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Nine musts for treating & retaining male clients

As part of our annual focus on male grooming trends, we asked Jared Hines of the awardwinning Hines & Harley Men’s Grooming Lounge for his top tips on how to interact with this client demographic his should come as no surprise to beauty professionals but around 50% of the spa industry market comprises of men. So, what can be done to attract more male clients to your business and what can you do to keep them? My experience in this regard has been invaluable over the years and hopefully, the suggestions below will help you gain and retain your male patrons. Men are loyal but, as I’ve found, not as knowledgeable as women about treatments, product ingredients, etc. What men want is consistency in products and services and they like being treated with warmth, respect and professionalism. When they get these things, they’ll come back – and likely advertise your business to their friends. So, here are my tips for dealing with men in the salon or spa. 1. Educate your male clients. But bear in mind their age when deciding how much knowledge they need. A teenager with acne, for example, may require more guidance establishing his skincare routines in conjunction with grooming care. Older men will be more open to suggestions on skin regeneration and well-being. 2. Men want detailed skin analyses. Avoid feminine terms such as ‘pampering’, ‘soothing’ or ‘calming’. Instead, choose stronger words like ‘vibrant’, ‘energised’ and ‘vital’. 3. A clear understanding is key. Men want to fully understand the benefits of products and treatments you suggest, but without being overloaded with technical jargon. Start by giving them a simple, custom-designed routine for their skin.


Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

4. Men want to feel more confident and youthful. Suggest things like peels, skin regenerating treatments and laser resurfacing. Most of the time men will be open to your recommendations. 5. Be bold and confident. Uncertainty and inexperience irritate men. People today have no time to waste; they want results yesterday. 6. Don’t laugh at ‘dumb’ questions. Although it may seem simple and something that the client should already know, most men would consider a question like, ‘When do I use a cleanser?’ to be perfectly reasonable. Keeping the atmosphere warm, friendly and professional will ensure that he is engaged. 7. Create a safe space. Massage is the number one treatment for men. Therefore, it’s very important to train your team to deal with inappropriate behaviour – particularly in hotels and resorts. Empowering your team members with clearly articulated boundaries keeps everything professional. 8. Don’t try to ‘sell to’ men. They want to buy skincare products as we all do, but they don’t want that salesperson-impersonal sense of being ‘sold’ to. Instead, show them how a product feels on their skin. Let them see and experience its effects for themselves. Give them recommendations as a professional. 9. Keep it simple. Men generally appreciate straight talk and are uncomfortable waiting around. Men also generally don’t want long, in-depth explanations. They are also less price-sensitive than most women. Once you’ve established yourself and your facility as a trusted, credible resource, your male clients will be open to new treatments and product suggestions. There has been a massive increase worldwide for all kinds of treatments such as: laser hair removal, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair regrowth and skin regeneration, anti-wrinkle toxin injections, dermal fillers and tattoo removal. If your male client leaves happy, chances are he’ll be back, and back regularly.

Jared Hines has more than a decade’s worth of international and domestic experience in the spa industry and is the founder and owner of Hines & Harley Men’s Grooming Lounge, the winner of four Professional Beauty Awards. Hines himself has won many awards for salon and spa management.

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