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April 2017

Monthly Newsletter of the Professional Women’s Association of Rome Celebrating our Silver Jubilee Anniversary


PWA is an international hub in the heart of Rome where ideas and values, tradition and innovation, diversity, culture and professionalism meet and intersect. On our journey into the future our travel companions are respect, ethics, and a sense of social responsibility. This year we celebrate our 25th Jubilee Anniversary.

Inclusive design for a better world

What comes to your mind when you think of the word design? Expensive, minimalist and unique pieces of furniture, clothing or high technology that only very few can afford? Designed by caucasian men, you might add. The concept of inclusive design is quite the contrary. Defined in 2000 by the UK Government as "products, services and environments that include the needs of the widest number of consumers", it has a history stretching back to the social ideals in Europe that materialised after World War II. Inclusive Design goes beyond older and disabled people to focus on other excluded groups to deliver mainstream solutions that are affordable and have a longer lifespan than average goods. Design is therefore inclusive, when the end product – whether an everyday utensil, online platform or means of transportation – is designed to meet the needs of a large, heterogenoues group of consumers. We can also broaden the concept to include projects that are inclusive for the materials and resources they use – recycled elements that are produced with low environmental impact. But a design project can be inclusive also because of the characteristics of the designers involved. There are international success stories of designers from minority groups such as Isabella Springmühl, a Guatemalan fashion designer who has Down syndrome. After being rejected by fashion schools, she went on to carve her own path and achieve many career accolades. And we don't need to search too far for other brilliant examples. The PWA Inclusion Contest awarded D'Altra Moda, a fashion project that will use recycled materials – garments, fabrics and accessories – to design high fashion clothing. The founders of the group are of women of all ages that feel the need to dedicate their time and expertise to create affordable fashion items while building sense of community and inclusion. PWA is delighted to support this project that promotes inclusion at so many levels. We will celebrate Marina Di Pietrantonio, the founder of D'Altra Moda at our Summer Party on June 16th... stay tuned and save the date!



Hanna Suni editor and layout designer www.hamedesign.com newslettereditor@pwarome.org

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PWA APRIL Conference

19 April at 19.30 at Grand Hotel Palace



Our Speaker will dazzle you by the beauty of 20th century jewels and at the same time introduce you to the extraordinary variety of styles which has characterized the jewelry production of this century. The most representative types of jewels for each decade will be highlighted and placed in the context of fashion of the time. Amanda will extensively illustrate jewels created by the most renowned firms including examples by Boucheron, Bulgari, Chaumet, Cartier, J.A.R., Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Harry Winston.


About Our Speaker

Amanda Triossi Amanda Triossi F.G.A. (Fellow Gemmological Association of GB) is a jewelry historian, author, curator, lecturer on the history of Western jewelry design and an independent consultant to luxury goods companies. Born and educated in Rome, Italy, she obtained a History of Art degree at Cambridge University. Her professional associations include executive positions at Sotheby’s and Bulgari. In 1992 at Sotheby’s Institute in London, she initiated and held the ‘Understanding Jewelry with Amanda Triossi’ course, the first intensive course on the history of Western jewelry. From 1997-2015 she was a consultant for Bulgari which included heading the project for the creation of the company’s Corporate Historical Archives. Additionally, she worked closely with the Bulgari family curating the Bulgari Heritage Collection. From 2009 until 2013 she curated five major exhibitions on Bulgari in Rome, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco. She has published extensively on the history of jewelry and on Bulgari. Today she writes, vets Bulgari jewels, gives lectures and seminars, curates jewelry-centric trips internationally as well as consulting for major jewelry houses and private collectors.

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Latest on I-N-C-L-U-S-I-V-E Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude customers. Inclusive design emphasizes the contribution that understanding user diversity makes to inform these decisions, and thus to include as many people as possible. User diversity covers variation in capabilities, needs and aspirations. Read some of the latest news in inclusive design and start thinking about how to contribute!

Everyday Inclusive Design: 8 Products That Make Life a Little Easier What’s your morning routine like? Maybe it involves brushing your teeth, getting dressed, taking a shower, perhaps eating a quick bowl of cereal. Now imagine that you had to go about the exact same routine as someone else. But you couldn’t see. Or you had severe arthritis. Or you simply couldn’t use a spoon. This would make your routine a bit trickier, because many of the everyday objects you use each morning — and throughout the day — were not created with inclusive design principles in mind. The designers didn’t take into account what using them might be like for someone with different abilities. Since our mission is to design products that can be used by many groups of people regardless of their abilities, we wondered what other products did the same. What ordinary, everyday objects could inspire us as true examples of inclusive design?

OXO was founded on the philosophy of Universal Design, which means the design of products usable by as many people as possible. Today, OXO offers 1,000+ products covering many areas of the home, all created based on this principle. The company has been recognized globally as an example of how a well-executed Universal Design philosophy not only creates products that are beneficial to end users but is also a sensible business model.


University of Cambridge Department of Engineering has set clear guidelines on how to design inclusive products that are accessible to the most diverse user markets. Inclusivity needs to be thought of throughout the design project, from the concept stage until product launch, marketing and re-design.

