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Team Dr Joseph has three other products ideal for treating acne – Deep Purifying Toner; Deep Purifying Facial Mask; and Deep Purifying Serum.

Teen watch Six Sensational Skincare has created the SIX Teen Deep Cleansing Face Wash for peak performance pimple control. It is enriched with tea tree oil, salicylic acid and licorice to purify the skin by removing dirt, sweat and make-up, leaving the skin fresh and balanced. The SIX Aesthetix Microhydrabrasion Deluxe facial machine works wonders for pimples and blackheads, with its four-in-one whirlpool technology. It offers a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment with zero downtime and instant results that combines gentle but effective exfoliation, a peel programme, pain free extractions and a serum infusion.

In the salon Jacqui Faucitt of RégimA has created an insalon treatment for targeting acne and acne scarring. The RégimA “Acne Attack” ProMasque is designed to safely help unblock congested, problematic and acneform skins. Salicylic acid in high percentage, coupled with lactic acid, are a perfect, powerful combination for helping eliminate active acne, and level acne scarring. Lactic acid is smoothing and rejuvenating, whilst being known to have impact on hyperpigmentation. Selected botanicals, including watercress, burdock, sage, lemon, ivy, soapwort, work synergistically to provide particular benefits for oily, problem or inflamed skins. These botanicals regulate sebum and are anti-bacterial and antiinflammatory. This treatment accelerates healing, calms, sooths, has a ‘natural antibiotic’ effect. For home care, Faucitt recommends the RégimA “Acne Attack” Rescue Serum to alleviate the difficulties associated with a problematic skin. An abundance of plants, including meadowsweet, help control oil production, visibly reducing pore size and minimising the appearance of blackheads and spots for a more refined appearance.

RégimA’s Scar Repair Forté Super Strength Serum should become an integral part of the treatment regime if one is treating acne and acne scarring. Its star ingredient is Centella Asiatica, which promotes healing, is anti-inflammatory, improves balanced collagen synthesis and has antioxidant properties and an anti-wrinkle effect.

Zap that zit Skin Doctors T-Zone Zit Zapper dries pimples overnight and works in as little as eight hours. Active ingredients include Australian tea tree oil natural (an anti-bacterial treatment); witch hazel extract (a skin freshener and astringent); salicylic acid (dissolves top layer of skin cells allowing oil, dead skin cells and bacteria to escape from under the skin); and zinc sulphate (anti-inflammatory).

Inclusive line The Pevonia Adult Acne Line comprises an exfoliating cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment. Main ingredients include triclosan, an antibacterial agent known to fight P. Acne and S. Epidermidis bacteria. Another important ingredient is salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid derived from the leaves of wintergreen and birch. This ingredient has antiseptic, keratolytic and lipolytic properties. PB

Treating Acne


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