giving us the opportunity to reshape traditional work environments.

Technology: The desire to get more done and simplify our lives has lead to automation, robots, AI, and a slew of apps that are changing how we live and work.

Digital Workforce: The rise of the digital workforce means we are no longer competing with our neighbors for jobs, but the whole world. It also means that physical offices are becoming passé as the benefits of telecommuting outweigh the latter.

How are these changes affecting women? 1) Loss of jobs Women are in danger of losing more jobs than men as we move towards a future of increased automation. Roles in office and administration are most at risk of disappearing in the near future - all of which tend to have higher proportions of women. While these positions have provided women with a step into the labor market, this is in danger of being reversed with women facing approximately more than five jobs lost for every job gained. Despite the recent gains we have seen in gender parity in the workforce, and at a tertiary educational level, we are in danger of heading towards an even bigger gender gap. Though, I believe we can turn this around to ensure women are not left behind in the fourth industrial revolution.


2) Entrepreneurship As technology moves us swiftly towards a future of increased automation and productivity, two billion jobs will disappear by 2030. With such high losses, it's understandable why so many people are terrified of the future of work. But in between the panic, it also presents an opportunity. Millennials are hard wired for entrepreneurship. In a survey by Bentley University, 67% of students said their career goals involved starting their own business while only 13% aimed to climb the traditional corporate ladder to become a CEO. Women entrepreneurs are also more successful and ambitious, according to a 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report. 90% of the female entrepreneurs that took part in the survey expected to see an increase in profits within the next year and were reporting higher revenues than their male counterparts. With an estimated 40% of the US workforce expected to be entrepreneurs by 2020 and one hundred million new business created yearly on a global level, the shift to a more entrepreneurial workforce bodes well for women being forced out of traditional business roles as a result of automation.

3) Digital Nomadism and Telecommuting Being a digital nomad is more than just sitting on the beach, sipping on Mai Thai's while responding to emails. For women, it represents a massive opportunity to find balance in their lives and not be left behind career-wise. For working mothers, it means no longer having to choose between budding career and family life. It's an opportunity to still be there for your kids while making an income and not feeling pressured into joining the 56% of women who leave their tech jobs mid-career. Remote work also gives women the freedom to travel and work at the same time and participate in coworking environments. Not only is it a way to beat loneliness, but it's an invaluable way to network and collaborate with people you would not meet in a standard brick and mortar setting. With entrepreneurship being an essential ingredient to ensuring women are not left behind in the fourth industrial revolution - it's a winning recipe. If we continue the trend of investing in women and the highly positive impact they have on the workforce, especially in STEM fields, we can forge our own paths and use look at the rapid change of technology as a serious opportunity.�

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrealoubier/2017/06/07


Women rising by Hanna Suni www.hamedesign.com

women, work and what’s next

Browsing online, I found a fairly recent infographic that is a snapshot of women in the workforce — including the progress we have made as well as the roadblocks we face. I also added a few motivational quotes from my favorite female leaders.


“We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.” —Sheryl Sandberg

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” —Michelle Obama


Female Leadership through the Italian Looking Glass by Ivana Madonna, Newsletter Editor

Highly educated women, international CV, tenacity, ambition, dreams, the will to innovate, evaluation of growth opportunities without renouncing their social roles as women. The capacity to reconcile family and professional duties: private and professional life that viceversa intermingles and feeds itself. A good dose of female intuition. In synthesis, this is today’s profile of the successful woman. What emerges from various Italian surveys and institutions (ISTAT, CENSIS, CNEL) with the objective of finding socio-demographic characteristics, professional path, factors which have positively and negatively influenced women’s careers is in fact the following: a woman who unites her talents to the necessary technical skills, education and continuous training. A woman who knows how to portray herself with decision, who knows how to ask when she feels she’s worth more. A woman who takes care of relationships, who sets herself realistic objectives and who is always ready to risk, widening her knowledge and experimenting in new fields. We are witnessing a progressive increase in women’s participation in the economic life of this country. Women’s presence in productive sectors continues to constitute an extraordinary fountain of vitality and innovation which has proved capable of renewal and competition in international markets in a spontaneous manner despite the inadequacy and total absence of suitable legislation to assist renewal. According to a survey conducted by Catalyst, a non profit organisation involved since 1962 in the encouragement of inclusive work environments for organizations and working women, organizations with a high female representation on Boards obtain on average significantly higher financial results (www.catalyst.org). The profile of new female employment indicates a higher propensity towards entrepreneurship. Women at the head of a company are more numerous and the professions see a wider female occupancy. Women improve organizational results Female Leadership: from tourism to physics, through fashion and monetary policy: these are the most illustrious scientists and Italian entrepreneurs in the world.