Isabella Springmuhl Tejada is a Guatemalan fashion designer. She is reportedly being the first fashion designer to have Down syndrome. Her designs were showcased at the International Fashion Showcase segment of London Fashion Week in 2016.

Kahoot! is a global education brand for the way people learn today. With over 30 million unique users (as of January 2015), its game-based platform enables accessible, meaningful, and playful learning experiences, in classrooms and beyond. An ally of inclusive education, Kahoot! is also designed to suit those with learning disabilities and special education needs. Its use of imagery, visual cues (such as different colours and shapes), and its simple Easy Read-friendly question and answer format means it can be used by students with various learning needs, either as a group or in one-to-one sessions. Dive into the world of inclusive design through these complete text books available on Amazon



by Hanna Suni www.hamedesign.com


In the lavander fields in Provance, summer 2016


isiting the Colosseum by night has been one of the most memorable tours that Laura Maria Rizzi, Founder of L’altra Roma and PWA Social Director, has organized for her clients. She is thrilled to stroll in awe through the ancient sights where Roman emperors lived, but equally much enjoys admiring modern architecture in Rome, Milan, Bilbao and Dubai. «I am an archeologist with a passion for all types of arts and fashion», Laura describes herself.


Laura grew up at Porta Vittoria, a patriotic neighborhood in Milan, in the same building where her parents still live, close to her grandmother. Since she was very little, she was particularly drawn to art and design; dresses, accessories, paintings and buildings. After high school, she enrolled at the University of Milan, choosing the department of archeology. She had not studied ancient Greek before, and had to really make an effort to learn the new language along with Latin. She wrote her thesis on the Roman iconography relative to the clothing, hair

Laura with her students at Ara Pacis

Laura at the WIN Conference 2015

styling and ornaments in the Julio-Claudian dynasty (1st Century A.D.). During her studies, Laura volunteered with a group of young archeologists in GAM (Gruppo Archeologico Milanese) and wrote for a university journal. She also participated at live excavations along Via Postumia and Via Amerina.

organizations like WIN and PWA. «I always enquire about the interests of my guests - I don’t consider them clients and try to propose unusual and inspiring sites for unique tours created with passion and professionalism», Laura says.

After graduation Laura moved to Rome to attend a 2-year Master’s program in Museum Maintenance and Utilization of Archaeological Heritage at Tor Vergata University. Due to her hard work, she also won a scholarship to study Management of Cultural Activities at LUISS University. Both learning paths helped Laura strengthen her professional skills and gain more experience not only in her field but also in management She did an internship at the Museo Civico di Albano Laziale learning about museum management – from bureaucratic and administrative matters to doing guided visits with tourists. «I was also involved in an educational project, creating costumes for theme visits, and loved putting my knowledge to use in making these unique, ad hoc clothes», Laura remembers. One of her first real jobs was guiding visitors at the Palazzo Senatorio of the Major of Rome, together with a group of other guides on Sunday mornings. Soon after moving to Rome she also started teaching archeology and art history courses at Rome’s UNISPED – Università Sperimentale Decentrata – where she still works. “I teach 5 courses a year in four different locations, taking my students to visit the sites they are studying as often as possible», Laura explains. Laura was also the Project Manager of Ast’Arte, a program managed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage to create a unique, European database of archeological findings. In 2007-2014, together with her colleagues, Laura listed 25.000 specimen present in the most important auction house catalogues. In the meantime, she obtained the certificate of official tour guide in Rome after participating at a 3-year course. In 2009 Laura decided to found her own website and then cultural Association, L’altra Roma. Her mission is to propose a new way to visit Rome, prioritizing the guests’ needs. This allows her to organize personalized and unforgettable «tailor made» visits to monuments, archaeological sites and museums. Laura works with Italian and international tourists as well as companies such as Meetic and Hewlett Packard and associations and

On the very little free-time Laura has, she likes to travel, cook and take care of her flowers. She has a tiny garden on her Roman terrace with a corner for herbs – thyme, salvia and basil – and colorful Hibiscus and Mimosas, even Bougainvillea. «I really relax when watering, trimming and admiring my little garden. I also like to make compositions with dried flowers», Laura says. During her travels, she tries to go and see local flowers, such as the lavender fields in Provence. «I love to visit cultural cities such as Paris, London, Barcelona, so full of history, art and architecture. But I also admire modern cities like Dubai for their efficient organization and cleanliness”, she admits. Laura has always cultivated her passion for fashion, clothing and accessories, and visits exhibitions with this theme as often as possible. She also loves to wear beautiful dresses and accessories, and prepares her outfits thoroughly. “In another life I would love to become a fashion designer or a costume designer and dedicate my life to creating beautiful, timeless garments», Laura reveals. Laura joined PWA in 2011, first as a regular member, then as co-Director and finally Director of Social Events. In 2014 she took a sabbatical year and studied art history at Sothebys in New York. It was a lovely break from her Roman life, but as soon as she was back in Rome, Laura came back to PWA. «A part from the wonderful, interesting and diverse friendships I have made through the association, it has also taught me team work and event organization. It is sometimes challenging to work in a multicultural group, but I have certainly learned about different leadership and management styles». Laura has been Social Director for the past year, organizing ConneXions and successful special events such as the Christmas Party, IWD and Speed Networking evening. Next year she wants to be an ordinary member again, but she plans on participating as much as possible. «It is a great way to connect with people from all over the world and learn together», Laura sums it.


