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How to Check Credit Free Not all people are credit worthy. Creditworthiness is measured by credit score. Credit score works as a sign that the person will be able to pay his debts on time if he has a good credit score. There are various ways to check credit scores. People can monitor their credit score, ask for their credit report from concerned authority to check credit score. But there are some ways to check credit free. Credit Score : credit score is a numeric number that is attached to one person’s creditworthiness. This score is used in many cases. Lenders use this credit score to know whether the person will be able to pay back their loan or not. Good credit score is a blessing but poor credit score is a curse. People with poor credit score are treated as threat by the lenders as they think they will not be able to repay their loan on time. Credit score is also based on a person’s past credit history. It is basically a number between 300-850. The higher the credit score the better it is for the person. To know credit score there are some ways. But now days people can check their credit score free. They need to follow some steps : 1) The fair credit reporting act has enabled the opportunity for all to get their credit report free. People can now apply online to see their credit report and they will get the report. People can check it once in every year. 2) In the online service people will need to provide their basic personal information. People will need to fill up information regarding their finance and previous address. 3) People will also need to fill up their basic information like personal information, income history, past credit score and job history. One who is applying for it will need to choose which bureau he is going to ask for his credit report. Information vary in accordance with the bureau. 4) If people are not in the internet they can go for other way to check their credit free. They can make a call to the concerned authority asking for the credit report. The authority is bound to send him his credit report once in every year. So this is among the rights of people to know credit score without any money. People will need to provide their information and these information will be processed and then he will get his credit report. 5) If people are asking their credit score from such authority who do not have websites, people can mail them on their email address and ask them to send their file at their address. For this people will need to fill up form and submit it. Or they can make a personal visit.

Among all it will be wise idea to take the advantage of new act and go for free credit score check online. This is cheap and saves time.

How to check credit free  
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