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Extraordinary Learning Experiences For People & Strategy Development ABOUT WDHB



WDHB assists organizations in their people and strategy development by designing and delivering unconventional learning experiences and opportunities for individuals and teams in extraordinary situations.

WDHB’s mission is to enable learning and to inspire unconventional thinking in leaders in order for them to build organizations of high impact and collective creativity.

To date, WDHB has crafted over 400 programs enabling over 8,000 global decision-makers from various industries to progress both individually and in a team, to observe and respond to the latest trends in business and society as well as to undergo a process of strategic transformation and renewal.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area since its founding in 1989 and present in Europe with an office in Switzerland, WDHB is the world leader in the field of Learning Expeditions for executives.

Through immersion into ideas of different cultures and contexts, we empower leaders to drive innovation and change in their environments with fresh perspectives, tools for collaboration and high levels of engagement. WDHB delivers on its mission through values of People-focused Design, Excellence, Curiosity, Optimism and Collaboration.



An expedition is an alternative people and strategy development program. It is based on immersive experiences and emergent learning and incites executives to challenge business beliefs and explore new opportunities for their organizations’ sustainable success. Expeditions generally last between 2 and 8 days and lead executive teams into foreign and unfamiliar environments.

We conduct programs at any given location and in the preferred language of your participants. Don’t hesitate to ask us about advice for a fitting destination to address your strategic objectives.

WDHB offers four different types of expeditions that can be aligned with your requirements: Strategic Expeditions®, Learning Expeditions, Discovery Expeditions, and Intro Expeditions

Over the past 12 months, WDHB has organized expeditions in the following other destinations: Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Copenhagen, Delhi, Doha, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Mondragon, Mumbai, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo

Over the past 23 years, WDHB has worked with some of the largest and best-known global companies. Our recent and current client roster includes: PSA Peugeot Citroën, EADS, Auchan, Siemens, Lafarge, ProSiebenSat.1 Media and Danone.

LARGE VARIETY OF THEMES Recent expedition topics include: Future of Retail Innovation strategies and practices Becoming a more customer-centric organization Growth in emerging markets Understanding and leveraging social media Change management Multi-channel communication Understanding Sustainability The Future of Mobility Leadership for the 21st century

WDHB, Inc. 300 Brannan Street, Suite 605 San Francisco, CA 94107 U.S.A. +1 415 525 3545

WDHB Europe GmbH Zwinglistrasse 43 8004 Zürich, Switzerland +41 44 586 94 00

Strategic Learning

Active & Emergent Learning Ownership Guaranteed EMERGENT LEARNING



WDHB involves facilitators with a wide range of content, cultural and client expertise to guide participants in collecting and connecting their insights and transforming these insights into outcomes and action at the individual, team, organizational and business level of impact and use. By nature of its design, WDHB’s learning approach combines consulting with individual counseling and collective reflection. In WDHB’s explorative process, participants are both drivers of their emergent learning and champions of its resulting transformation.

WDHB programs incorporate a range of seamlessly coordinated activities to inspire and expand participant thinking:

Direct dialogue and exchange with research organizations and executives of globally active companies are an important element of WDHB’s learning programs.

A PERFECT DAY Expeditions interweave tailor-made activities and interactions with time-tested techniques into a smooth design taking into account the rhythm and flow of the participants’ learning. Well-established program slots include the cultural introduction at the expedition’s beginning, the daily debriefings in the morning as well as the facilitated synthesis workshop at the program end. A perfect expedition day could look as follows:

• Robust exchanges with start-ups and maverick companies • Round-tables and salon sessions with thought-leaders & trend-setters • Expert panels & academic presentations • Community encounters and in-the-field ethnographic exercises

Some of the host companies whose executives have met with our clients include: Cisco, Coca-Cola, Google, eBay, Philips, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Tesla, IDEO, and Toyota.

• Design thinking and ideation workshops • Team-building activities coupled with internal and intercultural reflection

12:00p Experiencing client interactions at an exciting concept store or a competitor’s flagship location Demonstration of the latest retail technologies

12:30p Business lunch with local professionals Opportunity to exchange & network

10:00a Visit to the corporate campus of a multinational company. Face-to-face exchange with management on strategic planning and best practices.

1:30p A blogger presents the latest trends in his field of interest

8:00a Debriefing. Under the lead of the facilitator, the group uses a variety of methods to collect everyone’s inputs and to gather them for later use in the final synthesis.

6:00p Panel discussion with different experts around an issue of interest, dinner and talks with the experts

4:30p Ideation workshop at a local think tank. Content: Our Next Challenges 3:00p State of the Art: Visit and interaction with scientiests at a local business university

9:00p Evening program: Nightlife with Generation Y entrepreneurs and freelancers

Strategic Learning

WDHB in a nutshell  

What does WDHB do?

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