Running for the Board Candidate for President – Valentina Ferretti After Bocconi University, I developed a strong interest in technology and innovation. I continued to nourish such an interest and build up professional skills within worldwide leading IT companies like Intel, Dell computer and Xerox, mainly in the areas of marketing and sales. After an international working experience in the Netherlands from 2005-2007, I managed the generational turnover of my family company, landing in Rome with my husband and son Vittorio. I am flexible and curious, with a high level of ethics and integrity. I strongly believe in loyalty, commitment and in helping each other. I love reading, opera, and spending time with friends.

Values: Family – Friendship – Open-mindedness

Candidate for Vice President – Adriana Tempesta I am an Italian Civil Lawyer, and I run my own firm in Ferrara and Rome. I am specialized in Consumer Law, but I do practice all aspects of civil law. I live in Rome, where I truly enjoy the beauty of the city and its multicultural opportunities, with my husband and two children (18and 8). I proposed myself as Membership Director this year because I believe in PWA and its capability of connecting people, activities and ideas and, thanks to my open and talkative character, now as Vice President I believe that I will be able to involve more and more in the life of our Association both members and non-members.

Values: Reliability – Outgoingness – Organization

Candidate for Treasurer – Lisa Rosen I was born in the US and have dual US and Italian citizenship. I have been living in Rome since 1987, having moved here after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing from Houston Baptist University in Texas. My work experience has always been in Finance, spanning from a consumer goods company such as J&J, to a less-known import company, to my current employment in Kantar Millward Brown, a market research firm. I have done work ranging from Financial and Management Accounting to Financial Analysis and Business Intelligence to Budgeting and Controllership. I have a strong sense of responsibility and accountability, and would enjoy being a more active and contributive member of PWA through the Board position of Treasurer. The type of work I have accomplished these past 30 years necessarily required a conscientious and strong work ethic and diligence, factors which I believe are also necessary in the role of Treasurer. I also held the role of Treasurer for two years in PWA 20 years ago!

Values: Commitment – Empathy – Resiliance


Candidate for Programming Director – Deana Binah I am a facilitator and life designer, basically a catalyst for people’s consciousness, happiness and success, working with techniques that are based on brain research and quantum physics. The approach is very simple but powerful, practical and often joyful, and supports people to connect to their own resources and move from having a problem to finding the solution within themselves, balancing body, mind and soul. My clients have more ease in resolving personal or work related issues and understand better how to create their own reality and to live the life they desire. I love the supportive atmosphere of collaboration and sisterhood amongst the PWA members and would like to contribute to this energy by providing events to our members that are inspiring, interesting and fun so that we can all grow together, knowing each other even better in order to create a

strong network and a lot of win-win situations for everyone.

Values: Love – Friendship – Consciousness

Candidate for Social Director – Rossella Castaldo Born in Naples, I have lived in several different cities in United States and Italy with my military pilot husband and two children, Dalila (20) and Danilo (18) . After high school I obtained several certifications in fitness (personal trainer, spinning, step among many) and also as personal shopper. I moved back to Italy and to Rome two years ago and now work as a personal shopper and event organizor in Rome and other fabulous Italian locations. I have organized memorable happenings in magnificent venues such as the Vatican and the Colosseum, and I am looking forward to creating inspiring social events for PWA together with the rest of the team.

Values: Honesty – Sincerity – Genorosity

Candidate for Sponsorship Director – Cecilia Bersani I am a real Roman, in the 7th generation. Biologist, I studied and did research in evolutionary genetics at the Sapienza University in Rome; I'm specialized in Nutrition.I worked for a Neuroscience Research company (MIND) and organized international events and congresses. I have a wonderful son who studied at Bocconi University of Milan. I have worked for many IT companies and multinationals and presently work for IBM. I have volunteered for many associations such as S.Vincenzo, Caritas, UNITALSI, S.Egidio. CIAI, Aiutare i Bambini, Save the Children. I am passionate about the world and glad to use my energy to create useful partnerships for PWA.

Values: Respect for life – One's beliefs – Culture


Candidate for PR Director – Skaiste Rucyte Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, I moved to Italy to attend the university in Sardinia, where I studied International and EU law and fell in love with the beauty of the Mediterranean region. Earning my LL.M. degree, I got my feet wet in a legal office, leading local government projects and enjoying a role as an executive assistant to CEO. I then landed at a luxury travel planning company where I spent nearly two years, learning the ropes of all things a coordinator has to know. I found that dynamic and detail orientated work appealed to my precise and multitasking nature. Before long, I took over a German based company, coordinating more than 20 destinations. In my role as Operations Coordinator at Bliss Moving & Logistics, I have a passion for keeping up with the latest social media trends and PR, in addition to serving as a coordinator, I am a blogger. This profession is part of my life style – youthful, driven and vibrant. Moreover, it gives me an opportunity to connect with people all over the world. I enjoy jogging, travelling and being called a food and fashion snob who constantly deals with her enormous food and fashion cravings. Although where else can you experience all sinful and delicious fruits of life if not in Rome – the city where the words “dolce far niente” get another meaning.

