Salon International June 2022

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The perfect salon

EXPERIENCE H O W T O E L E VA T E T H E B A C K WA S H Z O N E As part of our design series in partnership with Takara Belmont, we look at how designing the backwash zone in your salon can be a true treat for the senses…


na Salon has always had comfort in mind, taking every client on a relaxing journey. Housed in close proximity to Covent Garden, the salon, which is the brainchild of Pedro Inchenko and Johnny Othona, boasts a down-to-earth, approachable vibe, complemented by both its people and purpose. “Sustainability is a key pillar of our brand,” says co-director, Johnny Othona, “and within that we are always looking at how to improve the client experience, to sustain their needs, too.” The salon boasts beautifully designed styling spaces housed over five floors, hallmarked by a backwash experience with relaxation in mind. “Our backwash is a huge part of our client journey,” says



Johnny. “We have commissioned an artist to hand paint a bespoke ceiling scape for this every six months. These are nature-based, in line with our sustainable ethos, and allow clients to literally escape while they relax during this part of their appointment.” When it comes to creating a good salon design, Johnny believes it’s about being receptive to your space first: “Our building is Grade II Listed, so we wanted to be sensitive to that first and foremost. We then made it functional before accentuating with our design detail.” And what about colour palettes? “We used earthy tones, with accents of colour, such as our original stained glass window and hand-painted ceiling scapes.” So why Takara Belmont? “Form and function are key elements of design for us. We