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at a different stage in their lives and business, do the best you can with what you have. 9. W ear a uniform – always look professional with clean clothes and hair – wear enough deodorant.

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Top tips

People do business with people they like. Become likable and always be very friendly to clients. Make conversation. Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash Knowledge is power so educate yourself continuously. Study ingredients and know your products; this makes for interesting conversation. Make notes about your client’s personal life and remember to enquire about family members. Above all, give sound advice and assist clients with their every need.

for opening a homebased salon

One of the economic after effects of the Covid lockdown has been the emergence of many home nail salons. Lea Castro provides some invaluable advice for the running of such a business home-based salon in no way means that it needs to be inferior. You can work with what you have but a few key guidelines can assist in keeping it professional.


1. Create a separate area for the salon; a separate entrance is preferable. 2. Avoid clutter in the salon. 3. Hygiene and cleanliness needs to be exceptional as clients will be extra critical due it being a home salon. 4. The bathroom needs to be spotless – no toothbrushes etc. 5. Tiles are always better than carpets in a salon. 6. Make it a pet free zone – not everyone shares your love for animals. 7. The salon must smell nice at all time. 8. If your kids are at home with you, do your best to keep them separate and under control. Although everyone is


Friendly Accommodating Understanding Professional Keep on schedule

Running the business

1. Keep clear records. 2. Do not spend your business money as you receive it on anything but stock and improvements to your salon. Draw a salary at the end of the month. I know this is easier said than done but if you work towards this, you will eventually get there. 3. Control your stock. 4. Use an effective booking app. 5. Rebook every client right away. 6. Have sufficient retail stock so that your clients can see it, smell it, buy it! Your retail should pay your rent. 7. Do not undercharge just because you are home based. People come to you for your excellence. Do not sell yourself short. 8. Your home-based business can be just as classy and professional as any shop front, so it is worth spending a bit on a repaint and the décor. 9. Cheap is not always the solution. Define who you are and where you would like to position yourself in the industry. Why work yourself to death with inferior products when you can double your profit by using a superior brand. Happy clients will send you more happy clients. I wish you great success in your business and trust that you will run a profitable business.

Lea Castro started her career in 1994 as a nail technician, opening a home based salon offering beauty services with her main focus being nails. She opened Looking Good LCN in 2002 as the sole distributor for LCN products in South Africa. Offering training and support, the brand has made its footprint in the beauty industry.

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