Values: Self-belief – Curiosity – Gratitude

Candidate for Membership Director – Anastasiya Gorshkova I am the founder of the Anastasiya Craze YouTube Channel and fitness brand, which seeks to motivate and inspire women to stay fit and healthy through daily exercise. A NASM certified trainer, I put my workouts together to help women keep their bodies challenged and their minds engaged. I was born in Ukraine, immigrating to the United States at the age of 16. I spent 10 years in the banking industry, leaving to explore my true passions: fitness and travel. I speak five languages, and split my time between New York City and Rome, Italy.

Values: Positive attitude – Optimism – Inspiring others


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PWA Elections 2017-18 on May 17, 2017 at 19.00 at Hotel Aleph



During the AGM - Annual General Meeting and following the Conference, Elections will be conducted for the renewal of the Board, by use of voting papers cast in a ballot box on the Election desk. That same evening, at closure of the poll, the Election Committee will count the votes. The Election Committee will send an email to those absent with the link and indications for access to the platform, where it will be possible to vote anonymously, from 10.00 hrs until 21.00 hrs on 18th May. At closure of the online session the Election Committee will count the votes and give immediate communication to the present Board of the final results.

In occasione dell’Assemblea Generale Elettiva e della Conference, a seguire della stessa, si apriranno le votazioni per il rinnono del Board. Per le votazioni del giorno 17 maggio ci sarà un’urna elettorale sull’Election desk, utilizzando le schede per il voto. La stessa sera, al termine delle votazioni, il Comitato Elettorale procederà allo spoglio delle schede.

WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2016/17 A similar procedure will be adopted for the election of Woman of the Year, by use of ballot papers cast in a separate ballot box on the Election desk. The WOTY Committee will send an email to those absent with the link and indications for access to the platform, from the afternoon of 17th May until 21.00 hrs on 18th May. At closure of the online session, the votes will be counted to determine the Woman of the Year. The results will be announced at our Summer Party on 16th June 2017.

Il Comitato Elettorale provvederà ad inviare una mail con il link e le indicazioni per gli accessi alla piattaforma dove sarà possibile votare, in forma anonima, a partire dalle ore 10 del giorno successivo fino alle ore 21. Alla chiusura della sessione on line il Comitato Elettorale procederà con lo spoglio delle schede per dare immediata comunicazione all’attuale Board dei risultati definitivi delle votazioni delle due giornate. WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2016/17 In occasione della Conference, a seguire della stessa, si apriranno le votazioni per la Woman of the Year 2016/17. Per le votazioni del giorno 17 maggio ci sarà un’urna elettorale sull’Election desk, utilizzando le schede per il voto. La stessa sera, al termine delle votazioni, si procederà allo spoglio delle schede. Il Comitato WOTY provvederà ad inviare una mail con il link e le indicazioni per gli accessi alla piattaforma dove sarà possibile votare a partire dal pomeriggio del giorno successivo (18 maggio) fino alle 21. Alla chiusura della sessione online si procederà con lo spoglio delle schede per l’elezione della Woman of the Year che verrà annunciata durante il Summer Party del 16 giugno 2017.


WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? By Valerie Baxter, President Feminism is widely expressed by a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define and advance political, economic, personal and social rights for women. The idea that feminism is about “equality for all genders” has become increasingly fashionable. Yet, a significant cause of the stalled gender revolution can be our own fault. We cannot address or end the systemic oppression of women if we refuse to center women in that fight. And that means reconsidering what we mean when we talk about equality and power. In order to succeed, feminism needs to work within the very systems women want to change. Women must reconsider their relation to power and power structures. Definition of feminism 1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 2: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests

Borione, Senior Deputy Secretary General UfM/UpM – Civil and Social Affairs: State of the art preparations. Serena Romano, president of Assoc. Corrente Rosa (thanks to whom PWA was included in the list of major women’s associations), declared that many policies in Italy regarding equal opportunities have not been implemented because they have not been financed. She advocated incentives to register for training and recognition of work from home for those employed in the informal economy (inc. agriculture) in order to legalize work “in nero”, immigration and allow fairer sharing of work and life. A more professional approach through training programmes and coaching could address issues such as: New statutes for homeworking and small businesses to overcome difficulties in women’s access to microcredit. Relations between banks and women could be improved by the use of gold as collateral guarantees for women. Time management and union representation by women would resonate more on equal opportunity policy (i.e. 25% Spanish men implement paternity leave vs. only 7% by Italian men) Monica Carcò, Chief Investment & technology unit of UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organisation auspicated female economic empowerment through entry-point facilitation for women and increased attention to start-ups for young people. She also remarked on how women still have difficulty in both creating networks and networking, and recommended the reinforcement of women’s associations.

