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Profesional Services.


Professional services offer you different programs that help you resolve the different situations that your company faces and we offer advice for you company development in the market.

Areas of Experience.          

Business Strategy Development. Planning and Management Business Strategies. Planning and Strategic Management. Research Business Opportunities, Products. Investment advice. Market Research. Marketing Plans. Organizational Development. Customer Services. Management development and training.

Areas: Human Resources. Financial. Marketing.

Human Capital training. In the Human resources area we offer the different options, we offer you provide advice in:    

Programs about Mentoring. Programs focused in the empowerment. Programs focused to leadership Programs about the coaching.

And also we offer programs

Marketing area: Business consultancy can provide a professional view, integral and different, that lets you find new opportunities, new business, grow the business and improve profitability, proposing innovative ideas, and keep track of business monitoring, along with makers important decisions.

We offer a variety of services to the customer, which can be classified into four types:       

Consulting and market research Improve operational efficiency Aligning corporate strategy to daily operations Design and implementation of marketing plans Identify your competitive advantages and use this knowledge to develop the most appropriate market designs Expand your horizons to new geographies, channels and markets Making sales strategy plans

Financial Assessors. In the financial area our professional provides different advice according with your main needs. Analyze financial:    

Stamens of Balance sheet. Income statements Stamens Owner’s Equally Statements of cash flow.

Financial forecast. Financial outsourcing:

                

Business Valuation Strategic Financial Diagnosis Strategic Financial Planning Finance Information Systems Design and Evaluation of Investment Projects Determination of discount rates and cost of capital Credit analysis and portfolio Development Plans Control Tools Institutional Project Business Training Strategic Diagnostics Strategic Planning Workshops Industrial and Competitive Analysis Foresight and Strategic Planning Global Market Finder Desactivar traducción instantánea

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Professional Consulting Service