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Take charge and help your clients to conquer confidencecrushing breakouts and reveal clear, healthy-looking skin with Environ’s new Focus Care™ Clarity+ Range. Why clients will choose the new Environ Focus Care Clarity+ Range: The solution to breakout-free, healthy-looking skin is clear with the new Clarity+ Range. This innovative 3-phase system offers a complete skincare solution that is tough on breakouts but easy on skin. Each phase contains products that have been specifically formulated to help Clean, Control and Clear the root causes of breakouts by giving your client’s skin what it needs where it needs it most. For optimal results, clients should combine the Clarity+ Range with a course of Professional Peels, and in time, they should step-up their daily dose of topical vitamin A products. Why stock the new Environ Focus Care Clarity+ Range: Consumer demand is at an all-time high as studies have shown that approximately 9.4% of the global population is affected by acne breakouts. Therefore as the 8th most prevalent disease worldwide, the confidence-crushing impact caused by painful and inflammatory acne breakouts can lead to serious depression and even suicidal tendencies among sufferers. It is therefore critical that your clients take early action and prevent breakouts by using a specialist skincare system comprised of the right products containing the most intelligent ingredient combinations that work with breakout-prone skin.


2Control. 3Clear.

In the clinical trials run by the the Environ Skincare Institute, 100% of the trialists said that they would recommend the Clarity+ Range because they felt that their breakouts had been successfully treated. Key to the range’s success is the combined daily use of the Sebu-Lac Lotion and Sebu-ACE Oil, and the addition of the SebuClear Masque every second day. Encourage your clients to #ConquerWithClarity+ so that they can #FocusOnFlawless skin that looks clear and healthy. Environ will provide in-depth product training, an exciting marketing toolkit as well as Global Brand digital and social media support. Contact Environ Distribution South Africa at 011 262 0264 to find out more about the Focus Care Clarity+Range and how you can give your client’s skin more of what it needs to conquer confidencecrushing breakouts. Clearly it’s Clarity+.

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Professional Beauty South Africa  

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Professional Beauty South Africa  

The leading trade magazine for all professionals working in the hair and beauty industry