Anna Amati, 20 years in designing incubators and scientific parks. Ornella Barra, offers programmes and innovative solutions in the entire sector of pharmaceutical purchasing. Marina Berlusconi, president of Fininvest, Mondadori & board member of Mediaset. Silvia Candiani, new CEO of Microsoft Italia, involved in supporting female leadership in Italian companies. Elena David, new CEO of Valtur. Fabiola Gianotti, perhaps the most famous Italian physicist in the world today. Since 2016 and for the next five years will lead the European organization for nuclear research. Laura Iris Ferro, entrepreneur and manager in biotech and health sectors. Emma Marcegaglia, first woman to lead Confindustria, first female president of Business Europe and since 2014 president of Eni, 39th most powerful company of the world. Miuccia Prada, first stylist to collaborate with innovative architects setting new trends in shop design. Lucrezia Reichlin, forecast expert, economic cycle and monetary policy analyst.


The European Commission is progressively getting closer to the objective set by president Jean-Claude Juncker to guarantee by the end of his current mandate, that at least 40% of intermediate level and top executives will be women. In conclusion, Günther H. Oettinger, responsible for the treasury and human resources declared: " Gender diversity among leaders insures more efficient management and better results. EU citizens merit the best from the Commission, for this we must set a good example. We’re on the right road and we’ll continue to act on target until our female colleagues are well represented at all management levels German minister Katarina Barley synthesizes with a phrase the 2-day G7 summit on equal opportunities, the first in the history of the “greats” of the Earth, held at Taormina on 15-16th November 2017: “Progress has been made, but there’s still much to do for gender equality” The ministers meeting was centred on the economic empowerment of women as being the motor of growth and global development, as well as an indicator of social wellbeing. Following the roadmap adopted last May by the G7 leader for the promotion of equal opportunity, among the topics discussed was: redesign of the labour market and welfare system to free female potential in both economic and political spheres. The summit concluded with a declaration of intent to reaffirm the common objectives of the seven most industrialized countries on the topic of equal opportunity: the political, economic and social consolidation of women. With a target: reduce by 25% the gender gap by 2025, above all in the workplace, aware that in each country, “nobody has yet reached gender equality de facto” as stated in the final document.


BAREFOOT IN THE PARK: big results take courage, by Ivana Madonna, Newsletter Editor

If we take a look at the southern hemisphere we discover the women called “Solar Grandmothers” solar power engineers, capable of installing, maintaining and conserving a photovoltaic plant. At the Barefoot College, some illiterate women in rural villages receive special education and after six months of intensive courses become “Solar Grandmothers”, Why? Return to their villages “like tigers” as Bunker Roy, Barefoot College founder likes to repeat, ready to symbolically and concretely bring “light” to the entire community with solar illumination and connected services. The women of Barefoot arrive from every part of the world: all different, all foreign, all sisters fundamentally and communicate with each other in sign language. At Barefoot classes one learns that effective communications depends upon the will to understand each other, and this goes for every culture. You’ll need to arrive as far as Tilonia, in the middle of the Rajasthan desert in northwest India to discover a story of women from 25 countries in the Southern hemisphere. The Barefoot initiative, thanks to the Uman Foundation and the relationship created with Enel Green Power has spread to Latin America. Today, present in over 25 countries, it has improved living conditions for over 830 villagges. Since 1989 over 14.800 solar panels and 8.580 solar lamp posts have been installed. improving life and wellbeing for thousands of people.

Women’s progress is evident but there’s still a lot do do


Italian Elections 2018: between confusion and the usual promises. by Maria Grazia Panessa, PWA Secretary

On 4th march in Italy we will observe an important “test” for Italian citizens who are called to vote for a new government. Needless to say it’s very complicated to guess which political parties will win. It’s complicated to understand how among the main political parties they will manage, with the usual candidates who for a decade have used the same promises and the same commercials as if the Italians haven’t a memory of the past, naively calling it the new italian government. The “new” candidates are not really new: they have forgotten their broken promises and failures in previous governments. PWA, by Statute, does not have political leanings or support political parties as an institution. But we have just discovered that there is a really new candidate for the Camera dei Deputati among PWA’s friends: Antonio Ragusa, founder and president of Rome Business School, and a PWA partner. A leader we know and trust: competent, inclusive and a man with great civic sense. We wish him all the best in this new adventure. Good luck!


JANUARY CONFERENCE Hotel Palace, Rome “The Human Revolution� The enthusiasm of Eugenio La Mesa - Co-Founder and Chairman of Cure Thalessemia Italia Onlus - was contagious and no-one was left cold by the story and the ups and downs of the Onlus that follows the principles Prof. Yunus established for social businesses. Another inspiring testimonial was given by Enrica Lo Coco, Founder and CEO of Bimbi & Co that operates in Rome at EUR. The January Conference on Social Business attracted a full house and both old and new members and guests enjoyed a lovely cocktail dinner after the presentations.