The anti-feminist Facebook image (above) forced me to reflect on my own position; feminist or anti-feminist? Reinforcing the role of women in society and especially in the workplace means demolishing stereotypes and barriers to leadership starting in the schools. STEM education access for women is not only correct, but also intelligent. Although fewer men hold university degrees than women, for the latter, as unemployment rises in Italy, there appear to be no jobs matching their qualifications. Yet female breadwinners are on the rise. Close on 1 million women in Italy are single parents - 70% of which are in full-time jobs and 30% in part-time or informal labour. Not to mention gender pay-gaps! So, what are we doing about it? People who have power do not daydream about empowerment. Last month, in response to an invitation by Min. Enrico Granara, Coordinator Euro-Mediterranean Multilateral Activities and Directorate General for Political and Security Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, a PWA delegation consisting of Membership director Adriana Tempesta, Newsletter editor Hanna Suni, PWA Jubilady Olga Plyaskina, new member Soraya Khan and yours truly participated in an international forum entitled: “Le istituzioni e la società civile italiane per il rafforzamento del ruolo delle donne nelle società del Mediterraneo” (Italian institutions and civil society for the reinforcement of women’s role in Mediterranean society). In G7 circles Italy is recognized as a best-practice example of equal opportunity. The meeting was convened to define the Italian standpoint and proposals in preparation for the second EU Ministry for the Mediterranean (UpM/UfM) conference on Women’s Empowerment, foreseen in autumn 2017. We listened to the opening speech by Min. Granara and an introduction by Amb. Delphine


I was able to contribute to the recommendations by illustrating PWA’s work in creating awareness of economic empowerment for women through our conferences, together with our ability to network, support and promote female entrepreneurs successfully. I couldn’t resist the temptation to mention our mentoring programmes, plus TIMEOUT Professional Timebank, at the disposal of women of any age or nationality - not only in Rome! Enrica Giovanna Miceli, who spent a year with the Servizio Volontario Europeo (European Voluntary Service) in India improving services offered by Mother & Child Foundation to vulnerable women and children - highlighted the importance of improved nutrition via Biodistretti - 0km organic farm produce - at the top of her “wishlist” in Mediterranean countries. We had earlier been reminded of sickening OECD 2014 statistics of 3 million women victims of violence and the need to act against violence on women and children used as a weapon in countries in conflict by reinforcing the implementation of current legislation. This ultimately led to an anecdote by two women founders, one Isreali and one Palestinian of Donne per la Pace (Women for Peace) who recounted how the simplicity of their recent breadmaking event brought together women of different nationalities and creeds. Among those present, I met past PWA speaker Hon. Lia Quartapelle, together with women leaders from AIDOS, UN Women, UNIDO, Federmanager, IWF-International Women's Forum, IDLO, IFIIE. PWA, apolitical by statute, cannot influence policy but our objective is to evidence the knowledge and understanding of problems common to women in both professional and social spheres. In conclusion, the word equality risks becoming an empty signifier, underlying a larger definitional problem in regards to the mainstream women’s movement. Equality of outcome is more about distribution than equal rights. It means men and women – as gender collectives, rather than individuals – having not only the same opportunity but also the same result in terms of numbers. PWA is forever Work in progress!

Communication Public Affairs sector and people’s representation. A different angle of activities for consultant companies not to lose market shares. An Italian professional experience. Cristiana Montani Natalucci it.linkedin.com/in/cristianamontaninatalucci/


n Italy, citizens’ associations are increasingly the most relevant competitors to professional and consultant firms in communications and Public Affairs activities.

This phenomenon is most evident in the healthcare sector, because of its importance at all levels and because it is the most powerful catalyst of political interests, institutions, pr, strategic, events, awareness and campaigns activities. And I think it is true not only in Italy, but also in the Northern countries. New subjects are breaking into the communication and Public Affairs activities market. The professional consultancies should pay attention to this. The alternative is losing its market shares. I can testify this as Communication and Institutional Project Director for institutional and awareness campaigns, in Healthcare sector of Cittadinanzattiva, one of the most important Italian citizens’ association. More and more international pharmaceutical companies prefer to finance communications, institutional campaigns and activities carried out by general associations. This happens even if they are fully aware that associations are not able to maintain the same high professional level as Communications, PR and Public Affairs agencies. Pharmaceutical companies prefer this strategy because

the “lack of professional level” in communication is compensated by the greater interest and attention paid to citizens’ associations by political decision makers. The pharmaceutical companies in this manner work with associations that become “an institutional voice of common battles” and consequently can represent the shared interests before the common decision makers more powerfully. I observe this process every day from my professional experience matured in specific communication agencies, but now in a more institutional and political context. I have in fact more than 20 years experience as Senior Communications and Project Manager. I have spent the most part of those in national and international communications agencies such as Weber Shandwick where I was the Corporate and Healthcare Account Director and Head of Rome branch and only recently with Cittadinanzattiva. I think this phenomenon is paradoxal. In Italy civil associations, composed of very smart and politically committed citizens, are more able and successful in attracting more and more economic resources than highly professional and well known worldwide consultant companies. These are often called in to help in minor


tactical activities after the major strategy has already been defined with associations as well.

everything is more and more connected and gives precise context indications.

Working this way demonstrates that Public Affairs and communications strategies activities run by agencies are not taken into account. They are no longer considered by opinion makers as the most relevant discipline inside the large so - called communications activities spectrum. Institutional representatives don’t think these professionals are capable of giving them the necessary information to help a Nation grow and become innovative. They do not consider Public Affair and strategic activities a professional activity as do the Northern Countries, but from a “logic of exchange”. This is the reason that political representatives prefer to deal with representatives of association. Hence, pharmaceutical companies obviously accept this because it’s more functional to achieve their institutional goals.

These are the principal highlights:

The causes have roots in the Italian “exchange culture” and in its particular recent history. During the last decades Italy saw an increasing and worrying lack of trust in institutions, because of a general cultural degeneration and disaffection with the general sense of community. This has given rise to a lot of different and uncoordinated political and social “experiments” to create new tools and methods for participation by the people and obtain stronger political consensus. Many Italian citizen associations have been organized for many years to give a stronger voice to the people. During this period they have groomed a representatives to enable them to sit at the same table as traditional leaders and gain political weight. But above all, they have learnt to use communication tools. And that’s the point: the enormous progress of citizen associations progress has conquered the communication sector! This is the popular reaction to the Institutions’ indifference to the way Italy don’t respond the answers to the citizens’ needs and social improvement. So, civil associations with more activities, experience and contacts are becoming better organized in communicating. Beside an awareness of their political influence, they are becoming stronger in the choice of which communication disciplines to use. They are now using communications strategies that they couldn’t use previously, such as awareness campaigns or, only on going media relations, or social surveys and institutional events together. Needless to say that social media have simplified this professionalization process in the Italian charity sector. The ease of Social media has opened the door of communication even to non communications professionals. So, in a careful analysis of Northern countries, I would imagine it to be a threat to those agencies as well, even though the trend of associations becoming more professional may follow a different pattern because they do not have the typical Italian “exchange culture”. I have had opportunity to know some UK Fundraising and Communication representatives of health Charities. In Northern Europe associations are more professional and less political than in Italy. I found them really vibrant in elaborating communication strategies. This could erode communication and PA market share, over time. The international surveys and essays* regarding communication trends shows that in the "2.0 era"


Shift to Mobile and Beyond #mobile: The biggest trend with the greatest immediate impact on communication is the shift to mobile. Global mobile traffic currently represents 17.4% of all internet traffic and is rapidly increasing. Mobile internet use is expected to surpass traditional desktop internet use in 2014. ________________ *http://www.wpp.com/wpp/marketing/publicrelations/10global-communication-trends-2014/ Mobile has become so deeply embedded in our lives by offering convenience through immediacy, simplicity and context. Through mobile – and soon wearable – technology each of us can receive individualised content which also points to another major trend, that of personalisation. Personalisation or the "Youniverse" #personalisation: This idea of creating your own "Youniverse" is a perfect example of tapping into our emotional desire to be seen as unique personalities. Public relations professionals must assist companies in learning how to move from more traditional tactics in favour of smarter approaches that extend their personalisation capabilities beyond the PC. The ability to deliver relevant communication across multiple channels will transform these marketing efforts from an unwanted intrusion into a valued service. Social Media Impact on Communication #socmedimpact: Public relations professionals need to keep pace with this fast-evolving environment. The challenge is dealing every day with two huge data explosions: the expanding universe of ‘digital influencers’ and the massive volume of social media conversations and real-time mentions that concern your brand, industry and competition. Digital influencers have grown 30-fold in less than two years. A crucial difference with traditional media is the need for engagement. The sheer volume of mentions requires brands to prioritise: find out who matters, determine what they’re saying, how it sways others and how best to engage with them. Balancing the emotional (dialogue) with the rational (measurement of influence) is the key. Brand Journalism #brandjournalism: Social media broke the traditional media model in one fundamental way: media organizations are no longer gatekeepers of information & audiences. The very definition of "news" is changing, and this evolution creates the opportunity for PR & content marketing pros to create timely content that earns credibility, earns media and generates ongoing (and relevant) visibility for the brand. The key to finding and telling great stories in a way that will make your audience not only want to engage with them but share and even repurpose them is to commit to trying new things. Brand journalism isn’t content marketing, nor is it sponsored content. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It is meaningful, quality storytelling. Crisis in the "Always On" Era #prcrisis: Since the advent of "always on" social media, companies have to guard their reputations even more vigilantly. Viral videos can wreak havoc on brands. Legal responses like attempting to pull videos from YouTube only inflame the