Career Conversations




…This is the suggestive setting for the restaurant and winebar “Etabli” in the heart of Rome’s historic center, by now a “must” for Romans.


FONDAZIONE ADKINS CHITI: DONNE IN MUSICA A Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights   

Global Women in Music for Human Rights   #GWIM4HumanRights    Culture,  politics  and  power  are  interlinked,  and  culture  is  critical  to  inform  and  shape  our  values,  attitudes, identity and nationhood.    The  United  Nations  High  Commission  for  Human  Rights  celebrates  the  70th  Anniversary  of  the Signing  of  the  Universal  Declaration  of  Human  Rights  (10 th  December  1948).   Human  rights  and  fundamental  freedoms  are  the  birthright  of  all  human  beings.  The  rights  of  women  and  female  children  are  an  inalienable,  integral  and  indivisible  part  of universal human rights. It is essential to promote education on  the  human  and  legal  rights  of  women  in  school  curricula  at  all  levels  of  education  and  undertake  public  campaigns  on  the  equality  of  women  and  men  in  public  and  private  life.  Many  women  artists  and  musicians  face  additional  barriers  to  the  enjoyment  of  their  human  rights  related  to  race,  language,  ethnicity,  culture,  religion,  disability  or  socio‐economic  class  or  because  they  are  indigenous  people,  migrants, displaced or refugees.    

The fundamental  role  of  women  in  the  creation  and  transmission  of  tangible  and  intangible  cultural  heritage  and  the  creation  and  practice  of  music  belongs  not  only  to  a  people  or  a  culture,  but  to  all  of  humanity.  Gender  inequality  in  music  is  a  global  challenge.  By reaching out to women composers we can  influence,  change  public  opinion,  set  trends  and  affect  behaviour.  New  music  emphasizes  the  right  of all  girls  and  women  to   express  themselves  freely,   develop  their artistry,  communicate through all media and  obtain  just   recognition  for  their  creativity.   Women’s  music  is  an  essential  part  of  world  heritage   –  Empowering  women  composers  recognizes  their  ability  and  potential  to  create  new  works  involving  the  world,  different  cultures  and  musical  fields.  Music  knows  no  boundaries.   When  there  is  no  democratic  choice  to  express  creativity  equally  for  all,  there  is  no  freedom  of  representation  and  Human  Rights  are  lacking    The  Fondazione  Adkins  Chiti:  Donne  in  Musica  is  organising  a   “ Global  Call  for  New  Music”  by  women  composers  and  creators  of  music  of  all  ages,  nationalities  and  musical  backgrounds.  Participants  will  compose/create  a  song,  choral  or  orchestral  work  inspired  by  the  struggle  for  Human  Rights.  Works  chosen  by an International Reading Commission will be presented in a Grand GALA in the historical Teatro  Argentina, in Rome 5 th  November 2018 with a group of international cultural activists as testimonials.    THE  CALL  FOR  SCORES  FOR  NEW  MUSICAL  COMPOSITIONS  WILL  BE  ADDRESSED  TO   girls   under 18 years of age  and  women  from  19  to  99.   Participants  will  submit  (in  digital  PDF  file)  a  musical  work  of  5‐7  minutes  duration   for  one  of  following  musical  combinations:  Solo  voice  with  one  to  four  instruments  ‐  Choir  with or without pianoforte – String Orchestra and soloist.   


Teatro Argentina, Roma    







 ďŽƵƚMoira… I am a professional coach, trainer and facilitator with Master’s degrees in managemeŶƚĂŶĚ ƉƐLJĐŚŽĚLJŶĂŵŝĐƐŽĨŽƌŐĂŶŝnjĂƚŝŽŶƐ͘ƐƐŽŵĞŽŶĞǁŚŽŚĂƐďĞĞŶƚŚƌŽƵŐŚŚĞƌĨŝĨƚŝĞƐ͕;ĂŶĚĂůŵŽƐƚ ƐĞƚƚůĞĚĨŽƌĂůŝĨĞǁŝƚŚŽƵƚũŽLJͿ/ĨŝƌŵůLJďĞůŝĞǀĞƚŚĂƚǁŚĞŶǁŽŵĞŶƌĞĂĐŚƚŚĞŝƌĨŝĨƚŝĞƐƚŚĞLJŚĂǀĞĂ ŶĞǁĨƌĞĞĚŽŵĂŶĚƉŽǁĞƌƚŽůŝǀĞĂůŝĨĞƚŚĂƚŝƐƌŝŐŚƚĨŽƌƚŚĞŵ͘

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