situation. Speed is of the essence and ultimately the only answer at times like this is timely, honest and transparent communication. This leads us to another key trend: hypertransparent communication. Transparency is King #transparency: In our hyperconnected world, the trend is increasingly towards hyper-transparent communication. Consumers and other stakeholders have many more channels at their disposal for exposing and discrediting companies for any lack of honesty. As difficult a concept as that is for many, transparency is the only answer and any failures in this area are punished with alarming speed and efficiency. Brands that embrace this hyper-honesty trend will reap the benefits in consumer trust. Evidence-Based #evidence: A major trend in public relations is that of measurement from the outset and throughout a campaign to measure impact and effectiveness. Burson-Marsteller has developed an evidence based approach to communication with the use of research among target audiences to test messages and measure results. Digital campaigns are particularly easy to track as many social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have their own analytics which make it possible to demonstrate the reach of these campaigns by the number of views, shares, retweets, likes, etc. But it’s pushing beyond simple measurement into actionable insight that will be the game- changer for communications. Image is All #image: Studies have shown that people remember only 20% of what they read (are you still with me?) and that 83% of learning occurs visually. The massive popularity of visual social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, demonstrates the emotional power of images to tell stories in a way that is proven to be far more memorable than mere words. In the same way, viral videos tell more powerful stories and allow greater engagement with consumers. The rise of infographics also shows the capacity of visuals to break large chunks of data into digestible portions. The bottom line is, we all have ever shorter attention spans and compelling images and visualisations are the key to making your story stand out from the crowd. Power of Communicating Purpose #purpose: The world has fundamentally changed. Globalisation, democratisation of information, the rise of social media and the global financial crisis have forced corporate leaders to reassess the strategic path for their brands and organisations. They do so at a time when the central objectives of communication, reputation and trust, have shifted shape, perhaps irrevocably. In today’s hostile business environment, there is more need than ever for companies to explain why they are here, the rationale and the context. Our 2013 Power of Purpose study builds on those we carried out in 2008, 2010 and 2011 but with a new focus on how Corporate Purpose impacts on challenges which are increasingly relevant for companies in today’s business environment: the need for transparency, managing successful organizational change and reputation recovery after a crisis.

of all the communication disciplines. Previous (above and below) lines of demarcation are slowly but surely being dissolved. Driven by the fast pace of technological innovations, we can expect the industry evolution towards integrated communication to gather pace. Therefore, I would offer this effective suggestion to both the Italan and English speaking worlds: the Third Sector is occupying more professional spaces, so consultant firms should acquire greater social engagement through real actions. They would be perceived to be more "emotional", empathetic, more connected to real life and be able to understand their clients' interests, markets and culture more deeply. Being a high level professional maybe is no longer enough in digital era. Now it's necessary for consultant professionals to “have a heart and get their hands dirty”. My advice is more social campaigns, more social commitment, more open relationships with many and different stakeholders, and not just business as usual. They should be more curios about the world they live in and not as preoccupied with what they can gain from it. I think this style of conducting business would pay more in Italy as it would in the Northern countries. They would reach a wider target of managers, those who are open minded and courageous and who would otherwise prefer to work with associations which would now be able to offer more professional communication strategies. I think Public Affairs and communications agencies should point more towards: - working in high strategic consultancy and less services - engaging stronger and more representative institutional contacts - becoming conscious that they are the best expression of an industry, vital for the correct functioning of a modern, innovative society and able to intercept the general needs in every sector - understanding that to be a communicator is a privilege, because you must be creative, find solution, gather consensus, explore new ideas. Communications experts are special people. We create cultural and human bridges and make things happen. So less tactical services that now are more frequently becoming commodities for companies, more creative and human oriented. We have to be proud of our work and become the creators of the future.

Integrated Communication #integration: The digital age has heralded a polar – and some might argue generational – shift in the way that the communications industries of PR, marketing, and advertising operate. It is increasingly evident that the future lies in full integration



Hespresso offered the perfect setting for our smoothly organized networking event to meet lots of people in a quick and efficient manner! One-minute elevator speeches that were continued over a glass of wine and aperitif foods after the formal introductions. Great to see familiar and new faces in a harmonious exchange of contact information and professional capabilities. Social Director Laura Rizzi and Massimiliano Gottardi from TIMEOUT did a wonderful job managing time and making sure everyone had an equal opportunity to present themselves. I personally met a marketer, another graphic designer - finally - a makeup artist, a life designer, a lawyer and a director of moving and logistics operations. It was great to exchange expertise and contact information and meet possible new clients and friends! Don't miss our last two ConneXions on May 3rd at Le Tartarughe and on June 7th!


MARCH CONFERENCE: BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY What is the most efficient and favorable behavior in a threatening situation? Walking away as soon as possible and reporting it to the closest safety authority. Mark Baxter, Chairman of IDSCA – International Defence and Security Consultants Association – gave a witty, to the point and clearly structured presentation on personal

safety to a room full of curious and attentive participants. His examples and stories gave the chills and certainly woke the audience up to realizing that thinking "it will never happen to me" is not the proper approach. The more trained and conscious you are, the better chances you will have to stay safe!

Lisa Rosen, March cover girl and candidate for Treasurer 2017-18

Adriana Tempesta and Mark showing some basic defence moves


Giovanni Boldini: an Italian in Paris By Laura M. Rizzi www.laltraroma.net

Giovanni Boldini, Self-portrait at 69 years old 1911 Ferrara, Museo Giovanni Boldini The successful story of Giovanni Boldini started in Ferrara where he was born December 31st 1842 and already as a child made his first drawings and paintings under the supervision of his father, painter Antonio Boldini. In 1864, thanks to the heredity of a great-uncle, he moved to Florence; there he attended classes at the Academy of Fine Arts, met the group of Macchiaioli, the realist painters of the Italian avant-garde and spent time with them at Caffè Michelangelo and in the villa of Diego Martelli in Castiglioncello to apply the new technique of “macchia” in the Tuscany landscape. But Giovanni was never very interested in landscapes; he preferred to portrait his friends and companions.

Giovanni Boldini, Portrait of Giuseppe Verdi 1886 Milano, Casa Riposo per Musicisti In 1871 Boldini moved to London and became a great and famous portraitist, commissioned by noble clients, such as the dukes of Westminster and the princess of Pless, who affectionately called him the “Little Italian” - this nickname was given to him for his modest height, 154 cm.

Giovanni Boldini, Berthe studying a fan 1878 Lugano, Butterfly Institute Fine Art Giovanni Boldini, Portrait of Diego Martelli 1865 Firenze, Galleria degli Uffizi


Boldini's next step was Paris, the center of the arts at the beginning of the 20th century. It was the perfect place for him to open an atelier and to be in touch with collectors and art merchants such as Adolphe Goupil for whom Boldini worked from 1871 to 1878.

At “Ville Lumière” Giovanni had an enormous fame as the portraits of the upper class and nobility and an intense social life; he went to opera and concerts, he made superb portraits of Giuseppe Verdi with different techniques oil on canvas and pastel. Boldini loved women and his models such as the beautiful Berthe or the noble ladies portrayed in his masterpieces such as the countess Gabrielle de Rasty, his lover and protagonist in many intimate and erotic paintings.

Giovanni Boldini, The Countess Gabrielle de Rasty ca. 1880 Private Collection Boldini’s artworks became synonymous of modern contemporary fascinating portraits, which emphasize the beauty and charm of the subjects (male and female ones) and their social status: these portraits are much more than a physiognomic image but express passions and emotions, the soul of the protagonists. Giovanni was able to create a unique and unmistakable style made of elongated silhouette, dressed by rustling silk dresses, sinewy hands and flamboyant brush strokes that sometimes give the impression of unfinished. One of the best examples of his painting style is the portrait of Franca Jacona, baroness of San Giuliano, wife of the wealthy Sicilian businessman Ignazio Florio; she was very well-known as “the Queen of Palermo” for her incredible beauty and elegance. The masterpiece is exceptionally exhibited at Complesso del Vittoriano for a very special temporary exhibition that hosts over 150 artworks by Giovanni Boldini from the beginning until the end of his career in 1930.

Giovanni Boldini, Portrait of Franca Florio 1901-24 ATM Real Estate S.p.a.

Saturday, May 13th at 16.40

Giovanni Boldini exhibition

By L'AltraRoma Complesso del Vittoriano, Via S. Pietro in Carcere

Special offer for PWA’s members 22 euro/pax

includes reservation, ticket, audio-system device and guided tour Min.15 pax booking and prepayment required by 30th April For info: www.laltraroma.net or laura@laltraroma.net


women and words

poem Elvira La Rocca painting Rosanna Chiani

Anima che ti dibatti nello spazio nero e angusto cerchi aria che sia respiro cerchi un alito che sia amore cerchi luce che sia vita. Quale forza ti sospinge nell'azzurro? Quale scrigno di speranze custodisci nel tuo cuore? Alza il capo e muovi i piedi è una corsa o è una danza? È l'abbraccio della vita che sospinge è la musica dei sogni che ti ammalia. Hai scoperto le tue spalle e ti han colpito ma riprendi il tuo cammino con coraggio. Quell'azzurro che ti chiama non è un sogno è il colore della vita che ti aspetta.


Self-Defence course with Mark Baxter

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Life Coach Italy s.r.l. contribuisce allo sviluppo del potenziale umano per il benessere personale e organizzativo. Conta su un vasto network di qualificati professionisti che operano da anni in vari settori negli ambiti Life e Corporate, con particolare riferimento alla metodologia del Coaching in linea con gli standard di qualità di International Coach Federation. • • • •

Life Coach Italy offre una serie di servizi integrati e innovativi caratterizzati da: Competenza Personalizzazione Trasparenza Rispetto della Privacy www.lifecoachitaly.it


Giorgio Mece Cordially invites AICR Members and Friends to 'Vacunae Rosae': A private tour at his world famous Rose Garden, followed by lunch, as well as an olive oil and wine tasting. Join us on May 6th for a World Famous Rose Garden Tour in Roccantica with Lunch, Olive Oil and Wine tastings for the perfect Saturday outside of Rome: gardens, lunch, olive oil and wine tasting! Vacunae Rosae offers Michelin star chefs and over 5,500 varieties of Roses. About the Event When: Guests are expected to arrive at 11:30am, and the tour commences at 12:00pm Where: In the Sabina Region (Roccantica), just 45 minutes from Rome *The exact meeting point to be emailed to registrants* Members and friends are suggested to depart Rome around 10:30am arrive on time. Tickets AICR members: €40 / €50 (with transportation) AICR friends (nonmembers): €50 / €60 (with transportation) *Tickets are all-inclusive: private rose garden tour, lunch plus and olive oil & wine tasting.

Registration Closes Wednesday April 26th at 4:00pm. Book Your Tickets Today!

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